Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: She was even Willing to Eat with Him

He swiped the card, pressed the -1st floor. Both of them stood aside, some distance apart, and Lin Xiyu was a little complicated at this time, when they divorced, he was so stiff. This time she knew that he was at Changheng, she ran to Changheng, not only did she bump into him, he also helped her solve the problem.

She couldn’t understand why he had helped her, when she’d been so hateful with him before the divorce. He hadn’t contacted her in over a year, and she thought he might have been disappointed in her as a person.

But today she was misunderstood, he still came forward to help her out. No matter what, she really should thank him for this.

“Thank you,” said her.

“You’re welcome.” He replied.

They were very polite to each other, and silence returned to the elevator. This thank you and you’re welcome didn’t cause much of a ripple, and seemed so ethereal.

So silent, Lin Xiyu could not help but glance at him, he was dressed delicately and decently, every detail gave people a meticulous and orderly feeling. His body’s temperament was still so strong, and because of his omnipresent aura, when both of them stood together in the elevator, her breath was not smooth.

At this moment, in Lu Junting’s body, there was no trace of the original depressed appearance, he was still the same him, the proud son of Heaven. He would only stand in the high place to look down on all living beings, and no one could make him fall.

They stayed silent just like that. The elevator suddenly opened, they had arrived at -1st floor, and Lu Junting walked straight out with his long legs.

Lin Xiyu’s gaze subconsciously followed him, the familiar black luxury car drove over. His assistant helped him pull over the door, he sat in it, and the luxury car turned around and drove away. He didn’t look at her again.

It was like they were the kind of people who knew each other but did not know each other well. He just helped her out casually, just raising his hand.

Lin Xiyu found her own car, which she bought with her own money. She got into the car, drove the car out of Changheng’s underground parking lot, and recalled the scene where they just met. This was probably their norm from now on, right? Meeting as if they were strangers, maybe they could have not even said hello if it had not been for this incident.

He had come so humbly to save her, but she still rejected him. How much love it took for a heavenly man like him to stoop so low as to retain it.

But there were so many misunderstandings with him at that time. She hated him so much, she didn’t even look at him more than once, how hurt he should have been, so now when he saw her, he didn’t even want to say more than a word to her.

Some fragmentary memories of time spent together came up piece by piece.

“Because the child’s mother is also cute.”

“If you like it, then it’s worth it.”

“You don’t have to do anything, just know to run home when it rains.”

Tears blurred her vision, what was the point of thinking about this. What’s done is done, they’ve become this. Even if I feel guilty about him, even if I am grateful to him, I can’t change anything.

When Lin Xiyu came back to her senses, she found that she did not drive to the place where she lived. She had unknowingly driven the car to Moon Bay no. 1.

She did not know she got here, it was really inexplicable, but she was happy to ‘make the best of a mistake’. She parked her car nearby, got out of the car and walked to the gate of Moon Bay no. 1. The management of this mansion area was very strict, she could not enter without an access control card. She stood at the gate of the community and looked inside. There were large and small villas scattered inside. At a glance, she didn’t know which place she used to live.

Lu Junting took the child out to eat every week. He was usually very strict with his child's diet, but he could satisfy him once a week and accompany him to eat what he liked to eat.

The exit and entrance of Moon Bay No. 1 were not the same, and when he came out of the community, Lu Junting asked his young son, “What do you want to eat today?”

Lu Chengmao was almost two years old. He could say some simple words, his face had grown a bit more tan when he was a little baby, but it was still fleshy. His eyelashes had grown a lot, and his round eyes look bigger and clearer, exactly the same as his mother’s eyes.

The little guy’s big eyes grunted and he thought for a while then said, “I want to seven(eat)* fruit pies.”
*Qī and Chī, the pronounce is the similar

Lu Junting knew that the fruit pie he said was apple pie, and he said, “Okay, let’s go eat the fruit pie.”

The little guy’s little fat hand stretched out on the top of his head. His little short legs wiggled, and he said happily, “Fruit pie, fruit pie, seven(eat) fruit pie, fruit pie.”

Seeing his son so happy, Lu Junting was also happy. He pinched his son’s little meat face with his fingers, and said, “You’re so happy to eat fruit pie?”

He remembered that the girl also liked to eat this filled fruit pie, and it really was… her child, even having the same preferences as her, it was almost as if he would think of her at all times.

“Mommy, mommy.”

Xiao Chengmao’s voice suddenly pulled back Lu Junting’s thoughts, he glanced sideways at his son, and saw him lying on the window of the car shouting outside. Lu Junting looked out the window, and soon saw a familiar figure standing at the gate of the Moon Bay community. She was hovering at the gate and glancing inside from time to time.

Why did she come here? Thinking about just now in the elevator, he didn’t speak and she also didn’t speak. Both of them portrayed the post-divorce couple who were at peace with each other to the fullest.

Why did she come here in the blink of an eye?

Lu Junting looked down at the little cub next to him again. Why did she come here, what else could she be for, she came here only for her child.

Xiao Chengmao was very excited to see his mother that he turned his head and said to Lu Junting, “Dad, mom’s side.” A look of excitement pointed in her mother’s direction.

Lu Junting’s face was a little heavy and he ordered the driver, “Drive over.”

The driver made a U-turn in front and drove the car to a stop at the gate of Moon Bay. Lin Xiyu was sighing in her memories, she lowered her head and sighed softly. She didn’t plan to do anything, only thinking of coming here, so she came down to have a look.

After watching and ready to leave, a car suddenly drove to a stop in front of her. She subconsciously glanced at it, felt this car was a little familiar, and then fixed her eyes. Wasn’t this Lu Junting’s car?

She was wondering why Lu Junting’s car stopped in front of her. When she saw the car door open and a little meatball ran out from inside.

Lin Xiyu naturally recognized her son at a glance, and the little meatball ran towards her with his little short legs. Lin Xiyu quickly ran over and caught him.

“Mommy, mommy.” Xiao Chengmao put his arms around his mother’s neck and rubbed his mother’s face with his face.

Little Baby had a watermelon head, with his neat bangs, making his fleshy face small. Lin Xiyu kissed him and asked, “Why is Little Baby here?”

Xiao Chengmao twisted his little body and pointed to the back seat of the car and said, “Seven(eat) fruit pie.”

Before the rear door was closed, Lin Xiyu swept her gaze over to see Lu Junting sitting in the back. He also happened to look over at her, but it was only a faint glance, without any warmth in his gaze.

“Did Daddy take Little Baby to eat fruit pie?”

The little guy nodded heavily, and every time he nodded, his round eyes always showed a little seriousness, looking brighter, and he was really adorable.

Lin Xiyu knew that Lu Junting stopped because Little Baby saw her. He was still waiting and he was not an idler. Lin Xiyu was very self-aware and didn’t have a long time to be affectionate with her Little Baby. She carried Little Baby to the car, placed him on the safety seat and said, “Little Baby needs to eat more oh.” After she said that, she leaned over and kissed him on the top of his head, rubbing his little cheeks.

After Lin Xiyu did this, she was about to step back to help close the car door, but Little Baby suddenly pulled her clothes, he looked at her with bleary eyes and said, “Mommy, together.”

Lin Xiyu: “...”

Lin Xiyu subconsciously glanced at Lu Junting, who was gazing ahead as if what was happening here had nothing to do with him. Lin Xiyu said awkwardly, “Mommy’s not going. Little Baby can help mommy eat her share too, okay?”

She pulled Little Baby’s hand away and was about to close the car door, but he hugged her thigh and said, “Mommy, don’t fight(go), mommy, don’t fight(go), okay?”

Lin Xiyu looked down at him, and saw the little guy looking at her with bleary eyes. “Mommy, together, seven(eat) fruit pie.”

A pair of watery eyes full of anticipation, with tears glistening and flashing in them, as if he could cry out the moment she rejected him. Lin Xiyu couldn’t bear to see it, but she wasn’t that brazen. She looked at Lu Junting, who was still gazing ahead, not caring about their side.

Lin Xiyu took a deep breath and was about to refuse again. Little Bay was afraid that his mother would run away, holding her mother’s thigh without letting go, but his head turned to his father and said, “Daddy, Mommy, together.”

He was asking for his father’s opinion.

The man finally glanced at Lin Xiyu’s side, still with that casual gaze, then looked back to his son and said, “Up to you.”

That was what it meant to be entirely up to his son.

Xiao Chengmao looked at her mother again, looking expectant.

In the past, the little guy would hold her every time he met her and wouldn’t let her go, but every time Lin Xiyu left ruthlessly, she didn’t know if the loss again and again would cause a psychological shadow for the little guy.

She glanced at the man, she used to refuse her little child because of him, but now she doesn't hate him anymore. Since she didn’t hate him, there was no need to avoid him anymore. In addition, during this period of time, she dreamed of him every day, because of those dreams, and also because of the guilt in her heart, as well as the gratitude of this man for helping her pay off the debt, she always wanted to meet him, so this time, she came to the Changheng anniversary celebration.

Lin Xiyu felt that Lu Junting’s phrase ‘Up to you’ meant that he didn’t object. Since there was an opportunity to spend more time with the father and son, she naturally did not want to miss this chance.

Lin Xiyu nodded and said, “Okay, mommy, together.”

Hearing this, Lu Junting, who had been sitting on the side, looking unconcerned, finally turned his head and glanced at Lin Xiyu. No matter how good he was at hiding his emotions, there were obvious surprises in the bottom of Lu Junting’s eyes at this time.

He really didn’t expect she would agree.

Because of the installation of the child seat, Lu Junting was sitting on a sedan rather than a nanny car, and only two people could sit in the back, Lin Xiyu pulled open the passenger door and sat in.

The little guy was so happy that his mother agreed to go to eat fruit pie together. His little meaty hands hugged Lin Xiyu’s neck from behind, giggling, and his meaty face full of excitement.

“Fruit pie, fruit pie, mommy, together seven(eat) fruit pie.”

Lin Xiyu held his son’s hand, turned around and smiled at him. The corner of his eyes swept to Lu Junting, who was looking down at his mobile phone, and she didn’t know if he was dealing with official business.

Only the mother and son kept talking the whole time. Lu Junting hadn’t interjected a word, just like an outsider.

The place to eat was in a western restaurant. Lu Junting got out of the car and carried his son inside, followed by Lin Xiyu. Lu Junting’s posture of holding the child was very standard, it could be seen that he should often hold his child.

She had heard Lu Yuan talk about it, and she knew that during the period when she and Lu Junting divorced, he was indeed very competent as a father.

Lu Junting booked a private room, and a family of three entered the room. Lu Junting naturally put Chengmao on the side of his seat, but Lu Chengmao hadn’t seen her mother often, like seeing his father everyday, so every time he saw his mother, he especially liked to stick to her. Lu Junting put him on the seat, he climbed down by himself, and climbed to Lin Xiyu’s side. Lin Xiyu held him and sat down, and Lu Junting didn’t say anything.

Lu Junting ate quietly the whole time. Lin Xiyu was very lively talking and laughing with his son, but Lu Junting never interjected a word, only occasionally glanced at their side.

Lin Xiyu also didn’t think that she would sit with this father and son again to have a meal, but the man’s attitude had always been very cold. She couldn’t help but wonder if she shouldn’t come today.

After eating, Lin Xiyu was self-conscious about saying goodbye to them, but the little one still wouldn’t let her go.

“Mommy, don’t fight(go).” The little one tugged at her shirt and wouldn’t let go.

“Mommy is going back, wait a few days, Mommy will take you to play, okay?”

The little one did not adhere to it and said, “Will Mommy go back to Daddy’s house?”

Lu Junting, who was sitting next to him, had never looked over to their side and had an attitude of not caring about it. Hearing this, he thought in his heart, ‘You’re a kid who can really be whimsical, how can your mother be willing to go back there?’

Lin Xiyu felt that she should be self-aware, after all, Lu Junting’s behavior seemed to be telling her that he wasn’t willing to stay with her either.

She should refuse, she should directly pull away Little Baby’s hand and turn away as usual, but she didn’t know why, she smiled gently at Little Baby and said, “Okay, mommy will accompany you home.”

After Lin Xiyu finished speaking, she went directly to the front passenger seat and sat down. She didn’t look at Lu Junting’s expression, anyway, it was her son who told her to go back.

Lu Junting was surprised, even more surprised than when she agreed to eat with them. He thought that she could even agree not to see the child in order to divorce him at that time, and it could be seen how disgusted she was to him, but now she is willing to return to the house of the person who disgusts her for the sake of the child.

Lu Junting didn’t know what she was thinking, and he didn’t bother to think about it, he didn’t want to ask about her anymore, and he didn’t want to feel the piercing taste of his heart and bone again.

Lu Chengmao was very happy that her mother agreed to go back together, chattering all the way, but when the car drove home, the child fell asleep.

Lu Junting hugged him out of the car, and Lin Xiyu followed him in. A year had passed, and the house had not changed much compared to when she left, only the toys piled in the corner had increased.

Lin Xiyu suddenly had a trance-like feeling, every part of the house was so familiar, and familiar memories surfaced when her eyes landed on that one spot.

They had eaten together at the dinner table, she had played on the floor with the child, and there was the couch, where he had held her from behind and sat her on his lap. He asked her why she didn’t want to see him.

Lots and lots.

When she left, she never thought she would come back here.

Lu Junting handed the child over to the nanny and Lin Xiyu had nothing to do after the child was handed over to the nanny. She had no reason to continue to stay here, so she hurriedly walked up and took the child from the nanny and said, “I’ll take care of him.”

Without waiting for anyone to answer, she took the child upstairs after she finished speaking.

Lu Junting returned to the room, he took a shower, took out a few bottles of medicine, calcium tablets, vitamins, fish oil from the cabinet on the washing table, it was filled with some psychotropic drugs, calming the mind and aiding sleep. He had not slept very well, and the superior looks and the pressure to bear were very high. In addition, some experiences in his childhood made it difficult for him to fall asleep, and many times, he needed to rely on drugs to fall asleep.

A large handful of medicine, which he swallowed expressionlessly. He returned to his room to sit on his bed but remained sleepless. The night was silent, darkness wrapped the whole room, there was no light on the room and he sat quietly on the edge of the bed, listening to the ticking sound on his mechanical watch.

It was probably clear that she was just across the wall from him, so after taking so much medicine, he was still too excited that he couldn’t sleep.

After a long time, he stood up and walked to the table to turn on the lamp, took out the painting that he treasured in the book. His fingertips gently rubbed the face of the little girl in the painting, he remembered that day, her parents came to take her home. They said goodbye next to the statue behind Lu’s house, and she drew a painting for him.

“This is my drawing, this one is me, and this one is you.” She had a look of wanting to be praised. “Is it a good drawing?”

It was not good at all. It was ugly as hell.

But he didn’t say anything to hit her.

“Don’t worry, brother Junting. I will write to you after I go back.”

“Can you still write letters?”

The little girl seemed to realize that she still couldn’t write, and she said, “Shall I send you a postcard?”

“Then, don’t you forget it.” He also reminded her.

“Of course not.”

At that time, she answered with conviction, but since she left, he had not once received a postcard delivered by her. Then, he went abroad and seldom came home again, and she never came to Lu’s house again.

The next time he heard news related to her was the death of her parents, not long after he took over the Lu Family, and he was busy every day. Because her parents died, she was taken home by Zhang Yao. He hurriedly went home after hearing about it, he didn’t know what the little girl looked like after not seeing her for many years.

It was so coincidental, after many years and meeting again, the place where they met was exactly where they separated, next to the statue. He did not know if she was lost, she suddenly saw him, her eyes were delighted and she hurriedly stepped forward, but as soon as she got closer, he didn’t know how she suddenly got afraid. She stood timidly not far away, tangled for a while before opening her mouth and asking him, “Excuse me, do you live here? It’s so big here that I seem to be lost.” 

Speaking cautiously too.

She had really grown up a lot, taller and her body wasn’t as fleshy as it used to be, but those eyes hadn’t changed much, they were round and clear, like a little deer.

He noticed that she looked at him strangely.

All the expectations and joy faded away at this moment, and he narrowed his eyes slightly toward her. “You don’t know who I am?”

She looked at him suspiciously and asked tentatively, “Do we know each other?”

He stared at her face, the strangeness on her face was so real, she really didn’t know him.

Later, Lu Yuan arrived in time, she was taken away by Lu Yuan. He didn’t know what to think and subconsciously followed, and then he heard her say to Lu Yuan, “So that guy is your eldest brother, he’s really scary ah!”

At first, he thought that she was sick, or had suffered some stimulus to forget him. He asked Zhang Yao on the side, but she was not sick, nor did she receive any stimulation. How she forgot him, it was simply just forgetting about him.

She was only three years old when she met him, just a three years old child, and the memories of the three-year-old were too easy to forget. The people who appeared in the three-year-old memories were easy to forget.

She lived in an environment of loving parents, and at the age of three, she came into his world, sympathizing with him, caring for him, perhaps just out of the love her parents had taught her. She would have shown her love for anyone else, he was nothing special to her at all, just a small passerby who appeared in a long life.

But the ten-year-old boy Lu Junting met that little girl who would give him medicine and hug him on the rooftop. She was just loving unintentionally, but painted the heaviest drawing in his life.

Lu Junting laughed at himself.

He put the painting away, exited the room, walked to the end of the hallway, and lit a cigarette to smoke. He put one hand in his pocket and held a cigarette in the other. The smoke was thick, blurring his expression, but the sharpness under his eyes was still so clear even if covered by smoke, as if it could penetrate everything. That sharp gaze always fell on that door, where she was inside.

He didn’t know what he was doing standing there at night, probably hoping that he might be able to look at her.

The baby’s nursery room had been renovated and now converted into a child’s room. Lin Xiyu put the child on the bed, helped him undress, and helped him wash his face. She laid beside him and stayed quietly with him for a while.

Lin Xiyu came out of Little Baby’s room, and saw Lu Junting standing at the end of the corridor, smoking a cigarette. There was a window at the end of the corridor, and the wind blew in, bringing the coolness of the spring night.

Lu Junting turned his head to look over when he heard the sound, and just in time to meet her gaze at him. Lin Xiyu’s heart tightened sharply.

He just glanced back at her, then went back to smoking.

Lin Xiyu lowered her head to adjust her breathing, and she gently called him, “Brother Junting.”

Brother Junting? This title made him stunned for a moment.

She used to call him like this, but then she hated him so much that she didn’t have the slightest politeness to him.

Why did she suddenly call him like this again?

She also used a gentle tone that had never been used to him before.


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