The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 23 - Encounter

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I just had a very big life-changing event recently, so the translation was late. Happy reading~
Chapter 23: Encounter

In his previous life, he was successfully slapped in the face, and he was confined at home during this time—— Jing Sui promised not to punish himself on the condition that Grand Duke Ji Ting had to discipline himself well, so Grand Duke Ji Ting had no choice but to ground Ji Ling as an explanation to His Majesty’s anger.

Although he was not grounded in this life, Ji Ling was also not in the mood to go out at all.

He stayed at home every day, and all day long he looked at the news on the Internet.

Not to mention, he really saw some exciting news. He thought that Jing Sui would maintain himself a lot after being reborn and  he would also save the beauty heroically in the duel arena, and the direction of this life and Ning Yu’s direction was likely to be different… He shouldn’t have let the media speculate about him and Ning Yu, but to Ji Ling’s surprise, this incident happened as usual again!

And the overwhelming scandal actually felt even worse than the previous life…

If you want to say that no one is behind it, he doesn’t believe it!

This made Ji Ling a little confused, couldn’t figure out Jing Sui’s attitude. According to theory, Jing Sui should not do this ah, didn’t he show that he cared about his feelings before? Could it be that there was a problem with his previous guess? Jing Sui actually still likes Ning Yu?

This thought surprised Ji Ling, as if he was in a desperate situation, but he didn’t expect Jing Sui to be reborn or willing to go through the plot! And the firing was even more serious than before!

It seemed that he still did not give up using his relationship with Ning Yu to win people’s hearts. After all, for an Emperor like him, compared to his grandiose endeavors, what was a little guilt for a little cannon fodder like himself? He had always been a rational person, no matter how he looked at it, being with Ning Yu was more beneficial to him.

Thinking about it that way, things weren’t that bad!

Ji Ling watched the scandal of Jing Sui and Ning Yu hyped up by the water armies on the Internet every day. This was simply his spiritual food and he was very happy to watch all kinds of gossip and when he was interested, he put on a vest to help out to shout.

But before he could be happy for a few days, another major event happened that shook the country! He couldn’t even bother to pay attention to the scandal between Jing Sui and Ning Yu.

In the first Parliament proposal after Wen Yan was elected as the Speaker, Jing Sui proposed a proposal to reduce the price of genetic evolution agents, which was passed without any obstacles! According to the content of the proposal, within three years, the price of the primary genetic evolution agent would be reduced by a hundredfold, and it would be equipped to every administrative planet under the jurisdiction of the Empire!

In other words, the expensive genetic evolution agents that were once difficult for countless commoners to afford even in their entire lives would become commonplace items that anyone who worked hard would be able to obtain in the near future.

Even if the one that passed this time was only the lowest grade of ordinary genetic evolution agent, it was still a big enough event for countless commoners to celebrate with the whole world! This meant a stronger body and a longer life!

And the low-level ones were opened, would the higher levels be far behind? Everyone was full of hope.

Jing Sui’s reputation suddenly reached its peak, and the Internet was full of voices of gratitude. Anyone who dared to say a single bad word about him would be attacked by countless people!

His Majesty had fulfilled his promise and had really opened up the genetic evolution agent that was completely in the hands of the nobles before!

Those nobles who were dissatisfied with this were suppressed by this terrible public opinion and did not dare to speak up. 

Compared with this incident, the scandal between Jing Sui and Ning Yu had become insignificant, after all, it was only about Ning Yu alone, and those who were concerned were the melon eaters; And this was something that really changed the entire Empire, benefiting countless people, and was related to everyone, enough to go down in history and changed the pattern of the Empire.

Even Ji Ling could see the far-reaching impact of this incident on the Empire.

Countless nobles were gnashing their teeth in secret.

But what really shocked him was not the huge influence of this matter, but the fact that a proposal from Jing Sui in the previous life was rejected and didn’t pass! 

Wen Yan and Carlos colluded to control the majority of the seats in the parliament, but Wen Yan, as the commoner Speaker, turned against him and caused Jing Sui’s proposal to be rejected. Jing Sui was scolded for this for a long time, and everyone said that he was a hypocritical Emperor and that his so-called proposal was just for show.

Although Ji Ling knew that the protagonist would definitely win in the end, the colluding between Wen Yan and Carlos did cause Jing Sui a lot of trouble.

But this time—— Jing Sui succeeded!

This meant that Wen Yan not only fell out with Carlos, he even sided with Jing Sui.

How was this possible?!

Wen Yan was really an unreliable two-faced guy ah

Ji Ling paced back and forth in the room, frowning. The change in this matter was even more disturbing to him than Jing Sui’s rebirth, because this was no longer a matter of petty love, but a major event related to the course of the entire world.

Although this was a good thing for this world, it was also too much of a deviation from the plot and had changed the entire direction of the world.

Ji Ling nervously asked the system: [What do you think about this matter?]

The system was also nervous this time, not daring to be careless, and said seriously: [I’m going to go back to the headquarters to find out what’s going on. It’s okay for you to stay here alone during this period of time, right?]

Ji Ling: [What’s that supposed to mean? It’s said as if you can do anything by staying here.]

System: [...]

Ji Ling: [Remember to ask about the rebirth for me as well oh.]

System: [...]

Although he always felt that Ji Ling didn’t seem to be very friendly to him, the System decided to be generous and not to bother with him.

Because of this incomparably significant change, Ji Ling kept an eye on the developments outside every day.

Jing Sui and Wen Yan teamed up to defeat Carlos in advance this time, how would Carlos react? Or did he expect it?

After all, Wen Yan had probably broken up with him since the last election.

Speaking of which, he hadn’t seen that old guy Carlos for a few days, and Wen Yan hadn’t appeared in front of him recently, which made him a little more relaxed.

And Ji Ling knew that there would be another big event in a few days.

Soon after, the news that the Nado Galaxy was invaded by the Zerg would come, because this time there were two Zerg Empress leading the team, so Jing Sui would personally drive the expedition, and Ning Yu would also shine again in this battle, and determine the relationship with Jing Sui, which was an important plot in the original book.

It was also in that battle that he accidentally saved Brandon. On the way back, he experienced the most dangerous return trip.

But now all this had become unknown, and Ji Ling was also hesitant to follow the past like in the previous life, after all, many people and things had changed.

On this day, he suddenly received an invitation from Deng Dong.

Speaking of which, ever since the last time he and Deng Dong kidnapped Ning Yu together and he made sure that Deng Dong’s life wasn’t in danger, he hadn’t contacted him again and was busy with his own business going on… This made Ji Ling a little embarrassed, as if he was just using him.

Out of compensation, and it was indeed a little boring to stay at home all day, Ji Ling agreed to Deng Dong’s invitation and decided to go out to breathe.

Probably because of the lesson he learned last time, this time Deng Dong did not ask Ji Ling to go to any messy places, but invited him to attend a banquet at Earl Gerald’s house.

Earl Gerald’s family was also an old nobleman of the Empire, and the family was very wealthy, because the unique crystals produced by one of the energy planets he owns were one of the main raw materials for the production of genetic evolution agents and every year he provided a large number of raw materials for the production of genetic evolution agents for several super factories.

Earl Gerald not only held important resources in his hands, but also had a source of people, often organizing various banquets in his own home, and was very well-liked on the Imperial Star.

When Ji Ling went, he found that Deng Dong was already waiting there, and to his surprise, Lodz was actually there as well.

Deng Dong looked at him excitedly and ran over like a dog. “Young Master Ji, you are finally here.”

Lodz followed behind, like a cold palace abandoned concubine who had fallen out of favor, revealing a stiff smile. “Young Master Ji.”

Ji Ling saw that his new love and old love were all here—— He didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

Hehe, compared to that group of reborn scary big brothers, this group of little dog, although they were a little bit worse for people, a little bit more scrubby in appearance, and their personalities were a little obscene, but at least it made it easy for him to get along with them, and he wouldn’t be afraid of accidentally revealing himself and losing his life ah.

Ji ling had also participated in a lot of this kind of banquet in the previous life, but he was very comfortable. It was nothing more than eating and drinking together and chatting gossip.

Well, there was still the possibility of dating, but this entertainment, which was highly sought after by the nobles of the Empire, had always been excluded by Ji Ling.

Deng Dong’s injuries were obviously all healed, he was a typical character who remembered to eat but not remember to fight, did not blame Ji Ling’s bad idea for causing him to be beaten, but he never forgot Ji Ling’s behavior of jumping out to defend him, being thankful, and couldn’t wait to sacrifice himself for Ji Ling! Don’t say how attentive he is to himself.

Lodz didn’t dare to find Ji Ling to fool around because he was warned by Carlos before, who knew that while he did not appear for a while, and the first position of Ji Ling’s lackey was occupied by Deng Dong, a guy who was not on the rise. His heart was sour, and he was secretly jealous, holding himself to be an old man next to Ji Ling, and sneered at Deng Dong in all kinds.

Didn’t look at this corner as it was relatively remote, but the intrigue was so intense.

Ji Ling rubbed his forehead, his gaze looking out as if he hadn’t seen anything.

Fortunately, Deng Dong was a rough line. Although he vaguely felt that Lodz’s attitude was strange, as if he was targeting himself, he didn’t take it to heart, and thought that Lodz had always had this style of speaking. His attention was on Ji Ling’s side, and he suddenly gossiped with him in a small, nervous voice and said, “Young Master Ji, do you know? Not long ago, another bank of genetic evolution agents was looted.”

Ji Ling raised his eyebrows, finally showing some interest in his eyes.

You must know that genetic evolution agents are the foundation of the Empire’s survival, and they are the most important thing for the nobles of the Empire. Every gene evolution agent library was heavily guarded by the Empire, not to mention being looted, even ordinary people couldn’t even get close, and any act of snatching and smuggling genetic evolution agents was a capital crime! The genetic evolution agent library was looted, and as far as Ji Ling knew, there was only one possibility…

Sure enough, Deng Dong continued, “Not long after the results of this proposal came out, the Gene Evolution Agent Bank on Saka Star was looted by the rebels, and even the SS-class evolutionary lord who was guarding it was killed by Gabriel, the commander of the rebel. It’s said that none of the Imperial Nobles and soldiers present at that time were spared and the blood was spilled…”

When he said this, there was a look of fear in his eyes.

Gabriel—— The mysterious leader of the rebels was the only commoner evolutionary who could make the nobles of the empire jealous and reluctant to even mention his name.

In the eyes of these high-ranking imperial nobles, any commoner, even if it was an SS-class evolutionary, or a commoner idol like Ning Yu, no matter how strong they were, would not be placed in their eyes. Even if they made a momentary appearance, so what, in front of the powerful imperial nobles, the so-called commoner evolutionary would ultimately be nothing more than for them to use, for them to drive, and to follow the rules they set.

Even a national idol like Ning Yu, a rising star, could be wantonly scorned and humiliated in the mouths of these dudes like Lodz. The higher races didn’t really respect the lower races from the bottom of their hearts just because they had a slightly more powerful person in the lower races.

But Gabriel was different, he was the only exception.

He also didn’t need the respect of the Empire’s nobles, because he made them fearful.

No one knew what he looked like, who he was, or even what his real name was. He wore a silver mask whenever he appeared, and his movements were mysterious… But every time he appeared, the nobles of the Empire couldn’t wait to get rid of him, hated and feared him, and there was nothing they could do about it.

In the end, because he was so powerful that the Empire could not do anything about it.

As a commoner, he had the strength of an SSS-class evolutionary… It was important to realize that in the entire huge Imperial Nobles, the only ones with SSS-class strength on the surface were Brandon and Jing Sui!

An evolutionary with this kind of strength could tear a mech and crack a battleship with his bare hands… It was almost the same as the myth in Ji Ling’s impression.

Although it seemed to be only one level higher than the SS-class, the difference in strength was astronomical, and it referred to a super strength that could hardly be measured by data.

Jing Sui was an Imperial Family of the Empire, and Brandon was an Imperial Noble. They possessed noble bloodlines and rich resources, but for many years, there were only two such strong people in the Empire.

And that mysterious Gabriel, no one knew his identity, only that he should be a commoner, but he could have this strength on his own.

Ji Ling thought that perhaps this was the real reason why Jing Sui was truly afraid of the rebels and determined to change the status quo.

No matter how many weak people there were, they didn’t take them seriously, but a strong person like Gabriel, one was enough to give the Empire a headache. As long as he didn’t get his head in the water and came to the Emperor Star to send him to death or reveal his identity, he could come and go freely in any other place. His hands were stained with the blood of the nobles, which made countless Imperial Nobles fearful.

Jing Sui and Brandon could kill him, but with the identities of Jing Sui and Brandon, it was impossible for them to stoop to the level of hunting down a fugitive with mysterious whereabouts all over the world.

A few destructive weapons could also kill him, but Gabriel was so cunning and smart, never staying in one place for too long, not giving others a chance to use the weapons of destruction at all, so that made people helpless.

His birth showed that there was a loophole in the previous ruling model of the Empire, and such an uncontrollable powerhouse could be born among the commoners.

So powerful that it had rendered the entire Empire helpless.

There was only one now… But what if there were two, three, four later?

For Jing Sui, Gabriel himself might not be so terrifying. No matter how strong he was, he was just one person, his personal strength could not compete with the powerful Empire after all, others would be afraid of him but Jing Sui would not. As long as he dared to appear in the Emperor Star or revealed his identity, he would definitely die… But the infinite possibilities he represented was what really made Jing Sui scornful.

When there were more and more of these natural evolutionaries, would there be more and more of them, under the leadership of such a powerhouse, becoming disgruntled and trying to overthrow the Empire? It might take a long time…

But Jing Sui looked far away, he saw the existence of this possibility, even if there was only a one in ten thousand chance, he would not allow such a thing to happen, and he would not allow his Imperial rule to be shaken, so he chose to take the initiative to change this status quo, so that these commoners could really become a part of the Empire, and they could get what they wanted without having to rebel.

In this way, there would be no longer any need for the rebels, the conflict would disappear, and the power of the Nobles would be weakened, no longer posing any threat to the Imperial power.

Jing Sui could have an incomparably powerful country that was completely under his control, and he would become the sole supreme ruler.

This was Jing Sui’s real purpose.

From this point of view alone, Ji Ling admired him, because in fact, from the current situation, the Empire was extremely prosperous and stable, and it was not time for reform at all, but Jing Sui saw the variables that might exist after countless years, had such courage to make such a decision, rather than wait the contradiction could not be reconciled before trying to make amends, which was by no means something that ordinary person could do.

Because usually when a person was sitting on everything, it was difficult to want to risk making such a change, because he was challenging the interests of the entire Imperial Nobles, and the rules that had been ingrained for countless years.

Once failed, he would be doomed.

As for Gabriel…

Murderous, cold-blooded, perverted, cruel… All kinds of terrible words were piled up on him, and the Imperial Nobles did not hesitate to describe this man in the most vicious terms, describing him as a sociopathic and inhuman terrorist.

Scolding Gabriel was politically correct behavior for any Imperial Nobles. They used vicious words to hide their fear and scorn. The media and public opinion controlled by the nobles also suppressed him in various ways, with the purpose of discrediting him, isolating him, and making people dare not approach him to support him.

In fact, at first, Ji Ling also believed some of the words that described Gabriel, but later he felt that it was a smear campaign against him by the Imperial Nobles because… He had seen this man with his own eyes.

In the Zerg invasion not long after, in the previous life, he forcibly begged his father to let him go to the Nado Galaxy with Jing Sui in order to follow the plot, and just on the return trip at the end of the battle, Ji Ling was betrayed by Carlos to the rebels.

It was one of the most dangerous experiences he had ever had in his previous life.

Carlos and Jing Sui fought in full swing, and seeing that Jing Sui and Ning Yu were once again rose to fame in the battle, not wanting to see Jing Sui satisfied, he had his men betray him. As a famous high noble, if he was looted and killed by the murderous rebels, then even if Jing Sui no longer liked him, he must give an account for his death—— He must send troops to suppress the rebels and avenge himself.

However, those rebels were secretive and good at hiding, and were covered by the populace, so once the repression began, manslaughter and bloody massacres were inevitable.

Then the image of being close to the people that Jing Sui painstakingly created would also be ruined.

Carlos used this method to force Jing Sui to make a choice, and he was just a pawn he chose to throw out, which was used to arouse the nobles’ strong dissatisfaction with the rebels.

At that time, Ji Ling was captured by the rebels, and his courage was about to burst, he was really scared! He heard that the rebels liked to torture and killed nobles the most, and that Gabriel was cruel, cold-bloodded and inhuman… Although the plot in the book said that he would not die, because there was still a role for him later on, but… It was not written in detail in the book ah!

The scene of his vicious cannon fodder was brushed aside, only saying that at the beginning, the news of his death was spread, Jing Sui and Carlos fought for tens of thousands of words, and finally at the critical moment, he suddenly escaped and helped Jing Sui to resolve the crisis.

Ji Ling only had one sentence in his heart at that time: mmp

He estimated that he would survive, but how, when, and whether he would be tortured or not… None of this was said ahhh!!!

As a noble with a bad reputation, could he have a good end when he fell into the hands of the rebels who hated the nobles the most?

Just when Ji Ling was very frightened and desperate, he saw the mysterious man with black hair and black eyes, wearing a silver mask.

He didn’t kill him, he didn’t even hurt him.

Ji Ling could feel the hostility and disgust of those commoner evolutionaries in the rebel army, and he even had a premonition that if it wasn’t for Gabriel’s appearance, he might really be tortured or even killed.

But Gabriel did nothing but imprison him for a while and then set him free.

At that time, Ji Ling didn’t understand Gabriel, he was really, really scared, and only wanted to run for his life. But when he finally left, he suddenly understood, because Gabriel also saw through Carlos’s conspiracy, and did not want to provoke a war between commoners and nobles at this time, to be used by Carlos to spill the blood of countless innocents. Everything he did, seemingly radical, was essentially for the benefit of the commoners, not a foolish hatred of simply going against the nobles…

So he didn’t kill himself.

If he hadn’t appeared at that time, he was afraid that he would have started the second chance a long time ago.

Although this man with a silver mask was really terrifying, when he left, Ji Ling suddenly wasn’t so afraid of him anymore, he instinctively felt that… This man was not as cold-blooded and cruel as others said, he was a murderer…

With a rationality and calm personality.

Even to his infamous self, he could be indifferent.

Later, Ji Ling figured it out, and probably some smart people also saw this clearly. Gabriel was not only a strong man, but also a wise man, so people were even more jealous and smeared him, and couldn’t wait to get rid of him quickly.

Ji Ling came back to his senses from his memories, looked at Deng Dong and smiled perfunctorily. “Really? However, His Majesty has proposed to lower the price of genetic evolution agents and open them to the public, so I think this kind of thing won’t happen again in the future.”

Deng Dong struggled with his expression and said, “I guess so…”

Although it was a good thing that Gabriel was no longer robbing the genetic evolution agent bank, they were even more unwilling to make those commoners stronger, and they all blamed that Gabriel, it would have been better if he had died!

Deng Dong said hatefully, “What a strange person, if he has the courage he should be showing his true face.”

Ji Ling: It’s not like he’s stupid…

Lodz also said, disgruntled, “Hehe, it’s probably too ugly to see.”

Ji Ling: You guys are very jealous ah

Deng Dong: “And why is he called with such a strange name, it’s difficult to read, what are they all about?”

Ji Ling was stunned for a moment, and then remembered that it was now the interstellar world thousands of years later, and no one knew the mythology of ancient Earth anymore = =

He coughed lightly and said, “Gabriel, is the name of an angel in ancient Earth mythology. He is a seraph of honorable status, a symbol of wisdom, and a messenger of God.”

Ji Ling finished speaking naturally, and saw that Deng Dong and Lodz were both looking at him blankly. “?”

Deng Dong said, “What is an angel…”

Lodz said, “What is God…”

Ji Ling: “...”

Although he felt hurt, looking at the expressions of the two curious babies, Ji Ling still explained, “God and angels are all characters in the ancient Earth’s religious masterpiece called <Bible>...”

He talked for a long time with a dry mouth, and finally said a rough idea, so that the two of them barely understood what he meant.

Then he found that Lodz and Deng Dong looked at him with great admiration, and said in unison, “I didn’t expect Young Master Ji to be so knowledgeable! Even this ancient Earth myth and history can be said so clearly!” 

Deng Dong said, “I have a cousin from afar, who has strong mental strength and specialized in studying ancient history, and I don’t think he has heard of this.”

Lodz agreed and said, “It’s the first time I’ve heard of it, it turns out that there are such myths on the ancient Earth.”

Deng Dong: “Young Master Ji deserves to be Young Master Ji.”

Lodz: “Make us willing to submit happily.”

Ji-knowledgeable-Ling looked at the expressionlessly. “...”

Deng Dong and Lodz praised Ji ling for a long time with countless beautiful words, fully fulfilled the duty of dog licking, and praised Ji Ling to the Sky and Earth, and then began to continue to complain and attack Gabriel.

Deng Dong: “He actually chose such a name, is he trying to say that he is a messenger of God? He is really arrogant ah, hahaha!”

Lodz agreed. “Exactly, he sees no one in his eyes.”

Deng Dong said disdainfully, “Lowly commoners are commoners, and they actually believe in this ancient myth. What kind of gods, goddesses, I think it’s just that the Earth was too backward at that time, and worshiped the existence of other higher civilizations as gods.”

Lodz sneered and said, “Of course, if you’re going to some low-level planets where birds don’t shit, people are going to worship you like a God.”

Deng Dong: “Hahahahaha, that’s right!”

Lodz: “So, there are no myths or gods, it’s just that the earthlings are too stupid and backward.”

Ji-stupid earthling-Ling’s face was expressionless. “Hehe.”

You seem to have forgotten that the earthlings are your ancestors… Is it really okay to denigrate like this now?

Ji Ling decided not to continue to get involved in this stupid conversation, wasting his time talking to the mentally retarded people, and looked around absentmindedly while eating, when he suddenly saw a figure in front of him. He coughed in fright, and tears came out of his eyes!

He hurriedly lowered his head and shrunk himself into the corner as much as possible, telling himself that he would not be discovered, that he would not be discovered, that he would not be discovered…

At this time, Lodz and Deng Dong also happened to see that direction, looking at the handsome and noble black-haired and golden-eyed man, they both showed a sense of worship and excitement. His Majesty was actually here!

Ji Ling was about to sneak away quietly.

He heard Deng Dong come back to his senses suddenly, and shouted at him. His loud voice was estimated to be heard a hundred meters away, and he said excitedly, “Young Master Ji! His Majesty is here too!”

Ji Ling wanted to strangle him directly, he raised his head with a pale face and his face fell straight into the golden eyes of the man in front of him.

Ji Ling: “...”

Is it too late to go home now?


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