Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 40

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Happy Reading~ 17 more chapter before the end of the main story, and there will be extras for their child. For me, I don't really like the extra lol, but I will translate it at the fastest speed(maybe 😂)
Chapter 40: He Helped Her Out

Although she guessed that it would be Lu Junting on the way here, she was still shocked to hear his name. Lu Junting helped her to pay off her parents’ debt, and Lu Junting also contributed to her tuition and living expenses, in order to make her feel at ease in Lu’s House, and even lied that her parents left her more than one million.

Was it just because of respect for her parents? More than ten million was not a small amount of money ah. At that time, he had just taken over Changheng, and had not yet begun to invest in the later Storm Technology, and Changheng was far from developing as well as it was now, but more than ten million he said to take it.

Zhang Yao also said, “Xixi ah, you can’t let Junting know about this, he told us not to tell you at that time.”

Why not tell her, why didn’t he let her know? Was it to make her stay more comfortable in Lu’s House? Didn’t you want her to feel that she owed their Lu family, didn’t you want her to feel restless for living on another person’s roof? 

That was why he deliberately took out a million, falsely claiming that it was left to her by her parents. She always thought that her parents left her a million, and she gave this money to Zhang Yao and because of this, she was at ease to live in Lu's house. At least, she did not eat for nothing, she gave living expenses.

But now she knew where she got her living expenses. Her parents not only did not leave her living expenses, but also left her more than 10 million debts. Thanks to the Lu family, otherwise she would have to pay for her parents’ debt at a young age.

No, it was not owed to the Lu Family, it was owed to Lu Junting.

Lin Xiyu took a few steps back, she closed her eyes, and bean-sized tears instantly rolled down her eyes. Zhang Yao was frightened by her appearance, and she hurriedly asked, “Xixi, what’s wrong?”

“I’m okay Aunt Yao, I’m fine.”

Her voice was hoarse.

Why did Lu Junting help the Lin family? The Lin family had no relationship with him, even if her mother and Zhang Yao were good sisters, but they didn’t have much to do with Lu Junting, why should he help the Lin family to pay off debt, just because he respected the Lin family’s two elders?

She suddenly thought of what Lu Junting had said to her, “That’s because you forgot, we have known each other for a long time, when we were still very young, we had met when you came to the Lu family to play.”

He also said, “Remember that painting you saw in my room? The painting is me and you, the little girl is you, and the little boy is me.”

She only thought he was lying to her, and she felt that the man was full of lies.

What if they really did know each other at a very young age? What if it was really her and Lu Junting on the painting, what if she really helped him blow his wounds when he was injured? What if she really forgot about their intersection? What if he really hadn’t lied to her?

Lin Xiyu suddenly thought of something, and she hurriedly said to Zhang Yao, “Aunt Yao, I remember you once told me that I came to live here for a while when I was about three years old.”

That day, Zhang Yao talked about the embarrassing incident when she and Lu Yuan were still a child, and mentioned that she had come to live here when she was three years old, but she had no recollection of it at all.

“I remember, why?”

“Did I take a photo with Lu Yuan at that time?”

Zhang Yao said, “I don’t remember much, it seems like it was taken, but that was many years ago, and I’m not too sure anymore.”

“Can Aunt Yao help me find my photos at that time?”

Zhang Yao saw that she looked anxious, she asked, “What’s wrong Xixi?”

“It’s nothing, I just want to know what I was like back then. Aunt Yao, please help me.”

Zhang Yao didn’t know why she was suddenly anxious to get photos when she was three years old. Her anxious appearance made Zhang Yao also worried, she said, “The home has been renovated before, a lot of things are lost somewhere. I can’t guarantee that I can find them.”

“It doesn’t matter, try to find it if you can, and if you can’t, forget it.”

The three-room side was renovated once after Lin Xiyu moved to live with Lu Junting, and that time they all moved to the main floor because of the three-room renovation, and Lin Xiyu even slept in Lu Junting’s room because of it.

At that time, Zhang Yao had packed all the ‘ancient’ things into a few large boxes and put them in the attic. Lin Xiyu was anxious at this time, so she called the helper to come and look for it together.

Four large cabinets stuffed with some old clothes that they didn’t wear, some toys that Lu Yuan had played with when she was a child, and bits and pieces of knickknacks.

There was a large photo album in one of the cabinets. Lin Xiyu flipped through it, and there was no photo of her in it. Several people tossed for most of the day and did not find a photo with Lin Xiyu. Lin Xiyu was about to give up, and heard Zhang Yao exclaim in surprise, “There is really a group photo.”

Lin Xiyu hurriedly leaned over to see that it was indeed a photo of her and Lu Yuan. It should have been taken at the amusement park, the background behind the two of them was a huge Ferris wheel.

At that time, she and Lu Yuan were still young, and the two of them sat side by side under the Ferris wheel, smiling to show a row of white teeth.

Lin Xiyu thought that Lu Junting was lying to her, because she remembered that she didn’t have long hair before she was eleven years old. She had a lot of hair, she had lice, and her mother was too busy to help her take care of it, so she had memories that she had cut her hair short until junior high school as far back as she could remember, so she decided that the girl in the painting with the ponytail wasn’t her.

However, the little girl in the photo had long thick hair down, and if it was tied into a ponytail, it should be about the same length as the little girl in the painting.

It turned out that when she was three years old, she really had long hair.

Lin Xiyu had forgotten how she left Lu’s house, and she sat in the taxi in a daze, images flashing through her mind on a looped repetition.

“Can’t you see when I make it so obvious? Because I like you!”

She didn’t believe that he liked her, she felt he was a liar and he was using her.

She remembered the day when the sky was gloomy and gray, and the willows on both sides of the road were shrouded in a layer of gray smoke. He hugged her from behind at the entrance of the community, and he said to her in a hoarse voice, “Xixi, I love you, I really love you. I can’t live without you.”

She was still rejoicing at that time, fortunately she didn’t believe his words. She even mocked in her heart, look how much he acted, this man with a deep heart, he didn’t even blink when he lied.

So she rejected him without mercy.

At that time, even the injury under his eyes was so realistic, like a beast that had been hit hard, seriously injured, and ready to fall at any moment. That calm Lu Junting showed such a disheveled look and surprised her for a long time.

Now that I think about it, he was really in pain at that time, right?

“I’ve never liked you, and you’re not my type.”

I don’t know what those words sound like to him.

Just met the red light, the car stopped and waited, Lin Xiyu looked out the window, and it was really a coincidence, not far away was Changheng’s high-rise building. She looked at the highest place, and Lu Junting was there at the moment.

It was so close ah, it was just across the street, and she could get to it by elevator.

But it was so far away ah, they didn’t have anything to do with each other anymore.

Lin Xiyu got out of the car here, she sat on the bus platform. Changheng Group was a big landmark in Ancheng, the platforms were all named after Changheng.

The rain was still falling, the rain and fog became a cloud of smoke, and the surrounding scenery became ethereal, but only the tall building opposite Changheng clearly stood.

Why did she hate Lu Junting, because he used her as a stand-in and tricked her into giving birth to a child. She thought he was just using her.

What if he just tricked her into giving birth? She never regretted giving birth to Little Baby, she just hated him for using her as a stand-in so he tricked her into giving birth.

But if he really never used her as a stand-in, if he really wanted her to have the baby because he liked her, as he said, would she still hate him?

The man who silently paid her parents’ debt and didn’t let her know, and even paid for her to live and study in peace. The man who stood in the wind and snow to beg for a letter left by her father.

What right did she have to hate him? Even if he did use her as a stand-in, she had no right to hate him. What she owed him could not be paid off in this life. More than ten million, her life was not more than ten million, even if he really wanted to use her and let her bear a child for him for the rest of her life, she still wouldn’t be able to pay it back, right? And he also let her live in the Lu family for so many years.

She remembered him once saying, “You don’t have to do anything, just know how to run home when it rains.”

At that time he had just taken the letter his father had given to her, and he didn’t need her to do anything, he just wanted her to run home when it rained.

She looked at the raining sky in front of her and laughed to herself.
It’s raining again today. Lu Junting, can I still run home?

Lin Xiyu woke up from her dream, she couldn’t remember how many times she had dreamt of Lu Junting. She sat on the bed for a while, took her phone and glanced at it, it was already six o’clock. It was Saturday, she didn’t have to go to the club, she got up and made a simple breakfast. She had bought a house near the club, a two bedroom one, big enough for her to live in alone. After eating breakfast, Lin Xiyu received a call from Lu Yuan. Lu Yuan asked her to go out to play.

“Anyway, you have nothing to do, come out and hang out, don’t be bored at home.”

Lin Xiyu responded quickly, “Okay.”

Both of them first went to the mall to buy some things, and then found a cafe for refreshments.

Both of them were chatting. Lu Yuan suddenly thought of something and said to her, “By the way, tomorrow our company will hold an anniversary celebration, if you are okay, come and play.”

Lu Yuan was now in Changheng’s legal department, and was the vice minister of the legal department. Originally, the Lu family had a rule, and the Lu family’s second and third house could not hold a position in Changheng, for fear of family infighting, but Lu Yuan directly appointed into Changheng’s legal department by Lu Junting. The rules were made by people, and Lu Junting, as the current Lu family’s patriarch, others could not say anything to his arrangements.
Lin Xiyu said, “What would an outsider like me do at your company’s anniversary celebration?”

“Watch the excitement, there will be a lot of shows then.”

She didn’t know if Lu Junting would go toChangheng’s anniversary celebration, so Lin Xiyu asked as if he was casually, “Will brother Junting be there?”

“He will definitely go, and he will also give awards to outstanding employees.” Lu Yuan thought that she was afraid of seeing her eldest brother awkwardly. Since the divorce, Lin Xiyu had obviously been avoiding his eldest brother, Lu Yuan said, “Oh, it’s nothing. Although you are divorced, don’t you still have a common child? Say hello when you run into each other, there’s no need to act like old enemies.”

Lin Xiyu didn’t want to avoid him, but wanted to see him. She just wanted to look at him from a distance and see if he was doing well.

“Can I go?” asked Lin Xiyu.

“Of course you can, I'll help you get an admission ticket when the time comes, and I'll take you inside.”

Changheng’s anniversary celebration was held in Changheng’s hall. The hall was on the seventh floor, Changheng had many employees, and not all employees could participate. The people who came to participate in the anniversary celebration were some management personnel and some outstanding employees.

Lu Yuan was waiting for her at the entrance of Changheng Group. Changheng management was particularly strict, you had to swipe the employee card to get on the elevator, and Lin Xiyu couldn’t enter alone.

Lu Yuan took her to the hall on the seventh floor to find a place to sit down. Just in the third row, this position was quite close to the front platform, and Lu Junting would not be able to see her at a glance when he came to the stage.

She actually wanted to look at him from a distance, because of the guilt in her heart. She wanted to see how he was doing, and she didn’t want to meet him.

“Lu Yuan, I’d better go and sit in the back.”

“Why?” Lu Yuan was puzzled and sad, “Isn’t it good to sit in the front? There will be a show for a while, and it’s clear to see.”

“It’s weird for me to sit in the front as an outsider, I’d rather go in the back.”

Without waiting for Lu Yuan to speak, she walked away. The hall was very large and there were many people. Lu Yuan wanted to stop her, and when she looked back, Lin Xiyu had already disappeared in the crowd.

“Really. Why do you need to go to the back if you can get such a good seat in the front?”

Lu Yuan silently complained. As soon as the words fell, there was one more person on the seat next to her. Lu Yuan subconsciously glanced sideways, and she was surprised to see the person coming, it turned out to be Qin Yue.

“Isn’t president Qin’s seat in the first row? Why are you here?”

Qin Yue looked ahead, without looking at her. “Someone else changed seats with me, he said he was in the third row, and I saw this was the only empty seat in the third row, so I sat over here.”

Lu Yuan leaned her elbow on the armrest to support her chin. “Who is so bold as to dare to switch seats with President Qin ah?” Lu Yuan poked at his shoulder with a feigned look of deep meaning. “I think President Qin came to sit with me on purpose, right?  Why? President Qin took a fancy to me?”

Qin Yue finally glanced at her slowly, his face was serious, and his tone was solemn, “Miss Lu, please respect yourself.”

She really couldn’t look at him in this proper and serious manner. When she saw him, she was full of mischief and wanted to destroy it. Lu Yuan leaned over and deliberately got close to him. She winked at him, and the warm breath in her mouth sprayed all over Qin Yu’s face, she said. “What if I don’t respect myself?” .

Qin Yue: “...”

Qin Yue turned around, completely with an expression of not wanting to take care of her. He put his hands on his knees and sat upright. Lu Yuan remembered that Qin Yue seemed to have been in the military before, and this look of his was really a bit of a soldier’s look.

However, Lu Yuan soon discovered an interesting thing, this man with a serious expression and sitting upright had ears that were as red as if they had been boiled.

Obviously, he looked serious but shy as hell, blushing at the slightest tease.

Lu Yuan held her chin and looked at him, and said with a smile, “Qin Yue, why are you so cute ah?”

Qin Yue: “...”

Lin Xiyu found a seat in the back row, the anniversary celebration was about to begin. The host took the stage to maintain order, and soon the noisy hall quieted down. Changheng Group was rich and powerful, the hosts of the anniversary celebration were invited from TV stations, and the hosting level was first-class.

Lu Yuan did not lie to her, Changheng’s anniversary celebration did have many shows, and they were all quite exciting, but Lin Xiyu had no intention of enjoying the show.

Lu Junting came on stage after the fifth show, and with a round of warm applause, he stood in the center of the stage. There was a large screen behind him that reflected his appearance, so even if Lin Xiyu was sitting in the last row, she could see him clearly.

He was well-dressed and in good spirits. He did not have the slightest stage fright in the face of a group of people, calmly summed up the work, motivated the employees, winning a burst of cheers from below.

Lin Xiyu looked at the man in front of her, thinking that once faced with her ruthless rejection, he stood at the door of the community where she lived with a hurt face, and did not leave for a long time.

And now, standing in the spotlight, the calm and confident man was the same. He should have been like this, the stars arched the moon, standing at the top, attracting attention and being sought after by everyone.

Lu Junting was followed by a woman, with short shoulder-length hair, a white suit and a pair of black wide-leg pants underneath, looking competent and stylish.

In the past year, although Lin Xiyu had not met Lu Junting in reality, he had often seen him on financial forums, and this woman had often followed him to attend events in recent years. Lu Yuan had told her the name of this woman.

Her name was Liu Manqing, who was originally in the overseas branch. She was transferred back to the headquarters at the end of last year, and now she is the vice president of Changheng Group, from what Lu Yuan said.

There were several girls sitting in the front seat of Lin Xiyu, and at this moment, those girls were whispering.

“I think our Vice President Liu and Chairman Lu are really a good match, don’t you think so?”

“I also think that the man is handsome and the woman is pretty, and they are also very tacit at work. No matter how I look at it, I think they are a couple.”

“Yeah. One is the son of Heaven and the other is the daughter of Heaven. I’m kowtowing to this CP.”

Lu Junting did not stay on the stage for long, simply explained a few words, awarded the outstanding employees and left. Once Lu Junting left, Lin Xiyu didn’t have much intention to enjoy the performance, she sent a text message to Lu Yuan, who was probably watching the show and didn’t reply to her.

Lin Xiyu came out of the hall, Changheng Group was very large, she went around to find the elevator. At this time, everyone went to the anniversary celebration, the corridor was quiet, and Lin Xiyu was waiting alone next to the elevator.

The elevator came, Lin Xiyu went upstairs and pressed the negative one, pressed a few times and couldn’t press it. Lin Xiyu quickly understood, she didn’t expect Changheng to be so strict as this, to swipe a card to go upstairs and to swipe the card on the way down as well?

Lin Xiyu hesitated, whether to go back to the hall to find Lu Yuan or find the stairs to go down directly. Just when Lin Xiyu hesitated , she saw the elevator door suddenly open, and a woman stood outside, looking like an employee of Changheng.

The woman walked into the elevator, looked at her suspiciously and asked, “Why don’t you swipe your card?”

Lin Xiyu was a little embarrassed. “I…”

Before she finished speaking, the woman suddenly became vigilant. “Which department are you in?”

Lin Xiyu said, “I’m not from Changheng, I’m…”

“You’re not from Changheng?” The woman exclaimed, “How did you blend in if you’re not from Changheng?”

Lin Xiyu was about to explain, but the woman dragged her out of the elevator and shouted outside, “Security, security guard come here.”

The security guard on duty nearby heard the voice and hurried over. The woman pushed Lin Xiyu forward and said, “Hurry up and send this person to the police station, she is sneaky and I don’t know how she got in. I don’t think she looks like she’s going to do anything good.”

Lin Xiyu: “...”

Lin Xiyu really didn’t expect Changheng’s people to be so sensitive to outsiders, and they directly treated her as a villain without listening to her explanation.

The head of security came forward  and asked in an extremely impolite manner, “How did you get in here? What are you doing here?”

Before Lin Xiyu could answer, the woman said, “Don’t talk nonsense to her, just send her to the police station. The police will ask when the time comes.”

Then the security guard did not ask more, and directly said to Lin Xiyu, “You came with me.”

“That… I’m not a bad person, my friend brought me in.”

“Friend?” The woman said in a stern voice, “What’s your friend's name? Which department?”

Lin Xiyu was about to say Lu Yuan’s name, only to hear a sudden shout next to her.

“What’s going on?”

A few people had heard the voice and turned to look, and saw a group of people walking over the other side of the corridor, but they saw a person led by a sword eyebrow and starry eyes. He was surrounded by a group of people, dazzling as a flock of chickens. Li NXiyu saw him at a glance, only to hear her heart thump. Lin Xiyu swore that she really only wanted to take a look at Lu Junting from afar when she came here today, never thinking that she would meet him face to face.

Over the past year, she was also very self-aware. Even if she was in Lu’s house with Lu Junting, she had always kept her peace and quiet over in the third house, never going to the main building. This was probably a year after that she met with Lu Junting again, so suddenly, and under these circumstances.

Lu Junting was also followed by a group of people, and the voice just now came from the assistant beside him.

Lu Junting naturally also saw Lin Xiyu, his gaze swept over her face, his expression did not change much. He was not surprised how she suddenly appeared here, as if she was just an ordinary person to him, or he was so deep that he wouldn’t reveal his emotions even if he had them.

Lu Junting had only just delivered a speech at the anniversary meeting, who didn’t recognize this big boss. When the woman saw Lu Junting, she immediately changed her face and greeted respectfully, “I’m sorry to have disturb president Lu, it’s just a trivial matter, we’ll take care of it right away.”

She winked at a few security guards, and the security guard immediately stepped aside, and even dragged Lin Xiyu, who was yanked back so violently that she almost didn’t stand still and stumbled a few steps.

The woman said respectfully again, “President Lu, please.”

Lu Junting didn’t leave, he didn’t go, and the people behind him naturally followed obediently.

“What’s going on?” He asked.

The woman said, “It’s not a big deal, it’s just this person can’t get off the elevator without a card. I see that she’s being sneaky, and I’m asking the security guard to send her to the police station.”

Lu Junting’s gaze fell on Lin Xiyu again. Lin Xiyu was simply embarrassed to death, running to his company and being bumped into by him, not to mention, she was bumped into him in this situation.

In an embarrassing situation, Lin Xiyu twisted her face to the side and pretended she didn’t know him.

“I brought her here.” Lu Junting suddenly spoke.

These words not only surprised the woman, but even Lin Xiyu had a look of disbelief on her face. Her attitude of pretending not to recognize him was so obvious that there was no way he didn’t see it.

Both of them had divorced, and they were in a stalemate before the divorce. They hadn’t seen each other in the past year, she had put on an attitude of pretending not to know, and Lu Junting didn’t need to care about her.

“Any more questions?” Lu Junting asked again.

The security guard who was dragging Lin Xiyu hurriedly let her go, and the woman came back to her senses and laughed dryly, “That… That seems to be a misunderstanding, sorry President Lu.”

“There’s nothing wrong with being a little wary in the face of outsiders, but arresting someone without even asking them clearly is a little impulsive.”

Lu Junting said calmly, but the woman gasped when she heard this, and hurriedly said, “What President Lu said is right, it was me who was too impulsive.” After speaking, she also rushed to Lin Xiyu, “I’m sorry Miss. Recently Changheng lost some confidential documents and everyone is quite nervous during this time. I hope I haven’t caused you any trouble.”

Lin Xiyu answered absentmindedly, “It’s fine.”

Lu Junting turned his head sideways and explained a few words to the people around him. Lin Xiyu was distracted and he she didn’t hear what he said. Anyway, when she came back to her senses, there was no one else in the corridor except him. Lu Junting’s tall figure entered the elevator, he looked at her and asked, “Don’t go?”

Lin Xiyu took a deep breath and lowered her head to get on the elevator. 

The door of the elevator slowly closed, and in the not very spacious elevator, there were just him and her.


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