The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 28 - Gabriel

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Chapter 28 - Gabriel

Because of Jing Sui’s and Brandon’s rebirth, the battle ended very smoothly and early, and there weren’t even many casualties.

Because of this, Ning Yu’s performance was quite decent, without the opportunity to shine like in the previous life, it could only be regarded as a normal performance, and there was not much intersection with Jing Sui from beginning to end.

This made Ji Ling very worried.

You should know that in previous life, Ning Yu shone in this war and naturally established a relationship with Jing Sui, and in this life, they are still just passersby…

Jing Sui’s rebirth changed everything.

Everyone has embarked on a completely different path, and if this continues, the protagonist’s gong and shou will only drift apart. How can they develop a relationship? And his effort to ruin his image has no effect at all. No matter what he does to Jing Sui, he will only feel that he is trying to get his attention, and there is no way to make him vomit blood angrily, and he even feels that he is putting himself into it… 

All of this made Ji Ling very confused, wasn’t he annoying enough as it was? How did it become so difficult to be hated by others?

On the way back, Ji Ling no longer had the strength to seek death, and he began to have self-doubts.

I’m afraid the plot can’t be saved…

Speaking of which, in the previous life, he was slapped in the face after he succeeded in seeking death, and on the way back, he was left alone, only to be betrayed by Carlos to be sent to the rebel and encounter Gabriel, the terrible leader of the rebels. This time he has been protected by everyone, Jing Sui can’t wait to hold him in the palm of his hand and follow the army again, obviously that thing won’t happen.

In this way, it was the only benefit of Jing Sui’s rebirth…

Although he knew that there was no danger, Ji Ling really didn’t want to be taken away again in fear, so it was better to return to Emperor Star safely.

As long as Jing Sui didn’t always think about making out with him, he felt everything was fine…

Jing Sui knew that Ji Ling’s physique was not suitable for continuous high-intensity space jumps, so he deliberately slowed down on the way back, so this journey back took much longer than when he went.

There was more and more time with Jing Sui…

Ji Ling had a headache.

This morning, he got up and freshened up, carefully opened a crack at the door, and went out to take a look, and saw that Jing Sui was not there, which was great! Ji Ling quietly walked out and prepared to have breakfast.

The interior of this starship was very large, almost like a small city. Although Ji Ling was already very low-key, he still received a lot of curious glances along the way.

After the battle of Field Star, everyone knew that Ji Ling was His Majesty’s favorite person and that His Majesty couldn’t wait to praise him to the sky, so they were all very curious about him.

What is it about this famous Emperor Star’s dandy that deserves His Majesty’s love so much?

Is it just a face?

Ji Ling was uncomfortable by everyone’s gaze, he didn’t squint with a straight face, and he didn’t want to accept this kind of attention at all. He blamed Jing Sui, this bastard ah, who wants to be looked at like this ah!

He came to the cafeteria on the starship in a depressed mood, but as soon as he entered the door, he saw Jing Sui waving to him…

Ji Ling’s eyes almost went dark, why can’t he avoid him? Are you waiting for rabbits here?

Although he was half dead with anger, he looked at the handsome golden-eyed man in front of him, met the other party’s gentle gaze, and walked over cowardly for a while…

Jing Sui stretched out his hand, directly hugged Ji Ling into his arms, and sat down. His fingers casually stroked his soft and messy blond hair, looking at the teenager’s slightly flushed cheeks, and let out a happy chuckle. “I know you are not used to eating nutritious meals, today we will stop at Xian Yun Star for a day. The scenery and food at the Xian Yun Star have always been quite famous, you will like it.”

Ji Ling stiffened for a while, and then said, “No need, that would be too much of a detour…”

Xian Yun star was not on their return route at all, and for him to take a starship full of people to detour alone, he felt like he already tended to be trending! Gotta stop it!

Jing Sui, however, did not care at all about Ji Ling’s refusal, on the contrary, he felt that he was so kind and considerate, clearly not domineering at all, and he was very sensible in major matters. His expression became softer as he said, “It’s okay, not in a hurry.”

The large army had already left with Brandon, and he only brought some of the elite with him, and he deliberately detoured to avoid risks.

Although he had been prepared this time, he had already checked the people in the army in advance, and he had also pulled out the nails planted by Carlos, but he still had to be just in case someone leaked the news.

Jing Sui didn’t want any accidents.

Ji Ling wanted to refuse again, but Jing Sui had already made his decision without question, “That’s it.”

Ji Ling: “...”

He sat on the man’s sturdy legs, shrouded by the man’s strong and hot embrace, did not dare to have the slightest movement at all, and kept meditating in his mind, keep calm, keep calm, steady, steady, keep calm, keep calm…

To minimize the feeling of discomfort, Ji Ling looked up to distract himself, but unexpectedly saw Ning Yu sitting in another corner of the cafeteria, eating silently alone.

Hey, it turns out that Ning Yu is also here ah

Didn’t he go back with Brandon?

Ji Ling looked at Ning Yu even more sadly, his expression was in a trance, and he couldn’t wait for a basin of cold water to wake up Jing Sui. Such a good heartthrob protagonist is placed in front of you, perseverance, bravery, and uprightness, there are all the advantages that I don’t have! You don’t like such a person, you prefer to like me, a vicious waste, what’s wrong with you ah?!

Jing Sui was keenly aware of Ji Ling’s distraction, and when he followed his line of sight, he also saw Ning Yu, his eyes darkened slightly.

Ji Ling remembered the previous thing again.

When will this child let go of the grudge and believe that I really like him, and has nothing to do with Ning Yu?

Jing Sui’s eyes flashed with a hint of weakness, in this life, he actually had no nominal relationship with Ning Yu at all, but he just praised Ning Yu a little to win people’s hearts, but that was only for the people to see.

But even if it’s just that, it’s enough to make the teenager sad and disappointed, and even more hateful… Carlos is holding on to this point and constantly attacks him with rumors.

However, Jing Sui can’t blame anyone, after all, it is his fault, it is his coldness that hurt him in the first place, which allows Carlos to take advantage of the situation.

Even if there is only a trace of damage, the cracks created are so difficult to repair…

Thinking of what he had done in his previous life, Jing Sui was in pain in his heart. He looked at the teenager's side profile face greedily, and for the first time in his heart, he had a fluke, fortunately… fortunately those haven’t happened yet.

Fortunately, you don’t know those things.

Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll never get a chance to hug you this close again, right?

He is like a despicable liar, hiding those unbearable facts, pretending that nothing happened, using his current disguise to deceive the mercy of his beloved, burying all the self-blame and pain in his heart, and being careful not to be discovered by anyone.

Jing Sui lowered his eyes, and his emotions fluctuated slightly.

To get rid of Jing Sui earlier, Ji Ling behaved very well-behaved, jumped off his body after eating some casually, and said with a red face, “I’m full.”

Jing Sui hid the emotions in his eyes, looked at him with a smile, and said, “Really?”

Ji Ling nodded vigorously.

Jing Sui felt that he was just shy, but instead of exposing it, he touched his head and said, “Go and take a rest, we’ll be there in the afternoon.”

Ji Ling finally avoided Jing Sui and stayed in his room and was reluctant to go out, because Jing Sui was everywhere :).

But the time passed minute by minute and it seemed that it was afternoon.

At four o’clock, there was a knock at the door.

Ji Ling stared at the door for a long time, giving himself some psychological construction, telling himself that it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s just some tofu being eaten, what does it matter! When he was studying, didn’t he also hook up with his brothers?

Let’s just pretend that Jing Sui isn’t human!

No, it’s better to pretend to be in a relationship with an NPC.

As long as you can be resurrected and go home, this grievance is nothing! Ji Ling’s heart suddenly swelled with pride, like a warrior throwing his head and spilling blood!

He plucked up his courage and stepped forward to open the door.

Jing Sui was dressed in casual clothes today, with slim iron gray clothes wrapping his perfect body, broad shoulders and narrow waist, straight and slender legs, and long black hair tied behind his head. His golden eyes contained a smile as he said to Ji Ling, “Let’s get off the ship.”

Ji Ling let Jing Sui take his hand and finally stepped off the starship after many days.

Looking up, he couldn’t help showing a look of amazement.

This planet is too beautiful, right…

Xian Yun Star had always been quite famous, just like the Blue Starfish given to him by Carlos. They all belonged to famous beautiful planets, but whether it was in his previous life or this life, Ji Ling was busy burying his head on the mission and was so focused on going home that he didn’t care to appreciate the beauty of this world.

At this moment, looking at the boundless clouds in front of him, mountain peaks were standing in the cloud haze, and there were all kinds of buildings like fairy palaces on the peaks, it was really like a fairyland.

How to say it… It was a bit like the fairy world in Xianxia novels, and Jing Sui’s huge starship came from the science fiction world. The huge starship stopped in the sky above Xian Yun Star, like a collision of science fiction and fantasy.

However, there was no doubt that the power of science in this world was more powerful, because Xian Yun star was only one of the territories of the Empire, even if the people of this planet were naturally strong and beautiful, they were not as good as the Imperial Nobles who had evolved over countless years—— The weak could only submit to the strong.

In the distance, a small boat floated from the sea of clouds, and the man in white on board bowed respectfully in an inviting gesture. He had pointed ears and jewel-like pupils, he was the native of this planet.

Jing Sui just glanced at the other party lightly, turned around took Ji Ling’s hand, and said with a smile, “I’ll take you to a place.”

The man in white drove the small boat and slowly drifted towards the sea of clouds. Ji Ling laid on the edge of the boat and looked down, there were ten oars on each side of the boat paddling in the air, bringing gusts of air, and he didn’t know what kind of technique it was… He looked into the distance again, and the mountains in the sea of clouds were layered on top of each other, and some of the peaks were surrounded by rainbow light…

It was like a dream, it was so beautiful, right? The Earth’s teenager opened his mouth wide.

Although the Earth also has various holographic projection technologies, there was no better place to see it than to see it with your own eyes.

Jing Sui sat on the side, smiling and looking at Ji Ling, widened his eyes like a curious baby, and decided in his heart that he would have time to take Ji Ling out for a walk in the future. There was more beautiful scenery in the Empire, this child always stayed in the Emperor Star and was with that group of dandies all day long, and the good children had to be brought bad, so it was better to let him follow him.

And then there’s no time to think about it.

Ji Ling looked at the outside intently, not knowing that he was Jing Sui’s scenery, and slowly the boat docked on the side of a mountain peak.

Jing Sui came over and said to Ji Ling, “We have arrived.”

They followed the stone steps, and Jing Sui held Ji Ling’s hand hard all the way. Ji Ling’s face was red, although he was very resistant to Jing Sui in his heart and didn’t want to be close to him, he was really curious about this Xian Yun star and wanted to take a look, and his current personality didn’t allow him to go too far… so just don’t look away and pretend you don’t care.

Jing Sui looked sideways at Ji Ling’s awkward and shy appearance, and a smile swept across his eyes.

It didn’t take long for him to take Ji Ling to a wide platform made of jade-like material at the top of the mountain. This platform should have a long history, there were mottled traces on it, standing on it, one could see the boundless sea of clouds underneath, beautiful and spectacular yet dangerous, always giving a feeling of stepping in the void, as if one could fall into an abyss of ten thousand feet if one was not careful.

Ji Ling looked at this curiously and was annoyed that he couldn’t take some photos to take back, just like going out to travel and not taking photos, it was a regret in life.

At this time, he suddenly heard Jing Sui’s clear and deep voice, “This place is called Xian Yuan Terrace, and it’s the place where the couples of Xian Yun star conclude their pacts.”

Ji Ling: …

Your Majesty, is it really good for you to be in love like this? As the head of the Country, can you think about something serious?

Ji Ling, who was originally immersed in enjoying the beautiful scenery, suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable, just like accidentally biting a stone when he was eating, his toothache hurt and he felt that Jing Sui really ruined the atmosphere, who is your couple ah?

Jing Sui turned around and looked at him, gently lifted Ji Ling’s face, looked at his shy eyes, let out a chuckle, suddenly lowered his head and lightly imprinted a kiss on his forehead, and said slowly and solemnly, “The person I like has always been you.”

Ji Ling couldn’t help but widen his eyes.

Jing Sui said word by word, “Whether it was before or in the future, it’s the same.”

I’m sorry that I only have the opportunity to say this to you now.

But whether it’s in the previous life or this life, I’ve only liked you alone.

Ji Ling’s expression went a little numb, actually realizing that he wasn’t that surprised. Although he doesn’t want to admit this fact very much… But after all, Jing Sui’s performance during this time has been obvious, that he likes himself.

It’s really a bad result, even worse than the previous life.

In the previous life, at least it was only a failed mission, and the gong and Shou didn’t get together, in this life… he makes the protagonist Gong fall in love with himself, a vicious cannon fodder!

Is there anything more desperate than that?!

Where did he do wrong?

Why like himself?

Jing Sui looked at the teenager who seemed to be so shocked that he forgot to react, gently brushed the hair around his ear, and his voice was carrying a low, hoarse smile, “Do you know why couples from Xian Yun star like to make pacts here? Because there is a legend here that as long as the two parties who entered into a pack break the pack and betray the other, they will fall into the abyss for all eternity.”

Ji Ling almost wanted to kneel for Jing Sui, saying no need, let’s not pay attention to this!

I’m just acting on the spot, okay? I don’t care about your empathy, don’t fall in love with me, really!

But as he looked at the serious glint in Jing Sui’s golden eyes, remembered his personality, and finally could only let out a touching voice in the end, “Brother Jing Sui…”

Sorry, I can’t say anything more, I can’t agree with you about anything ah!

He turned his head sideways to avoid Jing Sui’s gaze, eager to get out of there immediately! Suddenly he had an idea and said, “I’m hungry, didn’t you say that the Xiao Yun star’s food is also famous? Let’s go!”

Jing Sui stared deeply at Ji Ling for a moment, and suddenly opened his lips and let out a low laugh, “Okay.”

He came here just to show his heart to Ji Ling in person and wanted him to know that he was serious. He would use the time to prove that his feelings for him were not a whim so that he would no longer have to be anxious and suffer from gains and losses.

Ji Ling’s face turned red, he turned around and left, he was really afraid that if he delayed for a while, he would be kissed by Jing Sui again. He was really afraid…

Along the way, he had been hiding many times with great difficulty!

But Jing Sui obviously doesn’t give up ah and brings him to this kind of place to confess. If he continues like this, he will really embark on the road of no return and fall in love with the male protagonist!

Ji Ling was in a dazed mood all the way, sullen and didn’t speak, and didn’t dare to look at Jing Sui for fear of exposing his heart. It didn’t take long for Jing Sui to take him to a small town at the foot of the mountain, where the buildings were all made of beautiful colored stones, and the roofs were all pointed corners, looking like a fairy tale scene.

Jing Sui had already booked a place in a restaurant here, which was said to be the most famous in Xian Yun Star, and the food cooked here could only be enjoyed here because once they left this town, the food would lose its original flavor.

This was a scenic spot, besides the natives of Xian Yun Star, many people in other costumes could be seen, all of them were travelers from other planets or galaxies. Ji Ling also saw some soldiers on the starships, it seemed that because of himself, they also took a vacation by the way.

The atmosphere around was really relaxed and cozy.

Jing Sui arranged for Ji Ling, then got up to help him get food and let him sit alone for a while.

Ji Ling’s eyes swept over and suddenly saw that Ning Yu and several other soldiers also appeared here, sitting and laughing in another restaurant opposite.

The two were separated by a street, and Ning Yu’s smiling appearance was in stark contrast to his own difficulties at the moment, and Ji Ling’s gaze suddenly grew resentful. As the protagonist’s shou, how can you be so unimpressive ah! I’m going to snatch your husband away, why aren’t you angry at all, and you still come out to eat, drink, and have fun like nobody’s business? Unacceptable!

Aren’t you attracted by fate and fall in love with Jing Sui? Be a man with a backbone and go to snatch your lover back ah!

Ji Ling, who fought alone but was futile, became more and more frustrated, his gaze was gloomy.

Seeing that Ning Yu was sitting there for a while, he suddenly got up and left. Ji Ling’s eyes moved, and it happened that Jing Sui hadn’t come back yet, Ji Ling got up and followed.

He followed the direction that Ning Yu left, turned a corner on the path in front of him, and sure enough, he saw Ning Yu not far away, he was standing in front of a small vendor, probably picking up souvenirs or something.

Ji Ling looked at this scene with a belly full of anger. I have fought so hard for your love that I almost put myself in, how can you still be in the mood to play casually as if nothing has happened? Unacceptable! Comparisons are odious.

Ji Ling walked over menacingly, and he opened his mouth to express his dissatisfaction, but once he opened his mouth, he didn’t know how to talk about it, because he couldn’t say what was on his mind, and it would be over if he said it…

But Ning Yu had already discovered him, and his brows furrowed slightly.

Seeing that Ning Yu had already turned his head, Ji Ling stared at him for a moment and stiffly opened his mouth to show off, “His Majesty won’t like you, he’s already confessed his love to me today!”

Ning Yu: “...”

After Ji Ling finished speaking, he also felt that he was very inexplicable, his face was hot, and he couldn’t wait to find a crack in the ground to get into… But what else can he say to Ning Yu Ah? Is it possible to just tell him directly to pursue his true love, please?

Ning Yu looked at Ji Ling, his emerald green eyes were indescribably complex, his voice was faint and cold, like a mountain stream and a clear spring, beautiful but with a refreshing coolness, and said, “What does that have to do with me?”

As soon as Ji Ling saw his attitude, his heart was cold. Jing Sui’s rebirth doesn’t take the usual path, as an original protagonist’s shou, even doesn’t like the protagonist’s gong, you you you——

What happened to the promised bond of fate? How can you do this!

Ji Ling was practically on the verge of crying with anger, looking at Ning Yu with reddened eyes and aggravation.

Ning Yu also looked at him.

This kind of shows off in front of the other party, and the other party does not even refute a word. He could only cry angrily by himself, but he only saw it in his life.

Ning Yu was silent for a moment, and finally sighed softly, and said lightly, “Although this matter has nothing to do with me… But, are you sure His Majesty really likes you?”

Ji Ling was in a trance for a moment and looked at Ning Yu in a daze.

I thought you didn’t care at all. What’s the point of saying that all of a sudden?

Suddenly, a flash of spiritual light flashed through Ji Ling’s head, and his eyes widened, could it be… could it be that Ning Yu actually still cares about Jing Sui? Is it just that he is proud and pretends not to care before?

He was pleasantly surprised when he thought of this. This is very possible ah, with Ning Yu’s arrogant character, even if he likes Jing Sui in his heart, he can’t show timidity in front of a dandy like himself, surely he will pretend to be indifferent! I—— still have hope!

Ji Ling suddenly came to his senses again, raised his chin, and said vigorously, “Of course His Majesty truly likes me!”

After speaking, he looked at Ning Yu expectantly, wanting to see what his reaction would be.

The corner of Ning Yu’s mouth curved slightly, stepped forward, lowered his head, and let out a very light laugh in Ji Ling’s ear. “Then I’d like to see how much he likes you.”

After he said this, he carried the gadgets he had just bought, and staggered past Ji Ling, walking cleanly.

Ji Ling looked at Ning Yu’s back for a moment, and then his face was happy.

Ning Yu actually threatened himself with cruel words, this is a good sign ah, he has finally aroused his desire to win! That’s it, go and snatch your destined lover back from me!

Thinking of this, he felt that he should still be able to salvage it, and after a pause, he decided to go back first as well, otherwise Jing Sui would come to look for him worriedly.

But within a few steps, something suddenly felt wrong.

Ji Ling suddenly looked up and saw countless meteors falling from the sky, and the beautiful meteors streaked through the sky one after another, and fell to the ground with a bang, bringing terrible destruction and shaking the whole world!

He froze in place and forgot to move, staring at this terrible scene in amazement…

This planet had been attacked…!

This life had changed so much, and the route was completely different, how could he still encounter this kind of attack?!

Ji Ling showed an anxious look in his eyes, turned around, and ran, wanting to return to Jing Sui’s side, regretting leaving Jing Sui in his heart. Although he didn’t want to be with Jing Sui… at least he was safe around Jing Sui ah!

Now the system hasn’t come back, he can’t just die here ah!

Ji Ling endured his fear, wishing that he could run a little faster, but suddenly a boulder fell from the sky, Ji Ling hurriedly dodged it and fell to the ground, and when he looked up, he found that the boulder had blocked the only remaining path, and his face couldn’t help but turned pale.

Then he saw a man wearing a silver mask, short black hair, and black eyes, step by step out of the hustle and bustle.

Ji Ling looked at the other party’s dark eyes that had no temperature underneath that silver mask.

Cold ran through his body.


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