She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 55

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Chapter 55
translator&editor: Oyen

Lin Qingqing had been very busy during the time she was making albums for Qingyan, she had to apply for a few new people to join the company. During that time, she was either at the company, or she just went home and wrote songs.

On Monday, the studio had a regular meeting, and last week a cosmetic brand wanted to search for a spokesperson in Greater China. The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss whether to take it or not.

The cosmetic brand name was ‘Good-looking Herbal’, it was a high-end cosmetic brand. Generally speaking, this brand was looking for some hot first-line artists. It was enough to see the brand's recognition of Mo Qingyan as a newcomer.

In theory, there was nothing to hesitate at all. With Mu Cong’s experience, they should take it decisively. The reason why they still needed a meeting to discuss it was because Xiao Bai was the spokesperson for the men's series of Good-looking Herbal.

It was a bit awkward.

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss whether to avoid suspicion and directly push off the endorsement or not. After all, a few months ago, they had a dispute and their fans were torn apart.

“Is Xiao Bai certainly accepting the endorsement?” Lin Qingqing asked.

Mu Cong. “Certainly.”

Since that incident, Xiao Bai had signed to a new entertainment company the same as MK, known as Orange Sky Entertainment. However, this company was mainly doing film and television, and rarely involved in music. After Xiao Bai signed the contract, Orange Sky entertainment used a lot of money to make a single for him.

Rock and roll RAP, when Xiao Bai performed this song on stage for the first time, he blinded the public’s eyes, This was true not a negative connotation.

Xiao Bai couldn't sing well, but he was really a good dancer. Although this song was basically filled with electronic sounds and had a heavy fill, because of Xiao Bai's stage performance and his amazing dancing talent, his first-class South Korea’s appearance. On the stage, Xiao Bai used white eyeliner and dyed his hair silvery white. Coupled with the fast-paced music style and his dance band, an amazing scream was the only one to be heard for a long time.

On the stage, he was like a cold vampire, mysterious and enchanting, but no one could approach him.

It had to be said that even if such a thing happened as soon as he returned home, Xiao Bai's popularity still remained unchanged, and many people became his fans and became fascinated by him because of the amazing appearance of the song.

Therefore, it was not surprising that Good-looking Herbal found Xiao Bai as the spokesperson of a men's series in China. As for why women's series were looking for Mo Qingyan, it might be because they had seen that the cool temperament was more suitable for brand image, and perhaps they wanted to take advantage of the bitter stir-fry between Qingyan and Xiao Bai some time ago.

However, as a big international brand, it was not necessary to use their heat for the brand festivity. They all agreed with Qingyan’s temperament for the brand.

Thinking for a moment, Lin Qingqing replied. “Taking this endorsement can also raise Qingyan’s image to a higher level. What's more, Qingyan was the victim in that incident originally. Since Xiao Bai can come out for gold in a big way, why should she avoid suspicion as a victim? It is not us who should avoid suspicion.”

Mu Cong nodded, “What do you think?” He asked Qingyan.

“I agreed with sister Qinqing.” Qingyan nodded.

Qi Qi also said that it could be accepted, since everyone agreed, Mu Cong made a phone call with the brand side and agreed to the cooperation plan.

After signing the contract, Mo Qingyan officially became the spokesperson of the Good Looking Herbal women's skin care series. A few days later, she participated in the brand spokesperson conference with the brand.

For Qingyan, this time could be called a big announcement. After interviewing several people, Lin Qingqing and Qi Qi watched the live broadcast in the conference room.

Today, Qingyan was wearing a sleeveless and knee length white dress, pure white, simple and fresh. Lin Qingqing asked the stylist to iron her hair straight, her long black hair was like a waterfall on her shoulder, black and white. With her cold and ascetic face, she was as beautiful as an elf. It had to be said that Mo Qingyan had great potential in terms of image. She seemed to be able to hold on to any image. Every time she changed her image, she shined before the people's eyes.

Today, Xiao Bai wore a black dark V sweater, a pair of black trousers, a pair of black leather boots on his feet, his hair dyed reddish brown, and a white accessory hanging around his neck as an ornament. Unlike the smoky makeup and earrings on the stage, he dressed very simply today. The boy really looked amazing, his skin was very good, and his face was very clean. As soon as he sat there, he looked handsome like a piece of art.

Probably, the brand side took into account that the two fans were torn apart before, so this time, they sat on both sides of the host respectively, and then each person took a popular flagship product of the brand in their hands and took pictures in front of the camera under the stage.

Then the host introduced the effects of several products separately, and invited the president of the China brand to take a group photo with the two spokespersons.

Then there was the reporter's question session. Everyone avoided the discord between the two before and raised questions about the brand. Everything went smoothly. When Lin Qingqing thought the press conference would end perfectly, he saw a reporter stand up and asked, “I'd like to ask Miss Mo Qingyan, don't you feel embarrassed standing here? Didn't you report Xiao Bai of harassment before? Since he harassed you, don't you think you should avoid him? Why you attend the press conference with him in a flash? Or is it that the previous time you called the police and accused him of harassment, and some subsequent operations were just a hype by your company and you?”

As soon as the voice fell, the press conference scene suddenly fell into a strange silence. The host on the stage was embarrassed. When being asked, Mo Qingyan only frowned slightly, but her expression did not change much. She took the microphone and looked directly at the reporter and replied. “I was the one who was harassed. I didn't do anything wrong. Why do I need to avoid him? You just asked me if I was embarrassed to stand here. I answer you, no, I am not embarrassed.”

"You mean, it is Xiao Bai who should be embarrassed? He should avoid being yelled and beaten like a mouse crossing the street instead of showing up here brazenly?” The reporter continued.

Even the host thought that this reporter was obviously leading the war. The host was about to speak, but Xiao Bai took the microphone and replied. “Today is the brand conference of Good-looking Herb. Please don't take this boring question to the press conference. Thank you.”

However, the reporter continued to ask: “Miss, please answer me, do you want to express what I said above?”

Mo Qingyan was cold and expressionless. “I just simply tell you why I don’t need to hide, on behalf of Xiao Bai, you want me to feel wrong first. If you’re really his fans, it's really ugly to jump in such a hurry.”

Reporter: “...”

The reporter wanted to say more, but a security guard came up and asked her out. The host on the stage hastened to finish the ceremony. The host’s skill was good, with a few humorous jokes made the accident forgotten, and then the press conference continued.

However, Lin Qingqing, who watched the live broadcast all the time, had a bad feeling. After a while, she got a call from Xiao Xun, Mo Qingyan’s assistant.

Xiao Xun was anxious on the phone. “Sister Qingqing is not good. Many Xiao Bai fans came to the door of the press conference, and the door was blocked. I always feel that they had a bad intention.”

Xiao Xun was a fresh graduate. When Xiao Xun first came to apply for an assistant, Lin Qingqing refused. She wore black-rimmed glasses, had a face that looked like a good girl, and always looked cautious. At first glance, Lin Qingqing felt that she was not suitable for the somewhat dangerous career of being a star assistant.

However, after Lin Qingqing expressed her views and politely refused, she took off her coat without saying anything. Then Lin Qingqing immediately dismissed her views after seeing the strong muscles and slightly thick forearm on her shoulder, and immediately agreed.

She didn't expect that the thin-looking Xiao Xun had so much flesh after she took off her clothes. She invited her in and even saved for Mo Qingyan's bodyguard. How much money she saved. (Mr. Yi: cough, wife, I don't need you to save money.)

However, after listening to Xiao Xun’s explanation, Lin Qingqing also knew very well that Xiao Xun alone could not deal with so many crazy fans of Xiao Bai. She called Yi Zeyan and borrowed some bodyguard from him. Yi Zeyan naturally gave the person to her without saying a word.

Anyway, Lin Qingqing thought it was better to be prepared. Although there was nothing wrong with what she said at the press conference, she couldn’t stop Xiao Bai’s fans. Lin Qingqing was afraid that she would be in danger, so she borrowed someone to protect her.

But after Lin Qingqing came to the press conference with the bodyguards, she was stunned by the crowd in front of her. She already knew that Xiao Bai had a lot of brainless fans, but she didn't expect this many. Moreover, in a short period of time, so many people gathered to denounce Mo Qingyan for Xiao Bai. She could imagine how horrible Xiao Bai brainless fans’ support would be.

Lin Qingqing thought that there should be security guards to maintain order at the event site, so she only asked Yi Zeyan for five people, all of whom were strong and tall, but there were too many people, and they couldn't get in at all.

At the end of the conference, the door opened from inside, but saw fans blocking the door and surrounded it by a sudden, even the security of maintaining order suddenly saw so many people coming up together were stunned. Fortunately, the security guards reacted quickly, and pulled hands to create a passage from the crowd.

Upon walking to the door, Mo Qingyan saw the crowd outside. She felt a huge pressure coming to her face. Xiao Xun suggested. “Qingyan, should we go through the back door?”

Glancing around, Mo Qingyan replied. “No need, it’s probably the same for the back door, let’s go.”

However, as soon as her voice fell, she saw an egg flying towards her forehead, along with a vicious curse, "Mo Qingyan, you b*tch, get out of the entertainment industry!"

Mo Qingyan closed her eyes subconsciously, but the egg didn’t hit her face. Suddenly, a tall figure blocked before her. Looking up, she saw Xiao Bai’s clean and handsome face.

Many people in the crowd threw things to their side, but all of them fell on Xiao Bai's back. Then someone in the crowd shouted. “Are you blind? Didn't you see Xiao Bai there? Don't throw them away.”

Mo Qingyan looked at the person in front of her with a puzzled expression, not understanding why he wanted to help her block it.

Not only that, Xiao Bai took off his knit jacket and put it directly on her head. He put his arm around her and whispered in her ear, "Go!"

As a traffic superstar, Xiao Bai naturally had many bodyguards around him, but although there were security guards at the event site and Xiao Bai's bodyguards to clear the way, the two still had a hard time walking.

There were constant insults around, including those who wanted Mo Qingyan to get out of the entertainment industry, those who scolded Mo Qingyan as a b*tch, and even more vicious ones who scolded Mo Qingyan’s mother to die.

The crowd around kept pushing, but Xiao Bai's arm kept hugging her to protect her.

They walked hardly all the way, and finally got into Xiao Bai's nanny van under the escort of bodyguards. Lin Qingqing and others could only watch in the crowd, but they couldn't squeeze at all.

She had to say that Xiao Bai’s fans were really crazy.

Xiao Xun, the assistant, had long been separated from Qingyan. After the crowd chased Xiao Bai's nanny van and left, Xiao Xun saw Lin Qingqing. She hurried forward and looked sad. "Sister Qingqing, I deserve to die. I didn't protect Qingyan."

“It doesn’t matter, don’t blame yourself.” Lin Qingqing patted her shoulder. “No one thought of this situation. Don't I also can’t do anything?”

“Then, what should I do now? Qingyan’s phone is still in my hand.”

"Qingyan will try to contact us later."

After Xiao Bai and Mo Qingyan got into the van, the van squeezed through the crowd with difficulty before driving away. Xiao Bai threw the black sweater aside, and it was stained with many yellow and black unknown objects.

"Are you all right?" Xiao Bai asked.

“It’s nothing.” Mo Qingyan glanced back at the group of people who had not dispersed and said, "Your fans are really crazy."

The assistant sitting in the passenger seat handed Xiao Bai a T-shirt. Xiao Bai put it on and shrugged, replying, "I don't want it to be like this too." He leaned back in the seat and rubbed his forehead, "My biggest worry now is that I'm too popular."

Mo Qingyan couldn't see whether he was really having a headache or showing off.

"Where are you going now?"

"Go to Orange Sky Entertainment first."

“Can I borrow a cell phone?”
Xiao Bai asked the assistant to lend her a cell phone. After Mo Qingyan took it, she called her assistant and told her that she had gone to Orange Sky Entertainment. After the assistant hung up the phone, Lin Qingqing went to Orange Sky Entertainment to meet Mo Qingyan with Xiao Xun.

Coming to Xiao Bai’s lounge in Orange Sky Entertainment, he handed a bag to Mo Qingyan. “Your clothes are dirty, too. Go and change, the bathroom is over there.”

Although Xiao Bai protected her all the time, Mo Qingyan was still smashed with something black and didn't know what was on it, and it was very sticky to the body and uncomfortable.

Mo Qingyan glanced at the bag and hesitated for a moment before taking it. "Thank you."

She went to the bathroom to take a shower and took out the clothes Xiao Bai prepared for her. It was a piece of short sleeves and jeans. She liked it very much because it was very comfortable.

At the age of fourteen, Chang Qi took her to meet his friend and his wife, who planned to adopt her. She was taken to that big and beautiful home for the first time, and met Xiao Bai for the first time. At the same age of fourteen, he looked her up and down, turned his eyes, and threw a cold snort. "Where did this country bumpkin come from?"

He often said that she was a country bumpkin, and she often wore jeans, so he often ridiculed her. "Why do girls always wear trousers and not a skirt? It's not fashionable."

Mo Qingyan withdrew her thoughts and put on the clothes and trousers, sitting down on the sofa in the lounge. Xiao Bai handed her a cup of coffee and asked her, "How have you been all these years?"

“Not bad.”

He looked up at her as if he had something to say. After a moment of silence, he asked. "Has the man you been waiting for come back for you?"

She held a coffee cup in her hands, and the hot steam of coffee came up, blurring her gaze. She bowed her head and took a sip of coffee, replied. "He is married."

Xiao Bai: “...”

Taking a sip of coffee, Xiao Bai almost choked up to death. He covered his mouth and coughed several times in a panic, then slowly asking. “Mar-married?”



Xiao Bai crossed his hands and made a stretching movement. He slowly stood up and walked to the window, suddenly hummed his new song, and then did a very funny dance.

Mo Qingyan frowned, and Xiao Bai came to his senses. He coughed softly. "Sorry, suddenly I got in a mood to jump around."

He sat down opposite her, leaned lazily in the back seat, covered his mouth and smiled, then asked her. "When are you going back to see my parent? They want to see you."

"I'll make time for it."

Just then someone knocked on the door, and Xiao Bai went to open the door. Lin Qingqing and Xiao Xun stood outside the door. When Xiao Bai saw Lin Qingqing, he squeezed a smile on his face, and then bowed to Lin Qingqing, "Hello, boss Lin."

Lin Qingqing’s mouth twitched and smiled dryly. “Hello, you don't have to be so polite, I'm not much older than you, I can't stand it every time you bow when you see me.”

When Lin Qingqing finished, she waved to Qingyan, then she put down her cup and was about to leave with Lin Qingqing. However, Xiao Bai added “Thank you very much, boss Lin, for taking care of my family Qingyan these days.”

Lin Qingqing and Mo Qingyan’s mouth twitched at the same time, Mo Qingyan frowned and glanced at him unhappily. Lin Qingqing glanced across their face, but didn't ask much.

After getting in the car, Lin Qingqing asked, "Are you okay?"

“I’m okay.”

"Have you made up with Xiao Bai?"

"No, he's crazy. He often goes crazy for no reason."

Lin Qingqing nodded and felt the same.

After the storm, Lin Qingqing learned a lesson and immediately assigned two bodyguards to Mo Qingyan. There was a lot of trouble this time, but Mo Qingyan's identity as a spokesperson was still unaffected, and Xiao fan's behavior really ruined the passerby's good impression. Those passersby  turned to Mo Qingyan's and she had a large number of fans overnight, which could be regarded as a blessing in disguise.
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