Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: Daddy Had to Touch Mommy’s Head too.

He wasn’t actually asleep, but he closed his eyes and rested for a while, pretending to be asleep because she was coming over and he knew that she probably wouldn’t come over if he was awake.

He really never expected her to suddenly hold his hand, and the moment he realized that her finger was pressed against his palm, he didn’t know how much effort it took to restrain his instinctive reaction. He almost held his breath in order to maintain the position of staying asleep.

Why did she touch his hand?

Lu Junting thought that he was not the kind of boring and childish person, but the boring question in his mind was always hovering.

He cared so much about it. Why did she suddenly want to touch his hand?

He was used to asking questions to solve problems, and when he encountered problems, he wanted to understand them to figure it out, but he couldn’t figure out this one.

In short, because he was touched by her, he was a bit messy now.

However, in a state of confusion, he still looked calm, and people couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Therefore, when Lin Xiyu brought Lu Chengmao to eat strawberry pie, she didn’t notice anything wrong with Lu Junting. Seeing that he woke up, she also greeted him politely, “Brother Junting is awake?”

Lu Junting, who was accustomed to dealing with things calmly, also politely nodded in response.

Lin Xiyu let the child wash his hands, held him and sat on her lap and took strawberry pie for him to eat. Lu Junting was here, so Lin Xiyu handed him a piece of strawberry pie and asked him, “Brother Junting, do you want to taste it?”

Lu Junting swept his gaze towards her, his eyes were measuring. This girl had just touched his hand, and now she was sharing the strawberry pie she had made for her child with him. It suddenly occurred to him that there had been a difference in her attitude towards him over the past two days.

Lu Junting felt that he was quite good at reading people’s hearts, but he couldn’t see through what this girl was really thinking. Is it because the child that she wants to get closer to him and blend in with the family atmosphere? But even so, she wouldn’t touch his hand.

Lu Junting’s gaze was deep, especially when he looked at people like this, a bit of sharpness emerged from the bottom of his eyes. Lin Xiyu had just flirted with someone while they were asleep, so she was more or less a little guilty at this moment. She didn’t dare to look at him for too long, and the strawberry pie she handed over was taken back again, she put it back on the plate, and said, “If brother Junting wants to eat, you can take it yourself.”

Lu Junting didn’t speak, thinking about the question in his mind.

At this time, the maid came over and said that it was Madam Lu who came over. Lin Xiyu was very puzzled. Did Old Madam Lu actually come here so early? Was there something wrong?

The family came in from the backyard and sawa Madam Lu sitting on the sofa. They saw that she had a happy look on her face, and it didn’t look like that something was wrong.

“Grandma.” Lin Xiyu greeted her.

Madam Lu’s face was even more joyful when seeing her face. She smiled and she looked a lot more energetic. “Xixi, come to grandma’s side quickly.”

Lin Xiyu obediently walked over and sat down. Madam Lu took her hand and smiled. “I heard your brother Junting say, you are going to remarry?”

Lin Xiyu glanced at Lu Junting, he only took her home yesterday, and today Old Madam Lu knew about it. Why was she in such a hurry to talk?

Lin Xiyu was a little embarrassed. She nodded and said, “That’s what brother Junting and I are planning to do.”

“OKay, okay, okay, well planned. Then you have to quickly pick a date to get married. Your wedding has not yet taken place, we will help to prepare. I see ah, today is a good day.” After Old Madam Lu finished speaking, she said to Lu Junting, “Don’t go to the company for a while, first go with Xixi to remarry before saying anything else.”

Lin Xiyu: “...”

Going today? Wasn’t that a bit of a rush?

However, Lin XIyu didn’t express her thoughts, she looked at Lu Junting, which was meant to make him take a stance.

Lu Junting said, “Are you confused? Today is Saturday, and people don’t work.”

Only then did Madam Lu react and said hurriedly, “Look at me, I’m really confused, then you will go to remarry on Monday.”

Lu Junting didn’t speak, and Old Madam Lu said again when she saw this, “What’s wrong?”

Lu Junting said, “I’ve had a little too much going on lately, so I’ll be busy with the remarry when I’m done.”

Madam Lu glared at him and said, “What else can be as important as remarriage?”

Lu Junting said, “You know, I do things in an orderly manner, things have to be done one by one.”

Old Madam Lu was really going to be angry with his stupid grandson. Xixi finally let go and wanted to remarry, he still didn’t hurry to remarry, not afraid of the night being long and dreamy, what if Xixi ran away again one day?

Madam Lu really wanted to point at his nose and scold, but his wife and child were still next to Madam Lu, so she had to give face to him. She could only glare at him fiercely and when she turned her head to Lin Xiyu, Madam Lu immediately changed her expression to a smile and said, “Xixi ah, you also know that you brother Junting is a busy man. He usually has a lot of work, and when he is not busy, you two will remarry, okay?”

Lin Xiyu obediently replied, “Okay, there’s no hurry.”

Although Lin Xiyu said this, she felt strange. She only mentioned remarriage yesterday, and Lu Junting picked her home on the same day, but his attitude towards remarriage seemed to be not very positive. He probably was very busy in this period of time right?

Madam Lu didn’t stay there for a long time, and she left after lunch. Not long after Madam Lu left, Lu Junting’s mobile phone rang. He picked it up and saw that it was Xiao Zi’ang calling. As soon as the phone was answered, Xiao Zi’ang’s voice came over, “What are you doing?”

“At home.”

“What are you doing at home on the weekend?”

“Take care of the child.”


Every time he heard Lu Junting talk about taking care of the child, Xiao Zi’ang had to choke a little bit. After all, the Lu Junting he knows was a little bit incompatible with that kind of home-type daddy.

“Isn’t there a babysitter at home? It’s hard to have a weekend, why not come out and have some fun? I haven’t played in a long time, what about a couple of games?”

Usually, Lu Junting would go to the company on weekends, he was a workaholic, work would give him a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment, but today the child’s mother was here, so he stayed at home.

Lu Junting refused without thinking, “No time, you can play by yourself.”

Lu Junting hung up the phone. After a while, Xiao Zi’ang called again, Lu Junting originally did not want to answer, but Lin Xiyu, who was playing with the child on the side, said, “Brother Junting, you can go out if you have an appointment.”

Lu junting remembered that when they were not divorced before, this little girl was not very happy with him at home.

Forget it, he was also a humanoid standing monument here, and the mother and son would not bring him to play, just as he had some things to ask Xiao Zi’ang.

After Lu Junting hung up the phone, he said to Lin Xiyu, “Then, I’m going out?”

Lin Xiyu nodded, but randomly asked again, “When will brother Junting come back?”

Hearing this, Lu Junting was a bit surprised. In the past when he went out, she never cared what time he would come back.

Lu Junting said, “Not sure.”

“Need me to wait for you?”


Still… wait for him?

Did she need to wait for him?

Lu Junting suppressed the doubts in his heart and said, “There’s no need to wait for me.”

Lu Junting and Xiao Zi’ang played a few games on the indoor basketball court. Both of them didn’t have much energy to play, so they stopped after a few games when they got sweaty.

The two sat on a stool in the corner to rest. Lu Junting took a sip of water, and Xiao Zi’ang asked him after he sat down, “You’re not in shape today? What happened? It feels like you’re absent-minded.”

He was really absent-minded, thinking about that boring question, why did she touch his hand.

Lu Junting glanced at Xiao Zi’ang. This kid was very good at flirting with girls, and should know more about a girl’s mind than him. He couldn’t figure out this question, but he could let Xiao Zi’ang help him solve his confusion.

Lu Junting really wanted to know what she thought. He thought for a while and then said to Xiao Zi’ang, “If a girl hates you so much that she doesn’t want to meet you, but suddenly one day, she touches your hand while you are asleep, why do you think that is?”

Xiao Zi’ang looked at him with a meaningful expression, “That girl who hates you is your family’s Xiao Xiyu, right?”

Lu Junting: “...”

So easily seen by him, Lu Junting felt a bit ashamed and almost couldn’t hold back a foul word. But he still said, “No.”

Xiao Zi’ang didn’t poke him either, he said, “What’s so hard to understand, surely there’s something about your hand that attracts her.”

Lu Junting subconsciously raised his hand and glanced at it from the front and back, he really couldn’t see anything special about his hand. Xiao Zi’ang looked at his puzzled expression, and explained to him in the tone of a passer-by, “The girl’s mind is very complex. Some girls have a face fetish, that is, she likes you if you look good. Some girls have hand fetish, such as your hands are particularly good-looking, which will make her temporarily forget her dislike and simply appreciate your hands. Some girls also have Adam’s apple control, in short, all kinds of strange fetish.”

So, she came to touch his hand because she thought his hand looked good?

When Lu Junting came back it was already very late. Lin Xiyu and Little Baby were both asleep. Lu Junting pushed open the door of Little Baby with a light movement and took a look, and saw both mother and son were there. Although she had said that she wanted to remarry him, seeing that she was indeed lying here, he was inexplicably relieved.

Early the next morning, Lu Junting got up and went downstairs, and saw Lin Xiyu and Little Baby in the living room. Little Baby had a special dining chair for eating, and there was a small table on it.

At this time, Lin Xiyu squatted next to him to supervise him to eat breakfast, and when he went downstairs, he happened to hear Lin Xiyu say, “Eat this dumpling.”

Lu Chengmao was not flexible enough to use the auxiliary chopsticks, the dumplings have not been clamped for a long time. Lin Xiyu was also very patient and didn’t help, only encouraging him. After Chengmao picked up the dumplings and ate them, she applauded happily and said, “Little Baby is awesome.”

When the child was praised, he would smile happily, looking quite cute with a few silly smiles.

Lin Xiyu heard the voice and looked sideways, saw him, smiled at him, and greeted, “Brother Junting.”

Smiling at him again…

Early in the morning, she rewarded him with a smile, Lu Junting felt that his mood was unconsciously better. He sat down on the sofa, and also softened his tone and asked, “What did he eat?”

“Little Baby wanted to eat dumplings, so I cooked him some dumplings.”

The maid brought the coffee that Lu Junting wanted to drink, and when Lu Junting reached for the coffee, he suddenly remembered what Xiao Zi’ang had told him yesterday.

He said that girls had all kinds of fetishes, and if it was a hand fetish, looking at his beautiful hands would make her temporarily forget her disgust for him and liked his hands.

Maybe this girl also had a hand fetish?

Since she liked his hands…

Before Lu Junting lifted the coffee, he deliberately coughed heavily, which attracted her attention. She looked over to him and Lu Junting stretched out his hand to pull the sleeve of his clothes up a little, slowly and methodically held the coffee cup in his hand, deliberately pointing the slender finger at her.

He pretended to naturally lower his head to drink coffee, but in fact he had been observing her expression, but she didn’t seem to care too much, just subconsciously glanced back and turned back to continue talking to her son. Lu Junting looked down at his hand again, and she didn’t seem to look at it much either? Was it not obvious?

Thinking of this, Lu Junting moved to the side of the sofa, approached the chair where Lu Chengmao was sitting. He glanced at his meal plate and asked, “Is it delicious?”

The little guy nodded and said, “Good.”

Lu Chengmao chewed things very slowly, and he liked to stuff a mouthful of chewing, he saw his son’s cheeks building at this time, like a little hamster.

“Why do you stuff your mouth until it’s bulging so much?”

He deliberately extended his index finger on the side of his cheek, and when he did this, his eyes did not forget to subconsciously look at Lin Xiyu, but her attention did not seem to be on his finger. She looked at Lu Chengmao patiently and said, “Eat slowly, eat it first and then eat another one later.”

Lu Chengmao chewed slowly. Lu Junting was unwilling and simply stretched out his index finger and thumb to pinch on his son’s cheeks. The slender fingers pinched on it and said while pinching, “Stuffing such a mouthful, like a little hamster.”

The words were said to his son, but his eyes looked at Lin Xiyu, just about to directly say to her, look at my hands, don’t you like these hands, look at them ah! Look at it ah!

Lu Chengmao, who was pinched by his father, wrinkled a pair of his little eyebrows. Lin Xiyu also looked puzzled, what was Lu Junting doing? The child is eating, why pinch his face like this?

ANd while pinching, he looked at her, as if he was deliberately doing it for her.

Lin Xiyu didn’t know what he was thinking, so this was how they interacted as father and son when she wasn’t here? But looking at Little Baby’s expression, he seems a bit disgusted?

The two sides of her son’s fleshy face were pinched out into two small meat, and Lin Xiyu, fearing that Little Baby would be uncomfortable, so he kindly reminded him, “Brother Junting, Little Baby is eating, how can he eat if you pinch him like this ah?”

Lu Junting: “...”

Lu Junting also realized that he was acting a little deliberately, he was embarrassed, but he pretended to naturally withdraw his hand. Lu Chengmao, who was disturbed to eat, also said with a dissatisfied expression, “This one is still eating, hate daddy!”

Lu Junting: “...”

Lu Junting, who was hated, sat silently to the side again. He looked down at his hands, what was going on? Didn’t she like his hand? He deliberately showed it to her, but she didn’t look at it more?

That’s why he shouldn’t have believed Xiao Zi’ang’s bullshit! What hand fetish!? If Xiao Zi’ang were so experienced, he would not be a single dog until now.

At this time, Xiao Zi’ang, a single dog who had just woken up, sneezed heavily, and he pinched his nose. “Shit! Who is fucking saying bad things about me?”

Lin Xiyu and others were adjusted, and had to help people make up classes on weekends, so she went to the club after taking care of her child and eating. Lu Yuan originally wanted to find her to go shopping, and when she learned that she was in the club, she came to find her there. The two went to the restaurant outside the club to eat together.

“I heard that you are going to remarry my eldest brother?”

Madam Lu knew it, and it was not surprising that Lu Yuan also knew. Lin Xiyu admitted it readily, “Yes.”

“That’s great, you know, I think you and my eldest brother are really a good match.”

“...” Lin Xiyu was a little embarrassed when she heard this. “Ah? Really?”

Lu Yuan couldn’t help but be surprised at her expression. Lin Xiyu saw this, glanced back and forth to her body and asked, “Why do you look at me like this? What’s wrong with me?”

Lu Yuan propped her chin and looked at her with a meaningful expression. “Do you know, if I said this before, you would definitely have reacted a lot, and you were even likely to have a frightened expression, but now, you’re shy after hearing me say that you and my eldest brother are a good match. Tell me the truth, have you slowly accepted my eldest brother?”

Lin Xiyu couldn’t help but be surprised by Lu Yuan. Lu Yuan was right, usually, hearing others say this, she would definitely react a lot, she and Lu Junting are a good match? How can that be?!

But now, hearing Lu Yuan say this, she was not so repulsive, and even really thought about it. Was she really a good match with Lu Junting?

Lu Yuan continued, “Anyway, I support whatever choice you make, and I also hope that you and my eldest brother can be well. After all, there’s still a child in common.”

Lin Xiyu nodded. “Since I choose to reconcile, I must want to go on well.”

Lin Xiyu and Lu Yuan returned to the club after eating, and soon after she returned, she received a WeChat friend request with the note ‘Deputy Manager of Changheng’s Publicity Department’.

Lin Xiyu left her phone number for the publicity department to facilitate contact, and it was not surprising that the Deputy Manager of the Publicity Department added her WeChat through her mobile phone number.

Lin Xiyu still had a little impression of this Deputy Manager, looking slightly fat, he seemed to be called Wu Lin.

Wu Lin: “Miss Lin’s design draft is quite good.”

Lin Xiyu remembered that last time Wu Lin said that he would discuss and gave them a reply, so this could be regarded as a reply?

Lin Xiyu: “Thank you for the compliment, there are still many shortcomings.”

Wu Lin: “Miss Lin should know that our manager often travels, so I’m responsible for the affairs of the Publicity Department.”

Lin Xiyu was very puzzled, what was the point of telling her this.

Lin Xiyu: “En, I know.”

Wu Lin: “So, if Miss Lin wants to cooperate with us, it’s a matter of my words.”

Why did this sound weird ah? Lin Xiyu asked directly: “If deputy manager Wu wants to say something, you can say it directly.”

It took a while for him to reply with a message: “I don’t know if Miss Lin has time to come out for a meal, I’ll treat you. Miss Lin can eat whatever you want.”

Lin Xiyu was not a girl who just came out of society. As soon as he saw this text message, she knew what was going on, and this sense of déjà vu of ‘unspoken rules’ should not be too strong.

Lin Xiyu really didn’t want to cooperate with Changheng, she just wanted to use this matter to meet Lu Junting. Since everyone she was going to say was told to Lu Junting and both of them were about to remarry, whether she could cooperate or not, she didn’t force it at all. So, she directly threw the phone aside.

Lin Xiyu’s silence undoubtedly made Wu Lin very frustrated. Although Wu Lin was not a heartthrob in the company, he was still very popular with girls, after all, he had the ability to work, and his uncle was still a shareholder of Changheng.

Wu Lin felt that he gave this girl surnamed Lin a chance to give her face, but he didn’t expect that this girl was quite ungrateful.

Lin Xiyu came home on time after work, the nanny was playing with Little Baby. Xiao Chengmao ran over with excitement as soon as he saw her, held up the assembled toy car in his hand and said, “Mom, play together.”

Lin Xiyu knew that she owed Chengmao this year. As long as she had time, she wanted to accompany him more to make up for it. She would accompany her baby if he wanted her company, as long as he was happy.

Lu Junting also went out for a meal in the afternoon, and when he came back in the evening, he saw the mother and son sitting on the cushion to get a toy car, and when they heard the sound, the two looked over and showed a very similar smile to him who came back. Both of their smiling eyes curved, bright and good-looking.

“Daddy.” The little one called out excitedly.

“Brother Junting.” The child’s mother also called out gently.

Lu Junting suddenly felt a little stunned. He felt that at this time he seemed to be an ordinary man, with his own wife and child, a happy family, a satisfactory life. His wife and child would greet him with a smile when he came back from work.

Because he was rewarded with a smile by his wife and child, Lu Junting was in a very good mood. He stepped forward, sat down on the sofa next to the two and asked, “What are you playing?”

Xiao Chengmao held up the assembled car and said, “Dad, look.”

With an approving smile on his face, Lu Junting rubbed his little head and praised, “Not bad.”

Xiao Chengmao giggled, thought of something and said, “Mom also helped, mom is great too.” The little guy pointed to his head with a serious face. “Daddy needs to touch mommy’s head too.”

Lu Junting: “...”

When the two heard the child’s words, they subconsciously glanced at each other. Lu Junting’s face did not change much, but Lin Xiyu was a little embarrassed. What is Little Baby doing? How can he let his father touch her head?

Seeing her father not moving, Xiao Chengmao simply held his father’s wrist directly. How much strength could the little guy have, Lu Junting raised his hand along the strength of Little Baby, and then stretched out to Lin Xiyu with the little guy’s direction.

The little guy held up his father’s hand and said to his mother again. “Come here mom.”

Lin Xiyu glanced at Lu Junting, his face was calm, he couldn’t see the rejection. Since Little Baby was so enthusiastic, she couldn’t help but give a face to Little Baby, so she stretched her head over and pressed it against Lu Junting’s palm.

Her hair was soft and slippery against his palm.

Did he really touch her ah? Lu Junting was surprised, he hid all the smiles in his heart, and subconsciously rubbed his fingertips on the top of her head a few times.


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