The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 19 - Question

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I will change the untouchable with lowly commoner from now on. Happy reading~
Chapter 19: Question

Ji Ling looked at Jing Sui’s cold golden pupils in disbelief, listening to the cool words coming out of his mouth, and was almost speechless.

You’re asking me what I’m going to do? Of course, I plan to trouble Ning Yu because of ‘jealousy’!

Ji Ling’s eyes blinked, revealing a heartbroken expression, as if he couldn’t accept such an answer at all, and muttered, “Impossible, how could you like such a lowly person…”

The corner of Jing Sui’s lips were raised, and he slowly said, “Why is it impossible?”

As soon as Ji Ling heard this, his happy eyes filled with tears, and he asked in an exasperated tone, “I like you so much, why don’t you like me?”

Jing Sui smiled, his voice was indifferent, and said with a teasing gaze, “Who said that if others like me, I must respond back?”

His smile was calm and without the slightest disdain. It could even be said to be elegant and pleasing to the eye, even the curve of the corners of his lips seemed perfect. However the calmer and indifferent he was, the more people felt that they were not put in his eyes.

Ji Ling bit his lip with a pale face, unwilling to accept the truth, and seemed to have to ask for an answer, “That lowly Ning Yu, what is there to like about? Where am I inferior to him?”

Jing Sui raised his eyebrows, as if he had heard some funny joke. He looked deeply at Ji Ling, let out a chuckle, and said clearly and slowly, “Apart from this noble identity of yours, where can you compare to him?”

Although he didn’t have much thought about Ning Yu now, this did not prevent him from looking down on Ji Ling like this.

And Ji Ling, who had no self-awareness, was by no means a minority among today’s imperial nobles. They were drunkenly corrupt and degenerate, and had long forgotten that they were just a weak human. They were addicted to their current status and power, ignoring those weak people who they looked down on, in fact, also had great potential and threats.

Even if today’s Empire seemed extremely powerful, these degenerate and corrupt nobles would ultimately be the root cause of the Empire’s decline.

Ji Ling deeply agreed with these words, thinking that it was still the male protagonist who went for the plot that was the most powerful! He thought that he finally had a reason to go to Ning Yu for a duel! This was an important plot that set off Ning Yu’s ability and promoted the gong’s and shou’s feelings ah!

Although he was excited in his heart, he showed a humiliated expression on his face, and said in disbelief, “You, you think I’m inferior to him!”

Jing Sui looked at him indifferently, and the light in his golden pupils was cold.

Despite not saying a word, only meeting those indifferent eyes, it was as if he was an unreasonable waste of space, a ridiculous joke.

Ji Ling stumbled back two steps, revealing a heartbroken expression, estimating that today was enough. He was about to turn around and leave when he was suddenly pulled by a strong hand from the side. The hard and strong arm tightly bound him in a thick and hot embrace, so hard that it almost made him breathless!

He turned his head in amazement, and met Brandon's cold and sharp face. There was undisguised worry and pity in the man’s gray pupils. 

Ji Ling’s face went pale: “...”

Brothers, come on, don’t be like this, I’m so panicked if you do this.

Brandon entered the palace to see Jing Sui and wanted to discuss with him about Carlos’s recent abnormal behavior. He suspected that Carlos was also reborn, and the reborn Carlos was undoubtedly a huge threat to them, and the matter had reached the point of urgency.

But he saw the scene he didn’t want to see as soon as he came in.

The teenager took a step back in a trance, looking at Jing Sui with his blue eyes, so desperate and painful that it made his heart seize up at once.

Brandon was familiar with Jing Sui. Even if he didn’t see everything before, he could guess what happened, and he was angry and sad in his heart, feeling indignant for the teenager.

Although the teenager was not strong enough, he was actually very brave in his heart. Not only is this weak teenager braving himself to cross a mountain of fire and a sea of daggers to save him, but also fights hard to save you in the midst of danger, even finally dying in Carlos’s hand for you.

What qualifications do you have to look down on him?

Despise him and hurt him like that?

Brandon thought of this, almost furious. He firmly protected Ji Ling in his arms, looked at Jing Sui with a cold and sharp gaze, and said coldly, “What are you doing?”

Jing Sui’s brows furrowed slightly, the last time at the banquet he felt that something was wrong with Brandon. Now, seeing Brandon defending Ji Ling like this again, his eyes couldn’t help but sink, and his thin lips tightened.

Ji Ling was a little dumbfounded when he looked at this scene, but quickly came back to his senses, lest the reborn Brandon continue to confront Jing Sui and say something that should not be said, which would bring trouble for himself in going through the plot, finally revealing a slightly anxious look.

It doesn’t matter if you are reborn, it doesn’t matter, you can do whatever you want… but don’t spoil my business ah, don’t spoil my dear and cute protagonist ah!

Ji Ling blinked with tears in his eyes, took a deep breath, and said loudly, “Let go of me!”

Brandon was anxious and pitying in his heart just now, and subconsciously hugged Ji Ling directly. When he saw him struggling with red eyes, his heart ached, and he instantly let go of his hand.

Ji Ling turned around and ran.

Brandon glanced at Jing Sui fiercely, and then at Ji Ling, who ran away. His eyes were cold and he turned his head to chase out without hesitation.

Ji Ling listened to the movement behind him with his ears pricked up while running, and saw that Brandon really chased him out. He let out a sigh of relief, finally he had lured Brandon away from Jing Sui’s side, he had to find an opportunity to solve this trouble alone.

He deftly wandered through the familiar palace gardens, turned a corner, his eyes darted over the stone on the ground in front of him, deliberately rushed over without looking, and with a plop, he tripped and fell to the ground. There was a hot pain in the palm of his hand, fuck… it hurts so much ahhhhh!

Thinking of his sacrifice for acting, he couldn’t help but burst into tears. He sat on the ground and turned around, seeing Brandon striding over, reaching out to help him.

Ji Ling put his hands on the ground and stepped back, his face was pale, and he said in horror and distancing, “Don’t come over!”

Brandon looked at the teenager sitting on the ground, and his blue eyes filled with fear of alienation, his slender body trembled slightly. This scene was like a sword stabbed into his heart. Is he so terrible? In fact, he doesn’t want to hurt him at all ah

This kind of Ji Ling made it almost difficult for him to continue, but Brandon remembered the previous life, remembered that Ji Ling challenged Ning Yu because he listened to rumors on the Internet, and because he was stimulated by Jing Sui, he was jealous and challenged Ning Yu and finally became the laughing stock of the whole Internet… He still stepped forward firmly, looked at Ji Ling’s eyes seriously, and said in a hoarse voice, “I won’t hurt you.”

In fact, this sentence was said by Brandon last time, but at that time, Ji Ling did not associate it with his rebirth, so he did not believe it. However, now that he had some guessing in his heart, thinking that Brandon was not a hypocrite who liked to lie, he wasn’t too afraid anymore.

But despite this, Ji Ling still pretended to be suspicious and looked at him vigilantly. “Then what do you want from me?”

Brandon saw that Ji Ling was finally willing to listen to him, and tried to show a gentle expression, “I want to tell you that you are no worse than Ning Yu, and you don’t have to prove anything to others.”

Ji Ling: “...”

Big brother, you have exposed the fact that you are reborn!

Brandon looked at Ji Ling seriously. He really thought so in his heart, and there was no half-assedness in that sentence.

In the previous life, he was also blinded by Ji Ling’s dandy appearance, failing to see the inner beauty of the teenager, but not in this life. The value of the military was never the absolute standard to measure a person. Although Ning Yu was very good and powerful, Ji Ling was not worse than him. He sincerely believed that although  the teenager was weak, his brave and firm heart was not inferior to anyone.

Unfortunately, because of Jing Sui’s neglect and contempt, coupled with the inducement of the group of fox and dog friends around him, he went down the wrong path step by step, and finally put himself in a situation of no return.

In this life, he did not want to see the teenager go on the path of the previous life again.

He could have had a better life.

Brandon bent down and carefully helped Ji Ling up, his movements were unprecedentedly gentle, as if he was holding a fragile treasure. He looked at the blood from the teenager’s palm with distress, held the teenager’s hand, gently helped him wipe the blood stains with his sleeve, and said in a deep voice, “You’re very good, really.”

Ji Ling looked at Brandon’s cold face. Seeing him say such words so solemnly, such a simple compliment although it was too simple compared to Carlos and the others, rhetoric was not gorgeous enough, but for this man who was good at words, it was almost all he could express, right? … He was affirming him very seriously.

But Ji Ling almost wanted to cry.

In his previous life he had saved Brandon’s life once, but he had been very successful in wearing down Brandon’s goodwill with his own nasty words, and had gone well enough to the end not to make Brandon genuinely like him. Why do you suddenly find out that I’m better after you’re reborn?!

What about the iron-blooded marshal with a clear cut between love and hatred ah? What happened to the affectionate male lead who secretly loved Ning Yu?

It’s not okay to be so fickle ah!

But nothing in this world can stop my determination to go home, and nothing can stop me from continuing to go with the plot!

Ji Ling once again sacrificed that ‘I don’t believe, I don’t listen’, staring at Brandon with distrustful eyes and louding accusing, “Don’t lie to me, you would think that I’m no worse than Ning Yu? Ning Yu is clearly your favorite subordinate, if it wasn’t for you, would he, a lowly commoner, have a chance to stand out?”

Brandon’s eyes looked painful, he was speechless. Ji Ling was right, Ning Yu was indeed promoted by him, he opened his mouth only saying, “I…”

Ji Ling’s expression looked like, you big liar who wanted to fool me, forcefully pushed him away, and said with a short breath, “You said that because you are afraid that I will find trouble with Ning Yu, right? Stop dreaming, no matter what you say, I won’t let him go! Just wait and see!”

Brandon: “I’m not…”

Ji Ling: “You are!”

Brandon: “I…”

Ji Ling: “Don’t try to lie to me!”

Brandon: “You…”

Ji Ling: “I will prove it to you, I’m no worse than Ning Yu. That lowly commoner will wait to die!”

Saying that, he turned around and ran angrily. After running several steps, he turned back and warned, “Don’t come over, if you come over again, I’ll shout and Auntie Shaman will definitely help me to seek justice!”

Brandon: “...”

He tried his best, but the boy wouldn’t listen to half a word. He couldn’t stop him at all, so he could only watch him leave again. 

Brandon’s face tightened, his eyes were mixed with pain and regret. He tried to suppress some kind of sourness, a suspected jealousy in his heart. His right hand clenched tightly… In fact, it was expected that Ji Ling wouldn’t listen to him.

Because Ji Ling only has Jing Sui in his heart, only Jing Sui can make him happy, make him laugh, also can make him miserable, make him sad…

Jing Sui’s disdain was the root cause of Ji Ling’s pain and obsession, even if he said a thousand words and ten thousand sentences, he couldn’t match Jing Sui’s one word and one look.

But Jing Sui knew all of this, yet he still didn’t care about hurting him, watching him walk step by step down that road from which there was no turning back.

Brandon’s eyes were full of anger, and his chest was rising and falling violently. Even though Jing Sui and Ning Yu in the previous life were together, he had never been so angry. At that time, he just calmly gave his blessing to Ning Yu and accepted this fact… But this time, as long as he remembered the harm Jing Sui had done to the teenager, and remembered how the teenager had ended up in his previous life, he couldn’t control his emotions.

Brandon’s face was as cold as frost as he returned to Jing Sui’s palace. He saw Jing Sui indifferently feeding the cloud hunting beast there, as if everything that happened just now did not cause the slightest ripple in his heart.

Jing Sui slowly turned his head when he heard the sound, looked at Brandon lightly, and said, “You’re back.”

Brandon’s eyes were cold as he took a large step over to the man in front of him. Under his dark red hair, his gray pupils were thick as ink, staring fixedly at the man in front of him who didn’t seem to change his moods no matter what time of the day or night it was.

Sometimes Brandon even wondered what else could move him other than the Imperial power of his Empire?

He remembered his previous life again.

In the previous life, he rushed over and just saw the scene where the teenager sacrificed his body to block Carlos and died in Jing Sui’s arms… Even though there were many prejudices against the teenager in his previous life, he was finally moved at that moment. He never knew that a person’s love could be so pure, as fiery as a moth fly to the flame, even if he gave up everything, he would never regret it.

But what about Jing Sui?

He just accepted the fact very calmly, not even changing his expression much. He first solved Carlos before turning around and picking up the teenager’s body, personally returning the teenager to Grand Duke Ji Ting’s mansion, telling the grieving Grand Duke Ji Ting that he would make it up to him… From beginning to end, everything was handled in a clear, calm and rational manner.

Then, he broke off the engagement with Ning Yu.

It was also at that time that Brandon realized that he didn’t really love Ning Yu that much, right? The marriage contract with Ning Yu was more of a political demand for him, and this marriage was hardly necessary after Carlos’s death, so they ended the relationship naturally.

As for the death of the teenager, it was like an insignificant speck of dust that was gently erased, and like a tacit taboo, no one mentioned it again.

For many years afterward, Brandon occasionally remembered the dazzling teenager who flickered away like a shooting star.

He would always wonder if Jing Sui was the same as him, and he regretted it in the dead of night, but it was a pity that until the last moment of his life in the previous life, he couldn’t not see Jing Sui’s true heart.

To some extent, he had always been a qualified Emperor, calm and rational, and also fickle.

He didn’t really put anyone in his heart.

Brandon chose to support him at the beginning, but also saw Jing Sui’s heart, believing him to be a ruler worth following and a friend who could be trusted, but this moment… for the first that he hated his coldness so much when he looked at the man’s calm expression.

Feeling unworthy for the teenager.

You can dislike him or even alienate him, but there is no need to hurt him. In fact, as long as you are willing to be a little more tolerant and merciful to him, he will not fall to that point, but you don’t.

You seem to have done nothing, but you are always careless, casually pushing him deeper into the abyss.

Brandon took a deep breath, suddenly stepped forward and grabbed Jing Sui’s collar, stared into his eyes, and slowly said, “I told you last time, you shouldn’t have done this to him.”

Jing Sui’s gaze swept over the back of Brandon’s hand. The look in his golden eyes slowly sank, the cold and murderous aura made the surrounding air almost solidify. His cold and handsome face showed the majesty of the Emperor once he had no expression.

He needed Brandon’s support and recognized Brandon as a person, but that didn’t mean that he could tolerate such an inexplicable offense.

Jing Sui looked at him, his thin lips opened slightly, and he spit out cold words, “I think we should talk.”

Ji Ling shook off Brandon, wiped his eyes, patted his dusty clothes again, and returned to his mother as if nothing had happened.

When Madam Marina saw him return, she was still keenly aware of her son’s somewhat low mood, and said with concern, “What’s wrong baby?”

Ji Ling lowered his eyes and said, “It’s nothing mom.”

Madam Marina and Madam Shaman glanced at each other, revealing a slightly worried look. Ji Ling was their sweetheart, and they both knew Ji Ling’s hazy feeling for Jing Sui, but… Jing Sui didn’t necessarily like Ji Ling much. Did something unpleasant happen?

Madam Shaman was a little embarrassed, no matter how much she liked Ji Ling, this little cutie, it was useless. His son was a person with his own opinions, and this kind of thing couldn’t be forced. He wouldn’t listen to her words, so she had to pretend that she didn’t find Ji Ling’s abnormality, and said with a smile, “Xiao Ling, if you have time, enter the palace more to accompany auntie, if you don’t come, auntie is going to be angry oh.”

Although Ji Ling pretended to be fine, when he thought that Brandon might disrupt the situation, his mood still jumped up and down as he said slowly, “En.”

Madam Shaman sighed softly.

Seeing her son like this, Madam Marina didn’t stay long, so she said goodbye to Madam Shaman and took Ji Ling home.

As soon as Ji Ling returned home, he got rid of Madam Marina and locked himself in the room.

He thought about it. Although Brandon was likely to be unbearable to himself because of the guilt of the previous life, he ran to Jing Sui to say something, he must believe Jing Sui, he must believe in the male protagonist’s ruthlessness. It was absolutely impossible for him to like himself, the evil cannon fodder, just because of Brandon’s nonsense. AS long as he was serious about seeking death upon himself, the plot must still have a chance to be saved!

At least today he was successfully slapped in the face by Jing Sui, and he had an excuse to challenge Ning Yu.

In the previous life, he successfully completed this plot. After seeing the scandal between Jing Sui and Ning Yu, he was unwilling and went to question, but Jing Sui thought that he was inferior to Ning Yu, so in order to prove that, he dueled with Ning Yu. However, he also knew that he was not Ning Yu’s opponent, so as he was despicable and shameless, he let a person to tamper Ning Yu’s mecha, using improper means to attack Ning Yu’s in the duel, creating an opportunity for Jing Sui to be a hero who save the beauty, and he was getting a slap in the face again!

If all this were not broadcast live on the whole network, Ji Ling would have to say that the original owner was a vicious cannon fodder with a little brain, dealing with the enemy unscrupulously, but the fact was that he was a brainless cannon fodder…

Even if you’re going to use dirty tricks, don’t be seen in public ah!

In this kind of live broadcast on the whole network that had attracted much attention and was seen by the people of the entire Empire, using this kind of despicable means to attack Ning Yu, besides pulling the black and inviting hatred to himself, what else is the use ahhh!

If it wasn’t for the plot of the original book, Ji Ling would have suspected that the original owner was deliberately helping Ning Yu to accomplish his aim…

How admirable is this spirit of self-denial.

What a complete and utter embodiment of the stupidity and viciousness of an Imperial Noble’s dandy.

Having said that, since he had inherited this identity, he had to walk through the plot dedicatedly, using his own despicable and vicious stupidity to set off Ning Yu’s perfect and noble nature, and by the way, give Jing Sui the opportunity to be a hero who saved the beauty, and let him continue to make a name for himself in the Empire.

Thinking of this, Ji Ling was suddenly full of ambition again, and couldn’t wait to open his personal homepage. He mentioned Ning Yu then made an arrogant wild statement, wanting to duel with Ning Yu!

After this message was sent, it was immediately forwarded by countless people and major media, and quickly became a hot spot on the whole network.

The well-known young master Ji Ling, the only son of Grand Duke Ji Ting, wanted to challenge a national idol like Ning Yu, the hero of the battle ah!

Ning Yu’s fans immediately and mercilessly mocked Ji Ling from beginning to end. Even the nobles who wanted to stand on Ji Ling’s side did not know how to open their mouths to defend Ji Ling, after all, this behavior was really too much, without self-aware…

But Ji Ling didn’t care about the ridicule on the Internet, he just stared at Ning Yu’s account, waited nervously for hours, and finally, Ning Yu replied with one word: Okay.

He accepted his challenge!


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