The King's Return : Chapter 70

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Today daily chapter~ I'm very sorry for the late release :( It got hectic in my RL works from the past week until early November, but hopefully I will keep up with the release for this novel (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

T/N: I will change the Tianyang Erlian with Heaven Sun Combo, and I will fix all the skill and character name cause I forgot several skill and character names >_<
Chapter 70: Changing

Qin Mo rushed to Jianshen Valley, and sure enough, in the middle of the road, he saw the "bright moon clear sky" lying on the ground, next to him, there was a red player named "gorgeous fireworks", not far away, there are four red names, all at level 60——no wonder Zhu Qingyue will be seckilled, such a high level gap, and Qingyue is also an auxiliary with very few attack skills.

The task level of Jianshen Valley map is level 30 -35, why do so many level 60 people kill a trumpet? (T/N: small account, I will use small account later)

Qin Mo frowned and chatted privately with gorgeous firework: "Why did you kill my friend?"

The gorgeous firework and bad temper said: "We're doing the escort task, tell your friend to stand away!"

The escort task is only open after level 60, and there is a limit on the number of times per day. Each field map in the game will have an escort route, and players can freely form teams to follow the escort guards of the Dragon Gate Escort Agency to escort the treasures to the designated place. After the escort is successful, they can obtain a large amount of experience, money and material rewards. If there is an escort, there will naturally be a robber. The robber only needs to kill the "escort of Dragon Gate Escort Agency" and grab their treasures, and all the treasures will be converted into gold coins to enter the pockets of the robbers. Due to the fact that there are only gold coins and no experience and material rewards, most players in the game prefer to form teams to protect the escort.

Not far away, there is an escort team, the ID on the top of five people is "gorgeous XX". The format is very uniform, it seems to be a team of relatives and friends, and this person called "gorgeous firework" is obviously playing forward, killing irrelevant personnel on the escort road in advance to prevent the other party from robbing the escort to make trouble.

—— But you shouldn't kill a small account of level 35 anyway.

Not to mention that it is impossible for a level- 35 person to rob a level-60 escort, what's more, Bright Moon Clear Sky just stood on this road for a while and did not take the initiative to attack the escort team.

There are indeed some very hostile players in the game, relying on their own high level to bully the small account.

Can't you stand on the escort road? Did you buy this game map road? This is outrageous!

Qin Mo looked cold and opened a vendetta without saying a word.

——chivalrous man [Ink Mark] opens vendetta to you!

The gorgeous firework probably didn't expect the small account to find a level-60 helper. However, their team has five level-60, so what's to be afraid of?

"Someone is making trouble, everyone come and kill him!" The gorgeous fireworks quickly knocked down a line on the team channel, and the other four members of the escort team immediately came to support.

This is a well-equipped dungeon team with meat shield of Kuangdao Gate, healer of Fangcao Hall, swordsman of Hanhua Sword school, Guqin player of Luoying Valley and assassin of Yongye City, Gorgeous Firework is an assassin. Just now he made a stealth attack to Bright Moon Clear Sky, Zhu Qingyue just opened the skill tree and looked at the skill description, he didn't notice him at all.

Qin Mo opened a vendetta against the team, Ink Mark name became red and could be attacked.

The furthest distance Louying Valley guqin player "Gorgeous Note" immediately stood in the distance began to play "Wild Geese Falling"!

Wild Geese Falling is the guqin player's only control skill, it is very easy to use. It can shoot down all high-altitude players in the range to the ground, if the other player is not in the high altitude, he will be silenced by the melody and cannot release any skills.

With the sound of the guqin, the two melee fighters of Kuangdao Gate and Hanhua Sword school also rushed to the front of the Ink Mark  quickly, hoping fire and seckilled Ink Mark.

At this moment, the "bright moon clear sky" that fell to the ground suddenly resurrected in place——level-35 auxiliary after the resurrection had only 30% of the blood left, and almost died at a touch, Gorgeous firework saw this rare opportunity and immediately moved to the Bright Moon Clear Sky, use the skill "Deadly Ice Silkworm" with dagger in his hand!

Assassin's most terrifying single attack skill, with  this amount of blood can definitely be killed in one move.

But what he did not expect was that when he stabbed him, there was no change in the amount of blood of the Bright Moon Clear Sky.

What is even more strange is that the sound wave control of the "Wild Geese Falling" played by teammates and the great moves of knife and sword did not have any effect on Ink Mark.

——Cyan Rain Curtain!

They finally found out that the white umbrella in the hands of the bright moon clear sky had been unfolded at the moment of his resurrection, and a soft rain curtain spread around the edge of the umbrella at an extremely fast speed.

—— Is this the invincible barrier of the Tingyu Tower?

In the game rarely see Tingyu Tower white umbrella players, most of the white umbrella players are the girls that think the weapon looks good to take the scenery photo. The white umbrella player, who responded so quickly, surprised all five people, did not expect that Bright Moon Clear Sky would open the rain screen barrier at a critical moment. The barrier of just 3 seconds instantly removed the guqin control, and at the same time scrapped the big moves of the other three.

When Qin Mo saw Zhu Qingyue rising to help, his lips raised slightly. He immediately jumped in front of the four men with Qinggong, swept the long sword in his hand, simply hit two consecutive strikes.

—— Sword Horizon, Sword Rain Remnant!

Tianyang Erlian, the trademark skill, in turn silenced all four of them.

At the same time, Zhu Qingyue also opened a super large array——Plain White Umbrella Array!

The white umbrella in his hand split out of countless white umbrellas with dazzling speed, forming a wide range of umbrella array, in which the defense of all friends increased by 200%, the attack power increased by 200%, and the movement speed increased by 200%!

Taking advantage of the opportunity in the increasing of movement speed, Zhu Qingyue immediately fled behind a tree with Qinggong to avoid the pursuit of the other assassins.

But Qin Mo took advantage of the opportunity of umbrella array increase attack, and broke out a big move——Sword Rain Fragrance!

Countless snow-white spirit swords fell from the sky, and their sharp swords pierced the silence players without hesitation, the umbrella array of increasing attack and Qin Mo's big moves caused tons of damage, and the blood level of the four fell half in an instant.

The other side healer realized that it was not good, hurried to open the group add blood skill, however, Qin Mo will not give him the opportunity to save the field, a lock-in pursuit skill "unrivalled sword", directly seckilled the healer!

As soon as the healer fell, the whole team looked flustered.

Qin Mo rushed to the rear of the team, quickly dropped the crisp guqin player, and then went back to chase several melee.

Yongye City assassin "gorgeous fireworks" are still chasing Zhu Qingyue, he obviously thinks that this man has only 30% blood left, and he can kill him with one move!

Seeing that the assassin was about to catch up with him, Zhu Qingyue suddenly threw out the white umbrella in his hand at this moment——Endless Umbrella Spin!

The snow-white umbrella rotated around the other side five times in a row at an extremely high speed——weakness overlay.

Gorgeous fireworks: "......F*ck!"

This is the skill of Tingyu Tower player to lock his opponent with a spinning umbrella and to overlay a weakness state on his opponent. Every time the white umbrella spinning around the target, the weak state will overlay, Zhu Qingyue operated very fast. In a twinkling of an eye, he let the white umbrella spinning around the other party for five rotation, weakness state folded up five layers!

One layer of weakness reduces attack and defense by 20%, and five layers of weakness almost reduces to zero……

Gorgeous fireworks immediately became a scum with only five combat power.

Even if he slices at the other party now, it will be as useless as scratching!

Bright Moon Clear Sky gave a smile on the nearby channel and then stood still.

It seems like saying: "I will stand here and not moving, if you have the ability, try to kill me."

Gorgeous fireworks are about to be angry to vomit blood!

What made him even more desperate was that the output of Ink Mark was simply terrible. In less than half a minute, their team's healer, guqin player, and swordsmen were all dead, and only a thick-skinned T of Kuangdao Gate was struggling to support him, and when he turned back, the Kuagdao gate fellow fell down helplessly, and the ink marks held the sword in his hand, was coming at him with great momentum——

The team was destroyed, it was almost a blink of an eye.

The gorgeous fireworks angrily typed on the team channel: "Damn it! Resurrection again!"

After killing the five-member team, Qin Mo conveniently disposed of several NPC escorts.

——Congratulations the team [Ink Mark] [Bright Moon Clear Sky] for their success in robbing the escort, reward 3000 gold coins.

The two put 3000 gold coins in their pockets, Qin Mo was in a good mood, and sat in the same place with Zhu Qingyue to discuss the auxiliary skills of the Tingyu Tower.

Zhu Qingyue said: "The cooldown of the skill of Endless Umbrella Spin is very long, I just tried it, but it's very useful."

Qin Mo agreed: "Endless Umbrella Spin is giving weakness of the target unit, which is difficult for the other party to evade, this is better than Shen He's mechanical rats. The mechanical rats are gnawed by the group and are easy to be seckilled, and the weak state is difficult to stack, it’s still up to you to lock the opposite core at a critical moment."

Just think, the other side's core player is fiercely rushing to seckilled, Zhu Qingyue is giving a weak state, and he will wither immediately, not to mention to seckilled, he will be seckilled instead.

—— This is the powerful field control of auxiliary in the game.

Qin Mo asked: "Have you studied the umbrella array?"

Zhu Qingyue nodded and said seriously: "I was just studying the skill tree of this school, plain white umbrella array provides our team with defense, attack, and speed bonus. The cyan rain screen is invincible for three seconds. The skills to be learned in the later stage are also very interesting, and the silk umbrella array can also complete short-distance group transmission."

Qin Mo asked: "Is it a bit like the psychic you used to play?"

"It does look like it." Zhu Qingyue sighed. "But the game's auxiliary is pure assistant, without any attack skills. If you hadn't upgraded with me, I couldn't even get through the task myself. Just now, when the schools chose weapons, I also found that more than 90% of the people would choose the black umbrella system and the group attacks of black umbrellas were quite useful."

"En, black umbrellas take the attack route, white umbrellas are purely auxiliary, and the number of players is the least in the whole game. Only the guild elite team and professional teams will specialize in training white umbrellas. You should be pretty good at this school, right? I see it was very easy for you to disable of the assassin."

"That's true." Zhu Qingyue smiled. "Although the game is not the same, but the train of thought of online games is all the same."

They sat by the roadside and had a very pleasant discussion.

At that moment, several familiar ID's came into view, and the five-member team was gorgeous. Obviously, this group of people were unconvinced and wanted to kill angrily after they died. Moreover, there were only four people ahead, which proved that the assassin "gorgeous firework" was in stealth state.

Zhu Qingyue also clearly detected the other assassin in stealth, decisively stood up and opened the cyan rain curtain.

Almost at the same time, the gorgeous fireworks burst out behind him, a "deadly ice silkworm" stabbed him in the back——the result is that skills failed again!

Qin Mo stood up closely behind him, without saying a word, turning around with set of smooth move.

—— Sword Horizon, Sword Rain Remnant!

Heaven Sun Combo, gorgeous firework were silenced in place.

—— Sword Horizon, Sword into the River!

Milky Way Combo, the snow-white sword like the river rushing out, the four people rushed immediately were all repelled!

—— Sword Rain Fragrance!

One big move stunned all five people, another lock-in skill Unrivalled Sword, and the gorgeous fireworks were seckilled once again.

As soon as the other side made a move, the five of them had no chance to resist. In the twinkling of an eye, the white swordsman turned around them like a ghost, and the five fell to the ground together!

Ink Mark: "Convinced?"

Gorgeous Firework: "............"

There is no way to deny. Just now, he saw a level-35 small account alone and his cheap hand seckilled him, he didn't realize that there was such a strong backing behind this man.

Ink Mark: "Remember, don't kill small account in your free time."

Gorgeous Firework: "............"

Five people ran away in disgrace.

Zhu Qingyue looked at their runaway figure, smiled and said: "Qin Mo, you really have changed a lot."

In his impression, the young prince of the Wind Color team was held in the palm of his predecessors from the beginning of his debut, his personality was very proud and arrogant. At that time, he hates a great God in the online game and ran to PK arrogantly. As a result, he was taught by the great God that he had no power to fight back. Qin Mo, whose glass heart was broken, was still playing out of order in the competition, many people in the league know about this.

Qin Mo was indeed a little temperamental when he was a teenager, with his Master's protection and his presence in the powerful team,  it was resulted that he would not experience too many storms. As long as he followed his Master, it was normal that he would get a soft hand when he won the prize.

At that time, he was a little prince who was protected by everyone, he was carefree all day. He fought with Xiao Han when he was free, he took Xiao Han to travel around on vacation.

Who can imagine that one day, he will also take the initiative to stand in front, with the sword in his hand, to protect his teammates behind him.

Sharp sword shadow quickly flashed in front of him, dare to bully Zhu Qingyue with the high level, a few people were killed twice in a row, can only awkwardly change the map.

Time goes by and everyone is changing.

However, the more Zhu Qingyue found out, the changes in Qin Mo are really surprising.

——The former Qin Mo was the little prince of the wind color team, has the powerful backer of wind color.

——Now Qin Mo is the captain of Mojue Team.

——He will become the backer of his teammates.

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