The King's Return : Chapter 66

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Today daily chapter~ for this novel I can post double chapter, thank K and Nik for the coffee >_<, the haze in my country make me sick, so I've been slowly translating the novel, I'm sorry T_T, anyway, enjoy your reading!

Chapter 66: Deep Blue Sea and Luxurious Green Jade

When Qin Mo and Xiao Han returned to the training room, several newcomers were practicing earnestly. Pei Yu and He Beiguang opened a challenge arena to learn from each other. Shen He and Li Muran team up to do upgrading tasks.

Until 8 o'clock in the evening, everyone finally broke through the level 60 mark.

Level 60 will open two more school dungeon, Qin Mo went to fight first with Little Medicine Fairy, Mirage, Hide a Dagger behind a Smile and I am not a Profiteer in the guild, while the newcomers and Shen He were brought by Xiao Han, the collected equipment and materials dropped from the dungeon, handed to Little Medicine Fairy for sorting. Unfortunately, this dungeon only drops secret book fragments, only 10 team dungeons will drop the blueprint to make weapons, while the next team dungeon will not be open until level 65, and it will take at least two days for them to reach level 65. It was a low-level team dungeon, and since it happened to be Monday, the number of entries has been reset.

Qin Mo thought about it, simply merge the two teams into a 10-member team, go to several low-level team dungeons and try their luck to see if they can get useful blueprints.

They quickly cleared the level 35 team dungeon "Jianshen Valley Ruins", and finally the Boss dropped the weapon "Deep Blue Sea" of the Kuangdao Gate, which is just the big knife that He Beiguang can use, He Beiguang glided happily and fell directly from the suspended rock in the air and broke into a meat pie.

Shen He stood on the stone and laughed heartlessly: "Ha, ha, ha, your posture on the ground is so cool, let me take a picture for you!"

He Beiguang: "= ="

Qin Mo put away the blueprint and took everyone to "Sunset Peak" and "Jiangnan Academy".

Sunset Peak dropped the dagger blueprint "Snow Black Sword". Jiangnan Academy dropped the Guqin "Scorched Tail" for Luoying Valley. The two weapons were useless to the people in the team, Qin Mo gave me the two blueprint to profiteer to sell. He followed him to the Chamber of Commerce and wanted to search for weapons that the team members could use.

I am not a profiteer to see Qin Mo to buy blueprint, then suggested: "Boss, blueprint is very expensive in the early stage, after level 70 school blueprint task and the main city blueprint task are opened, most players will do the task to get the blueprints, and the price of the blueprints from the dungeon will gradually decrease, what you are buying now is not worth it ah!"

Qin Mo said: "Price is not a problem, I want to make a full set of equipment as soon as possible, so that they can adapt to the equipment data in advance."

I am not profiteer stupefied, the heart suddenly appeared a strange idea: "Boss, are you going to form a team to participate in next year's professional league?" If the ultimate goal is to play for professionals league, of course, the sooner you become familiar with the equipment data, the better, otherwise there is no need to get the full set of equipment so early, the early full set equipment will cost too much.

Qin Mo said directly: "Mojue team has been set up and will take part in the professional league next year."

I am not a profiteer: "Really?" The thighs he held this time were so strong! No wonder clearing the dungeon as smooth as cutting vegetables, the original team is full of great gods!

Qin Mo said: "It's true."

I am not a profiteer excitedly said: "Great! I will be the number one fan of Mojue team in the future! Boss, you don't have to worry about the blueprints. Tell me directly what blueprint you want and I'll help you to get it! You have to train at usual days, must be very busy, let me with sister Little Medicine Fairy responsible for these trivial things ^_^"

Qin Mo was not polite to him either, typing: "Then please, I need bamboo flute from Luoying Valley and golden needle from Fangcao Hall now. See if you can buy it for me."

I am not a profiteer: "No problem! I know a few friends who specialize in blueprint business and see if they can buy it back at a low price."

Qin Mo said: "Thank you."

I am not a profiteer: "Don't mention it! When you become famous, just send me some signature posters."

Qin Mo said: "Of course. I'll send you the signatures of all the members of the Mojue Team."

I am not a profiteer: "Okay! That’s great!"

The small merchant turned on the brain-dead powder mode, and immediately ran actively to help Qin Mo to collect blueprints.

After closing the dialogue window with small merchant, Qin Mo began to study how to made the weapon for He Beiguang. At present, the attributes of his weapon "Broken Ice" are deceleration and hit, Xiao Han's "Twilight" is pure critical strike, Shen He's "Exquisite Orb" is cooldown reduction, and the output core of the whole team is to take the route of back row control field and front row outbreak, the defense is very fragile and needs He Beiguang to balance.

The broadsword cultivation road of Kuangdao Gate school is originally the strongest defense school in the Peerless Jianghu. It has many skills to improve team defense and take on the damage for its teammates. When it comes to team battle, Xiao He will definitely resist the opponent's first wave of fire in the front row, it is better to turn him into a super meat shield.

Having found the way of thinking, Qin Mo took out a blueprint and carefully analyzed the materials needed by the heaven, the earth, human and harmony. It was not until 10:30 in the evening that he finally found a suitable plan and pressed the confirmation key.

——Congratulations to the chivalrous man [Ink Mark] for obtaining the 7-star unique artifact [Deep Blue Sea]!

As the news was brushed out, the weapon data became searchable, He Beiguang hurried in and looked at it.

[Deep Blue Sea]

[Seven Star Artifact]

[Type: Broadsword]

[Creator: Ink Mark]

[Basic Defense 3500-3850, Block+15]

[Max blood volume + 3000; Max blood volume + 3000]

He Beiguang stayed in a daze, adding all the additional attributes to the max blood volume, does captain Qin mean to turn him into a blood cow? No, he clearly has an output heart!

When Shen He saw this weapon, he sighed: "If you wear this weapon alone, can you reach 100,000 blood volume? If all the other equipment in the later period were added with blood, would your blood become 200,000?"

It’s very terrible to think about it, other players usually have only 70,000 to 80,000 blood volume. As a result, Mojue team came up with a 200,000 blood volume. Won’t the opponent have a soft leg directly?

Qin Mo explained: "Xiao He's equipment is built from the perspective of team battle, Mojue front row is not stable enough, your pressure will be greater, if you have a thicker blood, your viability will be guaranteed. In the arena, if you survive for one more second, Xiao Han and I will have one more second to kill our opponents…...Do you understand?"

He Beiguang suddenly realized, immediately nodded and said: "I understand, thank captain Qin!"

Mojue team is not him alone, although he has a heart to rush to the front row as output, but obviously, the team needs his defense and protection more. If a team wants to win in the competition, it must depend on the overall line-up rather than personal ability. What they need to do is to protect the god Han and god Mo, let them both output!

After confirming this idea, He Beiguang suddenly felt that this weapon was pleasing to the eye.

Deep Blue Sea, the name is also domineering enough.

He Beiguang was so excited that he took the weapon from Ink Mark and put it on immediately. As a result, his blood volume rose to 100,000. In the future, if the blood volume is really piled up to 200,000 as Shen He said, he will be able to walk sideways in the competition.

At this moment, I am not a profiteer chatted Ink Mark privately: "Boss! I just found a bamboo flute blueprint, I send it to you via mail! For the healer, it has not been found so far, there are many people playing healer in the game. A blueprint for healer on my friend was sold as soon as it was hung out, I'll look for it slowly."

Qin Mo: "Okay, thank you."

Turning to the messenger to check the mail, sure enough, there is a golden blueprint sent by the profiteer——Luxurious Green Jade.

From the preview window, you can see that this is a flute, green as jade, flute with snow-white tassel, looks very beautiful. The main material to build the weapon needs to use high-grade jadeite, I am not a profiteer very kindly sent the main materials specified in the system to Ink Mark.

It was nearly eleven o'clock in the evening, Qin Mo had already gone back to his dormitory to sleep at usual times. However, today, he has been concentrating on studying the data of weapons and has not found that time has passed so fast.

Qin Mo did not leave, and others did not dare to leave without authorization. The lights were still on in the training room, and everyone was not sleepy at all.

Pei Yu is a very clever player and likes to attack his opponent with the characteristic of sound wave penetrating obstacles. In the future, when it is necessary to choose obstacle maps for team battle, Pei Yu can also replace Shen He to play, as the existence of long-range control, interference, if he stands in a position beyond his opponent's reach to interfere with his opponent, it will give the opponent a big headache——his weapon, the key is the attack distance.

Qin Mo quickly decided on the idea and tried to turn out the materials in the warehouse over and over again.

Everyone knew that he was building weapons for Pei Yu and did not dare to make any noise to disturb him, the training room was very quiet, until the clock pointed to twelve o'clock, Qin Mo smiled and said: "It’s done."

He put two kinds of green wood attributes in the auxiliary material column, and Luxurious Green Jade's attributes were finally adjusted to the degree that he was most satisfied.

——Congratulations to the chivalrous man [Ink Mark] for obtaining the 7-star unique artifact [Luxurious Green Jade]!

Another news popped up, and all the players in the first district were shocked, many people sent private chats to Ink Mark: "Worship the Great God! One night two artifact, can you also help me ah, the price can be discussed!" "Great God, how on earth did your weapon come out? Its attributes are so good, I’m envy-ing!"

Qin Mo temporarily ignored the stranger's private chat, sent the weapons data to the team channel to Pei Yu to see.

[Luxurious Green Jade]

[Seven Star Artifact]

[Type: Jade Flute]

[Creator: Ink Mark]

[Basic attack 3500-3850, attack distance 25-30 meters, hit + 15]

[attack distance +1; attack distance +1]

Compared with He Beiguang's max blood volume + 3000, the attack distance + 1 seems to be a little small, but professional players know that the distance of one meter is enough to kill opponents at the critical moment of the game! What's more, this weapon is a double-range attribute bonus——the attack distance has been increased by two meters!

That is to say, the maximum attack distance of ordinary Louying Valley flute cultivation road players is 30 meters, while Pei Yu can reach 32 meters. Then, when encountering obstacle maps, Pei Yu can stuck to the distance of 30-32 meters and fly a kite to kill his opponent. Pei Yu can beat his opponent, but his opponent can not beat him at all, which will become a great advantage in the arena!

Pei Yu seldom communicate with the captain at ordinary times, did not say a total of ten words, originally thought Qin Mo did not know himself, but let Pei Yu surprise——the captain understood him.

This feeling of being understood and respected almost moved Pei Yu to tears.

The distance bonus is exactly what he dreams of!

Ink Mark sent him a trading box, Pei Yu immediately took over the weapons he had built and said excitedly: "Thank you, Captain! That's a great attribute, it's exactly what I want!"

Qin Mo said lightly: "With this weapon, you can play around obstacles more flexibly."

Pei Yu nodded vigorously: "En En! Thank you captain Qin!"

Xiao Han saw that Qin Mo had finally finished building weapons, so he suggested: "It's late, go to bed first."

Qin Mo looked down and found that time had already arrived in the early morning unconsciously, he didn't leave, and several newcomers stayed in the training room for training. Qin Mo immediately turned off the computer and said: "Everyone go back to rest, it's too late today, and tomorrow morning the training will be changed to 9 o'clock."

"Good night, captain Qin! Good night, god Han!" The newcomers packed up their things and went back to the dormitory.

Qin Mo sat in his chair and rubbed his temples. Just as he was about to get up, Xiao Han suddenly came to him and touched his hair gently, he whispered: "Weapons can also be made tomorrow, is it necessary to do it tonight? Don't stay up so late in the future."

Qin Mo was stunned and looked up and asked: "Do you still care if I stay up late?"

Xiao Han said bluntly: "Of course, I am your vice captain, if don't care about you, who will care about you?"

Qin Mo: "......"

Being controlled by him, in fact, his heart is very warm, even if he stayed up late, he would not feel bored at all.

It was dark outside the window and the training room was brightly lit, although it was very late, Qin Mo was in a good mood.

——Four hard-working and earnest newcomers and a vice-captain who cares about his own strength.

Watching the Mojue team grow little by little, the process of striving for the goal is also very good.

Qin Mo took a deep breath, stood up and looked at Xiao Han, smiled and said: "Okay, vice-captain, I'll listen to you, I won't stay up late in the future."

"That's right." Xiao Han also smiled and put his arms around Qin Mo's shoulder. "Let’s go back to sleep, it's over 12 o'clock."

"En, let's go." Qin Mo turned off the lights and locked the door.

They returned to the dormitory together. In the corridor late at night, their backs were stretched on the floor by soft lights, they were always shoulder to shoulder, as if their hearts were sticking together.
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