The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 20 - Duel

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This chapter is soooo longggg T^T, happy reading~Chapter 20: Duel

Although it is now the interstellar era, the tradition of duels has been preserved. For the powerful Imperial Nobles, when there were irreconcilable contradictions, duels were their ultimate means of resolving conflicts and defending their honor.

A duel initiated by a noble, serious in nature and protected by the Imperial Law, could not easily be ended once it began, and was extremely sacred.

And every duel would be broadcasted live on the whole network, attracting the attention of the entire empire.

Therefore, although this tradition was preserved, if it was not really a deep hatred, the nobles would never easily start a duel, because if they lost, they would lose their honor and at worst lost their lives.

Even for the high and mighty nobles, it was a battle of honor and life, a desperate gamble.

With such an honorable status as Ji Ling, and… with a bad reputation, challenging a commoner, a commoner idol with the title of ‘Rising Star’, the shock effect on the Internet was no less than that of a ten-level tsunami! First of all, from the identity point of view, it was a big person bully the small person, and secondly, from the strength point of view, it was self-humiliated, and then associated with the previous scandal between Jing Sui and Ning Yu, the love-hate relationship behind this had been supplemented by everyone’s brain for hundreds of thousands of words. The process was full of twists and turns, simply self-contained topic degrees, and the traffic and topics were constantly refreshed at every moment.

Ji Ling didn’t care about that, until he saw Ning Yu’s reply and he finally breathed a sigh of relief. He turned off the Internet, ignored the uproar outside and happily prepared to go up to deliver the dishes la.

It was just that Ji Ling didn’t care about the remarks outside, which didn’t mean that the people around him didn’t care.

The first people to come to him were his parents.

As soon as Madam Marina entered, she said anxiously, “Baby, what are you doing?”

Grand Duke Ji Ting’s expression looked grave and said in a deep voice, “Xiao Ling, you’re too impulsive.”

Ji Ling lowered his head and did not speak, in fact, no matter what the original owner was, at least his parents really loved him. Although he was just following the plot according to the original book, he still felt a little guilty looking at such a father and mother.

I can’t hurt anyone by doing this myself, the only thing that hurts is probably my father and mother.

Madam Marina looked at her son’s dejected appearance, and her heart was very distressed. Her beautiful eyes were full of worry and she said to her husband, “You’re too stern, you frightened the baby!”

Grand Duke Ji Ting’s expression was ugly and for the first time, he didn’t follow his wife’s words, but instead accused in a deep voice, “It’s all because you’ve spoiled him, that he does things so indiscriminately.”

Madam Marina glared at him angrily with dissatisfaction. “Why don’t you say that the lowly commoner is too arrogant, what does he want? Why did he agree to a duel? Is he trying to step on our baby’s reputation to get to the top? I think he’s ambitious!”

Grand Duke Ji Ting was very helpless and said, “It was Xiao Ling who openly provoked him in the first place, and if he didn’t agree, he would be told by others that he was afraid.”

Madam Marina was even angrier. “I don’t care, you tell me what to do now!”

Grand Duke Ji Ting pressed his forehead, also very distressed. His son would never be able to beat Ning Yu, but avoiding a fight was equally humiliating.

It was really hard to end things this way.

After all, this was not any other trivial matter in which one could use one’s power over another, it was a sacred and fair duel ah! Even with his position of power as a Grand Duke, he had no right to stop it.

Ji Ling looked at his father and mother with sad expressions, was silent for a while, raised his head and said with a persistent gaze, “Mom and Dad, I’m sorry for making you worried… But whether I lose or win, I want to solve the problem face to face, please forgive me for my willfulness.”

Although he felt guilty, this was something he had to do.

Grand Duke Ji Ting and Madam Marina looked at him silently, and finally Madam Marina sighed and said, “Don’t worry, mom won’t let anything happen to you.”

What can they do when their son is so persistent? In fact, what they most worried about was Ji Ling’s life and safety, not whether his behavior would bring shame to the Ji family; This was their beloved child and they didn’t want to see him suffer a little bit of injury.

As long as Ji Ling can come back well, the rest can only follow him.

Ji Ling almost swore that he would be careful, and said for a long time before sending his father and mother away, exhaling heavily, and looking in the direction of the door with some disbelief.

Ji Ling: [System, you said, if one day I go home, what will they do…]

System: [I think you’re thinking a little too much.]

Ji Ling: [?]

System: [As long as you can complete the mission to bring this world back on track, naturally everything is fine, there will always be a way to do anything, but… Are you sure that you will complete your mission?]

Ji Ling: [...]

Where in the world does he get the idea to speak heartfelt words with this ‘touching the sore spot’ system? :)

The time of the duel was set for three days later, but Ji Ling was not destined to spend these three days in peace.

Early the next morning, Ji Ling welcomed Wen Yan, who came to persuade him.

Ji Ling was a little surprised by this. Wen Yan in the previous life did not persuade him on this matter, this villain was the most insidious and cunning, he would only speak according to his own thoughts, superficially gloating to see his jokes behind his back. How could he risk persuading him while being disgusted and disliked?

But this time Wen Yan came.

Wen Yan walked in, he was dressed in a long black robe, his long silver hair tied behind his head, and his black eyes were full of complicated emotions as he said, “Do you really want to duel with Ning Yu?”

Ji Ling’s character would never collapse, and he nodded his head vigorously, “Yes!”

Wen Yan looked at the teenager’s persistent eyes, stubborn tone, but his heart was extremely heavy, remembering everything that happened in the previous life, no matter what, he didn’t want Ji Ling to duel with Ning Yu, it was just self-inflicted humiliation, but… Ji Ling still reached this step.

Some things were inevitable, and even if one was reborn, one could not stop it in the end.

Thinking of this, Wen Yan’ heart had a strong sense of resentment and dissatisfaction with Jing Sui. The teenager loves you like this, why can’t you just care a little about his mood, on the contrary, to force him to this point?

His right hand clenched tightly, and after a while, he took out a box from his arms and bent down to open it respectfully in front of Ji Ling.

Ji Ling glanced at it suspiciously, inside was a small purple plant with beautiful crystal-like leaves.

Wen Yan’s thin lips opened slightly, and said slowly, “This is a medicinal herb that grows in the earth’s fire streams of the Ressa Star, as long as you take it, even a powerful evolutionary will produce the illusion of being terminally ill, which can’t be detected by any instrument. It itself doesn’t have any harmful effects on the human body, and the effect naturally disappears after two months.”

Ji Ling looked at Wen Yan suspiciously, and after a few seconds, he figured out that he was actually trying to hinder him from dueling with Ning Yu! He immediately revealed an angry expression and shouted, “What do you mean by this, you’re asking me to pretend to be sick to avoid the duel?!”

Wen Yan looked at Ji Ling’s angry expression, and although he knew that his next words might make the teenager even angrier, he still raised his eyes to stare at him, and said word by word, “If you use this, you will have a suitable reason to postpone the duel, and when things have cooled down, I will naturally have a way to make this matter go away.”

Ji Ling waved his hand violently to knock over the box in Wen Yan’s hand. His eyes seemed to have anger burning in them as he glared at him and shouted, “Are you looking down on me? Do you also think I’m inferior to that lowly commoner?”

Wen Yan looked at his carefully prepared herbs rolled on the ground just like this, and then looked up at the teenager’s stubborn and unyielding appearance, with deep bitterness under his eyes, and slowly said, “I don’t mean this, I just…”

Fearing that he would continue to talk more, Ji Ling angrily shouted, “Get out, get out of here!”

Saying that, he pushed Wen Yan out forcefully, slamming the door heavily with a thud.

You’re trying to ruin my plans!

No one can stop my determination to deliver the dishes!

After he closed the door, he carefully peeked through the gap and found that Wen Yan was still standing outside and refused to leave. His expression was grave, and in his narrow phoenix eyes were full of complicated worry and helplessness.

Gee, it looks like you really care about me.

Let’s assume that you are also reborn, but don’t think I’ll believe you. You’re a guy who had evil intentions in the previous life, full of bad intentions, and you’re not soft when it comes to screwing people over. I’ve hurt your self-esteem like this, and I’ve been treating you like an underling, so what’s the reason for you to be concerned about me? Even if you’re reborn, you’ll only hate me more, right?

Wait a minute… shouldn’t this guy want to trick him into eating poisonous herbs in order to take revenge on himself?

It’s getting more and more vicious!

Ji Ling glanced at the herbs on the ground with a palpitation, took a tissue and carefully picked it up with two fingers, and quickly threw it into the trash can. Then he ignored Wen Yan and turned his head to continue sleeping.

As soon as Ji Ling woke up, it was in the afternoon and when he got up, he saw that Wen Yan had finally left. However, before he could breathe a sigh of relief, he heard the servant hurriedly come over and report. “Young Master, Marshal Brandon is here.”

The servant looked terrified, his steps were hurried, and before his words fell, Ji Ling saw Brandon striding like the wind. The tall and burly man looked cold, and his cold expression was like he was on the battlefield of slaughter, no wonder that the servant was scared out of his wits.

Ji Ling stood up with a huff, showing the same look of surprise. How could Brandon come to his house to see him, it wasn’t like he had any friendship with him!

That’s a bit too much, right?

Brandon stood in front of Ji Ling, his eyes were extremely complicated, looking at the teenager in front of him intently. After all, he did not listen to his own advice to not challenge Ning Yu. Was he really unable to stop him? Brandon opened his mouth and let out a low, astringent voice, “You’re going to duel Ning Yu.”

Ji Ling suppressed the surprise in his heart, looked at him with his head held high, and raised his eyebrows. “So what if it is?”

Brandon had countless words of dissuasion in his heart, but he knew that Ji Ling would not listen to him, and in the end, only one sentence remained in a thousand words. “Then let’s fight openly and honestly, it doesn’t matter if you lose.”

If Ji Ling used an honorable method, how can I show my despicable and vicious character, how can it set off Ning Yu’s extraordinary valor? He sneered. “You think highly of your good subordinate very much, so sure he can beat me.”

Brandon looked helpless, he had long been accustomed to Ji Ling’s style of speaking. In fact, the teenager was just jealous, so he pretended not to hear at all, and slowly said, “I’ll be on your side.”

Ji Ling snorted and said, “I think you want to see my jokes!”

Brandon shook his head. “No.”

Ji Ling had a look of disbelief on his face, and after some verbal battle, he finally took Brandon away.

He watched Brandon’s back as he left, but didn’t relax because maybe Carlos would be here at some point. Didn’t this old fox always pretend to care about him?

Ji Ling waited nervously, waited and kept thinking about how to deal with Carlos later, but Carlos didn’t even come…

Duke Mansion.

Carlos sat in the study, holding a book with a black cover in his hand, the same one that Ji Ling had often flipped through when he had stayed in his home before. However, if one looked closely, one could tell that his eyes didn’t fall on the book, and there was a dark and gloomy look under his eyes.

In fact, he got the news as soon as Ji Ling challenged Ning Yu, but he didn’t go to see Ji Ling.

Because he knew very well that Ji Ling would not change his mind.

The teenager seemed weak, willful, and arrogant… In fact, his heart was more persistent and firm than anyone, and therefore, he can love someone infatuatedly with no regrets, right?

Sometimes Carlos thought that it might be a good thing if the teenager’s heart could be a little more fickle.

Unfortunately, the teenager had the least fickle heart.

Let yourself be so adored, yet feel powerless and miserable for it.

Anderson stood with his head lowered, breathing lightly, lest he disturbed the contemplative Duke.

For a long time, Carlos slowly put down the book in his hand, the cold look in his brown pupils swept by, his voice was low and he slowly spoke, “Kill Ning Yu, remember to do it cleanly.”

Since it was impossible to stop the teenager, as long as he killed Ning Yu, the problem would naturally be solved.

He didn’t want to make a move to Ning Yu now, but he couldn’t stand the idea of Ji Ling’s reputation being tarnished in public even more. As long as Ning Yu happened to have an ‘accident’, then even if someone suspected, what would they dare to say?

Anderson looked at His Excellency the Duke’s indifferent order, but he could feel the killing intent under his calm words, and he bent down to say, “Yes.”

Carlos nodded, and said, “Go ahead.”

Ji Ling knew nothing about this, and seeing that Carlos did not come to persuade him, he was happy and relaxed. Soon, the day of the duel came.

After a few days of fermentation, the news of this duel had been overwhelming on the Internet, which had dominated the headlines of major websites, and major media had flocked to the venue, all gathering in the duel arena, with unprecedented grandeur.

When Ji Ling came to the duel arena and went to his preparation room, he happened to pass by Ning Yu.

In order to express his jealousy and dissatisfaction with Ning Yu, Ji Ling stopped and said fiercely to him, “You wait and see, I will defeat you!”

Ning Yu looked at him, his emerald green eyes looked calm and indifferent. There was a wistful smile on his lips, “Really? Then bring out your full strength and let me see…”

He leaned close to Ji Ling, stared into his eyes and said slowly and meaningfully, “Let me see what you can do for him.”

Ji Ling fell into Ning Yu’s deep gaze, and there seemed to be some kind of emotion in the depths of those eyes that he couldn’t understand, which made him lose his mind for a moment… But he quickly collected his mind and snorted coldly, ready to continue to make his wild remarks to Ning Yu.

As a result, Ning Yu had already turned around and left without hesitation, leaving him with a tall and powerful back that was gradually leaving.

Ji Ling opened his mouth: “...”

The vicious statement that had not yet been said had to be swallowed. He snorted and turned to walk towards his preparation room.

He first called his servant, whispered a few words in the servant’s ear, instructing him to go and give Ning Yu a bad time, and then began to wait nervously.

In order to ensure the fairness of the duel, both sides of the duel use the same standard mecha, otherwise if they could just use their own mechas, the competition would not be about strength, but financial strength.

However, in this case, it was very unfavorable to Ji Ling, using the same mecha, then Ning Yu, a high-level evolutionary who had experienced hundreds of battles to beat the waste Ji Ling, which was basically the degree of full-level abuse of the vegetables. Although the original owner was a stupid and toxic love brain character, he also knew that he couldn’t beat Ning Yu… So he ordered the servant to tinker Ning Yu’s mecha in an attempt to win by despicable means, but such an act was absolutely not allowed by Imperial Law.

As a result, he was dishonored in his previous life.

Ji Ling seriously walked through the plot, only in this way could he threaten Ning Yu in such a desperate situation, making Jing Sui furious and personally take action to defend Ning Yu!

The servant came back soon after going out, giving Ji Ling a look of getting it done. Ji Ling settled his mind, everything is ready, all we need is the east wind!

At the VIP seat of the duel, Carlos sat on the sofa, holding his cane in both hands, and there was a gloomy and dark cold look in his eyebrows.

Anderson had been by his side for many years, things had always been stable and reliable. In order to make Ning Yu ‘accidental death’, he searched for three SS-class evolutions to join forces to surround and kill Ning Yu. It stood to reason that Ning Yu would definitely die, but… they failed.

Ning Yu escaped from the three pursuers by chance, and then hid in Brandon’s home, leaving him with no chance to strike again.

But it really was… luck?

Carlos always believed that the so-called luck was just a coincidence. As long as the preparation was sufficient, there was no such thing as luck. For the opponent he wanted to fight, he would never give the other party this kind of ‘luck’, but this time, Ning Yu luckily escaped.

He did not show any unusual abilities, the timing of his escape was full of coincidence, and he was seriously injured, which really seemed to be just luck.

So, was it a so-called luck, or was he hiding his strength?

Carlos narrowed his eyes slightly. Perhaps, this person was not as simple as it seemed, he might underestimate this person.

The other VIP rooms were filled with people.

Wen Yan looked at the field with his brows furrowed tightly, his eyes were gloomy. In the end, there was still no way to stop Ji Ling and stop this duel… for now, he could hope that Ji Ling was safe and sound.

Brandon was in another room, also paying attention to the situation inside. His heart was equally heavy, no matter what, he would not let anything happen to Ji Ling.

At the same time, countless other nobles came to the scene and paid attention to this unprecedented duel.

Netizens who could not come to the scene watched the live broadcast on various occasions.

The topic of discussion on the Internet had built one tall building after another, almost all of them ridiculing Ji Ling’s self-sufficiency, and even betting that he would lose this duel in a few minutes.

“A waste like Ji Ling, our great Ning Yu can casually beat up a hundred of him.”

“A hundred is less, are you looking down on our great Ning Yu? Our great Ning Yu is an S-class evolutionist!”

“Some people just can’t measure themselves, others don’t bother with him, and he has to send himself for others to beat him up. Let’s just wait and see what happens.”

“Brother Ning go ah! Give that waste noble a little lesson!”

“Great Ning Yu is the best!”

Ji Ling sat in the mecha, feeling nervous, and naturally ignorant of what was going on outside.

Although this plot had gone through once in the previous life, it was still very apprehensive to start over again, as an ordinary young man from a harmonious society, mecha, a thing that had only been seen in Japanese manga. He never dreamt that he could personally use it in person.

Fortunately, after countless years of development, the ultra-high Imperial civilization had made mecha, something that used to be extremely difficult to drive and had a very high threshold, intelligent to the point where almost any evolved person could drive it, but despite that, the driver’s combat awareness was still very important and played a decisive role.

If he didn’t get his hands dirty, Ji Ling would definitely be beaten up.
He wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, watched the door in front of him slowly open, grabbed the lever with both hands, and rushed out with a bang!

Two mechas appeared in the duel arena with a bang, scattering dust, and the surrounding audience screamed one after another.

Ji Ling couldn’t hear clearly, just staring at the front. Although he did the tricks, he still needed to survive the first few minutes before Ning Yu’s mecha failed, otherwise he would be defeated before Ning Yu had an accident, which was too ugly…

Although the two mechas were exactly the same standard mecha, Ning Yu was white and Ji Ling was red, which was to make it easier for the viewer to distinguish.

In order to be able to resist under Ning Yu’s hand for a few more minutes, Ji Ling also spent a lot of effort in simulation learning. Although learning this kind of combat machine made his head go bald, in order to complete the mission, he could!

In the next second, the white mecha on the opposite side moved.

Ji Ling concentrated his attention, pulled out the laser long sword on the mecha and greeted him as if he were dying!

He was very self-aware, did not even think about defeating Ning Yu, his aim was how to avoid Ning Yu’s attacks, and tried to drag Ning Yu out for a longer period of time. Don’t look at the usual wimpy Ji Ling, he belongs to the kind of person who can play beyond normal when he is under high pressure. He used to be average when he was studying in school, but he was always better than usual when he encountered a big exam, which was in fact a performance of a very good psychological quality.

The stricter and tougher the situation, the more his potential was stimulated.

In fact, some clues could be seen from the fact that he could calmly deal with it instead of completely messing up when surrounded by many bigwigs.

The white mecha’s attack was very ferocious, the action was fluent and smooth, worthy of being a soldier who had been fighting for a long time. Ji Ling dodged very hard and looked wretched. It was difficult to escape from Ning Yu’s hands again and again, but the gap in strength was too big after all, and Ji Ling was finally caught up by Ning Yu after dodging several times.

Ning Yu slashed at his mecha’s left arm with a sword, cutting off the mecha’s left arm entirely, sending out a burst of electric sparks.

Ji Ling rolled out on the ground and turned to run as he saw Ning Yu approaching again.

Just like that, you chase me, you hit me and I hide, a few minutes pass…

Ji Ling was suddenly dumbfounded, something was wrong ah!

He–he should have been avoiding him for several minutes, right? It stood to reason that Ning Yu’s mecha should have had a problem, but why… Ning Yu doesn’t seem to be in any trouble right now!

Finished, I can’t hold it anymore ahhh!

He’s not going to be killed just like this, right?!

The audience online complained while watching the live broadcast.

Seeing that Ji Ling was beaten by Ning Yu without the power to fight back as soon as he stepped onto the field. He was completely looking like a rat holding his head, and each of them were gloating.

“I told you there was no suspense, I thought Young Master Ji would last a few more minutes.”

“I think he’s going to be beaten on his knees and begging for mercy in no time.”

“It’s really a shame to the nobles, this is what the current Imperial Nobles are like ah, not even worthy of lifting great Ning Yu’s shoes.”

“Hahahahahaha, I can laugh about this for a whole year!”

Everyone happily watched Ji Ling being beaten and rolling all over the ground. It seemed that he would be killed by Ning Yu in the next second, but one minute passed, two minutes passed, three minutes passed…

Ji Ling was still stubbornly dodging. Although the red mecha was scarred and looked wretched, he hadn’t lost yet.

Not only did he not lose, but he even dodged again and again when others thought he was going to be unable to carry on.

“This… What’s going on?”

“Why hasn’t he lost yet?”

Seeing that Ji Ling’s mecha’s left arm was cut off and knocked out heavily, everyone thought this time should finally be over, right?

Who knew that the kid suddenly broke out like a small universe, and he stubbornly dodged it!

Then he rushed towards Ning Yu and knocked Ning Yu out!

Fuck, they didn’t see the illusion right? Ji Ling actually fought back, not only did he hold out for so long but he also fought back! This dandy didn’t suddenly evolve, did he!

Although Ning Yu soon came back to his senses and pressed Ji Ling again, gradually… The ridicule on the Internet disappeared.

Someone began to hesitate.

“It’s said that he was born with a congenital deficiency, only C-class physique, and even Grand Duke Ji Ting had no way to help him improve his physical fitness, so he has always been pampered. It's not easy to last this long if you have a C-class physique and haven't learned through combat, is it…”

“Although Ning Yu is very powerful, this kid doesn’t seem to be as wasted as the legend ah…”

“Keep your voice down, if it was me, I’d probably be dead already…”

“Don’t you all say he’s a waste? Can a random dandy in the Empire do that?”

“Why hasn’t he lost yet, and he’s still holding on? Why not just admit defeat?”

“In fact, it’s not a big deal to admit defeat, even if he admits defeat now, it’s not that ugly right? After all, he tried his best…”

“Can a noble with a C-class physique also do this?”

“I’m still standing with my brother Ning.”

“But did Ning Yu throw a game…”

“Probably not, he can’t be the kind of person who is afraid of the powerful…”

Ji Ling was once again knocked out, and the huge mecha rolled on the ground several times, and despite the shock absorption system, he still felt dizzy.

At first, he thought that it was just that the time for the mecha to have problems had been delayed, and he was still desperately insisting, but gradually he finally realized that Ning Yu’s mecha might not have been tampered with at all!

Or maybe the fact that his own doing has been discovered and prevented, which is quite possible. After all, so many people have been reborn.

Thinking of this, Ji Ling’s heart was extremely sad and indignant, that group of fraudulent villains ah!

I know that you guys don’t have good intentions, and you’re all helping Ning Yu, right! I can’t believe that I was so confused by their appearance before, I thought that they had changed towards myself!

Ji Ling, who was beaten, was very devastated.

Seeing that he didn’t expect Ning Yu to make a mistake, he was definitely not Ning Yu’s opponent, so why don’t I just admit defeat?

But he ‘hates’ Ning Yu so much, admitting defeat doesn’t seem to be in line with his personality ah

Just when Ji Ling was struggling endlessly, Ning Yu’s mecha came to him again, and the white shadow was as fast as lightning! He had already been beaten without any ability to fight back, and subconsciously closed his eyes…

At this time, a black mecha suddenly fell from the sky! It landed in the ground with a bang!

That black mecha was several times larger than the standard mecha they used, the streamlined body showed his beautiful and sharp silhouette. The black metal appearance glowing with cold light was full of texture, and the unfolded wings were like two sharp blades, glowing with an indestructible chill!

There was silence on the field.

Everyone recognized it… this was His Majesty’s mecha!

The most powerful and unique combat mecha in the entire empire!

Ji Ling stared blankly at the steel armor in front of him, descending before him like an invincible god… Its appearance made the Earth tremble.

What are you doing here now?

I’m going to be killed, and nothing happened to Ning Yu at all.

There’s no need for you to be a hero at all, okay?!

Ji Ling looked confused.

As a result, the next moment, he saw the black mecha in front of him, fiercely bending his knees and exerting force, smashing the white mecha in front of him with a punch like thunder!


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