She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 38

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Chapter 38
translator&editor: Oyen

Lu Xiuyuan was still approaching step by step.

She heard what he was talking about.

"I'm sorry, I don't want to either, but Wenqian is my sister, and I want to help her get everything she wants."

Her brain hurts so much that she still hadn’t relieve after hitting it several times. Maybe it was so hard that she finally hit her heart so hard that she only felt dizzy in her head, and then she didn't know anything.

Lu Xiuyuan looked at Lin Qingqing, whose head was covered with blood and fell on the ground, he was dumbfounded. He didn't expect things to be like this. Wenqian told him that she wanted Yi Zeyan to know that Lin Qingqing was a slutty woman and hated her, so she begged him for help.

He felt that the plan was too risky and stupid, and he would involve himself into it if he was not careful, but if the plan was successful, they would earn a lot. Wenqian could get Yi Zeyan, and he could get her.

Even if he couldn’t get her, he thought it was worth sleeping with her once.

Several years ago, he was attracted by her when he saw her for the first time. Later, he went to find Wenqian, who was also there. He could never forget her after that day, her gaze was cold, giving people a sense of unreachable and untouchable, but she showed a kind of beauty that went to the bone marrow.

This plan was very risky, and the stakes were also very big. He was always cautious and would not consider it at ordinary times, but the temptation of the plan was really too big for him.

People say that there as a knife on the head of a lust word, which could also be understood as that it took a risk to get a beauty.

However, Lu Xiuyuan had no idea that things would come to this.

Wenqian sprayed him with pheromones from devil’s snare, which had a stimulating effect on a woman. He didn't expect her to be so fierce that she would rather self-harming to stay awake.

The blood on her head reached the ground, Lu Xiuyuan came back to his senses after he looked at the scarlet blood. He wanted her, but he didn't want her to die.

Lu Xiuyuan took off his coat and stuffed it into the cupboard, then picked her up across the yard and went back to the Yi family big house. The housekeeper was so frightened and couldn’t say a word. Lu Xiuyuan kept calm and told her to take the medicine box and make a phone call.

The housekeeper hurriedly brought the medicine box, Lu Xiuyuan simply stopped the bleeding, and the driver came over with a car. He took her into the car and went to a nearby hospital, which was also invested and repaired by Yi family, which was one of the industries of Yi family.

Yi Zeyan hurried to the hospital after receiving the news, she was still in a coma. After seeing her lie on the bed with IV drips, it felt like his head had been struck by lightning, he stiffened and hadn’t recovered for a while.

"How is she?"

The doctor wiped the sweat on his forehead and said carefully, "Did Mrs. Yi hurt her head before?"

"Yes, but it's not serious."

The doctor added: "Although it is not serious, it also leaves sequelae. Although it is only a slight concussion this time, she has been in a coma because of the sequelae."

"When will she wake up?"

The doctor wiped his sweat again and carefully chose every word, "I don't know, but I think it's strange." The doctor went to the edge of the EEG (T/N: Electroencephalography is an electrophysiological monitoring method to record electrical activity of the brain. It is typically noninvasive, with the electrodes placed along the scalp, although invasive electrodes are sometimes used) and pointed out, "Sir, it's reasonable that if you fall into a coma, the amplitude of the brain wave will not fluctuate so obviously, but Mrs. Yi's brain wave fluctuates obviously, which shows that her brain is very active at this time, and it's probably because she doesn't want to wake up."

With that, the doctor watched his expression carefully, but he didn't expect this young, promising, stable and confident CEO to look a little dazed at the moment. He stared at the person lying on the bed for a long time before he said, "How can she wake up?"

Sighed, the doctor said, "You can talk to her more often, call her name, and let her know that someone still remembers her."

Yi Zeyan said nothing, the doctor silently sighed and went out.

Lu's sibling live next door to Yi's family house, only separated by a wall, and an arch was opened on the wall to facilitate the sibling to come and go.

Lu Wenqian, who was at home at the moment, was somewhat uneasy. She received a phone call from Lu Xiuyuan, he told her that the plan had failed. Lu Wenqian didn't expect Lin Qingqing to be so cruel to herself, she hit her head against the cabinet and would rather die than surrender.

At the moment, Lu Wenqian was pacing anxiously in the room, until Lu Xiuyuan pushed the door in, she asked: "How is it? Did Yi Zeyan doubt you?"

The plan has failed, but they could no longer made Yi Zeyan suspect them.

"I only told them that Qingqing fainted in our father's piano room, and when I went in, I saw her lying on the ground. I took off my coat when I took her back, and no one would suspect anything."

Lu Wenqian breathed a sigh of relief, but the sibling still did not relax completely, so they planned to probe about it again, so in the evening they went to Yi's family house with the excuse of asking about Lin Qingqing, and stayed there for a meal.

Neither Yi Zeyan nor Zhang Shuxi said anything at the dinner table, but their faces were not very good, and they were normally worried about their loved ones in coma, but there was nothing else.

It seemed that they did not suspect them. It was only then that the sibling breathed a sigh of relief.

Yi Zeyan couldn't sleep at night. He took a bottle of red wine and went upstairs to drink it. After a while, he heard footsteps behind him. He knew it was Lu Wenqian, so he didn't look back.

Lu Wenqian came forward and stood beside him, she looked at him with her hands clasped her chest. He was wearing a black shirt and black trousers, the thick black seemed to blend with the night, but he was independent of the night. He had such a sense of existence that nothing could hide his light.

A gust of wind came, with the cold of winter. He stood there in thin clothes, as if he could not feel the winter chill.

Smiling, Lu Wenqian looked away, "your little wife is coma in the ward. You still have a mind to drink here. It seems that you don't care about her very much……"

Yi Zeyan did not look at her, staring ahead, the night blurred his look, coupled with his strong aura, his expression showed a deep look.

"It's none of your business." He spoke bluntly.

He picked up the glass and took a sip, his fingers were long and the gesture of dragging the glass was pleasing to the eye. He lowered his head and put the glass aside after drinking it.

Although the man was ruthless enough to her, she had to admit that he was so charming that sometimes his arrogance became a kind of charm.

What's more, Lu Wenqian knew very well that he was so cold to her only because of her father, that he deliberately retaliated against her father this way, or that he was so cruel to her just to appease his own heart.

She didn't think he really wanted to do that to her.

So sometimes he deliberately gave her the cold shoulder, and although she was uncomfortable, she had to go against the current, and the more he gave her the cold shoulder, the more she turned against him.

At the moment, looking at his expression that looked like refusing a stranger to enter, she said, "Indeed, it's just a woman who is kept by you like a pet. It's just to comfort your loneliness. Even if she really died, you won't be sad too long." She leaned closer and smiled. "I know you best, Yi Zeyan. The only person you love most is yourself."

After drinking, Yi Zeyan conveniently placed the glass on the guardrail on the right hand side. Lu Wenqian happened to be standing on his right. Now she suddenly approached, he frowned and moved the glass a little to the left.

Seeing this, Lu Wenqian sneered and picked up his glass while he was unprepared. Yi Zeyan frowned, looking a little cold. "If you want to drink, pour it yourself, and don't dirty my glass."

The word "dirty" obviously stabbed Lu Wenqian. She raised her chin at him and drank the wine from the glass, she held the glass upside down and said, "What’s the matter if I drink yours? Why are you so stingy? It's just a glass of wine."

Yi Zeyan's face grew darker. "It seems that you don't want to go back today. You know, I'm not in a good mood now."

Looking at Yi Zeyan’s expression Lu Wenqian was also a bit uneasy, over the years she was afraid, she hated and loved Yi Zeyan, as long as she did not touch his bottom line, she could test outside the bottom line at will.

She also knew very well that she really pissed him off, and that she could not bear it.

Lu Wenqian had to give up, she stepped back and spread her hands at him. "It's really boring. You're so serious, I just tease you. Can't I go?"

Yi Zeyan didn't answer, but suddenly looked at his watch. Then he smiled, a very light smile, but with an eerie and creepy feeling.

"It's almost time. Let's go to see your brother."

Lu Wenqian was completely confused, so she didn’t know why he suddenly said this.

Yi Zeyan then left, Lu Wenqian followed hurriedly and went through the arch on the wall. He went to the place where the sibling lived, Lu Wenqian suddenly had a bad feeling.

The sibling lived in a two-story villa. As soon as they entered the arch, they saw that the gate of the villa was open. There were many people standing outside. Lu Wenqian knew these people. They were all capable bodyguards of Yi Zeyan. When Yi Zeyan left far away, he would take them with him to protect his safety.

However, usually these people would not show up.

The bad feeling grew stronger. Lu Wenqian followed Yi Zeyan into the door and saw her brother tied to a chair.

Hurriedly, She questioned Yi Zeyan, "What are you doing? Why should you let my brother be tied up? I'll tell aunt to judge."

As she said that, she went to the door, but there were two people at the door who blocked her. Lu Wenqian was anxious and angry, in a cold voice, she said, "Are you crazy? We had been in peace with each other all these years, why do you want to tie up my brother? Have you forgotten the promise you and your mother made to my father? Don't forget that there are a lot of my father's people in the winery! If something happens to us, you won't get any good."

Yi Zeyan slowly pulled out a cigarette and lit it. Without looking at her, he said faintly, "Now that Yicheng Group has gone public, it is no longer the winery in your father's hands. Now the winery is using an AI, and many of my people will be eliminated, not to mention your father's people. Your father thought he had left me a stumbling block, but he probably didn't expect that the world was changing so fast that the stumbling blocks he left behind didn't mean anything to me. It is because there is no threat that you sibling can live well. Anyway, the Yi family is not short of money to support two idle people. Otherwise, do you think you can still stand here and talk to me?"

Lu Wenqian's face turned red and blue. She pressed down her anger slightly and rushed at Yi Zeyan. "Since we are not threatening you, why do you still tied up my brother?"

His face seemed to blur in the smoke. "Why? Do you really don’t know why I do this? Do you really think I don't know anything?"

Lu Wenqian only felt as if she had been struck by lightning. Could it be that Yi Zeyan already knew that the accident of Lin Qingqing was done by them, but that’s not right, they had done it so secretly, how could he found out?

Yi Zeyan's words continued, "You already know that I am always bear grudges, so don't you provoke me, if you provoke me..." He looked at her, sharp eyes penetrated the smoke and fell on her, "I will double the repayment."

She didn’t know if it was because his gaze was too sharp, Lu Wenqian was shocked by him and take a step back, then she soon found that there was something wrong with her body.

It was strange, she felt very hot, it seemed that her body was getting hot all of a sudden.

This strange feeling came so suddenly, Lu Wenqian only felt the weakness of her legs, her body felt burn and dry, which made her more and more uncomfortable.

Naturally, Lu Xiuyuan saw something wrong with his younger sister, but he was tied up and couldn't move. Seeing his younger sister was suffering, he struggled, his face was full of anger and he said to Yi Zeyan, "What did you do to her?"

Yi Zeyan put out the cigarette butts in the ashtray. He put his hand in the pocket and his eyes swept across the faces of this sibling. Smiled, he lowered his head. "You keep saying you know me, how much do you know about me? If you really know me, would you still drink that glass of wine?"

Reminded by him, Lu Wenqian suddenly woke up. She dared not believe him on her face. "Is there something wrong with the wine? What did you put in the wine?" With that, she shook her head. "No, you drank it, too."

He also drank, but he still stood there perfectly.

"It's just a trick. It's just an act of drinking. The light is not good. Do you really see me drinking?"

Furious, Lu Wenqian could not help scolding: "Yi Zeyan, you son of a b*tch! What did you give me to drink?"

With a faint smiled, he looked at her, "You’re wrong. What did I give you to drink? That wine is clearly what you want to drink yourself."


Her body and heart was burning. She was very sad, but he stood there calmly. Yes, she saw him standing upstairs and couldn't help looking for him. She saw that he was disgusted with her, so she wanted to oppose him by drinking the wine he had drunk. She like to oppose him since childhood. You see, he knew more about her and guided her step by step into his trap.

However, did she know him? She had never really understood him. Why did such a polite, refined and courteous person suddenly go on killing spree, even force her father to die.

She had never really understood him. She knew that he would never be soft-hearted, but she had never really understood his ruthlessness.

"I think you already know, I've always been good at dealing with people the same way." Then, he ordered people to untie Lu Xiuyuan, “The night is very long, just enjoy it. Let your brother see your licentious performance. I think it will be wonderful.” He said that in elegant, relax and natural tone as if just saying the weather was fine.

Then, he turned to leave after saying this. Lu Wenqian came back to her sense, “Yi Zeyan, you can’t do this to me!” said her in horror.

But before she reached the door, the door was closed.

Lu Wenqian slapped the door and shouted herself hoarse like she was mad. "Yi Zeyan, let me out! You scum, you pervert! Let me out quickly!" Maybe her body became more uncomfortable, and her voice became more and more frightened. "Yi Zeyan, please open the door, please, I won't dare to do it again."

Yi Zeyan, however, seemed to have heard nothing, rushed to the door and said, “Guard the door and the windows. Don’t let them out until dawn.”

Several people guarding the door together, so Yi Zeyan left at ease.

He already went far, but still heard Lu Wenqian's heartbreaking cry.

"Yi Zeyan, you killed me! Yi Zeyan, you killed me!"

Yi Zeyan came to the hospital bed without turning on the room light. In the room, only the equipment of the hospital bed gave out a faint light. A chair was placed beside the bed, he went to sit down and stared at the person lying on the bed.

Why did this suddenly happen?

Obviously, she was still okay yesterday, still holding him and made him reluctant to leave. She was still coquettish to him the moment before.

But why did she lie there motionless in the twinkling of an eye?

Staring, he didn’t know when his mouth had a bitter smile.

He finally married her, but she did not love him, right when she loved him, but she was in a coma, was he really a lonely star, doomed to die alone for the rest of his life?

Lu Xiuyuan opened the window of the room and the fresh air poured in, finally making the ambiguous and suffocating smell in the room a little lighter.

Lu Wenqian sat on the ground, wearing only a thin skirt, her hands holding her thighs and her face buried in her knees crying. She had been in this position for a long time since she woke up.

Lu Xiuyuan looked distressed, but he did not dare to approach. He sat down on the bed and said to her, "The ground is cold, get up first!"

She did not answer, but still sobbing.

"If you don't want to see me, I'll leave in a minute."

She still didn't answer.

At that moment, the door was suddenly slammed open. Lu Xiuyuan was startled, and Lu Wenqian, who was crying on the ground, finally looked up at the door.

A group of people came in from the door. The first one was Yi Zeyan. Seeing Yi Zeyan, Lu Xiuyuan remembered all the humiliation he had suffered yesterday. His anger ignited and flared up, he suddenly rushed and jumped onto him, "Yi Zeyan, you b*stard, I killed you!"

However, he was subdued by Yi Zeyan's bodyguards before he got closer.

Looking at the sibling with no expression, Yi Zeyan sneered: "Look at your expression, do you think I've done too much?"

Lu Xiuyuan struggled to break free, but he failed, “What else do you want?” he said angrily.

Putting his hand in his pockets, Yi Zeyan looked at him casually, "Do you want your sister to live well?"

"What do you mean?"

Yi Zeyan lowered his head and smiled. "If you want her to live well, I won't do anything to her, but I don't want to see you again. What will you do?"

"That's enough, Yi Zeyan!" Lu Wenqian stood up, scowling at him, "What else do you want to do after you have punished me and my brother like this?"

"Do you think this is enough? No... this is not enough." He strolled lazily for a few steps and then stopped. "This is just a deal. It is up to you whether you follow it or not."

"What if I don't comply?" asked Lu Xiuyuan.

Yi Zeyan didn't speak, but took a meaningful look at Lu Wenqian. Lu Xiuyuan was not stupid, he understood what he meant. If he wanted Lu Wenqian to be safe, then he must obediently do what he said, just as he wanted to get rid of their father but did not want to do it himself, as now, forcing their father to choose.

Lu Xiuyuan gnashed his teeth. Glancing at Lu Wenqian, he was very reluctant to give up, but he had no choice.

"I agree with you, where do you want me to go?"

"You can choose where you want to go, of course, you can also choose to finish yourself like your father. I don't want to see you again, so if you want to live, you'd better stay away and don't show up again in this life."

Lu Xiuyuan closed his eyes and clenched his fists. He took a deep breath, then turned to look at Lu Wenqian, smiling bitterly, "Take care of yourself."

"Don't!" Lu Wenqian said almost immediately, her eyes were red, and facing his brother helplessly, she always relied on her brother like a little girl, "Brother don't go."

For his sister to live well, he had no choice but to go.

In the end, he didn't say anything more. He looked at her for the last time and then turned to the door. Lu Wenqian ran over and tried to hold him, but someone had already subdued her ahead.

"Brother, brother!"

When she called him, Lu Xiuyuan's body stiffened, but in the end he didn't look back, and soon the figure disappeared outside the door.

As Lu Xiuyuan disappeared, Lu Wenqian immediately let out a scream, Her eyes were red and she stared at Yi Zeyan angrily and painfully. "What do you want to do to my brother? It was me who came up with the idea. I was the one who wanted to hurt Lin Qingqing. Just come at me, why do you hurt my brother?"

Yi Zeyan looked at her with a smile, but his eyes were cold and showed no pity. "I know you're the one who came up with the idea, so it's you I'm punishing. Is it you or your brother who suffers more?"

Lu Wenqian desperately wanted to jump over to fight with him, but someone restrained her, she couldn't move at all

“Yi Zeyan, how can you be so ruthless, how can you be so ruthless?!” She yelled at him.

Yi Zeyan’s face became cold in an instant after hearing this, looking at her coldly, "Qingqing is still in a coma and lying in a hospital. You tell me who is ruthless? I remember that I warned you not to provoke her. I had given you a chance then."


"Your brother left because of you, so you should feel guilty and miserable. It's better to spend your whole life in this kind of pain."

"One more thing..." He slowly played on his watch. "The Yi family is no longer your sanctuary now. Pack up your things and get out of the Yi house before tonight, but I have to remind you that your uncle has chosen to protect himself and give up on both of you, so it's best not to go to him, lest it doesn't look good to be kicked out of the house by your own uncle." He narrowed his eyes slightly and looked meaningfully at her and then said, "I remember your father offended a lot of people by cheating. In the past, you had your uncle and Yi family around, so that you two sibling could be safe and sound. Now that these two umbrellas are gone, your brother has gone. You have to be careful when you go out."

When he finished speaking, he turned away without a trace, and the person who caught Lu Wenqian also let go of her, but Lu Wenqian fell to the ground as if she had exhausted all her strength.

Merely a few steps outside, he heard a crackling sound coming from the room, as well as Lu Wenqian's heartbreaking roar.

His mouth aroused slightly as he smiled coldly.
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