Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: She Actually Smiled at Him?

Was it because he helped her out, so she politely called him ‘Brother Junting’?

At the look he gave her, she added, “Little Baby is asleep, I will go first.”

Sure enough, as he expected, she didn’t want to spend the night here, she just wanted to spend the night with her son for a while, to fulfill her son’s wishes. Lu Junting put the cigarette butt in the ashtray, and when she turned around, he finally spoke.

“Wait a minute.”

Lin Xiyu’s back stiffened, pausing for a while before turning her head to look at him. She tried to keep her tone calm, “Is there anything else?”

Lu Junting didn’t lose his mind for long, he said, “It’s hard to catch a ride here, I’ll give you a ride.”


After he finished his speech, he walked to the elevator with his long legs. Lu Junting wanted to send her off? She thought about this man’s cold attitude the whole night, so it surprised her when he said he was going to send her off.

Seeing that she didn’t move, Lu Junting asked again, “Aren’t you going back?”

Lin Xiyu came back to her senses, she entered the elevator. Both of them were still silent, and Lin Xiyu was very puzzled. Even if Lu Junting wanted to send her out of politeness, he could just let the driver do this kind of thing. However, his posture was obvious that he also wanted to follow? There was no need to be so considerate, right?

Coming to the underground garage, Lu Junting got into the car, and he directly got into the driver’s seat, which made Lin Xiyu even more shocked. Lu Junting traveled with a driver, and he was rarely seen driving himself. He wasn’t going to follow, but he was going to drive her back himself?

When Lu Junting saw that she hadn’t moved for a long time, he urged her expressionlessly, “Get in the car.”

Lin Xiyu came back to her senses, opened the passenger seat’s door and sat in. The car drove out of Moon Bay No. 1 and Lin Xiyu still didn’t understand, why did he personally send her back?

The car drove onto the main road, Lin Xiyu realized that she hadn’t told him the address, and he didn’t even ask. Did he think she still lived in the previous place?

“I changed places, I’m living in Marina Park now.”


He replied softly, and didn’t use the navigation, as if he knew the way well.

The car was quiet, neither of them spoke, and only the occasional soft noise from the dashboard. Lin Xiyu knew this was a good opportunity, didn’t she want to see him? Didn’t she want to thank him properly?

However, it might be because she was afraid of his aura, or perhaps because she was so desperate and felt guilty at the beginning, there were many things she didn’t know how to say.

Shouldn’t it start with a sentence, ‘Brother Junting, are you doing well?’ But then she thought to herself, he wouldn’t tell her directly even if he was not doing well, so it seemed pointless to ask him.

Hesitating all the way, the car had already driven outside the community where she lived. He didn’t speak, holding the steering wheel and looking ahead, without even a reminder of ‘it’s arrived’.

Lin Xiyu unbuckled her seatbelt and said to him, “Thank you.”

He didn’t answer, Lin Xiyu turned around and walked to the community. Lin Xiyu got on the elevator a little confused, she leaned on the elevator, thinking about the question she didn’t understand all the way.

Why did he send her back in person? You don’t have to drive her back yourself, even if you’re just being polite right? She couldn’t help but wonder if he still had expectations of her? But if he still had expectations, why was his attitude so cold?

The elevator reached the floor where she was, but Lin Xiyu didn’t go up, she pressed the 1st floor again. She hurried out from the door of the community and the familiar car was no longer outside.

During her lunch break on Wednesday, Lin Xiyu received a call from Lu Yuan. Lu Yuan said to her on the phone. “Changheng plans to change the billboard on the roof, are you interested in participating in the design ah?”

“Me? I’m not in the design business, can I?”

“Your handwriting is very good ah, as long as you know a little Photoshop, I know the manager of the publicity department and recommended you to him. He thinks it’s very good and you can try it. If you are interested, take a time to come over, I will introduce you to him.”

Cooperated with Changheng to design billboards, so that she had the opportunity to communicate with Changheng, and she also had the opportunity to meet Lu Junting.

Lin Xiyu said, “I’ll try it.”

The general manager of Changheng’s publicity department was called He Shuo, and he had previously cooperated with the people in the legal department over some matters, and Lu Yuan knew him as a result. Lu Yuan was cheerful, not arrogant, and she could have fun with everyone. Although both surnamed Lu, no one could see that she was Lu Junting’s cousin, and He Shuo naturally did not know.

Although He Shuo was the manager of the publicity department, his main job was not in the publicity department. He was directly ordered by Lu Junting, and his main job was to go to various places to give speeches and publicity, investigate and win over companies that wanted to cooperate with Changheng.

The main job of the publicity department was the responsibility of the deputy manager Wu Lin. Originally, Changheng’s publicity department had a long-term cooperative advertising company and that advertising company’s boss was Wu Lin’s acquaintance. As long as Changheng and that company had cooperation, Wu Lin could take a little kickback. This time Changheng’s roof top billboard, We Lin had intended to directly contact that company, but unexpectedly the general manager He Shuo came to say that he had invited a calligrapher to design it.

This made Wu Lin very unhappy, he directly told He Shuo that he had said to the advertising company. He could not release the dove*It wasn’t good for He Shuo to offend both sides, so he simply proposed to let Lin Xiyu and the advertising company compare with each other and they would see who designed better. When the time came to vote, who had the most votes would be chosen.
*one doesn't keep his promise.

This Wu Lin was not afraid. We Lin was a delicate person and he was very familiar with people in various departments of the company, and his uncle was on the board of directors of Changheng. Everyone also gave him a face and then it was just a matter of saying hello to them.

The agreed time with Lu Yuan was on Friday. Lin Xiyu came directly to Changheng when the time came, and Lu Yuan was waiting for her at the door.

“Mr. He went outside for a meeting and hasn’t come back yet, so we’ll have to wait a bit. You can go to my office.” When Lu Yuan said this, she suddenly thought of something and said, “Maybe my eldest brother brought Chengmao with him. My eldest brother is in a meeting now, you can go to his office to take a look.”

Lin Xiyu once heard Lu Yuan say that Lu Junting occasionally brought his child to work, and she also saw it in his office on the day of the divorce. He transformed half of the office into a small playground.

Lin Xiyu came here to meet Lu Junting, of course it was better to see her son, and of course she had to seize this opportunity. Anyway, last time she went back with them, he didn’t say anything, not to mention that she went to find the child, Lu Junting was more conscious than her, and he was clearer than her, as the child’s parents, there was no need to make a fuss about it.

So Lin Xiyu nodded and said, “Okay, then I’ll to brother Junting’s office and wait.”

Lu Yuan looked at her in surprise when she heard this, and she sneered, “This is quite good. Originally, both of you used to be husband and wife, there’s really no need to be like a stranger.”

Although the people in the company did not know Lu Yuan’s identity, as Lu Junting’s assistant and secretary, they naturally recognized Lu Yuan. So, Lu Yuan took Lin Xiyu in, and the two secretaries at the door of the president’s office did not say anything.

Lu Yuan pushed open the door of the office and Lin Xiyu followed her in. Sure enough, she saw the nanny playing on that inflatable skateboard with her Little Baby.

Lu Yuan smiled and said, “Xiao Chengmao, look who Auntie has brought over for you.”

Xiao Chengmao heard the voice and glanced their way, his eyes immediately lit up and he also stopped playing with the inflatable skateboard. His fleshy little body clumsily climbed down from the skateboard, and ran to this side with his little short legs.

Lin Xiyu hurriedly caught him as she picked him up and helped him wipe the sweat from his forehead. “Look at how sweaty you are from playing.”

Xiao Chengmao rubbed her mother’s face with his fleshy little hand, and pointed over at her again and said, “Mommy, play together.”

“Okay, mommy will accompany you.”

Seeing this, Lu Yuan said, “I still have to go over first, wait over here, I’ll call you when it’s time to go.”


Lin Xiyu hugged the child over and said to the nanny, “You go rest for a while, I’ll take him.”

After the nanny went out, only the mother and son left in this office. Lu Junting’s office was very large, and a small part of it was fenced, with an inflatable amusement facility that Little Baby could play on.

Little Baby climbed onto the slide to show her how to slide and Lin Xiyu laughed. “Slow down, don’t fall over.”

Lin Xiyu looked at the door while looking at Little Baby. Lu Junting had been in a meeting for a long time.

Lu Junting came back from the meeting and the secretary told im that there was a guest waiting for him inside, saying that Miss Lu brought that person. Lu Junting was wondering who Lu Yuan brought to find him, and as soon as he opened the door and entered, he saw that the mother and son were having fun.

Lu Juting was quite surprised, he didn’t expect that the person who came to him would be Lin Xiyu.

Lin Xiyu heard the voice and looked back, she was already mentally prepared, so when she saw Lu Junting come in, she smiled at him and greeted, “Brother Junting.”

To her smile, Lu Junting couldn’t help but be stunned, she… actually smiled at him? Before the divorce, her indifference and determination were still vividly remembered, and for a moment Lu Junting thought that he was hallucinating. He squinted slightly and stared straight at her, she was indeed smiling at him. The smile was quite gentle, and being stared at by him like this, she seemed to be a little embarrassed and hastily avoided his gaze.

Lu Junting went around behind the desk and sat down. This year, she had been avoiding him, even if she wanted to see the child, she was being sneaky. He knew very well that she did not want to see him, and she had not shown a good face to him.

But now, she ran to his office and smiled at him? What was she thinking?

Lu Junting glanced at the little cub, who was showing his mother the new toy car he had received, and the girl looked at him with a gentle face, with a smile on her face.

What else could it be, of course, because of her son. In order to meet her son smoothly, she wanted to change her attitude towards him, even if they couldn’t be a husband and wife, there was no need to be an enemy.

Just like at the beginning, in order to stay with the child, she was willing to sacrifice herself to be in the same room with him even though she obviously did not like him.

Lu Junting asked her, “Why are you here?”

Lin Xiyu said, “Lu Yuan told me that Changheng wants to change the billboard on the roof. She knows that I have good handwriting, so let me try to design it. She also helped me to greet the people of Changheng’s publicity department. I came here today to meet the person in charge of the publicity department.”

It turned out that she didn’t come to see the child on purpose, but just stopped by to take a look.

Lu Junting stopped talking, and he began to read the email. Lin Xiyu played with the child here for a while before receiving a call from Lu Yuan, who told her that Mr. He had returned from outside.

Lin Xiyu soothed her son, and the little one probably knew that his mother was busy, so he didn’t make a fuss to keep her. 

“I’ll go over to meet the manager of the publicity department first, and I’ll come back later.”

Hearing her words, Lu Junting’s movement of replying to the email paused, coming back later? Lu Junting guessed that she probably wanted to take the child out to play alone, so she had such a good attitude towards him just now, so she could discuss it with him later.

Lu Junting didn’t even look at her, and only replied lightly, “En.”

She just had a simple meeting with He Shuo, it was just to get acquainted. He Shuo looked quite young, about thirty years old, wearing glasses, looking gentle and handsome. He also spoke in a soft voice.

“Hello Miss Lin, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Lin Xiyu hurriedly said, “You flatter me.”

He Shuo first introduced her to the situation of the publicity department, and then gave her the various types of design drafts of the Changheng billboard for reference.

He Shuo said, “Originally, our department has been cooperating with other advertising companies for a long time, because I was on a business trip recently, and the deputy manager of the publicity department was in charge of it. He didn’t know that my side had a design candidate here so he already contacted the advertising company. After all, the people have already been contacted, and I don’t want to directly let people not do it, so I just don’t know if Miss Lin doesn’t mind competing with the other side. When the time comes to vote for it, whoever receives more votes will be used.”

Lin Xiyu originally didn’t think that Changheng would really use the words she designed. She cooperated with Changheng just to be able to meet Lu Junting, and she didn’t care so much about success or failure.

Hearing He Shuo’s words, she generously said, “Of course I don’t mind, I already feel honored to have the opportunity to communicate with your company.”

He Shuo also breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s good, that’s good.”

After getting to know Lin Xiyu with He Shuo, he returned to Lu Junting’s office on the top floor, and she didn’t know if the secretary saw her just entered, and didn’t ask, so she just let her in.

When Lin Xiyu entered, Lu Junting was still busy, and Lin Xiyu asked, “When does brother Junting get off work?”

Lu Jutning didn’t raise his head and said, “If you want to take Chengmao to play, you can take him away, I still have work.”

“That’s okay, I’ll play with Chengmao over here for a while and then I’ll leave.”

Hearing this, Lu Junting stopped moving and looked at her. He had agreed for her to take the child out to play, why was she still willing to stay here?

However, Lu Junting didn’t ask much, of course, he certainly had no objection to her staying here.

Lin Xiyu was ready to leave after she finished with Little Baby for a while. She had to go back to work on the design, not to mention that she couldn’t stay in Lu Junting’s office all the time. After all, she and Lu Junting were divorced.

Lin Xiyu held Little Baby on her lap and sat down, and said to him, “Little Baby, mommy has to go back.”

As soon as he heard that his mother was leaving, he hurriedly stretched out a pair of fleshy arms and hugged his mother’s neck, and said in an anxious tone, “Mommy, together.”

“Mommy will come back next time to keep you company, okay? Mom has to go back to work and make little money so she can buy good food and toys for her Little Baby.”

“I don’t want, I don’t want, I don’t want good food, I don't want toys, I want mommy.”

Lin Xiyu couldn’t persuade him, so she had to ask Lu Junting for help, “Brother Junting, I have to go back, you can persuade Little Baby.”

Lu Junting knew that she was going to leave sooner or later, and it was useless for the little cub to pester her again, so Lu Junting said, “Lu Chengmao, come here.”

As soon as he heard his father call him by name, the little one became especially self-conscious. Although he couldn’t bear to be apart from his mother, he obediently climbed down from her arms and walked slowly to his father. Lu Junting called the nanny to ask her to take Chengao out to play, and soon only Lu Junting and Lin Xiyu were left here.

“How did the publicity department arrange you there?” Lu Junting asked.

“Finalize the first draft and bring it in next week.”

Lu Junting nodded his head a little and didn’t say anything else.
“That.. I’ll go first.”

Lin Xiyu turned away in his silence, she left for a long time before Lu Junting leaned heavily on the back of the chair. Madam Lu always urged him to chase the daughter-in-law back. If he could chase her back, how could he not try. It was just that he tried all kinds of methods, pleading in a low voice, and even threatening her with the child. She looked weak and soft, but he couldn’t hold her if she already made up her mind.

For her to say she was  going to drive him meant she was going to leave him for good.

He didn’t know what to do now. He had also used his scheming, all his means had also been used, he had also used his low voice but she just refused to come back. Now, he was cautious when he was facing her, afraid that he would do something wrong again. Sometimes he even had a very cheap idea, or he went straight to her to tell her what he was going to do.

But now it was okay, she didn’t deliberately avoid him like before, and showed a cold face whenever she saw him. At least now, she could greet him politely when they saw each other.

In this lifetime, it could probably only go this far.

On Thursday, Lin Xiyu went to Changheng, which was the agreed day to hand over the first draft, and it was said that the advertising company that cooperated with Changheng would also send someone over.

He Shuo, the manager of the publicity department, personally waited for her downstairs. When he met her, he politely said, “I trouble Miss Lin to make a trip here.”

“No, no, it’s rather troublesome for Mr. He even came to pick me up.”

“Miss Lin doesn't need to be polite, please.”

The publicity department had its own conference room. At this time, the deputy manager Wu Lin and the designer in charge of outsourcing from the advertising company was there.

However, when Wu Lin saw Lin Xiyu who came in with He Shuo, he was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect this calligrapher to be so good-looking. So when the two parties handed over their first drafts and waited for him to comment on them. Wu Lin couldn’t say anything to belittle each other at the beginning.

“Both of your drafts are good, Mr. He and I will discuss it again. Why don’t you two go back first, and we’ll give you a notice when we’ve discussed the results.”

Lin Xiyu didn’t know about the twists and turns, and really thought that he needed to go back and wait for notice.

Lin Xiyu’s car had some problems and was sent for maintenance, so she didn’t drive today. Changheng door was not very good to take a taxi, and the wind was a little strong, without sun. Lin Xiyu went out wearing a shirt, which was blown by the wind, and she felt shiver all over her body.

“Miss Lin.”

Lin Xiyu was about to call Didi* when she heard the sound and looked back. She saw Lu Junting’s assistant Zhou Jin hurrying over. Zhou Jin was holding a jacket in his hand, and he handed her the jacket and said, “President Lu asked me to bring it to Miss Lin.”
*Chinese app for public transport

“President Lu? Lu Junting?”

Zhou Jin nodded his head and said, “It’s cold outside, Miss Lin should put it on first.”

Lin Xiyu took the coat with a confused look, even if Lu Junting knew that she would come over today, how did she know that she was cold and needed clothes? Lin Xiyu took the jacket with a confused look on her face, even if Lu Junting knew she would come over today, how did he know that she was cold and needed clothes at this moment?

Zhou Jin was about to go back to regain his life after sending his clothes, Lin Xiyu hurriedly stopped him, “Assistant Zhou.”

“What else does Miss Lin have?”

“I remember that I have something to find your President Lu, can you take me up?”

Zhou Jin, as Lu Junting’s assistant, knew the relationship between Lin Xiyu and Lu Junting and said when he heard this, “Of course Miss Lin, please.”

When Lin Xiyu came to Lu Junting’s office, he had just returned. He went to the monitoring room before because he knew that she would come over today. He just wanted to look at her, and saw her shivering in the cold at the door. He let Zhou Jin send a piece of clothing over. He didn’t know if she would accept it or not, but since they wanted to live together harmoniously for the sake of the child, he couldn’t just ignore it when he saw her shivering from the cold.

However, Lu Junting did not expect Lin Xiyu to come directly to his office, and he swept a glance at her hand, which was holding his clothes.

Does she come to return his clothes? Don’t want to accept his kindness?

“Why did you ask Zhou Jin to send me clothes?” Lin Xiyu asked.

Lu Junting thought that she was here to return the clothes, and at this moment, his heart was a little panicked, and his tone of voice was light, “Aren’t you cold?”

In fact, what Lin Xiyu wanted to know was, why did he know that she was cold? Of course, it didn’t matter how he knew, the important thing was that she knew that he cared about her, and he let people send clothes when he saw her cold.

In fact, Lin Xiyu thought a lot during this time. She did hate Lu Junting a year ago, but later learned that he helped herself so much, coupled with the effect of time, those hatreds were gradually washed away.

There were so many misunderstandings between him and her that she still wanted to explain them or fix the relationship if she had the chance. Of course, it was also when Lu Junting was also willing.

During this time, although his attitude towards her was not bad, it was not good, and Lin Xiyu didn’t know whether his feelings towards her had died or not. She didn’t know to open her mouth to start the conversation with him.

But now, she knew he still cared about her. If his feelings had already died, he couldn’t have seen her cold and let someone send clothes over. He sent them in such a timely manner, showing that he had been paying attention to her.

Since he still had the heart, she was also willing to take one more step towards him.

So if she mentioned remarriage at this time, he shouldn’t be so surprised, right?


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