Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Stay in the Same Room?

After so many years of ups and downs in the business world, Lu Junting had already seen many big storms. At this moment, when he heard her words, he didn’t return to his senses for a long time, which shocked him.

It wasn’t until a cool breeze blew that his thoughts returned slightly. He stared at the girl in front of him. She stared at him with a blank eye, and he didn’t know if she was expecting him to react. When he saw her hands clasped together subconsciously, he thought. ‘Is she looked nervous?’

“You… know what you’re talking about?” asked him.

She nodded. “I–I know.”

Lu Junting was a logical person. In his opinion, it was not rational for this girl to say she liked him. He remembered what she had said to him. He wasn’t the type she liked; she had never been attracted to him, but now she suddenly says she likes him.

Lu Junting knew very well that a person who suddenly changed her style of behavior naturally had a purpose. So what is the purpose of this little girl?

Suddenly telling him that she likes him. Her behavior in recent days is also very strange. Even if it’s returning to her son, there’s no need to say that she likes him to please him. 

Lu Junting suddenly thought of the year he was seven years old. His father suddenly changed his attitude towards his mother. His mother was holding evidence against his father. Because his mother was in love with his father and easily deceived. When his father’s attitude changed, she unknowingly handed over the evidence in his father’s hands.

When the evidence was in hand, his father’s attitude completely changed, treating his mother colder than he had before.

He knew that his father was pretending to be nice to his mother to let her guard down so he could trick her out of the evidence she had against him. He also knew very well that his father had never loved his mother.

Now, this little girl who had never loved him suddenly said she liked him. There was nothing in him that was favorable to her, but there was a baby of her heart.

Her child.

So, is she trying to get him to let down his guard, and she can unknowingly take the child away and disappear from his world?

Lu Junting only felt a tingling sensation hit him. His heart was on fire. The anger and pain stirred up a red color in his eyes.

“Why can’t you have mercy on me? Can’t you even show me just a little mercy? What exactly do you want to do to deliberately say these things to please me and make me indulge in false happiness, and then what? And then you want to take the child far away when I’m not looking? Do you think my heart is made of iron and won’t be hurt or pained?”

Lin Xiyu: “...”

These words of his baffled Lin Xiyu. What’s he thinking?

The man before her had a taut face, anger rising in his eyes. Is he angry? Lin Xiyu felt inexplicable. Her heart felt worried after confessing, but she didn’t expect to get these words?

When did she deliberately please him? What gives him false happiness? When did she say that she was going to take the child away?

Lin Xiyu looked at him blankly and asked, “Brother Junting, I don’t quite understand what you mean?”

Lu Junting sneered. “Don’t understand? Will you like me? Do you take me for a fool? You’ve only just asked me if I like you, and you know that I still like you. So, you know how to make me happy. Are you deliberately trying to give me sweetness so that you can take away the child while I’m not paying attention? Do you like me? Even if you’re going to lie to me, you should find a better reason.”

So what he means is that he doesn’t believe she likes him and even thinks she’s deliberately lying to him by saying this? Is something like her liking him so unbelievable?

Lin Xiyu hurriedly said, “Brother Junting, you calm down first and listen to me. I didn’t lie to you. I really like you. You don’t know that my heart beats very fast as soon as you get close to me, even when I’m saying this…”

Perhaps to confirm her words, she suddenly covered her chest and closed her eyes to slow down before saying, “Brother Junting, I really like you.”

Lu Junting: “...”

Lu Junting looked at her like this, and couldn’t help but fall into a kind of self-doubt. Could it be that she really didn’t lie to him? Could she really like him? Even the slightest thought of it made him feel incredible.

Something like her liking him really stimulated him a lot.

She likes him? Does she really like him? The question recurred in his mind. He looked at the little girl before him for a long time, unsure of how to react for a long time.

The pool was empty, the infinite water stretched into the distance. It was clear that there was an open space around, but he suddenly felt an oppressive sense of suffocation.

Lin Xiyu couldn’t figure out what Lu Junting’s expression was. She tentatively called him, “Brother Junting?”

Lu Junting felt his heart was in turmoil. This kind of turmoil even made him feel like he couldn’t breathe. He had to find a place to catch his breath and calm down, find a place without her. He needed to calm down for a while.

He stood up and walked forward without saying a word.

Seeing this, Lin Xiyu thought that he was still misunderstanding her. She was a little anxious. Looking at his departing back, she ran over in a few big steps and hugged him from behind without thinking.

“Junting, I didn’t lie to you. I really didn’t lie to you ah.”

In a hurry, she called his name directly, Junting.

Lu Junting’s body froze. He looked down at the hands she had wrapped around his waist. If he remembered correctly, this should be the first time she took the initiative to hug him.

What did she call him? Junting?

At this moment, Lu Junting could even feel his head dizzy. He pinched his palm hard to keep himself calm, yet the tone of his voice was still tight, even trembling.

“You… what are you doing?”

“I really didn’t lie to you.” She anxiously explained to him.

Lu Junting broke away from her hand and turned his head to look at her. Lin Xiyu was really anxious now. After knowing that he still liked her, she thought that he would be happy if she confessed to him. She didn’t expect him to misunderstand.

So now at the look he was giving her, she hurriedly said again, “I’m serious. I like you. What I said is true.” After she finished speaking in a panic, afraid that he would misunderstand again. She hugged him again in a hurry, hugging his waist, and said, “I didn’t lie to you. I mean it.”

Her watery eyes just stared at him with an anxious expression. The blush on her cheeks hadn’t faded yet, and her soft body pressed to his. The end of his nose was full of her flavor for a split second. Lu Junting felt like his breathing slowed down, and the air seemed to have suddenly become thinner as well.

Really…. Too incredible. Why did she hug him again?

His body stiffened, and he couldn’t move. His brain began to drift. He really couldn’t resist her series of actions today. He didn’t know if he couldn’t accept this kind of impact suddenly, as his head was starting to get dizzy.

Lin Xiyu noticed that his body shook for a moment, and then saw him covering his forehead, with his brows furrowed. Seeing this, Lin Xiyu hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong Brother Junting?”

“My head… a little dizzy.”

Lin Xiyu hurriedly helped him sit down on the recliner. She asked with a worried expression, “Why are you suddenly dizzy? Is it because you didn’t rest well?” As she spoke, she leaned forward to rub his forehead.

In this posture, the distance between them instantly shortened. At this time, he rested his head on the back of the chair. She leaned over and her soft little hand gently kneaded his forehead.

Rubbing his head so naturally?

With her head tilted in a position where he could see her face at a glance, so close to him. Her small face was full of worry and her eyebrows were tense, as if she was genuinely concerned about him.

Lu Junting felt that his breathing was even worse.

He remembers that the little cub at home has this expression when he cares about him. The little girl in his memory has the same expression. The demeanor of the mother and son is unexpectedly consistent.

It really is… is his calamity.

“Should we go to the hospital?” she asked.

“No need.”

He endured the smile that was about to overflow on his face. He suddenly reached out and took the person into his arms to hug her and said, “Let me hug you for a while.”

Hug for a while?

Lin Xiyu thought of the time when they were together. He really liked to hug her. He especially liked to spread her legs and let her straddle him.

Although there was a bit of shame in that position, she wanted to make him comfortable and let him hug her in the position he liked. So Lin Xiyu stretched out her legs and sat on his lap. She put her hands on his upper waist and asked him, “I remember you like to hug me like this. Is this more comfortable?”

Lu Junting: “...”

This girl… why… does she want to use this pose?

Moreover, why did she still ask with an innocent face? Her expression was so pure that it really looked like she was doing him a favor by giving him a hug like that.

Lu Junting’s throat tightened for a while. It took him a lot of effort to speak to her in a natural tone.

“Lin Xiyu. Do you know what you’re doing?”


Lin Xiyu felt that brother Junting’s expression was very complicated. Seemingly in pain and also in pleasure. His tone sounded quite complicated as well as he was blaming her but also enjoying himself.

Lin Xiyu couldn’t see through it. But she felt that although this position was a bit embarrassing, they were husband and wife. He used to like to hug him like this. She just wanted to make him comfortable, so it shouldn’t be okay for her to do this, right?

“Doesn’t brother Junting like this? So, I…”

Lin Xiyu was about to climb down from his arms, but the man hurriedly pressed her into his arms with his hand. Then, his voice through clenched teeth came from above her head. “I didn’t say that I don’t like it.”

Lin Xiyu: “...”

There’s no dislike. Then, what did he mean when he asked? Lin Xiyu felt that brother Junting was really difficult to understand.

Lu Junting admitted that he was full of evil thoughts now. Of course, don’t blame him. If he was another normal man, he would have evil thoughts in the face of the woman he liked.

His mind was full of evil thoughts and it was amazing that he didn’t make any next moves. He just held the person in his arms like this, letting time flow quietly.

However, Lu Junting didn’t forget that they were still outside. He said, “Go up first.”

Lin Xiyu obediently got up from his arms. They went back to Lu Junting’s office, one after the other. Lu Junting was in a very complicated mood at this time, but he was calm. No matter how complicated his mood was, he still looked calm on his face.

He said, “You rest first. I still have a meeting.”

Why are you still going to the meeting? Lin Xiyu nodded, and said uneasily, “Is your head alright?”

I care about him.

“It’s alright.”

After Lu Junting went out, Lin Xiyu thought about today’s event and felt incredible. She really confessed to Lu Junting.

Lu Junting’s meeting didn’t go well. Lu Junting found that he couldn’t calm down. Throughout the meeting, he was often unfocused.

Her voice was all over his head.

“I like you.”

“I’m not lying.”

“I really like you.”

And her hug, her soft pair of arms around his waist. Liu Manqing who was sitting next to him, reminded him several times. When she saw that he was still lost in thought, Liu Manqing couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong with you?”

To say that he was not in good spirits, but his eyes were glowing and he seemed to be quite excited. But, to say that he was in good spirits, he was always distracted.

Lu Junting rubbed his forehead and said, “It’s okay.”

She was the only one with that ability, stirring up his emotions so easily that he couldn’t control them even if he wanted to.

When Lu Junting returned, Lin Xiyu had already fallen asleep on the sofa. He stood quietly and looked at her, stared at her, and didn’t wake her up. After looking for a while, he quietly retreated, poured a glass of wine, lit himself a cigarette, and smoked as he drank.

Her words were still in his mind.

Thinking about it, he lowered his head and laughed. Really…

Really like ah?

When Lu Junting returned to the office, Lin Xiyu had already woken up. Her eyes were hazy after sleeping and she asked in a soft voice, “Is the meeting over?”

The voice sounded almost like a cat’s tail, scratching people’s hearts. Lu Junting adjusted his breathing before saying, “It’s over. Pack up and let’s go back.”


They got into the car together from upstairs. Lin Xiyu hesitated for a while and said, “Brother Junting, are we going to stay in the same room when we go back?”

Lu Junting wasn’t sure if this stay in the same room of hers was the one he understood, so he asked cautiously, “Stay in the same room?”
She titled her head shyly to avoid his gaze. “That’s it. Sleep together ah. Aren’t we getting married?”


Lu Junting’s breath was almost stagnant. It was really what he thought, thinking that at the beginning, he thought about setting her up to stay together with him in the same room. However, now, she even took the initiative to come to sleep with him.

It took a lot of effort for Lu Junting to hold back the pleasure about to float on his cheeks. He said, “I’m still healthy. We don’t need to sleep in separate rooms for now.”

Lin Xiyu: “...”

Lin Xiyu didn’t quite understand why he had to emphasize a sentence about physical health. When she heard this in her ears, she felt an unnatural flush on her cheeks. She didn’t dare to look at him, and responded in a low voice, “Oh.”

It was very late when they went back. After they returned, Lin Xiyu began to move things, and stuffed her clothes back into the wardrobe next to Lu Junting’s. She also took her toiletries to the cabinet in his bathroom. When Lin Xiyu put in her toiletries, she found that the few bottles that he had put in there were almost empty.

When Lu Junting came in, he saw Lin Xiyu shaking his calcium tablet bottle. Just as he came in, she asked with a puzzled look on her face, “Has brother Junting started eating this again? Didn’t you say you wouldn’t eat it before?”

Lu Junting didn’t even change his expression for a moment and said, “I think it’s quite a waste to put it away, so I’d better eat it.”

Lin Xiyu nodded, asked no more questions, and put the bottle back in. At this time, Lu Junting stood at the door and looked at her. She moved back again, stayed together with him again in the same room. She knew that life now differed completely from before. It was just for living before, but now they like each other.

She knew this man had her in his heart, and she didn’t know if it was because she liked him or not. This time she felt that he was good-looking whenever she looked at him. Her face felt burned as being looked at by him. She lowered her head and didn’t dare to look at him. She asked softly, “It’s getting late, are you going to rest?”

At this time, Lu Junting looked calm, but he knew very well that he was struggling. He had a lot of crazy thoughts in his heart, especially when he thought that she said she liked him not long ago. The fact that she liked him was enough to make waves in his heart.

He had a paranoid urge to crush this woman in his arms, to kiss her, kiss her hard, to make love to her, to have a good time in the dark.

It was as if the only way to quell the raging emotions brought out by her words of liking was to go crazy.

At this time, his muscles were already tense. Every muscle was ready to act, but he still stood there calmly without moving a muscle.

After a bunch of crazy perverted brain activities, he just nodded calmly and responded, “It’s late. Go to sleep.”

Lin Xiyu came out of the bathroom with him and lay down on the big bed with him. He turned the lights out and the surroundings fell into darkness. Suddenly, it got very quiet and no one moved.

Lu Junting was calm and always gave people a feeling that no one could approach. However, after she was with him, he liked to be intimate with her. He couldn’t help but hug her waist when they sat together, and he also had to hold her to sleep.

But now, he was calm, just lying beside her without moving. Lin Xiyu felt strange. Doesn’t he like her? Why doesn’t he come to hug her now?

If he didn’t come to hug her, then she would hug him. Anyway, it would be the same for whoever hugged first.

Of course, Lu Junting was not as calm as Lin Xiyu thought. Those crazy thoughts still couldn’t be calmed down. She was lying next to him. She didn’t know how much he missed her. He should press her and possess her fiercely.

He was tense. He closed his eyes and calmed them with strong willpower. There was a sudden sound of rustling next to him, and the next moment, a soft body hugged him.

Still not used to being hugged by her, he had a feeling of being flattered as soon as she embraced him. His tense body stiffened more and more as he clenched the crown of his teeth and resisted the urge to pounce on her. Yes, he is such a beast. He wants to sleep with her as soon as he sees her. He is just so dirty.

Her liking was clear and pure. She wanted love that was pure, beautiful love, but he didn’t love her the same way. He loved her just to hold her down, possessing her.

If she knew what he was thinking at the moment, he didn’t know if she would think he was a bastard. If he really rolled over and pressed her to express his surging love at this time, she would be disappointed in him. She liked him. She expected him to give her a beautiful love, but he was full of lewd obscenity and lust.

Will it scare her away again? Will it make her afraid of him again? 

She finally likes him. He doesn’t want to disappoint her. In the silence of the night, he slowly opened his eyes and looked down at the person in his arms. She leaned on his arms, completely unguarded, like a simple little animal.

He rolled over her side to make it easier to hold her in his arms. She glanced up at him, meeting his eyes in the darkness and stunned for a moment.

“Brother Junting, what’s wrong with you?”

The night in the city was not so dark that she could not see anything, but in the not-so-bright light, she saw his obviously reddened eyes. It looked sharper because of the redness in the whites of the eyes and seemed to reveal an unknown danger.

“Nothing.” He spoke with a hoarse voice, “Sleep.”

“Are you uncomfortable somewhere?”


Lin Xiyu felt that he was weird, but she couldn’t tell exactly what was weird. She leaned back into his arms again.

In the dark night, Lu Junting was quietly holding the person in his arms. The little girl fell in love with him and now she is defenseless against him, lying comfortably in his arms. If she knew that she was hugging a beast, a beast who shawned her to the point of hurting, I wonder if she will dare to hug him like this again.

After all, he didn’t want to disappoint her. She wanted the beauty of love, not the carnal-lust that he was full of. He restrained himself and gave her the beauty of love. Even though the desire in his body tortured him to the point of madness, and the muscles in his body seemed like they were about to be out of his control, he still endured it in the end. Even if it made him feel pain all over.

I don’t know if it’s too much stimulation recently, but Lu Junting’s sleep is very shallow. He woke up in the morning, and almost instinctively, he looked down suddenly. There was no one in his arms. He glanced at the side again and there was no one next to him.

Lu Junting sat up suddenly. The sky was bright, and there was light shining through the gaps in the curtains. Sweet dreams always appeared at night, and as soon as the day came, the dreams would disappear.

Her sudden confession to him was also illusory, like a dream. Now that it’s dawn, awake from the dream, all the good things are gone. Lu Junting hurriedly pulled out the quilt and got out the bed, put on his shoes haphazardly and walked to the door. Is it a dream? Did she really say such things to him that she liked him? Did they really lie down and sleep together last night?

If it wasn’t a dream, where had she been so early in the morning? Or, as he guessed, whether she left him with the child while he was not paying attention.

However, as soon as his hand reached the doorknob before he could open the door and walk out, he heard a familiar soft voice say, “Brother Junting, are you up?”

He stiffened and jerked his head toward her, only to see a head poking out of the bathroom doorway at that moment. She held a toothbrush in her hand, staring at him with widened eyes.

His expression took aback Lin Xiyu but saw that his entire face was tensed up. There was anger in his expression, giving people a feeling that a storm was coming.

Obviously, his expression was so terrible, but Lin Xiyu had the idea of hugging him. Anyway, they were together, so they could hug each other if they wanted to.

Lin Xiyu stopped brushing her teeth, walked up quickly, and wrapped her arms around his waist to hug him tightly.


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