Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 43

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Happy reading~Chapter 43: Brother Junting, Let’s Remarry

Lin Xiyu had a lot of things she wanted to say to Lu Junting in her heart, but she never found a suitable opportunity. She felt that now was the right time, when she knew that he still cared about her, they could talk about it calmly and peacefully.

Lin Xiyu adjusted her breathing and said directly to him, “Brother Junting, I know that you once helped my family pay off debts, and I also know that my tuition and living expenses over the years have been given by you, thank you.”

Lu Junting was waiting for her to open her mouth to return the clothes and probably said something similar to ‘you don’t have to give me clothes’, anyway, whether he intended to do so or not, she didn’t care, so he took out the document and prepared to read it, waiting for her to return the clothes to reply lightly to her.

Lu Junting was surprised, how did she know about this? So that was why she had been treating him differently all this time, not because she was being nice to him in order to spend more time with the child, but because of gratitude to him?

Lin Xiyu continued, “I’m sorry brother Junting, I never knew about this before. Before the divorce, I knew that brother Junting cheated me to give birth to a child, and I had a grudge in my heart, so I didn’t care about it and divorce you. Then, I learned that you helped my family pay off debts, and I thought about it carefully, it’s not right for you to lie to me to give birth to the child, but you helped me pay off my debts, you also paid for my schooling so that I can live, and you are also my benefactor to me. My gratitude for you far outweighs my hatred for you, so I don’t want to dwell on the fact that you lied to me in the first place, and I choose to forgive the past things.”

Don’t care about it? Don’t care that he lied to her? Just because of that more than 10 million? He still remembered that he had just taken over Changheng at that time, his position had not yet been secured, and his actions in the company were also subject to many constraints, and that more than 10 millions was not easy for him to take, but now it seemed that money was still worth spending.

Probably never thought that one day he would hear to word ‘forgive’ from her mouth, so when he suddenly heard the words, his brain couldn’t function for a while, and he didn’t even know how to react, only put his tight hands on the table subconsciously to calm violent ups and downs in his mood.

Lin Xiyu didn’t wait for his response for a long time after speaking, she secretly looked at his expression. His expression didn’t change much, a pair of ink-black eyes were too deep and sophisticated for people to see through.

Originally, she also made up a certain determination to say these words, so being stared at by him like this, she gradually became uneasy. Her heartbeat also accelerated a little under his direct gaze, and the shyness of being watched by him made her cheeks begin to burn, she lowered her head slightly, thinking to herself, why didn’t he even say anything?

“So… you forgive me, and then…”

His voice suddenly came.

“That…” Lin Xiyu nervously rubbed her palms together, still not daring to look at his face, “Actually I want to… If brother Junting is also willing to do so, how about…” She glanced at his expression and continued, “How about we remarry?”

Lu Junting: “...”

The weather was not very good today, it was already noon and it was still foggy outside. It looked like it was going to rain.

“Let’s remarry.”

What was she talking about? She actually mentioned remarriage to him?

Lu Junting had never been a person who was resigned to his fate, he was used to taking everything into his own hands. He knew how to calculate and was good at guessing people’s hearts, but he miscalculated when she was going to divorce him despite everything.
Since that day, he had a feeling of being knocked to the ground by fate, and for the first time he believed in such a thing as fate.

The last person she wanted to marry was him.

She never liked him.

It was something that seemed doomed from the start. They were not people of the same world, and they weren’t meant to be together.

So there was a lot of reluctance in this year, but he still figured out a lot of things, some things, really couldn’t be forced.

He didn’t even have expectations, so he was very reserved in the face of her sudden improvement in her attitude, because he understood that it was not because of him, and he knew that she wasn’t going to come back to him.

But now, she said she wanted to remarry him.

It was impossible to describe his mood at this moment, it was like a dark cloud suddenly opening up and a clear sky was in front of him. However, despite his complicated feelings, years of polishing still make him calm and comfortable.

Even those dark eyes didn’t have much emotion in them, just looking at her like this.

He didn’t say anything for a long time, and Lin Xiyu didn’t know what he thought, and she also knew that he sudden statement would probably make people feel abrupt, after all, she was so cruel to him before the divorce.

Lin Xiyu wanted to give herself a step, and then she said to him again, “Brother Junting doesn’t have to answer me in a hurry, you can think about it, and then tell me when you’re done. Whatever answer brother Junting gives me, I’ll accept it.”

Lu Junting: “...”

“This… no matter what answer brother Junting gives me, I thank you for helping my family pay off debts.”


His silence made Lin Xiyu embarrassed. She laughed dryly and added, “Then, I’ll leave first, brother Junting take your time and get busy.”

Lin Xiyu left in a hurry, when she walked out of Changheng, she found that she still had Lu Junting’s clothes in her hand, and now it was probably embarrassing to fold it up and return it to him, so she took it first, took his clothes and at least there would be a reason to meet him in the future.

Lu Junting was sitting in his chair in such a dumbfounded manner, his elbows propped up on the table, with his palms supported his forehead to cover his expression, but a suppressed laughter overflowed from his mouth.

He didn’t know how long it took, Lu Junting glanced sideways at the sky, when the sky broke open a crack, a bright halo of light revealed itself from the crack, as if the sun was really coming out.

After Lin Xiyu went back, she washed and ironed Lu Junting’s clothes, hung it on the balcony and stared at his clothes for a while. She felt that his clothes were just like him, and after looking at it for a while, she felt her heart beat faster and her cheeks were hot. Lin Xiyu hurriedly patted her chest and closed the door of the balcony.

She sat on the sofa, still apprehensive in her heart, and hastily proposed remarriage to him. She didn’t know if Lu Junting would agree or not.

After that, they still kept each other’s phone numbers, but they were lying quietly inside their mobile phones, and no one dialed them for nearly a year.

This was the first time Lu Junting had called her in a year, and although she had only told him about remarriage, her attitude towards him had also improved, but listening to every ‘beep’ on the phone, his breathing slowed down.

It didn’t ring a few times and picked it up, and the moment the phone was picked up, Lu Junting’s tight heart relaxed slightly.

She didn’t know what was going on, Lin Xiyu was inexplicably nervous when she saw Lu Junting’s all. She had only just mentioned the remarriage thing to him and he called her after that. Lin Xiyu was uneasy in her heart, would he refuse to remarry her? After all, she was so determined when divorcing him.

So she adjusted for a while before picking up, “Brother Junting?”

Because of nervousness, Lin Xiyu felt that her tone was a little unnatural.

“You pack your things, I’ll pick you up in the afternoon.”


“Aren’t we going to remarry? Don’t want to live with us?”

“No, no,” Lin Xiyu hurriedly answered.

“I’ll get busy first, see you in the afternoon.”

After hanging up the phone, Lin Xiyu’s whole body was still confused. He was going to take her back to live? She felt it was sudden, did he agree to remarry her?

Lin Xiyu sat in the living room, the more she thought about it, the more unbelievable she felt. She couldn’t help but laugh when she thought about it, and she laughed more and more.

Lu Junting did not put the child in the company today. Mr. Lu and madam Lu wanted to play with their grandson and sent someone over early in the morning to take him back to the Lu family, so Lu Junting went directly to the Lu family to pick up the child after work.
Lu Junting carried his son to the car and glanced at his bulging belly as he asked, “What did you eat that made your belly this big?”

Lu Chengmao thought carefully and said, “I ate buns, and crabs(xiexie, like thanks).”

“What thanks?”

“It has a lot of legs.”

“Crab(pang xie, different xie)?”


Lu Junting reached out and touched his little belly, bulging, and he said, “Why do you eat so much?” He pinched his face again, tender and quite fleshy, “Still eating when you’re so fat.”

Hearing this, the little guy was immediately unhappy. “Little Baby is not fat.”

Lu Junting was in a good mood today, deliberately teasing him, he touched his belly again, “Not fat. What is this?”

Lu Chengmao hummed angrily and opened his father’s hand, his mouth pouted and said dissatisfied, “This baby is cute, it’s not fat, mom said this baby is cute.”

Lu Junting heard him mention his mother, he was in a better mood. The softness under his eyes grew even more as he said, “Alright, if your mom says it’s cute, then it’s cute.”


The little guy snorted heavily, holding his arm and twisting his face to the side, even playing a little tantrum with him. Lu Junting suddenly remembered that Lin Xiyu was like this when she was little, twisting her face to the side when she was in a tantrum.

It really was… What kind of mother there is, what kind of cub.

Lu Junting felt that his son’s little appearance was very cute. He pinched his little fleshy face and said, “Let’s pick up your mom.”

As soon as the child heard him pick up his mother, he was immediately not angry, and looked at him with bright eyes. “Pick up mommy?”

“Yes, pick up your mom and bring her home?”

“To dad’s house?”

“En, to dad’s house.”


Holding his little fat hand to his head and shaking a pair of fat legs a few times, the usual pose for children when they were happy.

Lu Junting looked at his son and thought, how can he be so cute, how can his little cub be so cute?

Lin Xiyu packed up a big suitcase, only to finish packing not long after hearing someone knocking on the door. Lin Xiyu opened the door, and saw a tall and a short figure, the father and son standing at the door.


Xiao Chengmao exclaimed happily, and ran over with his little short legs and hugged his mother's legs.

Lin Xiyu picked him up and kissed him on the face. “Little Baby is also here?”

Little Baby nodded heavily and said, “En, pick up mommy.”

Lu Junting looked at his son’s acceptance attitude in the face of his mother, completely unlike when he kissed him that his son would secretly wipe the place where he kissed when he could not see.

He did his best to be a father during the year of his divorce, but he still could not compete with the mother, who ran over with a smile.

With a very complicated feeling, Lu Junting silently acted as a porter, and was particularly conscious of lifting that big suitcase out.

Seeing this, Lin Xiyu was stunned for a moment and asked, “Didn’t brother Junting bring an assistant?”

Lu Junting didn’t go back, dragging the big suitcase forward. “No.”

The family of three got into the car, and Lin Xiyu looked at the assistant sitting in the driver’s seat. He obviously brought the assistant, why did he personally help her move the suitcase? Lu Junting had been pampered since he was a child, and there were people to help him take care of his daily chores, so she didn’t expect that he would do the rough work of helping her move the suitcase.

Back home, Lu Junting helped her move the suitcase into the house again, and he asked, “Where will the suitcase be put?”

This made Lin Xiyu stunned, if he wanted to live with her, he shouldn’t have asked that, but it seemed a little abrupt to share a room right after remarrying. After all, they had been so stiff before the divorce.

Lin Xiyu said, “Put it in my room first.”

Lu Junting didn’t say anything, and silently lifted the suitcase up.

Dinner was eaten together as a family, and Lu Chengmao could eat by himself, with the practice chopsticks and spoon, though his movements were slightly clumsy, and Lin Xiyu would occasionally help him.

Lu Junting looked at the mother and son sitting opposite him, the little girl was helping the little cub to remove the rice particles stuck to the corners of his mouth, he was suddenly in a bit of a trance, as if there was not much change from before the divorce, and everything looked so warm, but he felt a little unreal.

However, she was back now, even if they couldn’t go back to the time when they lived in harmony as husband and wife, it was better than him and the child being eye-to-eye without her.

When Lu Junting lowered his head to eat, the corners of his mouth unconsciously lifted.

Lu Junting’s mobile phone rang at this time, it was a call from Madam Lu.

“What are you doing?” Madam Lu asked.


“What do you think about what I told you last time? Act as soon as possible after considering it.”

What else could Madam Lu tell him other than urging him to chase his wife back.

Lu Junting glanced at the little girl opposite who had decided to remarry him, and was about to explain the situation truthfully, but before he could speak, Madam Lu said in an angry tone, “You do not think for your own sake you at least think about Chengmao ah, yo don’t take advantage of the fact that there are still a little bit of heat to chase her back, wait for a few years, and the feelings will face, your wife will fly away and really gone. I will tell you bluntly today, if you don’t chase after your wife, you will obediently come back for a blind date.”

Why did this old lady worry again? Lu Junting frowned and said, “What blind date?”

Madam Lu said, “Then you can’t be a bachelor for the rest of your life, right? I still have a few more years to live, can’t you put me at ease?”

“Alright, old madam, Xixi and I have decided to remarry.”

Madam Lu was caught in a weird silence. After a long time, she let out a surprise laugh, the sound was not strained and it startled Lu Junting.

“Are you serious?”

“What did I lie to you for?”

“When did this happen ah?”

“I’ll tell you more about it later, I’m going to eat now.”

Madam Lu was in a good mood, she was especially good at talking, and hurriedly said, “Fine, fine, you eat first.”

Lu Junting put the phone aside, vaguely sensing that the atmosphere was not right. He glanced at the other side, but saw that the little girl was eating with her head down, Xiao Chengmao had a mouthful of rice in his mouth, his cheeks were bulging, and he was slowly swallowing at the moment, his big eyes were looking at him without blinking.

Lu Junting said in a bad mood. “What are you looking at me for? Eat yours.”

As soon as his words fell, he saw that the little girl who was eating suddenly stopped moving. Lu Junting frowned, and immediately reflected on the fact that he seemed to have spoken a little harshly in that sentence just now?

Did she think he was being meant to the child? Would he need to explain?

Lin Xiyu picked up her rice and didn’t look at him, but said as if she was casually asking, “We’ve only been divorced for a year, and brother Junting is so anxious to find a stepmother for Chengmao?”

Lu Junting: “...”

What stepmother? Why is it so messy?

The little meat dumpling wrapped a bulging cheek of rice, and he didn’t chew it. His round eyes stared at him so directly, and didn’t know if he understood the words his mother said or not.

Lu Junting said, “It’s not like that.”

Lin Xiyu said, “Didn’t you guys talk about blind dates?”

Lu Junting didn’t want his wife to be misunderstood just after she came back, he was about to explain, but saw Lu Chengmao, who had been staring at his father, suddenly frowned and said with a serious face, “Don’t want a stepmother.”

His son’s little adult-like tone made Lu Junting feel funny, did this little cub know what a stepmother was? He wrapped a mouthful of food, and his speech was not clear. When he saw his father look over, he repeated with a serious face, “Don’t want a stepmother, want mommy.”

Lu Junting couldn’t help but smile and said, “Okay I know, don’t worry, there’s no such thing as a stepmother. Swallow the rice in your mouth before you speak, how many times have I taught not to have rice wrapped in your mouth.”

However, as soon as his words fell, he saw that the little guy’s small mouth was deflated, and his little fleshy face suddenly became aggrieved, his big eyes flickered, and soon there were crystal tears.

Seeing this, Lin Xiyu hurriedly picked him up from the chair and put him in her arms. She held his face and comforted, “What’s wrong? Okay, it’s okay, let’s eat first, okay?”

The little guy threw himself in his mother’s arms and hugged his mother tightly, whining and crying, and said while crying, “I want mommy not stepmother, want mommy.”

Lu Junting frowned and said, “Didn’t I say that there is no stepmother? Why are you still crying?”

He probably didn’t know that his tone was particularly stern when he got serious, so when Lu Chengmao heard him say that, Little Baby cried even more.

Lu Junting: “...”

Even the child misunderstood, Lu Junting was afraid that the child’s mother would also misunderstand, he added, “I don’t have any blind dates.”

Lin Xiyu nodded, “Okay, got it.”

After she said it, she hurriedly comforted Little Baby, “Okay, Chengmao, don’t cry, there won’t be a stepmother, you’ll only have your mommy, as long as you have your mommy, you won’t have a stepmother.” Lin Xiyu held his son’s face and helped him wipe his tears away, “Okay, let’s eat first, you can’t cry when you eat a meal, otherwise your belly will hurt.”

The little guy choked and nodded, but was still huffing and puffing.

Lu Junting had been wondering if he hadn’t explained himself clearly, and was about to explain it again, just when he heard this sentence,

“As long as you have your mommy, you won’t have a stepmother.” It sounded like she was giving him the impression that as long as she was there, she could stop him from finding another woman.

Of course, he also knew that these words were just comforting words for Chengmao, but because of this, he imagined that she stopped him from finding a woman. Although it was just a fantasy, inexplicably, his mood suddenly became very happy.

At night, Lin Xiyu slept with Little Baby. Little Baby was very happy and played with her until very late before falling asleep. Before falling asleep, Little Baby hugged Lin Xiyu tightly, sleepy-eyed and said to her, “Mommy will always live in Daddy’s house, okay?”

Lin Xiyu smiled and said, “Okay.”

Lin Xiyu slept in Chengmao’s room at night, and Lu Junting got up early the next morning and passed by the room to see that the door was open. There was no one inside, he didn’t know where the mother and son went.

Lu Junting was about to go downstairs to ask the nanny, just walked down the stairs and saw the mother and son returning from the backyard. He saw the mother and son each carrying a basket, Lin Xiyu’s basket was bigger, and the little one’s basket was a mini version.

When Lin Xiyu saw him come down and said, “Little Baby wants to eat strawberry pie. I saw that the strawberries in the backyard were ripe and took him to pick some.”

The little guy had forgotten last night that he cried angrily because his father was going to find a stepmother. The little body held up a small basket and said to him, “Make strawberry pie, pie, do daddy want to eat or not?”

His eyes were shining, and there was an innocent smile on his face. Lu Junting couldn’t help but soften his expression when he looked at his son’s appearance, and said, “Eat.”

The strawberry pie was very complicated. It was necessary to make jam, kneaded the dough, and finally it had to be baked. In the end, Lin XIyu was afraid that Little Baby would be burned, so she let him go out to play.

She made the strawberry pie without seeing anyone, and when she glanced out into the yard, she saw Little Baby running and playing with a windmill in the backyard, and Lu Junting was sitting under the pergola not far away. 

There was a pumpkin pergola in the backyard, which she made before the divorce. That backyard was still the same as when she left, the vegetables and fruits planted were still there, and the pergola was naturally there.

At this time, Lu Junting was sitting under the pergola, and a cup of tea was placed on the pergola stone table. It was cool there, while drinking tea, and a leisurely Saturday afternoon passed like this.

Lin Xiyu stepped forward with the prepared strawberry pie. As she got closer, she found that Lu Junting was leaning on the chair with his eyes closed. She didn’t know if he was asleep.

Lin Xiyu relaxed her movements, sat down on another chair, and put the strawberry pie on the stone table. She glanced at Little Baby, he was spinning the windmill and played vigorously. Lin Xiyu was afraid that calling him would affect Lu Juntng’s sleep, so she waited for him to come back to eat when he was tired of playing.

The weather was very good today, and it was warm enough in late spring. The scent of grass and trees was permeated around, and yellow flowers were bursting on the pumpkin shed.

There were only Lu Junting and Lin Xiyu in the pergola, and with his eyes closed at this time, the aura on his body that blocked other people from getting close was much lighter, and Lin Xiyu was able to boldly look at him.

His face looked a little tired, and his eye sockets were glazed over a few times, as if he hadn’t rested well. It was really tiring to have to work and took care of the child at the same time.

Lu Junting’s hands casually rested on the arm of the chair, the fingers were slender and distinct. Lin Xiyu stared at the fingers, vaguely feeling that his hand seemed to be thinner than before. Looking at it like this, it gave people a sense of toughness.

It was only when he was asleep that she could get this close to him. She remembered that these fingers hadn't been this thin before, and thinking about the man who had stood downstairs from her that day at dusk, who was low and disheveled, and now looking at these hands of his, her heart felt like it was being stabbed. That day, she was held by these hands from behind, and his hoarse and deep voice came over, “Xixi, I love you, I really love you. I can’t live without you.”

It was also these hands that signed the divorce agreement with her.

How disappointed he was that he would decisively agree to divorce her after trying to keep her on a low voice ah.

A gust of wind blew, and her heart seemed to be blown up, and she subconsciously reached over and held up his fingers with her palm. Confused, she quickly came back to her senses, suddenly realized what she had done, and suddenly looked up to see that he was still leaning in his chair with his eyes closed.

Lin Xiyu carefully put his fingers down again, softened her voice as she got up to run over to Little Baby.

It wasn’t until she ran away that Lu Junting slowly opened his eyes. He looked down at his fingers, and it took about a few seconds for the fingers to subconsciously move as if they were reacting.
She actually… touched his hand?


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