The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 16 - Jing Sui

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Chapter 16: Jing Sui

Ji Ling lived in Carlos’s Mansion for a few days, trying his best to do something wrong every day, making a fuss, except for the fact that he couldn’t kill people, he did all the other bad things he could think of.

He used rose petals carefully cultivated in Carlos’s garden from precious seeds preserved from ancient Earth to make tea, broke several precious cloud crystal statues from the Saltu Star in the hall, and accidentally burned an entire garden during barbecue. He spent his days in Carlos’s study, sitting in Carlos’s chair reading his collection of ancient books and occasionally ordering his servants to go and fetch him delicacies from other faraway stars…


Carlos didn’t mind at all!

He never showed even a hint of displeasure, and even said that he would let the ancient botanical academicians of the Imperial Academy of Sciences to cultivate more ancient roses to make tea for his little darling. As for the broken Saltu Star’s cloud crystal, it was not worth mentioning, he was only afraid of hurting his little darling’s hand.

What could Ji Ling do? He was also desperate ah!

Moreover, these days he lived here with Carlos, every nook and cranny of this place had been checked, and there was no discovery. As for Carlos himself, he was even more tightlipped and he couldn’t see anything but spoil himself…

Ji Ling took the last remaining rose and began to tear the petals down piece by piece…

Carlos was reborn.

Carlos was not reborn.

Carlos was reborn.

Carlos was not reborn.

Carlos was reborn.

The system remembered everything he had witnessed these days, and couldn’t bear to say: [I recently played games with friends, but I was unlucky and kept losing, but it’s actually nothing to lose once or twice in this kind of thing, as long as you can win in the end.]

Ji Ling was stunned and made a muffled voice: [What exactly are you trying to convey?]

The system saw that Ji Ling was finally willing to talk to him, and quickly said: [I want to tell you that failure is the mother of success. Once or twice won’t work, you can still do it three or four times.]

Ji Ling: [...]

Once or twice is already tough, and you are telling me there will be three or four times? Why don’t you simply say it a million times? It’s really a great way to comfort people.

Ji Ling held back his anger: [So, time has passed a long time, have you figured out if they've been reborn or not?]

System: [Not yet…]

Ji Ling interrupted him with a smile: [Then why don’t you explode on the spot?]

The system was silent for a moment, and held back a sentence: [A person of quality will not easily make personal attacks on others.]

Ji Ling: [I didn’t make personal attacks on you easily. I’ve been putting up with it for a long time, it’s not ‘easy’ at all, really :) ]

System: [...] He must be out of his mind to think of comforting his host!

Kindness is not rewarded, a cold war is a must!

——It was destined to be a fruitless mutual injury.

Ji Ling finished the system and tore off the last petal on his hand, oh no… just now he was so focused on talking to the system, where did he count?!

With a black face, he threw the bare flower branch on the ground, and stepped on it by the way.

Then walked out the door.

The servant waiting outside saw Ji Ling come out, and immediately said respectfully, “Young Master Ji Ling, do you need anything?”

The servant was the one who was almost killed before for blocking Ji Ling from entering the study, and he carefully looked at the handsome teenager in front of him. At the moment he was respectful from the bottom of his heart. Although the outside world said that Ji Ling was a dude who did everything evil, and the teenager’s behavior did seem to be bad, he inexplicably had a good impression of the teenager in front of him in his heart.

He never imagined that one day…

Someone could be that fearless to face the bloody and terrifying Grand Duke Carlos head on to defend a lowly life as him.

The teenager was not a gentleman, but he was a brave and kind child despite his willfulness.

Besides, with the teenager’s noble status, what was wrong with being willful and arrogant?

Ji Ling didn’t know the complicated thoughts in the other party’s heart, he didn’t like to be served and said lazily, “No need.”

Then he walked alone in the direction of the garden.

In fact, he was pondering how he should say goodbye to Carlos now that he hadn’t gotten anything out of this visit other than testing Carlos’s tolerance for himself.

Gradually, Ji Ling also figured it out.

Whether Carlos was reborn or not, one thing would never change. The struggle with Jing Sui was the most important thing for Carlos, it was his obsession for two lifetimes, and he himself was just an unexpected variable, which belonged to the details that had nothing to do with the overall situation.

In case Carlos was really reborn, and was guilty because of his help in his previous life, and decided to make it up to himself a bit in this life, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, it was just a matter of seeing what happened.

Presumably, when the main plot began, he would not have time to take care of himself.

For Ji Ling, how to match Jing Sui and Ning Yu was the most important thing.

So… he had to go to the palace banquet tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night, Jing Sui would hold a banquet in the Imperial Palace. The invitees would include not only the many high-level Imperial Nobles, but also the national idol who had made great achievements in the Nado Star, Ning Yu, the Rising Star.

Inviting officers from commoner backgrounds to attend the banquet of the Imperial Family undoubtedly reflected His Majesty’s importance and equal treatment of commoners.

According to the experience of his previous life and the plot of the original book, not Ning Yu should have truly met Jing Sui in Brandon’s home, and whether it was for the purpose of winning people’s hearts or because he liked it, Jing Sui would show favor to Ning Yu at the banquet. When he participated in the banquet and saw Jing Sui and Ning Yu talking together, he was ‘extremely jealous’ and he stepped forward to slap Ning Yu in the face, but was mercilessly slapped in the face by his beloved. Finally, he completely resented Ning u, paving the way for his next time, and also gave Jing Sui the opportunity to protect Ning Yu to enhance their relationship.

As a commoner from an ordinary background, Ning Yu was valued and wooed by many Imperial Nobles, and was able to make Jing Sui personally show favor to him, causing many people to be afraid but not dare to act rashly, which was closely related to the huge reputation he had among the commoners today.

That was the power of idols, right…

After all, his every move involved the situation and public opinion, and whoever wanted to do something must think twice before acting. The consequences of touching a national idol that everyone knew were completely different from touching a nameless, faceless passerby.

Although Ning Yu’s identity had pushed him into the limelight, becoming an important pawn in the game of all parties, it was also the greatest protection for him.

Only the original owner of his body, a fool with a love brain, would go up to find trouble with Ning Yu because of a little thing. His miserable end was inevitable, and he was really a cannon fodder from wherever he was viewed.

Ji Ling thought of this and kicked the stone at his feet, sighed quietly. He would wait for Carlos to come back later to say goodbye to him. Since he couldn’t understand his purpose, the big deal was to hide farther away from him in the future.

He wouldn’t give up because of a little accident!

Carlos came back from outside, and at a glance he saw a teenager sitting on a stone bench with his chin propped up in a daze, and couldn’t help but see a soft color in his eyes.

These days, the teenager stayed here and at any time he could see his vivid expression, his open eyes, his wanton smile.. The teenager’s kindness was simply hard to hide, even if he arrogantly messed around, he had never hurt anyone, and this time Carlos saw it even more clearly.

The teenager is like a blazing star, warming his cold heart with every move.

The closer you get, the more you will be drawn in a little…

In his previous life, how could he bear to hurt him like that?

The pain in Carlos’s eyes flickered as he walked over to Ji Ling, revealing a gentle and warm expression. He smiled and said in a low voice, “What are you thinking?”

Ji Ling didn’t notice that Carlos was back just now because of his distraction, to say that the only gain the past few days was that he knew how he would not provoke Carlos. Carlos’s tolerance for him was much higher than he imagined, and gradually he was not so afraid, and his courage was also a little more open.

Thinking about what was on his mind, Ji Ling’s lips moved slightly, “Uncle Carlos.”

Carlos’s eyes softened, and he signaled him to say whatever he had to say.

Ji Ling paused, looked at him and said seriously, “I’ve been living here for a few days now and I want to go home.”

Carlos did not have a strong reaction, as if everything was in his expectation. He raised his hand and touched Ji Ling’s head, and asked softly, “Why? Are you unhappy staying here?”

Ji Ling was a little uncomfortable, why did Carlos always like to do such intimate acts recently? He doesn’t even want to be touched on the head by Carlos at all, okay? Not realizing that he had lost his first kiss, Ji- Straight Man- Ling felt that Carlos, the old fox, had been acting strange recently, but he couldn’t tell where.

However, he did not think about it, but blinked his eyes and said, “No, it’s me…” His cheeks were red, his eyes showed a shy look, biting his lip as he said, “Tomorrow my father will enter the palace to participate in the banquet, and I want to go along.”

The excuse for resignation was ready before he came, he was going to leave here and enter the palace to meet his sweetheart!

Who knew that as soon as the words fell, he saw Carlos, who had always looked gentle and spoiled him these days, had cold eyes, and his body exuded an icy aura.

Ji Ling had long been accustomed to Carlos who never seemed to be angry, and suddenly saw him showing such a terrible side, and couldn’t help but be stunned, looking at Carlos in shock and uncertainty, not knowing which sentence he said was wrong.

Carlos took a deep breath and looked at the boy’s doubtful and panicked eyes, only then realized that he had not controlled his emotions just now, which might have scared the teenager, but at the moment just now, the pain of uncontrollable jealousy in his chest wrapped around his heart like a vine, bringing up a wave of annoyance that he could barely keep from hiding. 

He knew why Ji Ling wanted to enter the palace, and the answer was obvious, because it would allow him to see Jing Sui.

He invited Ji Ling to come to his house, not mentioning a word about the palace banquet, just hoping that the teenager would forget about it.

Not wanting to see the teenager continued to approach the man like a moth flew into the flame.

But in the end, he still can’t avoid it, his own existence and all his efforts… It was not enough to offset the position that Jing Sui occupied in Ji Ling’s mind, no more than a single look, a single word from Jing Sui.

He himself was nothing more than an elder he respected, and Jing Sui, was the one he truly loved with everything he had.

Even if you change, you can’t change the trajectory of fate.

It’s impossible to let Ji Ling not see him.

Thinking that the two were about to meet, and thinking of the teenager’s loving gaze. He would look at the other man without reservation, and he would still be obsessed with the wrong love and not regret… All of this made Carlos jealous and painful.

Carlos, who was born with everything, this was the first time he’d even tasted jealousy and unwillingness.

Approaching him so carefully and spoiling him only made the teenager less afraid of him… Jing Sui, on the other hand, can easily get everything he’s ever wished for.

Ji Ling looked at Carlos carefully, the man’s elegant face was covered with a thin layer of frost, and the look under his eyes was as dark as a bottomless abyss, and seemed to be brewing something extremely terrible, gloomy…

He was frightened, why did Carlos suddenly change his face, could it be related to Jing Sui?!

Speaking of Jing Sui, he is his lifelong enemy ah. In previous life, Carlos was defeated in Jing Sui’s hand. So, right now he is really poking his scars, right? With Carlos’s proud heart, the only person who could make him change his face must be Jing Sui! It turned out that Jing Sui is the anti-scale that can’t be mentioned in front of Carlos ah

The more Ji Ling thought about it, the more he felt that it was the case, suspecting once again that Carlos had been reborn and resented Jing Sui even more because of his failure in his previous life. But scared as he was, this party was something he had to go to, so he pretended to be puzzled and said, “Uncle Carlos, what's wrong with you?”

Carlos slowly came back to his senses, looked into the boy’s eyes, and suppressed the pain in his heart little by little, and the dark look under his eyes surged and disappeared, and finally there was only the complex depth that could not be seen through.

For a long time, it seemed as if he had finally made some kind of decision.

He spoke slowly, “If it’s just this matter, you don’t have to make a special trip back.”

Ji Ling looked at him suspiciously.

Carlos’s thin lips were slightly raised, looked deeply at Ji Ling and said, “I can take you there as well.

Because Carlos personally promised to bring himself to the banquet, Ji Ling really had no excuse to insist on leaving, so he had to stay at Carlos’s home and pray that tomorrow would go well.

The next day, Ji Ling just got up, rubbed his eyes and sat up from the bed, and saw the servants respectfully send in the prepared clothes, and when he was about to help Ji Ling change his clothes, Carlos walked in and said lightly, “You guys go out, I’ll do it.”

Ji Ling: “...”

He looked at the servants who disappeared in a flash, and hated that he couldn’t reach his hand to hold them! But in the end, reason prevailed over impulse, innocently looking at Carlos with his eyes open and said nothing.

Carlos looked at the dazed and surprised look in the teenager’s eyes, and the emotions of love and jealousy in his heart were intertwined, hiding the complex emotions under his eyes. He picked up his clothes and walked to Ji Ling’s side, said in a gentle voice, “This is what I chose specifically for you, and it should suit you very well.”

Ji Ling looked at the well-dressed villain who was ready to help him change his clothes timidly. After a long time of hesitation and struggle, he finally chose to follow his heart.

Behaving well, he opened his arms and changed into the clothes Carlos was holding.

Carlos lowered his eyes slightly, his slender fingers pinched the delicate gemstone buttons, one by one to help Ji Ling to fasten them, reaching out to smooth out the folds of his shoulders, his gaze slowly moved downward, landing on the teenager’s fair and beautiful neck. From this angle, you could see the hidden collarbones, beautiful and fragile… Carlos paused slightly, buttoned the last button before releasing his hand and taking a step back.

Looking at the teenager in front of him.

The teenager was wearing a little white tuxedo with gold trim, dark blue gemstone buttons lining his blue eyes, a slim cut that wrapped his slender body and his short blond hair combed softly to the side, perfect and noble… It was like a little prince coming out of the painting.

And like a pure and flawless angle, standing defenseless before him.

Carlos’s Adam’s apple shrugged for a moment. A moment later, he bent down and stretched out his hand to Ji Ling, staring at him with an elegant and deep gaze, and his thin lips opened slightly, “It’s time for us to go.”

Ji Ling hesitated for a moment, but still put his hand into Carlos’s hand, and was led out by him in a trance.

Not long after, the hover car stopped at the gate of the palace.

The Imperial Palace was the highest symbol of power in the entire Empire. Despite the fact that after many years of development, the Empire had a fairly complete political system, with a military ministry and a parliament and so on to check and balance the power of the Imperial Family. The Emperor was still recognized by everyone as the supreme ruler of the Empire. However, in fact, every Emperor’s power was inseparable from his own strength as well.

A powerful Emperor would have more rights to speak, while a weak Emperor would have the power that belonged to him divided mercilessly among the nobles.

Although Jing Sui had been on the throne for less than ten years, there was no doubt that he was a powerful Emperor. Not only did he possess the super strength of an SSS-level evolutionary, but at the same time, his cold and decisive skills had allowed him to stand firm amongst the many tiger-eyed nobles and posed a great threat to Carlos after uniting with Brandon.

He wanted to break the thousand-year-old status quo of the Empire and changed the relationship between nobles and commoners.

This was not destined to be an easy thing, it required not only ability, but also great courage, and Jing Sui happened to have both. He was the existence of the most powerful protagonist aura in this book ah!

Ji Ling looked up at the gate of the palace that was almost towering into the sky, remembering today’s plot and what would happen next. He settled his mind and stepped inside.

All kinds of celebrities and nobles were passing by around them, and when they saw Carlos and Ji Ling, who was following him, they all saluted respectfully and greeted him.

Ji Ling was well-behaved on the surface, but his eyes turned slightly. He had to find an opportunity to leave Carlos and act alone, after all, Carlos was too eye-catching for his own mission. And with Carlos around… Ning Yu would be only passively beaten, how else could he complete today’s portion of ‘being slapped in the face’ plot?

Carlos must be thrown away!

Given that Carlos looked closely at him during this time, Ji Ling was a little worried, but it didn’t take long for him to finally wait for the right opportunity. Lieutenant General Hawke and several other well-dressed nobles greeted Carlos.

Ji Ling took the opportunity to speak and said, “Uncle Carlos, you go ahead and get busy first, I’ll just go in by myself.”

He thought that Carlos would not agree, and even when he was about to take out his father as an excuse, he saw Carlos show him a gentle smile and said, “Okay.”

Ji Ling was stunned. How could Carlos suddenly agree so fast…

But he didn’t think much about it, he could finally get rid of Carlos! So he  was surprised and then left. By now Jing Sui should have met up with Ning Yu, right?

Carlos didn’t move, his hand holding the cane tightened, looking at the back of Ji Ling as he hurriedly left. His eyes narrowed slightly, and a dark cold color flashing through his pupils.

Go ahead.

Go and see with your own eyes how cold and heartless is the one you love so much.

Then you will eventually come back to me.

Ji Ling followed his memory to the palace, passed through the gorgeous garden corridors, passed the beautiful pool fountain, and finally made it to a shade where he met the tall black-haired man with golden eyes in the shade of a tree.

He hurriedly and quietly hid behind a large tree and took a deep breath to fix his eyes on it again.

The man had a handsome face like a god, his long black hair draped behind him, under his straight eyebrows, his golden pupils were glowing with a cool light, so sharp that people did not dare to look directly at him. His lips were pale and thin, he had a high and straight nose, even if he stood there motionless, he still had a noble and compelling presence, which made it impossible for anyone to ignore.

He was the male lead of this book, the supreme ruler of the Empire today—— Emperor Jing Sui!


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