The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 10 - Abduction

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Chapter 10: Abduction

Carlos raised his hand and touched Ji Ling’s head and said gently, “Since you don’t like him, just let him disappear.”

Ji Ling’s lips twitched, and he looked at Carlos in a daze, with a blank look.

Carlos looked at Ji Ling’s dumbfounded look, his eyes couldn’t help but show a spoiled look. The corners of his lips rose. Although getting rid of Ning Yu now was not in his plan, this pawn could have played a greater role… But as long as Ji Ling could be happy, it did not seem to matter.

His magnetic voice was shining with a low smile, “So don’t be unhappy, en?”

The low-magnetic words fell into Ji Ling’s ears, and he looked at Carlos’s indifferent smiling brown eyes. Suddenly, he realized that Carlos was serious, he might really make a move on Ning Yu!

This realization made Ji Ling almost break down in a cold sweat. If Carlos really killed Ning Yu now, how else would he do this mission? How did the later plot be carried out? Although he didn’t know where in the world Carlos had taken the things out and didn’t play cards according to the routine, this kind of thing must not happen ah!

Ning Yu could not die!

Ji Ling stood up haughtily, uncomfortably averted his eyes, coughed lightly and said, “... Better forget it.”

Carlos looked at him and seemed a little confused.

Ji Ling quickly pondered in his heart what excuse to use to end the topic, and after a moment, he raised his head and said in a haughty and somewhat disdainful voice, “Wen Yan is right, it’s impossible for His Majesty to look at him.”

He was afraid that he would not say it clearly enough to dispel Carlos’s thoughts, and added seriously, “It’s just an untouchable, and it will only lower my status for calculating him, so don’t care about him.”

After Ji Ling said this, he found that Carlos and Wen Yan both looked at him with an extremely complicated look. He was immediately startled, what he said should not be much of a problem ah?

Why were you looking at me like this…

Facing the two terrifying villains, Ji Ling was apprehensive in his heart, but he could only bite the bullet and continue to pose.

Carlos looked at the boy who was obviously kind in heart but pretended to be arrogant and disdainful… A trace of softness slowly emerged in the bottom of his heart. For him, this feeling was extremely novel, because there were almost no things or people in this world that could make his heart soft, but this teenager’s every move could always touch the remaining softness in his heart.

The boy was still so kind, just like when he faced himself in the previous life. He was disappointed, doubtful, and sad at the same time, right? However, in the face of a life and death crisis, he still chose to hide his whereabouts from Jing Sui, too ruthless to do so.

No matter what kind of unfair treatment he encountered, no matter how embarrassing he fell into, he could not erase the last bottom line in his heart, and under his arrogant exterior, he had a heart cleaner than anyone. Once he saw the inside through the outside, he would be deeply attracted and unable to extricate himself.

So despite his jealousy and sadness like this, he didn’t think about really hurting Ning Yu in the end. He was even reluctant to hurt the life of an untouchable, and he could not let go of his noble’s face and pride, so he awkwardly pretended that he didn’t care…

Was there anyone in this world who was cuter than this little one?

The look in Carlos’s eyes became more gentle and deep.

Wen Yan stood quietly on the side, he lowered his eyes to remove the complicated color of emotion in his eyes. In fact, when Carlos proposed to get rid of Ning Yu just now, he did not intend to stop it, and it was normal for him to ignore other people’s lives… As long as Ji Ling could be happy, what did it matter if he sacrificed the life of a so-called compatriot? 

But what he did not expect was… In the end, it was Ji Ling who stopped Carlos.

That Ji Ling, who was jealous and disgusted with Ning Yu.

As a nobleman, Ji Ling was high above.

Compared with his hypocritical and selfish self, the seemingly arrogant teenager actually cared more about the lives of others.

He would rather be aggrieved and sad, but not willing to really hurt others. He pretended that he was domineering and vicious, but in fact, his heart was kinder than anyone, he was even willing to defend his ‘enemy’. When he saw it all clearly, he realized that he had neglected so many beautiful aspects when he was dominated by ugly desires.

Compared with the clean sunlight of the teenager, his heart was as dark as the abyss under the Earth, which made him feel ashamed.

Ji Ling looked at the two big villains who were suddenly silent: ???

He was frightened. Could it be that the change in his attitude just now was too abrupt to make them suspicious?

Just when Ji Ling was nervously preparing to ask the system for help, Carlos suddenly let out a low laugh, and his brown gentle eyes were as dark and deep as a whirlpool. He slowly said, “Sorry, what I just said was a little inappropriate… With your identity, of course, you don’t have to worry about him.”

Ji Ling suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, Carlos seemed to have dismissed the idea? He didn't dare to continue to show how much he hated Ning Yu at this time, lest he overacted, Carlos, the terrible villain, could say ‘kill’ again at the drop of a hat. He just wanted to let the matter pass immediately!

Ji Ling pretended to snort proudly.

Carlos looked at the boy greedily. Under the slightly trembling golden eyelashes, it was a light blue that was as clear as the most beautiful gemstone, even this pretentious and arrogant expression was so cute that people couldn’t take their eyes off. His Adam’s apple shrugged a little, suppressed the strange desire in his heart, and stood up reluctantly.

Seeing this, Ji Ling was overjoyed in his heart. Was the villain finally ready to leave?

Carlos looked at him deeply. “Next time if you want to deal with someone, let me know and I’ll take care of it for you, okay?”

Ji Ling said in his heart, who will ask you for help? Who is caught and who dies, and it won’t turn out well in the back, you won’t take it likely if I ask you for help, right!

He blinked and said perfunctorily, “I know Uncle Carlos.”

Carlos looked at Ji Ling’s disapproving eyes, obviously he did not really listen to it at all, this child was still so willful ah… Carlos shook his head a little helplessly, it seemed that he still had to pay more attention to him. If it wasn’t for Lodz to report this time, and he really let Brandon make a move, how sad should Ji Ling be now?

Those things in the previous life, he would never allow to appear on the boy again.

At this time, Wen Yan stood up and said respectfully to Carlos, “I’ll send you out.”

Carlos gave him a meaningful look, held his cane, turned around and walked out.

Wen Yan was half a step behind Carlos, his eyes fell on the back of the brown-haired man in front of him, and a gloomy look passed under his eyes.

In previous life, Ji Ling was instigated to trouble Ning Yu, in fact, that was what you wanted to see, right? The reason why you did not take the initiative to intervene in this matter was just that you knew that there would be many nobles who had the same mind as you. They couldn’t get used to Ning Yu’s momentum, and they would try to make Ning Yu fell hard, and everyone was waiting to see Ning Yu’s jokes…

But after all, Ning Yu was a person who was valued by His Majesty, and jumping out now was undoubtedly against Jing Sui. So everyone was watching and unwilling to be the one who came out, only Ji Ling, stupidly couldn’t wait to jump out…

But that was not a reason for you to be unforgivable.

Releasing the video to let Ji Ling be attacked and mocked by the whole network was what made you unforgivable!

Wen Yan’s gaze was cold.

There were many people who could find trouble with Ning Yu… But only you could publish what happened in the military department when Jing Sui and Brandon could stop it at the same time. You only gently pushed behind and released a video, but it was equivalent to slapping Brandon and Jing Sui in the face for those ignorant commoners to see… How the heroes they adored and loved were belittled and vilified by the noble.

Even if Ji Ling was later punished, he still could not quell the anger within the people and planted the seeds of distrust in their hearts.

You were the one who hid behind the back and really controlled everything, and without a single soldier, you could turn the situation that Jing Sui painstakingly created around. But never thought about… Ji Ling who was pushed out by you as a pawn, would face a difficult situation of being attacked on his back.

Ji Ling probably never dreamed that the person he trusted called Uncle Carlos would send him to the cusp of the storm so ruthlessly.

What kind of thoughts did you have to ‘protect’ him in this life? It was a genuine desire to protect… or was it another calculation?

Wen Yan knew Carlos too well, so he couldn’t believe that Carlos would treat someone sincerely.

At this time, Carlos paused in front of him, turned his head to stare deeply at him, and his thin lips picked up. “If you have anything to say, you can say it now.”

There just happened to be no one else here.

Wen Yan slowly raised his head. The usual courtesy on his face faded, and he couldn’t see any emotions under his dark eyes, and he didn’t avoid looking at Carlos’s eyes.

Carlos’s cane lightly tapped on the ground, colliding with the stone road and emitting a sound of gold and stone. His eyes were as sharp as a falcon. There was a teasing arc on the corner of his lips, and his tone was low, “Let me guess… You want to know why I came here today.”

Wen Yan’s black eyes were deep, and after a moment, he opened his lips and let out a clear, cold voice, “No, what I want to know is, what do you really want?”

Carlos’s eyes narrowed suddenly and he looked at him coldly.

Wen Yan was not intimidated by Carlos’s aura, the end of his eyes raised, the phoenix eyes flooded with scrutiny, vaguely had an aggressive meaning, “If it’s just to win over Ji Ting, there is no need for this.”

The killing intent slowly emerged in Carlos’s heart.

He didn’t like this kind of person who didn’t know how to advance or retreat, and he didn’t like people who were difficult to control. Wen Yan just happened to be such a person who was difficult to control and did not know how to advance or retreat.

Carlos’s tone was cold, and he said word by word, “Last time I told you, do you own thing, don’t be delusional, it seems that you didn’t listen.”

Wen Yan smiled lightly, and said without condescension, “As I said last time, I don’t understand what you mean. The Ji Family is just a stepping stone for me, I only care about our plan.”

Carlos stared at him and suddenly stepped forward. He let out a meaningful laugh in his ear, “Really? So, is it okay if I want Ji Ling?”

Wen Yan’s hand hanging at his side clenched violently, and his veins burst out, but the next moment it quickly loosened, so fast that it was almost imperceptible.

He shrugged his shoulders and let out a chuckle. “Of course—— It doesn’t matter.”

Carlos clasped his cane in both hands and looked at Wen Yan fixedly, as if to see through the real emotions in this person’s black eyes, to see through the true thoughts of this person’s heart, but he didn’t see anything.

If it wasn’t for the previous life, he probably would have really believed it.

It was a pity.

A mocking smile appeared at the corner of Carlos’s lips, and he said slowly, “In the future, I hope you will remember what you said today.”

Over there, Ji Ling saw that the two villains had finally left, lying on the sofa like a salted fish, feeling that he had completely deflated.

Ji Ling: [System, do you have any comments you want to make about what happened today?]

The system was not so emotional: [No.]

Ji Ling: [Really no?]

System: [Really.]

Ji Ling: [Oh, so what use do you have besides watching the show :) ]

System: [...]

The success of the face slap brought by Ji Ling caused a huge blow, causing him to enter the self-loathing mode.

According to the previous life’s plot, he encountered ridicule from his peers and insults and personal attacks from netizens after failing to slap Ning Yu in the face, so he resented Ning Yu more and more, thinking that all this was because of Ning Yu. He kidnapped Ning Yu by despicable means at the suggestion of his henchman, and was about to commit murder when Ning Yu was ‘coincidentally’ rescued by the hero, Brandon!

Now these plots were all gone.

Carlos offered to help him kill Ning Yu, but he could only refuse helplessly…

Lodz had not answered his phone at all since the last incident…

Even if he insisted that he was unwilling, it should be himself who was slapped in the face by Ning Yu…

Ji Ling could only hold on to the last slight hope, thinking that Carlos would release a video to frame himself like last time after going back, to give Jing Sui a hard time. As a result, after waiting for a few days, nothing happened, as if this had never happened at all…

What reason did he have to go to Ning Yu to find trouble?!

Why was there no hate for no reason in this world!

Ji Ling watched Jing Sui’s news on the Internet everyday, sighed, and felt low. Without himself as a vicious cannon fodder, how did the gong and shou feelings develop? How should he match Ning Yu and Jing Sui? And how to give Brandon a chance of ‘hero saves the beauty’?

Now that he thought about it, how could he, a straight man who had never even in a relationship, agree to do such a difficult task in the first place?

Survival was not easy.


Wen Yan’s heart had become heavier since he tested Carlos last time. It seemed that Carlos’s target this time was indeed Ji Ling, had he also found out about the teenager’s good side? Carlos was so good at disguise, and he had Ji Ling’s trust. He was afraid that he could hardly stop him from taking advantage of the situation.

Thinking that Ji Ling only had Jing Sui in his heart, and there was a reborn Carlos next to him, Wen Yan was jealous, painful and uneasy in his heart.

He couldn’t help but visit Ji Ling, but every time he saw Ji Ling quietly grieving over the image of Jing Sui, hanging his head, dejected, and secretly sad…

It made Wen Yan even more worried.

Ji Ling was low at home for several days, and finally figured out the truth. No one in this world could be relied on, and the only one who he could rely on was himself!

In order to be able to go home, he must cheer up!

Seeing that the time passed day by day, and the next plot ‘palace banquet’ was getting closer and closer, Ji Ling decided that he could not continue to stay at home. He had to go around and look for an opportunity to see if he could still save it.

As an arrogant and domineering noble, going out to play with henchman was a necessary standard, so as to show his flamboyance and ostentatiousness.

It was a pity that Lodz was already considered a waste, and he could not count on him at all. He had to find another candidate.

Fortunately, there were so many henchmen who were willing to bend to him, Ji Ling opened his address book, looked carefully for a long time, and picked a dude with the worst and most bad reputation outside, Count Deng Yi youngest son, Deng Dong.

This guy had always played with men and women with poor taste, even among the extravagant and degenerate nobles, he belonged to the type that was looked down upon, doing nasty and impecunious. If it was not for his father the Count, and he was smart enough to know not to kick the iron plate, Ji Ling’s afraid that he had long been cleaned up.

Ji Ling had never contacted him before, subconsciously staying away from this kind of person. It was already very difficult to play as a vicious noble, and Ji Ling, who was not like Deng Dong who had no bottom line, was afraid that he really couldn’t not hold it.

But he really could not help it now, the group of dudes led by Lodz who used to contact often, all of them avoided him. He was afraid that they were warned by Carlos, and he could only find this kind of unruly dude to try his luck… And to do bad things, maybe he had to rely on such people.

Ji Ling sent a message tentatively, Deng Dong responded immediately, and was pleasantly surprised. He immediately asked Ji Ling to go out to meet. Ji Ling, who chose this person, said that it didn’t matter, the location was determined by him so he and Deng Dong met in the outer city.

High-ranking nobles like Ji Ling usually lived in the central Imperial City, but in addition to the central Imperial City, there were many other urban districts on the Emperor Star, and the ‘outer city area’ generally referred to the outermost urban area.

The closer to the central Imperial City, the better the location, inhabited by nobles of all classes on the Emperor Star. The more the outer stretch of those urban areas, the lower and lower the status of the people living in it. The outermost urban areas were generally inhabited by commoners living on the Emperor Star. Although in other star domains they were all powerful evolutionaries and billionaires, but when they came to the Emperor Star, they were only worthy of living in the ‘outer city area’, which was an inferior person who could not get rid of the origin in the eyes of the nobles.

The last time Ji Ling concentrated on the task, he had no intention of anything else, and this was the first time he came over to the outer city.

Compared with the prosperity of the central Imperial City, it seemed much more ordinary here. Most of the people entering and leaving the streets were hurried commoners, and Ji Ling showed curious looks.

Although Deng Dong was an evil person, he was very respectful in the face of Ji Ling, and he couldn’t wait to hold Ji Ling to the sky.

A high-ranking noble with Ji Ling’s status, he usually had no chance to befriend. He had long envied Lodz and others that could go in and out with Ji Ling, all he saw were high above big shots. So, this time he was flattered that Ji Ling could think of him. He swore to hold this golden thigh.

Deng Dong took Ji Ling to a building that was not very eye-catching, and said mysteriously, “Young Master Ji, don’t look at the outside of this place, the inside is guaranteed to satisfy you, hehe.”

Ji Ling looked at him in disbelief.

Deng Dong just ‘hehehe’ and said, “A few new slaves from the Sosa Star arrived last night, and the auction will be held tonight.”

When Ji Ling heard the word ‘slave’, he raised his eyebrows and understood what was going on.

No matter how unfair the current nature of the Empire was, after all, it was an interstellar Empire with a highly developed civilization. At least, on the surface, it was a democratic and fair country, there was no ancient feudal system, and the existence of slaves was not allowed. Even nobles netizens liked Ji Ling could spurt, it could be seen that at least the equality was there on the surface, and there was enough freedom of speech.

But how could the ugly and dirty desires of certain nobles be satisfied under such a system?

In fact, although the Empire did not allow the existence of slavery, ‘slaves’ still existed, and secretly circulated among some nobles. Countless people were forced to become the playthings of the nobles, without enough resistance strength, and the so-called fairness was just useless.

Tonight’s auction was clearly one such gray place.

Ji Ling did not want to participate, and he regretted finding Deng Dong to come out. However, turning around and leaving now didn’t quite fit his personality, so he had to follow him inside helplessly.

He thought that he would better not look for this guy next time.

He and Deng Dong came to the auction hall and sat in the VIP seats on the second floor, looking distracted because he was somewhat disgusted and resistant to these behaviors.

Just when he was a little impatient, Ji Ling’s eyes inadvertently swept over the hall on the first floor, and when he saw the man standing in the corner, his eyes widened in surprise!

He would actually run into Ning Yu here! How could this be possible!

But even if he encountered him, he had no reason to go to Ning Yu to find trouble…

Ji Ling was in a frustrated mood, and then suddenly heard an exclamation from beside him. Deng Dong picked up at the railing, obviously also found Ning Yu’s existence, and his expression was even more exaggerated. “Isn’t that Ning Yu!”

Deng Dong looked at Ning Yu’s tall and elegant appearance, black hair and green eyes, heroic and had long and straight legs, clean and gentle and implied sharp temperament that made people unable to take their eyes off, and think about themselves without jealousy. “Tch, what a rising star national idol, but also a lowly commoner. What kind of battle he fights looks so good-looking, I think it’s better to come and play with this young master, serve me well, and do what you want.”

It would be exciting to crush such an excellent and unyielding beautiful man and torture him hard, right? Deng Dong thought like this, but unfortunately, although Ning Yu was a commoner, he did not dare to make a move. He was not qualified to go against public opinion, and this was Marshal Brandon’s people.

Just when he was a little regretful, he turned his head and found Ji Ling looking at him with a burning gaze, and Deng Dong was suddenly startled!

Did he say something wrong?

Ji Ling looked at him deeply, and patted Deng Dong’s shoulder hard with one hand, which was meaningful, very appreciative, and said with a great emotion, “You’re right, what you said makes sense.”

The trembling Deng Dong: “?”


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