She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 24

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Chapter 24- Cute And Want To Kiss
translator: Oyen  editor: Eira-chan & Larkspur

Gently he kissed her mouth and suddenly asked in a hoarse voice, "Have you learned?"

Lin Qingqing: "——" 

So did he just teach her to kiss? She was disappointed and didn't know how to answer. She had never liked a man so much, never looked forward to his kiss so much, and she didn't know if she should calmly answer, "En, I learned.".

In this way, she blurted out. "You have kissed a lot of girls before?"

"En?" With a smile on the corners of his mouth, he was really charming beyond comparison. "No."

Lin Qingqing breathed a sigh of relief. She would like to know if he really kissed her just to teach her to kiss. If not, how should they get on after this kiss?

She lowered her head, made some psychological preparations, and carefully asked, "Mr. Yi, you—"

"Call me Zeyan."


Lin Qingqing felt her heart beat faster and her face turned red. She smiled and called him softly, "Zeyan."


"What is our relationship now?"

"You are my wife. What do you think our relationship is?"

Lin Qingqing felt that she had just asked a silly question. She knew that they were husband and wife. However, weren’t they always like a couple who were unfamiliar to each other?

She bit her lip, bowed her head, and dared not look at him. "You know, no matter what the circumstances, you can't kiss a girl at random. You have to be responsible after a kiss."

Did he understand that? Lin Qingqing only felt ashamed to death. Her cheeks were hot, and she hurriedly covered it with her hands.

Yi Zeyan thought her question was funny. Was it a change of law to remind him to be responsible for her? How can he be any more responsible? He has married her to his family already!

He endured from smiling and tried to answer with a serious tone, "I will be responsible to the end."

Lin Qingqing felt so excited that she was trembling all over and her smile almost cracked to her ears. This feeling was really wonderful, and she had never experienced it before. She once knew a girl who began to think about love in poems. At that time, she felt incredible and thought these girls were melodramatic. At this moment, she finally realized that the girl who began to think about love really would be so shy in the face of her sweetheart, and his simple words could make her excited for half a day. She didn't realize that she was such a melodramatic person.

"Are you sleepy?" Yi Zeyan asked.

Lin Qingqing didn’t feel sleepy at all nor was she in the mood to sleep at present. But she felt it's not befitting to keep lying in his arms. She felt she should be obedient, but she also wanted to stay.

She felt so capricious. What if he is sleepy? In a dilemma, she considered it and said simply, "My legs are numb and I can't get up."

Yi Zeyan: "——"

She pleaded to him in a spoiled child’s tone that was like a sweet bomb.

Yi Zeyan had no choice but to follow his instinct. He held her up when her legs were numb. He took her to the bed and put her down and covered her with the quilt. Then he was very gentlemanly and even asked her carefully, "Do you mind if I sleep next to you?"

Lin Qingqing didn’t dare to look at his face, but she still shook her head. "I don't mind."

She didn't mind ah!!!

Yi Zeyan went to the other side and lied down. He just laid down and did nothing. He said softly to her, "Good night."

He had kissed her yet he was so gracious and Lin Qingqing felt he was gentle and sweet. He was simply a gentleman who had no evil thoughts and respected her so much.

She was lying by his side and looking at his face. The more she looked, the more he looked good. The more she looked, the more satisfied she was, and she thought that he had just kissed her. She felt that her little heart was plopping and jumping.

Lin Qingqing felt really bad. He respected her so much, but she had bad thoughts about him. She quickly shook her head to sober herself up, but she was unwilling to sleep at a little distance from him.

She bit her lip and thought for a moment, then gently tugged at his clothes and said. "Zeyan, I'm a little cold." (Omg Qingqing has officially become permanently shameless huehuehue ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) 

The man didn't even open his eyes. Instead, he directly tugged at her hand and pulled her into his arms with the quilt.

Enveloped in his strong and warm arms, Lin Qingqing couldn't use words to describe her excitement. She carefully stretched out her hand and encircled his waist. She never expected this day had finally come-She and her male god lying on a bed hugging each other and sleeping.

It was just like a dream and she didn't want to wake up from it so quickly. She propped herself up and felt his warmth and breath carefully, but then she fell asleep.

Yi Zeyan didn’t fall asleep all the time. She wasn’t sleeping □□ well and rolled away from his arms in a moment. He wanted to put her head back into his arm but was afraid of waking her up, so he just laid and looked at her slumbering visage instead. He helped her with her hair, thought he was bored for a second, but he was then extremely satisfied.

Sometime later, he couldn't sleep so he got up, poured a glass of wine, and went over to the French windows. The beach outside was lit with colorful lights. He could see the sea level extending forward as thousands of lights dotted the shore.

Everything was quiet, but his heart was filled.

He sat on the bed and looked at the outside world, the silent and lonely world. He didn’t feel sad at all.

Because she's lying behind him. She's in his world.
Lin Qingqing woke up and found that Yi Zeyan wasn’t in bed. She looked around the room but found no one, so she put on her clothes and planned to go out to look for him, only to meet Lu Wenqian at the corner of the elevator.

Lu Wenqian had tried several times to find trouble with her. There was no one around her and Lin Qingqing was too lazy to give her any courtesy. She was going to pretend that she had not seen her and leave directly. Unexpectedly, Lu Wenqian opened her mouth and asked, "Are you out to find Yi Zeyan so early?"

"Yes ah," Lin Qingqing replied with a cold tone and pressed for the elevator to arrive.

"I wonder if Yi Zeyan ever told you about my engagement with him?" (T/N: I hate you Wenqian 凸(`△´+)E/N: Ugh same. This b**ch!!!)

Lin Qingqing looked at her and Lu Wenqian met her gaze with a smug smile. "Judging from your expression, I guess Yi Zeyan didn't tell you. It doesn't matter. If he won't tell you, then I will." She approached her and said in a gnashing voice in her ear. "If it hadn't been for you, Yi Zeyan and I would have been married. You would have been a third party who ruined other people's marriages."

Lin Qingqing put her hands on both sides of her body and tightly held her skirts. She wasn’t stupid enough to lose her head when provoked.

"Zeyan would have told me if it was such a big deal. However, he didn't, which proves that to him, it wasn’t something worth mentioning. Besides, Zeyan and I were 26 years old when we got married and had already passed the legal age of marriage. According to you, if he hadn't married me, why are you still not married at 26?"

Instead of stimulating her, Lu Wenqian was blocked by her. Her face was somewhat ugly. She glared at her from head to toe and whispered, "Believe it or don’t believe it. I don’t care." Then she turned away with a cold hum.

The elevator door finally opened, but Lin Qingqing wasn’t in the mood to find Yi Zeyan.

She went back to her room and soon after Yi Zeyan pushed the door in. He had gone downstairs for a run and was wearing a T-shirt and shorts. He was sweating and his sweat stuck to his hair, making it look messy while his white T-shirt was equally soaked and clung to his body like a second skin.

When he saw Lin Qingqing standing in front of the French window, he couldn’t help but smile. 

"I ordered breakfast. Hasn't it arrived yet?"

Lin Qingqing didn't speak and only quietly looked at the man in front of her. It was only last night when she was able to get into intimate terms with this male god, so she felt uncomfortable when she thought of Lu Wenqian words.

Yi Zeyan obviously found something strange about her. He came up to her and asked, "What's the matter?"

With his approach, his smell suddenly arrived, strong and enticingly male that made so many women fascinated, but he was her husband. His charm can only belong to her.

She bit her lip and said directly to him, "I just met Lu Wenqian. She told me that you were engaged to her."

She knew that Lu Wenqian was deliberately provoking her, but she wasn’t sure whether they were actually engaged, so expected Yi Zeyan to quickly deny it.

However, she didn’t expect Yi Zeyan to nod after a brief silence.

Lin Qingqing felt her heart sink to the bottom of the valley.

"But that was the elders’ idea. It was none of my business."

That was to say then that the engagement was only a formality and he had no feelings for Lu Wenqian? 

However, although it was only a formality, it was also a crucial one. Lin Qingqing asked cautiously, "Was I a third party?"

Yi Zeyan’s temple creased. "Lu Wenqian said that you were a third party?"


Yi Zeyan was silent for a moment and said, "You weren’t a third party. My engagement with her was cancelled long before I married you. What's more…," he said firmly, "I won't let you and your children be criticized."

Lin Qingqing finally felt relieved at his answer. When he said this, she felt the responsibility of a man, a man who was responsible for her and her children. She felt that such a man was simply ‘MAN’ enough and crisp.

"Do you have any more questions?"

Lin Qingqing smiled and shook her head. "No. Go take a bath."

Yi Zeyan went to the bathroom to take a bath, just as breakfast was delivered. When he came out, Lin Qingqing said to him, "This pancake is very delicious."

"You eat first. I have something else to do."

Lin Qingqing didn't know what he was going out for so she just put away the food first. She would eat it together with him when he came back.

Yi Zeyan went directly to Lu Wenqian's room. She was stunned when she opened the door to see him. Immediately, she put her arms in front of her chest, raised her eyebrows, and said, "Running to my room early in the morning? Aren’t you afraid of your little wife getting angry?"

Yi Zeyan didn’t reply. Instead, he stepped in and closed the door expressionless. Lu Wenqian couldn’t help but tease him, "What is the purpose of closing the door? What bad things do you want to do in the morning?" (T/N: I really hate this cheap woman凸(`0´)凸 E/N: Ugh you said it Oyen. The audacity of this b**ch. ψ(▼へ▼メ)~→ )

"Did you tell Qingqing about our engagement?"

Lu Wenqian knew that he must have come because of this. She curled her hair with her fingers to play with the strands. "What? Isn't it true?"

"The truth? Then why did you tell her she was a third party?"

Lu Wenqian shrugged her shoulders and didn’t speak. She squinted at him challengingly as if saying what can you do to me.

Yi Zeyan smiled. He grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her violently to the bathroom.

"Yi Zeyan, what are you doing? Let me go! You're hurting my hand."

Only when he got to the bathroom did he shake off her hand. Lu Wenqian frowned, rubbed it, and said, "What are you doing throwing around so much strength?" When she finished, she raised her eyebrows, deliberately approached him, and asked, "Why? You want to play with me in the bathroom?"

Her voice just fell when Yi Zeyan reversed her hand and twisted her. Lu Wenqian suffered. He filled water in the basin, and before she could react, he directly pressed her head into the pool.

During the struggle, Lu Wenqian choked a few mouthfuls of water and the feeling of suffocation came.  She subconsciously struggled, but her strength wasn’t strong enough to compete with Yi Zeyan. He held her down until she was about to lose her breath before pulling her head up. (T/N: just kill her already 凸(>皿<)凸 E/N: Nah make her suffer first then kill her  ( ・∀・)・・・--------☆)

Lu Wenqian coughed violently against the wall and looked at Yi Zeyan. He stood there expressionless with a cold face as if he was a terrible and emotionless butcher.

"What are you doing? Are you crazy?" Her voice was hoarse, so Lu Wenqian roared without an imposing feeling to her.

Yi Zeyan reached out and strangled her neck, without hesitation and with great strength. He had her neck in a chokehold and didn’t leave her any room to breathe.

After almost being drowned in the water, she was being strangled by him. Lu Wenqian felt that she was dying of pain. She struggled against Yi Zeyan, smacked his hand away, and looked at him with horror on her face.

"You should know that your father chose to finish himself to save your and your brother's lives." He whispered to her, but each word was as sharp as a blade. "Although I promised to save your lives, I'm not a good person. Even if I did break my promise, I’m not afraid of being struck by lightning, so you'd better settle down, understand?"

The strength from his hand hadn’t been relaxed from beginning to end. He didn’t leave the slightest affection for her. Lu Wenqian refused to suffer any longer and hurriedly nodded.

Yi Zeyan released her and she immediately fell to the ground painfully as her body automatically curled up.  She looked at Yi Zeyan's indifferent departure and unwillingly said, "What’s so good about her? So, you love her? How dare you threaten me like that for her sake?!"

He stopped and didn’t even look back, only saying lightly, "I love her even if she is nothing."

"Does she know what kind of person you are, Yi Zeyan? Does she know the darkness in your world? You and I are from the same world. Wake up Yi Zeyan."

This time he didn’t stop nor look back, and soon disappeared at the door.

Yi Zeyan returned to his room, but Lin Qingqing was sitting on the sofa playing with her cell phone. The food wasn’t touched much.

Yi Zeyan went to sit down opposite her and asked, "Why didn't you eat yet?"

Lin Qingqing put down her cell phone and put chopsticks in front of him. "It's boring to eat alone."

It was boring to eat alone, so she had been waiting for him? Yi Zeyan only felt as if a small hand had touched him gently in the softest part of his heart.

"Do we have any plans for today?"

"You can go around and do some shopping."

Lin Qingqing thought the same way. She had planned on buying some souvenirs to bring back home. Not far from the hotel, there was a small fishing village. This village was also one of the tourist attractions. It had a lot of snacks, as well as some special snack shops.
The sun in Hainan was big so Yi Zeyan held an umbrella, but most of the shade was on Lin Qingqing’s side. She wore a white beach dress today, while Yi Zeyan was also looking very casual in a short-sleeved shirt and shorts. He wore this seaside standard in a very trendy and cool manner.

Because of wearing short sleeves, more than half of his shoulders were exposed. Lin Qingqing was a little distressed and said to him, "Take the umbrella to your side a little bit or you will get sunburned."

However, he didn’t take it seriously. "It doesn't matter. I'm a man. Besides, it isn’t good for you to get sunburned on your tender skin."

Her Mr. Yi was really very graceful and very caring and Lin Qingqing felt very gratified and touched. She noticed that there were many couples around. This meant that she and Mr. Yi were on a date, right?

She suddenly felt a sense of sweetness permeating her heart. It was a very sweet feeling, too sweet to that point it made someone sick.

Along the way, Lin Qingqing bought a lot of souvenirs; necklaces made of shells and pearls that had just been taken out of the clam.

Passing by a mask shop, she saw a rabbit mask and thought it was very interesting. It was a black rabbit and the mask was very ferocious. Lin Qingqing chose three- one small and two large.

She put the mask on her face and showed it to Yi Zeyan. "Well, isn't this fun? There are three of them, which happens to be a family of three. We will be a family of rabbits in the future."

She took off the mask and smiled at him. The sun was hot overhead and Yi Zeyan suddenly felt dizzy. She smiled at him with glistening eyes as if she had put all the light of the sun in it while the two shallow dimples on the corners of the mouth were really intoxicating.

She was so cute that he wanted to kiss her.

Lin Qingqing soon realized that he was looking at her with strange eyes. She couldn’t help but feel it carefully and said, "What's the matter? Do you think it’s not good?"

Yi Zeyan came back to his senses. He half-clenched his fist and coughed softly. "It’s good, buy it."

After he helped her buy the mask, there was still no sign that Yi Zeyan's idea had vanished. He couldn't say he wanted to kiss her directly for it would seem that he was hungry and thirsty.

Lin Qingqing looked at the mask she had bought and liked it more and more when Yi Zeyan suddenly said, "Did you learn what I taught you yesterday?"

"En?" She didn’t react for a moment and looked at him with a muddled face, but she soon understood what he was talking about.

What did he teach her yesterday?

Lin Qingqing's face turned red in an instant. She lowered her head and whispered, "Almost… almost learned."

"Let me test it."


Test? How do they test it in public? And why was he so calm when he said this? It's like he was asking to test whether she can cut vegetables and cook meals, like it was a very common little thing, rather than how to kiss.

She felt her cheeks burning. "Here... There are a lot of people—"

As soon as her voice fell, Yi Zeyan grabbed her little hand, took her forward, and walked quickly, bypassing the small fishing village and passing through a palm forest. He went under a coconut tree, amid a coconut forest with thick branches and leaves where the sinister sunshine was hidden. Yi Zeyan placed the umbrella and all kinds of souvenirs they bought on the ground.

He smiled and said to her, "There’s no one here."

Why is he so calm ah?

Although she had kissed him once yesterday, she really wanted to kiss him again, but she was still unconsciously nervous. Though he was wearing short-sleeved shorts, there was still a breathtaking aura on his body, despite the absence of the suit and leather shoes.

She was nervous but her Mr. Yi was really attractive.

Anyway, it's not like she hadn’t kissed him before. Lin Qingqing slowly inched over and hooked his neck with both of her hands, his scent suddenly assailed senses. Her arms felt scalded and she was unsure whether they had been sunburned or not.

She was afraid to look at his face, so she closed her eyes, tiptoed, and pressed her lips to his bit by bit. The moment she kissed him, she felt that his breathing seemed to be getting heavier. The heavy breathing made her more nervous, and she even thought about just kissing like this was alright.

But she felt it wasn’t enough. He didn't kiss her like this yesterday, so she wasn’t satisfied. She put out her tongue and towards his mouth, and it opened slightly and allowed her entry.

A little nervous and inexperienced, she didn't know what to do next. She made a clumsy movement and his breathing became heavier. Then she heard him groan and she was immediately surrounded by a pair of strong arms around her waist. He took the initiative, hooked her tongue, and began to plunder. His arm moved down, suddenly held her up and Lin Qingqing subconsciously clamped her legs around his waist. He turned around and pushed her against the coconut tree.

Despite such a big movement, his lips didn’t relax at all. Instead, they even kissed more violently and deeply as if to empty her out.

Her heart was going to burst open and she felt suffocated. He kept kissing her until he was out of breath before he let her go. He still held her against the coconut tree as he hung his head slightly and breathed heavily on her shoulder.

"You... Don't clamp me so tightly."

His completely changed voice made her body tremble and face burn, and he was so close to her that she could feel his difference.

She wasn’t a girl who knew nothing about worldly affairs, unaware of what they were. For a moment, she felt scared. It took a long time before she found her voice and said, "Then you... you have to let me go first."

He didn’t move and still put his head on her shoulder before taking a deep breath until she felt that his breathing began to slow down before he let her go. He straightened up some messy clothes and said with a smile, "Sorry, I lost my temper."

He was polite and well-mannered, but Lin Qingqing's face was so hot that she didn’t dare to look at him.

"It... it doesn't matter."

Yi Zeyan picked up the things and held an umbrella for her, saying to her as if nothing had happened, "Let’s go stroll for a while."

She didn’t know how he could be so calm.

They had been strolling around until the afternoon before returning to their room. Yi Zeyan took a bath, then grabbed a book and read it on the sofa. Meanwhile, Lin Qingqing began to tidy things up. She had bought a lot of things so she needed to buy another trunk to place them in.

After sorting things out, Lin Qingqing sat by the bed, rubbed his hand, and asked him carefully, "Where am I going to sleep?" 

They were going back tomorrow.

He turned over a page without lifting his head and simply threw a simple and clear sentence. "You’ll sleep in my room."

In other words, will they be officially in the same room in the future? Lin Qingqing felt that her thoughts were drifting away again, and she hurriedly shook her head to stop her from thinking.

"I'm tired after shopping for so long today. Let’s rest first."

She felt tired, anyway, when she got the answer she wanted, she decided to sleep contentedly. By the time Yi Zeyan finished reading, she was already in bed, so he went over and laid down. He waited for a while, but she still had her eyes closed and didn’t move at all. He was afraid that she would fall asleep and he said hurriedly, "Aren't you afraid of the cold at night?"

"Ah?" Lin Qingqing looked at him with a look of confusion.

However, he said with a serious face, "If I don't hold you, it might be cold later."

Lin Qingqing: "——"

She thought back to her excuse of being cold and sleeping in his arms last night. In fact, the temperature of the air conditioner was just right so she wasn’t cold at all. She had said that just because she wanted to be hugged by him. However, she was a little tired tonight and didn't think so much.

Lin Qingqing wondered if Mr. Yi wanted to hug her, but looking at his serious face, it seemed that he was only afraid that she would be cold at night.

She leaned over to get into his arms. They were comfortable, warm and simply too satisfying.

Whatever the reason, she just thought he wanted to hug her.
T/N: Lu Wenqian is so hateful, I hate her, is she stupid or what?!凸(>皿<)凸  just go die already!! don’t disturb our couple!

That hot kiss under the tree made me blush when translating (*´∀`*), just go ahead and make a sister for Xiao Yuan, Lol!

E/N: Ugh I agree Oyen. Lu Wenqian is cannon-fodder that doesn’t even deserve to be fed to the sharks. Just chop her up and throw her in the trash.

Oh me oh my that was so unexpected and made me squeal and blush so hard as well! I had to read it again to make sure it was really happening, lol We’re in snu snu territory people! Snu snu territory! ( 〃▽〃) 
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