The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 26 - Seeking Death

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Chapter 26: Seeking Death

The Empire’s territory was immense, and the Nado Galaxy was a remote system belonging to the remote galaxy of the Empire’s frontier, where it was barren, inhospitable, and dangerous. It was two completely different worlds from the prosperous, extravagant, and stable Emperor Star.

Because the distance was too far, the starship must go through many space jumps to reach the Nado Galaxy. Although Ji Ling was ready to show off his skills, he only had a C-class physique, so he could only stay in his dormant chamber during the space jump, and could only come out after arriving.

Ten days later, two huge starships finally appeared in the main star of the Nado Galaxy—— the sky above Field Star.

The leader of the local garrison, Admiral Toka, was very happy to see the arrival of the starships. This time, because of the presence of the Zerg Queen, they had a very hard time resisting, they had been waiting for reinforcements to arrive, and now, with the presence of His Majesty and the Marshal, they thought that the battle could be over soon.

Ji Ling was on Brandon’s starship, while Jing Sui had his own separate Imperial starship, so they didn’t meet on the way.

Brandon and Jing Sui were busy with business as soon as they arrived, so no one paid attention to Ji Ling for a while.

Ji Ling crawled out of the dormant chamber, retched a few times, and stood up dizzily with the help of the servant, which was really not very comfortable.

In order to be able to reach the Nado Galaxy as quickly as possible, the army was constantly making jumps along the way, without stopping for a moment, and the distance was very long each time. This kind of continuous space leap of intensity was really a big burden for the physique of a low-level evolutionary like Ji Ling.

Although the other soldiers might not all be high-level evolutionaries, and some might even be inferior to Ji Ling, they were after all trained soldiers who had experienced a hundred battles, and their ability to adapt far surpassed Ji Ling’s.

In the end—— Young Master Ji was indeed a delicate person.

But this could not stop Ji Ling’s fighting spirit! He rested in his room for a while, recovered some physical strength and spirit, and began to go out for a walk, looking for opportunities to ‘perform’.

At this moment, the entire Field Star Base was in a strict state of preparation, no one paid attention to Ji Ling at all, and there were soldiers in a hurry around him, all with solemn expressions.

To be honest, for a teenager who had the code of conduct of China’s socialist spiritual civilization, Ji Ling was very reluctant to cause trouble to others at this moment, which made him feel very uneasy and guilty.

It was fine to be a little extravagant and depraved in the Emperor Star because everyone was in this state of drunkenness every day anyway, and if he didn’t do this, it would seem that he was not social, but it was different here.

Everyone here was facing a life-and-death battle, living a hard life, and if he was extravagant and wasteful, arrogant and domineering, it would be very out of place and needed a beating. Especially when even the Emperor and the Marshal shared the weal and woe with the soldiers…

The entire steel base had a tone of iron gray, the soldiers wore black uniforms and were highly disciplined. Marshal Brandon was a man of great self-discipline, and so was his army.

Although Jing Sui was the Emperor, he never made any specialization in the army, he ate and lived with the soldiers, and was highly respected for leading by example.

Both of them were such strict self-disciplined people, and they didn’t like the wasteful and extravagant style of the Emperor Star, and for that reason… In the previous life, he was very displeased with the dude like Ji Ling.

In fact, Ji Ling himself also felt that he sometimes really owed a beating, if he was a bystander, he was afraid that when he saw such a person, he couldn’t help but curse a few words.

But in order to get the plot back on track, in order to make Brandon and Jing Sui realize that he was not as beautiful as they imagined, that he was no different than any other dude… Ji Ling, fighting! Anyway, he couldn’t do any harm to others, at most he looked annoying and affected the mood a bit…

As a result, he didn’t even see the shadows of Jing Sui and the others. Ji Ling thought about it and went back to rest, letting his servant continue to go and keep an eye on the situation outside for him.

A few hours later, the servant used the communication to tell Ji Ling that His Majesty and Ning Yu were eating in the cafeteria, and Ji Ling immediately rushed over in high spirits!

This cafeteria was very large, enough to accommodate hundreds of people at the same time. In the spacious hall, metal tables and chairs were neatly arranged, and the soldiers were sitting in twos and threes. At this time of the day, there were not many people, and there were quite a few empty seats.

As the protagonists of this book, Jing Sui and Ning Yu’s perfect appearance and dazzling radiance were completely impossible to hide! Ji Ling saw them at a glance, Jing Sui sat in a relatively deep position, sitting alone at a table, surrounded by a relatively empty space, while Ning Yu sat closer to the door, dining with comrade-in-arms.

Ji Ling rolled his eyes, and instead of going directly to Jing Sui’s side, he took his servants and walked in the direction of Ning Yu with his head held high.

Ning Yu was talking to his comrade-in-arms beside him, revealing a handsome side profile and a shallow smile on his lips.

Ji Ling walked straight over, put the dinner plate handed to him by the servant just now on the metal table with a ‘snap’, raised his eyebrows and made a contemptuous voice and said, “Get out of the way, I want to sit here.”

As soon as these words came out, Ning Yu suddenly turned his head, looked at him lightly with his green eyes, and frowned slightly.

Ji Ling replied with a provocative look, being as arrogant as he wanted to be!

Ning Yu hadn’t reacted much, but his comrade-in-arms beside him had already revealed an angry expression when they saw this, angrily saying to Ji Ling, “There are plenty of empty seats here.”

Ji Ling sneered and raised his chin. “I just think this seat is more pleasing to the eye, can’t I?”

The soldier was Ning Yu’s best friend and knew some triangular gossip about Ning Yu, Ji Ling and the Emperor. After all, the previous duel was quite a big deal, so he was very dissatisfied with Ji Ling, and felt that his best friend was really unlucky to somehow be targeted by this kind of trashy aristocrat. He looked at Ji Ling’s little arms and legs, and his temper came up, snorting and looking at him coldly. “We just won’t let you, so what can you do?”

Ji Ling immediately revealed his anger, slamming his hands aggressively onto the table and shouted, “How dare you provoke me, you are lowly commoner!”

The moment the word ‘lowly commoner’ came out, the already discordant atmosphere became even more obvious, and the soldier looked coldly at Ji Ling, stood up with a huff, and rolled up his own sleeves.

Ji Ling gasped when he saw it, I just said two words, you started to roll up your sleeves, don’t you be so rude?! His face went white and he almost wimped out, his expression stiffening, and then Ning Yu suddenly stood up, raised his hand and pressed the shoulders of his comrade-in-arms, turned his head to look at Ji Ling calmly, and said lightly, “This place is given over to you.”

Seeing that Ning Yu stopped the other party, Ji Ling finally breathed a sigh of relief, showed an arrogant and smug appearance again, and snorted, “Count on you to know what’s good for you.”

Ning Yu’s comrade-in-arms was originally very unconvinced, and seeing Ji Ling’s villainous appearance, they even more didn’t want to leave, and said to Ning Yu dissatisfied, “Why do we let him? Are you afraid of him!”

Ning Yu shook his head, his green eyes were indifferent, and he didn’t seem to bother to argue with Ji Ling at all, and said, “It’s better to do more things than less, there are plenty of seats here, let’s go over there.”

The comrade-in-arms still didn’t want to go, but seeing that Ning Yu was unwilling to argue, and he had always been convinced of Ning Yu’s decision, he finally didn’t insist, cursing and carrying his own plate away.

Ji Ling sat down directly in the seat where Ning Yu had sat just now, the temperature of the other party was still left on the cold metal seat. He glanced at the back of Ning Yu leaving, and then seemingly unintentionally retracted his gaze.

Jing Sui must have seen this scene just now!

But he was indifferent, watching himself bully Ning Yu, he was so calm! Ji Ling knew that this was not the solution, and he had another idea. He looked at the food on his plate in thought.

The Nado Galaxy was very barren and desolate, and it was in war all year round, so the materials here had always been very scarce, and most of the food in the cafeteria was mainly energy food, which looked very simple, and it couldn’t be compared with the Emperor Star at all.

Everyone was used to being soldiers, but Ji Ling had never really eaten such a simple food.

It stood to reason that even the Emperor and the Marshal didn’t mind eating such food, and he shouldn’t be dissatisfied with it, but Ji Ling wanted to express his dissatisfaction, and even dissatisfied to the point of letting everyone know about it.

He picked out the food on the plate with a knife and fork in disgust and yelled, “What is this? Is it something a human can eat?!”

The cafeteria was quiet for a moment, and everyone who was eating stopped their movements and turned their heads to look in Ji Ling’s direction, with a cold light in their eyes.

In fact, they also saw the scene of Ji Ling bullying Ning Yu just now. Although they were very dissatisfied with Ji Ling’s behavior, but Ning Yu chose to back down, and they couldn’t interfere so they could only swallow their anger, but this garbage aristocrat was really too disgusting. It was not enough to make trouble, and he even needed to be gibberish on a meal. If this was not eaten by people, what did they eat?”

We risk our lives to fight Zerg here, living a life of hardship and precariousness, but nobles like you come in and bully us as soon as you can, not to mention disliking our food, saying it’s not something people can eat.

It really makes people want to throw this guy out of here so as not to affect their appetite!

Ji Ling continued to pick up the things on the plate in disgust, and then put down the fork heavily, pretending not to notice everyone’s sight at all. This was what he wanted!

At this moment, steady and powerful footsteps sounded behind him, and a slender, tall, handsome man slowly walked up to him.

Jing Sui was also wearing a black military uniform today, but the material looked obviously different from other ordinary soldiers, with gold trim on the cuffs, silver epaulets hanging on his shoulders, long black hair tied behind his head, and golden eyes on his handsome and sharp face.

Ji Ling saw that Jing Sui finally appeared, and said in his heart, you finally can’t help it! I know you hate me the most, and look, there’s nothing to like about a person like me!

I’d like to see what you’re going to do with me, and if you continue to indulge me, you’ll surely arouse everyone’s discontent!

Ji Ling raised his head and looked at Jing Sui with expectant gaze.

Jing Sui looked at Ji Ling’s bright eyes, looked at the expectation and persistence in his eyes, and thought, this child, I’m afraid he is deliberately making a commotion to wait for him to come. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but show a helpless smile on his lips…

Although the little guy said that he refused to forgive himself, when he saw that he was going to go on the expedition, he still followed him, clearly because he still had himself in his heart. Even the nonsense just now was to get his attention… don’t think that he won’t notice that Ji Ling is secretly looking at himself.

A trace of love and compassion surfaced in the bottom of Jing Sui’s eyes, such a lovely child, how could one not spoil him?

In the past, as long as I seriously understood it once, I would find the true side of the teenager hidden under the arrogant and domineering appearance, and the boy’s seemingly nonsense behavior did not hurt anyone, just so that he could look at him more… Unfortunately, I used to disdain people like him so much that I didn’t even want to look at him more.

If he had realized this sooner, he could have seen his true and pure inner self earlier, maybe… I have been liking him for a long time.

Being reborn again, and seeing the teenager once more.

I realized how much I had missed before, and I found that the boy was more beautiful and vivid than what he remembered, so vivid and lovely.

Jing Sui felt a hint of softness in his heart, walked over and sat down beside Ji Ling, and said gently, “I’ve wronged you.”

Ji Ling: “???”

Jing Sui picked up the fork and ate a piece of the food that Ji Ling had poked just now, and then smiled at him, “Although it looks average, the taste is actually not so bad, and the nutrition is also very sufficient.”

Ji Ling: “...”

In a trance, Jing Sui forked out another piece of food and brought it to his mouth, his golden eyes had a trace of a smile, and he coaxed him in a gentle tone, “Do you want to try it too?”

Ji Ling was stunned to see Jing Sui so well intentioned to persuade himself to eat, looking at the other side of the handsome as god’s face and the corners of the lips with a smile, he almost agreed without paying attention, but he is a pampered dude ah! He came here to set off Ning Yu’s hardships and hard work!

I won’t give you this face today, what can you do?

Ji Ling turned his head, looked at the food in disgust and said, “I won’t eat it.”

Jing Sui was not angry at all, his expression did not change in the slightest, his tone was still gentle, and he said slowly, “Just take one bite, en?” Raising his hand to gently brush the hair around Ji Ling’s hair, as if he was coaxing an angry and picky kitten, with a hint of a smile in his eyes, his tone was low and pleasing to the ear, “If you’re starving, I will feel distressed.”

Ji Ling: “...”

He really wanted to pull Jing Sui’s collar and asked, Your Majesty, what’s wrong with you ah! Please be normal ah, is it time to coax me to eat!

You look around, you look in everyone's eyes, please!

The soldiers around also watched this scene. They originally thought Jing Sui was to reprimand Ji Ling, but who knew that His Majesty actually started to coax Ji Ling to eat without saying a word, simply like a worrying old mother…

One by one, they all looked confused!

Who are you? Where are they? What happened?

Ji Ling felt very bitter in his heart, and stubbornly looked at Jing Sui with wide eyes, but Jing Sui was obviously more persistent than him… Maintaining such an action, looking at him gently and encouragingly, as if he had a posture of not giving up until he succeeded.

Ji Ling: “...”

After a long time, Ji Ling finally became the defeated side, and reluctantly, opened his mouth to bite the food handed over by Jing Sui.

Cough, it sure tastes okay.

Ji Ling, who used to be able to eat even instant noodles for a month when he was studying, although he had been spoiled a bit by his aristocratic life, this nutritious meal was really not bad.

Forget it, I’d better eat first if I’m hungry.

Although he was still angry and hadn’t forgiven Jing Sui yet, he couldn’t just skip his meal in order to do the mission, right? I’ll keep messing around when I’m full!

A look of relief appeared in Jing Sui’s eyes as he saw that Ji Ling was finally willing to eat. Looking at the teenager’s cheeks bulging, and not forgetting to glare at himself when he ate, he only found it adorable, and the more he looked at it, the more he liked it.

Such a sweet and kind child, how could he have left him out in the cold before? Jing Sui once again felt a trance of regret in his heart.

With this kind of coaxing and persuasion, Jing Sui finally let Ji Ling finish his meal and from the beginning to the end, he showed great gentleness and patience.

The onlookers were stunned at first, outraged halfway through, then nervous, and finally actually relieved… ***, it’s so tiring to watch, it can be so hard for the young master to eat, His Majesty is so patient and it’s not easy!

It was hard enough for His Majesty to fight here, and he still had to go through the trouble of taking care of this unearthly Young Master.

As for Ji Ling, although at first he looked very arrogant and needed to be beaten, after a meal, everyone’s accumulated anger also slowly dispersed. They all saw that Ji Ling was actually just a picky eater and a pampered child.

They couldn’t help but associate him with their own family’s bear children. Their bear children were angry and tricky, they didn’t eat this or that, all of them gave people a headache. As such a noble teenager, it was only natural that Ji Ling would lose his temper if he was not used to eating such food, right… but he ate it anyway in the end, and he didn’t even go overboard.

Except for a few picky comments and nasty words at the beginning, he seemed very well behaved, feeding a bite and eating a bite…

Forget it, they’re a bunch of big old men, what do they have to do with a pampered bear child.

It’s scattered, they’ve been watching the gossip for a long time, so just eat on their own, it’s a waste of time just now, they will have to face the attack of the Zerg later.

Under Jing Sui’s persistent feeding, Ji Ling pretended to dislike the food and finished it. Because he was too full, he accidentally burped, and he suddenly blushed embarrassedly, and then found that he… 

Cough, why is no one even looking at himself anymore?

Wow, I’ve worked so hard to death, tossed and turned, exhausted myself over a meal, and how don’t you audience buy it?!

Ji Ling was dumbfounded.

Jing Sui looked at Ji Ling’s stunned appearance, wiped the corners of his mouth with his handkerchief, and chuckled. “Like I said, it’s not that bad, right?”

Ji Ling: “...”

Baby Ling is very angry, baby Ling doesn’t want to talk now!

He stood up angrily, waving away Jing Sui’s hand and snorted. “None of your business, I haven’t forgiven you yet!”

With that, he turned and walked away!

Jing Sui was not in a hurry, smiling at Ji Ling’s hastily departing back. The corners of his lips couldn’t help but rise slightly. What do you mean not forgive yet… Actually, you’re shy again, aren’t you? How old are you? Why do you still blush so easily?

After a long time, Jing Sui retracted his gaze, folded his handkerchief and put it away with an indifferent expression, and smiled at everyone. “I’ll let you see the joke, it’s still the first time for this child to leave the Emperor Star, and he is not very suitable for the outside environment, but he actually has no bad intentions.”

Everyone responded in quick succession.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, we can see that.”

“Your Majesty has worked hard.”

“Your Majesty doesn’t need to explain it to us.”

“It’s not like we’re doing anything.”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, we are not going to bother with a child…”


Ji Ling returned to his room and stared at the wall in a daze.

I’ve gone that far, why doesn’t it seem to have achieved the desired effect? What went wrong? In the previous life, he also followed, and he deliberately used his vicious arrogance to set off Ning Yu’s hardships and hard work, but in fact, he didn’t go as far as he did today, and he was coldly punished by Brandon and Jing Sui.

How can you guys react completely differently to the same thing? Is it really good to be reborn once and have such a double standard???

Ji Ling was so angry that he almost didn’t fall asleep.

Getting up the next day with tired eyes, Ji Ling thought to himself that he must not have acted viciously enough; After all, they were all reborn this time, and he had to aggravate the situation! He decided to be ruthless, he must make Jing Sui have no choice but to punish himself!

But what is the best way to do it?

Ji Ling walked along the road with his servant, frowning in contemplation as he went.

At this time, he suddenly heard some movement in front of him, and when he looked up, it turned out to be a team of commoners from Field Star who sent supplies in.

Although it was a barren and marginal planet, there were still many people living on the planet, and they were grateful to the army for protecting them from being killed by the terrible Zerg, so they would often send the preserved food over to these soldiers.

Brandon and Jing Sui had always been close to the people, and they happened to come out to meet the group of commoners in person, and Jing Sui was talking cordially with the leader of the group of commoners.

Ji Ling’s eyes lit up.

This was a good opportunity to find fault, he immediately took his servant and squeezed through. The local commoners were dressed in simple and gray clothes, and their appearance looked ordinary, probably due to the reason of working outside for many years, their skin was darker.

When Ji Ling passed, a few commoners in the group noticed him and subconsciously looked towards him.

The older ones looked calmer, and seeing Ji Ling’s unusual aristocratic clothes, they didn’t dare to look at him and quickly retracted their gaze, but one of the dark-skinned teenagers was fascinated.

He was born in the desolate Field Star, where he fought all year round, the land was barren and the people’s living standards were not very good. The richest person he had ever seen was their mayor, and every time they met, he felt that the mayor was the most imposing, and his skin looked relatively white, but at this moment he looked at Ji Ling… A thought suddenly comes into his mind—— the mayor is nothing!

The teenager in front of him with a reckless demeanor and bright eyes, his light golden hair was like a layer of golden radiance by the sunlight, his blue eyes were countless times more beautiful than the pictures of the ocean he had seen, and they were bluer and clearer than the sky, and his fair skin had no blemish at all, whiter than the highest ceramics he had ever seen… It’s like an angel coming down from the sky, beautiful and noble, not like a mortal.

This is the best-looking person he’s ever seen!

The dark-skinned young man looked at Ji Ling stupidly, and in a trance, the little angel in front of him was getting closer and closer to him. His heartbeat couldn’t help but accelerate, this, such a good-looking person was also looking at him and walking towards him, was this to talk to him?

However, the next moment, he saw the beautiful teenager opposite, raising his eyebrows to reveal a look of disgust and disdain. His voice was cleared and more beautiful, but he spit out cruel words, “What are you looking at? Be careful I gouge your eyes out!”

The dark-skinned young man looked at Ji Ling in disbelief, such a good-looking person… He would say such a thing.

He was stunned for a while, staring blankly at Ji Ling.

Ji Ling looked at his shocked and injured appearance, and felt a little embarrassed, but for the sake of seeking death… he swept his eyes and found that Brandon and Jing Sui had noticed this side and were walking towards this side, thinking that they would definitely be able to stop him, and suddenly made a decision in his heart.

Ji Ling raised his hand and then pulled out the whip hanging from the waist of the servant behind him and whipped it towards the young man, while shouting, “Still looking? Are you looking for death?!”


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