The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 11 - Humiliate

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Chapter 11: Humiliate

Ji Ling felt that he was really right to come out today, he could meet Ning Yu from such a far away place. There must be some kind of fate bond between them ah!

This was the legendary fate.

Deng Dong’s words deeply inspired Ji Ling, and he simply reopened his train of thought.

He almost walked into a dead end before. Although he did not have enough reason to find Ning Yu to make trouble in this life, he could still be a bully. Anyway, their nobles were so inhuman and evil. What reason did a bad person need to do bad things? If you like what you see, just get it.

Deng Dong only dared to play with those low-class slaves, and did not dare to touch a national idol with the aura of a protagonist like Ning Yu, but he was different ah! There was nothing he didn’t dare.

Didn’t it say that his mission was to be a malicious male cannon fodder who specialized in going against Ning Yu… Based on his current identity alone, it didn’t matter if he really killed Ning Yu, the reality was so cruel.

Of course, he would not kill Ning Yu, and Ji Ling was happy that he finally had a reason to continue to make trouble for Ning Yu, because it was closely related to the next plot.

Upon thinking about this, he looked at Deng Dong’s eyes with incomparable love and tenderness.

He really found the right person, this was actually the koi henchman, right!

At this moment, looking at Deng Dong was not so unpleasant. Although this kid looked a little lewd, he looked quite shrewd. Although his eyes were a little small, he was very spiritual. His face had a little freckles, but he looked very cute, even the pinch of green short hair on his head… *cough*, to get by in life, you have to bring some green on your head, which is also good!

Deng Dong was shivered by Ji Ling’s hot and gentle eyes. He was very nervous and uncomfortable, and he was inexplicably in a daze… Suddenly, the spirit flashed and the tiger’s body shook. Could it be that Young Master Ji took a fancy at himself?!

Recalling that just now Ji Ling always lacked interest in the slave auction below, and then thought of Ji Ling’s unstinting and meaningful compliments to him… Deng Dong thought he had discovered something. It turned out that Young Master Ji’s real target was him, and his expression gradually froze on his face…

This taste was also too unique.

Deng Dong carefully looked at Ji Ling’s exquisite and handsome face. Such a noble and beautiful young man, the dazzling little prince who walked out of the painting. If they looked closely, it was not worse than Ning Yu at all, it was a completely different kind of brazen and wanton beauty…

Deng Dong subconsciously swallowed his saliva, and his mouth was dry. Although he had always only played with others and had never been played by others, if Young master Ji really wanted to play, what would he be… still…

His expression was faintly complicated and emotional, and a rare blush appeared on his face. Looking at Ji Ling, apprehensively waiting for Ji Ling to speak.

Ji Ling thought that his mission could finally continue, and his mood was stirring. He glanced at Deng Dong, not knowing what was going on with this henchman suddenly shy and squirm. He didn’t look like such a shy person ah? And wasn’t he the one who first expressed his covetousness for Ning Yu just now? It was reasonable to say that this kind of oppressing people was not uncommon.

However, Ji Ling was too lazy to think about it. He waved his arrogant hand and smiled lightly and evilly. “I haven’t played any so-called rising star, get him for me. This Young Master wants to have fun.”

Deng Dong: “...”

Ji Ling raised his eyebrows. “What? Didn’t you hear me?”

After a while, Deng Dong let out a dry smile. “Hear it, I hear it. I’ll do it. I promise to get him over to you!”

Hey, he thought that Young Master Ji was fancying himself. He really thought too much, how could Young Master Ji look at himself? He didn’t know why, Deng Dong was a little disappointed in his heart, but fortunately he quickly adjusted his mood.

Although Ning Yu seemed a bit difficult to get, since Ji Ling opened his mouth, he had to do things well no matter what!

Ji Ling was very satisfied with Deng Dong’s decisive reply, but he was a little worried that the guy was just saying something nice, and he didn’t know what Deng Dong had to do to get Ning Yu’s over.

You must know that Ning Yu was not an ordinary vase. Although he looked gentle and handsome on the outside, seemingly not a dangerous person, he was a super evolutionary warrior who had really experienced fighting the zerg! He came through blood and fire… Tying himself and Deng Dong together was not enough to plug his teeth, and it was definitely not okay to force it head-on. Last time, he made perfect preparations in advance to catch Ning Yu. This time, the temporary plan was not in Ji Ling’s concern…

Ji Ling hesitated for a moment and asked, “What are you going to do?”

Deng Dong had already entered the state and patted his chest and assured, “I have my own way.” He gave a sinister laugh and said, “I have something good on hand. Even a strong evolutionary like him will be at our mercy.”

Ji Ling let out a long ‘oh’, and understood in his heart. It seemed that this kid was ready to use drug.

It was worthy of Deng Dong’s consistent style of work. They were all spicy chicken dandies. As long as it could achieve their goals, they really did not need to pay attention to the little dirty work.

So Ji Ling nodded gratefully and said, “Go ahead, bring him to me.”

Deng Dong led him, thinking that he might be able to play with Ning Yu and be excited. The feeling of having a thigh to hug was different! The feeling of doing whatever he wanted with Young Master Ji… It was cool!

Ji Ling left the auction house alone and waited in a spacious private room, which was more secretive and usually reserved for nobles to have some more shade play, which was very suitable for their next move. 

Ji Ling paced back and forth in the room. Although Deng Dong looked confident, he couldn’t completely let go of his heart before he succeeded. If he missed today, he might not have such a good opportunity in the future.

He couldn’t help but think back to the events of his previous life. The last time he went to the Military Department to be slapped in the face according to the plot setting. Not to mention that he was kicked out by Brandon, and because of the video released by Carlos, he was ridiculed by the whole network. He was ‘extremely jealous’ and took his henchmen and his senior evolutionary bodyguards to kidnap Ning Yu. Ning Yu was really powerful, caught off guard or injured himself several times before he was finally caught…

Ji Ling sat on the sofa and waited nervously.

After about twenty minutes, the door was opened. Deng Dong walked in front with his head held high, followed by two tall evolutionary bodyguards, carrying a tall man. The man seemed to be weak, and he couldn’t see his face clearly with his head down, but judging from his slender and straight figure and exposed sharp chin, he could recognize his identity at a glance.

Deng Dong really got Ning Yu!

Ji Ling stood up haughtily, revealing a look of surprise, and did not expect Deng Dong to be so powerful…

Deng Dong was obviously very experienced in doing this kind of thing. Although he had given Ning Yu a drug, he did not dare to take it lightly, after all, each of these powerful evolutionaries was not simple. His two subordinates quickly pressed Ning Yu on the metal seat in the center of the room, and his hands and feet were buckled by special metal buckles, only then took a few steps back and stood aside, lowering their heads.

Deng Dong stepped forward and grabbed Ning Yu’s hair and pulled it back, revealing the handsome face, raised his head to show a flattering smile to Ji Ling, and said respectfully, “Young Master Ji, I’ve got the person you want.”

Ji Ling looked at Ning Yu, his eyes were lost in thought for a moment.

The man in front of him was not wearing a military uniform today, just wearing an ordinary white shirt and black trousers. The trouser legs were tucked into black boots, appearing straight and slender legs. He was forced to sit on a chair and raise his neck. His eyes were slightly closed, his turquoise eyes were covered with a layer of white mist. A few strands of black hair were stuck to his forehead with sweat, biting his lips so hard that a trace of blood oozed out, as if he was trying to keep himself awake.

He looked at Ji Ling coldly, his eyes were hazy mixed with sharp colors and his chest was heaving slightly…

Like a beautiful trapped cheetah, dangerous, vulnerable and seductive.

Ji Ling looked at the handsome man in front of him. Although he was the one who looked down on the other party from above, he could still feel the danger and strength of the other party. He didn’t dare to take it lightly, even if the other party was completely trapped and couldn’t move…

This was the difference between an ordinary person and a real warrior.

Therefore, there was a reason why Ning Yu could become a national idol.

His powerful, beautiful, perseverance, and his unparalleled charm made people attracted to him. Even people like Jing Sui, Carlos, Brandon and Wen Yan, were impressed by him one by one…

Ji Ling was almost fascinated, his heartbeat accelerated, and the protagonist’s aura was too terrifying!

He was a straight man ah!

Ji Ling finally fixed his mind, only then looked at Ning Yu with contemptuous eyes, raised his hand to pinch his chin like a squirrel, sneered and said, “Didn’t expect that you would fall into my hands, right?”

Ji Ling stared at those turquoise eyes up close, leaning over to get closer to each other. Such a posture made him feel excited, as if he was really a villain who bullied others… scared and excited.

Ning Yu looked at him fixedly, his breathing gradually became rapid. For a long time, he spat out a cold word, “Get out.”

Yo, what a consistent hardcore!

Ji Ling liked such a hardcore, than the two villains who didn’t play cards according to the routine were much cuter. Suddenly, he regained the feeling of being possessed by the play! He immediately showed a look of ‘annoyance into anger’ on his face, and looked at Ning Yu viciously, with his hand hard.

Ning Yu’s face showed a look of pain, there was a faint blush on his fair skin, and his chest heaving seemed to be holding back something… He didn’t know what this bad thing Deng Dong used for him in the end, but it was not good for Ji Ling to ask now.

He saw that Ning Yu was still conscious, and he relaxed his heart a little. Last time Ning Yu was secretly calculated by him, Ning Yu took the opportunity to report to Brandon for help. With his intelligence and calmness, he must send a distress signal this time. He only needed to drag on for Brandon to come as a hero save the beauty.

Ji Ling didn’t know when Brandon would actually appear. Not to mention that there were other audiences now, he had to act very seriously. With a sinister look in his eyes, he said, “What kind of thing are you?! You have fallen into my hands and still dare to look down on me, see if I don’t kill you!”

Ning Yu raised his eyes slightly, revealing an indifferent and mocking look at him, silent but contemptuous.

Ji Ling was ‘furious’ at once!

Deng Dong saw that Ning Yu was so ignorant of Ji Ling’s anger, and immediately came over to help him. “Tch, I didn’t expect that his temperament was quite strong. Young Master Ji, how do you plan to play him?”

Alas, this question could stump Ji Ling, he really didn’t know how to play others, but this did not prevent Ji Ling from pretending to be unfathomable. He squinted at Deng Dong obliquely, saying, “You still have to ask me about this kind of thing, won’t you help me prepare first?”

Deng Dong was stunned, and then said ashamedly, “Sorry, I was inconsiderate!”

He didn’t doubt that Ji Ling didn’t know how to play at all, but was annoyed that he still didn’t do enough to be considerate and active. Even these small things had to be ordered by Young Master Ji. He should have prepared it in advance, and he must let Young master Ji play comfortably!

Deng Dong immediately turned around and whispered a few words to the bodyguard beside him. Soon, the bodyguard returned with a silver box, he opened the box and faced Ji Ling, which contained an injection with a special logo.

Ji Ling didn’t react yet, but Ning Yu, who was tied to the chair, after seeing the injection, his eyes that had always been calm and cold before, contracted sharply, and then he struggled desperately, looking at his gaze as if he wanted to kill him!

Ji Ling was startled by the killing intent in Ning Yu’s eyes. What kind of thing could make Ning Yu react so much? He immediately turned his eyes to look at Deng Dong.

Deng Dong felt that Ji Ling should know, he had to be a considerate henchman, just in case he still explained, “This is a gene destroyer. Isn’t the reason why a commoner like him being able to enter the military department and still think so highly of himself is because of his status as a high-level evolutionary? As long as we give him this, he will immediately become a wasted person, and no one can save him… At that time, Young Master Ji can play as much as you want, he simply can’t resist you at all, hehehe.”

Deng Dong, as a dude, what people have not played? Among them, of course, there were many evolutionaries. In order not to be killed by the evolutionary counterattack when playing with others, it was not the first time he had done the method of destroying a person by this means, which couldn’t be described as not vicious.

Ji Ling looked at Deng Dong’s unaware fawning smile, and suddenly felt a chill in his heart.

Deng Dong really didn’t think this was a big deal for a person, but… Ji Ling knew how cruel this was.

Ning Yu was born from an ordinary commoner, from birth until death, he had his own status and glory. However, by this spicy chicken item, it could destroy everything he had, making him from a beloved heroic warrior to a noble plaything, and completely trampled the proud him into the mud… There was no room to turn over again.

If that was the case, he would probably rather die.

This was how cruel this thing was, Ji Ling shuddered as long as he thought about it a little.

No wonder even Ning Yu changed color when he saw it…

And in the eyes of some nobles, ruining a person in this way was just to please themselves, which was not worth mentioning.

Deng Dong didn’t know Ji Ling’s true thoughts at all. Looking at Ji Ling’s unfathomable and complicated eyes, he thought that he was disgusted that he was too nagging, so he grabbed Ning Yu’s hair and forced him to show his slender side neck, and he was about to do it.

Ji Ling’s face almost turned white when he saw this, and he said in his heart, you can’t ahhh!

At the same time, he lunged forward and shouted sternly, “Stop!”


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