She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 23

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Chapter 23- Do You Need Me To Teach You Kissing
translator: Oyen  editor: Eira-chan & Larkspur

Yi Zeyan finished getting ready and asked her, "The beach is behind the hotel. Do you want to go for a walk?" 

Lin Qingqing looked over carefully but saw that he had already changed into swimming trunks without her noticing. She quickly averted her gaze and landed on the wardrobe beside her. "Do you want to go swimming?"

"En,  I want to swim for a while."

Since they came to Hainan Island, naturally they wanted to go to the seaside. Lin Qingqing went to the bathroom and changed into a beach dress.

When they went outside, there weren’t many people on the beach. Lin Qingqing thought perhaps the beach wasn’t an area open to the public and only accessible to the guests of the hotel.

She was one step behind Yi Zeyan and even though she kept her head down, her eyes fell on his back from time to time. She noticed that his back muscles were also following the rhythm of his movements. Although his waist was very narrow, he looked strong and powerful.

Feel his strength? Lin Qingqing shook her head hurriedly and felt that she was becoming more and more hopeless.

Walking to the seaside, Yi Zeyan asked her, "Do you want to go swimming?"

Lin Qingqing shook her head. "I'll wait for you over there. I'm afraid of getting sunburned."

"All right."

A few feet away stood several sunshade umbrellas prepared by the hotel staff. She went over, sat down on the beach chair, and watched him slowly wade into the sea. Near her stood a few girls in their early twenties. As Yi Zeyan walked by, she saw them pointing at him excitedly.

She looked at the man, who was tall and handsome, and who seemed to attract bees and butterflies. Lin Qingqing inexplicably felt a sour feeling in her heart and felt that she was really petty.

Yi Zeyan's swimming skill wasn’t bad, he went deeper and jumped into the sea with agility. He plunged into the depths and then floated back up with the waves.

Lin Qingqing thought he was very good. She had no idea when it had started, but she had always thought he was good in everything no matter what. His swimming was no exception.

However, just as she was staring at him diving then floating again, she saw that the nimble figure shuttling back and forth in the waves suddenly disappeared. Lin Qingqing waited for a while and didn’t see him emerge. Her heart began to feel uneasy, and she hurried over to look. The sea hadn’t passed her ankles and the waves were a little big. She dared not go any further. She looked at the empty sea and became more worried.

He couldn't have had an accident... Lin Qingqing's fingers trembled unconsciously. Just as she was about to call someone, she heard a deep voice behind her...

"Looking for me?"

Her body suddenly froze and she turned to see Yi Zeyan standing in front of her. She then breathed a sigh of relief.

He looked at her face. She had been worried, but after seeing him, her expression changed from sad to happy, as he looked into her eyes. He drew towards her step by step and smiled meaningfully. 

"Were you worried that I had an accident?"

There was no threat, no sense of urgency. He came over so calmly, but his aura forced her to fall back subconsciously. The sand was soft under her feet and it became unstable for a moment that she was about to fall backward.

Lin Qingqing cried out in alarm, but a strong arm caught her in time. He slightly bent over her and held her steady. With the sunshine on his head, there seemed to be a circle of halo on his body, and it swayed into her eyes for a moment that she almost felt that he was one with the light.

Lin Qingqing suddenly thought of a verse from the Bible: Jesus is my light and my salvation. Who else am I afraid of? Jesus is the guarantor of my life. Who else am I afraid of? It is my enemy who does evil, and when he comes to eat my flesh, he stumbles. 
(E/N: Lol. Qingqing so Zeyan is Jesus for you then?) 

"Are you okay?" Yi Zeyan asked.

When Lin Qingqing came to her senses, she noticed that she had just been staring at him and was a little embarrassed. She adjusted her hair to ease her perplexity and said, "I'm okay, thank you."

"Oh, my God! Save my child! Save him quickly!"

The cry of alarm not far away attracted their attention. Lin Qingqing looked over and saw a woman with a hat stumbling into the sea. Her companion felt something was wrong and hurried forward to hold her. In the direction she ran, a child was swept away by the waves. He seemed to be crying, but the sound of the waves was too loud and his crying was drowned.

Lin Qingqing noticed that the child was about the same age as Xiao Yuan. The woman was grabbed and was only able to watch as the child rolled further and further away. She started crying.

Lin Qingqing looked anxious and was about to ask Yi Zeyan what to do. She turned around to find that he had disappeared and was swimming towards the child.

Her heart was immediately caught in her throat. In the ups and downs of the waves, Yi Zeyan’s figure appeared and disappeared. She saw him swim to the child and back to the shore with the child in his arms. However, they were too far away, and the figures of the two people would sometimes be submerged by the waves. Every time he disappeared, Lin Qingqing felt her heart was being pulled tightly by a big hand. And yet every time he appeared, she breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he finally brought the child safely ashore, but the child was unconscious.

Yi Zeyan asked the people around him, "Who will give first aid?"

There weren’t many people around, and those who were present only looked at each other. The child’s mother had already been crying dimly, and she only cried out to the people around her. "Please, please save my child!"

Just then a man walked out of the crowd and said to the mother, "Let me do it, I'm a doctor."

The man knelt on the ground, skillfully began to administer first aid, and then CPR. Soon, the child spat out a mouthful of water and cried weakly, "Mom."

The boy's mother breathed a sigh of relief and in tears, ran over to hold him. Of course, she didn’t forget to thank Yi Zeyan and the man who had saved her child.

Afraid of any after-effects, the child's mother took the child to a nearby hospital. The other people dispersed, leaving Yi Zeyan, Lin Qingqing, and the man who had just saved the boy, on the beach.

The man wore glasses, and the tightened brow showed a little seriousness. His eyes looked at Yi Zeyan and Lin Qingqing. He seemed to hesitate, but in the end, he said nothing.

Lin Qingqing also didn't expect to meet Xiang Huayang here, and she didn't know whether Yi Zeyan knew about her and Xiang Huayang's past. To just forget and pretend not to know him; was good for everyone. Lin Qingqing was about to leave with Yi Zeyan when she saw an old man with white hair being supported by someone. The man came nearer, walked over, and said, "Zeyan, you’re here?"

Lin Qingqing looked over, recognized the person who was helping the old man, and subconsciously frowned. It turned out to be Lu Wenqian.

What a coincidence to have also met Lu Wenqian on Hainan Island.
Yi Zeyan smiled at the old man and said, "Long time no see Uncle, how are you?"

The old man said, "There is no good or bad for an old bone."

Yi Zeyan rushed Lin Qingqing and introduced him to her, "This is Ying Lao, Wenqian's uncle. We also call him uncle."

"Hello, Uncle."

Ying Lao was kind enough to say, "Ok, ok, I haven't seen Qingqing for a long time." He drew Xiang Huayang to his side and introduced them. "This is my personal doctor, Xiang Huayang. Although he is young, he is famous in the medical world."

Lin Qingqing couldn’t help wondering. Didn't Xiang Huayang work in a hospital in Beicheng? Why did he come to Hainan to be a private doctor?

But she didn't dwell over it and nodded politely to Xiang Huayang as a greeting.

"It’s rare to meet you two here. Zeyan, will you come to my room for a while with Qingqing to have a meal?"

"I'll be there if I have time."

After a few simple words with the old man, Yi Zeyan left with Lin Qingqing. Upon returning to their room, Lin Qingqing asked him, "Are you really going to have a meal?"

"You don't want to go?"

"I don't mind."

"Then let’s go." Looking for a change of clothes, he said, "Sometimes people have to deal with things even if they are disgusting."

Lin Qingqing: "——"

He went to take a shower and changed clothes while Lin Qingqing was almost ready. Fortunately, she prepared a mini dress.

Not long after, someone knocked at the door and said that they had been invited to have a meal at Mr. Ying's instruction.

Unlike their room, which was relatively small and fresh in design, Mr. Ying's suite was resplendent and magnificent, showing pride everywhere. In addition to Ying Lao, Lu Wenqian and Xiang Huayang were also there.

Lin Qingqing followed Yi Zeyan into the suite as Ying Lao rushed Lu Wenqian and said, "Pour wine for Zeyan and Qingqing."

Liu Wenqian did not say anything but obediently got up, took the bottle of red wine, and poured it for Yi Zeyan and Lin Qingqing respectively. As she poured wine into Lin Qingqing’s glass, she also politely said, "You came over for the first time. Don't take offense if you experience any bad hospitality."

Lin Qingqing was surprised by Lu Wenqian's response. Going by past experience, Lu Wenqian would never give her a good face. No one knew whether it was because she(LQQ) had a perpetually dark streak or something else. Anyway, right now she(LQQ) felt that this casual meal could be a Hongmen Feast. (T/N: banquet offered with ill intentions)

Yi Zeyan and Ying Lao began to talk about business matters. The latter seemed to attach great importance to Yi Zeyan, and talking to him wasn’t like how an elder's attitude would be towards the younger generation. Lin Qingqing realized that this hotel was originally invested in by Ying Lao so it was no wonder that he would appear here. Ying Lao and Yi Zeyan were also regarded to be in a kind of cooperative relationship since the Yi family had a special wine that had entered several hotels owned by Ying Lao. This wine was quite famous around the world. Many people choose hotels because of this wine, so their cooperation was a win-win strategy.

Lin Qingqing had nothing to say, so she just ate and tried to finish her food quickly.

"I think it’s very strange. Qingqing and Xiang Huayang, you know each other, don’t you? How can you pretend you don't know him and not even say hello?"

Lu Wenqian's unexpected words made Lin Qingqing unable to be an invisible person again. Lu Wenqian was sitting opposite her. She looked at her with a frown and a mocking smile.

Sure enough, her worries weren’t unreasonable.

Hearing Liu Wenqian's words, Ying Lao and Yi Zeyan also stopped talking. Ying Lao looked surprised and said, "Do Qingqing and Dr. Xiang know each other?"

Before Lin Qingqing could answer, Lu Wen Qian said, "Of course. As far as I know, they used to be a couple. I also heard that Qingqing kicked the doctor in order to keep up with Zeyan, but unfortunately, she was infatuated with the doctor and was betrayed in the end."

Ying Lao immediately became a little embarrassed. He subconsciously took a look at Yi Zeyan, but saw his face hadn't changed. Ying Lao, as if he hadn’t heard anything, said, "You, bring me that bottle of red wine."

Ying Lao deliberately pushed Lu Wenqian aside, apparently not wanting her to continue the topic. But she, pretending not to understand, called the hotel attendant to pick it up. She folded both hands in front of her chest and rushed to Lin Qingqing in a lazy, chatty tone. "Now that you have seen the doctor, shouldn't you apologize for abandoning him when you harbored evil thoughts with the riches?"

"Wenqian!" The old man shouted harshly. "Drink less if you can't drink. What are you talking about when drunk?!" After that, he walked over to Yi Zeyan and Lin Qingqing and said, "The child is like this. She has been spoiled since childhood."

Yi Zeyan bowed his head and cut the steak, smiled helplessly, and said, "My mother can't even control Wenqian now. Her father is gone, and she should listen to what her elders say. Ying Lao should find time to say a few words to her. Otherwise, if she doesn't hold her temper, she will lose her life."

Though the words seemed casual and half-jesting, they didn’t stop Ying Lao’s visage from changing.

However, Lu Wenqian was totally unaffected. She even sneered and said, "What did I say wrong? Isn't it true that Lin Qingqing abandoned her obsession with the doctor in order to hold your thigh? She loves vanity so much that when she meets a lover who has been betrayed by her, she doesn't apologize, and even pretends not to know him. She could be so cold and ruthless to him so perhaps she would also be ruthless to you. I am helping you to see what kind of person your wife is. Is it enjoyable for you to say these words instead of thanking me?"

Lin Qingqing, who hadn't once opened her mouth up until now, looked at Xiang Huayang. He sat upright with a knife and fork in his hand. However, he remained motionless for a long time. His face was somewhat dignified and she was unable to discern his thoughts.

Lin Qingqing endured her anger and asked him calmly, "Did you tell Lu Wenqian these things?"

Xiang Huayang seemed to have been stabbed, and suddenly looked at her. He looked a little hurt, but he quickly turned his head and said, "I broke up with Qingqing because I cheated. It had nothing to do with Qingqing."

Lu Wenqian wasn’t happy when she heard this. She became angry and said, "Why are you still helping her speak at this time?"

Xiang Huayang was also angry. He put his knife and fork down heavily, the utensils giving a clear and crisp sound. "I am telling the truth. I betrayed her in the beginning."

Lu Wenqian would’ve liked to retort again but  Mr. Ying stopped her in a cold voice. "That's enough! Why don't you apologize!"

Lu Wenqian coldly eyed Lin Qingqing. Asking her to apologize? Impossible! This wasn’t the Yi family home! She snorted coldly, threw her knife and fork on the table, and turned away without a word.

"You!" Ying Lao was also angry with her. He frowned, then apologized to everyone present and told them to continue eating.

Probably in order to give face to Ying Lao, after that, everyone resumed eating the meal peacefully.

Lin Qingqing returned to her room and sat down on the sofa heavily. She poured herself a glass of water and gulped it down. When her past with Xiang Huayang was mentioned, she felt very upset, especially in front of Yi Zeyan.

Yi Zeyan sat down beside her, separated by some distance. He took the cup and slowly poured water into it. Casually, he asked, "Do you still love him?"

She didn’t expect that he would suddenly ask her this question, and she didn’t have to think about who the "he" was. She almost wanted to or didn't want to answer. "Of course not, it's been a long time."

His slender fingers held the cup and brought it to his lips. His eyes narrowed slightly and his voice was still as natural as chatting. "You don't love him now, but you used to love him, right?" (T/N: Zeyan is a vinegar jar, lol E/N: Yep. He’s drowning in vinegar. lmao. )

An obviously probing tone.

Lin Qingqing also didn't understand how he suddenly became interested in her and her past with Xiang Huayang. Did she ever love him? How should she answer this?

He persisted and fixed his eyes on her face. "Answer me."

Lin Qingqing met his eyes and moved away like she was stabbed, her hands on the sofa slowly tightened. Under his gaze, she didn’t even have the courage to lie. Finally, she couldn’t stand his gaze and nodded.

He didn’t speak. She bowed her head and didn’t see his fingers holding the cup suddenly tighten, so tight that there seemed to be a burst of veins on the back of his hand.

"Did you kiss him?"

Lin Qingqing was so embarrassed that she couldn’t answer his question as her fingers tightened.

"This is ridiculous." He chuckled. "As your husband, you have never kissed me."

Lin Qingqing felt that his tone sounded a little strange. She couldn’t help looking up but saw that he was holding the cup between his fingers. The little teacup was held in and rotated by his slender fingers... fingers that were so beautiful.

His words were light, but Lin Qingqing heard a tone of grievance behind them. She couldn’t imagine such words would come out of Yi Zeyan's mouth. He always gave her the feeling of being mature and steady so the cautiousness and jealousy emanating from him seemed to be inconsistent with her past image of him.

But he did say such things.

As your husband, you have never kissed me...

It's like he was complaining to her.

The light was dim, but his side face was indescribably beautiful in such light. His casual, unbuttoned shirt and well-cut trousers made his legs look long and attractive. He sat beside her, emitting a strong scent of male hormones from all over his body.

He was such a seductive man, but he was complaining that she had never kissed him. Her heart began to beat faster, and she felt her fingertips trembling because she was about to lose control of the words that were flowing into her mouth. In the end, she couldn’t control them.

She asked, "Why don't I make it up to you?"

It looked as if it was easy to ask, but her voice trembled.

He suddenly turned his head and looked at her with sharp, hawk-like eyes.

Lin Qingqing got a fright and almost blurted out that she was joking, but she didn't expect his mouth to slowly bend into a radiant smile. "Okay."


The dim environment seemed to breed a kind of ambiguity. Shrouded by this ambiguity, Lin Qingqing felt almost suffocated.

He was right in front of her, and she thought of a man who she could only secretly get a petty advantage of. Suddenly she pointed out that she wanted to kiss him, and she was even more nervous than sneaking around.

But who knew if there was such a chance ah. In a room with only two people, the light was just right, the ambiguity was just right, and he was right in front of her. He had also agreed to be kissed by her.

She swallowed and moved towards him bit by bit.

Yi Zeyan still held the cup in a leisurely manner, but as she approached, his fingers tightened a little.

Lin Qingqing felt her heart beat so fast that it no longer seemed to be her own. His lips were getting closer and closer, and the closer they were, the more tempting it was for her.

When the distance was nearly an inch, she closed her eyes and jerked her head up. His lips were soft and warm and she frowned tightly. She couldn’t help but suck his lips softly. (E/N: Ohmygod, they finally kissed for REAL on the LIPS this time!!!) 

It was like an electric shock, with countless fireworks blooming at the same time. Sucking like that was like killing her, when she let go and sat back, she felt like she had collapsed.

She looked at Yi Zeyan, but saw him frowning and staring at her closely, as his deep eyes seemed to show some disbelief. Lin Qingqing only felt that her face was going to burn. She rubbed her badly burned face and smiled awkwardly. "That ... I am not a good kisser, I have no ... no experience."

Yi Zeyan woke up like a dream and subconsciously put the cup on his lips, but when he put it on his lips, he found that the water in the cup was cold. However, in order not to appear panicked and foolish, he swallowed a mouthful of cold water completely, then put the cup down. When he put it down, he found his fingers trembling. He clenched and relaxed his joints, and looked at her with a calm expression and even a smile.

"Do you want me to teach you?" he asked in a simple and serious tone as if he just asked her if she wanted to learn how to write and draw.


Teach her? It went without saying what he was going to teach her was in connection with what she had just said.

He's gonna teach her to kiss...

Lin Qingqing felt that her heart was about to jump out. She urgently needed to go out and catch her breath and stay away from this man, otherwise, she would suffocate to death.

However, after less than three seconds of silence, she generously replied, "Yes ah." It was as calm as agreeing with him to teach her to write and draw.

Yi Zeyan didn’t move. His body seemed to be fixed and the smile on his face also weakened a little, leading Lin Qingqing to wonder if he had been joking. But it was as if he had suddenly been given a □□. He suddenly leaned over and hugged her, and before she could cry out, his lips were on hers.

The hot, soft lips were like a powerful spell, she closed her eyes in surprise, except that she did not know what to do.

His lips were tossing and turning on hers, and his breath came to her. He had just drunk a little red wine and went out to smoke a cigarette, so the smell of alcohol and tobacco was very strong.

What was even worse was that after tossing and turning for a few times, his tongue pushed open her teeth and thrust in.

Lin Qingqing's eyes were tightly closed. Her mind had already crashed and she didn't know what to do, so she let him plunder her mouth violently and roughly.

She didn’t know how long he had kissed her, until she found herself lying in his arms. He put his arm around her and looked at her from top to bottom.

The development of things completely surprised Lin Qingqing. All this was like a dream, an unrealistic dream. She had actually kissed Yi Zeyan.

So what should she do next? Did she want to pretend to be calm and say, "You teach well!" then get up from his arms tactfully?

But she didn’t want to get up. Her wish was to be in his embrace for a long time. How could she just give up? She wanted to stay, all the time.

Thus she lay dead in his arms and looked at him nervously.

His eyes were a little blurred. They were dyed a terrible scarlet, but there was a kind of evil charm to them. He was so attentive as if nothing could be seen in time, and he could only see her in his eyes. He looked at her, bowed his head, gently kissed her lips, not as fierce as just now. He kissed very gently, lingering for a bit. First he kissed her forehead, and then came down to her cheek, then to the tip of the nose...

A very gentle kiss and the kind of tenderness that would melt away a person's heart.

Lin Qingqing found that she could do nothing. Her body was so soft that her fingers were numb. All around was his intoxicating breath. All around her only belonged  to Yi Zeyan.
E/N: Can we just take a moment to breathe because ohmygod they finally kissed?? And on the lips?? And this is a development in their relationship, people??? *screeches incoherently*
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