The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 13 - Sought-after

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Chapter 13: Sought-after

The teenager’s pale face and terrified eyes were like a sharp blade, piercing Brandon’s indestructible exterior like a broken bamboo, hitting the bottom of his softest heart, bringing a dull pain, causing his feet to stay in place.

Brandon didn’t expect that Ji Ling would be so afraid of himself…

In fact, he just wanted to comfort him a little.

Brandon looked at the boy’s frightened look, and for a while he didn’t know whether he should go forward or retreat. After a long time, he made a low voice, “Don’t be afraid.”

Ji Ling couldn’t retreat, his back was leaning against the cold wall, and he looked at the tall man in front of him with trepidation. He was ready to be beaten… Who knew that he saw Brandon suddenly stop, and told him not to be afraid. Ji Ling was stunned, and his eyes couldn’t help but show a suspicious look.

He quietly glanced at Brandon’s fierce and cold face, and said in his heart, I made Ning Yu into such a mess, even the gene destroyer was almost used, aren’t you angry? Even if you talk about anything else, Ning Yu is at least your comrade-in-arms that has been with you through life and death! My accomplice Deng Dong is almost killed by you, will you let a culprit like me go?

The hell with ‘Don’t be afraid’!

Just the thought that he was likely to be beaten into a puddle of mush by the angry marshal and then sent back to the resurrection point, Ji Ling ‘s legs were a little soft, and he said inwardly, “You, if you touch me, my father won’t let you go!”

Ji Ling stared at him with a deadly glare, but his trembling body completely exposed his inner heart…

Brandon: “...”

He looked at the teenager who was obviously terrified, but he pretended to be stubborn and arrogant, he didn’t know whether Ji Ling was angry or being funny… His heart was filled with helplessness, distress and pity.

If it was his previous self, he would only feel contempt and disgust when he saw this scene, thinking that Ji ling was just another evil and greedy person, who was afraid of death. It was not pitiable for such a person to die.

But now he couldn’t feel the slightest bad feeling towards the teenager.

The teenager’s feat at the moment was not fake, he was born in the extravagant and prosperous Emperor Star, and he had been cared for in the palm of his parent’s hand since he was a child. In essence, he was just a timid child who was afraid of pain… However, he, who seemed to be reserved and timid, could also step through the mountains of fire. When everyone had given up, he risked his life to appear in front of him. 

To save someone who despised him and had hurt him.

What kind of kindness was this?

What kind of courage was needed?

Although the teenager looked no different from other nobles on the surface, at critical moments, the courage and kindness he burst out were not inferior to any soldier who protected their home and country. He had a heart that was more fearless and bright than anyone else… However, they did not receive the respect and esteem he deserved.

Everyone saw Ning Yu’s goodness, but no one saw his.

This was so unfair.

The pain was like a hand gripping Brandong’s heart.

He looked at the teenager’s wary and fearful eyes. Although he was eager to step forward, he was afraid of scaring him. After a while, Brandon pulled the corner of his mouth, revealed a rare stiff smile, tried to show that he was not angry, and slowly spoke, “I won’t touch you.”

Ji Ling looked at Brandon’s ‘cold and creepy’ hideous smile, and suddenly felt even scarier!

He had never seen Brandon smile at him in his two lives. Brandon was originally an unsmiling character, always showing people his iron-faced, cold blooded image. Even to his own friends and subordinates, he rarely smiled, let alone smiling at himself with such a delicate and pleasant smile. He usually gave a disdainful and indifferent look…

Moreover, big brother, you smile as if you want to send me to the execution ground…

Ji Ling swallowed his mouth and stared at him warily, saying, “You, what do you want to do…”

Brandon saw that not only did he fail to calm the little guy, but the other party was even more afraid and guarded, and his eyes were bitter.

Most of the people he came into contact with on weekdays were his own subordinates, and the soldiers on the battlefield were all thick-skinned, resistant to fighting and beating. It didn’t matter how they practiced, and they never needed to bother worrying about their emotional feelings. His friends were like-minded strong people, they got along easily and casually. As for the enemies, it was better to strike directly and coldly.

For him, comforting people was something he had never done before.

Especially to comfort such a pampered and frightened child, as if he spoke loudly, he might scare him to cry…

This was simply more difficult for Brandon than any of the dangerous battles.

And the other party obviously distrust him and resisted him.

Like a frightened little animal.

Brandon smiled bitterly, he looked at Ji Ling, and said in a gentle tone as much as possible, “I know it wasn’t your idea, the gene destroyer was taken out by Deng Dong, right?”

Ji Ling looked at Brandon in amazement, almost thinking that Brandon had opened God’s perspective. How did he know that the gene destroyer was taken out by Deng Dong? And the point is, why is he excusing himself ah! What’s going on with this weird tone that seems to be comforting himself ah

Shouldn’t he indiscriminately beat himself up and leave with Ning Yu?

Ji Ling suddenly remembered the abnormal guys before, could it be that Brandon is also abnormal?! This thought made Ji Ling almost want to burst into tears, compared to facing an unpredictable Brandon, he suddenly felt that he was better to take the beating directly…

Is it easy to do a task by yourself? The second time is more difficult than the first time. Not to mention that you have to face a group of big guys who don’t play cards according to the routine… it’s completely elusive.

Thinking of all the things that happened after he came back, all sorts of sadness rushed to his heart, and he just felt that his eyes were sour.
Brandon looked at the sudden red eyes of the teenager, as if he had been greatly wronged, and suddenly he was helpless, I… I have tried very hard to comfort him, why does it seem that the teenager is more upset?

Where exactly did I say something wrong?

Brandon took a deep breath and looked at the aggrieved teenager with red eyes in front of him. If someone who didn’t know saw it, they would think that he scolded him right… But in fact, he was not even willing to say a heavy word.

Just as Brandon stumbled over his head, unsure of how to continue speaking.

Suddenly, the sound of a cane gently tapping on the metal floor sounded behind him, and then an elegant, magnetic, yet slightly faint voice rang out, “Oh? This place looks very lively ah.”

Brandon’s pupils contracted, and he slowly turned his head to meet Carlos’s elegant and deep, seemingly smiling face.

A chill suddenly appeared in Brandon’s eyes. Just now, he was only concerned about talking to Ji Ling, and he forgot to observe the surroundings. He didn’t even notice that Carlos appeared.

His first reaction was to pull Ji Ling, trying to protect the teenager first.

As a result, Brandon’s hand had just been raised, and he saw the panicked teenager who faced him, like a nimble rabbit, darting past him and jumping into Carlos’s arms at once!

Brandon’s hand remained in mid-air, looking stunned.

Carlos also seemed to be a little surprised by Ji Ling’s ‘throwing himself into his arms’, but he quickly showed a gentle expression, raised his hand to take the teenager into his arms, and his palm fell comfortingly on the teenager’s shoulder, patting it gently.

Brandon gradually came back to his senses, hiding the gloom that flashed in his eyes, looked at Carlos with an icy expression, and clenched his fist. He almost forgot, now Carlos had not yet exposed his true nature, and Ji Ling still foolishly believed in him…

Ji Ling clutched Carlos’s clothes tightly, and said with red eyes, “Uncle Carlos save me!”

He didn’t know why Carlos was here or what he was up to, but so far, Carlos had pretended to be nice to him… In that case, then you can stand up for me! Anyway, you and Brandon have always been enemies, and it’s natural to protect me in front of him. It’s fair that you use me and I use you, right?

Carlos looked at the teenager’s wet blue eyes, looking at him expectantly as if seeing a savior, so cute and pitiful. He couldn’t help but feel a fine softness in his heart, and his eyes became more gentle.

Although Brandon really shouldn’t scare the teenager, if it wasn’t for him, how could the little guy be willing to take the initiative to ask for help? Thinking of this, even Brandon was not so unpleasant.

Anyway, in this life, he would not give Brandon another chance to hurt the teenager.

Brandon watched the teenager rush into Carlos’s arms defenselessly, watching him reveal that look of trust and dependence to Carlos made his eyes sting. Anger and jealousy surged in his heart, and he couldn’t wait to directly step forward and snatch Ji Ling from Carlos’s arms!

In his last life, it was Carlos, a ruthless bastard, who sent Ji Ling into the hands of that murderous, cold-blooded and brutal leader of the rebel army, just because he wanted to use Ji Ling’s death to arouse the nobles’ dissatisfaction with the rebel army, and force Jing Sui to carry out a bloody suppression of the rebel army and civilians who supported the rebel army.

In order to achieve his goals, he did not hesitate to sacrifice the teenager who trusted him.

If he wasn’t lucky enough, Ji Ling would have died at that time.

But Ji Ling did not know about these now, he didn’t know what a cold and despicable existence this wolf’s clothing Uncle Carlos, who seemed to be very good to him.

And how would the betrayal hurt him.

Brandon looked cold, with killing intent in his eyes, and he snapped, “Let him go.”

Ji Ling’s frightened body froze, and he grabbed Carlos’s clothes even tighter.

Carlos felt Ji Ling’s fear, felt pity in his heart, and hugged the teenager in his arms tightly. Raising his gaze to look at Brandon, he raised an eyebrow and said faintly, “Oh? What makes you think I’ll let go of him?”

Brandon’s fists clenched and crunched. He looked at Carlos’s hateful face, eager to smash his mask of hypocrisy with one punch! But Ji Ling’s fearful eyes were like a shackle that firmly restrained his impulses.

For a long time, he looked deeply at Ji Ling, and said in a low voice, hoarse voice as if promised, “Come over here, I won’t hurt you.”

As long as Ji Ling was willing to come here, he would definitely protect him well, even if he turned his face against Carlos right now.

However… Brandon was answered only by an alienated look of fear.
This answer seemed to have been expected for a long time.

An agonizingly bleak look slowly crept into Brandon’s eyes.

The way the teenager looked at him, in Carlos's arms, made his blood run cold and prevented him from making any movement. The pain and weakness wrapped around his limbs like vines, forcing him to accept this fact.

The teenager didn’t want to leave, and didn't want to come to him.

He didn’t believe him.

Was he really going to force the teenager away from Carlos without regard to his wishes, and let him be frightened? Brandon couldn’t do such a thing, how could he bear to hurt him again.

Carlos looked down into the teenager’s dependent eyes and raised his hand to touch the soft blonde hair, very satisfied with the teenager’s obedience, the teenager was so cute… How could he be willing not to protect him?

There was no one who could upset you, not even Brandon.

Carlos raised his head to face Brandon, the corners of his lips curling into a shallow mocking arc as he said, “It doesn’t look like he’s willing to go over there. If nothing else, Your Excellency Marshal… farewell.”

After saying that, he put his arms around Ji Ling and turned to leave.
Brandon reflexively stepped forward to block!

But as soon as he took a step, he stopped abruptly, his fists clenched and finally he watched Ji Ling’s back disappear in front of him again…

The fundus of his eyes rolled over like a hurricane brewing.

Even if he went over there himself, no matter what he said or did, Ji ling wouldn’t believe it, he believed Carlos wholeheartedly.


Brandon’s gray eyes were cold! You won’t be proud for too long, because this time I will definitely tear your mask and let Ji Ling see your cold and ruthless heart clearly!

This time, I will never give you another chance to deceive him.

Carlos left with Ji Ling, and his subordinates did not forget to take Deng Dong on the ground with him by the way. In the blink of an eye, only Brandon and Ning Yu were left in the room.

Ning Yu walked over slowly, he had actually recovered, and with his super S-class evolutionary physique, that medicinal effect could not last long. But he always stood quietly on the side, and did not intervene in the dispute between Brandon and Carlos.

He looked at Brandon’s abnormal behavior today, and remembered Brandon’s words in defense of Ji Ling last time, and doubts appeared in his eyes again, but he didn’t ask any more questions, and simply said, “Thank you for coming over.”

Brandon looked back at Ning Yu’s calm and gentle eyes, and slowly, a sense of guilt appeared in his heart.

Ji Ling had come to trouble Ning Yu twice in a row, no matter what he actually did in his heart, at least on the surface he seemed to be going overboard, and did cause some harm to Ning Yu. However, he did not stand up for Ning yu in this life, and let him be humiliated like this, all of which made Brandon suffer in his heart.

But how could he explain that Ji Ling actually has no bad intentions?

Ning Yu keenly sensed Brandon’s embarrassment and struggle, smiled lightly and said softly, “I’m fine.”

Three simple words that easily bring everything to light.

Since Ning Yu said ‘I’m fine’, so even if you don't pursue Ji Ling, it's okay, no matter what kind of decision you make, I'm sure you have your reasons because I trust you as a person.

And I’m a soldier, not a weakling who can’t take a little grievance.

Brandon understood the meaning of Ning Yu’s words and read his eyes, breathed a sigh of relief and felt more guilty in his heart. Half a moment later, he seemed to have finally made a decision and slowly said, “In order to avoid any more accidents, you can move to my house for the time being.”

He still said it anyway.

But this time, it was not for fear that Ning Yu would encounter danger, he knew that Ning Yu would not be harassed again after this incident, and Deng Dong’s fate was enough to deter those dandies, so that they did not dare to act rashly again.

He let Ning Yu stay at his home simply because he knew that Jing Sui would soon see Ning Yu in his home and was attracted to Ning Yu.

After all, an excellent person like Ning Yu always attracted the attention of others easily, and his brilliance could not be concealed.

So, it doesn't matter if he doesn’t like him anymore, right? Because there will be many people who like him and trust him, Ning Yu has never lacked these.

But Ji Ling is different, no one likes him, believes in him, and protects him.

He is the one who needs his protection.


In this life, I hope you can reap the rewards of your love and career, and I hope that you and Jing Sui can be together without any problems… that is the only thing I can compensate you for.

And in this case, Ji Ling may give up earlier and not get hurt by it, right?

As a friend of Jing Sui, Brandon knew best what a cold and determined person Jing Sui was. Perhaps only someone like Ning Yu, who was also firm and had a clear purpose, would be a suitable partner for him.

And the teenager’s love was so pure and fiery that it would only hurt.

Although Deng Dong was seriously injured but did not die, he was quickly sent to the rescue. With the Star Empire’s medical treatment, there would be no danger to his life and Ji Ling finally breathed a sigh of relief after learning this.

At this time, he finally had time to feel scared…

I just came out of the tiger’s mouth and entered the wolf’s den ah!

If it wasn’t for the fact that he was trying to avoid Brandon, he wouldn’t have risked going near Carlos anyway! And this old bastard appeared in such a timely manner, he wasn’t stalking him, right? The thought simply creeped him out!

Ji Ling was so nervous being held in Carlos’s arms that he couldn’t wait to leave immediately. He let go of the hand holding Carlos’s shirt, his eyelashes trembled and raised his head, revealing moist eyes, and said in a low voice, “Thank you…”

Carlos looked at the little cutie in his arms, and his expression was very gentle. “Why are you being polite with me?”

Ji Ling showed a grateful look and said cautiously, “That– I should go home…”

Saying that, with a gentle push, he tried to leave Carlos’s arms.

But after leaving a little, he felt a force coming from his waist, and Ji Ling was caught off guard and hit his back. He raised his eyes in panic and faced the man’s brown dark eyes, which were emotions that he could not understand at all.

A trace of uneasiness inexplicably surfaced in Ji Ling’s heart… The next moment, he felt the man’s extremely aggressive breath approaching, and the warm breath was wrapped in the man’s low magnetic voice, ringing in his ears, making people tremble in their hearts, “Are you going to leave? You’re going to make me feel…”

Carlos’s thin lips opened slightly, and said with a meaningful tone, “You’re avoiding me.”

Ji Ling froze.


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