The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 15 - A Kiss

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Chapter 15: A Kiss

In the huge center of the imperial city, in addition to the majestic Imperial Palace, Duke Carlos’s mansion occupied the most expansive area.

It was said that Grand Duke Carlos’s family was one of the longest inherited nobles in the empire. The earliest could be traced back to the distant era of the Earth. The family’s hereditary wealth could hardly be measured by numbers, and the heritage was extremely rich. In the hand of Carlos, all of this not only did not decline but went to a higher level, its power and wealth made countless Imperial Nobles difficult to match, and was worthy of the top wealth.

This was also the key to Carlos being able to fight Jing Sui for a whole book, he was indeed too powerful!

However, Grand Duke Ji Ting did not belong to Carlos’s faction, and he was not willing to participate in the struggle between Carlos and Jing Sui, so Ji Ling and Carlos did not have much interaction. So, Ji Ling had never been to this Duke Mansion in his previous life.

Although he called him Uncle Carlos, it was probably equivalent to an ordinary familiar elder.

Ji Ling curiously looked at the spectacular Duke Mansion’s gate in front of him, and settled himself to step down from the car.

Since Carlos dared to invite him openly, he naturally wouldn’t take his life and would definitely send him back intact, which was the real reason why Ji Ling dared to accept the invitation.

I won’t die anyway, what’s there to be afraid of?

The butler Anderson respectfully welcomed Ji Ling in. He had long been instructed by His Excellency the Duke to take good care of Ji Ling, treat him as if he was the master of this place, and not to make him feel the slightest bit unhappy.

It was the first time that His Excellency the Duke valued a person like this, and although Anderson was puzzled in his heart, not understanding what there was about a famous Emperor Star dandy like Ji Ling that warranted His Excellency the Duke's such solemn treatment, he still strictly carried out the order.

Anderson took Ji Ling to the building where His Excellency the Duke lived daily, and said respectfully, “Your Excellency the Duke has something to do for the time being, you can rest here and wait.”

Ji Ling looked at the lush and exquisite garden in front of him, surrounded by various rare plants and flowers, and deep in the boulevard was a retro three-story European-style building, which inexplicably had a thick sense of historical precipitation.

Compared with the steel jungle full of sci-fi sense of the interstellar era outside, coming here made people suddenly feel like they had traveled back through time.

*Sigh*, I didn’t expect Carlos to be such a nostalgic person ah.

Ji Ling nodded and said, “Okay.”

Anderson ordered the maids and servants at home to prepare exquisite refreshments for Ji Ling, and ordered everyone to serve Ji Ling well, before turning and leaving.

Ji Ling walked around here, sniffing the fragrance of the flowers, and looked up at the blue sky. What great scenery ah.

He was admiring the place, unaware that others were admiring him.

The servants of the Duke’s Mansion were curious to see the beautiful boy who looked like an elf walking among the green colors. This was the famous dandy Ji Ling, the precious only son of Grand Duke Ji Ting, the legend said that he was very arrogant and domineering… It turns out that he looks like this, it looks like these years are so quiet when he doesn’t do bad things…

Therefore, those who are not good-looking are not necessarily bad people, and those who look good are not necessarily good people. You can’t judge a book by its cover ah!

And no one expected His Excellency the Duke to like and favor him so much that he even let him come over here.

You must know that the Duke’s Mansion was huge, with numerous areas, but this area, where Carlos lives in his daily routine, is a forbidden place.

Except for the occasional encounter with his subordinates in the study, Carlos had never let anyone else set foot here, let alone let a dandy teenager roam and walk around at will.

This was the first time that the servants had seen His Excellency the Duke entertaining guests here, and it was simply self-evident that Ji Ling was special, so everyone was extremely respectful to him, not daring to slack off in the slightest.

Ji Ling did not know what those servants were thinking, he began to brainstorm how to get clues here as he walked. It was better to see if he could find something while Carlos hadn’t returned yet.

So Ji Ling turned around and went inside.

The materials used in this building were not the usual metals, but mainly rare stone and precious wood, knowing that in the interstellar age, these materials could be far more expensive than metals.

The vast hall was surrounded by various furnishings, each of which was extremely extraordinary.

Understated luxury was evident everywhere.

Ji Ling watched with admiration and smacked his lips, but he didn’t come to appreciate how rich was Carlos, his purpose was to see if Carlos’s home had any clues of rebirth, so he didn’t linger much in the hall. He walked up the spiral staircase, and when he came to the 2nd floor, he saw a thick, solid wooden door at the end of the corridor, and was ready to go over to take a look at it.

However, before he could get closer, he was stopped by a servant, who bent down respectfully and said, “This is His Excellency the Duke’s study, you can’t go in.”

Ji Ling’s eyes suddenly lit up. So, he can’t go in here?!

Hadn’t he been wandering around for half a day just to see where there was something unusual? Looking at this servant’s nervous appearance, he knew that the study usually did not allow others to enter casually, which was why he was being blocked. Study room ah…it’s usually classified and important, and the more he’s not allowed to go, the more he’ll go in!

This is it!

Ji Ling immediately showed a displeased expression and said coldly, “Get out of the way, how dare you block me.”

The servant cried bitterly, he was really reluctant to stop Ji Ling. Ji Ling was not someone he could offend, but if he let someone enter His Excellency the Duke’s study at will, he would be dead as well, so he begged in a low voice, “Please understand, you really can’t go in there.”

“Go away.” Ji Ling kicked the servant out of the way, and without hesitation, he stepped forward and pushed the door open.

The servants fell to the ground, seeing Ji Ling strutting into the Duke’s study, his face pale with fear, and he finally got up from the ground, turned around and rushed out anxiously. The matter was out of control and he could only tell Lord Anderson about it!

Ji Ling walked in and saw the entire wall-high bookcase directly across from him. He looked around, then went straight to the wide desk in front of him. This would be Carlos’s office.

Ji Ling directly observed all the things on the table carefully, then opened the drawed and rummaged through it, casually turning over the letters and papers into a mess, seemingly not caring what would happen if he was discovered.

But soon Ji Ling showed a disappointed look.

Although there were some important things, such as letters exchanged between Carlos and other nobles, and the accounts of some of the estates under his name, there was nothing related to rebirth… But thinking about it, even if Carlos is really reborn, he probably won’t write a diary to record his journey of rebirth, right? So, if he wants to see from here, it’s not easy to see the clue.

Ji Ling rummaged through Carlos’s desk to find nothing, then turned his head to the bookshelf behind him, raised his eyebrows, and moved the ladder next to him to climb up.

The system couldn’t stand it anymore and said: [I suggest you’d better not do this. Have you considered the consequences of doing this?]

Ji Ling snorted, they were still in the cold war!

And of course he considered the consequences of doing so, he didn’t need to be reminded by the system. He just wanted to see how far Carlos would tolerate himself.

Ji Ling frowned and showed a thoughtful look.

After being exiled in the previous life, he accidentally met Carlos, who was being hunted by Jing Sui and Brandon. He saved Carlos once out of a life-saving mentality, hiding him in his home. Carlos said something to him as he left: In return, I’ll do something for you.

At that time, Ji Ling didn’t believe Carlos’s words at all, and didn’t think that he would really return the favor, so he didn’t take it seriously. However, it didn’t take long to learn the news that Ning Yu had been kidnapped.

This was something that did not happen in the original book, and it was also the only thing that happened in the previous life—— Something out of the main plot.

This should not have happened.

Ji Ling was very flustered at that time. After calming down, he suddenly thought about what Carlos had said when he left that he would do one thing for him. It couldn’t be to help him deal with Ning Yu, right? Was Carlos the one who kidnapped Ning Yu?

Ji Ling, with the mood of a blind cat touching a dead rat, tentatively asked Carlos about this, and Carlos admitted it without hesitation!

At that time, Ji Ling was shocked. Carlos really wanted to help him kill Ning Yu in order to repay him, but he didn’t ask for it at all ah. Do you want to act at your own initiative? I feel like I’ve been punked…

But soon Ji Ling realized that things might not be so simple Carlos had always done things with a clear purpose, he kidnapped Ning Yu not to help him, but to deal with Jing Sui, so not only his own purpose to get revenge on Jing Sui could be achieved, but also ‘by the way to repay’ him. Was it not to kill two birds in one stone?

In the face of such a turn of events, Ji Ling of course could not let Ning Yu die, so he simply made a plan out of it and asked Carlos so that he could see Ning Yu in person, pretending to vent his anger, but in reality, it was in order to create an opportunity for Ning Yu to escape.

Looking back now, maybe Carlos did that mainly to deal with Jing Sui, but actually… there was a very, very small part of the reason was due to repaying him?

If Carlos was ready to kill Ning Yu for him in his previous life, then it seemed barely plausible that he advanced this act to help him kill Ning Yu in this life…

This idea made Ji Ling puzzled. He always felt that Carlos could not be this kind ‘to repay one’s kindness’ person, but there was really no other suitable reason to explain Carlos’s every move.

And Carlos was a man with a deep mind without showing his anger on his face. He was not like Brandon, who was a dignified soldier, a man of honor, a person who was bright and open. He would hold up a person he looked up to the sky, and step a person he looked down into the ground. He treated his friends steadily and reliably, and treated enemies mercilessly, never bothering to hide his likes and dislikes of a person.

Carlos, on the other hand, never put any emotion on his face, and his every move was incomprehensible.

Ji Ling really couldn’t figure out what kind of behavior the reborn Carlos might do.

He absentmindedly looked through Carlos’s bookshelf, flipping through it to reveal an expected look. He didn’t expect that Carlos would have the habit of collecting ancient books, and his  hobbies were so extensive… He actually saw several different versions of the Bible on the bookshelf! There were also several books with simplified Chinese characters!

Ji Ling held the book and looked emotional, this feeling was probably equivalent to modern people seeing oracle scripts and hieroglyphs…

Moreover, the content of the books was also very interesting. There was a simplified Chinese character book Ji Ling just happened to understand, it was actually a treatise describing the development history of human beings after going out of the Earth, and the scriptures were written in detail. Ji Ling couldn’t help but look at it, showing an expression of amazement.

The worldview of this book was way too realistic, even such minutiae were so detailed, it was almost as if it was a real world.

Fortunately, he didn’t stay here for long, and he was eventually going home. But for the people who lived in this world, this world was completely real right?

True or false, who can say so clearly?

At this moment, slightly rapid footsteps sounded in the corridor outside.

Ji Ling raised his head and saw Carlos walking over surrounded by servants. He seemed to have just received news and rushed back from outside, but his expression was still calm, and there was a faint smile at the corner of his mouth.

Carlos looked up at the teenager on the ladder, who sat there with his legs swaying gently, his golden hair was soft and beautiful in the sun, his aqua blue eyes were bright, and his white fingers gently pinched the black cover book as he looked up at him. In fact… Before this, he was not sure that Ji Ling would accept his invitation, after all, the teenager always seemed a little restrained when facing him.

Fortunately, he came anyway.

Carlos looked gentle and smiled, “You are here.”

Ji Ling sat on the ladder, looking down at Carlos from above, taking advantage of the situation, taking out the momentum that had been brewing for a long time, and raised his eyebrows in displeasure, “I don’t really think you really invited me over Uncle Carlos, I’m going home!”

Carlos immediately showed a puzzled look and frowned. “Why do you say that? What makes you unhappy?”

Ji Ling’s voice was aggrieved and disgruntled, blinking his eyes.”I just wanted to come in to find a few books to read to kill the boredom, but your people wouldn’t allow me to come in.”

“This is not allowed, that’s not allowed…” The corners of Ji Ling’s mouth pursed, and he snorted coldly. “If I had known, I wouldn’t have come over.”

Carlos was silent for a moment and said, “I know.”

Ji Ling stared at Carlos nervously after speaking, what do you know? I’d rather see what you do with me for trespassing into your study! This is your confidential place!

Although he suspected that Carlos had been reborn, this did not mean that he really dared to act recklessly. After all, Carlos was not the kind and upright character, he was cold, cruel and temperamental. I want to test Carlos’s attitude, but I’m afraid that excessive force will cause serious consequences, which is similar to walking a tightrope…

Ji Ling’s heart thumped.

Seeing Carlos turn his head to face Anderson beside him, his eyes became cold, and he slowly said, “I instructed you to treat Ji Ling as if he is the master of this place, and not to upset him in the slightest, but what did you do?”

Although Carlos’s tone was very calm, Anderson turned pale, cold sweat flowed down his forehead, and he bent down and said in a trembling voice, “I’m sorry, we…”

He didn’t know how to continue halfway through his sentence, because he really couldn’t grasp His Excellency the Duke’s true intentions; This study was indeed HIs Excellency’s confidential and important place, and no one else was ever allowed to enter. Was His Excellency the Duke implicitly blaming him and the others for not watching Ji Ling, or was he really… blaming him and the others for blocking Ji Ling?

Blocking or not, it seemed that no matter what, punishment was inevitable, which made Anderson nervous.

As for the other servants behind him, they were even more fearful and trembling on the ground.

Carlos looked at Anderson, and his voice didn’t have the slightest warmth, “For the sake of you who have been with me for many years, go and receive fifty lashes yourself, as a warning. As for them…” He turned his gaze to the servants kneeling on the ground and said lightly, “People who can’t do anything well at all like this are not needed in the Duke’s Mansion, take them down and dispose of them.”

As his words fell, the servant who knelt on the ground to block Ji Ling suddenly cried out bitterly, pleading with tears, “Duke spare our life, Duke spare our life. I know I was wrong, I won’t do it again next time…”

Ji Ling looked at this scene blankly, and was frightened by the servant’s sudden crying and fell directly from the ladder. He closed his eyes and let out an exclamation, but did not feel pain, he fell into a warm embrace, a pair of strong arms steadily caught him.

Opening his eyes, he met Carlos’s elegant and abstruse face.

Carlos held the teenager, looked at his blank, confused eyes with love and compassion, and softly said, “Be careful.”

The man’s face was so close to him, Ji Ling could clearly see the worry expression of the other party, and he did not fake it, which made Ji Ling gall into some kind of confusion, as if the man in front of him was really so gentle and harmless, not matter what he did, this person would not get angry… He subconsciously reached out, touched a handful of Carlos’s hair, and gently tugged at his brown hair, the texture was slightly harder than his own hair…

Then his hand froze in mid-air, shit… What kind of evil had he just gotten himself to, that he had touched Carlos’s head!

Was this someone who could be touched on his head? Absolutely not ah!!!

But something that made Ji Ling even more frightened happened…

Carlos was still not angry, but instead, the look in his eyes was gentler, hidden with some kind of complex emotions that Ji Ling couldn’t understand. He hooked his lips to let out a low magnetic voice, “Any door here is always open to you, and if anyone dares to stop you next time, you can just tell me oh?”

Ji Ling: “...”

Although such Carlos was very scary, Ji Ling had not forgotten what scared him that he fell down! Don’t kill people at every turn ah, civilized society and harmony is the most important, let’s have a good talk can we?

Ji Ling struggled for a while, jumped down from Carlos’s arms with a stern face and huffed, “Uncle Carlos, it’s not right for you to do this.”

Instead of being offended, Carlos followed Ji Ling’s words and asked, “What did I do wrong?”

Ji Ling held his head high, opened his eyes wide, and said imposingly, “They dare to stop me, it must be because others are not allowed to come in here, they are afraid of being punished if they didn’t stop me ah. You didn’t tell them beforehand that I was allowed to come in, and now you’re blaming them for not doing things well, isn’t it you who’s wrong?”

You can figure it out, I’m targeting you! It’s not about your servants, okay!

Come at me if you can, what kind of man is it to take a servant’s back!

Ji Ling was simply driven crazy by this villain who didn’t play cards according to the routine and wanted people’s lives at every turn!

Carlos looked at the teenager in front of him who seemed to be a little furious, and after a long time, a chuckle came out of his lips. He seemed to be in a very happy mood, like coaxing an angry child, and said in a good manner, “You’re right, I did something wrong and I can’t blame it on anyone else.”

Ji Ling finally breathed a sigh of relief and grunted as he turned his face away.

If he got someone else killed because of himself, he wouldn’t forgive himself. It seemed that he would pay more attention next time…

Carlos looked at the arrogant and awkward appearance of the teenager in front of him, he was unable to stop the gentle love and compassion at the bottom of his heart. What a good and kind boy, even willing to defend this lowly servant’s life. He looked arrogant, but in fact, he was more sensible and kind than anyone, and he had his own bottom line and persistence.

He was the most beautiful treasure he could ever meet in his life.

Carlos’s eyes were deeply attached to him, he took the boy’s hand, lowered his eyes and said in a warm voice, “Tossing for a long time, are you hungry?”

Ji Ling thought about it, but still nodded.

Carlos smiled and said, “Then go eat, it should be ready.”

Saying that, he took Ji Ling to the dining room.

The long dining table was already filled with all kinds of exquisite food, and the transparent cutlery carved with precious stones emitted a brilliant light under the soft light, which was very luxurious!

Carlos personally pulled out the chair for Ji Ling, smiled and watched him sit down, and then sat down next to Ji Ling.

Ji Ling quietly glanced at Carlos, although he was still shocked in his heart, he wasn’t going to mess with his stomach, and he would have the strength to continue fighting until he had eaten and drank enough!

Thinking of this, he immediately turned his grief and anger into motivation and ate happily.

Carlos slowly took a sip of the red wine in the glass, but his gaze always fell on the side face of the teenager, and the dark look under his eyes slowly deepened.

The teenager looked like he was having a hard time with the food, and his puffed up cheeks were very cute, like a little hamster hoarding food. No one robbed him… He seemed to be in a hurry, accidentally choked, and suddenly coughed violently. The corners of his eyes glistened with crystallized teardrops.

Carlos reached out and gently patted his back, picked up the water cup and brought it to his mouth, and gently wiped the corner of the boy’s lips with his thumb, the soft touch… It made him almost impossible to restrain himself.

With the boy in front of him at hand, how could he get him to accept me willingly?

For Carlos, this was probably a bigger headache than how to kill Jing Sui. After all, killing a person was much simpler than to make someone like him.

Especially, when the person still had someone at his heart.

Carlos suppressed the thought in his heart, watching that the teenager had finally eaten almost enough, before asking gently, “Full?”

Ji Ling burped, feeling that it was really damaging to his image, and his face couldn’t help but blush slightly as he nodded, “I’m full.”

Saying that, he looked at Carlos again, looking puzzled. He hadn’t eaten anything all night, most of the time he was looking at himself. Was it possible to look at him and get full?

And the look in Carlos’s eyes, which didn’t seem to have any problems, inexplicably gave people a creepy feeling, as if he was prey being watched…

Ji Ling still had a keen sense of self-preservation, and he stood up and said to Carlos, “I’m sleepy and want to rest.”

The corner of Carlos’s thin lips hooked and he let out a low chuckle. “Okay.”

He got up and personally took Ji Ling to his room, this room seemed to be specially organized. Carlos smiled and said, “The guest room is usually rarely occupied so it was temporarily cleaned. It’s a bit simple, so don’t mind it.”

In fact, it was not that no one came to live, but that no guest room was prepared here for any other person except Carlos’s own bedroom. This room was originally a sunroom, just next to Carlos’s bedroom, which he had organized overnight, and it didn’t look simple at all, it was very luxurious, warm and cozy.

Ji Ling didn’t know that, he just wanted to avoid Carlos earlier. Although he came to test Carlos, he had to take it slowly, so he said, “Then, I’ll rest first.”

Carlos smiled and closed the door for Ji Ling after going out.

Seeing that the door was closed, Ji Ling immediately walked over gently, carefully checked the door lock, and made sure that there was no problem, before he exhaled heavily!

So tired today!

Just now, he always felt that Carlos’s look on his eyes seemed to be a little wrong, so he had always been worried, but Carlos did not have any abnormal behavior from beginning to end. It seemed that he thought too much…

Unfortunately, he didn’t get any useful information today. Ji Ling had originally intended to ask the system for its opinion, but once he thought that he and the system were still in a cold war, he held it back.

He laid down on the bed, sniffed the relaxing aroma, and soon fell asleep from exhaustion.

On a quiet night, there was only the sound of rustling leaves outside the window.

A soft ‘click’ sound flashed away, did not startle the slightest night wave. The door slowly opened to both sides, a pair of black leather shoes stepped on the thick soft carpet, quiet without making any sound.

The tall man stood with a backlight, standing at the door for a moment, and then he walked slowly to the bed step by step.

Carlos gazed down at the teenager on the bed.

The teenager slept heavily, his soft blond hair spread across the pillow and a strand fell on his forehead. The moonlight fell on his face, outlining the contours of his beautiful and flamboyant side profile, just like his wanton freedom. Although his eyes were closed, he could imagine how dazzling those clear blue eyes were when he opened them.

For a long time, Carlos bent down and stretched out his hand, gently helping the teenager sort out the short hair that was a little messy when he slept.

His fingertips skimmed over the boy’s fair forehead, eyelashes, nose, chin… and finally fell on the soft lips.

Carlos’s eyes were surging, and the desire that had always been hidden deeply in his heart was not unconcealed in his eyes, blatant and clear.

The teenager was right in front of his eyes.

If in his previous life, he was only vaguely guilty and remorseful towards Ji Ling… In this life he was pretty sure he wanted him.

Getting his body, heart, his everything, and made him completely belong to himself.

Because by getting a little bit closer to you and getting to know you a little bit better each time, I realize that I love you a little bit more than I thought I did…

You are so dazzling and beautiful, and at the same time have the gentlest and kindest heart in the world, your kindness… can melt this hard and cold heart of mine, you are the only one who makes me feel that I won’t be lonely with someone by my side.

Carlos slowly leaned over, lowered his head and solemnly kissed those longed-for lips.

The freshness and sweetness of it was beyond his imagination, and like a great whirlpool from which he could not withdraw, it swept his whole being into it.

He put one hand on the side of the teenager’s neck and could help but aggravate the kiss. His eyes revealed a falcon-like sharp gaze, mixed with a dark color of crazy paranoia, greed and his longing like a hurricane sweeping over his sanity.

No one can take you away from me.

Neither can that person.


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