The King's Return : Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: Talk Face to Face

It only takes one and a half hours to take the high-speed train from Changsha to Wuhan. Xiao Han booked a ticket at 10 o'clock in the morning, Qin Mo let the four newcomers upgrade themselves and went to high-speed railway station with Xiao Han after tidying up. After arriving in Wuhan, Qin Mo sending Zhu Qingyue a WeChat message. Zhu Qingyue replied his address and kindly sent him a map to locate him so that he could have lunch together.

When the two took a taxi to the restaurant booked by Zhu Qingyue, it was exactly 12:00 at noon, in a sunny, elegantly decorated private room. A man is sitting by the window, wearing a clean light blue short-sleeved shirt and white slim trousers, bathed in the warm sun, giving a special feeling of gentleness. His appearance is not the kind of handsome, smiling eyes, delicate small nose, curved soft lips, together, there is a very unique elegance, belonging to at first glance does not look very handsome, but the more you look at it, the more refined it is.

——Zhu Qingyue, elegant and outstanding, is really like its name.

When he was young, he was abused by the great gods in the arena and turned back to the backstage to cry secretly, the great gods liked to joke with him and said: "Don't cry this time, Xiao Zhu." "I'll kill you gently later in the arena." "Do you want to take a tissue in advance, Xiao Zhu?" ...... Zhu Qingyue's eyes were red and his face was full of injustice, just like a small white rabbit that had strayed into the forest and was watched by a group of wild animals.

Later, photos of Zhu Qingyue crying in the backstage spread across the network and were badly blacken by reporters, he was too young at that time, many 16-year-olds were held in the palm of their parents' hands and did not know how cruel the outside world was. However, Zhu Qingyue, who was less than 16 years old, had to go to the e-sport league with his master, he was killed by great gods and had no strength to fight back. In fact, it was understandable that he shed tear when he was sad.

There are too many newcomers in the league. Suddenly, a newcomer who cried appeared, everyone thought it was amazing, they couldn't help laughing at him. In fact, the e-sport circle also follow the law of the jungle, in a forest full of wolves, tigers and lions, a simple white rabbit is out of place.

Many people think that the player's psychological quality is so fragile that he will certainly have no future, maybe he will run home crying for half a year. Chu Yan, his master, was very worried at that time, in order to temper his mind, he deliberately handed over the heavy burden of the captain to his shoulder, Zhu Qingyue had to go under the limelight and face repeated bombardment by reporters.

Gradually, he stopped crying and learned to smile at reporters after losing the game.

Later, Zhu Qingyue became the new generation captain of Pure Cleansing team, leading this team to crawl and roll in the Miracle Professional League. Although the team's results were not good, the characteristic style with auxiliary as the core was simply a clean flow of the whole league compared with those brutal and violent teams.

Six years passed in a hurry, and now Zhu Qingyue, who is over 22, is no longer as fragile and tender as he was when he was young, and his youth has faded.

The man sat by the window with a gentle smile, just like a graceful gentleman.

"Xiao Han, Qin Mo, long time no see." Zhu Qingyue took the initiative to stand up and held out his hand to the two men.

"Long time no see." Qin Mo held out his hand and shook hand with him.

Looking at his beautiful face with a smile, Qin Mo was in a trance for a moment. In the twinkling of an eye, after so many years, the little crying bag, which had been teased by the great gods, seemed to have become a gray film that had been frozen in his memory, but the twists and hardships he experienced along the way were unimaginable to ordinary people.

Zhu Qingyue's body is more gentle and calm, he is not as uneasy and aggrieved as he was when he was young, nor as sharp as the new generation of players. He is like a cup of water with just right temperature, it tastes neither cold nor hot, nor stimulating, but it makes people especially comfortable.

It's hard for Qin Mo to imagine that if he was in such a team whose achievements were always crane tail, would he persevere for so many years?

Although Zhu Qingyue finally disbanded the team and announced his retirement, Qin Mo did not despise him at all but admired him very much.

Qin Mo and Xiao Han sat down opposite Zhu Qingyue, Zhu Qingyue took the menu and asked them to order.

This restaurant is a more literary and artistic specialty restaurant, the names of the dishes are all "encounters around the corner" and "young days in memory". Xiao Han, with a black face said the name of Chinese food was too difficult to understand and simply handed the menu to Qin Mo. Qin Mo probably deduced what these dishes were from the pictures, and ordered several five stars dishes with favorable comments to the waiter.

This kind of theme restaurant with literary and artistic style is very popular with young people nowadays. Zhu Qingyue chose this restaurant because it is relatively close to high-speed railway station and convenient for Qin Mo and Xiao Han to find. Secondly, the environment here is really very good, the quiet restaurant is filled with soft piano music and has a relaxed atmosphere, which is suitable for sitting down and talking about things.

The dishes were quickly served, each dish was more beautiful than the other, and the dishes were put out in various exquisite shapes by the chef, which were pleasing to the eye just by looking at them.

Zhu Qingyue said: "You should be hungry, too, let's talk while eating."

Xiao Han tasted it and found that the food in this shop was very delicious, light and refreshing. It seems that Zhu Qingyue used to come here too, it really suits his personal style.

Qin Mo ate a few dishes and then took the initiative to ask: "I saw the news of the disband of Pure Cleansing team in the league official weibo today, is captain Zhu planning to leave completely?"

Zhu Qingyue smiled slightly and said calmly: "I am no longer captain Zhu, I am one year older than you, just call me Qingyue."

Xiao Han said approvingly: "En, the name seems a little closer, so what are you going to do next?"

Zhu Qingyue said: "I wanted to go to my uncle, he opened several stores selling electronic products in Changsha, and there was a lack of management. However, in fact, I do not know much about this, and I am still hesitant. I am afraid that I will cause him trouble later."

Xiao Han said doubtfully: "Don't you have any contact with your master? As far as I know, he is also in Changsha."

Zhu Qingyue looked gloomy and said softly: "Master seldom contacted me after he retired, and I don't know much about his recent situation…... Is he in Changsha?"

Xiao Han nodded: "Last month, I also met him at the cooperation Fair between Dragon Song and other manufacturers. He is now the director of R&D Department of an electronic product company, he mainly focuses on the high-end DIY computer market. The evaluation of several products is very good, Dragon Song Club may want to endorse their company's products. The specific project is still under discussion, I'm not sure about the progress."

"Oh." Zhu Qingyue nodded, his face lost a little, but quickly changed into a smile: "It seems that he is doing well after leaving the e-sport circle."

Qin Mo calmly returned to the topic: "What about you? Have you ever considered another game to continue playing?"

"You mean Peerless Jianghu you mentioned earlier?"

"En, Xiao Han and I have formed Mojue team and are preparing for next year's Peerless Jianghu professional league." Qin Mo said seriously, "The team is short of people, especially experienced players like you, if you are willing to come, we will work together."

"That’s right." Xiao Han chimed in. "Peerless Jianghu is a brand-new VR perspective game, it has just been public tested recently, you should have heard of it, right?"

"It's said that most clubs in China send people in." Zhu Qingyue paused. "However, I didn't pay much attention to the specific situation, Xiao Han, did you go there, too?"

"Dragon Song sent me to lead the team into the new game." Xiao Han explained, "I happened to meet Xiao Mo in the new district, Xiao Mo is going to come back to play the game, so we formed a team together."

"So it is like that." Zhu Qingyue suddenly realized, "No wonder you two will be in a team, when I received the WeChat today, I couldn't believe it, didn't Qin Mo retire three years ago?"

"I'm retired, but I can't let it go. I had a chance this time, so I came back." Qin Mo looked into Zhu Qingyue's eyes and asked, "I know you're not willing, either, right?"

"......" Zhu Qingyue did not speak.

"In fact, the requirement for the speed of this game is not as high as that of the traditional game. The VR perspective is too real, and it is easy to get dizzy. The hand speed in the future game is not the key, the key to winning is the consciousness of the players, the overall tactical lineup and the cooperation of their teammates. Moreover, the game has a touch screen control mode to minimize finger joint movement. I know you are forced to retire, but the opportunity before us is really a very rare one." Qin Mo seriously explained, "You have also seen my sincerity with Xiao Han. I have come to talk with you personally, that is, I would like to sincerely invite you to join Mojue team."

"Yes, Xiao Mo asked me to book the ticket immediately after he had chatted with you on Wechat." Xiao Han cooperates excellently.

"In order to let you know more about the team, let me briefly introduce to you that besides Xiao Han and me, there are four young players in the Mojue Team, three of whom are newcomers from the Dragon Song Club Training Camp, and the other one is my apprentice. All four are talented, but since they haven't played any games, there will be a variety of problems when they come to the arena. The team now has my fast-break combination with Xiao Han, as well as front-line defense, healer, long-range attackers and summoner control. If you can join us as an auxiliary, our lineup system will be more complete." Qin Mo analyzed word by word.

"Xiao Mo is right. We are especially short of veteran players with rich competition experience. You have led the team for so many years and have seen all kinds of lineups. You have also participated in world champion. If you can join Mojue team, it will be a real boost to us." Xiao Han gave Qin Mo a look and said: "Like a tiger who has grown wings, am I right?"

"Very right." Qin Mo smiled at Xiao Han and looked sincerely at Zhu Qingyue. "Qingyue, join us."

"Yes, join us." Xiao Han also sincerely looked at Zhu Qingyue.

"......" Zhu Qingyue looked very helpless, "You two echo each other, I just by myself against you two people."

This tacit understanding of twin star, one people say , the other also say, just like cross talk, Zhu Qingyue is really unable to get in.

"We don't mean to force you." Qin Mo took out a contract and put it in front of Zhu Qingyue. "Sincerity is not credible. After discussing with Xiao Han, I preliminarily drew up a contract. The salary given to you by the team can reach millions. The single advertisement endorsement is 2:8. You account for 80 percent, and the team only accounts for 20 percent. In addition, those surrounding areas, tickets for competitions, income from live broadcast platforms, etc. can also be given the highest share." Qin Mo paused and said earnestly, "We know that you don't care about money, but the signing amount is the most direct indication of the importance we attach to you."

"......" Zhu Qingyue looked at the contract in front of him, the in the mind also some moved. This condition is really good, even better than when he was captain of Pure Cleansing. Zhu Qingyue hesitated for a moment and wondered. "I'm just an assistant. is it worth the price you pay? Under this condition, it is entirely possible to dig up a core great god to come over."

"You're not just an assistant." Qin Mo calmly said. "We need you to control the pace of the game. If I and Xiao Han are strikers, you are the most reliable defender of our team."

"......" Zhu Qingyue suddenly had nothing to say.

As a professional player, Qin Mo can naturally understand this sentence.

Even if the front row is fierce again, without the support and assistance from the rear, Xiao Han and Qin Mo alone will not be able to get air every second. If a team has obvious weaknesses, it is doomed to fail in the long run. Only a team with a comprehensive lineup and both offensive and defensive capabilities will have the possibility of winning the championship.

——The weakest link in Mojue now is support in the back row.

Qin Mo is eager to let Zhu Qingyue join Mojue team, that is, to stabilize the rear of the team. Li Muran, a newcomer, even though his healing is fast, his judgment of the situation and his grasp of the rhythm are certainly not as good as Zhu Qingyue, the veteran of the six-year professional league, with Zhu Qingyue joining, the back row of the Mojue team will naturally become indestructible.

To the sincere eyes of Xiao Han and Qin Mo, Zhu Qingyue was silent for a moment and finally smiled: "Well, since the two people are kind and insistent, then I'll join Mojue."

Qin Mo asked: "Don't you think more about it?"

Zhu Qingyue gently shook his head: "As you said, I am really not reconciled to it, since I have the opportunity, why not seize it?"

Qin Mo and Xiao Han looked at each other and saw a trace of excitement in each other's eyes at the same time.

Xiao Han immediately stood up and said: "Great, why don't you come back to Changsha with us today?"

Zhu Qingyue was surprised: "Is it so urgent?"

Xiao Han said: "We just picked you up. If it's inconvenient for you, come back in a few days and I'll pick you up later."

Zhu Qingyue thought for a moment and thought it would be very troublesome for Xiao Han to take another trip, he simply said: "I have nothing to do recently, I'll go back to pack my luggage and come with you in the afternoon, I will familiarize with the game and other teammates in advance."

Seeing that the general situation has been decided, Xiao Han and Qin Mo can not help but smile at each other.

With the addition of Zhu Qingyue, Mojue team's team line-up will become impeccable.
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