She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 39

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Chapter 39
translator&editor: Oyen

On the day of the competition, probably because she was too nervous, Lin Qingqing woke up early. It was still early, she laid in bed and couldn't sleep. She planned to run for a while, when she came back from running, she passed by the breakfast stall that she often visited. Lin Qingqing planned to buy two steamed buns to eat first.

The boss's wife was loading the car at the door, there were two rows of cages on the small human tricycle (T/N: maybe it’s like this). She rode the tricycle to sell door to door at university every day, while the boss stayed in the store to take care of the shop.

Because she often came, the boss and the wife knew her. Lin Qingqing went into the shop and asked for two steamed buns and a bowl of porridge. After eating, she went back to school and took a bath, Liang Xin came to look for her.

The place of the competition was not very far from the school, they borrowed two bikes. When Lin Qingqing passed the breakfast shop, Lin Qingqing found that the steamed stuffed bun shop caught fire all the way to the second floor, the first floor was the steamed bun shop, and the second floor was where the boss and his family lived. Lin Qingqing saw a little boy standing by the window crying on the second floor. Many onlookers stood outside pointing at the fire, but no one dared to go in and save the child.

"Let’s go, don't look at it. Someone already called the police and the firefighter will be here in a moment." Liang Xin urged.

It was unknown when the firefighters would arrive, but the child would be burned to death if he was not rescued. Lin Qingqing often participated in various community activities when she was in university, and organized a fire drill with her classmates only a month ago.

The floor was not very high, and it was not too late to rescue him, but it was a little dangerous.

Lin Qingqing didn't have time to think about it. She borrowed a quilt from a nearby shopkeeper, poured a basin of water on it, covered it on her head and rushed into the fire. Quickly ran to the second floor, the child stood by the window, but his feet were pressed by the fallen table. The table was burning with a small flame, which was a little hot. Lin Qingqing took some strength to break it off. She wrapped the child in the quilt and ran downstairs holding him. But when passing by the door, the cabinet nearby suddenly fell down, which was not heavy. However, because of the burning flame, it was very hot, Lin Qingqing's leg was pressed, the quilt did not cover her completely, and half of her calves were exposed. It was hot in summer, she wore a pair of cropped trousers, and the hot cabinet pressed on her leg. Lin Qingqing was immediately crushed to the ground. She only felt a burning pain in her leg and tried several times to get up without avail.

At this time, the fire was burning more and more vigorously, and the air was getting hotter. Every breath was accompanied by smoke and burning feeling. Lin Qingqing felt that she would not be able to hold up. If she did not leave, she and the child would both be killed.
She pushed her leg back hard, and the cabinet was finally kicked away by her, but she choked a hot air in when she tried hard. She only felt as if her throat had been scraped by a hot knife, and she coughed with pain.

Her body was so uncomfortable that she stumbled downstairs with the child in her arms and ran to safety. However, her brain was in a state of anoxia for a long time due to choking a large amount of smoke. As soon as she relaxed, she fainted.

She woke up in the hospital. When Lin Qingqing opened her eyes, she saw her sister sitting next to her. She remembered that she had to take part in the competition. She sat up and asked, "What time is it..."

As soon as she spoke, she felt the pain in her throat like pricking by needle, and her voice became hoarse and ugly. Lin Qingqing covered her neck and tried to clear her throat, but her throat hurt at the slightest effort.

"Why... Why? My voice..."

Lin Zhenzhen hastily rushed to her: "Don't speak in a hurry, the doctor said that your throat has affected the vocal cords due to inhalation damage. It will take a few days to recover before you can speak normally."

"Affecting the vocal cords? Is it serious?"

Lin Zhenzhen avoided her eyes, “I don’t know yet.”

Then, she remembered the child whom she saved and asked, "How's the child?"

"He's fine."

Lin Qingqing was relieved.

At this time, several people were standing at the ward’s door, these people were Lin Peng, Liang Feifei, Liang Xin and two policemen.

Seeing Lin Qingqing awake, Liang Xin rushed to her side, "Qingqing, how are you? Is there anything uncomfortable?"

Lin Qingqing shook her head.

One of the two policemen came forward to ask, “Are you Lin Qingqing?”

Lin Qingqing nodded, she did not understand why the police came here.

“Can you speak?”

Lin Qingqing could not help to ask: "Is there something wrong?"

The policeman said in a businesslike tone: "We suspect you have something to do with the 4.10 Tiancheng Street arson. If you can speak, please come with us."

Hearing this, Lin Qingqing was completely shocked. She looked at the policemen in daze, and then looked at Lin Peng and the others. "What do you mean?"

Lin Peng was somewhat angry and also felt distress, saying only, “Just come with the policemen first, they will let you out after they investigate it more clearly.”

Lin Qingqing was still in a daze. Lin Zhenzhen could not bear it, rushing to the two policemen, "Mr. Police, you see.. she has just woken up. The doctor said her injury was a little severe, she is having a hard time speaking now. Can you take her to investigate after she recovers for two days?"

Looking at each other, the two policemen finally nodded after probably considering that she was indeed injured.

As soon as the police left, Lin Qingqing learned about the situation from Lin Zhenzhen and others. It turned out that the boss’s wife of the steamed bun shop insisted that she had set her house on fire. After all, she was the only one who had been to the shop before her house caught fire.

"I didn't set the fire, I just went to have breakfast, not to mention, how could I set the fire? I didn't have the motive to set the fire, and I also saved the boss's child."

Lin Zhenzhen could not hide her heartache. "The boss’s wife said that you were smoking when you entered the store, and she specially warned you not to throw cigarette butts around. She said that you may be deliberately against her. When they left, you deliberately threw the cigarette butts next to the gas in the store when they were not paying attention. As for the child you saved, she said that since the fire was not set by you, why are you so kind to save a person regardless of the danger of life if not because of your guilty conscience."

Lin Qingqing couldn't believe what she had heard, she felt that her three views had been severely impacted.

“I don’t smoke. You know that, I never smoke.”

At this time, Lin Peng was also very angry, but he still comforted her with a soft voice: "Don't worry, the police will give you justice after a clear investigation."

Lin Qingqing did not expect that things would turn out like this. She missed the opportunity to take part in the competition in order to save people. Not only did she have a throat injury, and it was still hard to say whether she could recover. Her calf was also injured, and it was impossible to say that it would not leave a scar. Fortunately, she was comforted when the child was saved, but she did not expect that she was clearly well-intention to save people, but she was regarded as an arson suspect.

She was in a dazed state for several days, during which Xiang Huayang came to see her, she was still in daze, saying nothing to him, and then after her voice recovered a little, she was taken to the police-investigation bureau as a suspect in arson.

The age of 21-year-old was the best time for her. She should have stood on the stage to radiate her brilliance, but she was imprisoned for saving people. This was the first time that her kindness had been trampled on like this.

After staying at the police station for about a week, she was acquitted because of insufficient evidence. The first thing she did was to find the family selling breakfast, but they had moved away. No one knew where they had gone.

During this period of time, because she didn't know what was going on outside the police station, she came out and found that it seemed to be a big deal, which had been reported in many newspapers and magazines.

However, never before had the media been so unified in their statements, all accusing the family of ingratitude and violating their conscience in order to defraud others of a sum of compensation.

Probably because of the pressure of public opinion, their family moved out of Beicheng overnight. Later, Lin Qingqing learned about their death in the newspaper. The boss of a steamed bun shop was burned in the fire, while the owner's wife was attacked by public opinion and committed suicide with her child.

Lin Qingqing couldn't say for sure what kind of feeling she felt when she got the news.

Although Lin Qingqing was relieved of suspicion, the school suspended her classes and she had to wait for notice when her classes would begin.

Her throat was badly injured and inflammation lasted for a long time, so her vocal cords were also affected, resulting in permanent damage, which was like she was afraid for, it would not be restored for the rest of her life.

Even though the suspicion was relieved, she still felt a lot of pressure at that time. She became a suspect of arson, her voice was destroyed, and missed the stage she dreamed of. Maybe she would never be able to sing on the stage for the rest of her life.

The elder sister was afraid that she would be in a confused state of mind, so she did not let Lin Peng and Liang Feifei take her back to Xianghai City, but left her in Beicheng. Lin Qingqing, who was originally lively, positive and sunny, suddenly quieted down, and the whole person became dumb.

That night, Liang Xin took her out to relax. At that time, her throat injury was almost recovered. Liang Xin suggested that she drink some wine and have a good sleep, and get up tomorrow to welcome a new day. Liang Xin also said that she was her best friend and would always stand by her side to support her. Even if she couldn't sing songs in the future, she could also earn money to support her.

She felt very gratified that she had a good friend by her side when she was at the bottom of her life.

So, she took Liang Xin's advice and planned to get drunk.

After this long time, her pent-up emotions were suddenly released and she drank too much before she knew it.

"Your elder sister will be worried if you go back like this. Well, I'll open a room for you. I'll call your elder sister later and say I took you to my dormitory to sleep. What do you say?"

At that time she was drunk and in daze, only vaguely replied, then Liang Xin went to open the room and helped her to lie down on the bed, fearing that she was thirsty, she gave her a bottle of water.

She was so drunk that she fell asleep shortly after.

She was awakened by a knock at the door, and she didn't know if it was because of drinking too much. Lin Qingqing only felt that her head was dizzy and her body was very hot.

Liang Xin was not in the room. Lin Qingqing thought it was Liang Xin who knocked at the door. Without thinking much, she struggled to get up and open the door.

However, the person standing outside the door was not Liang Xin, but a strange old man who looked about in his fifties, the hot and dry feeling became more and more obvious, and Lin Qingqing felt that her reason was beginning to blur. She rubbed her forehead and asked, "Who are you?"

Noticing something was wrong with her, he asked, "Miss Lin, are you okay?"

Miss Lin? Did this person know her?

The man helped her to the bed, sat down while saying, "Wait a minute, I'll call the Mister to come over."

Lin Qingqing was completely unaware that the strange feeling in her body was getting stronger, she felt hotter, and there was an impulse in her body, a kind of shameful impulse. She didn't know what happened.

Lin Qingqing was lying on the bed, clutching her clothes painfully. She was so hot that it was too much of a hindrance to wear clothes on her body.

She rolled painfully in bed, and then she heard a magnetic male voice saying, "Lin Qingqing, is that you?"

She looked over and saw a tall man standing in front of her, not the uncle just now. He was very young and handsome, dressed in a suit and full of aura.

Lin Qingqing shook her head and looked back. She was sure she didn't know the man.

"Who are you?"

He probably found something wrong and then went to the bed to sit down. He reached out like he wanted to touch her, but he didn't touch her at all. Then he withdrew his hand as if nothing had happened, asking "What's happened to you? Where do you feel uncomfortable?"

Lin Qingqing was extremely uncomfortable. When he sat next to her, the smell on his body slowly rushed on her nose. He smelled so good that she subconsciously wanted to lean over.

"Who are you?" She asked again.

He took out his cell phone and showed it to her. "You asked me to come over."

Her brain was in a daze and she saw double-images on the words on the phone, but she still recognized her avatar, but she was a bit strange when looking at the other avatar. She was sure she hadn't chatted with him recently.

"I didn't send it. It’s not me."

He was silent for a while before putting away his phone and said, "You probably ate something wrong. I'll take you to the hospital first."

As he finished, he came to pick her up. However, as soon as he approached, the smell of his body suddenly became strong, and the impulse reached its peak. She turned over and pinned him down as he bent down to pick her up.

She felt that she was crazy, but she was really hot and uncomfortable, she needed something to relieve herself. As she got closer, she felt that his body was strong and flexible, different from her soft body, which made her desire reach the maximum in an instant. She leaned on him, took off her clothes and then anxiously pulled his clothes.

She wanted to love him, wanted to get closer to him. His body suddenly became stiff, and then he grabbed her hand, his voice was a little hoarse, "Don't do this, I'll take you to the hospital."

"No, I don't want to go to the hospital."

She didn't want to be seen like this by others. Although her body was left with instinct at the moment, she still had a little sense. She knew that she was absolutely abnormal at this moment. The hospital was full of people, she didn't want to be seen like this. Now she just wanted to relieve her discomfort. Immediately, at once!

She pressed her face against his face, and his body smelled so good that she wanted to get closer and wantonly rub. During the struggle, his clothes were torn apart by her. She leaned up, and the heat on her body seemed to relieve some, but it was not enough, she needed more.

She heard him groaning, and his voice was so hoarse, "Lin Qingqing, don't do this, you should wake up."

She couldn’t wake up, her body was so uncomfortable.

In a confused state, she instinctively found his mouth, she wanted to eat his taste, let her body relieve the taste, she was fierce and couldn’t wait.

At first, he avoided her, but then he slowly gave up the struggle and guided her step by step.

It was a very chaotic night, he kept giving her water, she kept going to the toilet, and she still kept demanding him, but it was still not enough. The sheets were changed again and again, but the chaos and fierceness continued. (T/N: Is it what I think it is? I think I have a dirty mind with this sentence =w=)

She even forgot how she fell asleep later. When she woke up, there was a strong and ambiguous atmosphere in the room. The sheets were piled up on the ground in a messy state, and the unfamiliar man was still lying next to her.

Even if she was drunk, she remembered everything that happened yesterday. She took out her cellphone and took a look at her chat history.

Cutie Hyacinth(T/N: It's a flower name, does anyone know it?): I’m in a bad mood, can uncle accompany me?

White: Where are you?

Cutie Hyacinth: I am in Beicheng, I drink a lot of wine and didn’t dare to go back. I am now in XXX hotel room, there is no one around me, can you come and accompany me?

White: Will it be okay if I arrive in three hours?

Cutie Hyacinth: Okay, I'll wait for you.

Two and a half hours later.

White: I'm outside XXX hotel. What's the room number?

Cutie Hyacinth: 1015.

Cutie Hyacinth was her net name. She clicked into White's profile and glanced at it, the information was very few, only a column of age written 50 years old.

It took her a long time before she remembered who White was, a netizen she had chatted with, whom she had not chatted for many years.

She didn't send these messages.

She held her head in her hands, and rested her forehead on her knees, and her nose felt sour and she wanted to cry, but she could not cry.

Waking up, the unfamiliar man asked, “Are you alright?”

Was she alright? How could she be alright.

She got up and put on her clothes. She took her cell phone and her bag, then went to the door. Seeing this, the man suddenly lifted up the quilt and strode over to hold her hand. At the moment, he was only wrapped in a towel.

"Where are you going?"

She broke away from his hand, lowered her head, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. "I'm sorry about last night. I didn't send those messages. I don't know why it turned out like this. I'm in a mess now. I don't want to say anything. I'm really sorry."

"I don't need you to apologize."

She looked up at him, and he frowned slightly at her. Except for being sorry, she really didn't know what to say. She walked around him to the door to hear him saying, "I am willing to take responsibility."

She did not answer, just opened the door and went out.

She took a taxi to go to school, and what happened yesterday was really strange, obviously she was with Liang Xin, but why did a man appear in her room, and if she didn't send those messages, then it could only be Liang Xin who sent it? When she thought of what happened to her last night, she guessed that she was probably drugged, and Liang Xin was the only one who had the chance to do it, but she couldn't believe she did it.

Her best friend, who supported her when she was in trouble. She didn't believe she would do this to her.

She desperately needed to find her and asked.

At this point, she should be in the dormitory. When she went to Liang Xin's dormitory, she would pass through a lotus pond, the pond was quiet. Occasionally, students passed through here. When she walked past the lotus pond, Lin Qingqing saw two familiar figures from a distance across the pond.

Seeing the two people, Lin Qingqing felt as if she had been struck by thunder. At this time, while the breeze was blowing the lotus leaves by the quiet pond, her best friend Liang Xin hugged her boyfriend Xiang Huayang from behind.

There were only three of them by the pond, and there was a student sitting in the distance reading, but they didn't see her. She heard Liang Xin say anxiously, "Why are you doing this to me? What am I to you, when you say it's over? Yes, Qingqing's voice is ruined now, and she needs you. What about me? I need you, too!"

Xiang Huayang tried hard to pull away her hand, speaking calmly, "Don't make any more noise. I will never leave Qingqing like this."

"If you don't leave her, what about me? What am I to you? A bed companion? Because Lin Qingqing doesn't want to have sex with you but I do. Whenever you want to find someone to go to sex, you look for me. Now that she needs you, so you just kick me away? Why do I always have to sacrifice?!"

"That's enough!" Xiang Huayang yelled.

Hearing this, Lin Qingqing was completely stupefied. In the taxi just now, she thought of what happened last night and felt so miserable. She even asked herself over and over again what she should do and how she should face Xiang Huayang. But she did not expect to hear this in the twinkling of an eye.

A bed companion? He and Liang Xin were unexpectedly…

Lin Qingqing walked quickly, and the two people who quarreled found her. When she saw Xiang Huayang, he seemed to be struck by lightning, stiff and did not react for a long time. Meanwhile, Liang Xin’s expression did not change. It seemed that Lin Qingqing's arrival was something she expected.

Sneering, Liang Xin suddenly pointed to Lin Qingqing, "Do you know where she went last night? She had a drink and asked an old man to accompany her. You love her so much here that you can't leave her, but she had an affair with the old man last night."

Liang Xin's face was full of mockery. Lin Qingqing's gaze was so cold, even with a kind of hatred. Lin Qingqing really could not believe that Liang Xin would face her with this expression one day.
She even felt unfamiliar with the girl in front of her eyes.

Sure enough, it was really her, and it was Liang Xin who drugged her last night, and it was also Liang Xin who told White to come over.

Lin Qingqing clenched her fists, and for a moment, she wanted to pounce on her, grab her neck and ask her why she did it! She was her best friend, why did she drug her? Why did she stab her in the back?

And Xiang Huayang, her boyfriend, who said he would accompany her forever, why did he betray her?!

The world seemed to be turned upside down all of a sudden, and she felt that her cognition and three views were collapsing.
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