The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 24 - Master

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Chapter 24: Master

Jing Sui came to see Earl Gerald. Although his proposal was successfully passed this time, there was still a long way to go before this policy could be truly implemented, and any small link that went wrong might lead to the failure to implement this matter smoothly in the end.

Gerald, a cunning old fox, had important raw materials for the manufacture of genetic evolution agents in his hands, vacillating between him and Carlos, and even favoring Carlos, because he also did not want to see a large number of genetic evolution agents distributed to commoners, so Jing Sui decided to come in person. Count Gerald was mercenary, as long as he was gracious, there was still hope to take him under his command.

These days, Jing Sui was so busy maneuvering between these nobles that he didn’t even have time to see Ji Ling.

But he didn’t expect to meet here.

Thinking of the last time they parted… A hint of complexity flashed in Jing Sui’s eyes.

He was about to go over, but when he saw Ji Ling turn around and was about to avoid him, intending to slip away from here, he suddenly opened his mouth and called out to him, “Xiao Ling.”

Ji Ling stood there stiffly, he saw that Jing Sui and Count Gerald were together. They should have come to discuss business, and with a slight hope, he hoped that Jing Sui’s overall situation would be important, and he would ignore himself! Who knew that he was stopped by Jing Sui…

Seeing this, Deng Dong said excitedly beside him, “Young Master Ji! His Majesty, His Majesty has taken the initiative to call you!”

Ji Ling glanced at him expressionlessly, giving a cold death stare.

The end of the lackey with no eyes.

Deng Dong: “???” I seem to have said the wrong thing?

Jing Sui looked at Ji Ling’s expression of indifference and unwillingness to respond to himself, remembering that he left himself sadly last time. He was afraid that Ji Ling was still hating what he said before, he was making trouble with himself. He sighed softly in his heart, walked over directly, stared at him with lowered eyes and said dotingly, “What’s the matter?”

Ji Ling was going crazy. I’m ignoring you, don’t you have any pride as the master of a country? Take the initiative to come over for what?!

He pretended to be still angry, turned around and left, attempting to offer up his escape technique once again. Who knew that this time, he was pulled by Jing Sui, the man’s slightly cool fingers clutched his wrist tightly, and with a gentle tug, he pulled Ji Ling into his arms.

Ji Ling raised his head in a panic and met the deep golden eyes.

Jing Sui gently stared at him, “Why don’t you speak?”

Ji Ling bit his lip stubbornly and glared at him fiercely! Showing him with his eyes that I’m still angry, still angry, still angry! I won’t forgive you!

Jing Sui looked at the stubbornness and anger in the teenager’s eyes, his heart ached slightly, the regret and self-blame that had tormented him for countless years tore at his heart again, reminding him of the mistakes he had made…

In fact, he also thought it out later, the reason why Ji Ling was so angry that day was just because he still liked himself and cared about himself.

Taking his every word to heart is what makes you sad about it.

Such a teenager… How can one not pity him? Don’t want to spoil him and coax him?

Thinking of this, a hint of pity appeared in Jing Sui’s eyes, he raised his hand and gently brushed Ji Ling’s cheeks. His deep golden eyes stared at him, his thin lips opened slightly, and he let out a chuckle. “En?”

Seeing that if he didn’t speak up today, Jing Sui would definitely not let himself go, Ji Ling’s heart was beyond despair, once again stubbornly tried to escape from here and finally opened his mouth in a sullen voice, “You let go of me! I want to go back!”

He didn’t want to get close to such a gentle Jing Sui at all ah! It was too dangerous!

Jing Sui let out a very light sigh from his lips, blaming himself for being too indifferent before, which made Ji Ling so aggrieved and angry, if it was before… I’m afraid he would have come over long ago if he had seen him, where would he have avoided him like this? Obviously in his heart, he still cares about himself and can’t let go of it.

You used to always be after me, chasing me… I’ll love you this time, okay?

Jing Sui didn’t mind Ji Ling’s rudeness at all, and smiled. “Sit with me for a while, I will personally send you back later, I’m sure Grand Duke Ji Ting won’t mind.”

Ji Ling was completely dumbfounded. Big brother, why did you suddenly become so persistent! And you’re still using my old man out on me, how am I supposed to answer that? And you’ve been invited so gently and repeatedly, how can you refuse with your own personality…

Seeing that it was about to be pulled away by Jing Sui, Ji Ling was in a trance and helpless, when an elegant and soothing voice suddenly sounded.

Carlos walked over in a black dress and holding a cane, his brown pupils looked at Jing Sui, his sharp gaze swept over Jing Sui and grabbed Ji Ling’s hand. A smile appeared on his lips and said, “It turns out that Your Majesty is also here.”

Jing Sui raised his eyes to look at him, and the cold color in his golden pupils flashed. You’re also here for the resources in Count Gerald’s hands, aren’t you? He said lightly, “Yes.”

Carlos smiled slightly, as if he didn’t hear the coldness in Jing Sui’s words, but sighed. “I heard that Your Majesty has recently gained true love, so it’s really something to be congratulated ah! Ning Yu is very good, and you’re truly a match made in heaven.”

Jing Sui’s eyes suddenly turned cold!

Speaking of which, he hadn’t had time to settle accounts with Carlos yet.

Last time, he only helped Ning Yu once, which made Ji Ling so sad. Thinking of how sad he should be to see the scandal between himself and Ning Yu, so he didn’t let those media continue to hype it up at all, but Carlos, this guy was abnormal, not only did not suppress his reputation, but deliberately manipulated public opinion, spreading his scandal of himself and Ning Yu!

So this time, with what intention are you doing this?

Ji Ling was struggling with how to get out of Jing Sui reasonably, and he had a headache when he saw Carlos coming over, but he didn’t want to suddenly hear Carlos say these words, and his eyes suddenly lit up. He hadn’t even thought of this when he was nervous just now!

Thinking about the gossip you read on the Internet, and then substitute your own personality, how heartbroken he must be ah!

In the past, he always hated Carlos’s stirring trouble, doing that bad-guy-feeling immoral thing, but this time he felt that this old guy came so timely and spoke so eloquently! I love guys like you who look at things like that!

Ji Ling instantly forced out his tears, shook off Jing Sui’s hand, gritted his teeth and said sadly, “You have Ning Yu, what do you care about me for!”

When Jing Sui heard this, his face changed slightly, so Ji Ling was really angry because of this ah… Unfortunately, even if he explained, Ji Ling would not believe it, Carlos’s trick really made him have a hard time.

Because Ji Ling made such a fuss, everyone noticed this, what’s going on? Your Majesty and Grand Duke Carlos are against each other?! Although everyone knew that the two were not in harmony, didn't they always pretend to be friendly on the surface?!

Even Deng Dong, who was still making a fuss just now, was as quiet as a chicken, shivering, and began to realize if he had accidentally messed up…

Count Gerald and the other nobles watched the scene thoughtfully.

The feud between Jing Sui and Carlos was a well-known thing, but how did Ji Ling get involved? Ji Ling, as we all know, is a spoiled fool who has no brains, is it because of Grand Duke Ji Ting? Now is the time Jing Sui needs support…

Thinking of this, everyone showed a sudden realization. It turned out that the two were competing for the support of Grand Duke Ji Ting ah! Unfortunately, Ji Ling, that stupid child didn’t know this, he didn’t speak in any sense of proportion, he was shameless, he dared to speak so rudely to His Majesty, so presumptuous let His Majesty get off the stage, I’m afraid…

Everyone looked at Ji Ling with pity and ridicule, afraid that Ji Ling was going to make His Majesty angry again, and at this moment they saw Jing Sui sighing slightly… Raised his hand to gently wipe the tears from the corner of Ji Ling’s eyes, looked at him seriously and said, “I’m not with Ning Yu, those are all rumors.”

Everyone: “???”

Were they dazzled? Not only was His Majesty not angry, he also comforted this unreasonable fool? And also explained to him that he was not with Ning Yu… Didn’t His Majesty dislike him the most?

Ji Ling: “???”

Why are you doing things so repeatedly and inexplicably? While hyping up scandals on the Internet, you can still deny it to me casually. Why are you so shameless? Do you think I’m so easy to fool!

And why are you explaining to me? I don’t want to hear it at all ah!
Originally, he wanted to continue to sacrifice and said I don’t want to listen, I don’t believe in it, but Jing Sui explained it twice and thrice. If he insisted on not believing it, he was afraid that Jing Sui would say it a few more times… After all, his own character loved Jing Sui with all his heart, and hearing Jing Sui say that, he should be happy and grateful to shed tears.

Ji Ling, overcome with grief, tried to make the last resistance, and looked away. “But the Internet says that, and you said before that I’m not as good as him…”

Jing Sui was silent for a while and said, “I’m sorry.”

Ji Ling: “!!!” Now it is in the public ah, aren’t you afraid that it will damage your reputation?!

Everyone was shocked! If just now was just shock, now it’s a shock to the MAX!

Where are we? What happened?

Jing Sui didn’t care what other people thought of this matter, as the Emperor of the Empire, although he couldn’t do whatever he wanted, he wasn’t so bad that he couldn’t even defend the people he cared about… He just hadn’t met anyone he wanted to protect before.

He wanted to pamper someone and didn’t need to care about anyone’s eyes.

Jing Sui stared into Ji Ling’s eyes and said slowly and seriously, “I was biased against you before, but then I found out that I was wrong. You are not inferior to him, that day—— you tried your best and did well.” He paused, his voice softened, “I misunderstood you… Please forgive me once, okay?”

Ji Ling looked at Jing Sui’s sincere expression and listened to his gentle words, his lips trembling slightly…

Master, this is a Master ah!

You did your homework at home, didn’t you? These words are so watertight that you even rounded off what you had said earlier to humiliate me! An explanation followed by a sincere apology… This is a deep scheming, a deep scheming ah!

As a brainless fan who is obsessed with Jing Sui, listening to his beloved idol so sincerely begging for forgiveness, it will be unreasonable if he is insisting on not believing. After all, a lot of things in the previous life haven’t happened yet! It is not like he is really hurting himself, at most it is just a little bit indifferent…

If you insist on refusing to accept him, you’ll really lose your character… At that time, let alone complete the task, whether you can save your life is a question!

After a long time, Ji Ling’s eyelashes fluttered, and with a disbelieving voice he said periodically, “You, you really think so?”

Jing Sui’s eyes were gentle, and he bowed his head to say, “Yes.”

Ji Ling was finally speechless, opened his mouth, didn’t say anything. His body trembled slightly and the sadness in his heart had already flowed backwards into a river.

Carlos had been standing aside, his hand holding the cane slowly tightened, his eyes were gloomy. He deliberately spread the scandal between Jing Sui and Ning Yu outside, just hoping that Ji Ling’s love for Jing Sui would die because of this. But Ji Ling only had Jing Sui in his heart, even if he was treated so indifferently before, as long as Jing Sui was willing to turn around and smile at him, he would immediately forgive him…

Carlos’s deep eyes flashed with a cold color, hooked his lips and smiled at Jing Sui. He let out a meaningful voice, “Oh, it turns out that Your Majesty is not with Ning Yu ah…”

Jing Sui was barely able to appease Ji Ling, and seeing Carlos adding fuel to the fire, he looked into his eyes and said coldly, “Of course, I think you should know best about this matter, right?”

Carlos shrugged and smiled, “I don’t understand what Your Majesty means.”

These secret battles between him and Jing Sui were impossible to talk about in public, and Ji Ling would not understand this matter, he expected that it was how to calculate Jing Sui, but it was a pity ah… Nothing could match Ji Ling’s infatuation with him.

He was so jealous…

How nice it would be if the person the teenager loved so dearly, was himself, Carlos’s eyes darkened, and dark jealousy wrapped around his heart like a poisonous snake.

Ji Ling unexpectedly met Carlos’s gaze, only to feel that the way he looked at himself made his heart jump, inexplicably a little uneasy, as if he was the prey being watched…

Shouldn’t this old guy be calculating himself again and trying to use himself to block Jing Sui? Thinking of this, he subconsciously retreated to Jing Sui a little. Although Jing Sui was also very dangerous, it wasn’t life threatening!

Carlos immediately withdrew his gaze after seeing Ji Ling glance at him, and leaned closer to Jing Sui’s side, took a deep breath, suppressed the almost uncontrollable dark emotions in his heart, and wanted to snatch the boy away directly like this, imprison him by his side, so that there was nowhere for him to run to… But he didn’t do that after all.

Because he wanted the boy to love him, and not be forced to stay by his side and look at him with hatred…

He had enough patience to keep waiting, looking for an opportunity.

Jing Sui was originally very worried about whether he could appease Ji Ling or not, but at this moment, seeing him suddenly approaching him and also didn’t make trouble, as if he could give him a sense of security, his heart couldn’t help but soften, and for the first time, he felt that it was also a very happy thing to be relied on by someone.

In his previous life… he always pushed Ji Ling away again and again. How indifferent and ruthless should he be at that time, to treat a person who loved him like that?

The teenager should be pampered and cared for.

Jing Sui took Ji Ling’s hand and asked him to sit down beside him, smiling softly. “What do you want to eat? I’ll get it for you.”

Ji Ling approached Jing Sui just now in order to avoid Carlos, and now he was pulled by Jing Sui to sit down beside him. He simply had a sense of desperation of being caught between a wolf in front and a tiger at the back! He really wanted to get the hell out of here ah!

Who could still eat at this time.

He shook his head and refused Jing Sui’s offering.

Jing Sui failed to feed him, but he didn’t care, he turned his head to Count Gerard and the others and said indifferently, “What are you all standing for, sit down.”

Everyone was in a trance.

After hearing this, he came back to his senses from the shock just now, and all of them looked at His Majesty’s eyes cautiously, and looked at Ji Ling thoughtfully, thinking in his heart, what did His Majesty mean by doing this in front of the public today? Could it be that His Majesty was determined to win over the neutral party?

Or was it just deliberately competing with Grand Duke Carlos? Just to warn Carlos not to act rashly?

In short, no matter what, it could not be because of Ji Ling!

His Majesty must have favored Ji Ling like this for his plot, His Majesty really scheming ah, only today it seemed that Carlos was slightly inferior, and Ji Ling was bent towards Jng Sui.

Thinking of this, they looked cautiously at Carlos, who had always been at odds with His Majesty, to see how he would react.

Then they saw Carlos coming slowly, sitting down on the other side of Ji Ling, showing a provocative look at Jing Sui, and smiling elegantly, “Your Majesty won’t mind if I sit here, right?”

Jing Sui looked deeply at him, remembering Carlos’s calculation and damage to Ji Ling in the previous life and felt murderous intent, but now was not the time to turn the tables on him in public, and his thin lips hooked up a smile, “No.”

Everyone: !!!

Ji Ling inwardly let out a groundhog scream in his heart: But I mind ah!!!

On his left sat Jing Sui, on his right sat Carlos, being sandwiched between the two bigwigs he only felt no love in this life…

The sofa in this corner no longer had the place for Deng Dong and Lodz, the two of them had long been far away, and only Ji Ling was sitting here alone, with two of the most powerful people in the Empire on his left and right, and a group of high-powered Imperial Nobles in front of him, so out of place.

It was just that the two bigwigs discussed important matters, intrigued, and didn’t forget to shush him from time to time, asking him if he was hungry or thirsty…

Ji Ling looked at the crowd sizing him up, and he felt like he never wanted to come out to play again…

As Jing Sui turned back to look at him again, Ji Ling finally mustered up his courage and said, “I want to go home, it’s late.”

Jing Sui paused, showed a smile, and said, “Okay.”

He turned his head and slowly glanced at Carlos on the side, undisguised his cold warning, and then got up and said to Count Gerard and the others, “That’s it for today, we’ll talk about other things next time.”

His Majesty opened his mouth to leave, and everyone didn’t dare to stop him. They laughed and said, “Yes, yes Your Majesty, take your time.”

Jing Sui stopped looking at the others, directly took Ji Ling’s hand and stood up, and said, “I’ll send you back.”

Carlos just watched them lightly as they got up without opening his mouth to stop them. Seeing that Ji Ling was about to leave here, he seemed to have finally remembered something as if to let out a light laugh, narrowed his eyes, and said meaningfully, “If Your Majesty really doesn’t mean anything to Ning Yu, why would you let these rumors on the Internet go by?”

Jing Sui looked at the teenager’s face, and sure enough, he fell down again and he was angry in his heart for Carlos finding fault three times. Rumors of this kind of thing, believe it or not, for others it didn’t matter, but for the teenager who loved him deeply… it was something that couldn’t be ignored.

Jing Sui looked at Ji Ling and felt sorry in his heart, although he had murderous intent towards Carlos, but the teenager was more important right now.

So he held Ji Ling’s hand tightly and took him away without hesitation.

Ji Ling sat in the car, pretending to be provoked by Carlos, turning his head to look out the window, looking awkward that he wanted to believe in Jing Sui but couldn’t help but be unhappy because of the rumor… he couldn’t stop thinking about how long it would be before he got home.

Jing Sui’s thin lips pursed slightly, and his dark eyes gazed at the side of the teenager’s face, who was turning his head to look outside, deliberately avoiding his gaze, revealing his slender white neck, his long slender eyelashes trembling slightly, and his translucent blue eyes were like jewels in the wave.

It looked so fragile and beautiful.

He used to dislike such weak children very much, pampered, unreasonable, greedy for life, afraid of death and arrogant… He had all the flaws of an Imperial dandy.

So much so that he was so tired of Ji Ling that he never even bothered to take a serious look at him and get to know him.

It wasn’t until the moment of his death that he finally discovered his different side, and the persistence and brightness in the teenager’s eyes at that moment were dazzling that he had never seen before, hitting him right in the soul.

Since then, he has never forgotten that scene.

The essence underneath this skin was what involuntarily attracted him.

The car slowly stopped in front of Duke Ji Ting’s residence.

Ji Ling was reluctant to stay in a small space with Jing Sui, which made him feel suffocated, and he couldn’t wait to jump out of the car and prepare to leave, but as soon as he went, Jing Sui suddenly grabbed his wrist and pressed against the door of the car.

With his back against the cold, the man’s strong aura shrouded him, his handsome face became deeper in the night, and his golden pupils flashed with a palpitating light…

Ji Ling finally panicked and said, “Your— Your Majesty…”

Jing Sui looked at him deeply, and for a long time, he said in a low voice, “When there’s no one else, you didn’t call me like that before.”

Ji Ling almost cried, I’m going crazy! Who still remembers the lines ah, you remember such a little mistake, you are really petty! But despite this, he still stifled a low cry, “Brother Jing Sui…”

Jing Sui looked at the shy appearance of the teenager in front of him, his eyes were sparkling, and his rose-colored lips were slightly open, calling his name in such a cute way, as if there was a warm current flowing through his heart, melting the hard surface little by little, and like a feather gently brushing by… Suddenly there was a desire to try the sweetness on those lips.

Ji Ling looked at Jing Sui’s eyes in a daze, and always felt that he seemed to become very scary. He was stunned for a moment and stretched out his hand to push Jing Sui, but he couldn’t push him away, and the next moment, the man’s face suddenly approached, Ji Ling was frightened and turned his head sharply!

The warm breath brushed his cheeks, and a slightly cool kiss landed on the side of his face…

And as he turned his head, his eyes just caught the silver-haired man who stood silently in the doorway, staring at him without moving.

Ji Ling’s body turned stiff.


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