The King's Return : Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: Sign a Contract

Ten minutes later, Qin Mo came to the door of the training room and said lightly: "Come with me."

Shen He held a cup in his hand and followed everyone's footsteps awkwardly, he took advantage of Li Muran's inattention to take a sip of water secretly——he said a lot of things just now in blablabla, and he was really thirsty.

When entering the conference room, Xiao Han had already prepared the contract and handed out two copies to each person: "Look first, the four of you have the same contract."

Shen He had read the contract before, but everyone else was reading it carefully and he also looked at it from the beginning. The annual salary of 500,000 is the only salary for many main players in the team. Moreover, after winning the competition, there will be a bonus share, as well as a share for the advertising endorsements they participate in. This contract is indeed impeccable, Mojue team is very kind to the first generation players.

Pei Yu pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose after reading them, smiled and said: "I think it's all right."

He Beiguang's eyes whirled around the annual salary of 500,000, feeling that he would soon become a millionaire, he was so excited that he couldn't wait to go downstairs and run for two laps.

Li Muran still had no expression, put the contract on the table, picked up the pen and simply signed his name.

Soon, the four handed the signed contract back to Xiao Han, Qin Mo stamped the official seal of Mojue team on the contract and signed his own name——Qin Mo. The two characters were written neatly and beautifully, just like printed letters. Xiao Han looked at Qin Mo's beautiful Chinese characters and thought to himself that he must be taught to write by Qin Mo in the future, his characters were like the dog climbing characters of kindergarten children, it was too ugly.

Xiao Han collected the four contracts and returned the other four to the players: "Keep the contracts yourself and don't lose them. Just before the end of the month, from next month on, you will stay in the Dragon Song club as professional players of Mojue team to continue training, return the □□ data to the finance department, monthly salary will be paid on time per month."

——So, have they really become regular professionals with salaries?

The four of them were somewhat excited, Qin Mo smiled into the eyes of the teenagers and said: "Let's go, lunch is on me to celebrate our Mojue team has six members."

The place for dinner was chosen at the Hunan restaurant where Zhuo Hang invited him last time. Xiao Han ordered a private room and ordered a table of dishes, and everyone was talking while eating.

Qin Mo asked: "Have you read all the announcements on the official website?"

Shen He was busy packing and booking tickets these two days, he didn't pay attention to the announcement and asked doubtfully: "What announcement?"

Pei Yu voluntarily explained: "It's about the announcement of next year's competition system. I kept it in my mobile phone and let me show it to you." He handed the mobile phone to Shen He, and the saved webpage wrote the rules of the points competition, Shen He became more and more excited as he read: "There will be many competitions next year! Single, double and three-member challenge arena! Master, are the six of us busy with so many competitions?"

"This is not the final line-up for the Mojue team yet." Qin Mo said. "The league requires that the max of the team is eight people, and I will continue to look for the other two."

"Oh!" Shen He suddenly realized.

"Because there are many competitions, we have to consider the arrangement of personnel in advance." Xiao Han turned back and asked Qin Mo. "Do you have any ideas?"

Qin Mo paused and said: "In the single-player competition, the players who enter the final round can score 1 point for the team, you can all take part in it, this is also an experience for you. You can fight against the masters of all major schools and accumulate more combat experience."

"Got it." Everyone nodded their heads to show that they knew.

"As for the Golden League, my current plan is to form a team with Xiao Han and take the violent fast break route. Pei Yu and He Beiguang formed a team. He Beiguang fought against the pressure in the front row. Pei Yu attacked in the back row and fought back. Shen He and Li Muran team, you two are agility play, Xiao He control field attack, Muran just give him blood, also be both offensive and defensive partner......"

Listening to Qin Mo's calm analysis, the newcomers worshiped him in their hearts——he had long thought about the tactical system of Mojue and had a thorough understanding of everything.

With such a captain, everyone is even more confident about next year's game.

However, Shen He is somewhat worried, his partnership with Li Muran is theoretically strong. His equipment attributes are accompanied by cooldown reduction. Li Muran also adds cooldown reduction and crit. If they are combined, they will form a "extreme agility" style of fighting with their opponents, the speed of attack and blood addition will fly up quickly!

However, the problem is that there is no way to communicate with this stuffy gourd. Can't we just make eye contact in the competition?

Seemingly aware of Shen He's distress, Xiao Han took the initiative to open his mouth and said: "This is only the preliminary combination of captain Qin, which may be adjusted in the future. Usually you have to organize teams to do tasks, first, upgrade and familiarize with each other's playing methods. Later, after opening up the double arena platform, you can organize teams to practice on the platform for a period of time. The tacit understanding needs to be cultivated slowly, after a long time, you can guess what your teammates will do next."

This sentence is quite reasonable. Most of the time, the pace of the competition is too fast to speak at all. It depends on the tacit understanding cultivated in daily.

But the premise is that tacit understanding needs communication, communication needs language! How do you communicate with the stuffy gourd? Shen He thought helplessly, if there was no way, he could only make eye contact!

After lunch, they returned to the training room. Qin Mo opened a arena platform and asked four newcomers to come in for training, and made a simple comment on them: "He Beiguang, your playing style is more radical and hot-blooded, but you are a defensive player. When in the team battle, as the front row of the team, it is better to be a little more stable, do not rush too far, so as not to be out of touch with your teammates in the back row...... In addition, your pace of movement is a little slow, so you need to strengthen training in this area."

"I see. Thank you, captain Qin!" He Beiguang has a look of worship on his face, and now he is really convinced of Qin Mo.

"Train for an hour every day for more movement skills, find complex maps and practice more."

"No problem!"

Qin Mo continued: "Pei Yu, you are very clever and good at attacking opponents by using the characteristics of sound wave penetrating obstacles. You have a good idea, but your hit rate is very low. You are not proficient enough in the sound wave attacking route of flute music. Peach blossom forest dungeon is dense, you can penetrate the trees in that dungeon to kill mobs, go several times a day."

"Okay!" Pei Yu immediately write it down.

"Shen He, your manipulation of pets is not clear enough, and you seem to be in a hurry in case of emergency. First, you should practice the skills and control status of each kind of pets, then practice the combo of pets, and don't be impatient."

"Got it, Master!"

"About Muran, the main reason now is that the amount of healing cannot keep up, it will be very difficult to add blood in a fast-paced match. If you want to find a way to make the equipment, you should first study the equipment matching of the agility base pharmacist."


After arranging the task for the four people, Qin Mo quit the challenge arena and was very satisfied with several official players.

He Beiguang's fighting style is hot-blooded and energetic, and if it is slightly stable, it will surely become the most reliable front row in the team battle; Li Muran's idea of agility bases pharmacist can easily form a quick attack and defense cooperation with the Han and Mo; Shen He's talent is outstanding and his fighting style is quite clever, that is, at present, he is not very skilled in various pets and has room for improvement. Pei Yu surprised him most, the teenager is actually very smart and has his own ideas, he knows how to hide his abilities and is very modest. He is the kind of player who looks warm and harmless and will surprise people when he comes to the arena.

There are already six players in Mojue, and the next thing to consider is the two remaining candidates.

Qin Mo was thinking when his mobile phone suddenly received a WeChat message from Liu Chuan: "Come to my office, the club has decided how to deal with Xu Sizhe."

Xiao Han's mobile phone also received this message, they looked at each other and turned to Liu Chuan's office together.

To their surprise, Wu Zewen was also present.

Wu Zewen is the club's chief financial officer, and his presence proves that it involves financial settlement——Xu Sizhe may really be fired.

Liu Chuan smiled and asked them to sit down and said: "We have carefully investigated Xu Sizhe's problem, the child's background is somewhat complicated, he is a rich second generation and he is the only son, he may have been spoiled by his parents since childhood, was held in the hands of people without any setbacks, besides, he does have some talent in playing games and seldom loses in online games. After being defeated by Shen He, he was angry for a while, so he put the blame on Qin Mo."

Qin Mo actually guessed this, most of the players born in ordinary families are modest and sensible. Xu Sizhe is not modest at all, he is arrogant and does not reflect on himself. Obviously, he is spoiled by his parents.

Liu Chuan paused and continued: "I have read his self-criticism review and it really disappointed me. I've seen many proud players before, but he still doesn't know how to repent after he made a mistake, and made mistakes again and again, it's really a bit of what Xiao Han said about "harbor evil intention". However, this player is still young and his psychological quality is not good enough. If he is expelled directly, I am worried that it will lead to more serious consequences."

This kind of worry is not without reason, Qin Mo thought for a moment and said: "Why don't you give him a choice? If he is willing, he can stay in training camp for the first half of the year, work under Zhuo Hang, and then officially debut. If he is not willing to stay in training camp, let him leave Dragon Song. He will feel better psychologically if he quits, he will find another team to develop in the future. At least there will be no stain on the file."

Liu Chuan agreed: "It is still Qin Mo who is considerate."

He resigned and was expelled from the club, although the result was to leave, the former was much more acceptable than the latter. Moreover, once the news of Dragon Song's dismissal of Xu Sizhe comes out, it is estimated that other clubs in the e-sport circle will not dare to accept Xu Sizhe again, and the future of this young man will be completely destroyed.

——After all, he is still young, and Qin Mo does not want to be too cruel.

Wu Zewen asked: "If the club dismisses him, we will pay him half a year's salary. Should he pay the penalty if he withdraws himself?"

Liu Chuan thought for a moment and said: "His situation is different from that of Song Changdong, Xiao Song was poached by the Sword Song team, he(XSZ) is equivalent to what we drove out, the penalty for breach of contract should not be demanded, so let's settle the salary for him."

Wu Zewen nodded: "Okay."

Liu Chuan called Xu Sizhe directly, the teenager's face was pale, obviously, he didn't sleep well last night.

Seeing the Han and Mo in the office, his face was even uglier, and he said stiffly: "Is the boss looking for me?"

Liu Chuan smiled slightly and said: "Xu Sizhe, Qin Mo told you before about your next arrangement, right? You can go to Zhuo Hang to train for another six months, and when you are almost done, you can start your career as a substitute. Of course, you still have a choice, that is, leave the Dragon Song club to develop other teams, Dragon Song cannot make better arrangements for you at present, maybe other teams will have a position for you."

Xu Sizhe looked at Qin Mo and coldly said: "Is it because I complained about the captain Qin, so the club can't accommodate me?"

Xiao Han frowned and said: "It has nothing to do with this, don’t get it wrong, it's not that Qin Mo is looking for the boss to expel you. It's that your current emotional and psychological state is really not suitable for being a professional player. It's for your own good to let you stay in training camp for the first half of the year."

"I see." Xu Sizhe bowed his head. "I will leave the club."

"It's good to parting in a peaceful way" Liu Chuan said. "Tomorrow you go to the financial department to collect your salary during this period…..."

Xu Sizhe said coldly: "No, I don't need that money." After saying this, he turned and left. His back was very stiff.

Qin Mo took a look at Xiao Han, went out of the office and shouted: "Xu Sizhe."

The teenager stopped, did not look back and said sarcastically: "Are you laughing at me? You won, Captain Qin, my stupidest thing is to complain to the boss. I didn't expect your background to be so big."

Qin Mo said lightly: "Actually, I don't hate you."

Xu Sizhe clenched his fist: "What did you say?"

Qin Mo said: "When I was as young as you, I was arrogant and suffered many setbacks. My master said to me at the beginning——there are another mountain beyond the mountain and there are people beyond the mountain (T/N: it means there will be something better), if you want to surpass a person, you must look up to him first, only in this way can you see his advantages and disadvantages, I also give you this advice."

Xu Sizhe: "......"

"I know you are unconvinced and think I am biased and selfish and not qualified to be captain." Qin Mo smiled and said. "If you really have full confidence in yourself, then beat me with your own hands and prove your strength."

After he had said this, he turned around and walked away, Xu Sizhe turned around and saw only the clear but upright figure.

The teenager's fists clenched hard on his side, and his red eyes were like wounded beasts——beating you, right? Do you think you will be invincible?!

When Qin Mo returned to the conference room, he stood calmly beside Xiao Han.

Liu Chuan, who heard the conversation outside, looked helplessly at the young man in front of him and said: "Qin Mo, you really can make enemies for yourself, send Song Changdong this good seedling away, not to say, stimulated Xu Sizhe's fighting spirit…..." So, Qin Mo, exactly how many potential rivals to make yourself satisfied?!

Xiao Han was also a little worried: "Xu Sizhe has a proud personality, you use sarcasm to him, is that okay?"

Qin Mo smiled lightly and said, "It doesn't matter. If he has the ability, just come and defeat me."

Everyone: "............"

Really confident, captain Qin!

Xu Sizhe's fighting mode has been completely stimulated, but in this way, he does not have time to go to the forum to blacken Qin Mo, estimated to be busy preparing how to defeat Qin Mo.

Xiao Han smiled helplessly, gently encircled Qin Mo's shoulder and said: "Let's go, we should also take the time to train."
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