The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 29 - Frivolous

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Chapter 29: Frivolous

The other party’s silver metal mask glowed with a cold light, covering his entire face, revealing only a pair of black indifferent eyes.

Although he had only met him once in his previous life, Ji Ling would never be able to forget this person… As the man approached step by step, the deepest memories buried in the bottom of his heart, complex emotions such as uneasiness, fear, doubt, disbelief, and trust resurfaced.

When he was robbed by the rebels on the way back, and was about to be killed in despair by a group of noble-hating thugs, it was this man who suddenly appeared and stopped everything, saved his life, and coldly locked him up, leaving him in fear and torment in that dark place.

Although he eventually returned alive, he gradually realized that this man did not want to kill him… But at that time, he was constantly worried about the terrible memories of facing the threat of death.

I really don’t want to go through it again.

At this moment, he looked up in a daze at the legendary and mysterious rebel leader in front of him, and watched as he appeared in front of him once again…

Ji Ling simply wanted to cry without tears.

The plot has collapsed like this… So, why are you still here! Big brother, are you following me?!

All the plots that he wanted to happen didn’t happen, and the only plot that he didn’t want to continue to happen, happened on the contrary, and at this moment, Ji Ling simply felt despair towards this world full of malice!

Ji Ling gritted his teeth, turned around, and ran, and his heart constantly chanted for Jing Sui’s help ah!

But before he could take a step, he was directly clasped by a strong hand on his waist, followed by a pain in the back of his neck, and he fainted directly.


The entire mountain peak was shaking on the ground. Jing Sui felt the movement and hurried back only to find that Ji Ling’s figure was already gone!

He smashed the wall with a punch, and there was an incomparably cold look in his eyes, looking at the meteors falling in the sky. These dams rebels…

Jing Sui pressed the communicator, notified the secretary who stayed on the starship, and ordered in a chilling voice, “Send troops down here, even if it means flattening this planet, find Ji Ling for me!”


The distant Emperor Star.

Carlos was sitting in his study when he heard a commotion outside, and the door was slammed open.

Anderson’s face was full of anxiety, and while blocking Wen Yan, he said, “Your Excellency Wen Yan, you can’t go in.”

Carlos raised an eyebrow and met Wen Yan’s grim eyes, lifting a hand to stop Anderson and saying lightly, “Let him in.”

Anderson wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, then stepped aside and bowed out.

Carlos looked at Wen Yan thoughtfully. The corners of his lips were raised, and his voice was low as he sneered, “What a rare guest, I thought you wouldn’t come to see me again.”

Wen Yan looked at Carlos coldly, unable to contain the anger in his heart. He naively thought that Carlos had changed in this life and would not hurt Ji Ling again, but now he found out that he was wrong, this person will not change, the previous forbearance and dormancy were all for this moment, right?

He betrayed Ji Ling once again!

Wen Yan’s voice was cold as he said, “Where is Ji Ling now?”

Carlos frowned and said, “I don’t know what you mean, Ji Ling should be with His Majesty now.”

Wen Yan sneered. “He was captured by the rebels in Xianyun Star, you should be well aware of this matter.”

Carlos’s pupils shrank, his face finally changed, and he said in a deep voice, “I don’t know.”

There were many connections and eyes behind Wen Yan as he was able to climb to today’s position, and he was extremely well-informed. He had been paying attention to the situation on Ji Ling’s side, so he got the news as soon as possible and rushed over immediately, but he didn’t expect Carlos to deny it.

Wen Yan remembered the events of his previous life, and his tone was chilling. “You don’t know? Wasn’t it you who leaked the information to those rebels?”

Carlos listened to his voice, anger gradually appeared in his eyes, and he said word by word, “It’s – not – me.”

Wen Yan looked directly into Carlos’s eyes, but he couldn’t see anything. Since this person refused to admit it, he wouldn’t give him any clues, he only hated himself for not being capable enough, otherwise, he would kill this person directly.

Although he had broken up with Carlos before, Wen Yan doesn’t want to be an enemy of Carlos, so he just distances himself from him, but it is different this time, he won’t allow anyone to hurt Ji Ling.

No one is allowed to sacrifice Ji Ling as a pawn.

Wen Yan’s chest rose and fell slightly. He glanced at Carlos deeply, and his voice was grim with a hint of chill, “If anything happens to him, I won’t let you go.”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Carlos stood there and watched Wen Yan leave. After a long time, an icy color emerged in his eyes as he waved the things on the table down with one hand, and there was a fit of almost irrepressible anger on his taut face!


Carlos closed his eyes and opened them again, his right hand clenched tightly as he exhaled slowly. He was powerless in Emperor Star, and he only hoped that Jing Sui would be of some use this time and bring his teenager back in one piece.

As for Gabriel, that disgusting guy who loves to play hide and seek, sooner or later he will have to find him.

In his previous life, the reason why he had always tolerated the existence of Gabriel and the rebels and did not kill them all, was because he didn’t really take them into account. Those rebels who didn’t make a wave were just clowns, and once they really provoked the bottom line of the Empire, they would inevitably be brutally exterminated. As for Gabriel, although he was a bit tricky, he didn’t dare to show his face after all.

With Carlos’s status, there was no reason to personally bother with an exile, not to mention that the existence of the rebels was not all useless. In fact, both he and Jing Sui wanted to utilize these rebels.

If those rebels only knew how to hate the nobles and kill innocents indiscriminately, and if Gabriel was a brave and unscrupulous man, then he would have enough reason to encourage Jing Sui to send troops to carry out a bloody suppression of those rebels and continue to stabilize the dominance of the nobles as a means of deterring those greedy commoners.

If the rebels and Gabriel were rational enough to pursue their own interests, then they would become a boost and an excuse for Jing Sui to push for new reforms.

It turned out that Gabriel was a man with brains, so in his previous life, he stopped his men from killing Ji Ling and put Ji Ling back safely. The purpose was not to exacerbate the contradictions and provoke a war, because he knew very well that the current rebel army was still very weak, and it was not enough to start a war with the huge Empire, which was tantamount to hitting a stone with an egg, and no matter how strong he was alone, he couldn’t change the world.

Jing Sui obviously understood this as well, so he turned a blind eye to the existence of the rebels and let them continue to survive outside. For Jing Sui, he didn’t care who Gabriel was, all he cared about was simply whether or not this person’s existence could be used by himself.

Gabriel understood this, he might seem to act in an unruly manner, vicious and murderous, but he was actually a very calm and rational person.

They were using Gabriel, and Gabriel was using them, a dangerous pawn that neither he nor Jing Sui could control, a double-edged sword that could turn against them at any time.

But because of this, Carlos didn’t understand why Gabriel did this in this life.

Was he crazy? Did he want to provoke a war?

Carlos’s eyes changed.

What are you trying to do this time, you who claim yourself to be the messenger of God?

If something really happens to Ji Ling, I will definitely not spare you, and I will definitely dig up the ground to find you and your corpse will be broken into thousands of pieces!


Ji Ling woke up in a daze, rubbed his eyes, and found himself locked in a dark room where he couldn’t see his fingers. 

Underneath him was a cold metal floor.

His heart was beating very fast, thumping and his palms were covered with cold sweat. He remembered the terrible experience of his previous life.

However, this time was a little different from the previous time. When he was captured by the rebels, Gabriel was not present at first and only appeared later when he was about to be killed.

This time, Gabriel appeared directly and captured him. Until he was imprisoned, he did not see any other rebels.

This makes Ji Ling breathe a sigh of relief. Although Gabriel is very terrifying, at least this was a sane leader! Instead of the ordinary rebels who madly hate the nobles, those who just want to brutally kill themselves.

When he was just captured, Ji Ling was very shocked and surprised, but now that he calmed down and thought about it, he found that it was actually not that unexpected, which showed that Carlos still followed the old path of his previous life, betrayed him and gave him to the rebels, and tried to provoke a war with his own death to put pressure on Jing Sui.

Thinking of this, Ji Ling cursed that old bastard a hundred times viciously in his heart! I thought that he was so good to himself after he was reborn, and he wouldn’t pit himself again in this life. It seems that he thought too much, and he shouldn’t have gotten his hopes up for this kind of villain!

The bad guys don’t get better just because they’re reborn.

Ji Ling took a deep breath and told himself that it was the second time he had experienced this incident, and he must be calm, he had already dealt with Gabriel once before. Although he hasn’t said a few words, he believes that with Gabriel’s character, he won’t kill himself! Killing himself won’t do him any good either, and the current rebels are simply not enough to provoke the Empire.

However… This is also what makes him wonder. Since Gabriel does not want to provoke a war, why should he capture himself this time?
He shouldn’t have to do this.

Thinking of this, Ji Ling was a little apprehensive in his heart, but now he couldn’t do anything but wait.

He didn’t know how long it took, the dark room was quiet and he could only hear his own breathing. Such a lonely and dark environment made Ji Ling’s mood start to become anxious again, and at this moment he finally heard footsteps.

The bright light revealed by the steeply opened door of the room made Ji Ling instinctively squint his eyes.

The dazzling light made his eyes a little sour. As he raised his head, his vision slowly changed from blurry to clear and he looked at the tall and cold man with a silver mask in front of him. After a while, like in the previous life, he showed a look of fear and said, “You, why are you kidnaping me? What do you want to do?”

The man didn’t speak, just approached step by step, looking at him condescendingly, as if admiring something interesting.

Ji Ling bit his lip nervously.

Half a moment later, he heard the man’s voice, hoarse and harsh as if it had been burned by fire, come from beneath his silver mask, and said with a laugh, “Why am I kidnaping you…” He paused, and then said with a meaningful tone, “Because Carlos told us that you are a very valuable person.”

Ji Ling’s pupils contracted sharply, and his eyes widened in shock, then a color of fear covered his eyes and his lips trembled.

If the fear earlier was pretended, now it was a thousand times more real!

The plot doesn’t add up ah, why would Gabriel answer his question so directly? Shouldn’t you ignore me like you did in the previous life? Why are you telling me who’s behind it ah? So simply… you’re going to kill the rhythm!

Ji Ling was on the verge of crying in fear. He suddenly realized that things had changed so much in this life, so did Gabriel change as well? Will he try to kill him this time? Who can guarantee that this Gabriel is still the same Gabriel from the previous life?!

A thousand knives killed, Jing Sui and Carlos, don’t you think I’m innocent when you fight around?

Ji Ling’s hands trembled slightly, his voice was also very stiff. With red eyes, he said, “You, you lied to me, it’s impossible for Uncle Carlos to treat me like this…”

“Really?” Gabriel let out a weird laugh, took a step forward, bent down to look at Ji Ling’s eyes, and said in a mocking tone, “So you trust him so much ah…”

Ji Ling was shrouded in the shadow of the man, and he felt desperation. As soon as he came in, Gabriel, who directly showdown and did not follow the routine, made him panic, and instinctively wanted to retreat, but suddenly the man raised his hand to clasp his chin.

The man also wore silver metal gloves on his hands, no skin was exposed from beginning to end, making it impossible to guess his identity. The cold touch of the gloves made Ji Ling dare not move, his chin was pinched painfully, he looked at the other party tremblingly, and stammered, “I, I…”

Gabriel lowered his head, approached him, stared into Ji Ling’s eyes with a cold gaze, and smiled. “I heard that you are the Emperor’s favorite person and that he favors you very much, so I wonder if he will be sad if you die?”

Ji Ling was stunned for a moment, and then almost cried out from anger!

He finally knew what the problem was.

In the previous life, he was just a person who left in disgrace, an unpopular dandy despite his noble status, Gabriel didn’t even see himself in his eyes and didn’t want to start a war because of it, but in this life, Jing Sui favored himself all the way in a high profile, if there were spies of the rebel in the army, Gabriel must have known the news as well, then the value of his own existence was not the same as in his previous life, because not only did he have a noble status, but he was also deeply favored by the Emperor of the Empire, and to the rebels who hated the Imperial nobles… his own significance was very different from the previous life.

It turned out that it was the reason why he was kidnapped again in this life!

Even if Gabriel doesn’t plan to really kill him, he definitely thinks that he can use him to threaten Jing Sui or put forward conditions, so I’m afraid that it will be difficult for me to get away, more importantly, he doesn’t think that Jing Sui will be able to pay any kind of price for him, and that he will give up on himself as well! After all, Jing Sui is not the kind of person who will accept threats ah!

With Jing Sui’s calmness and ruthlessness, how can he possibly accept the threat of the rebels for himself?

Ji Ling felt more and more desperate in his heart, so who makes you like me? Is it not good to properly go to your protagonist’s shou? It’s like a pit for me.

At this time, no one can he count on, he can only save himself!

Ji Ling instantly had tears in his eyes, tearfully looking at Gabriel with sadness, and said, “His Majesty, His Majesty doesn’t like me at all, he doesn’t like me at all! He likes Ning Yu ah!”

For some reason, just after he had finished saying this, he felt that the eyes of the man in front of him seemed to have turned a little weird, and the hand that was holding his chin, also paused slightly.

Ji Ling couldn’t care so much, he raised his hand to wipe his tears, and continued to say in one go, “The person His Majesty really likes is Ning Yu, haven’t you seen that the Internet is full of gossip about him and Ning Yu? He hates the dandies like me, he won’t be sad if I die…”

After saying this, he looked nervously at Gabriel and prayed that he would believe him.

I’m just a fart, Big shot, let me go!

But strangely, Gabriel did not speak for a long time, and there seemed to be a hint of amusement in his dark eyes…

Ji Ling was stunned.

Gabrile’s fingers strengthened slightly, and he suddenly leaned over and let out a hoarse laugh. “Really? But the news I got is not what you say.”

Ji Ling gritted his teeth and continued to talk nonsense, “His Majesty seems to treat me well, but that’s not sincere, he just uses me as Ning Yu’s shield!”

Gabriel: “Oh?”

Ji Ling’s reasons became smoother, and he almost believed himself sincerely and choked up with tears. “Because he is afraid that I’ll find trouble with Ning Yu and hurt Ning Yu, he deliberately appeased me like this. Before I dueled with Ning Yu, he was not good to me at all. He must have done this to protect Ning Yu…”

Before he could finish speaking, he heard a chuckle from under Gabriel’s mask, as if he had heard some funny joke, his tone rising slightly as he said, “Can you hurt Ning Yu?”

Ji Ling’s face reddened with great embarrassment. He said stubbornly with downcast eyes, “I’m rich and powerful, and I have many subordinates… Why can’t I hurt him? I almost killed him before!”

To act more realistically, Ji Ling revealed a look of jealousy and indignation and said, “If I hadn’t always been stopped by someone, I would have killed him a long time ago!”

“I see…” Gabriel spoke slowly, there was a hint of laughter in his hoarse voice, and then it suddenly became cold, cruel, with a flavor of bloodlust, he moved closer to Ji Ling and said word by word in his ear, “But I– don’t believe a word of it.”

Ji Ling’s body froze abruptly, fear causing him to lose the ability to react.

The man gently pushed him against the wall, clasped his chin with his fingertips, and gently rubbed Ji Ling’s lips with the tip of cold metal gloves. The teenager’s lip is soft, so soft as if a little force will break it…

Ji Ling felt the chill that froze through his heart, his face was bloodless. A little bit of panic and trembling flowed throughout his body, making him almost unable to move.

Gabriel said lightly, “You’ll say anything to survive.”

Ji Ling’s teeth chattered uncontrollably, he spoke with difficulty, and his voice died as he struggled, “I– what I said– it’s all true… He likes Ning Yu ah…”

“Really dishonest ah…” Gabriel suddenly clasped Ji Ling’s neck with one hand and fixed him against the wall, his fingers pressed hard against his lips. A flirtatious look appeared in his eyes as he leaned close to him and let out a low laugh. “I do believe that the Emperor likes you, after all, you seem to be… a lot more lovely than Ning Yu.”

The distance was so close, that Ji Ling could almost feel the chill from the other side. He looked at the other party’s black eyes, and seemed to be surging with emotions that he couldn’t understand, so terrifying…

The man’s fingers swept unscrupulously over his lips, over his cheeks, on his eyelashes, and on the back of his ears…

The cold metallic texture of the gloves soaked through his skin, causing his blood to freeze…

With a slight hint of frivolity and cruelty.

Ji Ling was trembling with fear. At this moment, he no longer dared to use everything in his previous life to speculate on the man in front of him, because many things were different. This person was much more frightening and strange than his previous life.

He might actually kill him.

He was really capable of doing anything.

Gabriel looked at the teenager’s bloodless face due to fear, casually pulled him into his arms, imprisoned his slender waist from behind, letting him lean tightly against him, and let out a vague laugh in his ear. “I wonder what price the Emperor will be willing to pay for you…”

The tears that had been rolling in his eyes since just now finally flowed, and Ji Ling’s voice was trembling with fear, “His Majesty, he really… don’t like me that much…”

But this time Gabriel was not angry, but instead stretched out his hand, gently wiped away the tears from the corners of Ji Ling’s eyes, and said meaningfully, “Since this is the case, then it doesn’t matter if I leave you behind?”

Ji Ling froze.

Gabriel’s fingers wandered to Ji Ling’s neck, brushing the artery on the side of his neck as if it was unintentional, and then slowly moved down, gently adjusting his lapel, and slowly said, “It’s better to simply say to the outside world that you are dead so that no one will ever come looking for you again, and I haven’t even enjoyed a beautiful noble like you yet…”

He looked at Ji Ling’s pupils, which had suddenly contracted due to panic, and his voice was harsh and implied desire, “His Majesty the Emperor’s man, I wonder how it tastes?”

Ji Ling was completely frightened, his body trembled slightly, and tears flowed down uncontrollably.

I used to think that you were a reliable buddy, a calm and rational guy with an ambitious heart!

Just when Ji Ling was almost completely in despair, a loud boom came from outside, and the ground seemed to shake for a moment. Ji Ling raised his eyes suddenly as his eyelashes fluttered, revealing a look of surprise in disbelief.

The familiar black mecha, spreading its huge wings on both sides, landed abruptly outside!


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