The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 30 - Rescue

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Chapter 30: Rescue

Ji Ling’s eyes suddenly showed a look of surprise, Jing Sui, actually came to save him!

He had never, for a moment, wished so much to see him.

However, at this time, the hand of the man behind him holding his throat suddenly tightened, so hard that he almost suffocated, and the surprise in Ji Ling’s eyes was suddenly covered by despair. The threat of death was so close to him for the first time.

Gabriel, are you going to kill…

If he wants to kill himself, it won’t take him a second, and he won’t even wait for Jing Sui to come over…

Gabriel clasped the teenager’s throat, this neck is so fragile, and slender, as if a little bit of force can break it. He looks at the teenager’s eyes that are trembling with tears, those beautiful aqua blue eyes, at the moment, only fear and anxiety. It's really pitiful, but he also doesn’t want to let go…

He whispered in Ji Ling’s ear, “It seems that the Emperor really likes you, coming sooner than I expected.”

Ji Ling’s lips trembled slightly.

Just when he was almost completely desperate, he suddenly felt his neck loosen again, and the man’s breath suddenly disappeared, leaving only a chuckle floating in his ear. “Don’t forget me, I will come back.”

In the next second, a crack opened in the ground, and Gabriel jumped down!

Ji Ling sat on the ground in a daze, and this change came so suddenly that he didn’t even react.

Immediately after that, the ground shook, like an earthquake, and all the ground around him began to collapse as a huge silver mecha rose up from the depths of the earth, taking him along with it as it continued to climb!

The biting wind scraped his cheeks, making Ji Ling almost unable to open his eyes, instinctively gripping the metal floor with his palms in a death grip… no, it’s not a metal floor.

He’s in the hands of this mecha!

Ji Ling raised his head and stared at the huge silver mecha in front of him in a daze, as if he could see through the cold, terrifying, and cruel man sitting inside through the cold, chilling light, suddenly… he felt a loss of weight and began to fall…

The silver mech let go of its hand and threw Ji Ling out directly!

At this moment, Ji Ling should have been overwhelmed with fear, but the successive twists and turns had caused him to lose the ability to react. He kept falling like this, watching the silver mech in his sight get farther and farther away from him…

Until his back hit something hard.

The fall came to an abrupt end.

The black mech came like a streamer of light and rushed over to catch him without hesitation! Then he raised his hand to block the wind and waved around him, slowly landed on the ground, knelt down on one knee, and carefully opened his palm to put Ji Ling down.

Jing Sui didn’t go to catch Gabriel, the other party expected that it would be impossible for him to ignore Ji Ling’s life and death, so he deliberately threw Ji Ling out to stop him.

Ji Ling sat on the ground in a daze, only to find that the wind had dried the tears on his face, and he tilted his head back to watch as the hatch of the black mech opened. The man with black hair and golden eyes leaped down from the heights, taking one step to come to him, and embracing him into his arms with all his might.

Feeling the man’s powerful warm embrace, the blood that fear had frozen before began to flow again. I don’t know why; I felt that my eyes were extremely sour. Ji Ling suddenly cried again, crying so loudly.

He thought he was going to die!

He’s really scared ah!

What Emperor, what male protagonist, all of them can go to hell at this moment… Ji Ling hugged Jing Sui’s neck and cried breathlessly, he never wanted to leave the Emperor Star again, the outside world was too scary and dangerous!

Jing Sui wrapped his arms around the teenager’s trembling body, letting him cry out in pain as he hugged his neck, remaining motionless in that position.

Tears soaked his clothes, and the boy’s trembling, warmth, little by little penetrated through his skin, so warm and soft, yet as if the sharpest knife, ignoring any obstacles, cutting directly into his heart.

It wasn’t until Ji Ling was tired of crying that Jing Sui raised his hand to gently wipe his tears and said in a muffled voice, “I’m sorry, I’m late.”

He looked at the teenager’s tear-stained face, agonizing self-loathing, nearly drowning him. He closed his eyes and recalled the scene where Gabriel had just thrown the teenager through the air, which made him almost in tears! Just the thought of the possibility of losing his boy again, of watching him die in front of yourself again… The pain was like a hand gripping his heart.

It gives him his first taste of fear.

It turns out that he cares about someone like this.

He can’t afford to lose him again.

Ji Ling hiccuped, and finally recovered from the fear just now, and then let go of his hand suddenly. He looked away embarrassedly, oops, just now he’s just focusing on the fear and actually hugged Jing Sui to cry, this pit won’t misunderstand that he’s interested in him again, right?

Ji Ling only felt a toothache. Although he was very grateful to Jing Sui for saving him without hesitation, he really felt that he was in a complicated mood, if it wasn’t because of Jing Sui himself, he wouldn’t have been kidnapped…

And the more he seemed to care about himself, the harder it would be to wrestle back this broken plot.

It’s really a dilemma, giving him a headache!

Jing Sui gently picked up the teenager, looking at his eyes that were in a trance and struggling in pain, he felt pity in his heart, and he felt even more murderous towards Gabriel! I don’t know what he did to the teenager to make him scared like this, in his previous life he had thought Gabriel was a measured man, but it seems he was wrong.

Although there were countless questions in his heart, Jing Sui was afraid of touching Ji Ling’s sadness, so he didn’t mention Gabriel from beginning to end, just brought him back to the starship, helped him scrub, and said in a relaxed tone, “It’s alright, we’ll go home now.”

Ji Ling was lying on the bed, he had completely calmed down at this time, his hands grasped the edge of the quilt with both hands, wrapping himself around his neck, and the slight redness in his eyes did not subside.

Jing Sui looked at his tired appearance, rubbed his head, and said with a smile, “You rest for a while, I’ll come back to call you at night.”

Ji Ling nodded obediently. Seeing that Jing Sui was about to leave, he suddenly thought of something and shouted in a low voice, “Brother Jing Sui…”

Jing Sui turned his head and looked at him gently, “What’s the matter?”

Ji Ling paused, blinked his eyes, and seemed to have tears welling up again, and said “That man said that it was Uncle Carlos who told him about me… Uncle Carlos, he…”

Jing Sui’s eyes suddenly turned cold when he heard this, and he could barely hide the killing intent in his heart. Sure enough…

Ji Ling looked at Jing Sui with a blank, sad gaze, and his voice choked slightly, “That’s not true, uncle Carlos won’t be like that, right?”

Jing Sui was extremely distressed, he knew in his heart that this must be Carlos’s idea again. Carlos still didn’t give up using this kind of thing to deal with himself, but he couldn’t bear to let the teenager continue to be sad. He was silent for a long time, and finally said, “Don’t think too much about it.”

Ji Ling let out a soft ‘En’.

He waited until Jing Sui left before revealing a thoughtful expression. In fact, he had hesitated just now before finally deciding to say these words.

There were indeed many things that had changed in this life, and Ji Ling didn’t expect Gabriel to tell him this information directly, but in the previous life, it was not until much later that Jing Sui and Carlos were in full swing to expose this matter. Ji Ling knew that even if he didn’t say it, Jing Sui must have guessed the truth, but…

Still unhappy about it : )

He just doesn’t want to help that old bastard hide it! He wants to say it, huh!


Jing Sui left Ji Ling’s room, and his eyes sank completely. His golden eyes were dark and cold, and after a while, he pressed his communicator to have his secretary officer come to his command room.

Soon, a middle-aged man walked in and said respectfully, “Your Majesty.”

Jing Sui’s eyes were cold, and he said lightly, “I asked you to carefully check everyone on this starship, how did you check?”

He had completely changed his itinerary this time, pulling out Carlos’s nails in advance, but he was still caught off guard by the rebels, and even allowing Gabriel to take Ji Ling captive; There were surely still spies on this starship that he hadn’t discovered.

The secretary said respectfully, “After investigation, a total of twelve people were killed, three were missing, and the number of injured is relatively large and is still being counted. For the time being, no one is suspicious.”

Jing Sui’s fingers tapped lightly on the tabletop, and said slowly, “What is the situation of the missing three?”

The secretary said, “Two nobles and a commoner, the two nobles are well-known to have families and clansmen in the Emperor Star, the possibility of being traitors is very low, they should have been killed in action and the body hasn’t been found yet. I will continue to investigate the identity of that commoner, maybe he is a spy of the rebels and escaped in the chaos.”

Jing Sui frowned, is it so simple? Just in time to reveal your identity and then take advantage of the chaos to escape? As if he had deliberately left it to himself. He pursed his thin lips tightly, and suddenly said, “What about Ning Yu?”

Ning Yu is a very good commoner evolutionary, but the more contact with him, the more I know that he is wise and calm, seemingly simple but gives people a feeling of perfection that is not simple, and sometimes even makes Jing Sui have an illusion of the same kind, but Ning Yu has never shown any flaws… At this moment, without knowing why, Jing Sui subconsciously thought of him.

He never trusts him so much.

The secretary said, “Major Ning Yu has been participating in the search and rescue and didn’t come back with the others until Young Master Ji Ling was retrieved. He suffered some injuries, but there should be no major problems and nothing was found to be wrong.”

Jing Sui was silent for a moment, then nodded. “I know, you can go.”
The secretary responded respectfully.

That spy must still be hidden here, Jing Sui’s complexion was slightly cold, he closed his eyes, he slowly clenched them as the scene of Ji Ling falling from the sky appeared in front of him again, his hands.

In his previous life, Carlos calculated everything, not hesitating to use Ji Ling’s death to force him to take action against the rebels, but he refused because these rebels were very cunning and good at hiding, and once he ordered it, it would inevitably be a bloody massacre, which would implicate many innocent people and made the already increasingly dissatisfied commoners even more resistant to the rule of the Empire.

So he couldn’t do that, even though Ji Ling might have died at the hands of those cruel rebels, he didn’t do that.

At that time, he didn’t think that Ji Ling’s life and death alone were that important. It was Carlos who betrayed Ji Ling, but the one who gave up on Ji Ling… was himself.

But at this moment, as long as he thought that Ji Ling might die like this, he might not be able to wait for himself to save him…

Jing Sui’s heart was full of pain, anger, and murderous intent.

The group of rebels, who were hiding like bed bugs, did not cherish his tolerance towards them, and dared to kidnap Ji Ling in front of him, which was a provocation to him!

And Gabriel…

Jing Sui opened his eyes suddenly, the killing intent in his eyes was almost like substance. I used to think that you are a measured person, so I don’t mind your existence, no matter how powerful a person is, he is just a person, in front of a powerful empire like a grasshopper shaking a tree, I think you should have this self-knowledge.

But you’ve disappointed me.

An uncontrollable pawn, a being who dares to provoke me, you better be ready to pay the price.

Hide well, don’t show up again, and don’t let me find out who you are, or I’ll do it myself this time… I also let you die without a place to be buried.


Ji Ling went to the Nado Galaxy, not only failing to ruin his image, making Jing Sui and Brandon hate him but he was spoiled back from the beginning to the end of the plot, which had collapsed to the point where it was almost unrecognizable.

Ning Yu’s sense of existence had been completely suppressed by himself, coupled with the successful implementation of genetic evolution agents, Jing Sui no longer needed to use Ning Yu to win people’s hearts, and there was no chance to start contacting. If there is no contact, how can both of them get to know each other and fall in love?

Ji Ling’s hair was about to fall out and he didn’t come up with a way, if it really didn’t work, wait for the system to come back and ask if he could go through this the third time…

But that’s not the most urgent thing, the most urgent thing is that he feels that he has a hard time riding a tiger!

It’s getting harder and harder to say no to Jing Sui…

Although it was because of Jing Sui that he was involved in such an unwarranted disaster, he had after all stepped in to save himself… According to his own personality, he should be very touched by this, and if he continued to hide like this sooner or later he would arouse suspicion, which made Ji Ling very anxious.

Ji Ling really wanted to say, brother saving life is saving life, but we are all men who don’t come to promise with all of our heart in return! How about I block the knife for you again the next time???

But he didn’t dare to say that…

This was really a sad story. As Ji Ling thought about it, he had to avoid Jing Sui’s proximity by pretending that he hadn’t come out of the shadow of that incident with Gabriel.

Today was the last space jump, and they would soon be back to Emperor Star.

Thinking of what happened during the time he left, Ji Ling was also very emotional in his heart, he’s finally back! The next time even if he is beaten to death, he won’t go out again, as long as he thinks that he may face being killed first and then killed again, he can’t help but shudder again…

Jing Sui walked over from behind, took a piece of clothing, and draped it over Ji Ling’s shoulders, whispering, “Don’t catch a cold, we’ll be there soon.”

Ji Ling bit his lower lip and nodded.

Jing Sui looked at the teenager’s pale and trance-like face… uncontrollably, he remembered the events of his previous life, and his heart was flooded with a dense, dull pain.

This time, it only took him less than a day to get Ji Ling back, and he was frightened… And in the previous life, he fell into the hands of those murderous rebels for more than ten days, how kind of torture should he have suffered?

In his previous life, he never cared about this.

It never occurred to him what kind of harm and abuse such a fragile teenager would suffer at the hands of those ferocious rebels, or he knew it in his heart but never cared about it.

At this moment, looking at the teenager’s frightened pale face, made him realize so truly how cold and heartless he had been in his previous life.

Now, I finally realize how scared you are…

But even if I ignored you like that, I didn’t care about you… even ruthlessly expelled you in the end, you still paid for me with your life after all, and never said a word to blame me.

You’re the one who showed me that there is a relationship that can be so intoxicating and painful.

Why didn’t I fall in love with you earlier?

Jing Sui reached out his hand, hesitated for a moment, and gently landed on top of the teenager’s head, letting out a low raspy voice, “I’m sorry.”

Ji Ling raised his eyes suspiciously. He didn’t know why Jing Sui was inexplicably saying sorry to him, hadn’t he already ‘forgiven’ him?

Jing Sui looked at the doubt in the teenager’s eyes and let out an astringent, bitter laugh, explaining, “I let you be taken away.”

Ji Ling was stunned. It turned out that Jing Sui is still blaming himself for this matter, but I don’t care at all ah! Although I did sulk at you, I also know that it’s not actually your fault, and it’s mainly Carlos and Gabriel’s problem… You’ve been careful, I’m not a pendant on your body, how can I be foolproof?

And I thought you wouldn’t come, so I’m pleasantly surprised you did… Ji Ling thought.

He blinked and said, “It’s okay ah, you came to my rescue, right? Thank you.”

Jing Sui looked at the teenager’s calm and clear gaze and listened to him sincerely say thank you to himself, but instead of being relaxed and happy, he felt even sadder.

You’re still like this, it’s obviously my fault, but you never blame me.

As long as I’m willing to save you, you will be so happy, but this is clearly what I should do ah… You are just like in my previous life, no matter how cold and ruthless I am to you, you don’t care. As long as I treat you well a little bit, you will rejoice, so easy to satisfy.

In Jing Sui’s chest, the pain accompanied the blood slowly flowing through his body, but he didn’t say anything in the end, only letting out a slight sigh.


Ji Ling didn’t realize that Jing Sui’s associative power was so rich, that he was really excited to think that he could go home! Not only is it safe, but he doesn’t have to get along with Jing Sui for the time being, after all, it’s really hard to protect his first kiss ah, and he can’t resist anymore.

Hey, don’t listen to the old man, the loss is in front of you,  mother and father are right ah! I should have known better than to make this trip…

The huge starship stopped at the port of the Emperor Star, and Ji Ling couldn’t wait to go out.

Jing Sui looked at the teenager’s face which finally had some color and finally breathed a sigh of relief. He was really worried that Ji Ling had been in the shadows and couldn’t come out, but the teenager was much more resilient than he had shown.

The more you get in touch with him, the more you know… All of this makes him love him more and more, Jing Sui’s eyes couldn’t help but soften, and he looked at Ji Ling dotingly as he walked briskly in front.

Ji Ling deliberately walked quickly, leaving Jing Sui far behind, and couldn’t wait to jump off the starship and prepare to go home, but as soon as he looked up, his expression stiffened and he stopped in place.

What kind of lineup is this today?!

Three parties trial?!

Ji Ling looked at Carlos, Wen Yan, and Brandon who were waiting outside, his eyes drifting off, and once again he felt a toothache. He thought… I shouldn’t have that much face, but to say that they are all waiting for Jing Sui, it seems even more unreasonable ah

When Brandon got the news of Ji Ling’s abduction, it was a pity that he had already returned to Emperor Star first, and it was too late to rush over. He was relieved to hear that Ji Ling was rescued by Jing Sui… He only hated that he was not present at that time, and regretted that he did not stay by the teenager’s side and let him be in danger, so he waited here early to confirm Ji Ling’s safety with his own eyes.

He looked deeply at the fluctuating color of Ji Ling’s eyes, trying to restrain the emotion of wanting to go up and embrace the teenager. He is now somewhat convinced that Jing Sui is sincere… since this is the case, there is even less qualification for him to go forward, as long as he can see Ji Ling well.

Wen Yan also looked at Ji Ling, his black eyes, which had always been unwavering, were undisguised with concern at the moment, and the breath that he had been carrying was finally spit out at this moment. Although Ji Ling also came back safely in the previous life, he really didn’t want the teenager to encounter that kind of frightening experience again. Those rude, murderous, and dirty rebels didn’t deserve to be close to his teenager at all!

Even if Ji Ling came back safely, he was still distressed, and he waited here in the first place just to personally take Ji Ling home.

Carlos held his cane in both hands, his expression was calm and he stood alone on one side, ignoring the hostile gazes cast by Wen Yan and Brandon from time to time on the other side, and looked in the direction of the starship without squinting.

The news that Jing Sui rescued Ji Ling reached him as soon as possible, making him put down the heart he had been carrying, because he couldn’t be sure of Gabriel’s purpose for doing so in this life, and it was the most dangerous and scary person if someone didn’t even know what the purpose or the idea of this person.

Fortunately, Ji Ling is fine.

Knowing this, he should have stopped Ji Ling and Jing Sui from going out together. He thought that letting go of Ji Ling would be the better way to wait for Ji Ling to come back to him, but maybe he was wrong.

Carlos’s eyes were dark and deep, his thin lips pursed slightly, and he took a step forward to get closer to Ji Ling, but before he could get close, he saw Ji Ling instinctively take a step back.

He looked at the disappointed and sad glow in the teenager’s blue eyes, and for a moment, a sense of bad premonition appeared in his heart.

Jing Sui stepped down from the starship in large strides and directly reached out to take the teenager into his arms, then looked up to Carlos with a cold look and spoke lightly, “Carlos, what are you doing?”

As Carlos watched Jing Sui hug Ji Ling, many thoughts flew through his mind before he quickly came to the most likely conclusion that Jing Sui had deceived him to get the teenager, telling the teenager that he betrayed him and caused him to fall into Gabriel’s hands—— Jing Sui would definitely not let go of such a good opportunity to frame himself.

Although he did that in his previous life, this time it is a real slander.

Carlos suppressed the anger in his heart, raised his thin lips, and asked without hesitation, “Xiao Ling followed Your Majesty out on a trip but encountered such danger. I came over to visit out of concern… what’s the problem?”

After speaking, he turned his head and showed a gentle look to Ji Ling and asked, “Are you alright?”

But Ji Ling was unfazed, he leaned closely against Jing Sui, grabbed his shirt sideways, and showed a detached and frightened look at Carlos, hmm! Who’s going to get all wishy-washy with you, you big villain.

Carlos looked at Ji Ling and felt that the blood all over his body was soaked with cold, but his demeanor didn’t let all these emotions reveal anything, instead, he looked at Ji Ling with a puzzled gaze, and said in doubt and hurtfully, “What’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you talking to me?”

Ji Ling quietly looked at Carlos and gave him a thumbs up in his heart. This acting just now, if I didn’t hold the script in my hand, I would have thought you really don’t know anything!

A soft emotion flooded Jing Sui's chest when he felt the teenager leaning close to him, feeling so dependent and trusting of him. Then he raised his eyes, looking at Carlos’s eyes became extremely cold, and without hesitation, he firmly protected the teenager with one hand, looked directly into Carlos’s eyes, opened his thin lips lightly, and spit out a cold sneering word. “You really– don’t know why?”

Carlos’s eyes finally changed, and the blue veins of his hand holding the cane were exposed!


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