The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 18 - Speaker of a Legislative

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Chapter 18: Speaker of a Legislative

Ji Ling looked at Carlos in a daze, I don’t expect that you are such a straightforward person, it really surprises me! Of course, I know that Jing Sui doesn't like me, in fact, everyone except the original owner himself already knows this, but no one pointed it out.

It’s like The Emperor’s New Clothes*, everyone sees through it, but no one says anything.
*"The Emperor's New Clothes" is a literary folktale written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, about a vain emperor who gets exposed before his subjects. The tale has been translated into over 100 languages.

And now, this ‘secret’ was being told by Carlos.

Ji Ling felt very embarrassed, as Jing Sui’s number one brain-dead fan, should he be heartbroken, or grieving, or feel deeply hurt by these ‘cruel’ words?

He blinked his eyes, tears came down, reached out and beat Carlos on the chest, crying, “You lie to me! I don’t believe it! He, he… who are you to say he won’t like me!”

As soon Carlos grabbed Ji Ling’s hand, his fingertips brushed his tear-stained cheeks, and looked at the teenager’s hazy eyes as if he lost his soul. He said with a low voice, slow but ruthless, “If he likes you a little, how can he blame you for that lowly commoner?”

Ji Ling said, ‘What you said is too fucking reasonable, reasonable and irrefutable, but I do not want to listen to this kind of words right now ah! I just want to play my water army well and get the reward to go home ah, you this old villain didn’t pit me enough in my previous life, and in this life you even kill me with a thousand knife to hinder my ‘pursuit of true love’, thinking of this, he suddenly sad, you, as a villain boss, why do you have to fight with me as a cannon fodder?’
Ji Ling tearfully said, “Please don’t say anything!”

Carlos looked at the teenager’s tearful eyes, the sadness and vulnerability in those eyes were intertwined, his heart sank slightly. For the first time he found that he would also have a moment of weakness, and he couldn’t bear to continue…

However, if Ji Ling was not allowed to recognize the reality, he would not give up even if he was injured all over by Jing Sui.

Carlos suppressed the pity in his eyes, and said word by word, “Why won’t you accept the reality?”

Ji Ling was pushed back by Carlos, almost didn’t know how to continue. He gritted his teeth and forcefully pushed Carlos, full of ‘I don’t believe, I don’t want to listen’ expression and said viciously, “You go away! I don’t want you to mind my business!”

Saying that, he turned and ran out!

He ran out without looking back, running a long way before cautiously looking back.

Carlos did not follow.

Ji Ling exhaled heavily. Great, fortunately, he was clever just now, and actually thought of such a way to block Carlos’s words, otherwise he almost had to be forced to reveal himself. This old fox is too scary.

It’s not easy, it’s not easy to do the second time.

Carlos quietly watched as the teenager ran away from him with red, sad eyes.

But he didn’t chase after him, didn’t stop him. He just stood there motionless.

Everything in the previous life made him clearly understand how deep Ji Ling’s love for Jing Sui was. It was inevitable that he would find it difficult to accept what he said just now. It didn’t matter if he didn’t believe it for the time being, he would understand this fact one day… At that time, it was time to get him back to himself.

Carlos’s eyes were dark, his thin lips pursed into a straight line, and after a long time, he withdrew his gaze and turned to walk out.

Anderson waited outside the palace. According to custom, the banquet would not end until very late, but this time to his surprise, His Excellency the Duke went in and came out not long after.

He quickly stepped forward and asked respectfully, “Why did you leave early, what happened?”

Carlos held a cane in his right hand, his deep gaze swept over Anderson. The outline of his elegant face seemed to be covered with a layer of coldness in the night, and he spoke lightly, “It’s nothing.”

Anderson lowered his head and did not dare to ask again. He had been with Carlos for many years, and he was the best at observing words, so he knew very well that His Excellency the Duke was not in a good mood now. His Excellency the Duke entered with Young Master Ji Ling, but now he came out alone…

Thinking of His Excellency the Duke’s favor for Young Master Ji Ling during this time, and then remembering the person that Young Master Ji Ling loved in his heart, Anderson felt that he might have discovered a terrible secret. He didn’t dare to speak, lowering his eyebrows and not even daring to look at the Duke.

He bent down to open the door for Carlos, closed it when His Excellency the Duke got into the car, and drove out of the palace himself.

Not long after, the hover car stopped at the Duke’s Mansion.

Anderson said, “If there are no other orders, then I will retire first.”

Carlos turned his head and looked at him with downcast eyes, “Wait.”

Anderson said, “Yes.”

The corners of Carlos’s lips curved into a cold and treacherous arc, and he said lightly, “Since His Majesty wants a good reputation, let’s give him a hand.”

Anderson finally raised his eyes in bewilderment; Isn’t HIs Excellency the Duke most reluctant to see His Majesty gain the support of the commoners? This is very unfavorable to His Excellency the Duke’s layout, and he has been secretly obstructing him before… Now he wants to help His Majesty gain a good reputation?

But he didn’t dare to ask more, and answered respectfully, “Yes.”

Then, he watched as His Excellency the Duke left.

Carlos returned to his manor and stood in the courtyard, looking at the empty garden in the night. The boy was no longer here, and probably wouldn’t be back for a long time.

The look in his eyes became colder and colder, and a killing intent that could not be concealed gradually emerged.

If he wanted Jing Sui to die in his previous life, it had nothing to do with any personal grudges, but just a pure dispute of interests… So in this life, his heart that wanted Jing Sui to die was prompted by jealousy, which was countless times stronger than before!

Carlos’s grip on his cane tightened, and a sneer appeared on his lips. Didn’t you deliberately let the outside world speculate about your affair with Ning Yu in order to win people’s hearts? As the Lord of the Empire, in order to use the power of commoners to weaken the power of the nobles, he did not hesitate to use his marriage as a bargaining chip to marry a lowly commoner. I don't know if I should say that you’re ridiculous, or heartless? What a calm and rational person with no heart ah

But don’t worry, I’ll help you this time.

Because then… the little cutie may give up sooner.

Ji Ling successfully found his parents at the banquet, and then went home together.

He couldn’t understand why the dark and cold Carlos suddenly wanted to intervene in his emotional problems. It was really not like what this villain would do, but slowly Ji Ling also did not want to, he and Carlos’s three views were different and couldn’t not be brought in, perhaps Carlos just had a sudden impulse to help him on whim? After all, he didn’t provoke him in his previous life, and he also pitted himself ah

Although there were some episodes and onlookers who did not play cards according to the routine, on the whole, the plot was completed smoothly today, which made Ji Ling feel slightly comforted.

Next, you just need to wait patiently for the next plot to happen.

According to the description in the book, Jing Sui did not hesitate to punish Ji Ling in order to protect Ning Yu at the Palace Banquet. This matter was quickly spread, everyone knew that Ji Ling was punished by His Majesty because he was looking for trouble with Ning Yu, and in this matter, it looked like Ji Ling was the one who lost face, but the real vested interest was Jing Sui.

Without Jing Sui’s tacit consent, how could such a trivial matter that not many people know about spread and ferment in aristocratic circles in a short period of time, and spread directly to the Internet, becoming a gossip talk of everyone’s afternoon tea?

The message that Jing Sui really wanted to convey was that he valued such an excellent and brave commoner evolutionary as Ning Yu and he was willing to defend his subjects and not hesitate to punish high-ranking noble children like Ji Ling. In his eyes, commoners and nobles were equal.

An expert, truly an expert ah.

A small accident could also be used by him to win people’s hearts.

Not to mention Ji Ling, even Ning Yu was more valuable than emotional problems in Jing Sui’s eyes at the moment. Every time Ji Ling thought of this, he felt that it was also incredible that someone as rational and almost ruthless as Jing Sui could actually like Ning Yu and planned to marry him in the end.

After that, for Ji Ling, he felt it was a perfect win-win situation!

He successfully completed the mission, Jing Sui also gained the reputation he wanted, and got Ning Yu’s favor, perfect!

He didn’t think it would be long for Jing Sui and Ning Yu’s scandal to come out. At that time, he would be able to be jealous logically and went to question Jing Sui. After that, he would be making a fool of himself as he failed to find fault and was slapping himself!

Ji Ling was waiting at home happily, he went on the Internet every day, slept, and ate. This time, Carlos surprisingly did not come to find him and Wen Yan was also busy campaigning and did not appear in front of him. He didn’t know how comfortable it was to live this little life.

Thinking of the reliable gong and shou, Ji Ling seemed to be able to see a bright future beckoning to him…

The news on the Internet was also completely according to his expectations. The news that Jing Sui was defending Ning Yu at the banquet was indeed fermenting like in the previous life. The only thing that surprised Ji Ling a little was that the speed of fermentation and the repercussions caused by this matter were actually faster than in the previous life.

However, he didn’t care about this little change, compared to those few suspected reborn villains, this was simply not a problem. He understood the butterfly effects.

In addition to Jing Sui and Ning Yu during this period of time, there was also one thing that had attracted much attention, and that was the once-in-a-decade general election.

The election would elect a new Speaker of the Legislative.

Ji Ling, who was familiar with the plot, knew very well that Wen Yan would ascend to the Speaker’s throne in this election with an unstoppable and absolute advantage, becoming the first commoner Speaker ever, and his limelight even overshadowed Ning Yu.

Like Ning Yu, Wen Yan would be regarded as an idol and pride by countless commoners. His success represented a breakthrough in the political rights of commoners, which was a historic change.

However, Ji Ling knew that Wen Yan would not take the interests of commoners at heart.

Unlike the upright Ning Yu, he was a pure egotist who had long been sided with Carlos. So, every time Ji Ling had seen various comments praising Wen Yan on the Internet in the previous life, he had to forcefully hold back the flood of power in his body to not reveal Wen Yan’s true colors.

Ji Ling really wanted to desperately shake the neck of the buddy on the other side of the Internet and said, ‘Wake up, wake up! It’s fine if you are becoming Ning Yu’s fans, forget about Wen Yan, he has already colluded with Carlos, the villain, to betray you guys ah!!!’

But Ji Ling held back.

The money was enough, no, the benefits were enough. He definitely did not mess around, he had the professionalism of the mission taker!
Besides, it was useless even if he said it, no one believed him and he was just looking to spray himself…

More than ten days passed like this, doing nothing.

On this day, Ji Ling was sleeping lazily and suddenly woke up by the sound of the communicator, which was actually the long-lost Lodz.

Lodz: “Ahhh, go look at the news ah! Do you know the results of today’s election? Do you know who won?!!!”

Ji Ling was unhappy at being woken up. Isn’t this nonsense? He knew the answer long ago, so he was very calm, he yawned and said, “Who is it ah?”

Lodz raised his voice and almost lifted the roof, “Come on, haven’t you seen such important news? It’s Wen Yan ah, that Wen Yan in your family ah, that commoner Wen Yan in your family ah!”

Said it three times, you can see how shocked this kid is.

Ji Ling was very speechless, but still reluctantly expressed his surprise, “Oh? It’s him?”

Lodz: “It’s him, it’s really him!”

Ji Ling: “...”

Lodz was shocked and then yelled in dissatisfaction, “What are those people doing to eat, they can’t even surpass the commoner and let a commoner become the Speaker of the Legislative! Aren’t they all losers!”

Ji Ling thought to himself that it was probably the mentality of many nobles now, and he said, “What a bunch of losers.”

Lodz was dissatisfied and had to accept the facts, and said sourly, “He also won narrowly, only less than 2% ahead of the 2nd place, but in any case, winning is winning and we have to face a commoner Speaker for the next ten years.”

Ji Ling was stunned and said, “What did you say?”

Lodz: “We have to face a commoner Speaker…”

Ji Ling was silent for a moment and said, “I won’t talk to you anymore!” He snapped and hung up the communication, turned on the news and read it.

The news described the election as very thrilling and turbulent, and the process was described as the most dramatic campaign ever. One of the statistics was that Wen Yan really only less than 2% ahead of the second place, and came close to losing…

However, Ji Ling remembered very clearly that the previous Wen Yan won this seat with an absolute advantage, at least 20% ahead of the second place, so the difference was too big!

Ji Ling could not ignore this major change even if he wanted to.

A sudden thought suddenly appeared in his mind. Could it be that Wen Yan fell out with Carlos?

In the previous life, Wen Yan and Carlos secretly colluded and easily obtained this position, but with Wen Yan’s current status and power, once he lost Carlos’s support, it would be very difficult for him to continue to get the position of Speaker of the Legislative, and to narrowly win would be very impressive!

But why did they break up? There was no contradiction between the two people in the previous life ah, this plot change was inexplicable.

Ji Ling couldn’t help but ask the system: [Do you know what’s going on?]

System was silent: [I don’t know.]

Ji Ling: [...] He shouldn’t expect anything from the system.

At this time, the servant outside came to report, “Young Master, His Excellency Wen Yan is here.”

Tsk, tsk, tsk, what a bunch of guys who are taking advantage of the situation. This result has only just come out, and they’ve started to address Wen Yang by His Excellency.

Ji Ling took back his thoughts, Wen Yan might just come to report the election results to him, but it was rare for him to be in the mood to deal with Wen Yan right now, because he knew that after Wen Yan became the Speaker, he would soon devote himself to his political struggle and escalation line, rapidly growing how own power, and the care of his own Young Master was no longer important to him.

His journey was a starry one, and he would not have time to come around to himself anymore!

When he was thinking about it, Wen Yan had already pushed the door and entered.

Ji Ling sat on the chair, looked at him reservedly and proudly, raised his chin and said, “It’s not bad that you didn’t lose my face outside.”

Wen Yan’s silver hair was tied behind him, and his black phoenix eyes looked respectful, “Fortunately, it’s not insulting.”

Ji Ling seemed to be very satisfied with his attitude, continued to show his arrogance, and snorted condescendingly, “Even if you become the Speaker, don’t get carried away and forget your identity.”

The contempt in his speech and demeanor was unconcealed.

After Ji Ling said this, he planned to wait for Wen Yan to leave. Who knew that Wen Yan suddenly stepped forward, took Ji Ling’s hand, dropped a kiss reverently and gently, and raised his eyes. “I won’t forget.”

Ji Ling was stunned.

Wen Yan gazed deeply at him and said slowly as if making a promise. “No matter what my identity is, one thing will not change, and that is—— I will always be your most loyal servant.”

Ji Ling looked at his narrow phoenix eyes and was in a trance for a moment, then snapped out of it. The acting skills of these villains were really good!

This guy was too hypocritical, too hypocritical.

He withdrew his hand and pouted in disgust. “I know, I know, go away.”

In the face of Ji Ling’s impatient voice, Wen Yan was not annoyed at all, still respectful, and lowered his eyes to remove the burning love in his eyes.

Now outside, everyone was hostile to him, the commoner Speaker, and they couldn’t wait to pull him down from this position. Not only did he need to face countless political opponents, he also had to deal with Carlos’s counterattacks, which was bound to be very difficult.

But whenever and wherever, as long as you are by the teenager’s side, you will feel the warmth from your heart.

Because when everyone faced him with bad intentions, only the teenager did not hide his emotions and faced him sincerely. Even though his mouth said such words, Wen Yan could see that there was not the slightest bit of contempt and disgust in those eyes, and there was not even much shock… It seemed that no matter how far he went, he was able to face it calmly and lightly.

He never questioned him, let alone considered himself unworthy of the position as a lowly commoner.

From the previous life, only the teenager helped him without reservation, seemingly arrogant and prideful, but from the inside of his heart, he looked at himself as an equal, and didn’t change because of changes in the outside world.

For me, everything I want to have now just to protect you.

Ji Ling finally sent Wen Yan away and continued to live his salted fish life.

A few days later, he finally saw the news he wanted to see the most!

There was a well-known gossip media that released a group of photos of Jing Sui entering and leaving Brandon’s house and behaving intimately with Ning Yu, with the text alluding to the close relationship between Jing Sui and Ning Yu, otherwise how could Jing Sui openly blame Ji Ling at the banquet just to protect Ning Yu? The words between the lines hinted at the improper male-male relationship between Jing Sui and Ning Yu, and by the way, took Ji Ling out to step on his toes and became that stepping stone in the love between the gong and shou.

This news immediately caused an uproar, Ning Yu’s fans and Jing Sui’s fans pinched each other’s throats. Jing Sui’s fans said, how could His Majesty like an lowly commoner, he just played for fun. Ning Yu’s fans said that their idol was so strong and so beautiful, he was so good. His Majesty had a discerning eye in looking at him.

When the two sides cursed, they would also occasionally wave over Ji Ling to curse him together.

Ji Ling was very happy to see it, because he was so happy, it didn’t even matter if he was cursed. He finally waited for this news! With his own personality, how could he bear this kind of grievance?

More importantly, he was obsessed with Jing Sui and couldn’t accept this scandal ah!

Ji Ling closed the webpage, immediately switched seamlessly from the salted fish state to the working state, ran to find his mother, and begged, “Mom, I want to enter the palace, can you take me in?”

Madam Marina was choosing clothes at home, and when she heard this, she hesitated and said, “Why do you suddenly want to enter the palace?”

Ji Ling lowered his head and said, “I– I miss Aunt Shaman…”

Madam Marina and Jing Sui’s mother, the Empress Dowager Madam Shaman, was indeed a good bosom friend. Madam Shaman had also been very fond of Ji Ling, but Ji Ling’s lie was too obvious. He clearly wanted to come because of Jing Sui only, but was embarrassed to say it. She touched her son’s head and doted on him. “Alright.”

“Thank you Mom.” Ji Ling said happily.

Madam Marina nodded and smiled. “Come on, it’s only times like this, that you think of your Mom.”

An hour later, the Ji Family’s hover car slowly drove into the garden of the palace.

This Imperial Palace was not unfamiliar in Ji Ling’s memory, the original owner used to come over often, his mother, Madam Marina and Jing Sui’s mother, Madam Shaman, were good sisters since childhood, studying and growing up together. Later, Marina married Grand Duke Ji Ting and Shaman married the previous Emperor of the Empire and gave birth to the Imperial Son, Jing Sui. Both sisters had always been very close to each other.

When the original owner was a child, Madam Marina often took him into the palace to play, so he met Jing Sui, who was ten years older than him, and admired this big brother who was perfect and handsome like a god, and gradually, this admiration had turned into adoration…

In fact, when the original owner was young, he was not so arrogant and disgusting. At that time, Jing Sui treated him well and treated him as a younger brother, but the original owner grew up not only became a bad dandy, but because of excessive possessiveness, often because of jealousy to go to find trouble for Jing Sui’s friends. He gradually made Jing Sui more and more disgusted and impatient with him.

After all, no one liked such a trashtalker who couldn’t be shaken off, was stupid and ignorant and caused trouble all day long.

The car stopped as Ji Ling reminisced, he walked into the gorgeous palace with his mother. Madam Shaman had already been waiting for them in the hall, she was very happy to see Ji Ling and smiled lovingly, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been over here, I miss you very much, Aunt.”

Ji Ling revealed a good-natured smile, he had always been well-behaved and pleasant in front of Madam Shaman.

Madam Shaman took Ji Ling’s hand, looked at it with concern for a long time, and let people prepare a large number of gifts, and said, “These are for you, I know you like it.”

Madam Marina watched from the side, and smiled helplessly, “I told you not to be so polite. Every time we come over, it’s like raiding the palace.”

Madam Shaman raised her eyebrows, and the majesty of the Empress Dowager was full of momentum. “Who dares to say that!”

Ji Ling stayed there for a while, thinking of his mission, he couldn’t sit still, rolled his eyes, and found an opportunity to speak, “Aunt Shaman, mom, I want to go out and look around.”

Madam Shaman and Madam Marian glanced at each other tacitly, and then Madam Shaman turned back to Ji Ling and said dotingly, “Go, and remember to come back early.”

Ji Ling nodded and said, “I know.”

Saying that, he turned around and quickly slipped out of here. He was very familiar with the palace, and most of the servants here also knew Young Master Ji Ling, who was favored by the Empress Dowager, so naturally no one would stop him.

Ji Ling followed his memory and soon arrived outside of Jing Sui’s palace.

In the distance, he heard the roar of the wild beast in the palace, and Ji Ling knew that it was Jing Sui’s pet, a very powerful cloud hunting beast, which he had seen in his previous life. It could scare the piss out of him even when he was locked up in a cage.

Although his legs were a little soft, for the sake of the mission, Ji Ling still walked in stiffly.

The tall man stood in front of an iron cage, his black hair draped over his shoulders, his face was handsome and lingering, his golden pupils were even more dazzling in the sunlight, his shoulders were broad and he had a narrow waist, with slender and straight legs.

He threw a piece of meat on the ground, and the huge beast in the cage quickly devoured it.

Ji Ling looked at the huge monster with a head that was nearly a hundred meters long, covered with sharp bones spikes, and looked fierce, silently swallowed a mouthful of saliva and then turned his head away so that he couldn’t see it, silently thinking in his heart, ‘I can’t see, I can’t see, I don’t see…’

He focused all his gaze on Jing Sui’s body, extremely focused, and never looked around a little! He walked over and raised his head and said, “Brother Jing Sui.”

When no outsiders were present, he called Jing Sui like this, which was their unique title.

Jing Sui already knew that Ji Ling was coming, but it wasn’t until he opened his mouth to call that he looked back at him, with an indifferent look in his eyes, and said, “What are you doing here?”

Ji Ling looked at his cold eyes, remembered the news he had seen before, forcing out her long-brewing tears, her eyes reddened as she looked at him, questioning in a tone of disbelief, “The outside, the outside said that you and Ning Yu are together…”

He looked steadily at Jing Sui and asked, “That’s not true, right?”

Jing Sui looked at Ji Ling’s eyes. The teenager’s clear eyes were so focused, looking at him with hopeful eyes, hoping for a negative answer.

That incident was naturally not true, it was just a rumor that had been caught by someone, but he had no intention of clarifying it, much less explaining this to Ji Ling.

The corners of Jing Sui’s lip slowly lifted, and after a long time, he chuckled. “What if I say, it’s true?”

He looked into the teenager’s sad eyes that suddenly turned into disbelief and leaned over to approach him. His golden pupils flashed with a cool, teasing smile as he slowly said, “And what are you going to do about it?”


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