The King's Return : Chapter 69

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Today daily chapter~ I think, I will read all the way from chapter 1 again and fix the skill names, but maybe when I had the time to do this :( enjoy your reading!

Chapter 69: Zhu Qingyue Join the Team

After dinner, Zhu Qingyue took a taxi home to pack his luggage. Xiao Han and Qin Mo simply waited for him in a cafe near the high-speed railway station.

Qin Mo doesn't like sugar in his coffee because the bitter taste can make him more sober. Xiao Han added two pieces of sugar, stirring slowly, and asked: "After Zhu Qingyue joined, there will be only one last place left in our team. What kind of player do you have in mind?"

Qin Mo took a sip of coffee and said calmly: "At present, the overall lineup of Mojue is basically formed. We have two attackers and the meat shield of Xiao He in the front row, Shen He in the long-range control field, Pei Yu in the long-range interference, and all the auxiliary and healer are in place. I feel that there is still a single point output from the middle distance, which is convenient to cooperate with us. Didn't you say that the Miracle League transfer window is about to open? There should also be many contracts that expire in Wulin, we'll see in a couple of days. If there are suitable players, we'll dig them up again, which will be the icing on the cake for the team."

"You still think of the overall situation." Xiao Han said admiringly. "Ancient games are a little difficult to understand, Qingyue played an auxiliary in Miracle before, what school should he play after he moved here?"

"Tingyu tower school, the weapon is an umbrella." Qin Mo explained. "This school has two cultivation road: the black umbrella system and the white umbrella system, black umbrella system is a large array group attack, white umbrella system is the aid and transmission of array state, there is a skill called cyan rain curtain, which can open a rain curtain barrier within the range and directly shield all the negative states of the opponents, with Qingyue mind, as long as he is familiar with the skills of this school, he should be able to start soon."

"Xiao Mo, you are really good." Xiao Han, with a face of admiration. "Knows all other schools so well."

"I read the official website for half a month before entering the game." Qin Mo smiled slightly and said. "Those school skills are almost memorized."


He is very serious and attentive.

It is true that men who are serious are the most attractive.

The two were chatting, and Zhu Qingyue soon came to the coffee shop to look for them, carrying a small white suitcase in his hand. He didn't have much, and he planned to buy his daily necessities after he arrived to Changsha, so he only brought some change of clothes.

When Qin Mo saw him, he stood up and said: "Come on, let's go back to the team first."

The three took the high-speed train together and arrived in Changsha at 3: 00 p.m. Qin Mo arranged a cab to take them back to the Dragon Song Club and took Zhu Qingyue to the dormitory to put his luggage.

As Xu Sizhe left Dragon Song, the dormitory happened to be vacant. Xiao Han walked and introduced: "Your roommate is called Li Yueran, before also playing in Peerless Jianghu, but he is afraid of heights and cannot overcome it, so he takes the initiative to quit and transfer to the Wulin team. There are still several dormitories in the club, you live with him for a while, and we'll adjust them when the new dormitory is sorted out next week."

Zhu Qingyue nodded with understanding and said with good temper: "Just arrange the dormitory casually. I don't have high requirements for these."

Xiao Han knocked on the door of the dormitory, Li Yueran poked out his head and stared at it in shock: "Ai? Great…… Great god Qingyue?!"

Xiao Han sent a message asking him to clean the dormitory and said that there were new roommates coming this afternoon, he immediately cleaned the floor of the dormitory carefully. Unexpectedly, the so-called new teammate was the first assistant of Miracle League.

As soon as the Pure Cleansing team was disbanded, god Han invited captain Zhu Qingyue over, which was quick enough.

To the shocked eyes of the newcomer, Zhu Qingyue smiled slightly and said: "Hello, Li Yueran, right? Take care of me in the future."

Li Yueran didn't expect great god to have such a good temper, he immediately opened the door to help him carry his luggage: "The great god is too polite......"

Xiao Han and Qin Mo helped Zhu Qingyue settle his luggage and took him to the training room.

In the training room, Shen He was saying loudly: "I tell you this task is not that simple! Five-star difficulty, what a miserable death!"

He Beiguang looked puzzled: "How do I know these little mobs are linked by hatred, and dozen of them ah!" (T/N: I think it’s mobs that attack in group and aggressive type, when you pulled one, the other will follow)

Pei Yu said: "Put Muran on the team to add blood, and kill them."

Shen He complained: "We are already professional players, and still have to bring milk mom to kill little mobs ah!"

Li Muran faintly corrected: "Milk dad."

Shen He: "......Oh, oh, oh, milk dad, I'm wrong, milk dad, give me a mouthful of blood!"

Several people are discussing, Qin Mo and Xiao Han came in with a man. Pei Yu, sitting at the door, immediately stopped the task in his hand and took the initiative to say hello: "Captain Qin, god Han, are you back so soon?"

Hearing Pei Yu's voice, the other three also looked up——the man behind Qin Mo, wearing a light blue short-sleeved shirt and white slim trousers suitable for summer, had a very elegant temperament, he seemed a little embarrassed by the curious eyes, and stood there smiling shyly.

—— Where did this man come from? How can he be shy to face us the newcomers?

Xiao Han took the initiative to say: "Let me introduce to you, this is Zhu Qingyue, the first assistant of Miracle Professional Alliance. He was the captain of Pure Cleansing Team before. Starting today, he is a member of our Mojue team."

Qin Mo added: "Qingyue has had six years of experience as a professional e-sport league and has also participated in world champions, everyone will learn more from him in the future."

Wow, six years old player!

Four teenagers immediately stare in surprise, but they didn't expect the captain Qin to find such a great god!

Zhu Qingyue was embarrassed by these compliments and smiled slightly, he said: "In fact, I am only an assistant and of average level, I haven't played this game yet. I have to adapt myself to it from the beginning, please teach me more when you are free."

Pei Yu thought, obviously the strength of the top god, unexpectedly still so modest and gentle, it is very rare. This person reminds him of orchids quietly raised in the corner——gentlemen like orchids, gentle and elegant, although his appearance is not particularly handsome, but his temperament is unforgettable.

Shen He, who could not hide something in his heart, immediately smiled and said: "Great God, don’t be polite, we have never played this game too, and also have to adapt from scratch."

He Beiguang also chimed in: "Yes, yes, great god will certainly adapt faster than us."

Li Muran still did not speak, he is exploding his hand quickly to add blood to the group of bastards who left the task to talk to Zhu Qingyue, lest they all die.

Qin Mo took the initiative to introduce to Zhu Qingyue: "This is he Beiguang, front row of the team; Shen He, summoner; Li Muran, healer,  Pei Yu is a long-range interference output, and all four players have been confirmed by the Mojue team, everyone is currently busy upgrading, you will slowly understand it in the future."

Zhu Qingyue nodded: "En, everyone to do the task first, I think you're all going to die…..."

He Beiguang immediately turned his head and looked at the computer screen: "Shit, hurry up! Shen He, hurry up and fight ah! We're all surrounded by mobs!"

Shen He also looked back: "Don't shout when you know! There’s milk dad, we can’t die! Right, milk dad?"

Li Muran: "......En."

A group of newcomers are doing difficult tasks, and their chatter is quite lively.

Qin Mo did not disturb them, he took Zhu Qingyue to the computer next to him to sit down. Xiao Han brought a game ID card and touch screen control panel, Zhu Qingyue looked at the blue water ripple light effect of the LCD touch screen beside Qin Mo and felt quite fresh: "Is that what you said about the touch screen operation mode?"

"En." Qin Mo nodded his head and showed him his LCD touch panel conveniently. "Sliding control does not require fast joint movement, so the speed requirement is not very high, but the requirement for accuracy is higher. The skill area on the left can be set with 9 to 16 keys. Each touch must be very accurate and cannot touch other keys. The sliding area on the right can control the camera rotation and movement in the game."

"Oh..." Zhu Qingyue carefully looked at his manipulation once, and probably understood what was going on. He handed Xiao Han's control board to his USB port, then put on his VR glasses and entered a new world of Peerless Jianghu.

After activating the identity card, eight schools will pop up in the role bar for him to choose, Zhu Qingyue also did not understand, so he simply asked Qin Mo: "Which of these schools should I choose?"

"Closer to the way you used to play is Tingyu Tower." Qin Mo said, "The weapon is the umbrella one."

"Okay." Zhu Qingyue chose Tingyu tower, and immediately there appeared a young man wearing a blue-and-white gown with an umbrella in his hand. The umbrella was unfolded and folded from time to time. When unfolded, it was as white as snow, with delicate and beautiful patterns embroidered on its surface. When folded, it is black as ink that makes people palpitate, with a sharp sword hidden in the umbrella.

According to his understanding of the game, this should be two different route. White umbrellas probably take the defensive route, while black umbrellas take the attack route.

—— Confirm the choice of the school, Tingyu Tower.

—— Please enter the role name.

Zhu Qingyue thought about it, and laid down the ID "Bright Moon Clear Sky", which is completely different from his previous ID. Anyway, it's a fresh start, it's no harm to change the name.

After entering the game, Zhu Qingyue was temporarily dazzled. VR mode's too real, point of view made him feel uncomfortable dizzy. He closed his eyes and adjusted for a moment before he opened his eyes again——the green hills and green bamboos in front of him, the small bridges and flowing water, the ancient world was extraordinarily lifelike, as if he were personally on the scene.

Zhu Qingyue enjoyed the scenery of the novice village, manipulated Bright Moon Clear Sky to pick up the first task, and officially began his journey in Peerless Jianghu.

Over the past six years, he has failed to achieve any success, he has only won a trophy with the national team, some people always say that he is holding the thigh of the great gods of the national team.

He's really just an assistant. However, he believes that assistance is an indispensable existence in a team, and assistance also has the dignity of assistance.

The new opportunity in front of him suddenly felt as if he were reborn.

Years of experience in the game let Zhu Qingyue quickly adapt to the operation of the new game, and in a twinkling of an eye, he finished the task of novice village and joined the school.

——Tingyu Tower, a mysterious school located in the south of the Yangtze River, where more than half of the year is the rainy season. The drizzly weather inspired the school founders to use "umbrellas" as weapons and gradually extended into two cultivation roads.

Black umbrella system, hidden dangers in the umbrella, once unfolded, there will be a flood of hidden weapons shooting around, and the black umbrella can be thrown out to form a large black umbrella array, double the damage of hidden weapons, and improve the attack effect of teammates in range.

On the contrary, the white umbrella system is made of a very special kind of white silk and satin. The effect of the umbrella is similar to the "golden silk soft armor" used in martial arts fiction to defend itself, the sword can not penetrate into it. When the white umbrella unfolds, it can completely defend against damages. It can also form a large white umbrella array and create illusions to confuse opponents, and use umbrella array to complete instantaneous transmission.

Zhu Qingyue did not hesitate to choose the white umbrella as a weapon after reading the school description——he used to play auxiliary, and the Mojue team also needed auxiliary.

Level 15 can go to Mingzhou City to do a task, Qin Mo knew it would be difficult for him, as an auxiliary to upgrade alone. He took the initiative to come and take him, and sent a message: "Qingyue, I will take you on your task."

Looking at the white swordsman "Ink Mark" appearing in front of him, Zhu Qingyue was somewhat surprised: "Qin Mo? You don’t play summoner anymore?"

"En." Qin Mo did not make more explanation, said faintly. "Change a game just to change a way to play. Let's go. I'll take you to upgrade as soon as possible."

Since he didn't want to say it, Zhu Qingyue didn't ask much, he followed for experience and got familiar with the perspective and position of the game.

After clearing up the main city task, Qin Mo took Zhu Qingyue to brush several rounds of small dungeon. When Qin Mo and Mirage were upgraded, it took 12 hours to upgrade to level 30, but today Qin Mo has reached level 60, it is as simple as cutting vegetables, it took only 6 hours to bring Zhu Qingyue to level 35.

——Upgrading with high-level player, and experience grows at a rate like a rocket ride.

Level 35 can go to the team dungeon of "Jianshen Valley Ruins", Qin Mo has finished it before, so he asked Zhu Qingyue to wait in Jianshen Valley first, he went to ask if anyone else in the guild wanted to play.

"Is there any team in the guild that can play for Jianshen Valley Ruins? Please invite [Bright Moon Clear Sky]." As soon as Qin Mo sent out the messages, a systematic prompt popped up on Guild Channel.

—— Guild Member [Bright Moon Clear Sky] were mercilessly killed by [Gorgeous Fireworks] in Jianshen Valley!

Qin Mo was stunned and asked doubtfully: "What's going on? Why did this person kill you?"

Zhu Qingyue was also a little confused: "I don't know, he kills me when he sees me."

Zhu Qingyue also found it interesting to get such a gift when he entered the new game, he just went to the skill list to look at the data and was killed inexplicably.

Zhu Qingyue looked at the battle record and said: "It's a five-member team."

Qin Mo asked: "Coordinates."

Zhu Qingyue sent him the coordinates: "Are you coming over?"

Qin Mo said faintly: "Of course. Dare to kill our family's assistant, they won’t be able to walk around."

His temper has always been like this, people do not offend me, I do not offend, if people offend me…... Sorry, I'll teach you how to behave.
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