The King's Return : Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: Shen He Joins the Team

That night, Xiao Han sent an e-mail to Liu Chuan detailing Xu Sizhe's situation and suggesting that Liu Chuan directly remove the unscrupulous player to avoid future trouble. Liu Chuan happened to be at the club these days and replied to the email very quickly: "I know, I'll look into the player's situation and let you know when I have the result."

It's a serious matter to dismiss a player. Just like dismissing employees from a company, Xiao Han can't be too hasty, Xiao Han can only wait for the club to deal with the result.

It was already ten o'clock in the evening. Qin Mo changed his clothes and said: "Let's pick up Shen He."

Xiao Han turned off his laptop and took the key to go out with Qin Mo.

The two people took the elevator to the underground garage, Xiao Han pressed the lock button on the key, and a handsome black SUV immediately lit up its headlights.

Qin Mo was surprised and said: "Is this your car? Why did you buy an SUV, is it unnecessary to drive this in the city?"

"SUV has better performance when it runs long distances, I can drive you around China." Speaking of this topic, Xiao Han's face can not help but look forward to it: "I am Chinese, but I know very little about China. I plan to travel around China after I retire in a few years, you can be my tour guide, along the way to introduce the local customs, and then take me to taste delicious specialties."

"......" Qin Mo was stunned. "I was retired when you bought a car. I had nothing to do with you. How can you be sure I'll drive around China with you?"

"Because I have a hunch that I will see you again." Xiao Han looked back at Qin Mo and said with a smile. "If you don't come back, I'll find you when I retire, and I'll definitely find you."

"......" Qin Mo asked curiously: "What if you can’t find me?"

"Then I will put a search notice for you in the newspaper——Qin Mo, a male of 21 years old, one meter and eight tall, lost his whereabouts three years ago, and Xiao Han missed him very much. Anyone who knows his whereabouts, please contact Xiao Han as soon as possible, thank you very much." Xiao Han paused and asked earnestly. "Would it be effective for me to write a notice like this?"

"......" Qin Mo was amused by him and smiled. "Let's go, I'm back, you don't have to put on a notice."

"En, it saved me a lot of advertising expenses." Xiao Han took the initiative to open the door of the passenger seat. "Sit here, no one has ever sat in my passenger seat."

"Really?" Qin Mo sat up happily, the SUV chassis was high, the front view was indeed wider than that of the normal car, the space in the car was also very spacious. Qin Mo adjusted his seat and extended his legs frankly.

Xiao Han turned around and sat back in the driver's seat, glancing sideways at Qin Mo and said: "This is right."

Qin Mo wondered: "What?"

Xiao Han said: "If you sit next to me, the car won't look empty."

In the year when he first bought a car, Xiao Han drove to Xi'an at a high speed. He thought about going to Qin Mo's hometown. He thought maybe he could meet Qin Mo in Xi'an by chance, but the journey ended in failure. He went to eat meat buns alone and returned to Changsha feeling empty, he always felt that there was no one to sit in the passenger seat, no one to chat while driving, and there was always some loneliness beyond words.

At that time, he still did not understand why he felt so empty. Until now, Qin Mo was sitting beside him. as long as he tilted his head, he could see Qin Mo's face, then he suddenly realized——it turned out that he felt very empty on that trip because he was missing this person. When the passenger seat was finally occupied by the person who he was deeply attached to, the car suddenly warmed up and his heart was very full.

The purpose of his car purchase was to drive with Qin Mo, and he believes that this idea will certainly come true in the future.

Xiao Han smiled and helped Qin Mo fasten his seat belt, he started the car and said: "Let's go."

The car steadily drove out of the parking lot, Xiao Han conveniently opened the car CD with his hand, the sound effect in the car was very good. The familiar melody rang in his ear, Qin Mo knew that the song was "I really miss you" as soon as he heard it. However, this is not the singing version, but the zither playing version from the well-known domestic orchestra "12 girls band". The zither's ethereal tone color makes the melody of the song more soft and beautiful, as if lovers reunited after a long separation are telling their deep thoughts to each other in their ears.

In the quiet car, the soft melody of "I really miss you" echoes repeatedly.

Also don't know whether Xiao Han played this song unintentionally or deliberately, is it simply to express the miss of "friends", or does he have other ideas?

Qin Mo could not guess the intention of the other party, his heart beat a little fast, he did not dare to look at Xiao Han's eyes, had to turn his head to look outside the window.

As night falls, the lights outside the windows retreat like chains. The music in the car keep beating on the eardrums. In quiet nights, the uncontrollable heartbeat makes the atmosphere inside the car more ambiguous. Both of them have tacit understanding to not open their mouths to break the tense but sweet atmosphere.

Xiao Han drove all the way with the high speed, and the car soon arrived at the airport.

Standing in the lobby of the airport blowing air conditioning, Qin mo finally regained his calm and asked: "By the way, did you notify Li Muran over there?"

"I was just looking at the review, I'll call him right now." Xiao Han picked up his mobile phone and dialed Li Muran's phone. "Muran, the Shen He I told you about before, came to the team tonight. I don't have the dormitory key in my hand, don't sleep until we take him back and settle him down."

"Oh." Li Muran only replied, "Got it."

Xiao Han hung up the phone and was quite helpless: "This man really cherishes words like gold. If he can speak three words, he will never speak four."

Qin Mo remembered the silence of the stuffy gourd and could not help smiling: "It doesn't matter, Shen He talks a lot. After they live together, they will not be silenced."

Just then, a clear and melodious voice suddenly sounded in the distance: "Master, I'm coming!!"

Then, a teenager with a suitcase appeared in the field of vision, he was dressed in a light blue sportswear with white sneakers. Besides the suitcase, he was also carrying a pair of tennis rackets on his back, he looked sunny and energetic. When he saw Qin Mo, he immediately came running like a flying horse, he was not afraid of Qin Mo's coldness at all, he ran and hugged Qin Mo directly: "Master! Hahaha!"

Qin Mo was almost knocked down by him, he quickly held Xiao Han's arm and stood firm. He frowned and said: "Stand well."

"Oh!" Shen He just let him go, stood upright, scratched his head."Master and god Han have come to pick me up, it's really a great honor! Does this count as VIP treatment?" You can't use emoticons like in the game when you talk, so the teenager personally made an O(∩_∩)O expression himself, with a brilliant smile on his face and two cute little tiger teeth and a dimple on his left cheek.

Although he was a bit rash, his sincere smile was not annoying.

On his smiling face, Qin Mo could not help smiling and said: "I can't drive, so let Xiao Han drive to pick you up, let’s go, go back to the club." He turned and went forward. Shen He immediately followed him dog-legged, the three people walked to the parking lot. Xiao Han put Shen He's luggage in the trunk, Qin Mo was still in the passenger's seat, while Shen He was consciously sitting in the back row.

After the car was started, the old song "I really miss you" was played again on the car CD, presumably Xiao Han set it as the default song.

Shen He couldn't help humming along with the melody: "I really miss you, I call for the dawn at night, the stars in the sky, and I know my heart, I only have you in my heart…... Thousands of mountains and rivers, how can it block, my love for you, under the moon, gently floating, my feelings ~ ~ ah, really miss you…..."

For this "human voice translator", Xiao Han said he like it very much.

Qin Mo heard him sing out all the hazy lyrics, his face was embarrassed and he coughed: "Don't sing any more."

"Oh." Shen He immediately stopped singing and asked: "This song is what I often order on KTV. Does god Han like it?"

"I think the lyrics are good." Xiao Han smiled and asked Qin Mo. "What do you think?"

"Not…...not bad." Qin Mo said calmly.

"Yes ah, yes ah, the lyrics are very good!" The unknown Shen He seriously agreed.

As there was a little guy who interrupted from time to time in the back row, the atmosphere in the car immediately became active on the way back. Shen He asked about many clubs and Qin Mo patiently answered his questions. Until 12: 30 in the morning, three people arrived at the headquarters of the Dragon Song Club. Xiao Han parked his car and took the initiative to help Shen He carry his suitcase to the dormitory on the third floor by elevator.

Shen He was assigned to the 323 dormitory, Xiao Han led him to the dormitory and knocked at the door. Li Muran had no one, and soon he opened the door.

As soon as the door was opened, the captain and the vice-captain were followed by a teenager, the teenager's eyes were big and bright, and he was very cute. He smiled at him, held out his hand and said: "Hello, my name is Shen He! I heard that your name is Li Muran, right? We will live in a dormitory in the future, we are roommates, please take care of me!"

Li Muran: "En."

Shen He: ".........???"

When the other party "En" finished, he didn't speak any more, did not have the intention to greet him warmly at all, Shen He stayed in place and did not know what to do. Qin Mo whispered in his ear: "Your roommates don't like to talk very much, come inside."

"Oh." Shen He scratched his head in puzzlement and went into the room with his luggage.

Li Muran pointed to the room with the door open and said with a straight face: "This is your bedroom."

"Okay, thank you!" Shen He went into the bedroom and put down his suitcase, seeing it was getting late, he was embarrassed to bother the two great gods, Han and Mo, to help him clean up. He smiled and said: "Master, go to sleep first! I'll pack these luggage tomorrow, I'll wash up and sleep first!"

"Well, then you should go to bed early and have breakfast at the canteen around 8 o'clock tomorrow." Qin Mo and Xiao Han turned around and went out.

After Shen He sent them away, he went back to his bedroom and turned out his pajamas and toiletries. He planned to go to the bathroom and take a bath to sleep. As a result, he took his washbag to the bathroom and found that he was in such a hurry when he left that he forgot to bring his shampoo. It's so hot in summer that he’s sweating all over and his hair is greasy, he can't bear not to wash his hair.  Shen He hesitated for a moment and knocked on the door of the bedroom opposite: "Brother? brother...... Are you asleep?"

Li Muran opened the door without expression: "What’s the matter?"

Shen He smiled at him pleasantly: "Haha, I forgot to bring my shampoo, can I borrow yours first?"

Li Muran: "Oh."

Then he went to the bathroom and picked up his shampoo and handed it to Shen He, with an indifferent expression of "is there anything else?"

Shen he quickly stepped back and said: "It's all right, you can sleep. Thank you!"

Li Muran nodded, turned back to the room and shut the door.

Shen He went to the bathroom to take a bath, just wanted to brush his teeth and sleep, only to find that he forgot to bring toothpaste……

So Shen He braced himself and knocked on Li Muran's door and said: "Brother, brother, have you slept yet?"

Li Muran opened the door. This time he didn't even bother to say "what's the matter" and only looked at him calmly.

Shen He blushed and scratched his head: "Haha, do you have any spare toothpaste? Can I borrow one first and give it back to you when I buy it tomorrow?"

Li Muran: "......"

Glancing at the abrupt fellow lightly, Li Muran turned and handed him a new toothpaste from his drawer. Shen He accepted it with gratitude and ran to the bathroom to brush his teeth, he wanted to blow dry his hair and sleep, only to find that he didn't have a hair dryer with him. In order to see Master, he was too excited when packing, he packed his luggage without it, but he packed a large box of clothes that he shouldn't have.

It's getting a little late, isn't it not good to disturb my roommates again?

Shen He hesitated for a moment, remembering his roommate's expressionless face, and still had no courage to knock on his door, he had to wipe his hair with a towel and sit by the bed waiting for it to dry naturally.

In the middle of the night, Li Muran always heard a strange sound, the new hyperactive roommate crept from the bedroom to the bathroom and then sneaked from the bathroom to the kitchen. Li Muran was so annoyed by the noise, he could not help but open the door and saw Shen He was wearing a loose T-shirt and the pajamas, revealing two long bare legs and walking out of the kitchen with a glass of water.

——the action is like a thief.

If he had not known that a new roommate had arrived, Li Muran still thought that a thief had entered the dormitory.

Seeing the expressionless Li Muran standing in front of him, under the dim light of the dining room, his facial paralysis face like a ghost, Shen He was startled and directly dropped the cup.

With a thud, the glass came into close contact with the floor tile and broke into pieces in an instant, the water spilled all over the floor until it reached Li Muran's feet.

Shen He: "......"

The two stared at each other, and a moment later, Shen He smiled and explained: "I'm thirsty, so I went to the kitchen and pour a glass of water. Why are you up? It scared me to death."

Li Muran: "......" You are scaring me to death.

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