The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 21 - Love

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Chapter 21: Love

Ji Ling: ???

He was dumbfounded as he watched in front of him. The black mecha was like a god smashing Ning Yu’s white mecha with one punch, and his head was full of black question marks!

Wasn’t Jing Sui quite normal before? What’s going on? Why did you make a move on Ning Yu? He shouldn’t have a seizure right… Not good ah! You are the male protagonist ah, you must hold on ah, you are my only hope of getting home ah!

Ji Ling almost cried.

Just when he was in a trance, a cold and majestic voice sounded in the duel arena: “The winner has been decided, the duel is over.”

Although Ning Yu’s name was not directly said, everyone could see that it was only a matter of time before Ning Yu defeated Ji Ling, and there was no doubt that Ning Yu had won this duel.

But there was still silence at the scene, even so, His Majesty personally piloted the mecha to interfere in the dueling process, this kind of thing… was the first time in the entire history of the Empire!

As an Emperor, he made an exception to the rule and intervened in a fair duel.

To go and defend an Imperial Nobleman.

This was clearly unfair.

People on the Internet fell silent for a while, and then began to express their displeasure.

“I thought that His Majesty was the closest to the commoners and fairest. It was said that he punished Ji Ling for Ning Yu before. I think it’s simply a show, and at the critical moment, we can see who he really protects…”

“In the end, they are still defending the interests of their nobles, colluding, and usually doing nothing more than putting on a show for us.”

“Take us all for fools?”

“Have the bootlickers come to their senses?”

“As an Emperor, isn’t this a bit too much to do?”

“Even if you admit that Ning Yu won, so what, Ning Yu could have won ah.”

“You shouldn’t hold out hope for these Imperial Nobles, of course, the Emperor protects the interests of the nobles, hehe.”

“I feel sorry for our great Ning Yu, hug him from away.”


Ji Ling didn’t know that in just a few minutes, the wind direction on the Internet had changed several times. Not only did he almost whitewash, Jing Sui took over the pot, and began to become the object of netizens to vent their dissatisfaction.

He came out of the mecha in a daze, and looked at the huge black mecha in front of him with a gray face.

What about Jing Sui, the most reliable friend of the people? Why are you like this too!

Are you being reborn, or have you been led astray by Brandon?!

Just when Ji Ling was desperate, he saw the hatch in the middle of the black mecha open, and a tall and slender figure, with a gentle leap, jumped down from the dozens of meters high mecha and landed on the ground as steady as a mountain.

Jing Sui raised his head to reveal a handsome and peerless face. His golden pupils were shining with a cold light, and he did not glance at Ji Ling behind him, but walked straight to Ning Yu’s mecha, grabbed the edge of the mecha hatch and reached out, directly ripped off the broken cabin cover, and pulled Ning Yu out of it.

Ning Yu’s lips were a little pale, seemingly injured. He raised his eyes to look at Jing Sui, the light in his green eyes flickered for a moment, and he let out a low, hoarse voice, “Your Majesty.”

Jing Sui said slowly, “Are you okay?”

Ning Yu shook his head. “It’s not a big deal.”

Jing Sui controlled the strength when he made a move, and at a glance he could see that Ning Yu was not injured just now, and it was said that Carlos arranged for someone to secretly obstruct him… but at this moment, it’s not the right time to say this. He paused, looked at Ning Yu with apologetic eyes and said in a gentle voice, “I made you feel wrong just now in the heat of the moment… Although it’s a duel, since the winner has already been decided, it’s better to make peace, don’t you think?”

Ning Yu showed an understanding smile and said with emotion, “You’re right, I was a little impulsive just now, and I almost didn’t hold my hand.”

Jing Sui smiled slightly, “It’s okay.”

Ji Ling was originally in a trance and very desperate, almost thinking that Jing Sui was also reborn, but seeing that although Jing Sui suddenly saved himself, he ran to greet Ning Yu without looking at him, showing affection in front of everyone! I doubted my own ideas again.

Didn’t Jing Sui come to help himself?

Ji Ling’s eyes lit up, it’s quite possible ah! In this life, because of the butterfly effect, he failed to make a move on Ning Yu, but instead was beaten up by Ning Yu. Ning Yu would definitely win the duel, but Jing Sui wouldn’t be able to be a hero saving a beauty and this was not necessarily a good thing for Ning Yu.

Because with Ning Yu’s status as a commoner, if he really beat himself to death in the duel arena, even if he won the honor, he would undoubtedly get into super trouble!

Is he someone he can kill casually? Absolutely not ah!

In this case, he can only admit that he killed Ning Yu, but Ning Yu will be met with insane retaliation if he killed himself. Killing a noble is the bottom line that he can’t touch.

The duel is fair, but this society is not.

At that time, not to mention that other nobles retaliated against Ning Yu in order to maintain their authority, facing endless consequences, and his own parents, Grand Duke Ji Ting and Madam Marida, will do anything to make Ning Yu pay for his life!

Therefore, Jing Sui seemed to be saving him, but in fact, he was defending Ning Yu, so that Ning Yu won the duel beautifully, won everyone’s affirmation and sympathy, and would not offend his parents and other nobles because of this, it’s simply beneficial and harmless.

This is the right way for the plot to unfold!

When Ji Ling thought of this, hope once again ignited in his heart, the male protagonist is so good!

I really didn’t misread you.

Taking advantage of everyone’s attention to focus on that radiant Emperor and the protagonist Ning Yu, cannon fodder Ji Ling quietly slipped out. He was really tired today.

Although many things have changed in this life, in order to go home, he will definitely be able to turn the plot back!

Ji Ling returned to his preparation room, wiped his face with cold water, rested for a while to recover some physical strength, pushed the door open and prepared to leave.

At the time, everyone gathered outside, but there was no one here. Ji Ling was walking alone in the empty metal corridor, and when he turned a corner, he suddenly accidentally bumped into a person, and was about to say sorry, but he stiffened when he looked up. He couldn’t say anything with his mouth open in amazement.

Is he hallucinating! How can he see Jing Sui here?

Isn’t Jing Sui still talking to Ning Yu outside just now?!

What are you doing here alone instead of comforting your sweetheart?

Jing Sui lowered his eyes slightly, looking at the stunned teenager in front of him. The teenager was a little embarrassed, and there was a hint of redness on his fair face that had not dissipated after the fierce battle, and complex emotions slowly appeared in his eyes.

Actually I wanted to talk to him just now… But he didn’t do that.

He didn’t want to push the teenager into the limelight to endure more malicious speculation and unwarranted attacks, so even though his heart wanted to see this person again in his heart, he didn’t look back.

Ji Ling stared blankly at the man in front of him, frozen for a moment and then thought that it might be a coincidence, it might be that Jing Sui was also preparing to leave… Since I happen to run into him, I have to keep on acting even if I’m tired.

His eyelashes trembled, his red eyes looked at Jing Sui angrily and sadly, and spoke unwillingly, “Who asked you to come and save me, I, even without you, I can defeat him!”

Jing Sui didn’t speak, just looked at him fixedly.

Ji Ling was a bit flustered by the look. Jing Sui’s eyes always made him feel that something was wrong, and he snorted for a while before continuing, “I’ll show you that, I’m better than——”

That poor Ning Yu.

But those three words were not spoken.

A cold wind swept on the side of his neck, Jing Sui suddenly stretched out his hand to support the wall behind Ji Ling, lowered his head and approached Ji Ling’s face. Sharp golden pupils looked at him for a moment, the tight jaw curvature, tight thin lips, indicating that the teenager in front of him was not calm.

Ji Ling was immediately stuck.

Shit aahhh. It’s the first time in his two lives to see such a serious expression of Jing Sui, it’s really terrifying ah! No matter how much this person hated him before, he was just a little indifferent, and even when he ordered him to be expelled from the Emperor Star, he still didn’t have any expression on his face, as if he didn’t even have the qualification to make him angry.

Although he was the same kind of scheming person as Carlos. If Carlos always wore a hypocritical and elegant aristocratic mask, then Jing Sui never showed any joy, anger or sorrow—— there was probably no one in this world who could guess the true emotions in his heart.

Therefore, Jing Sui, who suddenly has emotions and looks angry, is really scary ah!

Ji Ling’s teeth were chattering as he was knocked on the wall.

Jing Sui stared at the fear in the teenager’s blue eyes from an extreme distance. For a long time, he closed his eyes and opened them again, and the depths of his golden pupils swept through a trace of pain that was almost imperceptible.

The pale and bloodless face of the teenager in front of him gradually overlapped with the scene in his memory that he could not forget even after a lifetime.

In the dark clouds and thorny steel ruins, the person with the face of ‘Ning Yu’ did not hesitate to block in front of him at a critical moment, and took Carlos’s thunderous blow for him, and then he slowly fell. The disguise on his body dissipated a little bit like a fading mirage, and finally revealed the teenager’s original appearance.

He fell into his arms, his face pale and bloodless.

However, the scorching light in his blue eyes was like the last glimmer of fire in the burning embers, and at the last moment of his life, he said to him in a weak voice: [I’m sorry… I won’t pester you anymore.]

[You and Ning Yu, be happy.]

The faintly inaudible words, accompanied by the smell of blood in the wind, were light and almost drifted away with the wind… But it made his heart, which was almost never moved by anything, twitched slightly.

As if, something very important, quietly passed.

Since then, every detail in this image has been brought to life for countless years to come.

He also finally realized that the teenager did not hurt Ning Yu at all that day, he was actually there to save Ning Yu.

Because he thought that Ning Yu was the person he loved, he went to Ning Yu even at the risk of being discovered by Carlos and possibly paying with his life.

Using his arrogant and domineering appearance as a cover, he gave Ning Yu a chance to escape.

He loved that kind of humble… the disguise of pride is his last self-esteem.

But even though he was so jealous of Ning Yu and hated Ning Yu, in the end, he still chose to use his own life to save him.

Jing Sui had always known that he loved him, and this love that he had once discarded and disdained because there were so many people who loved him, so many that he was numb, and he had long since become accustomed to all sorts of admiration and worship look… The teenager is just one of the most disgusting and un-self-aware of them all.

What those people love, not the real him, but his appearance, his status, and cheap affection is the last thing he needs.

He thought the same is true for this teenager.

But then he realized how wrong he was, he was really wrong.

It turns out that in this world, there is really a person who loves him so purely and fiercely, even if he is hurt like that by himself, giving up again and again, pushing away again and again… But he still can’t let go, can’t help loving him.

Willing to do whatever it takes for him.

Throughout the past and the future, there will never be another person who will love him like this teenager.

This love is not unusual, but unique.

It’s countless times more precious than the most precious treasure in the entire universe.

But he didn’t realize this until he lost it.

A trace of pain and gloom gradually appeared under Jing Sui’s eyes, he thought that he would not regret anything, but when the teenager died, he knew that it was not so. It turned out that he also regretted a person’s death, he was in pain and could not sleep at night.

I regret that I didn’t take a serious look at the teenager when he was alive, didn’t treat him well, even once ah… not even once.

He just did it again and again… trampling his heart.

Until the teenager used his life to cut a tiny gap in his cold heart… And that crack did not heal with the passage of time, but gradually expanded, and finally covered his heart with cracks.

What everyone saw was the cold Emperor, whose joy and anger could not be seen. Everyone thought that he had long forgotten the teenager who died for him.

Everyone thought that he was a man without a heart.

But only he knew that the web formed by the crack had enveloped his heart and quietly changed everything.

So he proposed to Ning Yu to dissolve the engagement.

Ning Yu agreed very quickly, this answer was expected by Jing Sui, because he knew very well that Ning Yu actually didn’t like him much either. They were together not so much as lovers, but as allies with a common goal, and those with interests. Those who could go from being a commoner at the bottom of the hierarchy, step by step, to becoming a high-level evolutionary, and ultimately becoming the hope of all commoners, the person who can do all of this is bound to be more rational than emotional.

Or perhaps, Ning Yu had also long since seen everything through.

The death of the teenager easily shattered the connection between them that was never close in the first place.

So they ended the relationship peacefully.

Silence on the matter.

They still had a lot to do and didn’t have time to grieve.

Later, it passed for many years.

This Empire had finally become what he wanted it to be.

Someone began to persuade him to get married and continued the bloodline of the Imperial Family.

But whenever someone talked about this issue, he always thought of the teenager who closed his eyes in his arms. Remembering the way he always followed behind him and looked at him with admiration…
He thought, if the teenager was still alive.

He could probably marry him, he would have been so happy…

He always wants him to get his wish once, even if it’s just once.
Unfortunately, in the end, it was just his fantasy.

Some mistakes, once made, there is no chance to make up for them.
Not once.

Just like the Grand Duke and Duchess Ji Ting who left the Imperial Star disheartened, even though he tried his best to give amends, they did not accept the slightest bit of it, but left the place that made them sad.

In this world, anything can be made up for, anything can be measured in terms of value, except the human heart, which can’t be measured in terms of value and can’t be made up for.

He can’t mend anyone’s heart, including his own.

Once he thought that what he had given up was nothing more than a trivial thing, but later he realized that what he had given up was a unique treasure the he could never get even if he owned the whole world.

A pure, unblemished heart that loves him.

Many years later,

Every time the teenager looked at his loving eyes, every time he smiled and called him brother Jing Sui, every time he was jealous and angry with his temper… the bits and pieces he got along with him began to be constantly turned out from his memory, clearly and cruelly reminding him of what he had done, how ruthless he was, and did not give him any chance to escape.

If he had been nice to the teenager once, things would not have come to that point, right?

But he didn’t.

It was he who personally pushed the teenager who loved him deeply into the abyss of doom.

Every memory would tear the wound that had never healed, revealing a bloody inside, letting him know that he was also a person with a heart, and he would also feel pain.

Probably that was the punishment that the teenager left for him.

Let him know that it was all self-inflicted.

Let him know that a person like himself didn’t deserve to have such a relationship.

But the funny thing is…

A ruthless person like him would even be favored by Heaven, and he could even get the opportunity to start over.

A deep self-deprecation appeared under Jing Sui’s eyes, he was a little greedy, looking at the vivid face of the teeanger in front of him, that almost long ago frozen by the ice and cold in his chest, seemed to be flowing slowly, bringing up a dense pain.

No, this may not be a gift.

Maybe God let him be reborn, so that he could see with his own eyes the wrong things he had done, and let him know how cruel he was…

Looking at him sarcastically and telling him.

Now that you’re back, what are you going to do? Do you really know how to love someone?

A pained look flickered in the very depths of Jing Sui’s eyes.

Yes, look at what you’ve done…

If it wasn’t for his own contempt and indifference, how could Ji Ling risk challenging Ning Yu in order to prove to him? He was so desperate in order to get a look and affirmation from him…

And he knew that he was just humiliating himself, but he was oblivious to what was happening.

Unconsciously, he easily trampled on the love that would torment him for hundreds of years to come, keeping him awake at night, begging for more.

Why couldn’t I come back earlier?

Earlier, it would have been better ah

Ji Ling looked at His Majesty the Emperor in front of him who did not say a word, and had a terrifying aura. His legs softened almost about to sit on the ground in fear.

You, is it necessary for you to be so angry?

Ning Yu is okay…

I’m the one who was getting beaten ah

Ji Ling almost wanted to cry without tears. Seeing Jing Sui’s aura becoming more and more condensed and terrifying, suddenly his eyes turned and tearfully looked at the tall black-haired and golden-eyed man in front of him, hoping to muddle through with pretending to be pitiful, and said in a trembling voice, “Your– Your Majesty…”

This ‘Your Majesty’ sound, with a trill, as if a hand, gently plucked at something.

The stagnation time continued to turn around, to bring wandering thoughts back to the forefront.

Jing Sui finally raised his hand.

In Ji Ling’s distracted gaze, he gently wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes, and made a very light voice… it was light as if it had traveled through heavy space and time, drifting from the distant future.

He said, “I’m sorry.”


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