The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 25 - Expedition

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New Chapter, enjoy, Happy Lunar New Year~Chapter 25: Expedition

Ji Ling’s body stiffened.

He, he, he just got kissed by a man…

If I hadn’t dodged quickly, I would have lost my first kiss! QAQ

Although he was extremely flustered and shocked in his heart, he looked at the doubts that flashed in Jing Sui’s eyes, and suddenly woke up with a start, Oops! I instinctively avoided Jing Sui’s kiss just now…

Ji Ling looked at Jing Sui blankly, for a long time, showing a hint of shame, and stammered in an aggrieved voice, “You, you, who told you to do this! I haven’t forgiven you yet!”

After saying that, he desperately widened his eyes, trying to hide his inner panic, and his face was burning.

Jing Sui looked at Ji Ling’s red cheeks, and the teenager’s wide-open eyes were sparkling, that shocked and annoyed look… After a while, a hint of helplessness gradually appeared in his eyes, even if he had already explained, this child still cared about those words on the Internet in the end ah.

And he didn’t know before that Ji Ling had a shy character, seeing that he always ran after him to confess to himself, he thought of how bold he was.

In fact, he was just a simple child.

Jing Sui looked at Ji Ling’s flushed and shy face, not only did he not get angry at him for avoiding him, but he felt Ji Ling was adorable, which made his heart feel like doting on him, and couldn’t help but let out a low laugh. “I know.”

He looked deeply at the teenager’s flushed face, wanting nothing more than to rub the teenager into his arms like this, bully him fiercely, watching him reveal more of his cute and shy appearance… but now is not the right time.

Jing Sui slowly turned his head and squinted his eyes to look at the silver-haired man who was standing silently at the side, leaving only an indifferent and cold look in his eyes.

A few days ago, Wen Yan took the initiative to come to him and expressed his willingness to support him in the council, with only one condition—— Let himself be kind to Ji Ling.

In order to gain his trust, Wen Yan even took the initiative to open up and admit that he had once teamed up with Carlos. If Jing Sui didn’t know very well the nature of this man’s ambition and his betrayal of Ji Ling in his previous life, he would have been able to frame him… almost believing that Carlos was really thinking about Ji Ling.

Although he didn’t trust Wen Yan, Jing Sui finally agreed to his request, he didn’t care what purpose the other had to approach him, as long as it could be used by him… If Wen Yan dared to come to see him, he dared to accept his surrender, as for whether there were other conspiracies, it depended on whether he had the ability and courage to do so.

Ji Ling… even if Wen Yan didn’t say it, he would treat him well.

This time, you’d better always behave like you do now, otherwise I’ll let you know the price of hurting Ji Ling.

Wen Yan raised his head to meet Jing Sui’s eyes, but as if he didn’t even read the warning in his eyes, he only respectfully said, “Your Majesty, Young Master.”

Ji Ling was flustered and ashamed in his heart, and he didn’t care about Wen Yan’s presence, but at this moment, seeing that Jing Sui finally let go of him, he looked at him cautiously, turned around and ran.

Wen Yan bowed to Jing Sui, and then chased after Ji Ling.

Jing Sui didn’t stop Ji Ling this time, but just looked at Ji Ling’s back as he disappeared at the door off the Duke’s residence, and a trace of deep persistence surfaced in his eyes.

Since he was already sure of his feelings, it was impossible to let go, but he could not push too hard, he had enough patience to wait for the teenager to let go of his feelings and accept himself again.

Ji Ling ran back in a hurry, not daring to turn back at all, and when he arrived in his courtyard, he found that Wen Yan had followed silently, and his face was slightly burning again.

Just now, he only cared about getting away from Jing Sui that he didn’t even have time to pay attention to Wen Yan, and now he only felt ashamed when he calmed down.

What is worse than a straight guy getting forcibly kissed? And there is an audience next to them!

And Wen Yan was so calm, which made Ji Ling feel that this guy would sneer at himself in the bottom of his heart!

Why don’t you have any eyes at all? Can’t you see I’m embarrassed right now?

Ji Ling became more and more embarrassed in his heart, glanced at him faintly, and said angrily, “What are you doing here?”

Wen Yan raised his eyes to look at him, his dark eyes were like a black hole without a trace of light in the night, and said dumbly, “His Majesty seems to like you very much, aren’t you happy?”

Ji Ling: “...”

Ruthless, this is a ruthless man, and when he opens his mouth, he hits the nail on the head! I have to take it!

Ji Ling had tears in his eyes and said, “Happy.”

Wen Yan looked at him fixedly, showing a hint of worry, and said, “But you don’t seem to be very happy.”

Ji Ling was very sad when he heard this, so he had to talk a few times, showing a sad and worried expression, and sighed. “Your Majesty obviously didn’t like me before, how could he suddenly like me? Although I’m very happy, I don’t dare to believe it… does he really like me? How long will he like me? Or will he not like me tomorrow?”

Wen Yan’s hand clenched slightly, his heart sinking as he looked at the apprehensive look in the teenager’s eyes and the sadness and grief implied in them. It was supposed to be a happy thing, but when it was really happening, he was afraid to believe it, and he was afraid to be disappointed… It was the ruthless man who trampled the heart of this proud teenager little by little into this current state.

Jealousy and hatred surged in his chest, not wanting to let go of his beloved teenager, not wanting to send him to that cold man just like that.


After a long time, Wen Yan closed his eyes and said slowly, “No, he will definitely like you.”

There was a moment just now when the darkness in his heart once again took over, giving him the same vile thoughts he had in his previous life, wanting to take his beloved teenager for himself—— but he couldn’t do that.

If he did that, how would it be different from the previous life?

In this life, he only hoped that the teenager could be happy.

Jing Sui might be cold and ruthless, but because of this, for people like him, feelings were nothing more than a tradable commodity for, just as he had chosen to join forces with Ning Yu, who was a commoner, for his own benefit in his previous life.

As long as he could provide enough benefits to make Jing Sui tempted, then he could naturally cooperate with himself, just like the proposal of this genetic evolution agent, compared with such major events, the scandal with Ning Yu was completely insignificant to Jing Sui. As long as Jing Sui weighed the pros and cons, then there was no doubt that he would be willing to give up Ning Yu, because it was more beneficial to him to cooperate with himself.

Ji Ling looked at Wen Yan’s persistent and submissive expression, as well as his dark black eyes, as if he was promising something very solemnly…

He wanted to say ‘brother, don’t act, I can’t help you with my limited ability, you are already a mature Speaker, you should learn to go out on your own’, but he looked at the man in front of him with a feminine and handsome face, remembering the viciousness and cruelty in his heart, and he didn’t dare to say it.

After a while, the stifled word came out, “Oh.”

Ji Ling didn’t fall asleep that night. As soon as he closed his eyes, he saw the faces of Jing Sui, Brandon, Carlos, Wen Yan and the others, one moment indifferent, one moment ruthless, one moment vicious, shuffled in front of his eyes… Thinking of the situation he was facing now, he wanted to cry in anger.

And thinking back on last night, it was better than almost losing his first kiss or something… The meaning represented in that kiss was what really terrified Ji Ling, and that was—— Why did Jing Sui want to kiss him ah!

Even if you feel a little guilty about me, is it necessary to bow down and make all kinds of explanations like this, and still try to kiss me? Isn’t it common for people to want to do this kind of thing with someone they like?

That’s not guilt, that’s clearly an attitude of pursuit ah! Ji Ling was about to collapse.

No, no, let’s calm down.

What does Jing Sui like about himself?

Ji Ling thought about it and felt that there was only one last possibility…

It must be out of the guilt compensation psychology after rebirth, such as what is lost is the best or something, and his own death makes him have a filter and beautify himself…

Although it might be ridiculous, it was the truth that people were always hung up on what they couldn’t get and what they had lost, and they didn’t appreciate what was within their reach.

When he was a child, he wanted to get a toy that he couldn’t get, and he would never forget it for a long time, but when he got it, he found that it was nothing more than that…

So for Jing Sui, what about himself, a living person who was ‘infatuated’ with him in his previous life, and died for him? As long as he wasn’t a cold-blooded antisocial personality, he would be a little impressed…

His image in his eyes would always stay at the last and most perfect moment.

Death, time, made everything different.

Rice grains could also turn into white moonlight, and mosquito blood could also turn into red roses.

Ji Ling suddenly thought…

It’s not really that hard to destroy it if their liking for himself is just this so-called liking, right?

The feelings that were not strong in the first place, the desire to make amends out of guilt, that was all towards himself who had died for him in his previous life. And now he was not only living well, but the things in the previous life had not happened. As long as he continued to work hard, let them see the real him, remove the filter a little bit, and he would find that what they like was just like that. The appearance of himself was just fantasy, and the real person was seriously different from the photos… Then they realized that he wasn’t really that good and didn’t deserve their affection.

The toy was gone, and when they had enough, they could throw it away.

White Moonlight turned into rice grains again, and the red roses turned into mosquito blood again, and the human heart was so cold and fickle.

There was nothing difficult in the world but a person who had the will, as long as he did enough to die! It would definitely be possible to turn the plot around!

A firm gaze finally appeared in Ji Ling’s eyes.

A few days later, the news of the Zerg’s invasion of the Nado System would come, because this time a Zerg Queen had appeared, and out of the importance of this matter, Jing Sui would take the expedition in person. But Ji Ling knew that this time there was not only one Zerg Queen, there was another one secretly hiding, the Zergs cunningly hid their strength, and at the critical moment the other hidden Zerg Queen suddenly attacked the base, putting Brandon in danger, before giving himself the chance to save him in his previous life.

But this time none of this would happen, for the reborn Brandon and Jing Sui, once they knew the other side’s plot, fighting this group of insect monsters would be like playing, and there would be no more danger in this war.

It was completely crushing.

Ji Ling didn’t plan to continue this trip according to the plot before, although he knew that there should be no danger this time, but the incident of the previous time still made him feel uneasy, and he didn’t want to risk the danger of encountering the rebels to get out of the Emperor Star in fear anymore. In addition, the characters had been reborn, and he was afraid that going there himself wouldn’t be of much use, so he had the idea of giving up.

But not Ji Ling has changed his mind again.

It was precisely because there would be no more danger in this battle, and he should go even more. If there was no danger, it was purely a stage for him to court death ah, what a good opportunity to show himself ah! For Jing Sui, the more he was hurt and sad, the more he wanted to get closer to himself to make up for himself. Once he became the same as before, arrogantly pestering him, causing trouble, wouldn’t he get tired of it quickly?

Ji Ling felt that he is really a little clever ghost, and his goal was to become the most annoying person in Jing Sui’s eyes! In other words, I have all the looks you hate!

The first step is to make Jing Sui hate himself!

Ji Ling waited anxiously, and a few days later, he finally saw the news of the Zerg invasion and the Emperor’s decision to go out in person! Ji Ling did not hesitate to run to his father and mother’s side, and used his own coquettish method.

Ji Ling: “Mom and Dad, I want to go to the Nado Galaxy with His Majesty.”

Grand Duke Ji Ting frowned and said, “It’s dangerous there.”

Madam Marina said, “Baby, don’t go to that kind of barren place, it’s so backward and hard, you won’t be used to it.”

Ji Ling was very persistent and said, “I’m going! You guys just need to agree to it.”

Madam Marina was still apprehensive about the last duel, although there was no danger in the end, she was still very worried. When she thought that her baby was going to chase Jing Sui out again, she said uneasily, “With His Majesty’s ability, I think he will come back soon.”

Grand Duke Ji Ting said, “Don’t run off to cause trouble.”

Ji Ling’s tears came as soon as he heard it, and he looked at his father and mother pleadingly. “Mom, Dad, in your eyes, I’m so uneasy that I must be there to cause trouble? I’m already an adult, I can choose where to go on my own!”

Grand Duke Ji Ting and Madam Marina’s faces stiffened a little when they heard this, because it was right, they were indeed uneasy about the boy going out alone… but at this moment, seeing Ji Ling’s eyes reddened and looking at them, he felt distressed and blamed himself. This child had been pampered by them because his physical fitness was not strong enough, but did he ignore the child’s psychology because of his overprotective behavior?

Madam Marina hesitated. “Mom is just worried about you, those Zerg will eat people on sight…”

Ji Ling said, “With His Majesty and Marshal Brandon around, there will be no danger!”

Grand Duke Ji Ting was silent for a moment and said, “If you want to go, you can only follow the army, Dad is worried that you won’t adapt to the environment of the army.”

Ji Ling said, “I haven’t even been there yet, and you all think I can’t do it?”

Madam Marina and Grand Duke Ji Ting glanced at each other, both of them showed helpless looks. The two of them thought about it for a long time, looked at Ji Ling’s persistent eyes, and finally couldn’t help but sigh.

Grand Duke Ji Ting finally loosened his grip and sighed. “Fine, but outside is not like in the Emperor Star, you have to be a bit more restrained, do you know?”

Madam Marina said, “It’s rare to go on a long trip, and there’s not the bed you’re used to sleeping in or the things you’re used to using out there, so I’ll ask servants to bring you some extra.”

In this way, the Ji family suddenly became busy.

Madam Marina began to prepare servants and daily necessities for Ji Ling, and the servants alone prepared more than a dozen, as well as several carts of things, and almost dismantled his own bed. Ji Ling’s eyelids jumped and he hurriedly stopped it. “Enough, enough, no need to prepare anymore.”

Grand Duke Ji Ting also said helplessly, “Okay, if we continue to prepare, I’m afraid His Majesty will be angry when he sees it.” His Majesty disliked the extravagant and pompous style of these nobles the most, and Marshal Brandon even more so, and if Ji Ling dared to take these to the army, he might be thrown out on the spot.

The father and son finally persuaded their beloved mother, and finally kept only some daily necessities and took a servant on the way.

The parent’s hearts, for the sake of his child’s safety, Grand Duke Ji Ting personally took Ji Ling to the military headquarters.

The atmosphere in the military headquarters was very solemn, and everyone came and went in a hurry, because they were about to set off, and this time with Zerg Queen leading the team, it must not be an easy battle. Fortunately, His Majesty and Marshal Brandon were there.

Brandon was in his command room, under his dark red hair, his gray pupils glowed with a cold light, his brows were tightened, and he was giving orders in an orderly manner, just waiting for everyone to be ready, then he was ready to use the Space Leap Technology to travel to the Nado Galaxy. At this moment, he heard a knock on the door outside, so he said in a deep voice, “Come in.”

Grand Duke Ji Ting pushed the door with Ji Ling, showed a smile and said politely, “Your Excellency Brandon, I’m sorry to disturb you now.”

Brandon originally had a serious expression, once he saw that the visitors were Grand Duke Ji Ting and Ji Ling, his eyes skimmed over the teenager’s face, his face suddenly softened a lot, and he said in an equally courteous manner, “Your Excellency Ji Ting is very polite, is there something you are here for?”

Although he asked like this, in fact, Brandon knew very well why Grand Duke Ji Ting came, because this incident had already happened in the previous life. At that time, in order to follow Jing Sui, Ji Ling also begged his father to let him set off with the army, so he didn’t seem to be so surprised.

Grand Duke Ji Ting paused, and said with a straight face. “I have an ungrateful request that I hope His Excellency the Marshal will grant.”

Brandon smiled and said, “Your Excellency go ahead and say what you want. I will definitely not refuse.”

Grand Duke Ji Ting pulled Ji Ling out from behind him and said, “This kid has never been out of the Emperor Star before, this time he wants to go out with the army to see the world, so I think about it and have to come and find His Excellency the Marshal, and want to hand him over to you so that I can rest assured.”

After saying that, he began to wait for Brandon’s reply, although he thought that Brandon should not refuse this small request, he was also uncertain… After all, Brandon didn’t like these Imperial dandies the most, and Ji Ling was purely a drag wherever he went, and it was possible if he didn’t give himself face.

But before he could finish speaking, he heard Brandon agreed earnestly in a low voice, “Don’t worry, Your Excellency, I’ll use my life to protect him!”

Grand Duke Ji Ting: “...”

Ji Ling: “...”

Ji Ling averted his eyes in some embarrassment, simply unable to bear to look at him directly.

Grand Duke Ji Ting was stunned for a moment, and looked at the tall man with a cold and solemn face in front of him in astonishment, looking at his serious gaze… I’m just asking you to take care of my little child who is no good by the way, is it necessary to even say such words as protecting him with your life…

Isn’t there no danger in this battle? And it’s not like I'm facing death alone…

But Brandon didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with what he said, he remembered the incident of the previous life. That time, he fell into the trap of the Zerg Queen, and all the people around him died. When he was struggling to hold on alone amidst the overwhelming desperation of the Zergs, it was the teenager who had risked his life to save him.

However, due to his negligence, he was kidnapped by the cruel rebel commander on the way back, and almost lost his life.

Even if Ji Ling came back safe and sound in the end, every time Brandon thought about it, he blamed himself very much and couldn’t forgive himself. He should have protected the boy, not let him suffer all of that, but he didn’t do it.

It was his fault.

This time, I won’t put you in any danger, and I will protect you well.
However, Grand Duke Ji Ting didn’t know this, so he had to try to suppress the surprise in his heart, and gave a dry smile, “Then please, Your Excellency Marshal, I’ve caused you trouble. When you come back from your victory, you must come to my house and sit down, and let me thank you well.”

Brandon said in a deep voice, “As it should be, Your Excellency is welcome.”

Grand Duke Ji Ting: “...”

What’s going on today? Brandon has such a nice attitude, why does he feel like this conversation is over?

Ji Ling finally couldn’t help but pull his father’s sleeve and whispered, “Dad, don’t worry, since Your Excellency the Marshal has promised, he will definitely take care of me, you go back first, I’ll be fine.”

Grand Duke Ji Ting also felt that the atmosphere was a little awkward, nodded, coughed lightly and decided to end this conversation, and said with a smile, “Then I won’t disturb Your Excellency, Xiao Ling is in your hands.”

He turned around and instructed Ji Ling, “You must listen to His Excellency the Marshal here, you can’t be as willful as you are at home, you know?”

Ji Ling nodded like a chicken pecking rice, and promised again that he would be careful and obedient, and Grand Duke Ji Ting finally left reluctantly.

Despite Grand Duke Ji Ting’s repeated excuses, Brandon still went out to see him off in person, the tall and cold person did not have much expression on his face, but there was an extremely solemn color in his eyes as he once again stated, “I will definitely bring him back intact.”

Grand Duke Ji Ting smiled gratefully and uncomfortably, and laughed while saying, “Okay, okay, okay, I believe in Your Excellency! No need to send me off, you can get busy!”

When Brandon returned to the room, he found that Ji Ling was sitting on the chair by the window of the room, with his hands propped up on the edge of the chair, his upper body straight, his legs shaking slightly, raising his eyebrows and looking at Brandon, his eyes were open, and he tilted his head to make a clear voice, “When are we leaving? I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

Brandon looked at the teenager’s arrogant and bright eyes, listening to his unscrupulous words, but he didn’t mind his rudeness at all, instead, a hint of soft look of nostalgia appeared in his eyes, and said, “Let’s go now.”

Ji Ling jumped down lightly from his chair and tilted his head. “Then, let’s go!”

Brandon bowed slightly, raised his hand and touched the teenager’s soft blonde hair and said in a deep voice, “Come with me.”

After saying that, he turned around and walked out from the front.
Ji Ling followed behind him.

Although it was the second time he had gone out with the army, Ji Ling, a young man from the Earth, saw the spectacular scene in front of him again, and he couldn’t help but show a look of amazement and shock. What a terrifying future technology, the huge starship in front of him was like a steel giant beast across the starry sky, and its cold body made everything tremble.

At this time, he felt his own insignificance deeply once again.

Suddenly—— He wants to go home even more.

Ji Ling withdrew his mind from the scene in front of him. From now on, it is the stage for him to show himself, don’t you all want to compensate me? Do you feel that you owe me in your previous life? 

Then let me see how far you can tolerate it.

He followed behind Brandon, not caring at all about the inquiring gaze of others, and looked arrogantly at the rows of soldiers in black uniforms around him, and suddenly his eyes froze, crossing over the heavy crowd and seeing the young man wearing the rank of Major, with a handsome face and emerald green eyes under the brim of the man’s hat, looking at him indifferently.

The corners of Ji Ling’s lips were raised, and he stood behind Brandon, showing him a provocative look from afar!

Heh, just wait and see, soon they’ll know that you are their true love!


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