The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 17 - Provoking

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Chapter 17: Provoking

Ji Ling held his breath and hid behind the big tree, and not long after, he saw Ning Yu also come over.

After a few days, Ning Yu did not seem to be affected by the kidnapping, he still looked handsome, his green eyes were gentle and calm. He obviously recognized Jing Sui, he walked over and nodded and smiled, “Your Majesty.”

Jing Sui looked sideways at him and raised the corner of his mouth slightly, “It’s you.”

Ji Ling quietly watched both of them talking from the sidelines, and his heart was excited!

The plot is finally right!

It’s good!

The meeting, the conversation, and the demeanor of the two… All are exactly the same as the previous life! Ji Ling was moved to almost cry with joy, after facing so many villains who pitted, he finally saw someone who was willing to follow the plot. Sure enough, the protagonist gong and shou is still reliable!

You are my hope to go home! My closest friend in this foreign country!

Over there, Jing Sui and Ning Yu talked cordially for a few moments, and then left for a while because of something. It was okay, Ji Ling knew he would be back soon, and in the middle of it all was the stage for him to make use of it, perfect!

In fact, there was nothing too ambiguous about Jing Sui and Ning Yu’s conversation, as for liking, it was at most a little bud just now, and it should be more appreciation and approval.

If this scene seemed normal to others, they would only think that Jing Sui associated with him to win over people’s hearts.

But Ji Ling, as a vicious cannon fodder, didn’t need logic to court disaster for himself! Just forcibly take your IQ offline, and go to make trouble for anyone Jing Sui has ever spoken to in a pleasant manner!

As for whether his behavior will be hated by Jing Sui?

Sorry, that’s not important.

Ji Ling quietly waited for Jing Sui to leave, and then he fixed his expression. He majestically walked towards Ning Yu under the tree while letting out an angry voice, “It’s you again!”

Ning Yu raised his head, and when he saw that it was Ji Ling who had come, his brows furrowed slightly and unnoticeably.

Ji Ling glared at him fiercely, and said furiously, “You lowly commoner, who let you come here? If you want to seduce His Majesty, His Majesty will not take a fancy to you!”

Ning Yu looked at Ji Ling, his thin lips pursed slightly, revealing an unreasonable expression, not willing to entangle with Ji Ling at all, turned around and left.

But Ji Ling finally seized the opportunity, how could he let him go? Reaching out, he grabbed Ning Yu and shouted, “Where are you going? Stop right there!”

Ning Yu’s sleeves were pulled by Ji Ling, and he could only stop, looking back at the boy who was flailing at him like a grimacing beast snarling at him, ignorant and fearless. He suddenly laughed angrily, “Let go of me.”

Ji Ling glared at him, “No!”

Ning Yu looked at him with a cold expression.

Ji Ling wasn’t going to be intimidated, it wasn’t like Ning Yu could do anything to him. He showed a standard vicious cannon fodder jealousy look in high spirits and said loudly, “If you dare to come close to His Majesty again, I’ll definitely not let you off the hook! Next time, you won’t be so lucky that someone will come to your rescue!”

Ning Yu lowered his eyes to look at him, the corners of her lips hooked up, and a meaningful voice was emitted, “Really?”

This voice was his usual warmth, but mixed with a trace of unfathomable coldness, like a cold current hidden beneath the abyss of ten thousand fathoms under the melting sun of the rising sun… Let Ji Ling could not help but shiver, feeling the creepy anger from the soles of his feet.

This—this  must be his illusion, how could the lovely and honest protagonist make such a terrible voice!

Ji Ling was a little distracted, and almost forgot the following lines.

Fortunately, at this time, Jing Sui appeared again!

The corner of Ji Ling’s eyes caught a glimpse of Jing Sui coming over his way, his expression turned back to his senses. He simply stopped talking, raising his palm to slap Ning Yu! At the same time, he shouted, “Recognize yourself, and stay away from His Majesty!”

As expected, this slap had failed.

Ji Ling felt that his wrist was heavily held by a strong grip. When he raised his head, his eyes fell into a pair of cold golden pupils, and the indifferent eyes of the man looked at him lightly, chilling him to the core.

After experiencing so many setbacks, Ji Ling finally met a character who was so cooperative and reliable! Immediately moved, his eyes reddened, holding back tears of happiness, he said incoherently, “Your—Your Majesty…”

Jing Sui’s thin lips pursed slightly, and the impatience in his golden pupils flickered. If he hadn’t thought about Grand Duke Ji Ting’s face, he would have long since stopped tolerating Ji Ling, his brows furrowed and he said sternly, “What are you doing?”

Ji Ling’s eyes shone when he heard this. He acted as if he was saddened and shocked as he muttered, “Your Majesty, you actually blame me for this lowly commoner?”

The look in Jing Sui’s eyes became even colder, he gripped even harder and looked down into Ji Ling’s eyes. His voice contained a hidden warning, he was indifferent. “If you continue to fool around like this next time, I’ll tell Grand Duke Ji ting and let him discipline you well.”

Although he didn’t mention a single word about Ning Yu from beginning to end, his protection of Ning Yu and his disdain for Ji Ling were overflowing. His calm and coldness made Ji Ling’s quarrel seem so ridiculous and unreasonable!

In Jing Sui’s eyes, he was probably just a jumping clown who caused trouble for him everywhere.

Ah, this contemptuous line was exactly the same as in the original book.

Ji Ling’s tears almost welled up, thinking that even if there were 
eleven million abnormal villains, as long as the gong and shou still followed the plot and could still say the right lines, then he could continue to do this mission!

He looked at Jing Sui’s cold face, but it was as if he saw the light of victory.

A glimmer of hope in someone’s darkest hour.

It was rare to encounter such a suitable scene, Ji Ling was about to continue to play a little. However, before he had the chance to speak, he heard a suddenly sharp voice with a hint of anger coming from the side, “Jing Sui!”

Who! Dare to call the Emperor by his first name so boldly?

Ji Ling looked back in shock, and saw Brandon dressed in a black military uniform, his expression uniform, his expression was cold and striding forward, and there was undisguised anger in his gray pupils!

He couldn’t help but be stunned, the previous Brandon did not appear here at all… This is a double act between him and Jing Sui, what are you doing here ah?

In the blink of an eye, Brandon had already arrived in front of him, his tall body blocking in front of Ji Ling, raising his hand to pinch Jing Sui’s wrist that was holding Jing Ling, his gray eyes looking at Jing Sui without avoiding or flickering, and said word by word, “Release his hand.”

Ji Ling: “...”

Jing Sui raised his eyes, and the incomprehensible look under his eyes flashed away, but he slowly let go of his hand and looked at Brandon thoughtfully.

Seeing that Jing Sui finally let go of his hand, Brandon couldn’t even be bothered to accuse Jing Sui first, and hurriedly turned back to look at the teenager he had shielded behind him. The teenager’s eyes were red, looking at him with a look of wanting to cry, and a red mark was pinched on his white wrist, which showed that Jing Sui was not merciless, all of which made Brandon’s heart ache.

Jing Sui was too much, how could he bear to treat Ji Ling like this?

In the previous life, because he didn’t care about Ji Ling at all, he didn’t notice what happened at the banquet, only later did this matter spread out, and everyone knew that Ji Ling had humiliated Ning Yu at the banquet and was punished by His Majesty. Only then did he realize what had happened in the first place, but even if he heard about it at that time, he had only laughed it off.

After being reborn, fearing that the old thing would repeat itself and hurt the teenager, Brandon hurried over, but he was a step too late.

He should have stopped all this.

Ji Ling looked at the worried and concerned look in Brandon’s eyes. This time Brandon’s defense was so obvious, the image was so contradictory that it made Ji Ling’s brain couldn’t turn for a while. This iron-blooded soldier who had always been cold would actually defend a dandy like himself…

Help, he can’t really be reborn!

But even if you are reborn, what’s the deal with you not staying away from me, the hateful dandy who’s giving you a hard time, but instead contradicting Jing Sui for me ah? Isn’t he your best friend?!

As soon as Ji Ling thought of what Brandon did, his tears almost didn’t stop, but he quietly glanced at Jing Sui’s cold face, and it was like a shot in the arm again, at least the protagonist is still normal!

Steady, don’t panic.

He can still continue!

Ji Ling turned a blind eye to Brandon, biting his lip and looking at Jing Sui deadly, as if he was stubbornly enduring his grief!

Jing Sui didn’t even give him a single glance from the corner of his eye, but instead, with his hands behind his back and his lingering eyes looking thoughtfully at Brandon, he slowly said, “Why are you here?”

Brandon looked at Ji Ling’s persistent and stubborn sad eyes, and felt sorry in his heart. Hearing Jing Sui’s plain words at this moment, it was suddenly like a fuse, causing much dissatisfaction in his heart to instantly explode out!

You clearly understand how much Ji Ling loves you. He just wants you to care about him a little bit more, looking at him more, but you always disdain him, no fear of contempt, trample on his heart.

Abandoning a piece of his heart.

Do you know how he died in his previous life? Even if you hurt him like this, he still paid with his life for you…

But do you care? Maybe not.

The pure sincerity of a teenager should not be treated like this.
Brandon endured the anger churning in his chest, looked at Jing Sui coldly, letting out a sneer, “Your Majesty, with your identity, it is not appropriate to be so calculating with a child, right?”

Jing Sui’s eyes were slightly condensed, fixed on Brandon. Since just now he noticed that Brandon was not right. This moment was confirmed, but what puzzled him was why did Brandon was defending a dandy he once despised the most? Instead, ignoring your comrades?

This is completely illogical.

The one he should be defending is Ning Yu.

Jing Sui turned his head and glanced at Ning Yu, who hadn't said a word since a moment ago and had almost no presence with his eyes downcast and restrained, and his brows frowned.

Ning Yu… doesn’t seem to be surprised.

He just stood there quietly like a bystander.

A moment later, Jing Sui turned around and said lightly, “Since you opened your mouth, I naturally won’t care anymore.”

Although he was disgusted with Ji Ling’s nonsense, coming at this time to provoke Ning Yu with his stupidity and disrupt his plans, he said that he would let Ji Ting discipline him. Since Brandon objected and Ning Yu did not have any opinions, then naturally there was no need to make Brandon unhappy for this.

Compared with Brandon’s support for himself in the Military Department, Ji Ling’s matter was so small that it was not worth mentioning.

But Jing Sui planned to reveal this. Ji Ling was unwilling, he finally encountered such a good opportunity, how can he let Brandon spoil it?!

He immediately stepped forward, looked at Jing Sui with reddened eyes, relentlessly pursuing, “Where did I do wrong? I’m not wrong? Can’t I not slap this lowly commoner?!”

Jing Sui’s eyes were slightly cold, and his thin lips were pursed, as if he was suppressing the impatience in his heart.

When Brando saw Ji Ling’s reluctance, he was distressed and helpless. Although he knew that the teenager just loved Jing Sui too much… But doing this would only show that he was the one who was vexatious and unreasonable.

Seeing that the atmosphere was somewhat stagnant, a cool voice came from the side.

Carlos was wearing a black clothes, his posture was calm and elegant, with both hands holding the silver black cane, lazily leaning on the tree trunk. He didn’t know how long he had been watching on the side, and at this moment, the corner of his mouth raised slightly. He raised his head and let out a chuckle. “Little cutie is right, it's just a lowly commoner, why can't he be slapped?”

Jing Sui’s pupils shrank, his eyes were cold, and he looked closely at Carlos.

Brandon also glared angrily at the same time. Although between Ji Ling and Ning Yu he chose to defend Ji Ling, it was all the guilt from his previous life that had tilted the scales in his heart, which did not mean that he could tolerate Carlos, a bastard, to humiliate his comrade!

Carlos met the gaze of the two people, calmly looked into Jing Sui’s eyes, and smiled slowly, “Am I right? Your Majesty——”

The last two words were drawn out in a long tone, with a hint of sarcasm and provocation.

Jing Sui’s eyes changed slightly.

Ji Ling turned his head to look at Jing Sui, wanting to see what reaction he had. Although Carlos in the previous life only watched from the sidelines and did not get involved, a lot of things were different in this life, and Ji Ling wasn’t that surprised by Carlos’s appearance. But Carlos’s attitude didn’t matter…

The attitude of the male lead was the key.

The air froze for a moment like a frozen abyss of a thousand feet, and even breathing could be clearly heard.

In such silence, Jing Sui looked directly at Carlos. His golden eyes were cold and chilling, and said, “Major Ning Yu is a heroic soldier, and as a citizen of the Empire, he deserves the respect that belongs to him, so please take back your inappropriate wording, Carlos.”

Carlos looked at Jing Sui.

After a long time, he shrugged his shoulders and smiled lazily. “It seems that Your Majesty must protect him?”

Jing Sui looked at him lightly, him tone was calm, but with the unquestionable nature of being an Emperor, and he said loudly, “Yes.

Ji Ling saw Jing Sui defending Ning Yu so strongly in front of Carlos, and he couldn’t wait to give him a thumbs up. I like a reliable big brother like you! Determined not to fall apart as a character simply can’t be better!

The tears that had been swirling in his eyes since a moment ago, finally flowed down.

Brandon looked at the young man in a trance as he looked at Jing Sui silently shedding tears, his heart ached as if it was being gripped by a hand. He had always known that Jing Sui was a person who was ruthless to the point of being emotionless, and also knew that he wouldn’t stop for anyone at all, but seeing such a scene… For the first time, there was a strong resentment and anger in his heart towards this friend he once knew and trusted.

You’re just going head-to-head with Carlos, and don’t care if a teenager gets hurt by misunderstanding this.

Even hurting others without realizing it.

Or maybe you know and just don’t care.

Brandon clenched his fists and closed his eyes in pain, but was he really qualified to blame Jing Sui? Such a scene reminded him of himself in his previous life…

In the previous life, did he also hurt the teenager like this?

Ji Ling looked at Jing Sui, who had a cold look, and then at Brandon, who was struggling with his eyes, and finally his gaze fell on Carlos, who was standing lazily.

Seeing the three big guys standing against each other, the plot had been beaten by Brandon and Carlos, and even the original author probably didn’t recognize them anymore… Fortunately, after his unremitting efforts, he can be regarded as having achieved his goal! Because Jing Sui had slapped him in the face in front of Ning Yu. He could logically be deeply jealous about Ning Yu and start planning his next move.

There was no use in staying, and it was time to retreat.

Ji Ling wiped the corners of his eyes, pretending to look at Jing Sui with hatred, it seemed that he couldn’t withstand such a blow at all, and suddenly turned his head and ran out with tears!

Brandon originally wanted to chase him out, but Carlos was one step faster than him.

Remembering the teenager’s trust dependence on Carlos, Brandon stopped with difficulty, his eyes struggling with the fact that now the teenager is grieving, and his presence would only make it more difficult and frightening for him, right?

He clenched his right hand and slowly looked back at Jing Sui. The pain in his eyes flickered, and his voice was low and hoarse, with a trace of deep weakness and exhaustion, “You shouldn’t be so harsh on him, he just… like you.”

Ji Ling left the scene of the accident with ‘heartbroken’, but now is not the time to relax, for he knew that Carlos had come after him, and the rest of the play had to be performed.

Carlos, the old fox, was too perceptive, but he couldn’t let him notice his problem.

He ran to a pool before he stopped, panting, looking back at Carlos, with grievous tears in his eyes, and made a choked soft voice, “Uncle Carlos…”

Carlos took out a handkerchief, gently wiped the tears from the corners of the teenager’s eyes, and said gently, “Don’t cry.”

Ji Ling told himself to cry! Keep crying!

With red eyes and tears flowing silently, he said, “His Majesty, he actually treated me like this for the sake of a lowly commoner… He actually protects him like this…”

Carlos looked at the sadness in the teenager’s blue eyes, and the jealousy in his heart was like a poisonous snake spitting out its letter. Although he had always known that Ji Ling liked Jing Sui, when he saw this scene with his own eyes, he was still so jealous that it was painful. He couldn’t wait to directly possess the teenager in this way, so that his eyes could no longer look at anyone else and shed tears for someone else.

Ji Ling looked at Carlos’s dark expression, remembering that he was a big villain who wanted to kill people without saying a word. He really didn’t dare to say a bad word about Ning Yu in front of him, and suddenly he had a flash of inspiration. He couldn’t mention Ning Yu but he could mention Jing Sui ah! Anyway, Jing Sui was the one Carlos couldn’t kill even if he wanted to!

He felt that he was simply too smart. He swallowed back Ning Yu’s name and began to dutifully hate Jing Sui, crying. “His Majesty also said that he would tell my father and let him discipline me… In his eyes, am I such an unreasonable person?”

Carlos looked at the teenager’s indignant appearance, and remembered all the things in his previous life. The depths of his eyes were cold, and he couldn’t help but feel murderous intent towards Jing Sui.

Ji Ling said in his heart that both of them were big guys anyway, and they would not implicate the innocent. He desperately put up a persona for himself, reddened his eyes and questioned, “I like him so much, why doesn’t he like me… to like that lowly commoner, what’s so great about that lowly commoner?”

Carlos looked at him fixedly for a long time, and then slowly exhaled a breath. The color of his eyes as dark as a whirlpool, he gently took the boy’s trembling body into his arms, and his voice was gentle with a low tone, “Then just don’t like him.”

How can this be! I just ‘like’ Jing Sui even to death!

Ji Ling persisted, “I like him!”

Carlos looked at the boy’s stubborn and bright eyes, even if he was scorned and hurt like this, it didn’t damage your heart for him in the slightest. Why do you refuse to recognize reality earlier? Why do you refuse to give up even when you’ve been injured all over?

That person, where is his worth for you to like him this much?

He simply doesn’t deserve your affection at all.

Carlos closed his eyes and opened them again. The gentle love and compassion under his eyes was finally covered by a cruel and cold color. He pressed one hand on the boy’s shoulder, lowered his head slightly, gazed down into the teenager’s eyes and said, “Don’t you understand yet?”

Ji Ling looked at him in bewilderment.

He saw Carlos’s thin lips open lightly, and he made a low and slightly cool voice, “He won’t like you, no matter what you do…”

“He won’t like you.”


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