The King's Return : Chapter 67

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Chapter 67: Sincere Invitation

Although Qin Mo said to gather at 9 o'clock the next morning, several newcomers came to the training room at 8: 30 on time.

Pei Yu and He Beiguang both got new weapons and could not wait to open the challenge arena. They called Shen He to come and fight in rotation while Li Muran stood on the sidelines. Qin Mo came in and saw this scene——several teenagers were very energetic in the early morning, fighting incessantly in the challenge arena, while Shen He was still chattering to dub himself.

See Qin Mo come in, they take the initiative to greet: "Morning, captain Qin!"

Qin Mo nodded and said: "Go ahead and show me the video later." Then he went back to his seat and sat down.

Just as he was about to enter the game, Xiao Han suddenly walked in and whispered to his ear, "Miracle officials have posting on Weibo, just take a look."

Qin Mo immediately logged on to Weibo, which had been useless for a long time, which followed on the official account of the Miracle Professional Alliance. At this time, the official account had just forwarded a personal Weibo.

"Pure Cleansing team officially disbanded from today, as captain, I feel very sorry, I can't take the team left by the master. For six years, Pure Cleansing team has been walking very hard. We are all very reluctant to disband this team. It is because of me, the captain, is too incompetent to let the players follow me to get the trophy. The players are not young, it is better to find another way out. I am very grateful to the fans who have been supporting our team, and I am sorry for your support. Good-bye to all of you and wish this national team success."

——The news came from Zhu Qingyue, the captain of the Pure Cleansing team.

Qin Mo looked at this long farewell, and his heart was full of mixed feelings.

Three years ago, he also said goodbye to his beloved e-sports stage, but he did not write so many words on Weibo, his last Weibo, only a simple four words: "Good-bye, Miracle."

There were more than 100,000 comments on that Weibo, most of which were directed at him. Some said that he failed to live up to his master Ling Xuefeng's cultivation and let his fans down. Some said that he lost the game irresponsibly and became a deserter. Others called him garbage and unworthy of being called Twin Star with Xiao Han...… Occasionally, there were some fans who liked him and some stubbornly said, "Come on, Momo!" "little prince, we wait for you to come back" and "You will always be our great god Mo".

No one wants to leave their favorite stage.

The pain of separation of flesh and blood can only be deeply felt by those who have really experienced it.

Pure Cleansing team, the team's performance in miracle is really very bad, in that few years Qin Mo in miracle league, Pure Cleansing team has never won the trophy, although every time can guarantee the league matches, but every season is also ranked the bottom of the crane tail level, this is related to their team's tactical system.

There is a profession called "Psychic" in the miracle, which is a pure auxiliary field control profession. The Pure Cleansing team takes several psychic masters as the tactical core.

However, Miracle has too many strong output professions, such as assassins played by Xiao Han before, hunters by Zhuo Hang, summoners played by Qin Mo, magicians, archers, etc. It is easy for these high output professions to break down the auxiliary defensive array.

Under the high-intensity attack, several auxiliary arrays can't last long.

Without strong front-row players and high-level output players, Pure Cleansing team will appear weak every time in the competition. It is also because their tactical thinking of "overcome hardness with softness" is too difficult to achieve. Often, their auxiliary tactics have been seckilled by the other side's super-strong attackers before they can cooperate with each other’s——Xiao Han has played such a role, rushing into the other party's lineup and dropping the core directly, Pure Cleansing team will collapse soon.

The tactical concept of a team does not match the mainstream style of play, and it is really difficult to go long-term.

However, it is not so easy to change the core of tactics. Besides, Pure Cleansing team has been like this since the first league tournament. Fans like this team and their style of play.

Zhu Qingyue was only 16 years old when he first started his career, because he cried backstage after losing the competition, everyone called him "little crying bag". Later, his master Chu Yan gave him the position of the captain, hoping that he would experience more tempering. Zhu Qingyue gradually matured and also had the responsibility of a captain. In the first World Champion, Zhu Qingyue and Chu Yan also participated. Although the performance of the Pure Cleansing team was not good at that time, they tried their best to bring this team with a partial approach to the game, coupled with the tacit understanding between the master and the apprentice, the overall atmosphere of the team is still relatively warm and harmonious.

But then his master Chu Yan retired and Zhu Qingyue was the only one left at the core of the Pure Cleansing team.

It can be imagined how difficult the Pure Cleansing team would be without Master Chu Yan.

It's understandable that he was tired and didn't want to go on after such a long hard journey for six years.

Under his weibo, most of the rational fans are distressed by him: "Xiao Zhu does not cry, no matter where you go in the future, everyone will bless you!" "Pure Cleansing diehard fans thank captain Zhu, you've been holding on long enough, you haven't wronged your master, let it go. We can't see it any longer." "It's not easy for the team in recent years, we all see it in our eyes. I wish all the players a bright future in other fields." "It's not your fault that the team did not perform well. There are problems with tactics. You don't want to change the system left behind by captain Chu, this is an inextricable deadlock." "Xiao Zhu is a good captain, Master won't blame you!"

Some sprayers jumped out and scolded: "What is the first auxiliary, you’re just boasting!" "Little crying bag, you should cry to say goodbye to the reporters, maybe you can get some sympathy points!" Of course, these jumping keyboard men were scolded back by Zhu Qingyue's fans.

Zhu Qingyue has a lot of mother powder, which shows that he has been really difficult in recent years, making fans feel distressed.

Pure Cleansing Team is ranked in the bottom every season, he still insists on not giving up. After careful calculation, he is already 22 years old. From his debut at the age of 16 to his retirement at the age of 22, the only trophy in six years is the world champion won by the first national team. He only played once or twice, and he didn't take credit for winning the prize in the end, while his Pure Cleansing team never got good results.

It is really hopeless to keep going like this, and it is time for him to leave.

The official Weibo of Miracle Professional Alliance forwarded his weibo, saying: "Goodbye Pure Cleansing, goodbye Xiao Zhu and best wishes."

Zhu Qingyue relied with a smiling expression.

Qin Mo looked at his smiling expression and could not help feeling sorry for him. Although Qin Mo had to retire and was bloodily scolded, at least, Qin Mo's short three-year career can be regarded as very brilliant. He won the Best Newcomer Award with the addition of Master's aura from his debut. Later, he won many awards with Wind Color team. The number of appearances in the competition is also very large, and also known as the "Twin Star" with Xiao Han, which can be said to be a super popular new generation of players.

In contrast, Zhu Qingyue seems very unknown to the public.

Every time people mentioned him, they would say that he was a "little crying bag",  he left the deepest impression to everyone, that is, when he was very young, he lost the game and cried backstage, but he grew up quickly and became tough gradually, even after master left the team, he led Pure Cleansing team through these three years, but not many people would mention it.

It's really a pity that this player chose a very unpopular team when his talent was not bad.

Qin Mo lowered his head and thought for a moment, then said to Xiao Han: "If I invite him to join our Mojue team, will he be willing?"

Xiao Han was surprised and said: "He has announced his retirement, do you want him to come back?"

"En." Qin Mo nodded seriously and said: "He started his career earlier than us, he is 22 years old this year, and his state may not be as good as before. But isn't there a touch screen mode for him in Peerless Jianghu? Moreover, he is playing auxiliary, the speed requirement is not so high, with his consciousness, he will adapt to the new game environment very quickly. Besides, Zhu Qingyue has a very good overall view, if he joins a team with a comprehensive lineup as an assistant, it will definitely be a great addition to the team."

Qin Mo was right, Zhu Qingyue would definitely win the award if he did not stick to his master's tactical thinking and insisted on taking the auxiliary as the core, but joined the team with a comprehensive team of Dragon Song, Wind Color and Huaxia, because he cried incessantly when he lost the match when he was young, he was nicknamed "little crying bag", which became a black history that he could not erase, but objectively speaking, Zhu Qingyue, who grew up later, played calmly and clearly, and was definitely regarded as a god-level assistant.

Qin Mo sighed and said: "He disbanded Pure Cleansing and announced his retirement, I know he must not be reconciled."

——Six years of the best time, in exchange for such a result, who can be reconciled?

Qin Mo has also retired, he can understand the best, Zhu Qingyue's mood at this moment, the feeling of being unwilling but powerless is like the whole sky has turned gray.

Although Zhu Qingyue gave a smile expression and seems free and easy, his heart must be very sad, right?

Xiao Han thought it over carefully and thought Qin Mo's words were very reasonable, he agreed with him: "You can try, or I'll contact him first?"

Qin Mo said: "I'd better contact him myself, do you know his phone number?"

Xiao Han immediately turned out his mobile phone and looked for it, he said: "I only have his WeChat, you can add him."

Qin Mo sent a verification message to the other party's WeChat: "Hello, I'm Qin Mo."

The verification was passed quickly, the other party was surprised and send a row of question marks: "Qin Mo? The Qin Mo of the Wind Color team?"

Qin Mo politely said: "Yes, how are you, captain Zhu? I am Qin Mo who retired three years ago. I sincerely invite you to join Mojue Team and take part in the professional league next year."

Zhu Qingyue: ".................."

The little prince of Wind Color who disappeared for three years suddenly scams! This is really scary.

Zhu Qingyue: "You must stop joking."

Qin Mo simply took a picture of the training room and sent it to him: "I'm not joking, Mojue team now has six players. I am the captain and Xiao Han is the vice-captain, we are preparing for next year's Peerless Jianghu professional league, the team is in urgent need of auxiliary player and sincerely invites captain Zhu to join."

Zhu Qingyue was silent.

Because in this photo, he saw four teenagers who were seriously training, as well as Xiao Han. the mixed race sitting next to Qin Mo.

Dragon Song Club sent a team to Peerless Jianghu, everyone in the e-sport circle knows it, but he didn't expect Xiao Han, to be sent to the new game. What's more, Qin Mo, a young prince who retired for three years, unexpectedly returned to Peerless Jianghu and formed Mojue team with Xiao Han?

The amount of information was too large for him to digest at the moment.

Qin Mo saw that he did not reply, he said: "Captain Zhu, can you give me an address and phone number? There are some things that are not clear on WeChat, so let's talk to each other."

Zhu Qingyue thought about it and gave Qin Mo an address and a phone number.

Qin Mo looked at the address he sent and said: "Wuhan is very close to Changsha, I'll come to you today and call you then."

Since he was determined to invite Zhu Qingyue to join the Mojue team as a powerful god level assistant, Qin Mo naturally had to move quickly to show his full sincerity.

Xiao Han saw this WeChat and said without hesitation: "I'll go with you." With that, he immediately booked a high-speed train ticket to Wuhan.
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