The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 32 - To Pledge

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Chapter 32: To Pledge

Ji Ling let out a low whimper as the man kissed him. The man in front of him was so powerful and terrifying at the moment, like tearing apart the gentle camouflage of the beast. Jing Sui simply did not give him the slightest room for resistance. The hands that imprisoned him were as unshakable as steel, and he could only surrender forcefully in front of the other party.

He felt the man’s unbridled predatory kiss, and couldn’t help but shudder slightly, instinctively wanting to escape, but his reason stopped him.

At first, I forgot to struggle, and then I didn’t dare to.

Although Jing Sui showed his affection for him, no matter how gentle and doting he was, Ji Ling would never forget a fact: he is not the original ‘Ji Ling’, he does not love this man, and he hasn’t given his life for him. He hasn’t given anything…

He deceived this terrible king of the country, and used his identity as an outsider, starting with a deception, to gain the favor of the other party.

Although that was not his intention.

He never wanted Jing Sui to love him, but…

When things finally got out of hand, there was nothing left for him to do but continue to play his role.

Intense fear overwhelmed Ji Ling and he had no choice but to open his mouth and accept the other person. He felt breathless, scared, panicked, and uneasy… He was being kissed by a man or a man who, despite his human appearance, was more terrifying than a mythical monster. He looked gentle, but, with his bare hand, he could actually… pinch this little liar to death.

He felt as small and powerless as an ant. Even if he had carefully followed the plot and desperately tried to complete the mission, fate played one poor joke after another.

The tears in Ji Ling’s eyes couldn’t help but flood up again. He felt extreme grief in his heart. Who let you like me, why do you like me ah?

Haven’t I behaved badly enough?

I’ve tried so hard not to be liked by anyone, I just want to walk through the plot and go home ah

Jing Sui felt the boy's trembling in his arms, but this time, he unexpectedly did not avoid him. He slowly loosened the hand that clasped the teenager’s chin, and gently brushed his cheeks, feeling the sweetness on the other party’s lips, and couldn’t help but deepen the kiss.

Since his rebirth, he has been trying to restrain himself, telling himself not to scare the boy, and to take his time…

So I have been letting the boy escape.

It is only at this moment that I finally kiss my beloved.

Jing Sui hugged Ji Ling tenderly, looking at his reddened cheeks and moist eyes, whimpering like a kitten… only then did he look up fondly and let go of him.

He still couldn’t bear to let Ji Ling be afraid in the end, so he didn’t continue at this point.

The teenager is shy at his approach… sometimes it even gives him the illusion that the teenager doesn’t want to be close to him.

But how is that possible? He loved himself so much, chased after him for so many years, and even gave his life to him in the end. So, if that wasn’t love, what could explain it?

Nor is there any reason for him to deceive him.

In the end, Jing Sui thought that the teenager was still shy.

In the past, he had never seriously understood him, so the first thing he did after being reborn was to collect all the information about the teenager, to understand his every move. Even when he was out partying with his friends, the teenager only praised him. He could be in a cheerful mood for an entire day every time he saw it.

Whether it’s in front of him or not, the teenager loves him as much as he does.

And because the teenager loved him deeply, he even rejected all the suitors. Jing Sui didn’t know all these things in his previous life. In this life, he realized, the teenager never had any other man or woman. The teenager completely reserved his body and mind for him.

Jing Sui was unbelievable when he first learned about it. He knew too much about the extravagant and depraved style of the nobles. Although the teenager liked him, Jing Sui wouldn't be too surprised even if he went to have fun because, after all, it was just a show. Jing Sui had never seen someone so completely devoted to his life...

He thought he had already known the teenager’s love for him, but every time he dug a little more, he realized he’d still underestimated the teenager’s feelings for him.

Ji Ling seemed to be a domineering gentleman, but he was more devoted and reserved than anyone else. He loved himself enough to resist any other temptation.

Unbelievable, but it was the truth.

This seemed to explain the teenager’s shyness, as he was in a blank state in that regard, not knowing anything, and even this kiss was his first.

He only knew to say ‘I like him’ ignorantly, but he didn’t know what to do with the person he liked. He felt at a loss and subconsciously hid after I suddenly accepted him and became close to him.

Thinking of this, Jing Sui gradually let go of the doubts in his heart and hugged Ji Ling lovingly. This child ah

There were still many things that needed to be taught to him, but he had the patience to approach slowly. Only he alone could possess such a unique treasure, slowly discovering it with his hands.

Ji Ling’s existence was a gift from God to him. He would cherish him.

Jing Sui wiped Ji Ling’s tears lovingly and comforted him softly, “Don’t be nervous. It’s normal for lovers to kiss each other, just get used to it.”

Ji Ling felt relieved after the horrible kiss ended, but when he heard this, his eyes almost darkened. Do you still want me to get used to this?!

I’m not mentally retarded. How can I not understand such things? I’ve never eaten a pig, and also seen a pig run before ah, but the question is, who’s your lover ah? I don’t want a scary male lover at all, okay? If it’s a soft girl, I won’t be afraid!

Jing Sui looked at the teenager, who seemed to want to cry out again at any moment. Gazing at the other’s red and swollen lips, he let out a helpless chuckle.

He pinched Ji Ling’s nose and smiled teasingly. “It seems like you need to practice more, otherwise if you are afraid of a kiss, how can you later… do more?”

When he said the last few words, his tone suddenly became low and meaningful.

Ji Ling had his hair standing, stupidly looking at Jing Sui.

A little scary.

When Jing Sui looked at such a dumbfounded teenager. He finally couldn’t hold back the happiness in his heart and laughed out loud. He knew that if he wanted to hurry, he should stop today, so he smiled at Ji Ling. “You can stay here. I still have things to do, and I’ll come back to keep you company in the evening.”

Ji Ling watched Jing Sui leave in a daze and was sure that he would not come back for a short time. He sat on the bed decadently, covering his mouth with a lifeless expression.

Listening to Jing Sui, not only did he want to practice kissing with him but also do more things in the future?!

Help ahhhh!

Ji Ling fell on the bed and pounded the bed with his hands, wishing to die like this. His face was feverish and felt that the second play where it should be a difficult mode turned into a hell mode instead ah!


Jing Sui did fulfill his promise. No matter how late he was busy outside, he would come back to see Ji Ling and give him a goodnight kiss.

As long as he had time, Jing Sui would come back to accompany Ji Ling to eat. His favorite thing to do was to hold Ji Ling on his lap, and then patiently feed the little cutie. He enjoyed such a simple thing and indulged in it, after feeding and more feeding, it would become a kiss, making Ji Ling blush before stopping.

Not to mention, Ji Ling was nervous and stiff like a piece of wood at first, and then gradually began to be numb.

Sure enough, everything was tougher the first time…

Thinking about it, kissing was just an ordinary saliva exchange behavior. He would just think of it as being bitten by a dog, rather than feeling like a broken jar. Besides, Jing Sui was so good-looking, barely reducing his discomfort a little.

His bottom line had gradually lowered from protecting his first kiss to protecting his first night…

After all, kissing was fine, but he couldn’t get past that mental hurdle for pa-pa-pa ah!

The days he lived in the palace, he was waiting for Jing Sui to come back every day in fear. He was thinking about how to protect himself without angering Jing Sui or letting him find out about the abnormality. He didn’t even have time to think about how to do the mission.

He must find a way to leave the palace as soon as possible. At this rate, he was afraid that he could not resist for long.

But Jing Sui was so calculating. He had already prepared everything, even his parents, and everyone wanted to match them… I have a character who is infatuated with Jing Sui, so what reason should I take to leave here?

Ji Ling’s head was about to be bald, and he couldn’t sleep at night.

Wanting to return to his world alive is not a simple matter. How can there be such a good thing as pie drops from the sky?

There’s a long way to go ah

That night, he was thinking nonsense again and suddenly heard the door creak open. A steady and powerful footsteps approached, and then the man’s tall body shrouded him. He directly held Ji Ling’s face with both hands, lowered his head, and kissed him. His golden eyes were shining with a breathtaking light in the night, yet containing gentleness.

Ji Ling drooped his eyelashes, remained motionless, and even obediently opened his mouth to make it easier for the man. The man worked extra hard today, seemingly to suppress some kind of impulse in his heart. Ji Ling knew what he was suppressing, so he was even more obedient, lest he not suppress any of them, and directly pound himself on the spot…

He slowly let go of him. He almost didn’t control himself just now, but in the end, he managed to hold back.

And recently, he could feel a softness in the teenager’s heart as he struggled to try to accept himself despite his strange trepidation about such things.

Jing Sui lovingly stroked Ji Ling’s golden hair, looked at his wet eyes, and his slightly hoarse voice became lower and lower in the night. He laughed. “What? You look a little unhappy today.”

Ji Ling leaned sideways, curled himself up in a ball, looked at Jing Sui cautiously, and said, “Brother Jing Sui, I’ve been living for a long time and want to go home.”

Jing Sui was silent for a moment and said, “Aren’t you happy to live here?”

Ji Ling hurriedly denied it. “No, it’s just…” He seemed to hesitate for a moment, and said with some embarrassment, “There is no one to play with me here. I haven’t seen my friends for a long time…”

Jing Sui was stunned for a moment and then showed a look of self-reproach. He had been too selfish these days in focusing on keeping Ji Ling by his side and enjoying the pleasure of the teenager’s company, but had neglected his feelings. The teenager had his own life, not just for him alone. Although he wanted to imprison him forever, he still hoped that the teenager could be happy.

Jing Sui rubbed Ji Ling’s head and said with a smile, “Why didn’t you say it earlier if you feel bored?”

Ji Ling thought it cowardly that I had recently become a bird of prey. How dare I casually tell you that I’m bored ahh? Isn’t this an excuse that I’m forced to come up with?

Then he saw the corner of Jing Sui’s lips curved up. He said, “This is simple. I’ll hold a banquet in the palace and let your friends come over, okay?”

Ji Ling: Big brother, why did your brain think so fast???

Ji Ling felt extremely bitter in his heart. He quickly found a solution to the excuse he finally thought of. Forcing a smile, he said in a low voice, “Thank you, brother Jing Sui.”

As long as Jing Sui heard the teenager obediently call him brother and softly say thank you, he had no resistance at all, and he couldn’t wait to pluck the sun off for him. He decided that he would throw a grand banquet for Ji Ling. As long as Ji Ling was happy and willing to stay by his side, it was perfectly fine to hold a banquet every day.

He looked at the teenager lovingly, couldn’t help but kiss him again, and then got up to leave the place.

Ji Ling was simply as good as dead. Where does he want the banquet? He just wants to get rid of Jing Sui ahhhh!


Lodz and Deng Dong followed their fathers separately, and met in the corridor into the palace, giving each other a surprised look before saying in unison, “You got an invitation too?”

They glanced at each other and suddenly turned their heads to stop looking at each other, uhm… so what if I’m invited? I’m Young Master Ji’s number one lackey!

Lodz’s father, Earl Sinclair, and Deng Dong’s father, Mr. Dunk, also greeted each other with a grin and then led their sons into the palace with their heads held high.

With their identity, they were not qualified to participate in the Palace banquet before. This was all because their son hugged a good thigh. Before, they felt that their son was a troublemaker, and they had to be beaten and scolded every day, but he didn’t expect that one day, he would enter the palace to participate in the banquet with his son’s halo. He really couldn’t imagine it!

Never in my wildest dreams!

By the way, I will have to tell my stinky boy to pay attention later. This is not outside. He must pay attention to etiquette and words and must not make His Majesty the Emperor unhappy. He must coax Young Master Ji well. The Emperor favored Young Master Ji, and the future is limitless ah! Maybe he will become a queen someday?

Although Young Master Ji’s physique and personality are a bit poor, he is noble and good-looking. The most important thing is that the Emperor likes him.

Anything is possible only if His Majesty likes it!

The Imperial Garden had long been set up, with small star-like gems hanging from the branches of the trees, brightly emitting a soft glow. The ground was covered with precious jade and surrounded by cherished plants and flowers, carefully pruned by the masters, beautiful flowers exude a tranquil fragrance, swaying in the wind. 

Luxurious and stylish.

There were long dining tables, and chairs set up in the center of the garden. The white gold-trimmed tablecloths were laid out, and the table was topped with fine cuisine from all over the universe.

If Carlos' family was underlying extravagance, the Imperial was a magnificent luxury.

One was low key, and the other was flamboyant.

Ji Ling was simply heartbroken when he was held by Jing Sui to come outside. His intention was to find an excuse to leave the palace, but it turned out to be a public show of affection!

It was hard enough to deal with Jing Sui alone, but now he had to pretend to be intimate with him in front of so many people. It’s really difficult for the straight-guy Ji.

Face, he wants a face ah!

Jing Sui looked sideways at the teenager’s slightly reddened ears and unnatural expression, and couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. This kid is shy again ah, really… when will‌ you let go and accept me? Although it’s cute to be shy, it’s also embarrassing to be seen by people huh?

However, he was still concerned about the teenager’s mood after all; The purpose of the party today was to make him happy. He wouldn’t be stupid enough to make him angry with him. Otherwise, when the kitten got angry, it would also stretch out its paws to scratch people.

Jing Sui led Ji Ling outside. Facing everyone’s greetings, he nodded his head. He had long been accustomed to accepting everyone’s flattery. Everyone was respectful to him, and he was tired of hearing those flattering words. It stood to reason that he could not set off the slightest fluctuation in his heart, but today…

He listened to people flattering and praising Ji Ling, saying that they were a match made in Heaven, that Ji Ling was a good boy, that His Majesty had vision, saying that Ji Ling was lucky to have His Majesty…

Jing Sui was inexplicably in a cheerful mood and even wanted to listen to them talk more. When he turned his head to look, he found that Ji Ling had already been praised until his face reddened. He couldn’t help but smile slightly.

He thoughtfully let go of his hand and showed a smile to Ji Ling. “Go on. Your friends should be here.”

Ji Ling was like being amnestied. He quickly escaped from the suffocating environment. Sure enough, he saw Lodz and Deng Dong standing in the corner. Both of them entered the palace for the first time, and their faces were full of amazement and caution, like a curious baby. They showed radiant smiles when they saw Ji Ling coming.

Lodz raised his thumb. “Young Master Ji, congratulations on getting your wish. His Majesty really seems to like you!”

Deng Dong clapped his hands. “Young Master Ji, it’s the first time His Majesty has held a banquet in the palace for a person. He must be sincere to you!”

Ji Ling: …

This was heartbreaking to hear. Ji Ling turned around and left with a black face, just as if he hadn’t been here and hadn’t heard it.

Lodz and Deng Dong looked at each other blankly, not knowing where they said the wrong thing to offend Ji Ling. They stood there dumbfounded and did not dare to follow…

After a while, Lodz began to accuse Deng Dong. “How did you speak? You pissed Young Master Ji off.”

Deng Dong said angrily, “It must be you. You’re the one who pissed him off.”

They began to spray each other at the drop of a hat!


Ji Ling didn’t want to pay attention to anyone. He just wanted to be alone, so he quietly came to a dimly lit, unoccupied corner and stood there sighing. His eyes were empty, and he began to wonder what to do next.

Is he really going to give up and stay in this world from now on by using someone else’s identity, and live a life of making out with men every day?

As long as he thought of this, he felt despair.

I’m so angry ah, I’m so angry. How in the world did he make the mission look like this? What did they love about him?

If this rhythm continues, he should joyfully accept Jing Sui’s courtship, and then live a happy life from then on. He will take the plot of the protagonist’s shou away ahhhh!

But he really doesn’t like men!

He has done all the bad things he can do. He simply fights for his life with a conscience, but it’s useless. Ji Ling felt that he was at his wits’ end… It’s hard not to expose his identity and say, I’m sorry ah, brother, I actually don’t love you. I don’t want to cheat your feelings. I don’t want to give you trouble at all, and I just want you to be good with Ning Yu, having a HE… I’m willing to be a stepping stone to your love. Why can’t you give me some face?

But when he thought of Jing Sui’s pampering and gentleness to him. Ji Ling felt cowardly because if he really said this, he would probably die a miserable death, right?


Ji Ling’s mind was full of chaotic thoughts, but he couldn’t figure out a clue, which made him very distressed. When he was about to go back, he suddenly felt someone blocking him. Upon looking up, he saw that it was Jing Sui coming.

He unexpectedly said, “Brother Jing Sui, why are you here?”

As a result, the next moment, he saw Jing Sui hugging himself tightly without saying a word, then lifting his chin, lowering his head to kiss him without warning!

Ji Ling is going crazy. Big brother, can’t you restrain yourself a little? Do you have to be in heat anytime and anywhere?! Ji Ling felt depressed, but still expressionlessly letting Jing Sui kiss him as it’s natural. Being accustomed to is really terrible…

Ji Ling was dizzy from being kissed. His legs went soft, so he had to reach out to hook Jing Sui’s neck. He had long ago found a little trick that the more he resisted, the more Jing Sui would come. So, a little obedience was fine than playing hard to get. He looked behind Jing Sui with his side eyes…

Then he suddenly met the sight of the tall, red-haired, gray-pupils man standing in the shadows. Ji Ling shivered in fear, and his body stiffened. Why is Brandon here too ah?!

Despite being accustomed to Jing Sui's kisses, he couldn't handle being watched by others. Ji Ling immediately resisted and subconsciously reached out to push Jing Sui, but Jing Sui didn’t budge at all. Instead, he inserted his hand and fingers into Ji Ling’s hair, pressed the back of his head, and deepened the kiss without hesitation.

Ji Ling let out a whimpering sound upon being kissed, almost holding back tears. His face was as if on fire. You bastard! You need to pay attention to the occasion someone watching!

Just when Ji Ling could not take it anymore, Jing Sui finally let go of his hand and let the teenager lean softly in his arms before he turned around, as if he had just noticed Brandon and revealed a smile. “When did you come over?”

Brandon stood there with his hand clenched. There was a look of pain and depression in his gray pupils.

With Jing Sui’s ability, how could he only discover him now?

He did it on purpose to show him. It was a warning and a declaration, to warn him not to have thoughts that he should have for the teenager. Declaring that the teenager was his and would not allow anyone else to covet him.

When did he find out… his mind about the teenager?

The bitter emotions in Brandon’s chest surged. He quietly followed him just now, just to see if Ji Ling was okay, to see if he was unhappy staying by Jing Sui’s side. He was still worried that Jing Sui would hurt the teenager…

He was so greedy, looking cautiously at the thin figure. This was the only way he could get close to him.

These days, he finally confirmed his mind. He cares about the teenager, not just because of guilt, but because he likes the teenager. Guilt is just a beginning, allowing himself to pay attention to him and understand him. The more he pays attention, the more he understands, and the teenager’s kindness and inner beauty involuntarily moved him, attracted by his liveliness and vividness. The teenager is as warm as the sun, and people can’t help but chase after him…

Even if he always makes an arrogant and domineering appearance, he can’t hide his inner nature, so contradictory and so attractive.

Brandon finally realized that he had unknowingly fallen in love with the teenager.

But the moment he looked at the teenager being kissed and leaning in Jing Sui’s arms with a red face, he couldn’t help but reveal a self-deprecating smile. Even if he confirms his feelings, what is the point?

He’s not the person the teenager wants.

There was nothing he could do but hold back and retreat.

Ji Ling looked at Brandon’s complicated gaze, remembering that he had just watched the play for a long time. He was embarrassed to death. Brandon must be laughing at him ah! He pushed Jing Sui away angrily, and turned his head to run. It’s too much.

Jing Sui didn’t stop him this time, letting Ji Ling run away. He turned his head to Brandon and said, “Do you have something to see me?”

Brandon looked straight into Jing Sui’s eyes and spoke slowly, “If you ever hurt him…” His voice was firm and calm, facing Jing Sui’s icy gaze, and said seriously, “I’ll take him away from you.”


Ji Ling was forced to perform a hot kiss scene in front of Brandon just now. His face was still hot and he angrily kicked the stones at his feet. Jing Sui, this big pig’s trotters!

Damn it ahhhh!

What should I do now? All the methods that can be used were used. There is no way at all, and the strong sense of powerlessness makes him very confused. He feels that he’s at the end of his rope.

He had no mood to attend the banquet. He was upset when he heard those flatteries, so Ji Ling walked back along the silent path.

Now, I regret to take boredom as an excuse. It was originally just between him and Jing Sui, but now it’s been known to everyone. I’m afraid that in less than one night, the entire noble circle of the Empire will know Jing Sui’s favor for him. It’s simply a public execution ah

Ji Ling was in a low mood and didn’t pay much attention to the road. A black shadow suddenly appeared in front of him. Ji Ling was startled and was about to say who it was, but his mouth was suddenly covered by a powerful palm and he was pressed on the tree trunk behind him!

Immediately after that, an elegant and deep face approached. The man made a low voice in his ear. “It’s me.”

Ji Ling’s pupils shrank, looking at the person who suddenly appeared in front of him. His brain crashed in shock.

Carlos. How can he appear here?!


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