The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 27 - Protect

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Chapter 27: Protect

Seeing that the whip was about to hit the dark-skinned boy’s body, at the last moment, a strong hand violently grasped one end of the whip, and the tall man protected the dark-skinned boy behind him, looking at Ji Ling with his brows furrowed.

Ji Ling saw that Brandon successfully stopped him, and he breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, but there was an unconvinced expression on his face, and he said fiercely, “Get out of the way!”

Beating and killing commoners in full view of the public, let’s see what else you can do this time!

Brandon clutched the end of the whip tightly, pursed his lips and looked at the beautiful teenager with a provocative look and chin up in front of him. For a while, a trace of helplessness emerged in the bottom of his eyes.

In fact, he had noticed Ji Ling long ago, so he was able to come over in time to stop him, but because of that… he could tell at a glance that Ji Ling didn’t actually have the intention of hurting anyone. Ji Ling’s whip avoided the other party’s vitals, and the movement was not fast enough or hard enough, and could easily be stopped by those around him…

He has seen too many people, and a man who was truly vicious, who treated people like dirt, didn’t look like this, didn’t have eyes like this… In the teenager’s eyes, the bright provocation was clearly aimed at him.

In the final analysis, this kind of trouble was just to attract his and Jing Sui’s attention, and the essence was not to hurt others.

It’s like a kitten with teeth and claws, it looks fierce, but in fact, if you look closely, you can see that it’s just a bluff.

Ji Ling had been waiting for the rumored most iron-faced and cold-hearted marshal to open his mouth to punish him, but after waiting for a long time, he saw Brandon looking at him with a complicated expression without saying anything, and sighed softly with a look of pampering and helplessness.

Ji Ling: ?

Big brother, are you kidding me? What’s wrong with you? I have done so much, can you at least show me something?!

At this moment, Jing Sui also came slowly.

He knew that Brandon was enough to stop Ji Ling and wouldn’t put Ji Ling in an awkward position, so his footsteps were unhurried.

What Brandon could see, he could naturally understand. The teenager had just quietly glanced at himself before making his move, really… there was nothing to be done ah, he only made a fuss once yesterday.

Just won’t stay honest for a while.

Ji Ling also felt that something was wrong when he saw Jing Sui’s expression, and thought to himself, ‘Oh no, have I not acted wickedly enough? But he really can’t do anything more excessive ah!

Ji Ling tugged hard on the whip in his hand, but couldn’t pull it, so he simply let go and threw it away, glaring at him and saying, “What do you want!”

As a result, before Ji Ling could continue to look for an opportunity, Jing Sui directly reached out and hugged him, turning around and leaving the place in large strides!

Although he knew that the teenager had no bad intentions, the teenager’s behavior just now still caused public anger, and continuing to stay would make him the target of public criticism. There were some things that had to be said separately from here, and he believed that Brandon could take care of the rest.

Ji Ling didn’t expect Jing Sui to pick himself up and leave without saying a word, and he immediately struggled, but his strength was like a grasshopper shaking a tree in front of Jing Sui. His face turned red and he didn’t manage to push away the slightest!

Jing Sui took him directly to his room, hearing the sound of the metal door automatically closing behind him, before letting go and releasing Ji Ling.

Ji Ling’s hair was a little messy because of the struggle, and he staggered back a step to look at Jing Sui.

The slender and tall man in front of him, at the moment, his handsome face was tightly tensed, seemingly enveloped in a layer of frost, his thin lips pursed into a straight line. Ji Ling remembered that he had just taken himself away almost rudely, and he was stunned for a moment, and finally a trace of surprise finally surfaced in the bottom of his heart!

He had to make persistent efforts, continuing to make trouble unreasonable and striving to break Jing Sui’s illusions about himself once and for all, letting him see his true nature!

Ji Ling immediately raised his chin, his eyes turned red, and he said to Jing Sui in dissatisfaction, “Your Majesty stopped me for the sake of a commoner, I see that you don’t care about me at all! You coaxed me before to fool me right!”

Jing Sui looked at the teeanger’s angry eyes… so, this kid is really still blaming himself ah.

He stepped forward.

Ji Ling subconsciously took a step back, then before he could react, Jing Sui suddenly reached out and grabbed his waist, and gently took him into his arms, warm breathing brushed the side of his ear, and a deep voice fell into his ear. “I’m sorry, it’s me who neglected you…”

Ji Ling: ???

He raised his head in a daze, and from an extremely close distance, he met Jing Sui’s eyes, and could clearly see the gentleness that gradually surfaced in those golden pupils.

Jing Sui lifted Ji Ling’s chin with one hand, and a helpless smile appeared on his lips. “I’ve been too busy lately, I didn’t mean to leave you out in the cold. Don’t be angry, I’ll be heartbroken if you’re angry.”

Ji Ling came from heaven to hell in an instant, his eyes showed a look of despair, and his hands trembled with anger.

So I just risked my life and tossed for a long time, and you didn’t get angry at all, instead thought it was because you neglected me and thought I was showing a little temper with you?!

What about the cold-faced and selfless Emperor? What about the Emperor who cares most about the rights and interests of the commoners? Anyway, you are also an actor who belongs to the decent camp ah! It’s not like it’s a deranged villain like Carlos who has no sense of perspective.

You’re actually afraid I’m going to get angry in the face of a dandy like me who beats up and kills commoners for no reason?!

Ji Ling said angrily, “Who cares about that! I’m blaming that untouchable for looking at me that rudely!”

Jing Sui said dotingly, “Okay, okay, right, right.”

Ji Ling: “...”

Jing Sui hugged the boy tightly, and when he got close to him like this, he found that the boy's body was so delicate that it seemed like it could be broken with a little force… but under such a thin body, there was a firm and persistent heart, which loved himself like a moth to the fire, and would rather give his life for himself.

I understand all this clearly, so how can I ignore your heart again because of your stubborn pretense?

And this child clearly cares about himself, otherwise why bother making such nonsense, after all, he just refuses to admit it because he has a thin face.

The bottom of Jing Sui’s heart seemed to be slowly softened by something.

He touched the teenager’s hair, lowered his eyes to him, giving a playful, light laugh. “I know I’m wrong, what will it take for you to forgive me? As long as you say… I promise to do it, okay?”

Ji Ling looked at Jing Sui’s gentle and doting look, and his heart completely collapsed.

I’m so vicious, why aren’t you angry ah!

He couldn’t wait to shake Jing Sui’s collar, please big brother, wash your eyes ah, it’s not a filter anymore, you’re short sighted… no, you’re blind! Which eye of yours can see that I’m trying to get your attention ah… wait, I did get your attention on purpose, but I just wanted you to see how vicious I am, not to get you to come over and coax me ah!

You’re really going about this the wrong way ah!

Jing Sui looked at the teenager’s dazed eyes, but his heart was soft.

He stared at the teenager’s red lips, so sweet and seductive. At this moment he was in his arms, Jing Sui sniffed the fresh scent on the side of the teenager’s neck, and couldn’t help but think of that night, the kiss that had passed by in a single mistake, and some strange longing rose in his heart again…

Ji Ling was originally devastated and angry. He didn’t want to speak at all, but he watched Jing Sui’s eye staring at him suddenly darkened, a bit like that night… His body froze, his scalp tingling with the premonition of danger that came instantly.

The next moment, Ji Ling fiercely stretched out his hand and gave Jing Sui a push, averted his eyes and said, “Forget it, I forgive you…”

Jing Sui was slightly stunned, looking at the teenager’s blushing side profile, for a long time… The lust in his eyes dissipated, leaving only helplessness and doting. This child was really just hard-mouthed, he was so fierce before, and he forgave himself without mentioning anything.

And that he wasn’t doing it for himself.

Ji Ling bit his lower lip, didn’t dare to look at Jing Sui at all and whispered, “You.. why don’t you let go of me. I won’t make trouble.”

In order to protect his first kiss, Ji Ling ‘humiliated’ himself by making a compromise!

The corners of Jing Sui’s lips rose slightly. Although he was a bit reluctant, he let go of his hand.

Speaking of which, he used to dislike this arrogant and domineering teenager very much and he thought this teenager was ignorant and annoying,  but now… watching him dangling in front of himself like this, making all kinds of messes to get his attention, he can’t get tired of it at all.

It’s like looking at a beloved kitten, messing up the house in order to get his attention… It’s because he cares that he’s acting this way… If he doesn’t care about him, why is he doing this?

As long as Jing Sui thinks of this, he can’t be angry at all, but instead feeling sweet in his heart, he wants to tease more and more, wanting to see what else he can do for himself. Even the appearance of being jealous of himself is so cute…

Jing Sui’s deep golden eyes were filled with shallow gentleness, he raised his hand and rubbed Ji Ling’s head, saying, “When this period of time is over, I’ll accompany you properly. During this period of time, you’ll just obediently stay at the base, okay?”

In fact, if he hadn’t been worried about the teenager being hurt by other people’s criticism, he wouldn’t want to stop him from doing anything at all, he just wanted to see him more wanton. But people’s talk was terrible, there were some things that he couldn’t control even as an Emperor, and he didn’t want his teenager to get hurt.

The teenager was too innocent to bear those dark things.

Ji Ling was afraid that Jing Sui would come again, and remembered that the Emperor’s brain circuit was different now, so he didn’t dare to make trouble anymore, he had to say sullenly, “I know.”

Jing Sui was satisfied, and let Ji Ling leave as he looked at the teenager hastily departing back and pressing the upturned corners of his mouth.

Ji Ling was a little discouraged by the continuous failure to seek death. He felt that he had done even the most vicious thing, and he didn’t know what else he could do, so he locked himself in the room all day long, and he was depressed.

One day, a shrill alarm suddenly sounded outside.

Ji Ling was stunned for a moment, and then realized that it should be the attack of the Zerg Queen. In previous life, there was a hidden Zerg Queen who attacked the base, causing Brandon to be in danger, but this time both of them were reborn, and there would definitely be no danger.

Ji Ling relaxed his heart.

It was dark outside, the ‘boom’ sound was deafening. Ji Ling could not rest at all, although he had already experienced it once, but it was still uneasy to experience it again, and in the end he really couldn’t hold back his curiosity, and quietly pushed open the door, ready to go out to see what was going on.

The building he was in was empty, and he hadn’t run into a single person on the road. The soldiers should have all gone out to the battle.

Ji Ling walked out along the metal corridor, which seemed to be at the tail end of the battle outside, and carefully peeked his head out of the corridor to look outside.

As a result, suddenly a huge Zerg corpse fell from above him, the ugly monster was splashed with blood, and the corpse just landed at Ji Ling’s feet. It was probably not dead yet, twitching a little bit to show his teeth at Ji Ling, revealing his hideous fangs, sticky blood splashed on his pants…

Ahhhh, this Lao Tzu almost got smashed to death ah!

Ji Ling sat down on his butt in fear, his face was white and he couldn’t stop trembling, shit… Sure enough, I shouldn’t have come out because I couldn’t see it!

Curiosity kills the act ah!

Brandon had just teamed up with Jing Sui to kill all the two Zerg Queens, and was cleaning up the aftermath at the base to clear some of the Zerg’s slipping through the net, when he happened to see the teenager cautiously peeking his head out of the corridor. His face paled with fear by the Zerg corpses that had smashed down in front of him.

Brandon’s eyes froze, he jumped down from the mecha and fell to the ground with a bang, and without hesitation, he stepped forward and helped the frightened boy up from the ground, hugged his slightly trembling body, patted his back gently and said, “It’s okay, it’s okay…”

He could feel the boy’s fear, his arm was tightly grasped by the boy and the boy was clearly so weak at the moment.

But what Brandon remembered was the scene of the previous life, when the boy drove a mecha and broke a bloody path among countless Zergs and came for him.

How can a person who is truly greedy for life and afraid of death have such courage?

The teenager seemed to be weak, but at a critical moment, he could burst out with such unnecessary courage, even put life and death out of the way, which was something that many people couldn't do.

But in this life, I’d rather you never have that kind of courage again, and never have another day when you have to give that kind of effort… you just need to be protected as you are now.

Because I want to protect you, not because you saved me, but simply because… I want to protect you.

In Brandon’s gray pupils, his expression was complex and gentle, and there seemed to be some unfamiliar emotions surging in his chest. He tried his best to keep his voice low, not to frighten the terrified teenager, and said slowly, “Don’t be afraid, I will protect you.”

Ji Ling was indeed frightened just now, and was hugged into Brandon’s arms in shock. At this moment, hearing such gentle words from Brandon, his body stiffened slightly for a moment.

I’m so timid like a rat, greedy for life and afraid of death… what are you comforting about ah? It’s not like I’ve saved you in this life.

Ji Ling simply became more and more desperate about all this, his expression was blank, and he forgot to continue performing.

Just when he didn’t know how to deal with it, suddenly there was a resounding footsteps in front of him, and the man with black military boots and black military uniform walked calmly and powerfully, striding over this way!

Jing Sui looked at Brandon who was holding Ji Ling. The light in his golden eyes was cold as he glanced at him thoughtfully, and said in a deep voice, “The east side still needs to be cleaned up, you go there, just leave this place to me.”

However, this time, Brandon didn’t respond immediately, looking directly into Jing Sui’s eyes, and there seemed to be some momentary stagnation in the air.

Jing Sui looked at Brandon with a slightly gloomy look in his eyes, cold and firm.

After a while, Brandon slowly let go of his hand, he glanced at Ji Ling with a deep affection, and then turned around and left without hesitation.

Although I don’t want to let go, but… what Ji Ling needs is Jing Sui.
There has always been only Jing Sui.

This, from his previous life, he has been clear about it.

Jing Sui watched Brandon leave, and then walked up to Ji Ling step by step, gently hugged him, and sent him back to his room.

Ji Ling obediently stayed in Jing Sui’s arms, because he had been ‘frightened’ by Jing Sui several times before, and he didn’t dare to move. He was carefully put on the bed by Jing Sui, and then he saw Jing Sui sitting on the edge of his bed, and said softly, “Scared, right?”

It’s a fact… I’m a coward myself! Your most hated coward! Ji Ling nodded with a pale face.

Jing Sui’s eyes fluctuated, remembering the danger just now, his heart sank slightly, and he sighed. “I told you to stay here obediently.”

Ji Ling pursed his lips, looked away and didn’t speak.

Jing Sui showed a look of helplessness, he was reluctant to blame the teenager at all, he was really worried about him just now… His teenager was so fragile that he couldn’t afford to be in any danger at all.

Fragile enough to withstand Carlos’s casual blow, and he died in his arms like that.

Jing Sui closed his eyes and hid the look of pain in his eyes.

In those countless nights, the lingering regret and pain resurfaced again, and he had a lot of things that he didn’t have time to say to him, a lot of things he didn’t have time to share with him, and he didn’t even have time to be kind to him… At that time, he always thought that he would never have a chance to make amends…

Because people like him don’t deserve salvation.

After a long time, Jing Sui stretched out his hand, gently covered Ji Ling with a quilt, and looked at him deeply. “Sleep, it’s over.”

This time, I’m here to protect you.

Never again will I allow anyone to hurt you.

Jing Sui waited until Ji Ling fell asleep before gently closing the door and leaving. He walked outside. The battlefield had already been cleaned up, this steel base was silent in the darkness of the night, with only the smell of blood remaining in the air signaling that there had been a brutal battle here.

The red-haired and gray-eyed man stood at the door, he looked like a guard, and he didn’t know how long he had been standing there, looking up to reveal a cold face, looking at him fixedly.

Jing Sui said lightly, “You are waiting for me.”

Brandon stared at Jing Sui, the golden pupils on his handsome face were as cold as ever, giving no indication of emotions, and never seemed to take anything to heart.

So this time, do you really put Ji Ling in your heart again?

Or is it just because of the guilt from the previous life?

Brandon’s hand hanging at his side clenched slowly.

And why, as long as I recall the scene of Ji Ling being held in Jing Sui’s arms, the scene of Ji Ling looking at Jing Sui with loving eyes… as long as I think of all this, there seems to be some kind of sour emotion flowing in my heart.

This kind of emotion, even in his previous life when Ning Yu and Jing Sui were together, he didn’t feel it.

Is this kind of emotion the so-called jealousy?

It turns out that I will be jealous too ah

Jealous that Jing Sui can have the love of the teenager and everything about the teenager, but he can only let go of his hand again and again, watching the teenager leave again and again, not even qualified to approach.

Brandon took a deep breath, he looked at Jing Sui’s eyes, muffled his voice, and said word by word, “If you aren’t sincere to him, and it’s only because of guilt, don’t continue to approach him like this… he’ll get hurt.”

Jing Sui narrowed his eyes slightly, and his sharp gaze fell on Brandon’s face. He was very familiar with this friend of his, and he knew the other was also reborn.

Then, you now… is it just guilt for him?

Jing Sui’s thin lips opened slightly, his eyes were as cold as a knife, and his voice felt cold in the middle of the night, “And how do you know that I’m not sincere?”


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