The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 14 - Rebirth?

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It's a long chapter, enjoy~
Chapter 14: Rebirth?

Ji Ling’s body froze, and for a moment Carlos’s eyes made him feel that everything he had been hiding was no longer hidden… But he quickly calmed down. At least until now, he had behaved in line with his personality, and even if there were a few flaws that made Carlos suspicious, there was no way he could have guessed the real truth.

Even if Carlos was sophisticated and scheming, after all, he was also a person in this world. How could he think that he was  in a ‘Truman Show*’?
*An insurance salesman is oblivious of the fact that his entire life is a TV show and his family members are mere actors. As he starts noticing things and uncovers the truth, he decides to escape.

This old fox, maybe just keenly aware of a trace of his leaking emotions, he won’t admit it to death!

After a while, Ji Ling blinked his eyes lightly and said in an innocent and naive voice, “How come?”

Carlos looked at him deeply. “Really?”

Ji Ling’s eyes were extremely ‘sincere’, and there seemed to contain a hint of grievance at being misunderstood. “Of course it is, how can I possibly avoid you?”

Carlos’s lips lifted up, evoking a smile-like arc. The little one is really trying hard to hide himself, but unfortunately it is not perfect enough, he must have hidden secrets that did not want to be known by him.

But as long as Ji Ling doesn’t want to talk about it now, he isn’t going to pursue the matter.

And the little one is very cute when he’s pretending to hide it…

He hopes that the teenager can be more presumptuous and unscrupulous in front of him, instead of facing himself with fear and caution as the others.

Fortunately, he has enough patience to let the teenager slowly open up to him.

Carlos’s fingertips gently brushed Ji Ling’s slightly reddened eyes, and opened his lips to let out a low, teasing laugh. “But… If I don’t show up today, will you remember to look for me?”

Ji Ling opened his mouth and was speechless.

Carlos looked at his embarrassment, and, in the middle of the day, uttered a soft, helpless sigh. “I don’t mean to blame you, I’m just… worried about you.”

Carlos’s eyes were full of anxiety and said, “What if I don’t come here today? I don’t want you to encounter the same danger as today… Do you understand?”

Ji Ling looked at him in a daze, his gaze fell into his deep brown eyes. The look contained in them was so gentle and sincere, and it was like an endless ocean, embracing everything about him to the fullest.

His good, his bad, his willfulness…

Carlos never cared if he did the right thing or whether it hurt others, he just stood behind him without hesitation, shielding himself from the wind and rain, and resisting everything.

Ji Ling’s eyes were in a trance for a moment.

Although this is a bloody, cold, sinister and despicable villain with three unhealthy views, when he is willing to pretend to spoil a person unconditionally, it’s really so mesmerizing that it’s easy to unknowingly indulge, isn’t it…

Unfortunately… Ji Ling is an honest young man with three straight views, and his brain is particularly clear right now!

If Carlos’s words could be believed a sow could get up a tree, and how could he possibly look for Carlos to help him deal with Ning Yu now? I’m afraid I don’t want to do this mission.

Ji Ling didn’t care about it and said obediently, “I’m sorry, in fact, it was just an impulse, I didn’t think about it at all, and I didn’t expect to meet Marshal Brandon…”

“You…” After a while, Carlos raised his hand and stroked Ji Ling’s head. His fingertips swept over the soft golden hair, and there was a restrained complex look in the depths of his eyes.

In order not to press too hard, he had not appeared to the teenager for several days, but he found that the separation did not reduce the thoughts in his heart in the slightest, and the desire for urgency grew stronger… It was the first time he had tried what it was like to care about someone.

It is also once again clear and understandable to realize the unusual feelings I have for the teenager.

Even Wen Yan, the selfish and despicable guy, could often appear by the teenager’s side, watching over him and guarding him at all times.

But he can’t.

All this made Carlos jealous, almost unable to suppress the urge in his heart, wanting to imprison the teenager to his side in spite of everything, so that he could not leave his sight for a moment… Instead, you can only learn the only words that belong to a teenager through someone else’s transmission.

Carlos’s arm around the teenager tightened slightly.

Ji Ling looked at Carlos’s suddenly darkened eyes, as if the man in front of him was about to show his hideous fangs… I can’t help but get nervous.

There should be no problem with the answer he just made, right? How can you change your attitude so quickly? Why is the villain so moody? You have been pretending for so long, you must keep pretending ah!

Ji Ling was a little nervous, and stammered, “Un– uncle Carlos…”

Just when Ji Ling was panicking, suddenly a black hover car stopped in front of the two of them. The door slowly opened, and a handsome man with long silver hair wearing white robes stepped down and came to him step by step… Bowing his head respectfully, he said, “Young Master, I’m here to take you home.”

Ji Ling had a look of bewilderment on his face!

Where is this coming from?!

He– he didn’t tell Wen Yan when he came out ah, how did Wen Yan know that he is here…

Carlos turned his head to look at the silver-haired man standing respectfully on the side. His eyes narrowed slightly, and slowly covered with a layer of icy cold color… This guy was really getting in the way.

Ji Ling was held in the villain Carlos’s arms, and in a trance, he looked at another villain, Wen Yan, who stood respectfully on the side.

He finally realized sadly that he might be being followed…

Otherwise, it would not have been possible for the two of them to appear here so coincidentally, but Ji Ling really couldn’t figure out where he was worth the trouble of the two villains? He is a vicious cannon fodder at best ah!

But now was not the time to think about this, Ji Ling rolled his eyes and said to Carlos again, “Uncle Carlos, I should go back.”

After speaking, he looked at Carlos seriously to show his determination to go home!

Although the sudden appearance of Wen Yan was so unclear, going home now was the best choice, so Wen Yan’s arrival was like timely rain ah

“Uncle Carlos?” Seeing that Carlos didn’t let go, Ji Ling deliberately looked at him with a blank and puzzled look, and reminded him again.

Carlos looked at the teenager’s dazed blue eyes, so pitiful…

After a long time, he finally let go.

Ji Ling immediately deftly got out of Carlos’s arms and said softly, “Then, I’ll go first…”

Carlos watched him silently.

Ji Ling did not dare to look at Carlos again, quickly walked to the side of the hovering car, Wen Yan showed him a humble smile, took his hand and helped him into the car, the action was gentle and considerate.

At an angle that Ji Ling couldn’t see, Wen Yan turned his head slightly, and his dark eyes met Carlos’s line of sight, revealing a cold and indifferent look… Until the car door slowly closed, blocking the view of the two.

Carlos’s pupil shrank, killing intent bursting from his eyes.

They didn’t say a word from beginning to end, but a mere glance that staggered away from each other seemed to bring out swords and daggers!

Very good, it seems… you have made your decision.

Then you should understand what price you should pay for this.

Until the car door was completely closed, Ji Ling glanced at the silver-haired man beside him who seemed to lower his head, always felt that today he was constantly jumping from one fire pit to another, and then to another…

I can’t jump out of it anyhow.

Ji Ling sadly averted his eyes to look outside, his mind constantly meditating on the time, and finally returned to her home.

Due to physical and mental exhaustion, Ji Ling was really not in the mood to continue to deal with Wen Yan. He didn’t bother to pay attention to what scheme he had, which was always not a good one. So he directly opened his mouth and said, “I don’t need you to serve today, you go back first.”

However, Wen Yan did not leave obediently as usual this time, but stood there and looked at him with a complicated deep look.

Ji Ling: “...?”

Wen Yan looked at the teenager in front of him with heartache and fear. If he had followed the teenager from the beginning, he would not have let him face Brandon and Carlos alone… If something really happened, he couldn’t forgive himself.

A deep look of self-reproach appeared under his dark eyes, and he was silent for a moment and said to Ji Ling, “I want to confess something to you.”

Ji Ling almost exploded in fright when he heard this! Fuck, what are you going to confess to me? Honest that you are a white-eyed wolf with a human face and a beast heart, in fact you have been calculating me? Don’t you confess anything to me ahhh! I don’t want to hear it at all!

Won’t it be nice for us to continue with such hypocritical peace!

Just when Ji Ling was in shock, he heard Wen Yan whisper, “Sorry, I inquired about your whereabouts without your permission.”

Ji Ling: “...”

Not that I say it to you, brother, it’s best to speak in one breath, panting too much is easy to make people think, scared I thought you want to confess about…

I know this without being told!

Ji Ling said in his heart, what’s the big deal, as long as you don’t confess your true face! He put his heart back inside again, revealing a cold little expression, and said, “This is what you want to confess?”

Wen Yan showed a guilty look and said, “Yes, because I really care too much about you and worry about your safety. I hastily inquired about your whereabouts, and I hope you can forgive me for taking matters into my own hands.”

That’s right, it’s your usual hypocrisy! Are you afraid that I will take the initiative to mention this, right? After all, even with the original owner’s thick lines, this matter can be figured out sooner or later, and it can’t be concealed.

Although Ji Ling didn’t take it seriously in his heart, he still raised his chin and snorted with feigned dissatisfaction. “What danger can I have? Who dares to touch me on this Emperor Star? Who makes you nosy?”

Wen Yan bowed his head respectfully. “Sorry, it’s me who was being nosy.”

Ji Ling thought that since he had said this, he could simply dutifully pull a bit of hatred on a daily basis, and added in a contemptuous tone, “Then what Ning Yu as an untouchable dares to look down on me. If it wasn’t for Marshal Brandon suddenly appearing today, I would have made sure this untouchable knew what would happen if he offended me!”

Wen Yan looked at the young man’s stubborn mouth and refused to admit defeat, but his heart gradually flooded with tender and loving emotions.

He clearly remembered that something similar had happened in his previous life.

But in fact, the teenager didn’t have any malicious intent at all, right? He just couldn’t swallow that breath, he didn’t want to really hurt Ning Yu, but that time Brandon still hurt him. The teenager suffered a lot because of his tough mouth and stubbornness, just because he couldn’t let go of his face and pride…

Wen Yan couldn’t bear to embarrass the teenager, so he didn’t debunk it. He said with a submissive smile, “Of course, the person who offends you will pay the price, but I still hope that if you have anything you want to do in the future, you can just order me.”

Ji Ling suddenly showed displeasure, “What do you mean by that? Do you think I can’t do things and need your help to clean up an untouchable?”

Wen Yan suddenly knelt down on one knee, raised his eyes with deep and gentle eyes, stared into the teenager’s blue eyes, raised his head and said slowly, “I didn’t mean that.”

Ji Ling didn’t expect him to kneel, and he was so scared that he almost took a step back, but at least he stabilized himself! He raised an eyebrow and said, “Oh?”

Wen Yan’s dark eyes were filled with almost imperceptible colors of madness. He said word by word with a devout expression, “I’m not questioning your ability, it’s just that as your loyal slave, it’s my duty to serve you.”

His teenager was so noble and pure that he was born to be admired, loved, and cared for in the palm of his hand.

Anything dirty, inferior, or vile will be done by him because his own hands are dirty.

All the people and things that make you unhappy, I can make them disappear.

Because for me, the whole world is not as important as you.

Ji Ling looked at Wen Yan, who had such a devout attitude, solemnly promised him… he can’t help but to look straight at him.

Is it necessary? Are you an actor? Are you addicted to acting?

Like a damn that I’ll believe in you.

Ji Ling remembered the events of his previous life again, when the plot of the story was nearing the end and he was about to complete the mission, in order to block Ning Yu and Jing Sui, he deliberately asked Wen Yan to help him assassinate Ning Yu, because he knew that Wen Yan would not really help him, and this matter would only promote the relationship between Ning Yu and Jing Sui even more.

Wen Yan also lived up to his expectations. He deliberately planned a failed assassination, and left evidence pointing at himself, so that he was accused of harming the war hero Ning Yu, which triggered a national condemnation.

For the high-ranking imperial nobles, it didn’t matter how many dirty things they did in private, but at least on the surface, they needed to be considerate about the emotions of the commoners, not to mention the fact that they couldn’t openly violate the imperial laws. The matter of Ji Ling ordering the assassination of Ning Yu was once again pushed to the forefront by Wen Yan, causing Jing Sui to be enraged.

Public opinion continued to fester and finally reached to the point where even his father, Ji Ting, couldn't bear it. Ji Ting paid a lot of price for this, and finally gained Jing Sui’s understanding and compromise. The condition for saving Ji Ling’s life was to deprive him of his noble honor and banish him from the Emperor Star, never to be allowed to return as a means of calming the public’s anger.

Although this matter was expected by Ji Ling, he still had a deeper understanding of Wen Yan’s black heart.

In order to help Ning Yu out, he showed no mercy to himself ah!

Although he would still have to look for Wen Yan when he needs his ‘help’ in the future, it will never be now. Right now he will have to stay in the Emperor Star and continue to give Ning Yu a hard time! I’m afraid that I have lost my mind to use you, this big killer at this time.

Ji Ling revealed a disdainful expression, raised his chin and said impatiently, “I know. You go, I’m going to rest!”

Wen Yan looked at the teenager’s disdainful appearance. Although his mouth said that he knew, Wen Yan knew very well in his heart that the teenager did not really want his help, and a helpless look could not help but appear in his eyes. The pain in his heart was overflowing.

Because the teenager in the previous life was like this. Although he seemed arrogant and domineering, and said those hurtful words from time to time, he never really treated himself as a subordinate, he helped himself… and never asked for anything in return, right?

Being a high and mighty noble, he is willing to help the humble me without asking for anything in return.

The teenager—— The second time he asked himself to work for him was that night, when he looked at the news of Ning Yu and Jing Sui’s upcoming wedding, and looked at himself with a pale and bloodless face. As if his heart was dead, he ordered himself, asking him to kill Ning Yu.

But what about himself?

He actually—— when he asked himself, he mercilessly betrayed him,left him to bear the unforgivable charges, and finally desperately… banished from the Emperor Star by the person he loved the most.

Just because he is so selfish and despicable, greedy and uncontent in his heart, and in order to satisfy his own dirty desires, he let the high and mighty teenager fall into the dust and tried to take him for himself in this way.

Wen Yan thought of this, and the pain of self-blame is like a sharp blade, churning in his chest.

And it wasn’t until after the teenager’s death that he finally realized how wrong he was.

The true nobility of the teenager did not lie in his high noble status, but in his clean and pure heart, which he could never touch, and in that despicable way, he could never really have this person.

Even if the teenager walked down from the altar one day, he was only worthy of prostrating at his feet and kissing his toes.

Wen Yan’s eyes sparkled, suppressing the dull emotions in his heart. His lips moved slightly, hanging his head and letting out a hoarse voice, “I understand… Please let me know if you need me, okay?”

In this life, I swear to you my loyalty and willingness to be driven by you.

To never betray you.

Ji Ling finally sent this great god, Wen Yan, away and he fell to the bed in a daze. Only then did he finally have time to carefully recall Brandon’s action tonight, and the more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong…

The word rebirth suddenly appeared in Ji Ling’s mind again.

It seems pretty likely that if it is Brandon, he will behave like this after being reborn ah! After all, the iron-blooded marshal Brandon is different from Carlos and others, he is a principled person, simply put, he separates the grudges.

In his previous life, in order to follow the plot, he risked himself to save him once under the guidance of the system, and then deliberately arrogantly asked him to repay himself, so as to arouse Brandon’s disgust.

Ji Ling knew very well how abominable and hateful his performance at that time was, and for Marshal Brandon, who was known as the ‘Imperial God of War’, to be saved by a piece of trash like himself and forced to deal with someone he liked by holding him hostage was probably even more disgusting than eating a fly, right? But after all, it was a life-saving grace, and Brandon finally pinched his nose and admitted it.

In case Brandon was reborn, although he was very angry after seeing what he saw, because of the saving grace of his previous life, he had to endure something desperately… This was completely consistent with his twisted expression on his face as he was struggling with the complicated situation at that time. It’s logical too ah!

If… Brandon really did change his behavior because of his rebirth, what about Wen Yan and Carlos?

Ji Ling quivered suddenly.

This idea is too terrible, it has to be stopped!!!

Ji Ling sat up from the bed: [System, are you sure they weren’t reborn?]

The system was silent for a while, and said slowly: [I’m not sure.]

Ji Ling: [???]

Ji Ling said angrily: [You didn’t say that last time, you swore to me before, this book has no rebirth factor!]

System explanation: [There is indeed no rebirth factor in this book, but the failure of your last mission caused the world to collapse, and what effect it will have on the characters in this world can’t be discovered for the time being. According to my data system calculations, the probability of rebirth is negligibly small, but it’s not completely impossible. In terms of Murphy’s Law…]

Ji Ling: [You, shut up.]

After thinking about it, the system decided not to bother with the irrational host for the time being, and ended the conversation with a professional term: [In the face of unusual and unexpected situations, the host is requested to utilize his wisdom and courage and strive to complete the mission with diligence.]

Ji Ling had a stupefied expression, he replied with ‘hehe’ to the system after a long time.

He threw himself heavily on the bed, already completely speechless in anger, and wanted to get the spicy chicken system out and beat him, but he knew this was impossible—— So he decided to fight a cold war with the system!

Cold war, must cold war!

Ji Ling fell asleep in a daze, and woke up the next day with thick dark circles under his eyes.

Looking through the report on the Star Network as usual, he finally understood why he met Ning Yu at that auction last night, which was really a coincidence.

Ning Yu was going to carry out the mission, the military inspection department under Brandon had long grasped the clues of a large black industrial chain and implicated many nobles, involving various crimes such as slave trading and smuggling genetic evolution agents. This black industrial chain was taken down just last night.

The report said nothing about him, which made Ji ling breathe a sigh of relief.

In short, they could meet like this in such a big Emperor Star, it’s really like fate, right?!

He continued to watch the news, and then turned to the gossip he wanted to see as expected. Some of Ning Yu’s avid fans had captured Ning Yu entering and exiting Marshal Brandon’s residence.

Ji Ling was almost moved to tears, and he finally saw the right plot in this second life—— Good news! In other words, Ning Yu is still living in Brandon’s house because of him!

According to the plot, Ning Yu will have a long-term relationship with Brandon over time at his home, and Brandon will fall in love with Ning Yu because of this. Ning Yu will also have the chance to meet and develop a relationship with Jing Sui.

The plot was finally salvaged and his efforts were not in vain!

This incident was like a shot in the arm, allowing Ji Ling to regain some motivation.

In fact, he was originally a very tenacious and resilient person. Although he would often encounter difficulties and blows, and he would be downhearted like ordinary people, he never really gave up easily. He would always get up again and continue to work hard.

What a setback to get home!

Ji Ling stayed at home and began to ponder how to proceed with the next plot.

Speaking of his previous life, he was injured after kidnapping Ning Yu. He should be at home to recuperate at this time. Nothing happened this time and it seemed that eating and drinking at home was not bad.

Although there were some twists and turns before, but thinking about it from another perspective, it’s nice to be beaten less…

On this day, when Ji Ling was staying at home, while pondering what he should do in the next plot and spending his time doing nothing. Hardy, the servant of the family, suddenly came over with a beautiful invitation card and respectfully said to Ji Ling, “Young Master, this is given to you by His Excellency Carlos.”

Ji Ling took it suspiciously and looked at it. It turned out that Carlos invited him to stay at his home for a short while.

This kind of socializing between nobles was actually quite normal. The original owner used to go to his friend’s house to stay, but it was very abnormal when it came to Carlos… As a powerful Grand Duke, it was not too much to say that he had a lot of opportunities on his hands, so what was the point of inviting a junior like him over to stay? Is it that you will accompany me out to eat, drink and have fun, getting high with girls?!

Conspiracy, there must be a conspiracy!

System: [I don’t recommend you to accept the invitation.]

Ji Ling is resolute not to talk to the garbage system, they are still in the cold war! And what purpose do you serve other than nonsense?

His fingers rubbed the graceful lines of the gilt lettering on the invitation, and his eyes changed.

Deep down, he is very reluctant to approach Carlos.

But not anymore…  there’s no use in avoiding blindly. Since Carlos invited him, he must be up to something, then… Isn’t this also a good opportunity to test him yourself? How do you get a tiger without going into the tiger’s den?

Ji Ling took a deep breath, and a determined look appeared in his eyes.

The system aggravated his tone: [You need to think about it.]

Ji Ling put away the invitation and folded it, raised his eyes and said slowly to Hardy, “Reply to Uncle Carlos for me, I accept his invitation.”


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