The King's Return : Chapter 64

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Chapter 64: A Talkative Teenager

That night, Li Muran didn't sleep well all night, he was a quiet person and had very sharp hearing. Although Shen He had deliberately lightened his steps, it was still a noise that could not be ignored for him. Shen He didn't sleep well either, he had the habit of recognizing the bed when changed the environment and was excited. He ran to the kitchen in the middle of the night and poured water several times……

As a result, when they got up the next morning, they both had obvious dark circles under their eyes and stared at each other in the room.

Li Muran did not speak, he looked at Shen He expressionlessly. Shen He smiled pleasantly and said: "Morning ah! I've already washed my face. Why don't you wash your face first and we'll have breakfast together?"

"En." Li Muran said only one word and turned to the bathroom.

Shen He stood in the distance and watched him wash his face, looking carefully, he was still handsome, with a tall nose, strong features, single eyelids and a sharp look, but his character is too cold, the temperament of the whole person seems very gloomy, like the animated cartoon hiding in the corner like a villain, quietly out of the darkness, and then wear a black hood to cover most of the face, showing only a sneering corner of the mouth……

The more he thinks about it, the more terrible it is.

Shen He rubbed his head to get rid of these strange picture, he was worried about how to get along with this silent roommate in the future.

After a moment's consideration, Shen He decided to break the silence on his own initiative: "Hey, brother, where is your hometown?"

Li Muran: "Nanjing."

Shen He: "What a coincidence! I am also from Nanjing, so we are still a fellow villagers hahaha! If you have the opportunity to return to Nanjing, visit my brother's internet cafe ah!"

Li Muran: "En."

Shen He: ".................."

It was simply impossible to have a pleasant chat.

Li Muran quickly washed his face and turned back to the room to change his clothes. The short-sleeved black T-shirt showed strong forearm muscles. A pair of appropriately tailored trousers lined his legs tall and slender, with a height of more than 1.8 meters. There was no superfluous decoration on the whole body, there was not even a design on the T-shirt. This made him look very modest. Shen He looked down at the cartoon Mickey Mouse pattern on his short sleeve T-shirt again. Compared with Li Muran, this clothes looks very childish, today is the first time to meet with other teammates, it is better to be modest. So, Shen He immediately went back to the room and changed into a pure white T-shirt.

As a result, after changing clothes and standing with Li Muran, Shen He accidentally discovered——they looked like wearing a couple's shirt ah! It's still black and white couple shirt!

Li Muran glanced at him without saying anything, he opened the doorway and said: "Let's go."

Shen He was too embarrassed to change another clothes, so he had to follow him out.

Li Muran locked the dormitory door and threw him a spare key: "Keep it."

"Oh, thank you!" Shen He hurriedly took it with both hands and stuffed the key into his pocket.

The two came to the dining room in tandem, dressed in black and white. He Beiguang could not help whispering: "There a more black and white couple in the team ah?"

Pei Yu whispered: "It's probably Shen He."

Shen He passed their dinner table, stopped, offered his hand to greet them and said: "Hello! My name is Shen He, I'm new here, take good care of me!"

He Beiguang hurriedly shook hands with him: "Hello, hello! My name is He Beiguang, if you need any help in the future, feel free to say, you're welcome!"

The man was quite enthusiastic, Shen He smiled happily and said: "That's great! I want to know where there is a supermarket nearby. I'm going to buy some daily necessities."

He Beiguang righteously patted his chest: "No problem! I'll take you there at lunchtime!"

Pei Yu said: "Dining in the canteen is a buffet style. There are plates over there. You can go to the window and get whatever you like."

"Oh, oh, thank you, nice benefit!" Shen He immediately turned to take the tray to get the food, and brought a full plate of cake. When he returned, He Beiguang and Pei Yu had finished their breakfast and left, Shen He looked around. Only Li Muran sat at the table and ate bread expressionlessly, he was not familiar with the others, he had to sit face to face with Li Muran.

They ate breakfast in silence for a while, Shen He finally could not hold back, he took the initiative to break the silence: "Cough, I knocked on your door last night and got up in the middle of the night to pour water. Did I disturb your sleep?"


"......" Shen He said with a bitter face. "I'm sorry."

"It's all right." Li Muran was too lazy to look up and eat breakfast on his own.

"What else do you usually do besides training? Is the life of a professional players boring?" Shen He asked curiously.


"......" Shen He simply went crazy and took a hard bite of the cake, Qin Mo and Xiao Han also arrived in the canteen, Shen He immediately waved: "Master, master!"

Qin Mo nodded to him, came over and sat down with a tray, looked at Shen He's dark circles, and asked: "You didn't sleep well last night?"

"En, I can't sleep in a different environment because I need to recognize the bed, I have to adapt to it for two days." Shen He rubbed his eyes and said with a smile: "Master, how many people are there in the team now ah?"

"Plus you, there are six. I'll introduce you to the training room later."

"Good." Shen He buried his head in his meal and commented. "This is delicious!"

"So, how are you two getting along?" Xiao Han suddenly asked, because he found that both had obvious dark circles under their eyes.

"Very good." Li Muran said calmly.

"......" Shen He almost choked on the cake, took a sip of milk and swallowed the cake down, he scratched his head and said. "It's, it’s okay......"

In the middle of the night, almost scared each other to death, Li Muran has no other strange faults besides not talking, let's get used to it slowly, ai……

Looking at the distress face of the teenager in front of him, Xiao Han knew that Shen He must be choked. However, Li Muran will be the healer of Mojue team, he was always silent and difficult to communicate, It is better for Shen He to get acquainted with him, the two people are lively and gloomy, let them influence each other.

After breakfast, they came to the training room, Qin Mo took the initiative to bring Shen He to everyone: "Introduction, this is Shen He, game ID Drunken River, playing summoner, he competed with Yan Zhou and Xu Sizhe in PK before, you have also seen him, and he will be a member of the Mojue team in the future."

Shen He immediately bow cleverly to everyone, smiling very brightly: "Hello, everyone! In the future, we should all work together and strive for a common goal!"

Everyone: "......" If you wear a red scarf, you will be a qualified Young Pioneer.

Qin Mo found a computer for Shen He and asked him to sit down and log in to the game: "You will train on this computer in the future."

This computer is right next to Li Muran, also don’t know if Master is deliberate or not, Shen He’s heart is a little worried, but his face is smiling: "Know it!"

Qin Mo told Li Muran: "You two are of the same level, form a team and upgrade first."

They added friends to each other in the game, Shen He was surprised to find that this guy was playing healer, and ID was called "Silence", which happened to be the healer of "Jiangnan Academy" that day. Shen He immediately got excited and chatted with him: "Do you remember me, brother? In fact, we worked together once before! On the Jiangnan Academy dungeon!"

Li Muran's impression was that there was no such person in the dungeon, and he replied: "I don't remember."

Shen He bursts his hands and types quickly: "Little Medicine Fairy ah! It's the female pharmacist who is a healer with you. In fact, that's my sister's account, it was me at that time!"

Li Muran finally remembered that Boss No. 3 of Jiangnan Academy was Su Shi and Wang Fu's husband and wife at that time. Yin and Yang Boss were relatively difficult to fight, and the pressure of healer was very great, he was able to get through with Little Medicine Fairy's healing. He also felt that the level of Little Medicine Fairy was very strong, and the amount of healing was much higher than that of him when the final dungeon was counted. Of course, it was because of his poor equipment, if the initial equipment of the agility base pharmacist could not keep up with it, the amount of healing could hardly exceed that of the pharmacist who had only added points to the healing.

Unexpectedly, It was Shen He who used his sister account.

Li Muran replied: "Oh." It means, I get it.

Shen He: "............"

Close to failure, Shen He almost vomited blood, gloomily team up with him to upgrade.

Shen He is level 55, Li Muran because many things have happened in the team these days, if no one takes care of him, the upgrade is very slow, and now it is level 55. The two people just form a team to clear the tasks around Jinling City, Shen He is in front of the team and Li Muran is behind to add blood to him. It is cool to take a healer when upgrading, Shen He can bring a large number of small mobs at one time and practice the operation along the way.

It's just, this stuffy gourd doesn't say a word all the way, it's so boring!

Shen He was about to suffocate himself, so he had to vent all his depression on the small mobs, the speed of clearing the mobs was fast enough to fly up.

Pei Yu and He Beiguang teamed up to brush peach blossom forest, the current level has reached 58, while Qin Mo has passed the 60 mark.

The level of his teammates were lower than him, and Qin Mo was not in a hurry to upgrade. He went to the Chamber of Commerce to study the materials and equipment and chatted "I am not a profiteer" privately, he said: "Profiteer, please collect a batch of wood and earth materials for me. I'm going to make weapons."

I am not a profiteer immediately replied: "Got it, boss! I'll send you an email in two days. Besides, can you not call me ‘profiteer’?"

Qin Mo: "That's the only way your names can be called."

I am not a profiteer suggested: "You can abbreviate it from the front!"

Qin Mo: "Not?"

I am not a profiteer: "Yes, yes, yes, later call me not!"

Qin Mo smiled and said: "Well, not, it's hard for you."

With the help of merchant from this guild, at least there is no need to worry about the materials for making equipment. Qin Mo went to the official website to read some information again, soon it was noon, Xiao Han asked: "Do you want to eat first?"

"En." Qin Mo thought for a moment and said. "It just so happens that Xiao He has joined the team, I'll treat you to lunch today." He turned off his computer and stood up, said calmly. "Stop for a moment, I have an announcement for you. Pei Yu, He Beiguang and Li Muran, starting from today, you are also full members of the Mojue team."

The announcement surprised He Beiguang, who opened his mouth wide and couldn't believe he would be hit by the pie. Although Pei Yu guessed some, can hear Qin Mo to officially announce the news, face also cannot hide the color of joy. Li Muran, however, stood in the corner still with a facial paralysis face with no expression.

Xiao Han added: "We didn't intend to tell you so early, but since Xiao He has entered the team, I discussed it with captain Qin last night. I think it is better to let you know earlier so that you can train at ease in the future, starting this afternoon, we will formally practice teamwork."

Qin Mo nodded and said: "Everyone will come to the conference room in ten minutes to see the contract, I'll treat you to lunch."

The two turned away, and He Beiguang jumped excitedly from his seat and said: "Am I dreaming? I thought captain Qin was going to eliminate me!"

Pei Yu smiled and said: "You're not dreaming, It's true, we've all been accepted."

Shen He listened to their conversation and immediately stepped forward: "Haha, we'll be a teammate in the future!"

He Beiguang said: "That's right, that’s right!"

Shen He said: "Actually, I have come to Dragon Song for an interview before, and the interviewer actually said that I had no future and refused me!"

He Beiguang looked surprised: "Really? Did you come to Dragon Song for an interview ah?"

Shen he nodded: "En en, it's a coincidence that my cousin is also a e-sports player from the Dragon Song Club! He opened an Internet cafe in Nanjing, and as a result, god Mo happened to come to the Internet cafe to online and met my sister. Do you remember the last time you play in dungeon? Jianshen Valley Ruins! My sister couldn't keep up to add blood, she let me on her account to play. At that time, god Mo was in our Internet cafe!"

"I remember! Sword Altar at the second level of the Jianshen Valley" He Beiguang excitedly said. "You are the younger brother of that Little Medicine Fairy!"

"Yes! After playing in that dungeon, I saw god Mo, god Mo asked me to play in Peerless Jianghu, so I ran to the new district and registered a summoner % $ # $%...…"

Looking at the chattering guy with He Beiguang, Li Muran slightly raised his eyebrows and thought to himself——Why is this man talking so much? Not tired?

It seems that he did not speak during the upgrade this morning, which suffocated him, so he did not stop talking after he saw He Beiguang.

He has been talking for five minutes.

Li Muran thought about it and went forward.

Shen He noticed a cold air-flow approaching him, turning his head, he looked at Li Muran's indifferent eyes. Shen He's back was stiff, he stopped talking and said: "You, you need something ah?"

Li Muran nodded, and then handed Shen He a cup of water.

The meaning is obvious——you talk too much, drink water and moisten your throat before continuing.

Shen He suddenly blushed and took the cup at a loss, he didn't know what to do.

Pei Yu was going to suppress his laughter and get internal injuries, He Beiguang laughed for half a day, exclaimed: "Ai, Muran is very considerate, Shen He, please drink some water. After talking for half a day, don't you feel like your mouth is dry?"

Shen He: ".................."

Li Muran, please don't send me any more water! I'll stop talking!
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