Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Just Want to Cling to Him

Lu Chengmao walked to his father’s side, and Lu Junting naturally pulled him into his arms. He held him and sat him on his lap. The child looked at the coffee he drank, wrinkled his little brows and asked, “Why does Daddy drink medicine every day?”

“It’s not medicine, it’s coffee.”

The child insisted, “It’s medicine, bitter medicine.”

His son treated all bitter things as medicine, and he was very tenacious, just like his mother. Lu Junting was too lazy to correct him, teasing him, “Do you want to taste the medicine?”

The child shrunk from his arms in fright, and ran to his mother’s side. Lin Xiyu sat down a little away from Lu Junting at this time, and the child ran over to her and she subconsciously embraced him. She had not slowed down yet, the child said something to her and she didn’t hear it.

She felt puzzled. What was it like ? She actually didn’t dare to look at Lu Junting at this time because his eyes looked evil.

Lu Junting’s gaze swept towards her, Lin Xiyu subconsciously sat up straight. In order to relieve this unexplained tension, she hurriedly held her son in her arms.

Lu Junting felt that she was very strange, didn’t she like him to wear these clothes? He deliberately wore it for her to see, but she didn’t even look at it more.

“I don’t have a morning meeting today, I'll give you a ride to work later.”

Lin Xiyu nodded. “Okay.”

The two finished breakfast, got into the car one after another. Lin Xiyu regretted it when she got in the car. How did she agree to let him send her to work? His breath simply everyone, smelling his smell, she felt even more uncomfortable.

This discomfort was not the same as the uneasiness of facing him before. The uneasiness before was mostly out of fear of him, but now, this kind of uneasiness came from an unfamiliar tension, the kind of feeling  that even just smelling him would make one’s hands and feet feel at a loss, or even feel almost suffocated.

Especially at this time, sitting with him, some pictures were unconsciously playing back in her mind and she remembered that in the past, as long as they sat together, he would always be close to her, either by putting his arm around her waist or hooking her shoulder.

Thinking of this, her heart was clenching and about to suffocate was more obvious, yet she found that she was actually looking forward to it a little, even though she was all tense and uncomfortable at the moment, she was looking forward to him sitting a little closer, looking forward to him being closer to her.

Lin Xiyu wondered if she was sick.

Lu Junting was not the same as her thoughts at this time, in the confined space of the car, he could smell her at any time. This smell was very light, but it made him realize that she was sitting next to him at any time. Lu Junting never had meat after divorcing her, and for a carnivore who had not eaten meat, it was easy to imagine how much the sudden smell of meat seduced him.

The only thing Lu Junting wanted to do now was to hold her down and kiss her hard. But if he did that, he was afraid that the little girl would think he was crazy, maybe even more afraid of him. It was a pity to screw up so hard to hope that she would turn back.

Lu Junting could only endure it, enduring it until he was hot. He subconsciously unbuttoned two of his shirt buttons and propped his elbows on his knees to slowly calm the messy thoughts that raced through his mind.

Although Lin Xiyu had been sitting obediently, the afterglow fell on him from time to time, and his action of unbuttoning naturally fell into her eyes. Lin Xiyu felt that she was finished, she actually felt that his action of unbuttoning was so good, showing a kind of wild unruliness, and the posture of his elbows against the knees also gave a kind of confident atmosphere of everyone under control.

Lin Xiyu came back to his senses and shook his head. Oh my God, what was wrong with her, from when exactly did his every move actually attracted her.

The two had their own thoughts, and the car was already driven to the entrance of the club.

“Then, I’ll go first.”


She had thought that not having to face him after getting out of the car would make it easier for her, but as she watched the car drive away, she actually had a feeling of reluctance.

Lin Xiyu found that not only she began to be overwhelmed by Lu Junting’s attraction, but also became a little clingy to him.

Lu Junting had said that he would pick her up after work, but Lin Xiyu didn’t expect him to come so quickly, and she saw the familiar car right after she came out of the club.

At this time, Lu Junting leaned lazily, the belt was tied around his waist to tie his tight waist, lengthening his leg-to-body ratio, slender and straight legs were crossed at will. Today the temperature was a little bit dropping, and he added a vest over his shirt, tightly closed to his body, and the arc of his muscle was perfect.

He hadn’t worn it like this before, but seeing him at this time, she had a feeling of brightening up, and she was really amazed by him. At that moment, the surrounding scenery seemed to have faded, the early summer season, colorful, but they all fell back behind him, became an illusory background. She could only see him, he just casually stood there, but firmly attracted her attention.

It was really inexplicable, the more she looked at Mr. Lu now, the more she felt pleasant?

Lu Junting naturally saw his wife, but she was not alone, and she was accompanied by a few colleagues. He suddenly remembered that the girl did not want outsiders to know about her marriage, she liked quietness and liked to keep a low profile, and Lu Junting had a certain popularity in Ancheng, so she even more did not want people to know that her husband was him.

The colleagues around Lin Xiyu noticed that she had been staring at the man across the street and one of them nudged her and asked, “Grand Aunt, do you know him?”

Lin Xiyu only then came back to her senses from being stunned by Lu Junting, who hung his head slightly and was considering whether or not to pretend he didn’t recognize her, and then he heard that girl say to someone, “He’s my husband.”

Lu Junting froze for a moment, she directly told someone his identity? Didn’t she always hate people knowing about her marriage?
Those colleagues were shocked when they heard this, because Lin Xiyu was young, they didn’t expect her to be married, but everyone was very self-aware, and joked about her a few times before excusing themselves.

Lin Xiyu walked over and said, “Let’s go.”

Lu Junting reacted as he held back the smile that was about to float on his face, and helped her pull open the car door. On the way back, Lu Junting was in a good mood.

Lin Xiyu also realized that she had a very strange feeling for Lu Junting, anyway, it became different from before, but she was not too repulsed by this feeling.

She used to always be at a loss when faced with Lu Junting’s closeness, but now she actually began to look forward to his initiative to approach, but since the two of them had been living together again, he had been very peaceful, and had even become cautious. The previous habit of hugging and cuddling as soon as they sat down together was also gone now.

Lin Xiyu felt this time she and Lu Junting remarried, they could slightly change the way they got along, and she shouldn’t be passive as she was before.

So, sitting in the car, Lin Xiyu thought about whether she should take the initiative first, but she looked at the man in front of her with a strong aura, and she didn’t dare.

After trying several times without success, Lin Xiyu sighed softly and secretly thought, just, it was better to take it slow, no need to be so deliberate.

After returning home, Lin Xiyu first took the child to play for a while, fed him something to eat, and Lin Xiyu asked, “Little Baby, what do you want to eat tomorrow?”

Little Baby replied without hesitation, “Shrimp dumplings.”

Little Baby loved to eat shrimp dumplings, and Lin Xiyu said, “That’s fine, mommy will make them for you.”

Speaking of this, Lin Xiyu glanced at Lu Junting again. Lu Junting was sitting in the dining table to eat, and Lin Xiyu asked him, “What does brother Junting want to eat tomorrow?”

Lu Junting naturally heard the conversation between the mother and son, but he didn’t expect to have his share. Although the person might just ask him in passing, Lu Junting was still happy in his heart.
“Just let the chef do it, you’re tired from work, so just sleep well in the morning.”

Lin Xiyu said, “It’s okay, I get up early in the morning and I don’t have much to do, so brother Junting can request anything you want to eat.”

“Whatever, I can eat anything.”

“Then we’ll make shrimp dumplings together.”

You’re really doing it for him ah? Lately, he was quite able to stick to the light of the cub.

Early the next morning, Lin Xiyu got up early, saying that she was going to make shrimp dumplings for the father and son. She didn’t know if she hadn’t been in the kitchen for a long time, and Lin Xiyu didn’t pay attention to being cut when chopping shrimp meat.

She hurriedly came out of the kitchen and was about to look for a first aid kit, just in time to see Lu Junting coming down from upstairs. She didn’t know why, after she realized that she had developed a strange feeling towards Lu Junting, she had a strange feeling of dependence towards him, this feeling of dependence prompted her to want to be cared for by him and wanted to cling to him.

So as soon as she looked at him, she made a pitiful look and said, “Brother Junting, what should I do? I hurt my hand.”

Lu Junting saw that her fingers were bleeding, and he quickly came down from the stairs, his brows tightened and his face was tense. “What’s going on?”

His expression startled Lin Xiyu, so much so that she didn’t dare to make a pitiful expression to win sympathy anymore, she said carefully, “I… accidentally cut my hand when cutting the meat.”

“Didn’t I tell you to let the chef do it? It’s really good to do something simple, why do you still take a knife?”

His expression looked a bit fierce, Lin Xiyu originally wanted to argue, she just wanted to make breakfast for the father and son herself, but in the face of his condensed expression, she just opened her mouth but couldn’t speak.

“Come with me.”

Lu Junting grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the storage room, Lin Xiyu didn’t dare to say a word, like a primary school student who had been reprimanded by the head teacher, obediently following behind him.

Lu Junting took out the medical kit, found a cotton swab alcohol anti-inflammatory drug, skillfully moved. His slender fingers flew, and the things to be used were soon neatly set laid out by him.

Lin Xiyu felt that his hands were really nice looking, with well boned fingertips, he was pinching her wrist with one hand and holding cotton dipped in alcohol with a cotton swab in the other.

Lin Xiyu felt that the fingers pinching her wrist also had a warm and delicate feeling, and she had done something more intimate with Lu JUnting before, but it was not as strong as the feeling of being pinched by her wrist at this moment. Her heart was sour and swollen, and her heartbeat was inexplicably speeding up.

She felt as if she had entered a pink space, filled with pink bubbles, surrounded by beautiful surroundings, like a dream. Until the pain of the alcohol hitting the wound pulled her back to her senses, she bared her teeth in pain.

He heard her ‘hiss’ and subconsciously softened his movements, asking, “Does it hurt?”

She nodded. “A little.”

The action that fell on her wound was eased, disinfected, coated her with anti-inflammatory drug, and helped her wrap the gauze. When the fingers wrapped around the gauze, the splendid knuckles flexibly turned, and Lin Xiyu felt that his hand was as beautiful as a work of art.

Knotting the gauze, Lu Junting said to her, “Change the medicine every other day, don’t let it touch water.”

His temperament was calm and steady, and when he spoke seriously, he had the feeling of an adult ordering a child to do things, and Lin Xiyu also felt as if she had turned into a child and obediently nodded her head.

She and Lu Junting came out of the storage room one after another. Lu Junting was going to have a morning meeting and left first. After he had gone for a long time, Lin Xiyu looked at the wound taht was neatly wrapped by him and still exuded a sense of joy. She didn’t know what she was happy about but when she thought that he had just carefully bandaged the wound for her, she had a feeling of heart blooming with joy.

Although this feeling made her very strange, she did not feel any sense of rejection.

Lu Junting came back from the morning meeting and saw that there were more people in his office. Liu Junting was not surprised, anyway, Xiao Zi’ang also liked to come to his side to eat and drink, but looking at the snacks and coffee in front of Xiao Zi’ang, he still habitually said, “You really don’t take yourself as outsider.”

Xiao Zi’ang said, “Who are we with each other ah?”

Lu Junting didn’t want to pay attetnion to him, sat down at the desk and began to deal with things. Xiao Zi’ang took a sip of coffee and couldn’t help gossiping, “I heard that you’re going to remarry Xiao Xiyu?”

It was not a secret that he and Lin Xiyu were going to remarry, and it wasn’t surprising that Xiao Zi’ang knew about it, Lu Junting didn’t even raise his head for a second and said, “Yeah, what’s wrong?”

“Ah? Do you really want to remarry ah?” Xiao Zi’ang was stunned. “I remember that you were quite stiff when you divorced. I heard that you even have to keep you calm as big boss Lu and almost kneel down to beg her, but Xiao Xiyu still left.”

Lu Junting glared at him from the bottom up. At this angle, his eyes were outlined very sharply, and Xiao Zi’ang subconsciously winced and temporarily stopped his mouth.

After being silent for a while, Xiao Zi’ang still didn’t hold back, and continued to ask, “At that time, you divorced with a kind of energy that wouldn’t go back even to death. How come you suddenly want to remarry again?”

Lu Junting let out a cold snort from the end of his nose and said, “What else can it be, the person misses the son.”

“You mean Xiao Xiyu remarried you because of Xiao Chengmao?”


“Why don’t you say it’s because of you?”

Lu Junting glanced at him again, and he then sneered mockingly. “Because of me? The person doesn’t have me in heart, because of me?”

“Tsk tsk tsk.” Xiao Zi’ang let out a sigh from the bottom of his heart. “I really didn’t expect to see you, Lu Junting in my lifetime, to be frustrated, since childhood you are the child of other people’s families, and everything good was occupied by you. I really didn’t expect ah, didn’t expect that you actually overturned by the hand of a woman, a little girl can tossed you like this.”

When Lu Jutning looked at Xiao Zi’ang again, there was obviously more killing intent under his eyes, Xiao Zi’ang accepted it when he saw it, just afraid of bumping into him on the knife, and drank the last sip of coffee, got up and said, “Coffee is finished, I won’t bother you anymore.” After speaking, he ran away in a huff.

Lu Junting leaned heavily on the back of his chair, a fire stirred up by Xiao Zi’ang words, and his face looked horribly sunken. But he also had to admit that he was really in someone else's hand, unable to do anything but be led around by that soft little girl.

Lin Xiyu called Lu Yuan after work and asked her to accompany her to buy two nice clothes.

The two met at the shopping mall they frequented, and Lu Yuan asked her, “Why do you suddenly want to buy clothes?”

“Isn’t this a change of season? I want to pick out some new clothes, you have good eyes, help me choose.”

Lu Yuan helped her pick out a few sets, among which there was a black velvet mini dress she liked very much, a long-sleeved waist long dress, with a circle of white lace embellishment on the collar, black velvet vintage, a circle of while lace trimmed just right, so that the color was not so monotonous and old-fashioned. And the skirt was well cut, perfectly outlining the advantages of her figure, long legs, thin waist and full breasts. The more Lin Xiyu looked, the more she liked it.

Lu Yuan said, “If you like it so much, why don’t you just wear this back?”

Hearing this, Lin Xiyu’s first thought was that when she wore this outfit, she didn’t know if brother Junting would like it when he saw it. Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but smile, it was really strange, why did she think about whether he liked it or not.

However, Lu Yuan’s proposal was good and she could go back like this. Because Lin Xiyu came back late after shopping at the mall, Lu Junting had already returned when she came back.

The weather was getting warmer and it was getting dark, and when Lin Xiyu went back, the father and son were flying kites in the backyard. Lu Chengmao took a small kite and ran in front, and Lu Junting followed behind.

“Ran faster, or you won’t be able to fly the kite.”

As soon as Lu Junting’s words fell, the child running in front fell to the ground with a pop. Lu Junting put his hands in his pockets, and he didn’t mean to help at all.

“Stand up yourself.”

The little guy didn’t cry or make trouble, obediently stood up and patted the mud on his body, and continued to run with the kite. Looking at this scene, Lin Xiyu was quite surprised, but she didn’t expect that her family’s Little Baby was quite tough.

Lin Xiyu walked to the backyard, the little guy quickly saw her, he was happy, and the kite was not released. He ran over with his little short legs, and Lin Xiyu squatted down to hug him.

“Mom, Little Baby fell down.” The little guy who was still strong just a moment ago, said with a grievance as soon as she hugged his mother, his little mouth pouting and his big eyes flashing, “Daddy’s so mean.”

Lu Junting stepped forward and said with a cold snort, “You’ve even learned to sue?”

The little guy threw himself into his mother’s arms aggrieved and said, “Mom, hug.”

Lin Xiyu was about to hug him, but the little guy thought of something and said, “Don’t don’t, I’m dirty now, and will get mommy dirty too.” He stretched out his little finger to point at the dirt rubbing on his knee, and Lin Xiyu laughed, “It’s okay.”

The little guy pushed her away, ran away in a huff, saying while running, “Let Auntie wash me first, and then give mommy a hug.”

He was small and short-legged, and when he went up the steps, his little body shrank up on its back, a round body that looked very cute.

As soon as Little Baby left, only Lu Junting and Lin Xiyu were left in the backyard. Lu Junting found that the dress she was wearing today was very special, and it seemed like he hadn’t seen it before.

Lin Xiyu just squatted down to hug Little Baby, slowly stood up at this time, just when there was a gust of wind, her long hair was blown by the wind. She subconsciously stroked it with her hand, and the hemline of her long skirt was blown to flap up, and at that moment, Lu Junting felt that she was like a butterfly spreading its wings, as if it was going to fly away if he didn’t pay attention.

He even had the urge to run over and hold her in his arms.

Lin Xiyu lifted her blow-dried hair behind her ear, revealing a small, fair face, and she gave him a faint smile as she greeted him, “Brother Junting.”

Seeing her smile, Lu Junting felt that his breathing was chaotic, so he lowered his head slightly to adjust his breathing. He couldn’t lose his temper, he couldn’t scare her, it was hard to expect the person to come back, so he couldn’t scare her away.

When he looked up again, his expression had returned to calm. He even pretended to be calm and replied, “Why are you back so late today?” However, the hands in the trouser pockets were clenched into fists, and the palms of the hands were already sweaty.

“Went to buy some clothes.” She lifted the hem of her skirt and showed it to him, “This is new too, does it look good?”

She was still smiling at him, a light smile, and his clenched hands tightened. She really needed to stop smiling at him like that, his self-control wasn’t that good.

But his face was still calm, and he said, “It’s quite nice.”

If it was quite nice, then it should be liked as well. Lin Xiyu was satisfied with his answer.

“By the way, Little Baby’s birthday is coming up. How does brother Junting plan to do it for him?”

Lu Junting said, “Ask him what he wants, and do what he says.”

Little Baby was taken by the nanny to take a bath and changed clothes. Lin Xiyu and Lu Junting came back from the backyard one after another. As soon as Little Baby saw Lin Xiyu, he threw himself into her arms and said happily, “Little Baby is not dirty, Little Baby smells good.”

Lin Xiyu hugged him on the sofa, rubbing his nose. “En, smells good,  smells good, give your mommy a sniff.”

Xiao Chengmao was amused by his mother and giggled, Lu Junting sat on the side. Although the one who was amused was not him, but somehow his heart also followed the joy.

“Little Baby’s birthday is coming, tell mommy what Little Baby wants to do.”

Xiao Chengmao thought about it and replied, “I want cream, lots and lots of it.”

Lin Xiyu nodded. “Okay, then I’ll make a big cake for Little Baby.”

Little Baby raised his small fist to the top of his head. “Yay, eat a big cake.”

At night, Lin Xiyu took care of Little Baby but she could not fall asleep. She looked at the dress on her body, she thought of the look that Lu Junting looked at her just now, he seemed to like it, so why not let it play a role again.

Lin Xiyu took the manuscript she had designed for Changheng and hesitated in front of Lu Junting’s study for a while before knocking on the door.

“Come in.”

Lin Xiyu pushed the door in, and Lu Junting thought that the nanny came in to deliver coffee, so he was surprised to see that it was Lin Xiyu. He temporarily put down his hand and asked, “Do you need anything from me?”

Lin Xiyu said, “I want to ask brother Junting about the design of Changheng billboard, after all, the final design draft still has to be agreed by brother Junting, so I simply come to ask you directly.”

“Come here.”

Lin Xiyu obediently took the design draft, and Lu Junting glanced at it and briefly stated his point of view. At this time, Lin Xiyu was standing next to Lu Junting, and from this angle she could see Lu Junting’s arms and thighs very clearly. She suddenly remembered that when he used to talk to her, he especially liked to pull her on his lap and hold her. He had to deliberately lean into her ear and speak, it was very bad.

Lu Junting said a few words without getting her reaction, he looked up at her. She stood next to him, her eyes looking straight at him, and he followed her eyes, and found that she was looking at his thighs…

He really didn’t expect that the usually shy little girl would stare at such a delicate part of him.

She was still wearing this sexy outfit and looked at him like this.

Lu Junting’s body heated up almost instantly as he pulled his tie.

Can’t take it anymore, damn it!


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