The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 12 - Rescue

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Chapter 12: Rescue

Deng Dong was about to make a move, but was startled by Ji Ling’s roar. When he came back to his senses, the gene destroyer had fallen into Ji Ling’s hands. He looked at his empty hand and looked up at Ji Ling with a blank expression: ???

Ji Ling also looked at him, his expression was a little stiff.

Seeing the atmosphere fall into some kind of weird state…

Ji Ling, whose persona almost collapsed, rolled his eyes, glanced at Deng Dong and snorted coldly, “Leave the rest to me, you go to the side.”

Deng Dong was stunned, and then showed a look of sudden realization. It turned out that Young Master Ji wanted to do it himself! Yes, how exciting it was to be able to torture such a superb product with his own hands ah, he almost overtook it, even dared to touch the person Young Master Ji fancy…

Deng Dong let out a sarcastic smile, “Yes, yes.”

Ji Ling saw that Deng Dong didn’t notice anything and obediently retreated to the side. He was relieved slightly, although he couldn’t wait to throw the hot potato on his hand immediately, but such a dangerous thing, in case it fell into the hands of others, accidentally poked Ning Yu, he couldn’t cry out, it was safer to keep it to himself…

While praying that Brandon would come over early, he took the injection and came to Ning Yu again to ‘show off his might’.

Ning Yu looked at him coldly, with a look of disgust and hatred under his eyes, clenching his teeth and his face was tense, as if he wanted to die with him!

Ji Ling’s heart was guilty of being watched, and he couldn’t help it, he also wanted to go home alive… I promise not to really make a move on you, I will definitely send you to Brandon, you are such a kind and noble and so reasonable person, if you know the truth, you will definitely understand me, right? If I can go back, I will definitely not forget your great kindness!

Speaking of which, in the previous life, it was because he kidnapped Ning Yu and almost destroyed him, which made Brandon angry, and let Ning Yu live in his home in order to protect Ning Yu. It was in Brandon’s home that Brandon liked the brave and unyielding Ning Yu even more, and Jing Sui also had a chance to really contact Ning Yu, and for the first time there was a relationship between gong and shou!

Think about the importance of this plot… Ji Ling plucked up the courage to approach Ning Yu again, waved the gene destroyer in front of him, revealed a frivolous and nasty smile. He performed the villainous look to the fullest, and said, “Weren’t you still very arrogant just now? Why don’t you talk now?”

Ning Yu gave him a menacing look, breathing heavily, and his face was crimson, but the cold light in his eyes was as if to break his corpse into ten thousand pieces as he said coldly, “Why don’t you just kill me!”

How is that possible! It’s impossible to kill you even if I kill myself, Ji Ling thought in his heart. However, a grim smile appeared on his face. “Want to die? It’s not so easy.”

Ji Ling lowered his eyes to gaze at the heroic and upright man in front of him at the mercy of others. He was so unruly, handsome and dazzling, which made people inexplicably have a feeling… if he could make him submit at his feet what a sense of accomplishment it was.

Stop, stop! Ji Ling felt that he must have been too deep into the play and that he would have such a terrible idea…

It was impossible to use gene destroyer, it was impossible to use it in this life, and he could only rely on verbal humiliation to Ning Yu to barely complete the task.

Ji Ling took a deep breath, grabbed Ning Yu’s collar with one hand and pulled it down, revealing the man’s beautiful collarbone, tsking, and his eyes were explicit. “So what if you look down on me, now you still let me do whatever I want?”

Do whatever I want~ Do whatever I want, do whatever I want~

Ji Ling subconsciously hummed in his heart, raised Ning Yu’s chin with his right hand, endured his slightly hot face, and said viciously, “I will let you know, what it means to beg for your life and not be able to die.”

Deng Dong was extremely anxious to watch from the side, why didn’t Young Master Ji make a move? Why was he so wordy? He looked at Ning Yu’s seductive appearance of being trapped there and couldn’t move, and couldn’t help swallowing his saliva, eager to step forward and grab the thing in Ji Ling’s hand to take its place, but in the end he didn’t have the guts to interrupt Ji Ling’s fun… One could only watch with bated breath.

After Young Master Ji played, maybe he was willing to reward him to play too, that was also possible…

Ji Ling’s ‘vile and shameless fiend’ act was played in front of Ning Yu for a long time, holding the gene destroyer, shaking it in front of him, not to mention how arrogant and hateful he was, in fact, he was also very anxious in his heart…

Because he is running out of words!

Why hasn’t Brandon come yet ah!

Ning Yu’s chest heaved slightly, sweat soaked his shirt, describing embarrassment, but the look in those green eyes was still sharp, and after a moment of silence, he sneered at Ji Ling, “Really? … I see that you don’t dare to kill me.”

Ji Ling’s eyes widened, like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, and he screamed, “Who doesn’t dare to kill you!”

Ning Yu raised his eyebrows and looked at him with contempt. “Then you can show it to me.”

Ji Ling stubbornly said, “It’s cheap for you for me to kill you!”

Ning Yu sneered. “I see that you just don’t dare.”

JI Ling jumped to his feet and said, “Are you trying to provoke me to do it?”

Ning Yu said, “So what if it is? If you have the ability, you can do it…” He raised his eyes, his eyes were filled with mocking and coldness. He said word by word, “Or, are you afraid that His Majesty will blame you?”

Hearing this, Ji Ling had a ‘furious’ expression, fuck, if you say something else, I can pretend to endure again, but you say about Jing Sui, and it pokes the original owner’s inverse scale, it’s inexcusable to not clean you up!

He grabbed Ning Yu’s collar with so much force that he trembled slightly, raised the injection in his right hand against his neck, and said fiercely, “Don’t you think I really don’t dare to touch you.”

Ning Yu smiled, his eyes were cold, “Then, you can do it ah.”

Ji Ling: “...”

Little brother, what’s wrong with you, can you be softened a little? QAQ

I know that you would rather not bend and never bow to the forces of evil… However, people must always learn to be flexible to extend their life, special situations are handled specially, stay in the green mountains without fear of no firewood, gentlemen are not too late to take revenge for ten years, and ants like me are still alive… you’re making it very difficult for me by being so aggressive.

So why hasn’t Brandon come yet ah!

Ji Ling finally panicked a little. His heart said, this time was different from the last time, it was also a temporary plan, and Ning Yu wouldn’t have had time to ask for help, right? Ji Ling thought about it and he was uncomfortable, so how could he continue to sing this play…

He stared at Ning Yu with a deadly glare.

Ning Yu looked at him coldly.

Deng Dong was dumbfounded when looking at this scene, and he didn’t know why he always had a strange feeling,a s if Ning Yu wanted Ji Ling to make a move, but Ji Ling just didn’t dare to make a move… No, no, no, this must be his illusion. How could Young Master Ji not dare to make a move!

The air fell into a terrible silence.

Until a sudden loud noise broke the peace!

As the heavy metal door fell to the ground, a tall and cold man appeared at the door. He stood with the backlight, his cold and hard face appeared angular under the shadows. He had dark red hair, a pair of light gray eyes glowed with cold killing intent, which was chilling… Who was if if not Brandon!

Ji Ling’s surprised expression froze, looking at the man who fell from the sky, it was like seeing a superhero who saved him from the fire!

You’re finally here!

Deng Dong’s fearful expression froze, his lips trembled with fear, and he almost sat on the ground.

How, how could this happen!

Only Ning Yu’s expression was quite calm, he gently breathed a sigh of relief, and his always tense body slowly relaxed.

Finally, here.

Brandon broke into the door, and at a glance, he saw Ning Yu tied to the chair and his clothes were messy, he looked embarrassed. Ji Ling held the gene destroyer against Ning Yu’s neck in one hand, his pupils contracted sharply, and he strode forward to grab Ji Ling’s wrist, and shouted coldly, “What are you going to do!”

Ji Ling let out a low cry of pain, let go of the gene destroyer and fell to the ground, rolled to Brandon’s feet. Although he had been mentally prepared, he was still instinctively scared when looking at Brandon’s angry expression, and his face turned white. 

Brandon looked at Ji Ling’s pale face, slightly startled, like a basin of cold water falling down, and finally calmed down from the anger just now.

After receiving Ning Yu’s distress signal, he immediately rushed over, only knowing that Ning Yu was in danger, but he didn't know who was doing it, because many things had changed in this life, and Brandon didn’t think of Ji Ling at first… As soon as he came in, he saw the gene destroyer, and he was angry at the thought of the effect of this thing, so he subconsciously stepped forward to stop Ji Ling.

After calming down at this moment, Brandon realized that he had just been impulsive, and he slowly let go of his hand.

If it was Ji Ling, things should not be what he saw on the surface. In fact, a similar thing happened in the previous life, after Ji Ling was driven out of the military department by himself last time, he kidnapped Ning Yu because of jealousy, and he also went to rescue him. When he saw Ji Ling was about to attack Ning Yu, he did not hesitate to strike and injure Ji Ling.

At that time, he was dominated by anger and disgust, ignoring many details that should have been discovered.

It wasn’t until many years after Ji Ling’s death that he recalled that scene countless times that he gradually realized that he might have been wrong about the teenager at that time.

Ji Ling had already won and had the advantage at that time, if he really wanted to hurt Ning Yu, how could he give himself the opportunity to rescue Ning Yu intact? Ji Ling had countless methods to make himself too late, and Brandon knew the evil methods of those imperial nobles, and he also knew what they could do… but Ji Ling did not do that.

The teenager actually did not want to hurt anyone at all, right? … He just couldn’t swallow that anger, and he was too jealous of Ning Yu, so he wanted to regain his face in such a way. Even if he didn’t go, he wouldn’t really hurt Ning Yu.

In the end, he was just a willful and good-face child…

But at that time, he didn’t understand this.

He hurt him.

Brandon’s heart was heavy when he thought of this, and the remorse was like a boulder pressing down on his heart, making it difficult for him to breathe.

He turned his head to glance at Ning Yu, who was tied to the chair, walked over silently, squeezed the hard metal lock with one hand, and with a click, the special metal shattered into pieces in his hand… Brandon stared down for a moment, and confirmed that Ning Yu was not injured in any way, but was temporarily weakened by the drug.

The teenager in this life was still like this ah… Obviously, he had the advantages, but in the end, he could not be ruthless to hurt others, only to play the momentary advantage of words.

Seeing this scene with his own eyes again, Brandon was finally convinced of his conjecture.

If Ji Ling really hurt people, why should he be so soft-hearted by dragging the time?

Brandon turned around and stared at the boy’s pale face, his heart was mixed with helplessness, pain, pity and regret… Why didn’t I see it clearly last time? How can he be willing to hurt him like this? As a dignified military marshal, he went to scold an ignorant child.

It was outrageous.

Brandon pursed his lips tightly, emotions swirling in his gray pupils.

In this life, he was reborn, he vowed never to misunderstand him again and hurt him, he would protect him well. In fact, he also wanted to see the teenager again, right? Last time, he couldn’t stop him from leaving, and he didn’t have a proper reason to see him.

He could only rely on memory again and again to describe the appearance of the other party, something he didn't expect… their reunion would be in such a situation.

Remembering his failure to Ji Ling in his previous life, remembering his impulsive behavior just now, Brandon’s eyes flashed with self-blame. The hand hanging at his side was clenched into a fist, and something seemed to be stuck in his throat…

For a while, he didn’t know what he could say.

Ji Ling looked at Brandon’s gloomy face, and then at his clenched fists, remembering the scene when he crushed metal like crushing tofu just now, swallowed his saliva, and panicked in his heart… the last time he vomited blood after being slapped by Brandon casually, he still had palpitations. Ji Ling burst into tears in his heart and almost wanted to kneel and beg for mercy, but for the sake of the plot…

He was brave enough to take a step forward after all!

It looked like a small step, but for him it was a big step in his efforts to be reborn ah!

He was more excessive than last time, even this heartless stuff like gene destroyer was taken out. Brandon must be angrier, but for your love, I will fight!

Ji Ling raised his eyes and looked at Brandon without dodging, raised his head to reveal a provocative look, and gritted his teeth. “What do you want?!”

Brandon looked at him, took a while, and lifted his feet…

Ji Ling’s heart was pounding, and his heart said that he was finally going to be beaten! But at this time, Deng Dong, who had been trembling like a quail next to him, suddenly pounced, desperately hugged Brandon’s newly lifted foot, and begged tremblingly, “Your Excellency Marshal, you, don’t blame Young Master Ji… It was all my idea…”

Brandon: “...”

Ji Ling: “...”

Not to mention, Ji Ling was a little touched. He looked at the trembling Deng Dong, this henchman is scared to pee his pants, but still willing to come out to plead for himself! It is simply countless times more touching than Lieutenant General Hawk last time… But why do people jump out and block me every time I ask for a slap in the face ah! I don’t need it at all!

And one person does things and other people should do things. Although the gene destroyer was taken out by Deng Dong, but the kidnapping of Ning Yu was instigated by himself, regardless of Deng Dong as a person, it is not the reason for him to help himself to block the knife. Besides, as a vicious cannon fodder, it is incumbent on him to pull the hatred, no one can rob him!

Ji Ling glared at Deng Dong and shouted, “You get out of the way, don’t beg him!”

Saying that, he raised his chin to face Brandon and said, “Just by how he has the courage to make a move on Ning Yu, he does things according to my orders, if you have the ability, you can come at me!”

Deng Dong originally gritted his teeth and rushed out just afraid that Ji Ling would have an accident. If Ji Ling really had an accident, then Grand Duke Carlos would definitely not let himself go. Although Carlos and Brandon were the people that he could not provoke, Deng Dong felt that Carlos was even more terrifying than Brandon… After all, Brandon let him die at most, and Carlos could make him live worse than dead…

But he didn’t expect that Young Master Ji was such a righteous person. In the face of the raging Marshal Brandon, he was willing to stand up for a nodding acquaintance, and he was immediately moved to tears.
Brandon: “...”

He looked at Ji Ling, who looked provocative and stubborn, and then at Deng Dong, who was trembling with tears… In fact, he was actually not prepared to make a move against Ji Ling. How could he be willing to hurt Ji Ling because of such a small matter? But why did people always think that he wanted to hurt him?!

He looked at Deng Dong…

His eyes showed an icy look.

And this guy is the culprit, right? Ji Ling is just a wayward child, he has no intention of hurting people, and his heart is pure. Only because he is in such a degenerate nobles society, surrounded by a group of bad fox and dog friends, which will bring him down to do those things.

And Ji Ling is kind enough to even defend Deng Dong, this kind of person. How can he come up with such a thing as a gene destroyer? It must be taken out by Deng Dong, I don’t know how much this kind of bad thing has been done by this Deng family boy, and Brandon also has heard one or two, but it didn’t fall into his hands before, and he didn’t bother to pay attention to it.

It is all because of people like Deng Dong that led a good boy to the wrong road, and it is this kind of person who confuses him…

Brandon suddenly gave murderous intent, his anger fell on Deng Dong’s body. His killing aura was serious and cold, he said in a low voice ‘get out of the way’, and kicked Deng Dong out!

Deng Dong flew out backwards and hit the wall, lying on the ground and spitting out a mouthful of blood, moving as if his breath was wandering.

But Brandon only glanced at him coldly, then withdrew his gaze.

Then he stepped forward and just crushed the gene destroyer that fell to the ground. In the quiet room, the crisp sound of glass cracking was like thunder before the storm of a quiet night, making the pores on the scalp open one by one because of fear.

Ji Ling looked at the man in front of him blankly, and the fear made him forget to move for a while.

The man’s tall figure was wrapped in an iron-black military uniform, his face was cold, under the tightly pursed lips was a hard jaw curve, dark red hair as if the color of blood gradually condensed. Even if he stood there motionless, it made people tremble from the heart. This was the one that made countless foreigner races tremble with fear… The Imperial God of War ah.

At this moment, Ji Ling felt this extremely clearly.

And this time Brandon was much more terrifying than the last time.

Ji Ling’s expression was stiff and pale. He wanted to cry without tears in his heart. He quietly glanced at Deng Dong, who he didn’t know whether he was alive or dead on the ground, secretly wondering if he could block Brandon’s thunderous blow, would he not really be killed…

This was the rhythm to play off ah

Brandon looked at the dumbfounded teenager in front of him, slowly calmed down from the anger just now. He could not bear to blame the teenager in the slightest, so he vented his anger on Deng Dong and struck without mercy.

But at a glance, he was afraid that his actions just now would scare the teenager, making him mistakenly think that he was angry with him.

Brandon was annoyed in his heart, he looked at the beautiful blue eyes of the teenager, recalled the various things in previous life, and finally froze in the sea of fire. The teenager appeared in front of him, his eyes were bright and burning like dazzling stars… That image had long been engraved in his soul, and it made him regret and suffer for countless years afterwards.

Just because of the teenager’s usual style of action, everyone misunderstood him, even he couldn’t see the truth earlier, and he didn’t understand this until after his death.

Fortunately, he is still alive now.

There was still a chance to recover everything…

Brandon thought of this, his heart that had been as solid as iron for a long time, for the first time felt a different emotion because of a person. This time, he wanted to get close to him properly.

He released his clenched hand and tried to show an expression that he thought was gentle, trying to calm the frightened teenager.

But it was just a step forward.

He saw the teenager’s face turned pale, stumbling backwards one after another, and those blue eyes were full of horror!


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