The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 22 - Promise

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Chapter 22: Promise

Ji Ling looked at Jing Sui in a daze, his brain was already in a state of complete shutdown, and it was only after a long time that he realized that Jing Sui had actually said sorry to him!

He must be dreaming, or is it a nightmare…

I can’t believe Jing Sui told him he was sorry, it’s not right… why are you saying sorry to me ah! You’re doing a great job ah, you don’t have to apologize to me, please continue to be cold!

I don’t need to be sorry at all, okay! Ji Ling’s heart roared in despair.
Jing Sui looked at Ji Ling’s sad and shocked eyes, and the cold flowed through his blood, almost freezing his internal organs.

Doing it all over again, seeing with my own eyes that the damage I had done to the teenager was countless times more real that I remembered, and the dense cracks in my heart like cobwebs were once again on the verge of cracking.

For a long time, Jing Sui opened his mouth and let out a deep voice, looking at Ji Ling’s eyes gently. “You don’t need to prove anything to me in this way, later… stop doing something so dangerous, oh?”

Ji Ling looked at the man in front of him who had always been cold and indifferent in a trance, and stared at him with such a focused and gentle gaze, and finally sadness came from it.

So you who killed with a thousand knives, you’ve really been reborn too, right?! Why can’t you just hold on to the fact that as a male protagonist, but join with those villains?!

Ji Ling was like a child who has suffered a lot of grievances. Although he had encountered many difficulties before, he constantly told himself to be strong, must persevere, and not lose hope in life, but fate still gave him a ruthless blow… At this moment, he was comforted by Jing Sui, and finally couldn’t hold back his tears and cried out.

How can you do this ah!

You’re going too far!

Jing Sui looked at Ji Ling as he suddenly burst into tears, his shaking eyes were full of helplessness and despair, that accusing gaze, like a sharp knife, piercing straight into his heart.

It turned out that his current self had already hurt him so deeply. How indifferent and heartless should he be to cause a simple gentle word to let the teenager be on the verge of an emotional breakdown?

Was my former self this harsh on him?

Why… can’t he come back earlier?

This thought came to his mind again, God gave him the opportunity to be reborn, maybe just to let him see with his own eyes how cruel his actions were…

Let him hate his former self so much, but he can’t do anything.


So… I’m not going to make you sad anymore, okay?

Jing Sui’s golden pupils were slightly dark, and he reached out to take the crying teenager into his arms, gently brushed his palm over the teenager’s soft hair, and whispered in his ear, “Don’t cry.”

Ji Ling was being held in Jing Sui’s arms, being comforted by his soft voice, and his heart was practically dead, almost on the verge of giving up on himself and breaking the jar.

He felt the cold aura brought by the man’s approach, wrapped around him strongly and gently, giving him a feeling that there was nowhere to escape… The final bottom line insistence kept him sane.

He can’t accept Jing Sui ahhh!

He is a straight man, his current personality is obsessed with Jing Sui, according to theory even if the injury is deep, as long as the Jing Sui give a little sweetness, he can immediately turn back and give him a hug, as long as Jing Sui smiles at him, he will be grateful… but he really can’t do it ahhh!

He is just a water army who gets paid to do his job, it doesn’t matter if he says he likes it normally, but if suddenly one day the idol turns around and says, let’s be together, I’m accepting your feelings. After they are together… probably also kissing, pa-pa…

Ji Ling almost blacked out.

Thinking of being trapped in such a terrifying world and facing the risk of being XXOO by men. In such a desperate situation, the strong desire for survival made Ji Ling finally break out of his own small universe, and he must now reject Jing Sui!

A rabbit will bite when it’s cornered!

Ji Ling pushed Jing Sui away sharply, looked at him with red eyes, and said angrily, “Don’t lie to me, you were still comforting Ning Yu just now. You obviously like him, and you came here today because of him right… You are just afraid that he will be retaliated against if he hurts me, afraid that I won’t be willing and continue to give him trouble. I don’t need such hypocrisy from you!”

Jing Sui was stunned, his arms were empty, and the pain under his eyes could hardly be suppressed.

When he was reborn, the duel had already begun, and the reason why he didn’t strike at the beginning was in the hope that Ji Ling could personally save some reputation, and his last appearance was not for Ning Yu at all. If he directly injured Ning Yu and took Ji Ling away at that time, the angry people would vent all their anger on Ji Ling and make him the target of the public.

Therefore, he deliberately pretended not to care about him, stayed at the scene to appease Ning Yu, and tried to reduce the adverse impact caused by this matter, so that even if people had some dissatisfaction, most of them would only point the finger at him, but ignored Ji Ling.

But Ji Ling didn’t understand, all he saw was the scene of himself leaving him and talking to Ning Yu.

This child had always been simple and pure, making others feel heartbreaking and helpless.

For a long time, a very light sigh overflowed from Jing Sui’s throat, and he explained slowly and gently, “No, I did that just now to protect you.”

Ji Ling immediately asked, “You call this protecting me?”

Such a simple trust, if it was with others, Jing Sui wouldn’t bother to explain, but he looked at the sad teenager. How can he bear to see him misunderstand and feel sad? He said, “This is a fair duel, it’s against the rules for me to intervene, and if I go overboard in defending you, it will only make you the target of the public, do you understand?”

Ji Ling was stunned for a moment, so that’s what you think? This truth is very simple and easy to understand, he just don’t think in this direction just now, and now listening to Jing Sui, he is even more desperate and angry :)

It turns out that you weren’t defending Ning Yu just now, you were defending me!

Even if you are reborn, even if you feel guilty, I can barely understand… But your feelings for the protagonist shou are so sad and indignant to me, how can you take him so little to heart? Ignoring the honest and kind protagonist shou for the sake of the vicious cannon fodder like me!

It’s just shocking!

No, I, Ji Ling will never admit defeat!

He took a deep breath, looked at Jing Sui fixedly, and said coldly, “Really?”

Jing Sui saw that Ji Ling was finally a little calmer, and thought that he understood what he meant and accepted his apology, but at this moment, he saw tears in Ji Ling’s eyes again, looking at him with an incomparably strange gaze, as if he was a very terrifying existence…

Ji Ling’s eyelashes trembled slightly. There were tears in his eyes, but there was a miserable smile on the corner of his mouth, and he said word by word, “Apart from this noble identity of yours, where can you compare to him?”

Jing Sui’s face finally changed.

Ji Ling clearly and slowly, repeating that sentence word by word. His eyes were gray with despair, sadness, and pain as he looked at Jing Sui’s eyes fixedly. “This is what Your Majesty personally said to me that day, and I remember every word clearly.”

Jing Sui’s lips moved slightly, but no sound came out.

“At that time, Your Majesty probably didn’t expect that I would go to Ning Yu for a duel over this… but what I didn’t expect was that you would love him so much.” Ji Ling looked at him disheartened, sneered, and there seemed to be a faintly inaudible tremor in his voice that he tried his best to keep calm as he said, “With your status, you’re even willing to be wishy-washy with a dandy like me that you look down on just for the sake of protecting one person.”

“I had the naive hope that the day you didn’t deny it was just a perfunctory remark, just an excuse you casually found to reject me, I didn’t believe you really liked him…but now I finally believe it.” Ji Ling smiled and laughed as tears flowed silently down his face. “It turns out that you like him to such an extent that you can intervene in duels for him, remove obstacles for him, and solve all his troubles for him. For him… come and lie to me.”

Every time Ji Ling said a word, Jing Sui’s complexion turned even paler.

He wanted to retort that he couldn’t and wouldn’t have cared to commit such a despicable act himself. He was perfectly capable of protecting the love of his life, just as I want to protect you now.

But even if I say it’s not true now… who will believe it?

If it wasn’t for the experiences of that life, if it wasn’t for the hundreds of years of painful regret, even he wouldn’t have believed it, right?

I don’t believe that I can be like this, caring about someone.

Jing Sui closed his eyes, hiding the exhaustion and weakness under his eyes, and said, “It’s not like that.”

Ji Ling suddenly cried out in grief, “Enough!”

He glanced at Jing Sui hatefully, raised his hand to wipe his eyes, and as if he finally couldn’t hold on any longer, he turned around and ran away from Jing Sui!

Jing Sui stood there, watching the teenager pass by him, and that one hateful look, like a chill that froze a thousand feet, made him unable to move.

Sometimes once the damage was done, even if it took a hundred times, a thousand times, it was difficult to recover and make up for it.

Being in the abyss, how can one expect to leave easily?

What about obtaining salvation?

It’s just that despite this, in this life, allow me to protect you, even if I spend my whole life begging for forgiveness, it doesn’t matter.

Ji Ling was simply playing beyond normal just now, and finally got rid of Jing Sui. He returned to his home and began to call the system impatiently.

Ji Ling: [This mission is whatever you want it to be, I’m not doing it!]

System: [... You calm down.]

Ji Ling: [I can’t calm down!!!]

System: [...]

Ji Ling: [He must have been reborn, otherwise there’s no way he’d say something like that to me… How can I do this mission when the male protagonist is reborn!]

The System also saw the scene just now, and it was unreasonable, so he had to politely hint: [But if you don’t do the mission, what about your rewards…]

Ji Ling became a pufferfish, letting him stay in this strange world filled with horrible bigwigs, living a life of fear everyday, it would be better to let him die! He took a deep breath and said: [Why don’t you reload the file and start over.]

The system was a bit embarrassed: [We haven’t determined the reason for the rebirth of the character in this world, so even if the reload is being used, there’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to completely restore it to its initial state…]

When Ji Ling heard this, his eyes darkened and he almost fainted: [So you mean, even if you start over, there is no guarantee that they are all normal?]

The System did not dare to speak.

Ji Ling smiled angrily: [Even if the failure of the first mission was because of me, but now that they’re all reborn, it’s not because of me, right? This is completely different from what we agreed before, this is a serious breach of integrity, and I ask you to give me an explanation!]

System: [Don’t worry, I will forward this situation to my superiors and give you an explanation as soon as possible.]

Ji Ling looked indifferent: [Your words sound very familiar to me.]

System: [?]

Ji Ling: [A colleague of my mother bought a house last year, but when she actually took over the house, she found that it did not match the model house, and the developer’s original promise was not fulfilled, so she went to the developer and asked to give them an explanation, and the sales manager of the other party replied to her like this.]

System: [...]

Ji Ling: [The point is, this matter has been ripping off for a whole year, the banners have been pulled, the doors have been blocked, and the other party still stalling until they die :)]

System: [...]

Ji Ling sincerely lamented: [So you must not be like this, right?]

System: [...] Don’t dare to speak, don’t dare to speak.

Ji Ling fell asleep with his head down, and when he woke up, it was already the afternoon of the next day.

Although yesterday he found a reason to run away from Jing Sui, and then stunned the system again, his mood was still very low. For a moment, he really had the idea to give up in his heart, but he knew he couldn’t do that.

Regardless of whether the system could give him a satisfactory reply or not, to complete the mission, he ultimately had to rely on himself, and could not completely pin his hops on other people. He must cheer up, hard work does not necessarily lead to results, but without effort there will certainly be no results.

If he wants to go home, he can’t give up now.

After calming down and thinking about it, although the situation was indeed bad, he was not completely hopeless, because the real decisive condition for completing the mission was that the protagonist was in love and HE, as long as this goal could be achieved, it did not really matter how the process was.

Even if they were all reborn? The rebirth was essentially just an increase in a period of experience, knowing some of the things that would happen in the future. It was not a great change in the personality of a living person. These people were essentially themselves, had their own character and thoughts, a lot of deep-rooted things, would not change just because of rebirth.

Just like a fool, he would not become wise because he was reborn, and a cold and evil person would not become kind and compassionate because he was reborn.

Therefore, in their previous lives, they loathed themselves like this, so naturally they wouldn’t like it just because the were reborn once.

The reason why Jing Sui and Brandon were uncharacteristically good to him, rather than liking him, it was more like guilt, because he had sacrificed his life to save them in his last life, so after he died they developed regretful feeling, and wanting to make up for it after their rebirth was barely justifiable. After all, they belonged to the righteous camp and weren't that heartless.

As for Carlos and Wen Yan, the two insidious and vicious villains who disregard human life, even if they were reborn, with their character and nature of mind, I’m afraid that they are mostly calculating about themselves, and the bad guys will not change their minds and become good people because they are reborn once.

Taking 10,000 steps back, whether they felt guilty or full of calculation, it didn’t matter, they were just insignificant cannon fodder, as long as Jing Sui could love Ning Yu, there was still hope for completing the mission!

Thinking of this, Ji Ling finally regained some strength and began to carefully analyze the situation he was facing now.

In the previous life, he succeeded in calculating against Ning yu, and Jing Sui acted as a hero saving beauty to show his love before all the people, and because of this incident, he caused strong dissatisfaction among the people against nobles. Using such despicable tactics in a duel was undoubtedly an offense against the laws of the Empire, and Jing Sui was going to punish him in order to quell the anger of the people, but at the crucial moment Ning Yu came forward to intercede on his behalf and generously forgave him, which was what allowed him to be exempted from punishment in the end.

The reason why Ning Yu did this, Ji Ling thought on the one hand because Ning Yu was a light breeze broad-minded person with a white lotus persona, he was not the kind of vengeful and vicious people; On the other hand because Ning Yu was in fact a smart person, this time he was driving himself to the corner himself and there was no benefit, it was better to see a good thing, not only to win a good reputation, but also would not cause the Empire’s nobles to dislike and had a resistance on him. He also understood that Jing Sui didn’t have to offend Grand Duke Ji Ting, which could be described as all.

Kindness and integrity did not mean low EQ—— It was on full display here in Ning Yu.

But this time, the object of being saved by the hero had become himself…

At that time, facing Jing Sui, who did not play cards according to common sense, Ji Ling was very devastated and desperate, but now that he thought about it, it was actually not so bad, because Ning Yu still gained fame and fortune. He not only won fair and square, but also won the sympathy of the people because of Jing Sui’s defense of himself.

If there was one thing that had changed, this time the black pot had become Jing Sui…

But it was not a big deal, because JIng Sui’s handling at that time was very clever, greatly calming the mood of the people, even if some people were still dissatisfied, it was not enough to affect the situation, and he protected himself while minimizing the adverse impact of this matter.

Therefore, Ning Yu and Jing Sui actually did not suffer real losses in this matter.

What really made Ji Ling feel worried and difficult was Jing Sui’s attitude towards Ning Yu.

Because he had actually made a move on Ning Yu for his own sake, without hesitation!

In your previous life, you were also a couple that was already engaged. If Jing Sui was really reborn and felt guilty about himself, it should be love for Ning Yu.

So here’s the problem.

With Jing Sui’s calm and rational personality, will he mercilessly strike at his lover because of a trace of guilt for himself?

It doesn’t make sense ah!

And if what he said yesterday was true, then it seems that he put his importance in front of Ning Yu. Could it be that after he had died for him once, he had finally realized how good he was, and was so impressed by his love that he no longer liked Ning Yu, and liked himself instead?

No way——

Ji Ling began to panic again when he thought of this, panicking more than anything else!

No, it must not happen!

With such a cold and heartless character, for Jing Sui to like Ning Yu was already because of the original author, which belonged to an irresistible force of fate. If Ji Ling had not read the original book, he would not believe that people like him would really love Ning Yu… So how is it possible for such a person to like himself because he died once for him?

To be able to like him so simply, is he still that ruthless Emperor?

Ji Ling felt messy in his heart.

If he had known this day would come, he would never have gone to save Jing Sui at that time, anyway, if he didn’t do it at that time, Carlos didn’t necessarily win either… If God gives him another chance, he will go to save a dog, and he won’t save this negative and thin skinned dog Emperor! (This refers to the Ning Yu’s heartbroken luck)

Ji Ling thought like this during the day, thought about it at night, ate and slept.

A moment to cheer myself up.

A moment later the anger leaked again.

A moment he looked dazed.

A moment of struggling while hesitating.

Thinking over and over, he still couldn’t come up with a clue, he really couldn’t understand why Jing Sui did this. It seemed that there was always a place where something was not right, but he couldn't think of it. I don’t know where I overlooked… He hates this kind of person with a deep and unfathomable mind ahhh!

Because of this change, Ji Ling did not go out of the door everyday, full of worry and confusion about his future.

That night, he sat in his yard as usual, looking at the sky in a daze, and the nine shiny satellites in the sky reminded him all the time that it was not his world…

Wen Yan walked in from outside, and at a glance he saw the pale teenager, sitting there in a trance, looking up at the sky, that lonely and forlorn.

As if he didn’t belong to this world at all.

Wen Yan’s eyes faintly appeared bitter, thinking of what happened that day, his heart sank and ached. Although Ji Ling finally did not have an accident, and even retreated intact, but for him, who was obsessed with Jing Sui, the result was no different from the previous life.

Because the person he loved so much, did not give a damn about him, only cared about other people.

Jing Sui seemed to have saved Ji Ling, but in fact, it was just to protect Ning Yu, lest Ning Yu lose his hand and hurt Ji Ling and be retaliated, which he could see, and many people could see too.

Ji Ling should have seen it too.

So now, how sad should the teenager’s heart be?

Wen Yan walked over gently, his heart was full of pity and unbearable. His dark eyes gazed tenderly at Ji Ling’s face and he said in a low voice, “It’s late, aren’t you going to rest?”

Ji Ling turned his head and looked at the silver-haired man standing respectfully in front of him, which was also not a reassuring thing.

I thought that he would not continue to waste time to please himself after becoming the Speaker, he had always been very perfunctory to himself in the previous life, and in this life I don’t know what he’s thinking. He still ran in front of him twice in three days, and all kinds of things to brush his presence.

Because of the low mood, Ji Ling didn’t bother to find words to squeeze Wen Yan, thinking that it was also a reborn guy, helpless and dazed, he couldn’t help but ask him the long-accumulated doubts in his heart, and said, “Do you think that His Majesty might like me?”

Wen Yang looked at the teenager’s pale and delicate face, and in the night, the helplessness and vulnerability in his clear eyes were visible. He asked him this question in such a despondent manner… Wen Yan felt pain and pity in his heart, and he almost couldn’t bear to speak.

He knew very well that it was impossible for Jing Sui to like Ji Ling.

In the previous life, Ji Ling was infatuated, and he also failed to make Jing Sui look back, that man had no heart at all, he wouldn’t love someone.

But how could he utter such a cruel answer to these almost broken eyes?

Wen Yan was silent for a long time, and slowly spoke, “His Majesty will definitely like you.”

As soon as Ji Ling heard this, his face was almost ashen, he almost wanted to beat himself to death, what kind of insanity did he commit to ask Wen Yan this question ah! I just want to hear the answer to my liking, I don’t want to hear anything else ah!

With tears in his eyes, he stubbornly refused to listen. “You lied to me! He won’t like me!”

Wen Yan looked at him with heartache, his beloved boy, what a confident and proud person, he was the most noble prince in the world, and he deserved to have everyone’s favor… And now these self-discarding words are being uttered for the sake of one man.

How deeply hurt was it to be so desperate?

Wen Yan’s hand hanging at his side slowly clenched, and suddenly knelt down on one knee in front of Ji Ling, raised his eyes to gaze into Ji Ling’s eyes, his thin lips gently opened, emitting a low, hoarse voice, “If he won’t like you, then you… can you stop liking him?”

As long as you say a word, I won’t let you go again.

Ji Ling looked at Wen Yan’s eyes, in the man’s dark eyes, there was an incomparably complex dark color, as if something very terrible was deeply suppressed and bound, ready to move. As long as he said one word wrong, he would release the demon who was imprisoned…

Ji Ling subconsciously shivered.

I just want to hear you say he won’t like me, but you throw the problem back at me and scare me! Sure enough, you can’t have a pleasant conversation with a villain like you!

Ji Ling, who didn’t dare to collapse his persona, sadly lowered his eyes and choked up, “I– but there’s no way I stop liking him ah…”

When Wen Yan heard these words, it was as if the cluster of flames in the depths of his eyes seemed to be extinguished by something cold, leaving only a piece of ash that was dull.

The corners of his lips lifted slightly, revealing a sneer, as if he was laughing at his own wishful thinking.

After a while, he closed his eyes and opened them again. In his black phoenix eyes, there was only a thick blackness that could not show a trace of light, he gently took Ji Ling’s hand and said gently, “I will help you.”

Ji Ling looked at him blankly.

Wen Yan stared at him deeply, his low voice was heavy at night, as if promised, “As long as it’s your wish, I will help you achieve it.”

In his previous life, I selfishly longed to possess you by despicable means.

In this life, I only wish you happiness.

It doesn’t matter if it pushes you towards someone else.


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