The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 33 - Instigate

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Chapter 33: Instigate

Ji Ling looked at Carlos in shock. Fear made his scalp tingle for a while. How can Carlos appear in the Palace? Jing Sui won’t invite him ah!

What does he want to do?

Carlos gazed into the teenager's frightened eyes. A coldness gripped his chest, yet he forced a gentle expression and whispered, “I just want to say a few words, Ji Ling. Stay quiet, and I'll let you go. Okay?”

Ji Ling listened to his gentle words and suddenly calmed down. Since Carlos was still willing to play games with him, he would certainly not hurt him. Ji Ling wanted to hear what he intended to say, so he blinked his eyes, indicating that he was willing to listen to him.

Carlos let go of his hand. His gaze fell on Ji Ling’s reddened lips, suppressing the anger and jealousy in his heart. He looked at Ji Ling with a sad gaze and muffled his voice. “Are you still blaming me?”

Ji Ling looked at him with detachment, seeming to distrust him greatly.

Carlos said, “I miss you so much.”

Ji Ling lowered his voice and said coldly, “I almost died on Xianyun Star. You know that, right?”

Carlos had a look of pain in his eyes. After a while, he smiled bitterly and said, “I know what His Majesty told you, but none of it is true. I will never betray you.”

How can Ji Ling believe Carlos? He looked at Carlos disappointedly, shook his head, and said, “Your Majesty is afraid that I will be sad and didn’t say anything. It was Gabriel who said it. He said that you told him my information. Uncle Carlos, you…”

Carlos looked at the teenager’s disappointed eyes, and his heart became angrier with Gabriel. He later went back and thought about it for a long time, but he didn’t understand Gabriel’s purpose for doing this. Why did he want to frame himself in front of Ji Ling?

What does this person want this time?

Although he couldn’t figure out Gabriel’s purpose and motive for a while, it didn’t prevent him from coming to Ji Ling to speak today. Carlos said slowly in a deep voice, “What Gabriel said isn’t necessarily true. And, are you sure that he is the real Gabriel?”

Ji Ling was stunned, not knowing what he meant by that.

Carlos said lightly, “Everyone knows Gabriel has black hair and eyes and wears a silver mask, but no one has ever known what he looks like. It’s easy to disguise yourself as someone who wears a mask, right?”

Ji Ling said in surprise, “You’re saying he’s not the real Gabriel?”

That couldn’t be. He had dealt with Gabriel in his previous life, so he was sure it wasn’t someone else’s disguise. He looked at Carlos suspiciously, wondering what he would make up next.

Carlos looked at Ji Ling. His eyes suddenly became sharp and dark, chilling, making people’s hearts tremble. He said clearly and slowly, “If I let Gabriel kill someone, I will never let that person come back alive.”

Ji Ling was startled by his sudden cold voice, leaning close against the big tree behind him. His face turned pale, not knowing why Carlos changed his face when he said so. Hadn’t he always pretended to be harmless in front of me?

Carlos looked straight into Ji Ling’s terrified eyes. His deep eyes were calm, and there was a terrible indifference and coldness. “If I really asked Gabriel to kidnap you. How could I let him say my name to you and release you back unharmed?

Ji Ling: …

Oops, he actually thinks what this old guy said makes sense.

But that’s really Garbiel ah

Ji Ling racked his brain for a moment… Maybe it’s the same as in his previous life. You betrayed me, but Gabriel still didn’t want to kill me. As for saying your name was pure accident? He didn’t know how to justify Gabriel’s continued behavior…

Carlos raised his hand and pressed it on Ji Ling’s shoulder. Worry and concern once again covered the indifference in his eyes. He sighed helplessly. “That person is not necessarily the real Gabriel. The reason why he captured you and released you is to frame me. Do you understand?”

Ji Ling didn’t believe it, but he pretended to show a shaken look in his eyes, and asked blankly, “Why did he do that…”

Carlos sighed. “Think about it. Who benefits the most?”

Ji Ling:?

No one has benefited except you being pitted, right? Although I don’t know why Gabriel wants to pit you in this life, maybe he just doesn’t like you, okay? After all, Jing Sui’s political views align with his interests.

Carlos looked at the teenager’s blank gaze, looking completely incomprehensible. He showed pity and helplessness, and said in a deep voice, “I would rather you hate me than tell you this truth, but I really… can’t bear to see you being hurt and used.”

Ji Ling: …

Carlos looked at him regretfully, and said slowly, “It’s His Majesty. He is the one who benefits the most.”

Ji Ling’s eyes widened in disbelief, not knowing how Carlos thought like this.

Carlos stared at the teenager’s face. He said slowly, sincerely, “His Majesty has always been indifferent and disdainful of you before. Everyone knows that he doesn’t like you… But overnight, his attitude changed drastically. He pampered and indulged you so much. Did you never doubt it?”

Ji Ling thought, ‘I know this reason very well ah, because he was reborn. But, you will definitely not tell this secret. Leave that aside, ahem… it looks like there is something wrong.’

Ji Ling showed a hesitant look, as if he was a little touched, but he didn’t want to doubt Jing Sui. His lips moved slightly. “His Majesty, he…”

Carlos had a look of pity in his eyes. He seemed to feel sorry for Ji Ling, but he still said, “The real purpose of His Majesty’s sudden change of attitude towards you is to get the help of your father’s faction in the future implementation of the genetic evolution agent. But because he has been bad to you before, you may find it difficult to accept his changes and trust me more. So he came up with such a solution… He used a so-called Gabriel to kidnap you, deliberately let that Gabriel say that I was the mastermind behind the scenes, and then rescued you. So that you will not only alienate and misunderstand me but also be more grateful and love him. He can also rightfully label me as colluding with the rebels, and find an excuse to suppress my power in the political struggle afterward, killing three birds with one stone.”

“Think about it. If he wasn’t behind everything, who else could easily snatch you away in front of him? This was a deliberate act on his part… What’s more, if it wasn’t for him, how could Gabriel not kill you? But he only said my name and pretended to intimidate you before letting you go? And yet he managed to get there on time like a hero, save a beauty. In this world, there won’t be so many coincidences…” Carlos said painfully. “All of this is his careful calculation. He isn’t sincere to you at all, he just wants to take advantage of you. Once the goal is achieved, he won’t hesitate to abandon you.”

Ji Ling’s mouth opened wide in surprise.

Oh my God. This old guy is eloquent and full of logic. His nonsense is truer than the truth. If I didn’t know your character very well, and that you were both reborn. I might have actually believed it. It’s so seamless ah!

Carlos stretched out his hand and gently brushed Ji Ling’s cheek. He said bitterly, “Do you understand now? All the good he’s done for you is a lie. He’s been lying to you all along, taking advantage of your feelings for him… Even going so far as to put you in danger and fear of injury to achieve his goal.”

Ji Ling pretended to be very shocked and said. His eyes reddened as he said, “Impossible. There is no way His Majesty would do this to me…”

Carlos said in a low voice and he seemed very sad, letting out a bitter laugh. “I’m the one who’s always been good to you. I’ve never hurt you. Do you rather believe a ruthless person who used to disdain you than true me, who has always truly loved you?”

Ji Ling: “...”

But you’re not good to me either, just because you’ve been such a hypocrite ah

He almost wanted to refute it, but he opened his mouth without making a sound. He suddenly had an unprecedented thought in his mind, and his heart beat with a ‘bang’.

This–this is a good breakthrough ah!

Hadn’t he previously been agonizing over how to reject Jing Sui and get out of his current deadly crisis? Now Carlos has sent a flawless excuse before him!

Everything is perfectly logical after putting aside the secret of ‘rebirth’! Even Ji Ling sometimes couldn’t understand Gabriel’s intention of doing that, because it looked as if he had come specifically to pit Carlos and help Jing Sui ah… If he isn’t sure that Jing Sui won’t do this to him, Ji Ling suspects that he’s working with Gabriel.

Ji Ling has always resented Carlos for preventing him from ‘pursuing true love’ before, but this time he is so grateful that Carlos is preventing him from ‘pursuing true love’!

All the people he met these days wanted to match him and Jing Sui. All of them said congratulations. For the first time, someone was willing to provoke the relationship between him and Jing Sui like this. He was so conscientious and spared no effort to make things happen and Ji Ling was almost moved to tears!

Such a dedicated villain was so respectable.

Ji Ling’s hands trembled with excitement. He didn’t even look at Carlos so unpleasantly. In a trembling voice, he confirmed again, “What you said, is it true?”

Carlos looked at Ji Ling’s unyielding appearance and felt a little unbearable in his heart. He would never allow it… for Jing Sui to take the teenager away from him.

He said slowly, “I don’t need to lie to you. You just have to think about it carefully to know that what I said is true.”

Ji Ling was lost in thought.

Carlos was paranoid and possessive in his heart, but his eyes were tenderly concerned, without remorse. “It’s fine if you really don’t want to believe me. I just want you to know about this and pay more attention to protect yourself when you’re around His Majesty… I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

Ji Ling remained silent and lowered his head. His shoulders trembled slightly, as if he couldn’t accept such a blow.

Carlos paused, knowing that the seeds of distrust had been planted today, and whispered, “I should go. Take care.”

After saying that, he turned and walked away, as if he was really just there to say this.


Ji Ling kept waiting for Carlos to leave completely before turning his head and continuing to walk back.

He was indeed surprised just now, but he couldn’t act impulsively. He carefully re-sorted Carlos’ words again along the way, and finally determined that this excuse could be used. Jing Sui could never reveal the events of his previous life to himself.

If I didn’t stand from God’s perspective and had a previous life experience, I’m afraid that I would have to believe in seven or eight points.

Thinking about it carefully, Ji Ling realized that Gabriel didn’t really want to hurt him in this life. Those words were more like scaring him. Not only did he do nothing to him, but he didn’t kill anyone when there was enough time to do so. He even threw him back to Jing Sui in the end.

Although Gabriel’s behavior was difficult to explain, it didn’t matter. What mattered was that he had to take this opportunity to break the current situation!

Carlos sent the excuse. Carlos must sent it before he could use it.

Because, according to his personality, he couldn't think of such a complicated thing when he was obsessed with Jing Sui. It was impossible to listen to other people’s provocations at will, but if this provocateur was something that he had always trusted and relied on, Uncle Carlos, it was barely justified.

Then, because he was too infatuated, he couldn’t accept such a cruel truth. He became suspicious of Jing Sui, and hatred was born out of love. He could naturally get rid of Jing Sui’s pursuit.

In this way, Jing Sui would not doubt him. He would only suspect Carlos, because this was how Carlos fought with him from the beginning to the end of his previous life, specializing in giving him a hard time. This kind of thing was something Carlos could do.

At the same time, Jing Sui would also be disappointed in himself for being stupid enough to listen to Carlos’ provocations. However, he shouldn’t be able to blame his stupid and weak self and would aim his conflict at Carlos, who had deceived him.

Not only did he get rid of Jing Sui smoothly, but he also invisibly slapped himself, making Jing Sui not like him so much, and finally succeeded in throwing the pot to Carlos, letting Carlos bear Jing Sui’s anger. Carlos should have already been ready to continue to fight with Jing Sui when he came to find him to say these words.

The more Ji Ling thought about it, the more he felt that it was perfect!

There was no way out of the mountains and rivers. It was a glimmer of hope at his darkest hour ah.

His heart rekindled hope. The bad guys were also useful for bad guys. Carlos was simply a pillow sent out for the sleepy him, so understanding. He suddenly felt that he was not so annoying.

Today, you’re my savior ah!

Although I’m a little sorry for Jing Sui for doing this… but anyway, he doesn’t really like him. It’s just because of the guilt from his previous life that produces the emotion to make up for it. So, come to your senses early and be a normal Emperor. You have to love the person you’re supposed to love. That’s your fate as the protagonist gong!

Ji Ling returned to his room with a decision already made in his mind.

This is also his only way.

He has no way out.


Jing Sui returned to the banquet and socialized before realizing that Ji Ling hadn’t returned, so he beckoned for a servant and asked with a frown, “Where is Ji Ling?”

The servant immediately replied, “Young Master Ji Ling went back to rest early.”

Jing Sui showed a look of surprise. Looking at Ji Ling before, it seemed that he wanted to get together with his friends. Why did he go back alone in advance so quickly? He was a little worried, so he also left the banquet and walked back.

Although today he happily announced to everyone his beloved boy, but himself… En, what he did to Ji Ling in front of Brandon just now may have made the boy shy and angry. This little guy is too shy. What’s the big deal about being seen kissing? Jing Sui felt helpless.
But despite this, he still has to coax him.

Jing Sui returned to his palace with such a thought. He saw Ji Ling’s room was lit up. The thought of seeing the teenager made him feel soft and sweet in his heart, but as soon as he approached, he heard the sound of something breaking in the room.

Jing Sui’s face changed. He pushed open the door suddenly and saw Ji Ling fiercely sweeping down the plates and cups on the table. His eyes were red, and his chest couldn’t stop rising and falling, as if he was extremely angry.

He was distressed and surprised. He didn’t expect Ji Ling to be so angry over that incident.

Jing Sui walked over and stretched out his hand to hug and comfort Ji Ling, but this time Ji Ling suddenly dodged away. He looked at him with a cold and painful gaze, biting his lips without speaking.

Jing Sui’s eyes froze. He finally realized that something was wrong and slowly spoke, “What’s wrong with you? Who made you angry?”

This couldn’t be because of his behavior just now. Although Ji Ling left in shame at that time, he never showed such anger.

Ji Ling’s chest rose and fell violently. Suddenly, he opened his mouth to let out a very light and weak, sad voice, “Brother Jing Sui, do you really like me?”

Jing Sui frowned. He didn’t expect Ji Ling to mention this matter again, but he still said patiently, “Of course I really like you. I have told you many times that I have nothing to do with Ning Yu…”

But this time, Ji Ling interrupted him for the first time without listening to him, with tears in his eyes. He said in a sharp voice, “It has nothing to do with Ning Yu!”

Jing Sui was puzzled. His eyes sunk slightly as he asked, “Then, why are you asking me like this?”

Ji Ling looked at him dead on, seemingly sad, with an empty and wooden gaze. “You never liked me before. I–I actually know that… I know you don’t like me, and I’m just fooling myself into thinking that maybe one day you’ll like me enough to look back at me. Suddenly, one day, you said you liked me. I was happy, as if I was dreaming. I was cautious and timid, always worried that one day I wake up from this dream…”

The more Jing Sui listened, the more he felt bad. He said in a deep voice, “This is not a dream.”

Ji Ling’s eyes shook with tears. He muttered, “Really? Then why did you, who never liked me, suddenly like me?”

He met Jing Sui’s eyes, and said slowly in a hoarse voice, “The answer is actually very simple. You still don’t like me, you’re just pretending. You are only doing this for my father’s support, to get what you want. For this reason, you did not hesitate to have someone kidnap me and deliberately let that person say that Uncle Carlos instigated it, just to discredit and attack Uncle Carlos… All of it was calculated by you. All the likes are illusions! You are just using me!”


The cold killing intent in Jing Sui’s chest surged. He closed his eyes, his gaze was slightly cold, and he said, “Who told you these words?”

Ji Ling stubbornly raised his chin. “I thought of it myself!”

Oh, you thought of it yourself? How can that be? You didn’t think about it before and didn’t think about it after, but now you suddenly think of it?

Do you believe everything Carlos tells you?

Jing Sui was furious. He took a step forward and approached Ji Ling with a sharp gaze, like a knife. “It’s Carlos who told you, right?”

A trace of panic flashed in Ji Ling’s eyes, as if he had been found. However, he would never betray Carlos, so gritted his teeth and said, “No! I thought of it myself. It has nothing to do with Uncle Carlos.”

Jing Sui had already seen the truth. This boy was still helping Carlos to hide it, not realizing that his expression had already leaked everything.

He was furious at Carlos for provoking him, but dealing with Carlos was a matter of later, and now he had to calm down Ji Ling first.

Jing Sui took a deep breath, suppressed the anger in his heart, and said to Ji Ling seriously, “I really like you. I have never lied to you, things are not what you say.”

Ji Ling didn’t seem to believe it at all. He couldn’t listen to it. He said in a hoarse voice, “Then how do you explain Gabriel’s behavior of kidnapping me and then releasing me back after intentionally saying Carlos’ name?”

He looked at Jing Sui with hatred, as if his heart was in pain as tears flowed down. “You’re lying to me. You’ve been using me all along!”

Jing Sui was about to laugh angrily. The anger that he had finally suppressed surged again. He really wanted to say, what do you have that I can take advantage of? But he finally just tensed his face and slowly spat out a word, “No.”

Ji Ling looked at Jing Sui’s angry appearance. In fact, he was a little afraid, lest Jing Sui didn’t control his emotions for a while and killed him. However, to escape from here, he needed to fight hard. He must not be cowardly this time!

He didn’t dodge or evade meeting Jing Sui’s eyes, holding onto the critical point and not letting go. “Then you say, why do you, who never liked me, suddenly like me?”

A look of pain finally appeared in Jing Sui’s eyes. This was the sharpest weapon Carlos used to attack him, because he could never explain to Ji Ling the real reason why he liked him.

He couldn't tell Ji Ling about those things in his previous life.

Carlos also expected him not to talk.

The hurt and indifference of the past, in the face of sudden affection… A fragile relationship that cannot withstand scrutiny and forcibly make up for it can easily become an opportunity for others to take advantage of. Any suspicion is enough to make him speechless.

Ji Ling looked at Jing Sui’s terrifying face. He knew that he had really angered Jing Sui this time, but he had to make a desperate bet to have a chance to break the current situation.

He can’t back off.

Ji Ling showed a disappointed look at Jing Sui and turned around to leave.

As he walked past Jing Sui, a strong force pulled him into Jing Sui's arms. Startled, he looked up and met Jing Sui's sharp, cold gaze. Suddenly, a big hand clasped the back of his head and the man forcefully kissed him!

Ji Ling felt Jing Sui’s fierce kiss, like a bite. His heart was trembling. All the grievances that had accumulated during this time broke out. Why does he be forcibly kissed ah! He doesn’t like it at all!

Ji Ling mustered up unprecedented courage and bit down fiercely with red eyes.

The smell of blood permeated his mouth.

Then he used his last strength to push Jing Sui away and raised his hand to wipe his lips fiercely. He looked at Jing Sui in disbelief, and said in an extremely cold voice, “Don’t, touch, me.”


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