Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 45

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Happy Reading~Chapter 45: Very Attractive to Women

It didn’t take long to touch, but Lin Xiyu moved his head away, not feeling embarrassed, and did not dare to look at the man.

Lu Junting retracted his hand and scraped the tip of the little guy’s nose, and the little guy was very happy, humming and giggling. They didn’t know what he was happy about, but was even more happy than he was.

The more Lu Junting looked at his son, the more satisfied he felt. This little cub was really a lucky star, trying to keep him in every possible way was the most correct thing he had done in his life.

Lin Xiyu received a call from Changheng’s Publicity Department shortly after she went to work the next day, asking her to come to Changheng and bring her design drafts.

Yesterday she rejected the deputy manager, and today Changheng contacted her over. Lin Xiyu guessed, mostly because she refused the deputy manager’s unreasonable request, so the other party wanted to put her into place, so it was probably not a good thing to call her to Changheng in such a hurry. However, Lin Xiyu did not force the matter of the manuscript, she and Changheng were in contact because she wanted to see Lu Junting and the child, now she and Lu Junting were planning to remarry, cooperation or not, it didn’t matter. Regardless of the attitude of the other side, since they wanted her to go, then she would go.

Lin Xiyu came to Changheng as promised, in addition to the deputy manager Wu Lin, the general manager He Shuo was also there. The designer of the advertising agency was also there, and there were several employees of Changheng, who seemed to be not shallow in seniority.

After Lin Xiyu arrived, Wu Lin said directly, “Didn’t I say last time that I’d give you two a reply in a few days. So I called everyone over today to give you an answer.”

Wu Lin originally planned to severely degrade Lin Xiyu’s design draft in front of people to dampen her spirit, who knew that before he spoke, he saw He Shou suddenly received a call, and after hanging up the phone, his face changed, and he hurriedly stood up and said, “Wait first, President Lu is coming.”

When the others heard this, their faces changed drastically, and they all got up.

Lin Xiyu secretly thought, was the president Lu in He Shuo’s mouth Lu Junting?

Sure enough, soon after He Shuo went out, he came in with a tall and straight figure, who was it if not Lu Junting?

Lin Xiyu suddenly saw this man, and her heartbeat unconsciously went a few beats faster. When Lin Xiyu was a teenager, she never encountered boys that could make her heartbeat faster at a glance, but she didn’t expect after she got married and had a child, she was like a young girl’s heart that beat faster when seeing her child’s father.

Lin Xiyu felt that Lu Junting was a poisonous man.

As soon as Lu Junting came in, the people in the room got up to greet him, and Lu Junting said, “No need to be polite, just sit down.”

After sitting down, He Shou said, “President Lu came just in time, we are discussing the issue of the design draft. President Lu should see if there is anything satisfactory first.”

He Shuo handed over the two design drafts and Lu Junting glanced at it casually. There was a signature under the design draft, of course, it would be impossible for him to not recognize his wife’s signature. He held Lin Xiyu’s draft and said, “The two words ‘Changheng’ Miss Lin designed are quite distinctive, worthy of doing calligraphy, your writing is very artistic.”

Complimenting her in such an official tone in front of so many people really made her quite embarrassed. Lin Xiyu’s smile wasn’t quite natural and said, “Mr. Lu overpraised.”

Lu Junting said, “I just passed by here, and I heard that the matter of Changheng’s new billboard was being discussed here, so I stopped by to take a look, I hope I didn’t disturb you.”

He Shuo hurriedly said, “Of course not.”

Lu Junting stood up and said, “You guys can do your business first and get busy, I still have things to do.”

He Shuo hurriedly got up and sent him off. “Take care, President Lu.”

Because Lu Junting came, there was no doubt that all of Wu Lin’s plans had been disrupted. He had wanted to put down Lin Xiyu’s draft in front of the people, and then swept her out of this collaboration, so that she would know how powerful he was. Who knew that big boss Lu suddenly came, and directly affirmed Lin Xiyu’s draft in front of people. Everyone could see that President Lu was satisfied with Lin Xiyu’s draft, if he still used the draft given by the advertising company, wasn’t this deliberately going against big boss Lu? Although Wu Lin’s uncle was a shareholder of Changheng, Lu Junting was the chairman of the board of directors, of course he did not have the ability to go against Lu Junting.

So then everyone voted unanimously to adopt Lin Xiyu’s draft, such a result naturally made the designer of that announcement company not too satisfied, after all, Wu Lin promised him that as long as his side nodded, everyone would be fine. Wu Lin didn’t expect that the lesson was not given, but he offended the other side. Therefore, Wu Lin felt more and more that Lin Xiyu, this woman, leaving him with nothing good.

Just like this, Lin Xiyu was in cooperation with Changheng, and it was really completely unexpected by Lin Xiyu. Lin Xiyu was actually mentally prepared, after all, she offended the deputy manager and she felt that most of her drafts could not pass. Who knew that Lu Junting stopped by to take a look.

Did Lu Junting really stop by to see it? Or did he know she was over here?

“Miss Lin.”

The voice that sounded behind pulled back Lin Xiyu’s thoughts. She looked back, only to see that it was He Shuo walking towards her.

He Shuo said, “We will be partners in the future, I hope we can cooperate happily.”

Lin Xiyu replied, “Then I have to trouble Mr. He will give more guidance.”

“Don’t be polite.” He Shuo took out his mobile phone and glanced at the time. “It’s noon now, why don’t we go have a meal together?”

At this time, the two were in the corridor outside the conference room of the Publicity Department, with the occasional employee walking by. Lin Xiyu was about to find a reason to refuse, when her mobile phone suddenly rang. She picked it up and glanced at it, it was Lu Junting who called.

Lin Xiyu hurriedly picked it up, only to hear Lu Junting over there asking, “Haven’t you left yet?”

“Not yet.”

“Who are you with?”

Lu Junting asked Qin Yu to help him install a software, which could directly connect to the monitoring room, the picture where he wanted to see could be retrieved at any time. At this time Lu Junting looked at the person in the computer screen, of course, he knew who she was with.

Lin Xiyu was particularly honest and replied, “I’m with the manager of the Publicity Department. Aren’t we cooperating now? Manager He is asking me for a meal.”

“Oh? You agreed?”

“No.” Lin Xiyu vaguely felt that Lu Junting’s tone was a bit strange, so she simply asked, “What’s the matter? Are you looking for me?”

“It’s okay. I know you came over here and just asked. Since you didn’t agree, then go back early.”


Lin Xiyu put her mobile phone away, waiting for Lu Junting to hang up himself. When Lu Junting saw that she didn’t hang up the phone, and didn’t even mean to hang up, he listened quietly to the other end of the phone.

He only heard her say to He Shuo, “I’m sorry Mr. He, it’s not really convenient for me to go.”

He Shuo said, “Is your friend here to see you?”

Lu Junting’s fingers holding the mobile phone tightened subconsciously, and somehow, that sentence ‘my friend’s brother’ suddenly jumped into his mind. He was her friend’s brother, or something irrelevant, but not her husband.

However, Lin Xiyu’s next words were completely unexpected, and he only heard her say, “It’s not my friend, it’s my husband.”

He Shuo was surprised. “Your husband? You’re married?”

“Yes, I’m married, and have a child.”

He didn’t hear anything they said later, and his mind was full of her phrase ‘It’s my husband’.

Lu Junting silently hung up the phone, took a sip of coffee, and his tight heart suddenly relaxed. The corners of his mouth unconsciously lifted up an arc.

After a while, there was a knock on the door, and Lu Junting thought that the assistant was coming to deliver something and said, “Come in.”

The door was pushed open and it was Lin Xiyu who came in.

“You haven’t left yet?” Lu Junting asked her.

“I’m over here anyway, so I’ll come and have a meal with you.”

Specifically asked him to join for a meal? Eat alone with him? The child was not here today.

However, Lu Junting didn’t think too much of it, and it was nothing for having a meal together, so he said, “Someone will deliver the meal later, the company cafetaria made it, I don’t know if it suits your appetite or not.”

Lin Xiyu said with a smile, “It’s okay, it’s okay, I can eat anything.”

Smiling with curving eyes, the clear sky outside was not as bright as her face at this moment.

He had never seen her smile at him like this, not when the divorce was going on, not before the divorce, and even if she smiled at him at that time, she was full of wariness.

Why did you smile at him like that ah? Lu Junting felt that he was really done, he had a feeling of being at a loss for her expression.

Lu Junting slowed down his emotions, which had become disoriented because she had rewarded him with a smile, before he used the intercom to call the people outside and asked them to send over an extra meal. After the call, he rushed to her and said, “I’m still a little bit busy, so sit down for a while.”


Lin Xiyu obediently answered, sat down on the sofa, casually took a magazine to read. Lu Junting was already busy over there, and after a while, the secretary suddenly knocked on the door and said, “President Lu, Vice President Liu came over.”

Lu Junting said, “Let her wait for me in the conference room.”

After the secretary went out, Lu Junting said to her, “I’ll deal with things first.”

Looking at Lu Junting’s figure going out, Lin Xiyu fell into deep thought, that Vice President Liu, wasn’t it Liu Manqing? The one who had been showing up with him a lot lately? The two were also formed CP by the outside world?

The conference room was not far away, Liu Manqing was waiting inside when Lu Junting entered. She saw Lu Junting come in and asked, “I’m all the way to the door of your office and you still let me come to the conference room to wait? What’s wrong? I’m not allowed in your office?”

Lu Junting said, “My wife is inside, I don’t want to talk about business in front of her, for fear of disturbing her.”

Liu Manqing nodded in understanding. “No wonder.”

Lin Xiyu waited for a while for Lu Junting to come back, and she asked the secretary where the conference room was located, and the secretary pointed it out to her, so she was ready to go over and take a look.

Unexpectedly, before she reached the conference room, she saw Lu Junting and Liu Manqing coming out of it. Lin Xiyu was startled and without thinking, she hid directly in the corner next to her.

Lu Junting and Liu Manqing discussed things as they walked, probably discussing too much and when they passed around the corner, they didn’t notice her hiding inside.

Liu Manqing said, “The person in charge of the foreign country really didn’t do this thing properly, the indicators for this quarter are out, and he has not yet reached the last quarter’s.”

Lu Junting said, “Manpower is a big problem over there, and the targets given to him should be adjusted accordingly, so they don’t have to be the same as those of other branches.”

“It’s all been adjusted several times.” Liu Manqing sighed after speaking, “But to be honest, the person in charge is indeed a pretty down-to-earth person, but he doesn’t know how to be flexible and is stubborn.”

Lu Junting said, “Isn’t this quite good, just like you.”

Liu Manqing was dissatisfied. “How is it the same as me?”

“Aren’t you also stubborn, and aren’t you doing just fine now?”

“Tsk, I said you…”

After both of them walked over, Lin Xiyu came out from the corner, looking at the figure of the two walking side by side. Lin Xiyu had a strange and uncomfortable feeling in her heart.

She felt strange, she had never asked about his personal affairs before, even if he was rumored to have an affair with others, she didn’t care so much, but now just seeing him walking with someone else made her feel uncomfortable.

But she immediately thought that she and Lu Junting were about to remarry,she was his wife-to-be, and as a wife-to-be, why should she be so lonely and hide on the sidelines to watch him walk side by side with another woman.

Lin Xiyu adjusted his breathing and shouted to Lu Junting, “Brother Junting.”

Lu Junting heard the voice and looked back, and was surprised to see that it was her, he asked, “Why are you over here?”

Lin Xiyu said, “I see that you haven’t come back for so long and want to come out to see, just went the wrong way before I circled out and saw you.”

She ran over to see because he didn’t go back for a long time? Missing him so much?

While speaking, Lin Xiyu had already stepped forward, and Lu Junting introduced the two, “This is the Vice President Liu of Changheng, Liu Manqing, and this is my wife Lin Xiyu.”

Liu Manqing glanced at Lin Xiyu. Few people should know about Lu Junting’s marriage, but Liu Manqing was not surprised to hear him introduce her like this, and she politely stretched out her hand and greeted, “Hello Mrs. Lu.”

Lin Xiyu also generously shook her hand. “Hello Vice President Liu.”

Lu Junting said, “If you change the previous plan, just change it according to what I said, and wait for the rest to be corrected.”

Liu Manqing nodded. “Okay.” She was very self-aware and said, “Then I’ll go ahead and get busy first.” After speaking, she smiled and said to Lin Xiyu, “Mrs. Lu, have fun.”

After Liu Manqing left, Lu Junting said, “Why did you still come out to look for me? Are you? Are you afraid I’ll lose it?”

He used a half-joking tone, and Lin Xiyu also said in a joking tone, “That’s right ah, I’m afraid that you lose it.”

Lu Junting: “...”

Lu Junting was puzzled, how could she really give him the feeling that she missed him, and didn’t she think that the phrase ‘afraid that you lose it’ was a bit ambiguous? This little girl was very shy, wasn’t she most afraid of ambiguity?

The two returned to Lu Junting’s office, and the assistant had already brought two lunches. There was a small dining table in Lu Junting’s office, and both of them walked to the table and sat down, eating their meals in silence.

“You eat slowly, I still have some things to deal with.”

After Lu Junting finished speaking, he sat back at his desk. Lin Xiyu had always had a question she wanted to ask Lu Junting, but she had never opened her mouth to ask, but now, she wanted to know.

Lin Xiyu summoned up the courage to ask him, “Brother Junting, when exactly are we going to remarry?”

Both of them moved in together for several days now, and Lu Junting had never said anything about remarrying, so Lin Xiyu did not know what he thought.

However, Lin Xiyu didn’t understand, in fact, she misunderstood Lu Junting, not that Lu Junting didn’t want to remarry, but there were some things he didn’t know how to say to her.

In fact, they didn’t divorce at all, they only signed the divorce agreement at first, and they didn’t go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a divorce, so they were actually still husband and wife. The little girl probably had no experience, thinking that signing the agreement was divorce, of course, he didn’t remind her.

He didn’t know how to tell her this, he couldn’t tell her directly that they weren’t divorced, and she’d think he was lying to her. It was hard to hope she’d come around, he had to be careful, he didn’t want to mess it up just like that.

Lu Junting said, “I’m a little busy during this time, and we’ll go to remarry after a while.”

Lin Xiyu nodded, was he really too busy? Or was there some other reason?

Lin Xiyu left first after eating at Lu Junting’s office, and it was already very late, so Lin Xiyu didn’t go back to the club and went straight home. After returning home, she first played with Little Baby, and Lu Yuan’s call came shortly after she returned.

“I heard that your draft was used by the Publicity Department, congratulations ah.”

“Then I have to thank you.”

“Thank me for what ah, you’re the one with the talent.”

Both of them made a few jokes back and forth like this, Lin Xiyu thought of something and asked her, “By the way, are you familiar with Liu Manqing?”

“I’ve only met her a few times, so I’m not very familiar, but I know she’s quite capable at business. Why are you asking about her all of sudden?”

Lin Xiyu said, “After coming out of the Publicity Department today, I went to your eldest brother’s office for a while. I met her coming over to report her work and I feel that she and your eldest brother have quite a tacit understanding.”

Lu Yuan said, “Liu Manqing is quite capable, my eldest brother also appreciates her, the two of them are indeed quite familiar. I heard that when they went to university, they were brought out by the same mentor, and it was a senior brother and sister relationship.”

Lin Xiyu nodded, no wonder, it turned out that there was still a relationship between senior brother and sister, no wonder there was such a tacit understanding.

Lu Yuan said again, “Why are you suddenly concerned about Liu Manqing? You don’t hear those rumors in the company, right? Don’t think too much, my eldest brother and her are just working together.”

Lin Xiyu was silent for a moment and said, “No.”

After hanging up the phone, Lin Xiyu fell into deep thought, and even she felt strange why she cared about the relationship between Liu Manqing and Lu Junting, even specifically asking Lu Yuan. In the past when she was with him, she would not even ask about his personal affairs.

But for some reason, once she thought of the two getting close, plus having a layer of senior brother and sister relationship, she had an inexplicable sense of crisis in her heart.

In the evening, Lu Junting came back a little late, and the two sat face to face on both sides of the dining table, eating silently, which was often the case when she married him before. However, unlike before, Lin Xiyu looked at him from time to time because she had doubts.

His movements of eating were slow and methodical, and his gestures were quite aesthetically pleasing.

Probably realizing her gaze, Lu Junting subconsciously looked over, and Lin Xiyu was startled, pretending to avoid it naturally. Although Lin Xiyu’s gaze was retracted quickly, Lu Junting still saw it. Lu Junting knew that he wasn’t wrong, and the little girl was indeed staring at him.

He felt strange, what was she staring at him for, he even subconsciously touched his face, there should be nothing on his face, right?

After he wasn’t looking at her anymore, she continued to look over.

Lin Xiyu looked at him with a complicated mood because of Liu Manqing’s relationship at first, but when she looked at him, she unconsciously admired him.

His muscles were firm and strong, outlined by a fitted shirt that curved extraordinarily well in the front and back. Whether it was his tight jawline or his protruding Adam’s apple, or his broad shoulders and tight waist, or his slender knuckles and sturdy arms exposed by half-rolled sleeves. It only took a glance to discover the attractive charm of this man.

Such a man was really attractive to women, right?

Lu Junting really didn’t understand why she kept looking at him. He thought that he was still thick-skinned, but he was really a little overwhelmed by the woman that he thought in his heart when she was staring at him like this.

Before Lu Junting was made uncomfortable by her look, he finally couldn’t help but ask, “Is there something wrong? Why do you keep looking at me?”

Lin Xiyu: “...”

She was discovered. Lin Xiyu lowered her head in embarrassment, took a bite of her meal, and randomly found a reason, “No, I just think that your clothes look pretty good today.”

Lu Junting glanced down at the shirt of his body, today he was wearing a dark brown shirt, different from the previous business style. This shirt was more casual, so this girl likes this style?

Lin Xiyu went back to the room after eating, she even felt very strange, firstly, why would it be so uncomfortable to see Liu Manqing and Lu Junting standing together, and secondly, why did she feel that Lu Junting had a special attraction in him. She didn’t have any of these feelings when she was with him before.

Lu Junting went back to the room to take a shower, he spread his shirt on the bed and took a photo, and then sent the photo to the assistant, asking him to buy a few more pieces for him according to this model.

Zhou Jin: “How many pieces does President Lu need?”

Lu Junting: “Let’s buy twenty pieces first.”

Zhou Jin: “...”

Zhou Jin felt very strange, why was he buying so much at one time? Looking at President Lu’s temperament, it didn’t look like he was entangled with wholesale.

After the photo was taken, Lu Junting took the clothes to the nanny again and asked her to help wash and iron them so that he would wear them tomorrow.

The nanny also did not understand, a bunch of washed and ironed clothes in the owner’s cloakroom, why did he have to wear this? The owner had always paid attention to quality, the same clothes would not be worn for two days in a row, she didn’t understand what was going on, but she also took money to do things, and she would do weather people order.

Lin Xiyu didn’t sleep much that night and woke up early the next morning. She first went to her son’s room and took care of him with the nanny and then she went downstairs holding her son’s hand.

Lu Junting was sitting on the sofa drinking coffee, and when he heard the voice, his gaze lifted slightly to look over. At this time, he was holding a coffee cup in his hand, the rim of the cup was gently pressed against his lips. There was hot air steaming above the coffee cup, and his pair of eyes were looking through the mist, and the action of lifting his eyes slightly deepened his gaze, which seemed to be more penetrating. It suddenly landed on her, and Lin Xiyu had a feeling of being shocked by the electricity.

She felt a strange tingling sensation coming from her back. Her back stiffened and she couldn’t move a muscle until the child pulled her hand before she came back to her senses, lowered her head in slight embarrassment, and went downstairs with the child.

Lu Junting naturally did not let her go, nor did she let go. When she saw him, her eyes looked straight.

It looked like she really liked him dressed like this.


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