She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 56

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Chapter 56
translator&editor: Oyen

After finishing EP, Mo Qingyan decided to go to Xiao's family house. She didn't really want to go, because she and Xiao Bai had been in a stiff relationship before, and also reported him to police. She didn't know how to deal with the two elders of the Xiao family. However, she felt sorry for them because they raised her for several years. Since they knew that she was still alive, she should visit them.
Because this was a private trip, she didn’t bring her assistant along, and smoothly went to Xiao’s family home. The two elders of the Xiao family received her call early in the morning and were waiting for her at home.

Xiao family was located in Nanyue city and was the largest city beside Beicheng. Xiao's family was rich and famous in Nanyue, living in the old concession area.

The housekeeper opened the door and led her in. After seeing her, mother Xiao eyes turned red. “Yanyan, why don’t you contact us all these years? Why did you leave? Is it me and your uncle not good enough?”

Father Xiao was not so excited. He patted mother Xiao shoulder and comforted her. "Alright, alright, Yanyan just returned, let her eat something first."

Only then did Mother Xiao react and hurriedly pulled Qingyan to sit down on the sofa.

“Yanyan, tell auntie, why did you leave?”

It was hard for her to say the reason why she left at the beginning. She left because of Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai never liked her very much. Since she came to the Xiao's family, he had to fight her from time to time, and he also put caterpillars in her school bag, locked her inside when she went to the toilet, and mocking her clothes, but these were unimportant.

The worst thing he did was to slander Chang Qi in front of her from time to time. The Xiao's family knew Chang Qi and seemed to have a complicated relationship, but Xiao Bai did not like him, so he spoke ill of Chang Qi in front of her from time to time.

“How about the thing with that vulgar man...”

“How about the thing with that kind of barbarian man as he is...”

Mo Qingyan didn't want to argue with him about other things, but this one. As soon as he said that Chang Qi was not her, she could not help but quarrel with him. Her defense of Chang Qi seemed to infuriate him more, and his slander of Chang Qi was even more intensified.

At that time she went to see Chang Qi return in secret, Xiao Bai didn’t know about this matter. After she came back, he sneered at her.

“If he cares about you, will he leave you here alone with the people you don’t know?”

“It's hard to say whether he can come back alive or not. If you miss him so much, only you will suffer in the future!”

"Maybe he met a gentle person over there and threw you aside. Do you think all the soldiers are loyal?"

Xiao Bai's words just poked her in the heart. How could she stand it? So she quarreled with him.

"You eat and live in my house, but you think about others in your heart. Are you a white-eyed wolf?!"

It was Xiao Bai's words that completely destroyed the last line of defense in her heart. It was Chang Qi who brought her here. She was afraid that he would worry, so she stayed here obediently. Until then, she found that she was incompatible with this place, and it was not suitable for her.

She simply packed her bags and left, and never came back all these years.

The maid served coffees and snacks, and mother Xiao asked her to eat them.

"Where have you been over the years? How are you doing?" Mother Xiao asked her.

“I went to a friend’s place, and it’s not bad.”

She lied to her. She had been wandering outside all these years, and it was very dangerous for a girl. In order to protect herself, she had been dressing herself like a rag all these years.

Mother Xiao was about to ask again, when the nanny rushed in. “Xiao Bai is back.”

They looked up and saw a young man come in from behind the nanny, he was wearing sunglasses and a cap, and he didn’t take it off until he came into the room.

Seeing him, mother Xiao was surprised. “Why are you back? I haven’t heard of you.” Looking up and down, mother Xiao frowned. “How come you lost weight?”

Xiao Bai glanced over to Mo Qingyan, while she lowered her head to take a sip of coffee awkwardly. Xiao Bai smiled. “What a coincidence, you’re back.”

Seeing Xiao Bai come back, both elder Xiao were very happy. Father Xiao hurried to the kitchen and asked them to cook more dishes.

“It's rare that both of you are back, just stay here for one night. I haven't spoken to Yanyan for a long time, so sleep with me tonight."

“I’m really sorry auntie,” Mo Qingyan rejected, “I have to go to a ceremony tonight. I have to go after lunch.”

Mother Xiao sighed, glancing over to Xiao Bai, “What about you?”

Xiao Bai shrugged. “You know, I've been busy all the time, and it's rare to steal half a day's free time to come back to see my elders.”

Mother Xiao was very disappointed, and sighed heavily, “The child is already grown up, mother can’t help it.”

Mo Qingyan stayed at Xiao family’s house and was going to leave after lunch. Xiao Bai followed her, and it seemed that he was going to leave, too.

“You go first,” Mo Qingyan frowned. “If we are photographed together, we will be in trouble.”

"I'm on a private trip, not to mention that no one knows my home address, aren't you in a hurry? It's hard to get a taxi here."

Mo Qingyan came by taxi, but people who live here had their own cars, so taxis rarely appeared here. If she wanted to take a taxi, she had to walk a long way. It was too troublesome for elder Xiao to send her alone, and she was afraid to bother them.

Xiao Bai got in the car first. "Let's go. It just so happens that I have to go to the airport, how about going together?"

Mo Qingyan was now a public figure, and it was indeed very ostentatious to walk on the street with her face open. Thinking about it, she finally got in his car.

It was just that Mo Qingyan didn't expect to meet a lot of fans and reporters after the car arrived at the airport. She couldn't help sink down and asked Xiao Bai, "Didn't you say this was a private trip? How did people know you were coming to the airport?"

Fans outside the airport were holding Xiao Bai's signcard, which was obviously that they came for him.

“I don’t know who leaked my whereabouts,” Xiao Bai also frowned.

Seeing that his expression did not seem to be a fake, and he probably didn't know about it, Mo Qingyan couldn't say anything. After all, she just chose to get in his car.

However, the current situation was a little troublesome. Several fans obviously recognize Xiao Bai's car and run to this side. If she got out of Xiao Bai's car at this time, the uninformed gossip crowd would surely have a fancy. But if she didn't get out of the car and just hid, then she was bound to miss tonight's activities.

It was too late to change to another airport, and even if they wanted to get into the VIP channel, they still had to go into the airport.

“What should I do now?” Mo Qingyan asked.

“What else can we do, just go straight.”

However, Mo Qingyan was more cautious. She called her agent first and told the current situation. Mu Cong considered it for a while and let her go to the airport first.

Xiao Bai's assistant had already contacted the security personnel of the airport, and soon a group of security guards came to maintain order.

Mo Qingyan put on her sunglasses and got out of the car one after another with Xiao Bai and walked towards the airport. Mo Qingyan and Xiao Bai got out of the same car. This could hardly be described as shocking gossip.

The reporters smelled a strong gossip, and the long shot almost directly took pictures of the two people's faces. Mo Qingyan's face was indifferent all the way and entered the VIP channel under the escort of security guards. After entering the channel, the reporters and fans could not catch up.

Now, there were still a few minutes to check in. Mo Qingyan went into the lounge and called Mu Cong and asked him to prepare for public relations.

After hanging up the phone, she saw Xiao Bai sitting idly on the sofa and didn't look very worried, she couldn't help asking, "Aren't you worried that reporters will use us for scandals?"

Xiao Bai looked indifferent. "Anyway, there are quite a few scandals about me." He raised his eyebrow. "What? Looking at you like this, have you been wronged by having a scandal with me? If you can have a scandal with me, I don't know how many levels you can improve on your popularity, you don't like it?"

Mo Qingyan sneered, this person was still so self-righteous.

It was almost time for boarding. Mo Qingyan entered through a specific channel. After returning to Beicheng, she turned on her phone and searched on the internet. Sure enough, the fact that she and Xiao Bai were in the same car made the headlines.

Mu Cong sent an assistant to pick her up. Mo Qingyan got in the nanny's car. The assistant drove the car to the company. Everyone knew what happened to her. At the moment, they were waiting for her to go back and discuss what to do.

Qi Qi had already gone to the United States to have a baby, but Lin Qingqing had recruited several new people. Now there was a room full of people in the conference room. Mo Qingyan walked in and felt a sense of pressure.

"I'm sorry, sister Qingqing. It's because I didn't deal with it well, and I've given you trouble again.

Lin Qingqing was very easy to talk to, patted her shoulder and replied. "It doesn't matter, just pay attention next time."

Mo Qingyan and Xiao Bai were photographed in the same car, and it was no surprise that Mo Qingyan received a lot of scolding.

"What? Didn't you sue my family brother for harassment before? Why are you riding in my family brother's car again in the twinkling of an eye?"

“The hype queen is borrowing my family brother’s fame again.”

“Stupid Mo, please let go of my family brother, you’re so greedy, can’t eat a mortal food, my family brother can’t afford it.”

Later, a powerful fan discovered the relationship between Mo Qingyan and Xiao's family. It turned out that when both of them took a car to the airport, they actually went back to Xiao's family together, and Xiao Bai took Mo Qingyan along the way. Fans picked this out probably just to smash the gossip of Mo Qingyan and Xiao Bai. After all, wife fans didn’t want to see their idols with other women. Once idols had scandals, of course they must be deeply rooted. It was best if they misunderstood it. If they didn’t, the idols had to find an excuse that the idol was not with another woman to comfort them, unless the idol confessed it personally.

However, after this matter was found out, Mo Qingyan was scolded even worse.

"WTF, means that Mo Qingyan is the adopted daughter of the Xiao's family. The Xiao's family raised her, why did she sue Xiao Bai for harassment in the first place?"

"The Xiao's family really raised a white eyed wolf. It's not worth my family brother."

"Mo Qingyan is really vicious. How can this kind of shameless person still stay in the entertainment industry? It's really bad for the entertainment industry."

Lin Qingqing and Mu Cong looked at the one-sided scolding on the Internet. Xiao Bai's fans were so powerful that they had to hire someone to speak for Qingyan at this time.

So under these scolding there was another voice.

"It's really strange. Isn't it still called harassment even if you are harassed by the son of your adoptive parents? How many of the known indecency cases were not committed by acquaintances?"

"Since Xiao Bai already knew that he was wrong and had made a new start, Mo Qingyan also said in public that he would not care about the previous things. In addition, they were step siblings. Should we make others look like enemies? Or do you want your brother to be guarded against as a vulgar man forever?"

Lin Qingqing hired a group of water army to speak for Mo Qingyan, it seemed that another water army was also speaking for Mo Qingyan. With the effect of the two armies, Mo Qingyan finally did not get too ugly.

It was just that when everyone thought the incident would fade away like this, Xiao Bai posted another vague Weibo. The Weibo content was only a few words.

“I like her.”

As soon as this sentence came out, it caused everyone's speculation, and many people left comments under his message asking who he liked.

“No way. Big brother, don't tell me that you said this to Mo Qingyan.”

"You’ve thought too much. This is my family brother's confession to me. People who have nothing to do should retire."

"Haha, this is an agreement made by my family brother and his fans. Today is the third anniversary of the founding of the Xiao's fans club. My family brother is a grateful person, so this sentence is a collective confession to the fans."

There were a lot of fan comments under Xiao Bai's Weibo message, but the sentence that asked him whether he was saying this to Mo Qingyan or not was pinned on top.

This was not the most troublesome, but the most troublesome thing was that Xiao Bai replied after the comment that asked him if he had said this to Mo Qingyan——

“If it’s not her, then who.”

This immediately caused an uproar. A popular idol publicly confessed on social platforms, this was simply rare in the world. After all, idols were different from other singers and actors. They basically rely on the fans to eat. He confessed publicly to another girl, and was undoubtedly piercing the hearts of the fans. In the comments, the fans who gave him the accusation and explanation were beaten in the face.

And Xiao Bai's words once again pushed Mo Qingyan to the forefront of the storm.

Lin Qingqing and Mu Cong also felt annoyed to death, it was not easy to reduce the heat on both of them. Xiao Bai suddenly came out again, and then they had to be busy for several days to calm down the heat.

Mo Qingyan, who has always been as insipid as chrysanthemum, was also angered by Xiao Bai. She immediately called Xiao Bai to question him.

However, Xiao Bai on the other end of the phone was quite calm, smiling, "You seldom have time to call me."

"What do you mean?"

Of course he knew what she meant, but he didn't feel guilty and flustered at all, and even took it for granted, "What else can it mean?"

"So, do you like me?"

"Can't I like you?"

He said it lightly, as simple as saying ‘Can’t I eat chocolate?”, but listening carefully, she could hear that his tone seemed to become a little tense.

Mo Qingyan felt like she was listening to a joke, and she really couldn't help laughing, “You like me? That's ridiculous. If you like me, will you be sarcastic? Will you satirize me? Will you prick me according to what I care about? Will you like me to push me to the forefront of the storm at this time? Xiao Bai, you are still the same as before, your selfishness has never changed, you are always so self-righteous, always according to your own preferences, never care about the others’ feelings.”

On the other side of the phone, Xiao Bai fell silent, and it took a long time before he smiled bitterly. "So, you have always hated me, never liked me?"

The tone of his voice changed vaguely.

She didn't notice it, and it could be said that she didn't care at all.

“I like you? How can I like you? You’re not worth to be liked at all.”

"Really?" He suddenly laughed, and then his voice became hoarse. "Even if he was married, you wouldn't choose me?"

The word ‘married’ pierced Mo Qingyan’s heart, she replied coldly. “I can never like you in my life.”

She hung up the phone, Xiao Bai stood upright in front of the window and looked at the night sky in the distance. The dark clouds covered the moon, only a shallow silver hook was revealed. He stood on a high floor with thousands of lights at his feet, and there were lots of traffic, it looked very lively.

He remembered his dream, he wanted to be a mathematician because he liked mathematics since he was a child, while his other subjects were a mess. He only got full marks in mathematics every time. He loved mathematics and numbers. In high school, he thought that even if he could not become a mathematician, he would do work related to numbers in the future.

But then, a strange girl suddenly broke into his life. He thought she was special from the first sight, but he stubbornly refused to admit that in order to convince himself that he didn't care about her at all, he did something so stupid, and he made her hate him.

He disliked that kind of man that was strong in appearance but weak inside, such as gold and jade that was broken by the idiot, only selling his own sex appeal to make living, so that all the girls in the class who chase the stars idolize him.

But then she appeared. He knew that she liked music, so he learned music too. Later, he was dug up by a talent scout, and then he became the kind of person he hated most.

He gave up his dream of becoming a mathematician, and he became the kind of person he despised most, just because she liked music and he wanted to be closer to her.

He just wanted to be closer to her.

In a small town in Po City, a black military SUV stopped at the door of a fruit store. The rolling shutter door of the fruit store had been closed, and there was a faint light under the shutter door.

A slightly hunched old man got out of the car, and the driver came forward to help him. Several bodyguards in suits got off the back seat and watched the surroundings with vigilance.

The old man knocked on the rolling shutter door, and after a while the shutter door opened, and under the incandescent light above his head, there stood a tall man in the doorway, sturdy, with an air of killing with a long experience of the battlefield, and an eye patch over his face gave people a sense of wildness and horror.

However, seeing the old man in front of the door, the man immediately greeted respectfully, "Why did the old master come here?"

The old man that was called the old master walked in. “Come in.”

He let the man who helped him go out and told the man to close the door.

The man helped him to sit down on the only chair一一that looked slightly better. The old man took a look at the room. The room was full of fruit, and the smell was full of the sweet smell of fruit. In the front of the room was a computer with the light on, he was busy in front of the computer before opening the door.

The old man sighed heavily. "The famous Chuan-Dian lion actually ran to sell fruit, and his skills were wasted."

“Why did you come so far to see me?" The man didn’t take it seriously. “I heard that you are not in good health recently, and you are not suitable for a long journey.”

The old man glanced at him. Even though his eyes were blurry when he was old, his eyes still showed a sharp and penetrating look. "Recently, a new anti-terrorism detachment has been established in Tibet. You have practical experience in anti-terrorism. I want to send you to be a special trainer."

The man laughed bitterly, "I have already retired from the army, what's more, you can see that this eye is already blind, and I have long lost the courage of the past."

“So what if one is blind? Not all of them are blind.” The old man snorted coldly. “The Chang Qi I know is a great hero who never fears life and death. When did he become so weak? What's more, what I value most is you, and only you can do this task.”

He didn't speak more, and the old man didn't intend to force him anymore.

“Think about it first, and let me know if you already think about it.”
Seeing that he was going to get up, Chang Qi hurried over to help him up. When the people outside heard the noise, someone opened the shutter door, and the man who had just helped the old man hurriedly ran over to help the old man from Chang Qi's hand.

The old man got into the car, and soon the black SUV disappeared into the stillness of the night.

Chang Qi bowed his head slightly, and his expression was hidden in the shadows. After standing for a while, he entered the room and closed the shutter door again.

He walked to the computer and sat down, opened the webpage that was just minimized. On the webpage was the Weibo comment area. He continued with the unfinished business and spoke for her under every Weibo that scolded her.

This was the only way he could protect her right now. 
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