The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 34 - Proposal

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Jing Sui stood there, feeling the tingling pain in his mouth. His body was stiff and the smell of blood filled the air.

In the teenager’s beautiful blue eyes, there was no longer the slightest trace of the old shyness and love, only a strange cold hatred. He said in such a cruel voice, ‘Don’t touch me’.

The dense cracks in his heart began to expand again. They were about to tear his heart apart.

Jing Sui wanted to speak, but his throat was stuck with something. His right hand was clenched so hard that it almost pierced his palm. Then, he heard his beloved teenager say sadly, “I’d rather that you haven’t liked me all this time…”

He didn’t believe his love for him.

He thought he was deceiving him, using him, he… hated him.

Hate his ruthlessness, hate his deception.

This time, he witnesses the boy walks away from him. He tries to reach out and grab him, but he cannot move, not even able to touch the corner of the other person’s coat.

Because he did lie to him. He tried to erase the things of his previous life. He is despicable and selfish to have the boy.

So this’s his retribution.

Jing Sui closed his eyes in pain. Carlos… eventually, I will kill you with my own hands!

Ji Ling fled from the palace in one go until he walked on the empty street outside. He still had an unreal feeling that he was actually… leaving Jing Sui just like that!

He finally managed to escape death!

Only, Jing Sui seemed to be a bit sad and angry. Ji Ling was a little uneasy in his heart, if it was not a last resort, he was actually not willing to hurt Jing Sui.

But… is he really that important to him?

Ji Ling couldn't help but reminisce about his past. He remembered how Jing Sui was incredibly indifferent and ruthless. Despite knowing he was infatuated with him, Jing Sui still had to exile him. He wondered if it would be amazing if someone like Jing Sui actually liked him, right?

Ji Ling sighed and returned to his home in a trance.

Although the Earthling boy wanted to protect himself, he began to fall into contradictory self-blame. He only wanted to complete the task from beginning to end and didn’t want to hurt anyone. That was why, when he first went for the vicious supporting character, he kept pretending to be cruel. Every time he was stopped and slapped in the face, he felt so relieved…

When he first accepted this mission, he didn’t expect it to be this difficult. He thought that he could complete the mission step-by-step QAQ.

Madam Marina felt very surprised when she saw her son come back in the middle of the night. She looked at her son’s trance-like appearance and said anxiously, “What’s wrong with you, baby?”

Ji Ling didn’t want to speak or worry his mother. He just said, “I’m fine, mom.”

Madam Marina didn’t believe it at all. She looked at the tears on Ji Ling’s face that had not yet dried up and suddenly felt a sigh in her heart. Jing Sui wouldn’t be bullying her baby again, right?! She always knew that Jing Sui was not warm and frigid towards Ji Ling, but Ji Ling liked Jing Sui wholeheartedly. She suddenly heard Madam Saman say that Jing Sui wanted to keep Ji Ling in the palace for a few days because he liked him. She was very happy for her son in her heart and did not hesitate to keep her son in the palace.

If his son can be with Jing Sui well, his wish will be fulfilled from now on. She will be relieved, but now it seems that Jing Sui is not sincere, right? He upset her son again, right?

Thinking of this, Madam Marina was furious. If Jing Sui pretended to like Ji Ling but hurt him, she wouldn’t care about her face and come to the palace to demand justice! But now she doesn’t dare to stimulate Ji Ling, so she can only endure the distress. She said softly, “It’s okay, quickly go wash. Look at your face now.”

Ji Ling was very glad that Madam Marina didn’t ask. He didn’t want to stay longer for a moment, so he was leaving awkwardly.

Madam Marina looked at her son’s back as he left before her eyes sank. She turned to exit the house.

Ji Ling returned to his familiar room and found that he still liked it best. Although it was not his real home, it could give him a little security and comfort in this strange world.

Just… It would be nice to go back to his real home. Ji Ling rubbed his eyes.

He didn’t know how sad his parents were on Earth now. Ji Ling felt sadder now when he thought about it. His chest felt stuffy, and he didn’t dare to think too much, pretending that they were very strong. He just thought desperately, soon… finish the mission sooner.

He worked so hard and did everything he should do, but the mission completely was still a long way off.

It was not like he hadn't had moments of vulnerability and wanting to give up when he was faced with one setback after another, but he couldn’t ah… If he gave up, there was really no hope at all…

Ji Ling began to shut himself up in his home behind closed doors.

He had obviously angered Jing Sui by doing so. Although he guessed that Jing Sui should not target him, even if he didn’t say anything, he could guess that it was Carlos who was stirring up trouble behind the scenes. However, as long as he recalled Jing Sui’s terrifying gaze at that time, Ji Ling still had palpitations in his heart. He was a bit scared and felt complicated.

Fortunately, a few days had passed, and there had been no movement on Jing Sui’s side.

Neither came to see him nor sent any message to him as if nothing had happened.

Ji Ling slowly breathed a sigh of relief. He felt that he had made the right bet!

With Jing Sui’s arrogant character, it should already be his limit to be so good to him because of the guilt of his previous life. Although he might feel a little sad and angry at first, he would no longer be entangled with him after calming down. Jing Sui would give up on him to return to his career line, focusing on the political struggle with Carlos for a hundred years.

Very good!

Ji Ling regained some spirits. He might not be strong enough, but setbacks would never easily defeat him!

Let Jing Sui chill himself first, and tried to lower his presence as much as possible so that he could see after a while that there might be hope for completing the mission.

Ji Ling patiently stayed at home and watched.

It was just that during this time, Ji Ling felt that Madam Marina always looked at him a little strangely, looking like she wanted to say something but was afraid to stimulate him, which made Ji Ling feel inexplicable…

On this day, Ji Ling got up from a nap and suddenly found that his communicator was blown up, and almost all of his fox friends sent messages to ask him: You can look on the Internet quickly!

Damn, it can’t be right?

Ji Ling immediately sobered up and hurriedly turned on the Internet. It turned out to be completely black, as if a giant hammer in his heart hammered him and almost spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Jing Sui unexpectedly, suddenly, on his personal homepage that had never been touched, mentioned him: I’m sincere to you.

This was also the only message on Jing Sui’s personal homepage.

If he wasn’t sure that no one in this empire would dare to steal Jing Sui’s account, he would have wondered whose prank it was.

Ji Ling looked confused.

Brother, what’s the matter with you? I listened to that bastard Carlos’s provocation to do that, so give me face ah. You still refuse to give up. Don’t you even care about the consequences of doing this?!

You keep this up… I’m going to think I’m your true love orz

He doesn’t do anything and already becomes a celebrity, it’s terrible, it’s terrible.

Ji Ling took a look on the Internet and found that this matter had completely caused a sensation in the Empire. The Internet was full of all kinds of unbelievable voices: their wise and mighty Emperor, his Majesty, had openly confessed to the famous Empire playboy, Ji Ling on his personal homepage.

Because of Jing Sui’s words, countless rumors collapsed.

People on the Internet no longer believe in the scandal between Jing Sui and Ning Yu. After all, compared to the groundless rumors, this was the real steel stone hammer! His Majesty’s favorite was not Ning Yu, it was Ji Ling ah! This could also explain why His Majesty did not hesitate to violate the rules in the dueling arena before to save Ji Ling.

Immediately after, the soldiers who participated in the Nado Galaxy battle not long ago began to testify on the Internet. They all proved that His Majesty had a true love for Ji Ling and personally fed all kinds of pampering. He simply spoiled Ji Ling into the sky. If His Majesty didn’t like Ji Ling, he would chop Ji Ling’s head for them to sit on.

Overnight, people on the entire Internet were saying that Ji Ling was His Majesty’s true love.

Ji Ling was stunned, unable to sleep or eat. When he thought this was the worst situation, something worse happened.

Although public opinion on the Internet was titled towards Ji Ling, thinking that Ji Ling was Jing Sui’s official match, there were still a few Ning Yu’s fans who were unwilling. They said that Jing Sui also took an interest in Ning Yu and found out the details of every meeting between Jing Sui and Ning Yu to magnify them in various ways, and forcibly distort and interpret them, so to prove that Ning Yu and Jing Sui had something going on!

As a result, Ning Yu, who had been silent before, suddenly sent a message this time, saying: Rumors stop at the wise.

Ning Yu’s words were tantamount to completely denying that he had anything to do with Jing Sui and clearly said that the previous scandals were not true. He had never mixed with Jing Sui’s feelings.

This sentence made the last few skeptics disappear.

People on the Internet began to indulge in Jing Sui and Ji Ling’s incredibly sweet love story of the century. There was no Ning Yu in this story.

Ji Ling was completely dumbfounded. As the protagonist shou, why don’t you want to have anything to do with protagonist gong at all, and look like you want to fulfill our love? It’s not right ah! Last time didn’t you still talk ruthlessly at me, saying that you wanted to see how much Jing Sui liked me…

If this continued, Ning Yu would become a passerby.

Ji Ling was really desperate.

When he got out of bed that morning, he found that several strands of blonde hair had fallen from his pillow. He twirled his hair sadly and stared blankly… I’m worried about losing my hair. If I continue like this, I won’t be bald at an early age, right?

So what did he do wrong to meet such a protagonist gong? Are they born to him?

I used to think naively that they were the only two reliable good friends, but now I know it’s a big mistake. It’s better to fall than those villains!

Just as Ji Ling's heart reached a state of exhaustion, he welcomed another uninvited guest.

Wen Yan came over.

Ji Ling had no intention of dealing with Wen Yan at all. After encountering a series of collapse plots, he felt a little broken. After all, Wen Yan came from the grassroots. His power could have been better than Carlos' and Jing Sui's. Even if he was a villain, so what? He would face certain doom if he dared to kill him in this house. He didn’t think Wen Yan would do such a foolish thing.

So, Ji Ling—— He’s not afraid of Wen Yan!

He looked coldly at the silver-haired man before him, and said impatiently, “What are you doing here?”

Wen Yan looked at the teenager’s icy gaze, which usually glowed with warmth even when he was being arrogant. At this moment, his gaze was gray. He looked disheartened, and no longer cared about everything. Wen Yan’s heart suddenly ached.

He had already figured out what had happened. He hated both Carlos for stirring up trouble and Jing Sui for not protecting the teenager. He had given up so much before he finally resolved to give up his beloved teenager to him, but he made the boy sad and heartbroken.

Wen Yan suppressed the painful emotions in his heart. His black eyes were dark and had a hint of worry. He seriously said to Ji Ling, “Don’t believe Carlos, he’s lying to you. His Majesty is sincere to you.”

Ji Ling: ???

Aren’t you meddling too much? What does my emotional problem matter to you? Now, when he heard someone persuading him to be with Jing Sui, he instinctively resisted, refusing to listen!

Ji Ling immediately looked at Wen Yan with reddened eyes, and said coldly, “Uncle Carlos won’t lie to me. He is the one who has always been good to me.”

Wen Yan was anxious. Carlos, that hypocritical and despicable person, pretended to be good to Ji Ling on the surface, but behind his back, he did all kinds of ruthless things. He was the one who would hurt Ji Ling.

Wen Yan said in a deep voice, “It was not His Majesty who betrayed you. It was Carlos. That is a fact.”

Ji Ling said, “Then show me the evidence.”

Wen Yan: “...”

Ji Ling sneered. His eyes looked sad and said, “You don’t have any proof, do you? Why are you all slandering Uncle Carlos?”

Wen Yan said with difficulty, “It’s not…”

Ji Ling raised his hand and wiped his eyes, looking heartbroken. His eyes looked fragile on his pale face. “Enough. I know it in my heart. His Majesty won’t like me at all. I’d rather he was like before… That way, at least I can still deceive myself that he might like me one day. But why did he lie to me like this? What does he take me for?”

Wen Yan looked at the teenager’s painful and desperate appearance, feeling that his heart was about to be cut into countless pieces. He wanted to open his mouth to comfort, but suddenly he couldn’t continue to speak. He couldn’t continue to defend Jing Sui… because in his previous life, Jing Sui hurt the teenager like that. He was the one who hurt him the most.

He didn’t really deserve the teenager at all.

If Ji Ling didn’t love him with all his heart. If he didn’t want Ji Ling to be happy, how could he be willing to let go?

He looked at the tears in the corners of the teenager’s eyes. The desperately restrained emotions in his chest struggled unwillingly again, as if he wanted to break through the ground.

Wen Yan suddenly raised his hand and gently helped Ji Ling wipe away his tears. He said in a hoarse voice, “Don’t cry.”

At this moment, a despicable thought arose in his heart again. If the teenager really doesn’t like Jing Sui anymore, will he also have a chance? Although Carlos is so abominable, but… hasn’t he ever had such thoughts?

Carlos just did what he wanted to do, but he couldn’t bear to do it.

Ji Ling felt Wen Yan’s slightly cool fingers. He didn’t expect him to suddenly make such a move. Wen Yan had always been humble and polite, never would he do such a thing ah? He subconsciously turned his head to the side, dodged Wen Yan’s fingers, and then inexplicably felt a sense of horror at Wen Yan’s dark gaze.

Wen Yan froze slightly, then withdrew his hand casually, and said in a low voice, “I’m sorry.”

Ji Ling was a bit uneasy. Although he told himself just now that he didn’t have to be afraid of this person, Wen Yan really gave him a sense of danger just now. This guy won’t be calculating anything about him again, right? Ji Ling couldn’t understand this person’s mind.

People with unclear intentions were sometimes the scariest.

Just as Ji Ling was a little nervous, Wen Yan lowered his head and said respectfully, “I’ll take my leave first. If you have anything, just instruct me.”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Ji Ling looked at Wen Yan’s back as he left, and slowly exhaled. What happens to not being afraid? Actually, it’s still a little scary : )

After another two days like this, there was basically only one kind of public opinion left on the Internet. Everyone was saying that Ji Ling and Jing Sui were in true love because the matter of the banquet that night also came out. The nobles witnessed with their own eyes how much Jing Sui spoiled Ji Ling. No one believed it if it was not true love.

Ji Ling was so sad that he could only turn a blind eye to the Internet. The only thing to be thankful for was that Jing Sui had not appeared. He didn’t have to face Jing Sui directly, which was the only comfort for him.

One afternoon, Ji Ling was lying on the bed in a daze, when Madam Marina suddenly came over and dragged him out of bed, freshening him up and dragging him to the living room. Ji Ling inexplicably pushed the door open and, without warning, was sprayed all over the confetti of colorful paper. The living room resounded with the sound of everyone’s boisterous welcome.

Ji Ling: “...”

Madam Marina took her son’s hand and said lovingly, “Baby, I have called all your friends. Have fun at home today.”

Ji Ling: “...”

This is bullshit. I don’t even want to see anyone right now, okay? As one protagonist of the national gossip, he was so bitter that he wanted to hit head to death when he met the countless pairs of curious sparkling eyes.

However, he looked into Madam Marina’s concerned eyes, endured, and finally said helplessly, “Thank you, Mom.”

Madam Marina breathed a sigh of relief. She was really worried about Ji Ling and went to the palace in a rage the night Ji Ling came home, only to find Madam Saman waiting for her long ago.

As a result, when she went there, she was furious. When she came back, she was depressed. This matter was really not Jing Sui’s fault.

Moreover, Madam Saman repeatedly promised that Jing Sui would give Ji Ling an explanation of his sincerity. Shen then saw the news on the Internet. Jing Sui actually showed his love in public, which was obviously sincere for the child, who was too calm and rational. Jing Sui, who had always been concerned about his image, could not joke about this kind of thing.

Madam Marina let go of her doubt and began to hate Carlos for causing trouble and breaking her precious child’s heart.

Madam Saman also told her not to stimulate Ji Ling now. This matter had to be done slowly. Only then did Madam Marina endure not to go to talk to her son, but what worried her was that even if Jing Sui did this; she didn’t see Ji Ling happy. Wasn’t this enough to prove Jing Sui’s intentions?

She couldn’t do anything after thinking about it, so she had to call Ji Ling’s friends over to the house for a party. Maybe he would be happy if there were more people.

How her baby used to love a liveliness ah.

Madam Marina stroked her son’s head and said softly, “Mom will go first.” As she spoke, she turned around to leave, giving a little space for his son to be comfortable.

Ji Ling didn’t know Madam Marina had thought about it so much. If he knew, he might even have to vomit blood. He looked at a group of curious little friends and had a headache.

Lodz looked at Ji Ling with admiration. “Young master Ji, His Majesty really likes you, right?”

Deng Dong also exclaimed. “We all saw it that day. His Majesty simply put you at the tip of his heart. I’ve never seen His Majesty treat someone so well!”

Ji Ling had a toothache and a depressed look in his eyes. “Stop it.”

Both Lodz and Deng Dong looked at Ji Ling suspiciously, not knowing why he had such an expression. Is he not happy?

Ji Ling didn’t want to admit his relationship with Jing Sui at all. Denial was his last stubbornness. He said stiffly, “I’m not with His Majesty.”

As soon as these words came out, not only Lodz and Deng Dong, but even all the other friends who listened to the gossip with their ears pricked up were stunned! Who in the entire Emperor Star doesn’t know that Ji Ling is deeply in love with His Majesty? Now that His Majesty is showing his love in public, he’s acting salty and even saying he’s not together… are they hallucinating??? Is this a rejection of His Majesty’s confession???

At this moment,  a deep and elegant voice came from the side, clearly echoing through the hall. “That’s right.”

Everyone turned around, and then they all froze in fear. What’s going on? How can Grand Duke Carlos suddenly appear here???

The servant who followed Carlos also had a headache. He was just a subordinate. How could he stop Grand Duke Carlos? Grand Duke Carlos suddenly comes to visit the Ji family. That is something no one can control ah!

Ji Ling was also shocked. He looked at Carlos who suddenly appeared in confusion.

Carlos’s elegant and deep face was smiling. The corners of his lips curved as he came to Ji Ling’s side and looked at him gently. “I’ve heard some rumors outside these days. I’m very worried about you, so I’ll come and take a look.”

Ji Ling: …

He didn’t know what Carlos had in mind, but after thinking about it, he had already used Carlos as an excuse in front of Jing Sui, he might as well just act the part to the end. He just took this opportunity to break the rumors, so Ji Ling showed a pale smile to Carlos and said, “Uncle Carlos.”

Lodz, Deng Dong: …

A group of little friends were like shivering chicks. They didn’t dare to say anything at all, looking fearfully at the sight of warmth and affection between Carlos and Ji Ling.

Everyone knew that Carlos and His Majesty were incompatible. How could Ji Ling, being His Majesty’s true love, deny his relationship with His Majesty and instead show intimacy with Grand Duke Carlos? It’s ridiculous!

What amazing gossip did they see today? Wouldn’t they be killed?!

Ji Ling didn’t care what others thought. He looked at Carlos with moist eyes and seemed still in a low mood, but said softly, “Don’t worry. I’m fine.”

Carlos looked at the pale exhaustion that was hard to hide in the teenager’s eyes. He felt pity in his heart, reached out, and put his arm around his shoulder, letting him lean on his arms. He comforted Ji Ling softly, “Don’t be stubborn. If you are really sad, you can come to me. I’ll always be by your side.”

Ji Ling let Carlos hold him, lowering his head and biting his lip to keep quiet.

Everyone: …

No way. What do they see today? Seeing that Ji Ling cuckolding His Majesty the Emperor, and the target is still Grand Duke Carlos?!

Help! They don’t want to die ahhh!

Is it too late to poke their own eyes?

Ji Ling raised his eyes to look at everyone’s frightened eyes and said in his heart that the scene was almost over. He stood up and said, “I’m tired. I’m going back to rest first.”

Everyone didn’t dare to say anything. They were as quiet as a chicken.

Only Carlos stood up and said with a doting smile, “I’ll send you back.”

Ji Ling returned to his room and wanted Carlos to leave. He didn’t dare to take Carlos lightly. He thought that Carlos was deliberately coming over to give Jing Sui a hard time today, but it just so happened that he also needed him, so he simply played along. He and Carlos were just using each other, as they had a common purpose.

Carlos wanted to fight Jing Sui, and he wanted to get rid of Jing Sui.

Ji Ling looked sideways and whispered, “Uncle Carlos, thank you for coming to see me. I’m really fine.”

Carlos looked at the teenager’s slightly trembling eyelashes, his pale face, and the slender neck exposed at the lapel of his shirt. He was so fragile as if his entire being had suffered a heavy blow, yet trying so hard to pretend he was strong.

He believed in himself, but… but got hurt.

Carlos felt pain. He had been patient before. He hoped that the teenager would approach him and slowly change. If not because things had come to this point, he would never have been willing to use such means.

However—— he was much less likely to let go.

I’ll do anything to get you.

Carlos gazed tenderly at Ji Ling and sighed. “I know you’re a strong child, but what I’m worried about now is that His Majesty won’t let you go.”

Ji Ling raised his eyes in astonishment.

Carlos looked worried. “He directly released such statements without your consent, just to create a fait accompli. You are so kind and soft-hearted, and you also love him. I’m afraid you can’t bear to continue to reject him… He doesn’t have to do anything to easily force you back to him. This kind of tactic really chills my heart.”

Ji Ling: “...”

He thought in his heart that Jing Sui might not really mean this, but he still pretended to be in a trance and getting hurt. His eyes wavered as if he could no longer continue to bear.

Carlos sighed again, with a hint of remorse in his voice. “I’ve thought about it since. Maybe I did something wrong. If I don’t debunk this fact if His Majesty can keep pretending to like you even if it’s fake… at least, you won’t be sad.”

He looked at Ji Ling. In his deep brown eyes, there was an extremely complex emotion of regret and struggle. “I’m sorry.”

Ji Ling was stunned. What kind of acting emperor is this? Are you aiming for the Oscar???

When a performer has a good opponent, it’s easier to be guided into the performance state!

Ji Ling subconsciously began to follow the play, crying as his voice choked. “Uncle Carlos, you don’t have to say sorry to me. The person who lied to me is him. You are just worried about me getting hurt. I know all this!”

Carlos revealed a relieved and touched look as he looked lovingly at Ji Ling. He said in a lower voice, “No matter what, things have come to this. I won’t give him another chance to force and hurt you.”

Ji Ling really wanted to say yes, yes, yes, I believe it all, okay?

As a result, he saw Carlos slowly kneeling on one knee before him.
Ji Ling was truly stunned, completely unable to make any movements. He stiffened like a statue and let Carlos raise his right hand in a daze, to plant a kiss lightly.

The man with an elegant and deep face looked up at him with an incomparably dark gaze. His thin lips opened lightly, and he made a low and magnetic pleasant voice. He vowed. “Please give me a chance to protect you… Be my wife, okay?”

Ji Ling: ??? 


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