She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 41

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Chapter 41
translator&editor: Oyen

After she went to school to resume classes, Lin Peng and Liang Feifei came to her angrily. "What did you do to your sister Ah Xin’s face?" Lin Peng asked in anger.

Wiping her tears, Liang Feifei aggrieved. "Qingqing, how can you give such a heavy hand? Auntie always thinks you are a kind child."

“It’s her own fault.” Picking her ear, Lin Qingqing gave a meaningful smile. “It has nothing to do with me. If you don't believe it, you can sue me in court. I don't mind making things big.”

She assured that the two people did not dare to make a big scene, and sure enough after she dropped her words and both of them were silent.

Lin Qingqing was too lazy to talk nonsense with them and ask the waiter to drive them away. Many people in the restaurant were brought out by her mother. They had no good feelings for Lin Peng and Liang Feifei. As soon as they heard it, they came up with a broom to drive them away.

However, before the two left, Lin Qingqing specifically said to them: "My registered account will be transferred soon. From now on, I have nothing to do with you, so don’t come to me anymore."

Lin Peng was furious as he yelled, “You are so ferocious, even disowned your own closest relatives. Don’t cry and beg me later!”

Lin Qingqing: “Rest assured, I definitely won’t beg you later, how about this? Whoever beg first will be worse than dog or pig.”

"You——" Lin Peng flushed with anger. Lin Qingqing ignored him and turned upstairs.

By the time Lin Qingqing returned to school, Liang Xin had already rolled up the bedding and left. A few days after Lin Qingqing returned to school, she was told by her classmates that the headmaster was looking for her. Lin Qingqing found it strange, even if it was for the purpose of changing majors, it was not the headmaster's business to ask her personally.

Lin Qingqing went to the headmaster's office with doubts, but saw another person in there.

Rushing to Lin Qingqing, the headmaster laughed. "Are you student Lin Qingqing? Mr. Yi wants to talk to you, take your time."

"Do you remember me?" After the headmaster went out, the man came up and asked.

Lin Qingqing remembered him. He was White, the man who had sex with her that night. Seeing him, the memory of that night reappeared in her mind, it was crazy and embarrassing.

Taking a deep breath, she tugged at her skirt. "Remember, what can I do for you?"

This man had a powerful aura, she felt it when she first met him. But at that time, she was drugged and could not care about anything except instinct. But now she was very conscious. When he stood in front of her, she felt an invisible sense of oppression.

At the moment, the man put his hands in his pockets and tilted his head, smiling as he asked her, "Why did you delete me?"

After she went back, she deleted the friend. After such a thing happened, she couldn't keep such a friend.

"There's no need to keep it, so it's deleted."

He squinted his eyes at her. "So you want to forget that night?"

Squinting slightly, his eyes suddenly became sharp. His aura was really breathtaking that she dared not look him in the eye. She tried to explain, "This gentleman..."

"My name is Yi Zeyan."

"Mr. Yi, you already know that night was just an accident. Although we are net friends, we are just two people who are unfamiliar to each other. In this case, we should assume that nothing has happened, this is good for everyone."

"I don't want to pretend it never happened."

"..." Lin Qingqing frowned. "What do you want?"

Lowering his head to turn his watch, he was silent for a moment before casually said, “We can try to be together, you don’t have a boyfriend now, right?”

Tried to be together? She looked at the man in front of her, and all she knew about him was by chatting many years ago. She knew that he was seriously ill at that time. When she first used social software, she felt very novel. When she got her first net friend, she kept chatting with him, but later, she was busy with her studies, and then more net friends were added, and the former net friends were gradually sealed up.

She didn't know what he did, even misunderstood his age. She didn't know anything about him, but judging from his speech and clothes and the flattering attitude of the headmaster to him just now, this person must have a lot of connections.

She used to believe that she was chatting with an uncle, but now a young man appeared in front of her and might have a special identity.

However, her voice was ruined, and without her voice, it would be hard to graduate from the vocal music department she chose. Now, she was in her third year at university and it was impossible for her to change her major, and her future could be said to be bleak.

Not only that, her feelings were just betrayed, she was really in no mood to manage the next relationship.

What's more, their first meeting was so terrible that she couldn't be with him no matter how she looked at it.

In that case, it was better to refuse completely.

While smiling at him, she adjusted her breath and started her explanation: "Mr. Yi, I deleted the friend, it means that I just don't want to have any more relationships with you. For me, what happened that night was terrible and disgusting. How could I be with you if I didn't even want to think about it? I hope you won't come to me again. I don't want to see you again, because seeing you will remind me of that night's experience from time to time."

He did not speak, slightly furrowed his brows and looked at her, not knowing if it was her illusion or not, she felt that his eyes suddenly darkened, as if he had been hurt.

Lin Qingqing already started and decided to be a bad person, taking a deep breath. She felt that there was nothing to be sorry for. This was good for everyone.

She finished her explanation and went out.

Arriving at her dormitory, Lin Qingqing heard someone calling her. She turned to look and saw Xiang Huayang. Lin Qingqing watched him approach with a straight face.

"Are you alright? Why are you avoiding me?"

At first, Lin Qingqing was angry when she learnt that Liang Xin and Xiang Huayang were together behind her back. The boy who was so kind to her and had been accompanying her at the best age since high school. She was not reconciled and thought about finding him. But then her state of mind slowly changed, especially after teaching Liang Xin, seeing her miserable pain, she found a new pleasure and was suddenly relieved, she even felt that being with him was like being fed a mouthful of shit.

"I can't believe you still have the face to find me. Don't you have any self-respect?"

Hearing Lin Qingqing's direct and cold attitude, Xiang Huayang was stupefied.

Lowering his head, he sighed and tried to explain. "I'm sorry, Qingqing, I was muddled at that moment. I have already made it clear to Liang Xin that I will always be by your side."

"What makes you think I will accept you again when you and Liang Xin are over?!"

Looking as if he was injured, Xiang Huayang looked at her. "I'm sorry, how about I make up for you later? Liang Xin did those things to you, and I will not let her go."

Lin Qingqing raised her eyebrows and looked interested. "What will you do to not let her go? Drug her and then call an unfamiliar man to have sex with her?"

Xiang Huayang frowned, his expression was grave, but did not answer.

Lin Qingqing sneered. "I know you can't bear it, after all, she's yours, too, isn't she?"

After saying that, Lin Qingqing turned to leave, but Xiang Huayang refused to let her go. He tried to follow only to hear Lin Qingqing yelled. "Don't follow me again!"

He had probably never seen her speak so fiercely, so his face looked somewhat surprised.

“Do you want to know my attitude toward you now?”


Lin Qingqing suddenly laughed. "It's the same. I should make my attitude clear to you, so that you won't get entangled later." With a heavy face, she lifted her foot and kicked his crotch.

Xiang Huayang didn't expect her to do this at all and her kick was not light. Even if his face twitched with pain, he covered his crotch and looked at her with disbelief.

Lin Qingqing expressionlessly said: "If you follow me again and I will report you for harassment."

With that, she turned and left, as if he was a person who had nothing to do with her.

Probably suffered, since then Xiang Huayang had not appeared, Lin Qingqing was busy changing majors, although there was no way to change majors in her third year, she still wanted to give it a try.

In fact, she didn't have much hope, but unexpectedly she succeeded, so she transferred from the vocal music department to composition department.

However, this good news accompanied another big piece of bad news.

Lin Qingqing found out that she was pregnant.

The incident started when she vomited as soon as she ate. Lin Qingqing only thought that she had eaten the wrong thing. However, she was a cautious person and associated with the fact that her ‘aunt’ (T/N: menstrual period) had not been here for more than a month, and she only had sex with a man more than a month ago. Therefore, although she thought that the probability of pregnancy was almost zero, she went to the hospital to check for caution. She didn't go to the school hospital and didn't tell anyone.

After checking her stomach and intestines, the doctor told her that there was no problem, and then politely reminded her that she could go to the obstetrics and gynecology department. Lin Qingqing went to the department of gynecology and obstetrics, and was told that she was pregnant for seven weeks.

The news came as a bolt from the blue for Lin Qingqing. She thought it was impossible. She had taken the contraceptive pill, how could she be pregnant? She couldn't accept it, so she changed several hospitals for examination, and finally got the same result.

Lin Qingqing didn't go back to school. She went home and told the news to her elder sister, who was now the only one she could trust.

"How could this happen? I took the pill."

By hugging her, Lin Zhenzhen patted her back to calm her. "Don't worry, the pill is not 100% contraceptive, we should now think about what to do next."

Her sister's reassurance slowly calmed her down. With a firm face, she took a deep breath. "I will took an abortion."

Abort the child, the child that should not have existed.

Her elder sister also felt that the current situation could only be like this. She closed the store door that afternoon and accompanied Lin Qingqing to the hospital for various examinations and then prepared for abortion.

Just before the operation, Lin Qingqing was told that he had pelvic inflammatory disease (T/N: An infection of the female reproductive organs) and could not perform the operation.

"Although the inflammation is not very serious, if you get an abortion at this time, it may aggravate the inflammation and even cause infertility, so we do not recommend abortion at this time," the doctor gave them explanation.

Lin Qingqing was completely stunned. She didn’t expect that things would go along this path. She had taught Liang Xin a lesson and let her dropout of school and ruin her face. Even if she could not sing later, she would study hard and still find a good job after graduation. However, she had been told that she was pregnant when she finally changed her major and prepared to work hard.

Once she tried before with the pill and she couldn’t get rid of it. Then, she wanted to abort but she was told that she had pelvic inflammatory disease and could not abort it. God could not be like this, didn’t need to go against her like this.

She didn't believe in fate, and she didn't want to accept it either, so after simple thinking, she said firmly: "Do the abortion, please help me arrange the operation immediately."

Hearing this, Lin Zhenzhen was shocked. "Are you crazy? Didn't you hear what the doctor just said? Doing abortion will aggravate inflammation and may lead to infertility!"

Lin Qingqing still unwavered, "I want to abort this child, this child is an accident, I can not let the accident destroy me."

Lin Zhenzhen got angry and shouted. "No! If you don't listen to the advice, you will destroy yourself!" After she said it, she realized her mistake, then softened her voice and persuaded: "Qingqing, you gave birth to the child, you don't need to care about anything, study hard, I will raise him."

"You're crazy!" Lin Qingqing's eyes turned red. "You have given up your dream for the restaurant, and now you want to raise a child for me. How can you get married if you bring a child?"

Lin Zhenzhen did not step back at all. "I don't have to get married. I don't have anyone I like anyway, but I don't want to see my sister do something impulsively that she will regret for the rest of her life."

Her elder sister's firmness made Lin Qingqing sad. She hugged her elder sister and cried loudly. She really didn't know what to do.

Later, Lin Qingqing was persuaded by her elder sister to go through the formalities of suspension from school and waited at home to prepare for giving birth. After giving birth, Lin Qingqing went to treatment for the inflammation and then went back to school.

"You just stay at home. The restaurant business is doing well now. You can rent your own house, don't worry about the economy at all. Pregnant women need to keep a good mood, okay?"

Probably because Lin Zhenzhen saw her frown with worry everyday, she adviced her like this in lunch time.

Outside her worry, Lin Qingqing forced out a smile. “I know, you should care about yourself more than me.”

While they chatting, a waiter came in to speak with Lin Zhenzhen. “Boss, there is a gentleman in the shop who wants to see you.”

“A gentleman?” Lin Zhenzhen was in doub. “Which gentleman? Did he say his name?”

The waiter replied. “He didn’t say, but he told me that he is the boss's brother-in-law.”


Seeing Lin Zhenzhen glanced at her with inquire gaze. Lin Qingqing was also dumbfounded, what brother-in-law, don’t tell it was Xiang Huayang the cheap man came to her territory to make trouble?

He even called himself brother-in-law, wasn’t he thick-face?

Without waiting for Lin Zhenzhen, Lin Qingqing rushed out. “I’ll drive him away.”

Wanting to see the person, Lin Qingqing followed the waiter to the private room. The man who was sitting there was not Xiang Huayang.

Holding a teacup with long fingers, he drank the tea. Seeing her come in, he gave a nod and a smile. "Hello, Miss Lin."

“Why is it you?”

Following her, Lin Zhenzhen looked at the man in the private room a few times and found that she didn't know him. "Who is this gentleman?" was asked to Lin Qingqing.

Adjusting his clothes, Yi Zeyan stood up. Walking over Lin Zhenzhen and bowing to her. "Hello, Miss Lin. My name is Yi Zeyan and I am also the father of the child in Miss Lin Qingqing's stomach."

Lin Zhenzhen: “...”

Lin Zhenzhen was stunned. He looked at Yi Zeyan a few times and then looked at Lin Qingqing. She leaned in Lin Qingqing's ear and whispered. "What's going on? Isn’t it an old man?"

"What are you doing here?" Lin Qingqing was being impolite. “Didn't I tell you not to show up again? And... How do you know…” At this point, she became agitated. "How do you know I'm pregnant?"

"I will know what I want to know." Shallow smile appeared on his face. "I didn't want to disturb miss Lin's life, but since I know miss Lin has my child, I have to stand up and take responsibility."

Responsibility my ass! Lin Qingqing frowned. "Who permits you to be responsible?"

“I’m willing to take responsibility.” He replied as if it was as expected.

Lin Qingqing was blocked by him.

At the moment, Lin Zhenzhen had recovered from the shock. Before that, Lin Zhenzhen and Lin Qingqing both had a bad feeling towards this man. After all, her own sister had sex with someone in that situation, and she, as an elder sister, of course loved her sister more. But thinking that he was also a victim, she didn't think it was necessary to settle an account with him, but she didn't think that the man was not as wretched as she thought, and he was so polite and looked at his clothes, manners and speech as if he were a man of status. As the saying goes, he was so polite and considerate all the time that Lin Zhenzhen could not be angry with him.

Therefore, Lin Zhenzhen returned the smile and asked. “Mr. Yi, so you’ve come this time to...”

Yi Zeyan interjected. “I’m here to discuss my marriage with Miss Lin Qingqing with you.”

Hearing this, Lin Qingqing immediately blew up and became angry. "What are you talking about? Who said anything about marrying you?"

Lin Zhenzhen knock her unhappily. “Don’t worry about it, let Mr. Yi finish first.”

Seeing this, Lin Qingqing was upset. Why did her elder sister have such a good attitude towards this person?

Yi Zeyan continued: "I'm sorry for what happened that night. I had thought that I would not bother Miss Lin Qingqing in the future, but I heard by chance that Miss Lin was pregnant and that 100% of the child was mine. Therefore, as the father of the children, I must stand up and take up this responsibility. I want to marry miss Lin Qingqing, so that the household registration problem of the baby can be solved after the baby is born. Otherwise, a single woman with her baby will have many inconveniences. Of course, if miss Lin Qingqing is unwilling to be with me after the baby is born, I will give her a large sum of money to ensure that she will have no need to worry about food and clothing for the rest of her life. If Miss Lin Qingqing is willing to continue to be with me, it is naturally better. I will be a good husband and take care of her and love her for the rest of my life."

He was sincere and comprehensive. Judging from her experience of running a restaurant and dealing with different people for so many years, this man's remarks were definitely not slippery and deceptive.

She thought that this young man was pretty good. Qingqing would not suffer from losses if she followed him and it was really a problem to register the child, mainly because she and Qingqing were both unmarried. However, it still depended on Qingqing’s opinion.

In fact, Lin Qingqing was touched by his offer, not because how rare this man was, but mainly because she didn't want the child to be a burden to her elder sister. Since he wanted it, she just gave it to him. When she got divorced, she didn't need him to guarantee her food and clothing, as long as she didn't get in touch with each other in the future, and the two had nothing to do with each other.

"Mr. Yi, why don't you go back first, I'll discuss it with Qingqing."

“Okay.” He was not in a hurry, Yi Zeyan just gave a nod. Pointing to several boxes of gift on the table, he continued. “This is a small gift from me, I hope you accept it.”

Smiling awkwardly, Lin Zhenzhen replied. “You’re so courteous.”

Taking out a business card from his bag, Yi Zeyan handed it to her. "This is my business card. If you already think about it, you can contact me at any time."

After saying that, he went to the door. But Lin Qingqing, who hadn’t spoken, replied abruptly. “Don’t need to think about it, I’ll marry you.”

Lin Zhenzhen: ...”

Lin Zhenzhen secretly pinched her once, Yi Zeyan's steps were paused, unknowingly her simple agreement was beyond his expectation. His body froze for a moment before turning back, still smiling. “Alright, I'll bring my family to discuss the marriage with you tomorrow.” 

He left after speaking.

Although Lin Zhenzhen was satisfied with the man, marriage matters should be discussed carefully. After Yi Zeyan left, Lin Zhenzhen rushed. "What are you doing? Why did you agree just like that?"

Lin Qingqing shrugged. "I think his offer is pretty good. Anyway, there's nothing to worry about when I get divorced after giving birth."

“No matter how good it is, you should think about it.” Lin Zhenzhen was going to get angry with her, but Lin Qingqing was pregnant, so she held back.

Lin Qingqing didn't answer, she inadvertently took a glance at the business card, but saw it read "Yi Zeyan, president of Yicheng group". Returning to her room, Lin Qingqing went to search the Yicheng group. She was shocked to find out that the predecessor of Yicheng group was Qizhou wine industry. His family’s wine was famous, which could rival the American wine.

Lin Qingqing had thought that this man might have a great background, but she didn't expect the background to be so big. She subconsciously touched her stomach and thought that this guy was really powerful-- No wonder the contraceptive pills couldn't evade you. It turned out that you had such a powerful father.

Sure enough, Yi Zeyan came with his family the next day. Lin Qingqing also met his mother and his stepbrother and stepsister, and they were quite polite to each other, but Lin Qingqing could see that Yi Zeyan's family was not very satisfied with her, but she didn't care. Anyway, she would leave after giving birth to the baby.

Everything went smoothly. A month later, she and Yi Zeyan went to get a marriage certificate and held a wedding abroad. Because Lin Qingqing's marriage was entirely for the sake of the goods in her belly, so she did not inform her friends. Naturally, they did not tell Lin Peng and others in Xianghai City. Her elder sister was the only one to accompany her to the wedding.

Since then she had another identity, Mrs. Yi.
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    1. Yes, that's how the got married. You're welcome!

  2. This is all so depressing. I feel sorry for YZY. I understand LQQ being upset, but she hardened her heart to the point that goodness was kept out as well as the bad.

    1. Ikr. Ugh I hope the next chapter is about her waking up from coma and things turn out better :'

    2. LQQ shut herself in her prison, and she doesn't want to get hurt again. So, she kept away from other things that actually good for her :(
      She also can't accept YZY goodness at all T_T
      There will be 3-4 more chapters for the flashback..

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    1. I think LQQ is a strong girl, after all that happened she still can move on, although in a bad way..
      If I got caught in that situation I think.. I might go to mental hospital =w=

    2. The baby is innocent, but she is too. Being a mother is not just about getting pregnant and giving birth, it takes a lot to be a mother and no one is obliged to mother a child.
      Let alone it was a child from a "rape".
      It's not just about being upset, stubborn nor unreasonable anger.
      The child was the remembrance of the most traumatic event of a rape victim.
      No one has right to blame her for not wanting to raise the child.
      She had taken the emergency contraception so she was technically never at fault.
      Giving the baby for an adoption has always been the best solution for unavoidable pregnancy of a rape victim.
      Moreover She was still a student for God sake.
      The fact that she had agreed to give birth and give the child away to the father was already the biggest grace she could ever gave him.
      Ye was sober, he didn't have to sleep with her. It was his hidden desire for her that led him to follow the animal instinct instead of sending her to the hospital. He was a man, n ex special force soldier at that so taking her by force to hospital was an easy feat, but he didn't do it.
      So he was not completely innocent in this case.
      He had his own selfish reason too.
      And then he promised to set her free after giving birth but he didn't do it, he didn't accept the divorce so... He was again at fault.
      No one has right to force her living a life she doesn't want.
      Don't think that I can say this because I am heartless and have no motherhood instinct...
      I do 100%-ly. I have my own little princess and love her so much, but I still do think that no body have the right to force a woman to live a life she doesn't want nor become a mother when she obviously declared she didn't want to and had never did anything by herself to be pregnant.
      No one has the right to tell her that marrying a man who raped her was good just because he is an excellent bachelor.
      Love can't be forced.
      The fact that she took the contraception and the promise Ye gave her before marrying her are two crucial points here.
      It is so fortunate and i am happy too that her amnesia had given her a the opportunity to forget her traumatic experience and open up her heart to a new man in her life.
      But it could have gone different way.
      She might have had to suffer a heartache for life if he didn't set her free.
      5 years is long enough to see if the person wants to love or not.
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