The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 31 - Forced Kiss

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Happy reading~Chapter 31: Forced Kiss

With a stony expression, Carlos locked eyes with Jing Sui. In a chilly tone, he asked, “What does Your Majesty mean by this?”

Jing Sui didn't conceal the murderous intent in his eyes. He spoke slowly, “Didn't you put him in danger?”

Sure enough!

Carlos was furious. In response to his past use of gossip to attack him, Jing Sui decided to humiliate him further by pouring a pot of dirty water on his head. Carlos's voice quivered with anger as he spoke in a deep tone. “I won't stand by and watch him get hurt. I will do whatever it takes to keep him safe!”

Jing Sui sneered, “You know it in your heart.”

Carlos sneered. “Nonsense!”

He shifted his focus from Jing Sui to Ji Ling and spoke with a serious expression, saying, “Xiao Ling, don't trust what was said. I won’t hurt you.”

Ji Ling thought to himself, "Believing in you is nonsense, you're just a terrible old man," this is what Gabriel said about himself! Is it still possible for someone to accuse you? This isn't the first time you've pulled something like this.

He blinked his eyes and his expression turned sad and disappointed as he confessed, “I don't want to believe it either, but that person... he told me it was you…”

Carlos was slightly stunned and finally showed a surprised look. “Gabriel?”

Ji Ling nodded cautiously as if he didn’t want to believe this fact. There were tears in his eyes, and he choked up. “Uncle Carlos… is it you?”

Carlos gazed deeply into Ji Ling's eyes. Despite being incredibly sad, the teenager held onto a glimmer of hope, questioning: is it you?

At this moment, he couldn’t even think about why Gabriel framed him.

In an instant, a dull pain pierced his heart, transporting him back to the dark and cold night of his past life. He vividly remembered the teenager's sorrowful and desperate question, clinging onto the last glimmer of hope... he couldn't bring himself to tell him then—it's not me.

That was the one thing he regretted and suffered the most.

But this time, he could answer him with certainty.

Carlos slowly said, “It’s not me.”

He stretched out his hand to Ji Ling, and in his brown eyes, there was an incomparably deep and serious look, repeating word by word. “It’s– not– me.”

However… this time the teenager didn’t respond to him.

Because this time, Jing Sui protected him in his arms.

Pain was emerging from Carlos’s eyes, the jealousy and darkness inside him gnawing at his heart like a poisonous snake. The venom made his blood turn cold. He was reborn and came back, but even if he did all this, it can’t change the result. Can’t you get the only one you want?

He didn’t allow such a result.

Carlos’s hand holding the cane tightened suddenly and the surrounding aura suddenly turned terrifying. His eyes were sharp, and he moved slightly, but just as he raised his arm, a cold wind suddenly blew across his cheeks! Carlos jerked to the side and took a step back to dodge Brandon’s punch!

That tall and cold man stood in front of him like a god of war, looking at him with undisguised hostility in his gray pupils!

And he also didn’t know when Wen Yan stepped forward, the cold light in his phoenix eyes fell on him in an instant.

Carlos took a deep breath, his line of sight crossing over Brandon and Wen Yan and finally landing on Ji Ling, who was firmly protected in Jing Sui’s arms, slowly suppressing the violent intent in his eyes.

Now is not the right time.

But do you think you can get away with it? Don’t be happy too early… the corners of Carlos’s lips slowly curled into an icy smile, and he suddenly turned around to leave the place without any delay.
Ji Ling watched Carlos finally leave and then he breathed a sigh of relief, his face turned pale slightly.

Carlos had been disguised in front of him as a poised, gentle person that he had almost forgotten Carlos’s character… The violent intent that Carlos had steeply leaked out just now had startled him, and the hand-to-hand exchange between Brandon and Carlos in a single mistake, although it was only for a split second, the terrifying aura that was brought up still made him feel trembling with fear.

It’s terrible. Are these still human beings?

It’s a bunch of monsters in human skin, right?

There is absolutely no exaggeration because he can kill himself with a single punch!

Go home, must go home!

Ji Ling got out of Jing Sui’s arms and was thinking about how to say goodbye to Jing Sui. Wen Yan, who had been silent just now, stood up, and he bowed his head respectfully to Ji Ling and said, “Young Master, I’m here to pick you up.”

Ji Ling’s eyes lit up, and for the first time, he felt that this sinister and cunning villain was quite considerate. Although he didn’t know what his purpose was, he did relieve him, so he nodded and said, “Okay.”

He said to Jing Sui, “I——”

But before he could say a word, he was pulled back by Jing Sui heavily, bumped into the man’s strong embrace, and was lost in thought when he saw Jing Sui’s handsome face close to him and chuckled in his ear, “So anxious to leave?”

Ji Ling felt Jing Sui’s scorching breath fall on the side of his ear, and his face suddenly burned again. He was uncomfortable, he stammered and almost bit his tongue, “I’ve been out for so long, my parents should be worried…”

Jing Sui looked at the teenager’s shy face, with a faint blush appearing on his fair skin. He was so tempting; he didn’t want to let go; he wanted to keep him by his side all the time… but, this reason is really hard to refuse.

The little guy is afraid, and he has long wanted to run away from himself. Although he says on his lips that he likes himself, constantly provokes himself, and puts on an arrogant and bold appearance… in fact, he is more bashful than anyone else.

Once I get close, he hides faster than anyone else, like a scared rabbit.

How can it be so cute?

Jing Sui reluctantly rubbed his ears together for a long time. Seeing that the teenager’s face was already red and hot, he finally loosened his hand and smiled, “Okay.”

Ji Ling finally escaped from Jing Sui’s arms and walked out without looking back.

It’s horrible, it’s horrible!

What kind of sins did he create to have to deal with such a group of reborn guys ah?! Why is it so hard to do a mission honestly?!


Wen Yan silently followed behind Ji Ling and escorted him to the car.

Looking at the teenager’s shy and uncomfortable appearance, he seemed to be still immersed in intimacy with Jing Sui just now… he kept all the pain and jealousy to the bottom of his heart.

Jing Sui seemed to like Ji Ling, which was a bit unexpected by Wen Yan, but even if he didn’t want to, he had to admit that it was a good thing, so that the teenager could get his wish and be with the person he loved.

That’s right, that’s what I hope for.

It’s just something hidden deep in his chest, which seems to be struggling restlessly, trying to break through the ground.

Wen Yan’s fingers resting in front of him moved slightly, closing his eyes and telling himself not to forget what you did in your previous life.

Do not repeat the same mistakes.

You can’t.

Ji Ling finally returned home. Seeing that Wen Yan did not follow him insensitively this time, he seemingly left in a hurry. Although it was unexpected, he was very happy. He felt that the behavior of this big villain was more and more elusive, and he deserved to be the most mysterious villain in the original book. I’m afraid that there are 1,800 turns in his mind. No one can guess what’s the use of wasting time and going around myself all day.

But if you can’t figure it out, you don’t have to. Anyway, Wen Yan has nothing to do with him.

Ji Ling’s father and mother had been waiting at home for a long time, and when they saw Ji Ling coming back safe and sound, they were extremely relieved and pulled him up and down to look at him.

When they learned the news, Jing Sui had already rescued Ji Ling safely, but despite this, Madam Marina was still distressed, hugged her baby tightly, and said, “Mom has already told you not to go, you are disobedient. What would Mom do if something happened to you?”

Grand Duke Ji Ting also said in a deep voice, “It’s better not to go out in the future.”

Ji Ling said embarrassedly, “I’m sorry for making Mom and Dad worry.”

Madam Marina looked at her little darling so well-behaved and lovely. She touched his head and said, “You little heartless, it’s good that you know. Don’t let Mom worry about it next time.”

Ji Ling nodded vigorously!

He didn’t expect to be captured again either QAQ

After greeting his parents for a while, Ji Ling returned to his room alone, and only then did the nerves that had always been tense completely relax.

He rolled on the bed and exhaled, so tired, really tired from acting.


Ji Ling was like a man who went out to run a spiritual marathon and finally returned home, eager to stay at home and sleep until he grew old. The law-abiding Earth teenager was still used to this kind of comfortable environment ah.

And there was another reason he was reluctant to go out. He didn’t want to run into Jing Sui again!

The man is too dangerous, and he always plots against him. The straight man, Ji Ling, felt very panicked, so he had to make the evasive method out of sight, out of mind. You, as the Emperor, have to fight with Carlos every day. As long as I don’t crash in front of you, you shouldn’t have time to think of me…

After all, when I was reading the original text I didn’t think you were a love slave ah?

With such a beautiful hope, Ji Ling hid at home like a quail, ate with his parents every day, and went to the Internet when he had nothing to do. He didn’t know how comfortable his life was.

Jing Sui sent him messages a few times, asked for warmth, and invited Ji Ling to come out to meet, but Ji Ling refused because he was at home with his parents.

Then Jing Sui didn’t send him any more messages, which made Ji Ling feel that the situation was very good.

Although it looks like Jing Sui likes himself so much on the surface, he probably just likes him, right? And it’s out of the mentality of guilt to make up for it. An arrogant Emperor like him, there’s no reason to chase a dandy like him ah?

If he refused a few more times, he might feel fading and impatient.

The more Ji Ling thought about it, the more he felt that this was the case, and decisively treated Jing Sui coldly! After all, whether it was from the perspective of doing missions or his psychological bottom line, he couldn't have that kind of relationship with Jing Sui…

After a long time of thrilling days outside, I feel happier about this kind of salted fish life at home ah.

On this day, Ji Ling was happily basking in the sun in the courtyard, eating the exquisite pastries prepared by the servants, and suddenly his mother, Madam Marina, came over, pinched Ji Ling’s face, and said, “Baby, go change your clothes and go to the palace with your mom.”

Ji Ling suddenly became alert and asked, “Why do you want to go to the palace?
Madam Marina smiled and said, “Your Aunt Shaman misses you, and asked me to bring you into the palace to sit.”

Oh, it turns out to be Aunt Shaman, as long as it’s not Jing Sui. At this time, Ji Ling was in a period of high tension, and he refused from the bottom of his heart to any situation where he might meet Jing Sui, He didn’t want to risk meeting Jing Sui when he entered the palace, so he said, “But I don’t want to go out today…”

Madam Marina flicked her son’s head and said, “If you stay at home any longer, you’ll get moldy.”

It was precisely when she saw that her son always locked himself up at home, not even taking part in the various activities that he used to enjoy the most, that she worriedly wanted to take Ji Ling out for a walk. It just so happened that Shaman invited her yesterday, so she simply decided to take her son to the palace, which used to be his favorite place to go.

The child was always bored at home like this, which was not conducive to physical and mental health. He must have been frightened outside last time and developed a psychological shadow.

Ji Ling didn’t want to enter the palace, so he stubbornly resisted, “I don’t want to go…”

Madam Marina clapped her hands and the two servants immediately came over with clothes, and she raised her eyebrows to say, “Help the Young Master change his clothes.”

Ji Ling: “...”

Ten minutes later, Ji Ling, who had been forcibly dressed up, had a gloomy look and was dragged into the car by his worried mother.

Along the way, I kept praying, don’t meet Jing Sui, don’t meet Jing Sui, don’t meet Jing Sui…

It was said that he often went to the palace to see Madam Shaman before, but he had never met Jing Sui at Madam Shaman’s place, and he would not meet this time either!

Ji Ling got out of the car with such good hope. As soon as he entered the door, he saw Jing Sui sitting next to Madam Shaman, showing him an elegant and gentle smile.

Ji Ling: “...”

What were you thinking about just now? He really should have gotten lucky!

Madam Marina also saw Jing Sui sitting there at a glance, showing a look of surprise. Although Jing Sui was the son of Madam Shaman, he was also the Emperor of the country, and he rarely appeared here often. Although Jing Sui was considered a junior, Madam Marina did not dare to treat him arrogantly, and said with a polite smile, “It turns out that Your Majesty is also here.”

Jing Sui didn’t put on airs with Madam Marina and stood up, nodding and smiling, “Madam Marina, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”
Seeing that Jing Sui respected her so much, Madam Marina was also in a good mood, and said with a smile, “Me too.”

Only Ji Ling’s mood was very bitter.

He felt that he should have been tricked, so he didn’t dare to raise his eyes to look at Jing Sui and pretended to be well-behaved by lowering his head.

Madam Shaman looked at Ji Ling’s lowered head, obviously avoiding Jing Sui’s line of sight, and felt that the teenager was cute and funny. This child was not so shy when he came to herself on weekdays, and he liked Jing Sui, but his attitude changed when he saw Jing Sui.

It was Jing Sui who entrusted her to invite Madam Marina and Ji Ling to come, and specifically asked her not to tell Madam Marina that he was there. He wanted to surprise Ji Ling.

Madam Shaman was very surprised at first because she knew her son very well. He had always been lukewarm to Ji Ling before, and he didn’t seem to like Ji Ling very much. Why does he suddenly fall in love with Ji Ling now? Is it because of this expedition that they finally developed feelings and realized Ji Ling’s good?

If that’s the case, it’s a good thing. She is very happy about her son’s sudden enlightenment, because she likes Ji Ling, and she also hopes that Jing Sui can like him. If this cute little guy can often enter the palace to accompany her in the future, it will be great.

Compared to Jing Sui, a son who is too calm and not cute at all, the well-behaved and lovely Ji Ling is many times more likable!

Madam Shaman stood on Jing Sui’s side without hesitation and was ready to lure Ji Ling over.

With a loving smile, she waved at Ji Ling and said, “Xiao Ling, why don’t you come over here?”

Ji Ling was speechless, but how could he refuse the enthusiastic Madam Shaman? He could only move over slowly, still not daring to look at Jing Sui, and said naively, “Aunt Shaman.”

Madam Shaman took Ji Ling’s hand, looked at his slightly reddened ears, and said in her heart that the little guy was shy. Oh my God, among the current imperial nobles, is there still such a shy child? It’s just like a treasure. He usually looks so enthusiastic and unrestrained, but so timid ah

She said lovingly, “I heard that you went out and encountered danger. I’m really worried. It’s all Jing Sui’s fault. He didn’t protect you well. I have already castigated him.”

Ji Ling: “... It–it doesn’t matter.”

Madam Shaman thought to herself that the little guy was considerate and kind. Oh my God, such an understanding little guy, how can someone outside say that he is a dandy? She wants to tear those people’s mouths. They must be jealous that her little angel is so cute.
She said with concern, “Don’t go out casually in the future. Aunt’s heart is breaking with worry.”

Ji Ling: “... En.”

He was dragged by Madam Shaman, being asked for a long time. The exaggerated words and undisguised love simply made his head spin, and he was complaining in his heart. As the Empress Dowager, why don’t you be more reserved, ah? Your desire to set me up with Jing Sui is written plainly on your face! Isn’t the Empress Dowager ‌responsible for tearing down and slapping people in the face?

Why isn’t there an evil mother-in-law to beat the Mandarin ducks ah? Why do you seem happier than me that Jing Sui likes me, ah?!

I’m such a loser, I’m no longer worthy of your wise son, ah!

And why do you seem to like me more than Jing Sui ah, wake up, he is your son ah!

Ji Ling was very desperate.

Madam Shaman couldn’t get enough of the little cutie. What a well-behaved and lovely child, white and soft to hold. Since the age of seven years old, her son has not been so cute. He was stinky and hard, not even letting herself get close to him. She was a bit reluctant to let Ji Ling out of the room, but looking at the warning look her son threw at her, she still loosened her hand fondly and touched Ji Ling’s head. “I’m going to talk to Marina for a little while. Jing Sui, you can take Xiao Ling out for a walk first.”

Jing Sui stood up when he heard this, smiled, and said, “Okay, mother.”

Ji Ling: No——

Jing Sui respectfully said goodbye to Madam Marina, then took Ji Ling’s hand and led him out without waiting for his refusal.

Ji Ling: …

Now he understands that Jing Sui and Madam Shaman have long been in cahoots, and they have calculated to swindle him. Careless, he is really careless!

One misstep becomes a thousand hatreds ah!

Jing Sui took Ji Ling’s hand and looked at him with a heart full of love and compassion. He had been thinking about him day and night these days, but it was a pity that the little guy had been avoiding him. He was so shy… How can this continue?

He patiently endured and let him stay at home for several days before finally deciding to let his mother coax him into the palace.

Ji Ling felt bitter. In a daze, Jing Sui led him forward, and when he saw Jing Sui’s palace, he halted. He didn’t want to go in. That cloud hunter beast was too scary. Every time, he spat his tongue and growled at him. If it wasn’t because he was acting in the past to seek death, he would not be willing to go near!

However, Jing Sui’s strength did not allow him to refuse at all, directly pulling Ji Ling in.

Ji Ling closed his eyes in fright, but when he opened them again, he couldn’t help but stare. The courtyard was empty, and the terrifying monster wasn’t there.

Facing Ji Ling’s puzzled gaze, Jing Sui warmly explained, “It occupies too much space, and it was transported away.”

Ji Ling: “...”

Not that I’m saying, Brother, what you said is a bit illogical. It was described in the original book as your favorite pet and you’ve had it for ten years. Then, you’re only now thinking about taking up space, ah????

Cool, it’s too cool!

Jing Sui’s gaze was calm and indifferent, as if he was only talking about a small matter. He led Ji Ling forward, and said, “By the way, it seems like you haven’t even taken a good turn when you’ve come over before. I’ll take you on a tour.”

As he spoke, he began to take Ji Ling to visit his palace.

He took Ji Ling to visit his bedroom, study, collection room, and weapon room. Ji Ling had never been in any of these rooms before. He stood in the courtyard at most and said a few words to Jing Sui before leaving.

On one hand, he had no intention of looking at these, and on the other hand, was that Jing Sui was a person with a strong sense of territory, and he did not like others to enter his space at will.

But this time, he did not hesitate to show all his living environment before Ji Ling, and patiently explained the functions and roles of each room.

Ji Ling was a bit bewildered and looked at Jing Sui inexplicably, not knowing why he was doing this.

Was he tricked him into coming to the palace just to show him around?

In the end, Jing Sui went around in a circle, took Ji Ling back to a room next to his bedroom, pushed open the door, and said with a smile, “This is a room specially prepared for you. I want to invite you to stay in the palace for a few days.”

Ji Ling: “...”

Staying? Your intentions are obvious to everyone?!

He was so frightened that his face almost changed. He averted his eyes, uncomfortably saying, “That–My mom is still waiting for me to come home. She’s going to worry about not seeing me for a day. I’m sorry…”

Jing Sui paused but unexpectedly did not force it. He seemed to laugh with some regret and replied, “Is that so? It’s a pity.”

Ji Ling didn’t expect Jing Sui to agree so quickly. His heart that had been lifted slightly relaxed, and he couldn’t wait to leave now. He blushed and said, “I—I’ll go back first, my mom must be waiting anxiously.”

As he spoke, he turned around and left.

It’s so suffocating in here! Ji Ling thought that he must hurry back. He would never be fooled again, and he would not enter the palace even if he was killed!

He hurried back to Madam Shaman’s palace but saw that she was there alone, with no sign of his mother. He froze, saying, “Auntie Shaman, where is my mother?”

Madam Shaman looked at Ji Ling and said lovingly, “Oh, your mother ah. She had to go home beforehand, so she’s letting you stay in the palace for a few days with peace of mind.”

Ji Ling almost fainted in front of her.

Just now, he tells Jing Sui that his mother won’t agree, but he’s immediately slapped in the face. He has only gone out for less than twenty minutes and returns to be abandoned by his mom!

It’s too much, it’s really too much!

Madam Shaman looked at Ji Ling’s trance-like and shocked appearance and felt pity in her heart. Just in time, Jing Sui followed from behind unhurriedly. Her face slumped and said, “I made a promise to Marina, you must take good care of Xiao Ling. If he suffers a little grievance when living with you, I won’t spare you. Do you understand?”

Jing Sui stated slowly, “Don’t worry. I will take good care of him.”

Madam Shaman stared at him. Although she was happy with Jing Sui’s sudden enlightenment, Jing Sui was full of previous convictions. She still somewhat could not be completely at ease. Ji Ling was hurt before, so she instructed one more in a warning tone. “I will often go over to see it.”

Jing Sui revealed a helpless look and replied, “No problem.”

Madam Shaman was relieved and smiled at Ji Ling. “You can live here casually as your own home. If someone dares to embarrass you, tell Auntie. Auntie will help you out.”

Ji Ling: “...”

Jing Sui looked at the boy’s pitiful appearance in a trance, like a kitten abandoned by his mother, suddenly leaving home and coming to a strange environment. His dazed look was cute. He couldn’t help but try his best to press the corners of his upturned mouth as he couldn’t wait to hug him into his arms like this.

He didn’t want to listen to his mother’s continuous rambling, so he took Ji Ling’s hand, bringing him out again.

Jing Sui’s powerful palm clasped Ji Ling’s hand. The temperature on the other party’s hand was so hot, powerful, and undeniable… He almost choked up. How did he somehow have to stay at the palace? Help!

Seeing that he had returned to the room he had fled from just now. He looked up at Jing Sui’s deep golden eyes, gulped, tried to hang on, and whispered, “Brother Jing Sui, get busy, don’t worry about me…”

As a result, Jing Sui suddenly took a step forward.

Ji Ling was taken aback, took a step back, and leaned his back against the window. The wind gently blew the gauze curtain hanging by the window. He saw Jing Sui’s line of sight, which slowly turned darker, as if there were some kind of emotion brewing… his legs shook.

This man’s eyes are even more terrifying than the most terrifying beast, and he is like a prey being targeted.

Not–not good!

The strong sense of crisis made Ji Ling muster up all his courage and turn around to flee. However, the next second, his chin was cupped by a powerful hand and a slightly cool kiss landed on his lips.

Ji Ling’s eyes widened. His body shivered slightly as he forgot to move for a moment.

Jing Sui cupped the teenager’s chin with one hand and pressed on his shoulders with the other, imprisoning his body firmly under him, gently kissing him. He finally touched the soft lips he had longed for.
From an extreme distance, he gazed into the boy’s eyes, looking at the clear light in them, and the slightly dilated pupils.

So confused, fragile, and pitiful.

This is the person he has longed for countless years, for two lifetimes; He had depicted the other’s face in his dreams countless times, but when reaching out his hand, he realized that it was just a false illusion that dissipated with the wind at the slightest touch.

The teenager will never come back.

When he finally realizes that he is in love with the other party, regret and pain have tormented him for many years.

At this moment, he finally touched his beloved teenager again. The touch under his hands was warm. He could almost feel the flow of blood under the other party’s skin, and the faint trembling through the palm of his hand…

So real.

The teenager is before him, alive, able to speak, breathe, happy and sad.

Pain, regret, paranoia… All kinds of emotions surged in Jing Sui’s eyes. The emotion that had been accumulated in his heart for countless years finally flourished at this moment.

I don’t want to continue to endure. I don’t want to give him a chance to keep running away.

Get closer to him first and get him.

Jing Sui’s eyes became deeper, and with a slight force of his fingers, he forcibly made the teenager open his mouth. His sharp eyes gazed into those beautiful aquamarine eyes, and he deepened the kiss without hesitation!


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