She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 54

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Sorry for super late release.. Here the chapter..
Chapter 54
translator&editor: Oyen

Getting up the next day, Wu Qi saw that Lin Zhenzhen was no longer in bed. He drank too much yesterday, and now he still had a headache. He sat up when Lin Zhenzhen came in with a tray and saw him wake up. “You wake up just in time. I've cooked porridge. Please drink a little.”

She put the tray on the bedside table and brought out the porridge in the tray. It was a very soft millet congee, which was very suitable for people with hangovers to feed their stomachs. Did she go to cook congee for him as soon as she gets up in the morning? She was such a virtuous woman in his mind. Wu Qi thought that his family might have been burning incense in his ancestral grave to let him marry such a woman.

Lin Zhenzhen brought the congee to him, and Wu Qi took a sip. Millet congee was so soft, relieving his hangover a lot.

"After you've finished, put the bowl on the bedside table, and I'll come in and clean it up later."

She was about to go out, when Wu Qi quickly stopped her. “Wait a minute.”

“Is there anything else?”


Wu Qi motioned to the seat next to him. Lin Zhenzhen went to the bedside and sat down, waiting for him to speak. Wu Qi took another sip of congee and casually said. “Does it hurt?”

“What?” Lin Zhenzhen didn’t react.

Wu Qi glanced underneath her. Lin Zhenzhen understood what he was talking about, her face flushed and slightly bowed her head. “Still… alright.”

Thinking about what happened yesterday, she was a little dissatisfied, but she was embarrassed to look up at him, so she bowed her head and complained, “Really... My sister and her husband slept next door to us, and you made so much noise yesterday.”

Last night, he was really drunk. Wu Qi also knew that he had really lost control. “Sorry.” He put the bowl down and asked her, “has your sister's family left?”

“Already left in the morning.”

After she finished speaking, he suddenly took her hand and pulled her forward. Lin Zhenzhen was unprepared and was pulled on him. Wu Qi put his arms around her and asked. “If there is no one next door, you won't be afraid of making a noise?”


Lin Zhenzhen reacted to what he meant. Thinking about last night, she became more and more embarrassed. “Don't mess around in broad daylight.”

Raising her chin, Wu Qi bowed his head and kissed her. Lin Zhenzhen was afraid that he would really mess around, so she hurriedly avoided him. "Don't be ridiculous!" There was a hint of anger in her tone.

“Just once kiss.”

Lin Zhenzhen: “...”

Lin Zhenzhen believed him for a moment and gave up the struggle. Wu Qi bowed his head and kissed her, he really did what he said. He only kissed her once and let go.

"I have to go to the team."

When Lin Zhenzhen thought that it was late, she got up from him and took out the clothes that had been put away last night. Wu Qi put them on, and Lin Zhenzhen handed him the belt and his gun.

The action was very intimate and natural, really like a wife who had been married for a long time to take care of her husband.

Wu Qi’s heart softened, after getting ready, he was reluctant to go. He pulled her into his arms and held her. Lin Zhenzhen didn't know why, so he asked him, "Are you going to leave?"

Kissing her forehead, Wu Qi suddenly said to her. “Sell the restaurant, and do what you like.”


Lin Zhenzhen didn't understand why he suddenly said this.

“Don't you want to be a lawyer? Continue your unfinished politic and law examinations, and my family will be supported by me.”

Hearing this, Lin Zhenzhen was moved. The income of the restaurant was very high. If it was closed down, all the pressure on the family would fall on him, but he was still willing to shoulder the burden of life and let her do what she liked.

“Now the restaurant has no need to open, right? The last veteran has left, it is time to close it, and you don't have to be dragged down by it.”

Lin Zhenzhen didn’t answer.

During the Anti-Japanese War, her grandfather was still a child. Later, after the restaurant opened, he met several veterans who had gathered here. They all came back from World War II. It was said that the group of veterans decided to gather here after seeing the name of the restaurant. Later, they discussed that they would gather at the Peace Restaurant on August 15 every year (the time when Japan announced its surrender).

So her grandfather decided that as long as they lived, Peace Restaurant would never be closed, waiting for them to come every year.

It was just that as time went by, there were fewer and fewer veterans coming here every year, and this year there was only one veteran grandfather left.

He came from Hong Kong, in his nineties, with a urine bag, and came to Beicheng alone for the gathering. There was a special private room in the Peace restaurant for them. Lin Zhenzhen prepared a large table of dishes for them as usual, but he waited in the private room until the afternoon and did not see a second person show up.

He knew no one else would show up.

The two sisters, Lin Zhenzhen and Lin Qingqing still followed the previous practice, let him stand at the door to take a picture for him, and then paste the photo in that private room. There were many photos in the private room, which were arranged in chronological order. The first one had a lot of people, including their grandfather. From this down, the number of people in the picture was lesser.

Lin Zhenzhen posted the photo and sent the veteran grandfather to the car, but only a few days after he left, she received a call from his family saying that he had left.

The last veteran who celebrated the victory of World War II at the Peace restaurant would never come again.

Naturally, the hotel had no meaning for its existence, and Lin Zhenzhen gave up the politic and law examination to take over the restaurant because it still had this meaning.

Thinking for a moment, she smiled and shook her head. “I did want to be a lawyer before, but later, as I grew older, I found that my character was not very suitable to be a lawyer. I was too easy to soften, but the law is sometimes ruthless. After running a restaurant for so many years, I also like this kind of life. Now I just want to run the restaurant and my family well, and then have children for my loved one. I don't want to do anything else.”

To have children for a loved one... He's the one she loves, right?

Wu Qi curved a smile slightly, but she didn’t see it because she was leaning against him. 

“That’s a good idea.”

Lin Zhenzhen: “...”

It was only then that Lin Zhenzhen realized what she had said. Her cheeks unconsciously flushed, but they were husband and wife now. It was okay for her to say so, right? When she thought of this, Lin Zhenzhen felt that she had nothing to be ashamed of.

In the afternoon, Lin Zhenzhen went back to her and Wu Qi's home first, it wasn't long before she moved here, but the clothes had already been sorted out, some books and materials that she usually wanted to read had not been sorted out. One of the three bedrooms was specially used as a study. Wu Qi usually didn't like reading very much, so the shelf of the study was very empty. There were only a few books on it. Lin Zhenzhen put the books she brought, and then one of the notebooks was knocked off. Lin Zhenzhen picked it up, only to find that a photo had fallen from the notebook. She picked it up and took a look. Wasn't this her photo?

This should have been cut from a group photo. Lin Zhenzhen looked at it carefully and finally saw that it was cut from the high school graduation photo. It suddenly occurred to her that Wu Qi's mother had said that Wu Qi put her photo in his diary. She didn't really believe it. She thought he wouldn't do such a hypocritical thing because of his character, but she didn't think he would really do it.

Lin Zhenzhen stuck the photo back in the notebook. She was not in the habit of flipping through other people's diaries. She was about to put her notebook on it. She could not help but open it when she saw that her name seemed to be on the first page. However, on the first page, she could not help but see that ‘Wu Qi likes Lin Zhenzhen’ was written in black bold characters on the first page, and the ‘like’ two specially wrapped a red heart with a red pen.

Lin Zhenzhen was very surprised. Wu Qi didn't write this, right? He also specially drew a heart or something. She thought of the aloof teenager who seemed to be dismissive of anything, but even when he was so delicate and hypocritical, he wrote down who she liked in his diary and even drew a heart.

Lin Zhenzhen wanted to laugh.

Lin Zhenzhen closed the diary and inadvertently looked up and saw Wu Qi standing at the door. Lin Zhenzhen was shocked. "When did you come back?"

“Just come back.”

Coming over, Wu Qi took the diary from her hand. “Are you reading my diary?”

"No, I just opened the first page by accident."

Wu Qi said nothing and put the notebook on the shelf. Lin Zhenzhen was afraid of his misunderstanding and explained, "I really only read the first page, and I saw it by accident."



“Don’t be angry.”

“I don’t.”

Lin Zhenzhen stared at his expression carefully, it seemed that he was really not angry. She breathed a sigh of relief, could not help but smile. "I am quite surprised."

“What are you surprised at? Surprised that I like you?”

Lin Zhenzhen shook her head. “Surpise that Wu Qi could do such a childish thing.”

Wu Qi: “...”

Wu Qi turned to cover up his shy face. “I’m hungry, let’s eat.”

Lin Zhenzhen realized that she had not cooked yet. "I will cook now."

"No, let's eat out."

Lin Zhenzhen didn't expect Wu Qi to take her to a small restaurant near the school. It had been open for many years since they were in high school, and still opened now. Moreover, the business was still good after the summer vacation.

The restaurant was old and dusty, but students liked to come here to eat. There were so many students coming and going every day, and didn’t know how many people's memories of youth were carried by this small restaurant.

After dinner, they planned to go to school for a stroll, but they did not expect to meet the former class teacher in the teaching building.

“Teacher Chen,” Lin Zhenzhen greeted him. “Does teacher Chen remember me?”

Teacher Chen wore a pair of reading glasses. He pulled the reading glasses down and stared at Lin Zhenzhen for a long time before recognizing her. "Lin Zhenzhen?"

"It's me, Teacher Chen. You have a good memory to remember me."

Teacher Chen smiled and glanced at the person next to her. He just glanced at him at random and frowned. "Wu Qi?"

Wu Qi should be the most troublesome student for the teacher when he was at school, and now teacher Chen subconsciously frowned when he saw him.

“It’s me, teacher Chen.”

Looking at both of them, teacher Chen doubted. “You...”

Wu Qi held Lin Zhenzhen hand, “We’re married.”

Teacher Chen: “...”

Teacher Chen was obviously shocked. Perhaps he didn't expect that the most naughty and obedient students in the class would come together. However, he quickly laughed. "Well... Congratulations. "

After saying goodbye to teacher Chen, both of them went up the stairs. Lin Zhenzhen said, "It seems that teacher Chen was scared. He probably didn't expect us to be together."

“What about you?”

"Me?" Lin Zhenzhen couldn't help laughing. "I was surprised at the beginning that we even got together, but now I get used to it." Lin Zhenzhen thought of one thing and asked, "I'm curious why you choose to be a policeman."



Lin Zhenzhen originally thought that the rebellious teenager's heart was full of justice, but she didn't expect that he was only a policeman because of prestige?

Wu Qi turned to look at her, and in response to her indescribable expression, he replied. “Do you really believe it?”

Lin Zhenzhen: “...”

"I remember a girl who told me that if I didn't change my ways, I would go to jail, so I wanted to let her know that I would not go to jail, I would be the one to put bad people in jail."

Lin Zhenzhen: “...”

So he became a police because of her? She remembered what she had said to him, and she still felt guilty even after so many years.

At this moment, the two had already reached the door of Class 302. Wu Qi pushed the door open. The desks and chairs were neatly arranged inside. The classroom was very quiet and there was no one.

As soon as Lin Zhenzhen walked into the classroom, she thought that when she went to school as senior three, and she was under great pressure, but everyone was looking for happiness in the pressure. As long as the teacher didn't come, the classroom would always be noisy.

Lin Zhenzhen went to her seat and sat down. She looked back to Wu Qi, but she saw him sitting diagonally above her. At the moment, he was lying on the table with his face resting on his arm, and his eyes were just in the direction of her.

Right now, he didn’t wear his police uniform, but was wearing a T-shirt and shorts. with a pair of white sports shoes. Apart from his robust body that didn’t like a student, he was really dressed like a highschool student.

In the evening, the sun was setting above him, and the orange sun came in through the window and fell before him, and his eyes looked at her through the halo as if they had been filtered, but the gazes of the arrogant boy looked so gentle at this time.

She was stunned for a moment.

Wu Qi seemed to be sitting in his former position,  but she never noticed that when he was sitting there, as long as he laid down, his gazes could fall on her, and she never knew he would sit in the most convenient place to look at her.

Lin Zhenzhen withdrew her gazes and said to him, "Let's go."

Coming down from the teaching building, they passed the playground, and saw some boys playing basketball there. Wu Qi seemed to think of something and said to her, "Have you seen me play before?"

"I have not seen it specially, but sometimes I will see it by accident." Lin Zhenzhen replied.

"Then you can watch it specially and cheer for me once."


Wu Qi went over and said something to some boys. One of the boys threw the ball to him. He took it conveniently, dribbled the ball with great agility, then stood outside the three-point line and threw the ball forward. The ball crossed an arc and fell into the basket.

The boys immediately applauded.

Wu Qi turned his head and looked at her. Then she seemed to see the teaanager in her dream, caught her off guard and broke into her dream…

Everything hazy in the dream looked so beautiful.

She remembered that he wanted her to cheer for him. She clapped her hands above her head, smiling. "It’s great."

She didn’t know whether he was shy or not, because he walked over with his head slightly down.

However, the teenager who broke into her dream didn’t have any intersection with her, just like a passer-by…

Suddenly, she was afraid that everything in front of her was a dream. She couldn't help facing up and hugging him, and his warm breath came to her face.

It was real.

Fortunately, it was not a dream.

Closing her eyes, she couldn’t help but smile.

“What’s the matter?” He asked overhead.

Looking up, she saw the setting sun behind him, his face was in trance, but she could still see the young handsome face.

She smiled at him, her cheeks flushed by the setting sun.

“Wu Qi, I like you.”


“Lin Zhenzhen also like Wu Qi.”

In the orange halo, she looked at him as if he smiled and then answered softly.

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