She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 40

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Today daily chapter ~ 9 chapters to go for the main story xD and the extra 10 chapters for the side stories ~ Maybe I do the mass release if I finish translate this ahead of schedule, bless me =w=
Chapter 40
translator&editor: Oyen

Anger, hateful, she wanted to scream.

"Qingqing, Qingqing, listen to me." Xiang Huayang approached her step by step.

She backed away to avoid him, the boyfriend that she thought about night and day seemed to be dirty and ugly at the moment, “You go away! Get lost, don’t get close to me.”

She looked very stirred up.

Sure enough, Xiang Huayang stopped his steps.

Just then Lin Qingqing's cell phone rang. She took out her cell phone and her fingers were shaking. The caller was her elder sister, she said Lin Peng and Liang Feifei came to see her and asked her where she was and when she would go back.

Lin Qingqing hung up the phone. She went to Liang Xin, grabbed her hand and walked forward. She often exercised and had great strength that Liang Xin could not resist at all. She took a taxi back to the Peace Restaurant. Lin Peng and Liang Feifei were there as expected.

She stormed in, all three of them didn't know what had happened. Lin Qingqing released Liang Xin's hand and rushed at them. "Do you know where I was taken yesterday by my good step sister? She got me drunk, drugged me, and made me sleep with an unfamiliar man. That's all. She even secretly cheated with my boyfriend."

She was so helpless that she didn't know what to do. She needed someone close to make decisions for her. She needed to be comforted.

However, when Liang Xin heard her words, she didn't panic at all. She even held back her tears and played victim, "Yesterday I took you out to relax because you were in a bad mood. But I didn't know you had to drive me away when you were drunk. You said you asked a good friend to come to see you. I'm still angry, I'm your best friend. Who can be better than me to you, but I didn't expect that you didn't love yourself and went to bed with your net friend, but now you wanted to bite me back."

Lin Qingqing was so angry that she felt that she was about to lose her mind after going through so many things overnight. "It was you who drugged me. You sent the message to my net friend on my cell phone. It was you!"

Lin Peng looked at Lin Qingqing's face and then at Liang Xin's, "What is going on with the two of you?"

Liang Xin wiped away her tears, hardly mentioning how wronged she was. "I don't know what happened, she came to me early in the morning to criticize me. I really don't know anything. As for Xiang Huayang, I was cheated too. He told me that he didn't like Qingqing and was going to break up with her soon. I was not as smart as Qingqing and was deceived by him in a few words. To put it bluntly, I am also a victim."

Lin Qingqing didn't expect her to have the ability to turn black into white. She was so angry that she trembled all over, screaming, "How can I still send messages to others when I was drunk yesterday? And just now I heard the conversation between you and Xiang Huayang, which was not like this at that time!"

Liang Xin said nothing, simply crying.

Liang Feifei glanced at Lin Qingqing with a worried face then gave Lin Peng a suggestion, "I think Qingqing has been stimulated too much recently. Should we find a doctor for her?"

Lin Qingqing knew what she meant. She angrily shouted, "Shut up! I am very sober, I know what I am saying."

Lin Zhenzhen couldn't see any more. She came forward to hold Lin Qingqing and said to Lin Peng, "Anyway, Qingqing is your daughter. I believe what she said. You, as a father, will have to give her justice."

However, Lin Peng just snorted coldly, "What’s justice? I think she is unreasonable and crazy, so what if she can't sing? Is the family short of that kind of money? It's not that I can't afford to support you all your life. Do you have to be so ugly and not afraid of being laughed at?"

"You don't believe me?!" Lin Qingqing had a look of disbelief on her face.

Maybe when he saw Lin Qingqing’s eyes were red, Lin Peng softened his tone, "We are a family, and the family should be harmonious and happy. It’s not like you can’t make trouble, but don't make too much trouble. What about this fickle person, Xiao Huayang, don’t come near him anymore, don't make such an ugly trouble with your elder sister Ah Xin for an outsider."

"I just said she took me out to drink and drugged me last night, didn't you hear me?!”

"Drugged what? Ah Xin is your best friend. You know very well what kind of person she is and I know very well that you made a mistake yourself. I and your aunt Feifei will not blame you either. You don't have to blame Ah Xin. Also, don't talk about this kind of thing in the future. Is it good for a girl to go to bed with other boys after drinking wine? You're not ashamed. I'm ashamed!"

Lin Qingqing took a step back. When she heard her elder sister tell her that Lin Peng was coming, she hurriedly dragged Liang Xin back. He was her father, and she had been wronged. As a father, he should not refuse to seek justice for her. Knowing that Liang Xin had bullied her like this, he should divorce Liang Feifei immediately and drive the mother and daughter out of the house. This was what she wanted.

But she did not expect that as her father, not only did he not get justice for her, but even blamed her. She was drugged, she slept with an unfamiliar man, she was stabbed by her friend, he not only did not believe her, but also thought she was fooling around.

Ah, indeed ridiculous.

Anger, unwillingness, hatred, as if calming down for a moment, she closed her eyes and said to her elder sister in a calm tone that surprised her, "Elder sister, drive them out."

"This child, what are you saying? What do you mean to kick us out?" Liang Feifei had an unhappy look.

Lin Peng: "Drive us out? To where? Aren't you coming back with us?"

"Go back with you?" She sneered, "From now on, I have nothing to do with you anymore. I will transfer my registered account to Beicheng. Anyway, I am an adult and have my own house in Beicheng. I have nothing to do with you from now on."

Lin Peng was also angry with her, "I think you are really out of your mind, what nonsense are you talking about? Must I send you to a mental hospital?"

Lin Qingqing did not talk to him any more, turning around and went upstairs. There was a quarrel downstairs. It was her sister who was driving them out the door. She went back to her room and sat quietly on the bed.

The voice downstairs slowly quieted down, and soon her elder sister came in. She sat down beside her, held her hand and asked her carefully, "What happened last night? Liang Xin really drugged you, you really...with..."

Lin Qingqing closed her eyes and nodded.

"Who is the man?"

"A net friend, I don't know."

"Shall we call the police?"

Lin Qingqing shook her head: "Liang Xin sent the message from my cell phone and there is no direct evidence to prove that she drugged me. As for the man... he was also the victim."

Feeling extremely distressed, Lin Zhenzhen held her hands and comforted her, "Don't worry, I won't let them go."

This was the first time she has heard such harsh words from her gentle elder sister.

"Can you help me to buy some medicines?"

Lin Zhenzhen was silent for a moment, before she replied. "Okay."

Lin Zhenzhen bought her an emergency contraceptive pill and Lin Qingqing took it. She went to the window and looked at the street outside the window. The weather began to get hot and there were few people in the street. After the meal time, the restaurant was quiet.

A gust of wind blew and rolled up a leaf to fall on the windowsill. She picked up the leaf and faced the sun. The veins on the leaf became very clear. She suddenly smiled at the leaf with a bright smile, but her gaze was cold without temperature.

She suddenly remembered that her mother had taught her to be a loving and kind-hearted person, because she said that God would give special treatment to kind-hearted people.

However, the kind-hearted mother died early because of illness.

She listened to her mother so much that she had been a lively, cheerful, kind and loving child since childhood, so when she saw the little boy trapped in the fire, she thought that she had been doing a drill not long ago, so she risked her life to save him. When she saw Liang Xin being beaten when she was a child, she could not help but come close to comfort her and become best friends with her.

But ... she saved the child with such kindness even her voice was destroyed and she couldn't sing. However, she was slandered as an arson suspect.

The best friend she defended, she always thought of her best friend first, but this best friend betrayed her when she was in the most frustrated and depressed state by stabbing her in the back.

She was so kind, but in return others trampled her kindness on the ground.

Since there was no reward for kindness, she might as well be a bad person.

The family that sold breakfast was either burned to death or committed suicide, and everyone died, and there was no point in holding any resentment for them in her heart.

But Liang Xin, who drugged her, was still alive and well.

In fact, it was easy for her to kill Liang Xin. As a best friend, she knew that Liang Xin had an uncle net friend, and she also knew a lot of things, including her black materials.

Recently, Liang Xin had been working on a recommendation for postgraduates. She wanted to go to a conservatory abroad, but her theoretical scores were not very good. In order to make her grades look better, she found someone to cheat and sent her answers in the final exam. Of course, she was also very smart, afraid to suffer alone, when cheating, she also brought a lot of people into the water, but also specially set up a WeChat group. But it was risky for her to do so, and if anyone tried to betray her, she would be screwed.

And then someone really tried to sell her out.

Lin Qingqing had been worried about an accident that might occur to her, so she had been paying attention to the chat of WeChat group. She found that one of them took a screenshot and wanted to report Liang Xin. At that time, this person seemed to have had a feast with Liang Xin. Although the charges of cheating and organizing cheating were different, once she reported Liang Xin, she would also suffer. However, she was willing to take herself into the water and let Liang Xin suffer. It was conceivable how much she hated Liang Xin at that time. Lin Qingqing secretly bought the screenshots after she knew it. Lin Qingqing was very popular in the school, and because she participated in various community activities frequently, she was also considered to be quite prestigious. The classmate thought for a moment and finally agreed.

After Lin Qingqing bought it, she did not tell Liang Xin that she had always been so generous to her friends, quietly wiping her ass behind her, but not asking for anything in return.

After buying it, she deleted all of it, but she hadn’t cleaned the recycle bin yet, maybe it could be restored. Lin Qingqing gave it a try, and it really worked. There were many things recovered together, including a video, which was also related to Liang Xin.

In order to get the recommendation for overseas postgraduate students, Liang Xin once took money to bribe her tutor, and the video of her bribing her tutor was accidentally filmed. After the person took the video, he wanted to take a sum of money from Liang Xin. Liang Xin had already asked her family for a sum of money to bribe the tutor, so she could not ask again, so she asked Lin Qingqing for help. As her best friend, this task of wiping her ass was of course bound on her.

Lin Qingqing borrowed a sum of money from her elder sister, Lin Zhenzhen, to buy the video. After buying it, it was deleted immediately. Liang Xin saw that it was deleted, so she thought everything was all right and did not ask about it again. However, she did not expect the video would also be restored.

Organizing cheating was a serious crime for students, plus she was bribing a tutor…

She didn’t know whether Liang Xin knew it or not. As her best friend, it was really easy for Lin Qingqing to kill her.

Liang Xin should now be preparing for excellent student speeches, it meant that she was an excellent student recommended by her tutor to study abroad. However, Liang Xin now demanded more regards to add her fame.

Lin Qingqing inquired about the time of her speech. She knew the classmate who was responsible for the preparation of the auditorium, she was one of the female classmates that had a good relationship with her. When Lin Qingqing came to the school, she first found her, exchanged some greetings and then she gave the USB flash drive to her.

"This is what I get to help Liang Xin, I have seen her slide before, but it is not detailed enough and it needs to be more detailed. You are also responsible for the layout of the projector. You will quietly replace this later. However, you know that Liang Xin has a strong self-esteem, so don't tell her that I asked you to replace it. Rest assured that there are only some differences in details in this slide, and in general, it’s still the same."

This classmate also knew that she had a good relationship with Liang Xin, and Lin Qingqing's excellence was also famous at school. Coupled with Lin Qingqing's good popularity, she agreed without much thought.

Soon she came out and gave Lin Qingqing another USB flash drive: "You can rest assured, I've got it ready for you."

Lin Qingqing laughed, "Thank you."

Lin Qingqing put away the USB flash drive, then put on her cap, slipped into the venue and sat in the last row. The speech would begin soon, Liang Xin, with a short-sleeved shirt and skirt slowly walked onto the stage, her hair tied into a high ponytail, the whole person looked fresh and overpowered.

Excellent student who cheated and bribed, but she stood on the stage with confidence and generosity. She bowed to the audience, and there was a warm applause.

The entire stage was hers, and the students under the stage looked at her eagerly. Liang Xin was so proud of it. She began today's speech with ease, generosity and confidence.

She opened the slide and didn't pay attention to it. She still said the words that had been rehearsed several times in silence, but the audience made a burst of discussion.

Liang Xin realized that something was wrong, so she glanced at the screen. The photos on the slide were not the information she had prepared, but screenshots of WeChat.

At the top of the screenshot, "The Truth of Liang Xin's Cheating" was written in an eye-catching scarlet letter.

Liang Xin panicked and hurriedly slid down the slide, still photos after photos were shown. Her hands began to shake, she closed the projector several times without turning it off. Then she saw a video suddenly popping out of the screen. In the video, she took a wrapping paper and placed it in front of her teacher. The opening of the wrapping paper was right in front of the camera, but it turned out that there was a stack of banknotes in the inconspicuous wrapping paper.

There was an uproar below the stage, and Liang Xin's face turned pale. Lin Qingqing sat in the back row and looked at Liang Xin's panicked expression. She was so satisfied that she lowered her cap and quietly left the venue.

Lin Qingqing knew that Liang Xin would come looking for her, so she dressed up and waited for her at home. She changed into a beautiful dress and specially put on make-up.

Liang Xin came very quickly, because she knew that Lin Qingqing was the only one who could do this, so the first thing she did after she left the venue was to find Lin Qingqing.

Lin Qingqing's door was not closed. When Liang Xin pushed the door in, Lin Qingqing saw the girl with an angry expression in the mirror. Just a few days ago, she went to see Liang Xin with the same expression as she did now.

"Did you replace my USB flash drive?"

Lin Qingqing slowly put on lipstick. She spun the chair to face her with one hand against her chin and leaned back lazily on the chair. "It's me, so what if it's me? Is that thing on the USB flash drive slander you? "

She saw Liang Xin's both hands clenched into fists, and her face was a little ferocious because of anger. She knew that Liang Xin must have been very angry at this time, and she must have lost such a big face in front of so many teachers and students, she might even have the heart to kill now.

But even though she was so angry, Liang Xin still didn't lose her mind. She took a deep breath and mocked, "Are you getting revenge? Since you let everyone know about my affair, I don't mind letting everyone know about your affair!"

"My affair?" Lin Qingqing took the nail clippers and gently scraped her nails. "What's wrong with my affair?"

"What affair? Of course it's about you sleeping with an old man."

An old man? Liang Xin probably didn't know that her net friend, White, was not an old man, but it was also her fault. She misunderstood that White was a helpless uncle. Liang Xin, as her best friend, of course knew that she had chatted with a netizen named White and even knew that she had gone to find him. She had never seen White, so she naturally thought he was an uncle.

Lin Qingqing did not plan to tell her that she was not sleeping with an uncle, because whether it was an uncle or not, it was the same for Lin Qingqing.

"I saw that old man come into your room with my own eyes, and I even made a video."

Lin Qingqing remembered that it was an uncle who knocked on her door for the first time.

Lin Qingqing blew the scrapped nail dust and said slowly, "So what? At most, it is a moral issue for me to sleep with an old man, and it is not a moral issue for you to organize cheating and bribe a mentor, it may be a legal issue, and your worst consequence is to be persuaded by the school to quit, I’ll afraid that you will end up in a jail. A moment ago, you were an excellent student who was standing on the stage to give a speech, but in the twinkling of an eye, you were persuaded by the school to quit. It's really a pity to think about it."

She shook her head as if pitying Liang Xin.

"I'm sorry that your hard-won recommendation is going to be ruined. For a person like you who doesn't have much musical talent, going abroad for postgraduate school is like plating a layer of gold, but now don't say going abroad for postgraduate school, you can't even get a university diploma."

Lin Qingqing blinked at her. "Isn't it a pity?"

Her lazy appearance had offended Liang Xin’s eyes, especially now that she was in an angry state, thinking of the humiliation she has suffered today, and thinking that she had worked so hard for so long but she couldn't even graduate from university. Liang Xin only felt that anger would burn her heart.

The more Liang Xin looked at her, the more she felt to glare at her, especially at the moment when she was sitting in a chair manicuring her nails as if nothing had happened.

The string of reason cracked at this moment, and Liang Xin's face became more ferocious. "I'll kill you!"

Lin Qingqing knew that she would be angry, and she knew her so well that she even knew how to make her angry, but she didn't expect that her usually weak stepsister was so hideous.

A cup of banana milk was placed on the edge of the chair, which she had prepared early in the morning. When Liang Xin stormed over, she kicked the milk lightly and spilled it on the floor. Liang Xin didn't notice her little moves. At the moment, all she wanted to do was choke her and die with her.

Coupled with her hurried steps at the moment, she stepped on the banana milk, then she slipped and fell straight forward. There were a few broken beer bottles in front of her, which was "accidently" broken, which she had not been able to clean up yet.

It was too late for Liang Xin to react. She subconsciously blocked her face with her hand. The beer bottle instantly cut open the skin of her hand, but her hand could not completely block her face. One piece was stuck on her forehead, so deep that the blood flowed all over her face.


Liang Xin let out a cry, not only because of pain, but also because she knew she was disfigured. For an art student, especially an art student related to performance, disfigurement was a big taboo. Once disfigured, it was very likely that her future would be ruined.

"My face! My face!!!!"

Lin Qingqing walked slowly to her side and squatted down. She looked at her bloody face and sighed, "Such a big cut in your full forehead, I'm afraid you won't be able to show it in the future."

Liang Xin's forehead was very good-looking, full and smooth, and the curve of her hairline was also very unique. Many girls had bangs because their forehead was not good enough, while Liang Xin had no fear of this. Her forehead was an extra point to her whole face.

Liang Xin looked at the sarcastic person in front of her as if it was nothing. Her palms and forehead were hurt, and her anger was still burning. She jumped up and wanted to throw her on the ground. However, Lin Qingqing reacted quickly and kicked her directly in the chest without waiting for her to jump.

Liang Xin was in pain and fell to the ground with a groan, but she was still unreconciled and angry. "You did this intentionally, I want to call the police!"

Lin Qingqing pointed to her computer web camera and laughed. "I have been recording videos since you came in. Just now, you rushed over to hit me, accidentally fell on the ground and hurt your face. I don’t even have self-defense. How can you accuse me of hurting you?" 


"If I were you, I would take a taxi to the hospital now, otherwise it would be too late, and it would be harder to deal with the wound."

She didn’t know if Liang Xin thought she had the point, so she got up from the ground and hurried to the door. When she came to the door, she turned around and looked at her bloody face, how terrifying it was. Her eyes were full of anger, grinning her teeth. "I didn't expect you to be so vicious. I despised you."

“It’s not too late to see it clearly.”

Liang Xin said nothing, hurriedly pushed the door and went out.

The next day at the university’s forum, Lin Qingqing saw Liang Xin's notice of withdrawal. In the afternoon, she received a text message from the school asking her to go to class next week.

Lin Qingqing was very satisfied with this result.
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